Oscar’s holiday in prison.


    Well, the dark time they called Thursday evening arrived. I know this because yet again I was roused from a catnap and thrust unceremoniously back into the bag they’d used for me before. It was so unfair as I wasn’t prepared and was therefore unable to defend myself as I should. Also, as it was my ‘The Her’ that did the thrusting while my ‘The Him’ held the bag this time I was not prepared to run my claws down her arm.

I was in the bag and was showing I wasn’t happy about the situation by alternately demanding to be let out and shamelessly pleading to be let out. Neither was working and neither of them seemed to be even trying to comfort me, or as my ‘The Him’ calls it, “Getting the little blighter to shut up.”

A new voice was added to the mix and from my, not such a vantage point, I saw a pair of Longlegs legs approach. Having a rough idea of what was to come I upped the pleading. A strange set of smells was attached to the legs which came right up to my bag. I knew they were not coming to my rescue when the bag rose into the air and I found my self uncomfortably close to the smells that attended this Longlegs . “Quite a vocal cat isn’t he” she said to which my ‘The Him’ replied
“Oh yes, a real master of the caterwauling ” which I didn’t think as clever as he did.
My ‘The Her’ did at least come towards the bag as I was being carried away from my home to say she’d miss me and asked me to be good. GOOD! what’s that supposed to mean?

I in my bag, found myself placed in the back of a box shaped chariot by the smelly Longlegs, who got into the front, started it going with a roar and shot off away from the house. At that point I knew I could give up the pleading and in an effort to assert my Superior dominance change to informing this Longlegs of my requirements regarding treatment. I couldn’t quite believe it when she turned on one of those boxes that issues music which all but drowned me out. How rude.
Eventually we stopped and a clearway was opened. The smells I had caught from the legs were much stronger now and I could make some of them out individually from various quarters. Cattle, horses, goats and even some Superiors. My bag was lifted and I was taken inside a building and the clearway shut behind me blocking off some of the smells, but the Superior’s one remained and was stronger. Through another clearway and my bag was placed on the ground and the top opened. I lifted my head and looked out. There was a row of cages at ground level and I was in one while from some of the others I was met with inquisitive eyes from other ‘holidaying’ Superiors. My bag was turned on it’s side so that I fell out with no grace at all. The bag was removed, a hand came down and patted me on the head then was withdrawn and the cage closed. Away went the legs, off went the light and a clearway closed. There was momentary quiet until suddenly all of us started asking each other who we were and what we were ‘in for.’

It was a long dark time and I admit I did sleep a little on quite a comfortable bed that was in the cage. There were old smells of other Superiors who’d slept on it too. Then the light time came and with a bang the clearway opened. A clattering followed as the Longlegs from before approached laden with a tray full of dishes. I knew it was she from the attendant smells which clung to her like a coat. She started opening cages and placing food dishes in with each of us. As my cage opened I started to make a break for it but a hand grasped my neck as she said ” Oh no you don’t my lad. You’ll have to get up earlier than that  to escape me.” The food was placed beside me and the cage shut again.
It was beef, my favourite but before eating I set up howling at the indignity of being caged and my fellow prisoners joined in. I let them take up the chorus before I started eating and listened to the Longlegs try to quieten everyone down. As she couldn’t she placed the food dishes down quicker and ran, closing the clearway behind her.

A little later she returned and opened a section of cage behind me which opened up into a run to give me some exercise. I took advantage of the opportunity to have a stroll and when I returned a little later I found my nieces Maddy and Millie in a cage next to mine. It seemed my Longlegs weren’t the only ones going away for a few days. We greeted each other and I introduced them to our new companions.

You’ll be pleased to hear I’m not going to bore you with events or lack thereof during this light time, the dark time that followed and the new light time, as they followed the same pattern. Food, exercise and the occasional annoying of the Longlegs who came with food by a concerted effort at pleading by us all. This was no position for Superiors like ourselves to find ourselves in. Instead I shall take up the story from later in the light when I heard a familiar sound. It was my Longlegs chariot drawing up. It has a very familiar sound to me, rather like the cough of an ancient Superior who can’t quite catch their breath. Hrwch, hrwch, hrwch.
This was followed by the clearway opening and my ‘The Her’s’ voice saying ” Where’s my baby boy, where’s Oscar?” as though she couldn’t see me in front of her, it was mildly embarrassing. There too was her kitten who’d come for Maddy and Millie and who was making the same strange greeting noises. Back into our bags we went and were carried out, all of us, to the chariot where I was placed on the knee of my ‘The Him’, Maddy on the knee of my ‘The Her’ and Millie on the knee of her kitten. Ugo, the kittens partner was driving the chariot. We all sounded our “Glad to see you’s” and “why did you leave us there” at the same time and as Ugo took a corner a little fast my head shot up and the zip went at the top of the bag. My head poked out. “Freedom ” I called and my ‘The Him’s hand descended and started stroking me.  I couldn’t help my reflex action which was to purr. Very undignified when I should have been telling him off but it was just so satisfying.

We reached home and my bag was placed on the ground so I could get out and check everything was OK. The kitten, Ugo and my nieces drove off leaving me alone with my Longlegs.I allowed them to fuss and feed me for a while before going off to find my own bed and settle down where I belong.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope it treats you with kindness as I hope that we will treat all others with kindness too. Let’s make our aim, our resolution to be a lasting peace in the world amid sharing that ends poverty and hunger.


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84 responses to “Oscar’s holiday in prison.

  1. I would say “poor Oscar,” but I know your response to that, David. 😉 I know how miserable our little guys would be.

    I echo your thoughts on treating others with kindness and working (and hoping) for peace. Happy New Year to you with many hugs!

    • Fair play Merril, even I used to say ‘Poor Oscar’ if he had to go in a cattery and I knew when he came home we’d pay. No doubt more stripes on my hand or somewhere.
      Thanks so much for your kind comment and echoing my hopes.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  2. Cannot but echo your hopes….

  3. Lasting peace — YES!!! Doesn’t everything else follow?

    For Oscar’s sake I shouldn’t have enjoyed your post, but I did.

    xxx New Year Hugs xxx

  4. What an adventure! I bet they secretly enjoyed it. Happy New Year, David!

    • I bet you could be right Catherine but as usual we were ignored for a while when we got him home. He didn’t piddle in my slipper this time.
      xxx Huge Hugs and Happy New Year xxx

  5. Happy New Year to you, dear David and Oscar of course. Muchos hugs from Spain xxxxxx

  6. Well, it was a holiday of sorts. Hoping for a great New Year. Big hugs

  7. I know Oscar was happy to be home with his “two legs”. Happy New Year to you and yours, David. Mega hugs.

  8. It sounds like a satisfactory “hotel”. It seems everyone had a vacation. Happy New Year 2017, David. I, like others, hope this year will be more peaceful than last year. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne, we all got our short break but Oscar would never admit to liking it.
      Happy New Year to you, I also hope it’s more peaceful this year.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  9. Well, Oscar had quite a time but all ended well. 😸 Happy New Year to you, David. I agree with your aim, resolution, or goal to have peace in our world. Hugs.

  10. Alls well that ends well! Wishing you a happy, healthy and peaceful 2017, David. Blwddyn Newydd Dda! (hope that’s right….!) and a big hug!

  11. Oscar, Oscar. What a dude cat!
    Happy New Year to you and yours too, David. May there be peace on earth–soon. ❤ ❤

  12. I love Oscar!! Happy New Year to you, Oscar and everyone else in your house. If we all wish for peace, perhaps it will happen.

  13. I enjoy your Oscar stories, he must have been such a character to inspire them! I know absolutely that there are far more good people doing good things in the world than the media would have us believe. Their focus is on the negative and engendering fear. Learning to be content with all we have now, realising that contentment is our own choice and that choice can be made every moment is on-going work, and so worth the mindfulness! My fervent hope is that even more people will take on this responsibility and let their light shine out this year. Have a good one David and big hugs xo

    • Thanks so much Pauline, yes Oscar was a real character and really did most of the things I mention just perhaps without the words.
      The press are guilty of keeping bad news to the fore to sell more papers and there are many people doing good out there. But, we still seem to have so many wars and so many people willing to sell weapons to anyone who wants a war. We have to ask our Governments to use troops at home and not abroad, perhaps securing the borders. The money saved on hardware can pay for a lot of hospital staff or schools/teachers.
      I wish you the Happiest of New Years.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  14. Happiest of New Years to you David. ((((Huge hugs of happiness for you)))) ❤

  15. Our Chloe snubs us when we come back. It takes generally a good 24 hours before we are forgiven.

  16. Happy Mew Year, David. May the new year bring an end to all strife and trouble.

  17. Ali Isaac

    Ah… Oscar has such a way with words… his stories are very entertaining! Did you have a nice Christmas, David? Do you have any pictures of the Younglings? Hope 2017 is good to you. Xxx huge hugs!

    • Ah Oscar, the dictator who was good at dictation where his tales were concerned. Anything to entertain.
      I did have a nice Christmas thanks Ali, I hope yours was also very nice. My daughter took pictures galore but hasn’t yet sent me any.
      I hope your New Year brings lots of nice surprises.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  18. Happy and Wonderful New Year, David – as for Oscar, I look forward to seeing him happy too although a bit of unhappy always gets his brainwaves into interesting spikes 🙂 ❤

    • A beautiful and kind New Year to you Ina. I think Oscar was happy but excellent at hiding it, his brainwave was always in spikes though the word vicious comes to mind rather than interesting.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  19. Happy New Year, David and a huge dollop of kindness to all xxx

  20. Poor mite – I feel for both of you because, well, cats are what they are, as soon as we accept we’re staff, all the better, but they do love us, on some level. lol 😉
    All the best in the new year so far, dear David.
    Massive feline hugs xoxo

    • I would accept the ‘poor mite’ but I don’t think I’d have passed it on. I know I was just staff but a few kind words and less swiped legs or piddled slippers wouldn’t have gone amiss. I think if he loved me it was on a very low level as the top was reserved for his ‘mum’ who could do no wrong.
      I wish Dreams come true for your New Year Donna.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  23. Not quite 16 years but….;)

  24. And I thought my life was complicated…

  25. Happy New Year, David. We can but hope…

  26. Happy New Year Oscar & David!!😘

  27. Your cat and rat posts always bring joy to my day. If I’m feeling down I can count on your humorous animal posts to help me get through any sad emotions. Truly Laughter is the best medicine!! LOL!!

    • I’m so glad the stories bring you some pleasure DeBorah, that’s always what I’m aiming for. Thanks so much for the links, I especially enjoyed seeing the young James Cagney again.I was an ardent devotee of all his films.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  28. Another charming Oscar tail, David. Not sure he enjoys his holidays as much as you do, though.
    Happy New Year to you. May it be full of hugs every day.

    • Many thanks for your Kindness Hugh. He never enjoyed the catteries and made sure we knew about it when he came home.
      A Very Happy New Year to you, may it be filled with success.
      Huge Hugs

  29. More adventures with Oscar, the poor dear. I had to laugh 🙂 Happy New Year, David, and I echo your wish for peace. What a gift to the world if we all made that simple choice. Have a great weekend.

    • I suppose I can laugh now too. Thank you so much, I wish you a Happy New Year as well. You’re so right, what a gift if we just made a conscious decision to choose peace for our future.
      Have a Wonderful Weekend,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  30. That’s Oscar! He retained his dignity and spirit in prison, and made himself comfortable. Very wise of him.
    Have a wonderful year, healthy and happy! I have a feeling that this year is going to be pivotal. The world has hit the bottom, it has to start turning towards the good. Many hugs!!! xxxxxx

    • Well, he certainly retained his attitude in the cattery, not sure about dignity. I hope you’re right and this will be a pivotal year, I’m a little more worried with Trump holding the button for the next four years. It really is time for a turn towards peace and love in the world. They have our example.
      May 2017 hold much happiness for you.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Yes, I too worry a lot. Obama’s new sanctions against Russia (intended solely to annoy Trump) moved the country closer to the danger of war. I don’t know how Trump is going to act, and when I don’t know, I worry. I happened to study in Moscow in the 1970s, and since then I keep a close eye on their affairs. Putin calls Syria ‘the best FTX’. It upsets and scares me. I wish people learned more about the real situation in the world, and the real danger.
        May 2017 become a year of peace for all. Many hugs!!! xxxxxx

      • It can’t come quickly enough Inese.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  31. Great installment, as always! I second your motion for peace, though I am not very optimistic for that in my lifetime. But, we do what we can, and perhaps someday … Hugs, David!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Jill. The nature of men as it is, particularly those who profit from the creation and sale of weapons leave me in doubt as to ‘Peace in my time’ but it won’t stop me trying to bring people to that path.Each look at my grandchildren just reminds me to fight harder.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Your posts are always a delight! I envy you … I have tried my hand at fiction more than a few times, but I mostly fall flat on my face. What I do in my blog is pretty much my forte, I think.

        As to peace … well, you must remember that my view at this time is overshadowed and coloured by the election of you-know-who, so mine is not an altogether objective. But even so, when you look around the world … Syria, Russia, Turkey, Ghana, Venezuela, Iraq … even the western nations … Germany, France, and the UK … there are just so many problems and humanitarian crises to overcome, that I cannot see it happening anytime soon. If ever. Sorry … don’t mean to be a pessimist, and generally I am not, but this past year … I don’t know … it has taken a toll, both physically and emotionally … and my natural optimism is diminished. But, I am eternally thankful for my family and my friends, including yourself! Hugs, dear friend!

  32. I LOVE Oscar’s point of view.. he makes it very clear, that as a cat, he leads a dogs life !!!!!

  33. PS And of course a happy new year to him and you, from an optimist i8n New Zealand…

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