Undefeated with a dignified retreat


    No-one is going to believe this but I was actually starting to feel sorry for those rodents when they were left alone by the Longlegs designated to look after them when I went on holiday. They were a bit thirsty when my ‘The Him’ and ‘The Her’ returned.

My feeling sorry for them was soon to go away.

Last night I went to take my place on the long seat next to my ‘The Her’ . As I jumped up I notice one of the rats was free, the cheeky one called Penny. I was about to warn my ‘The Her’ when she put her hand down and started stroking it. Yes, you heard me right, she was actually stroking it. I sat down and decided just to ignore it. After all, I have no need to show my prowess at hunting yet again. I was settling into place when the damned thing actually came up to me and started snuffling at my fur. I stood up fully expecting that to be enough of a warning but all it did was try to run between my front legs as though I was providing it with a tunnel. Let me tell you now that I batted it with a closed paw and hissed my displeasure. Did it run? No it didn’t. Instead it pulled on one of my whiskers which made me turn my head and almost unbalanced me. My hiss was really loud. Fearing the kind of damage I could inflict I decided to make a discreet withdrawal, which I did quite quickly to another seat.

I saw my ‘The Him’ go over and start to play with it. It was really disconcerting since he doesn’t do that with me. Granted I am not always nice to him but he’s only a Longlegs so what so you expect. Anyway he sat on the end of the long seat and the rat ran between them,  Suddenly it darted into my ‘The Him’s  pocket.There was a rustle and out it came clutching a packet of tissues in it’s mouth. It bit into the end and pulled out a whole tissue. I expected such anger at this nerve but both Longlegs laughed. I do not understand it.  After a few pulls like a tug of war the tissue was retrieved but she kept doing it again and again and again. He didn’t seem to mind.
My ‘The Her’ picked Penny up ( far too gently in my book) and returned her to the cage where the rats belong. I stirred myself ready to go and sit on her knee for my well deserved strokes but she pulled the other one out. Amy, the one with the brains. No way was I going over there yet. That was for the safety of the rat of course.

It seemed a long time before they returned this rat to the cage but she wasn’t as playful with the Longlegs and my ‘The Him’ soon came back to his seat so I favoured him with my presence on his knee and allowed him the privilege of stroking me.There are times when my generosity knows no bounds but we do have a duty to look after our servants I suppose. I cast a few glances at my ‘The Her’ in case she wanted to apologise and ask me over but she seemed preoccupied with building something. Lots of pieces of that thick , hard, paper stuff slotted together. In the end it was a large square filled with little rooms and holes between each one. You know what she’s done don’t you. No wonder I don’t understand these wretched Longlegs sometimes. She’s built them a run to put on the floor. Why? They have a perfectly good cage there. I think tonight one good wee should see the end of that and I should be back as Top Dog ( how I hate that expression) in my own home again.

Since some of you have reminded me I haven’t blogged for a long time and so haven’t kept you up to date with the children…….here are some pictures.amelie
That’s it till next time. Have a Great Week all with Hugs aplenty.


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76 responses to “Undefeated with a dignified retreat

  1. The little ones are more adorable than ever.
    Oscar has a plan, but it may backfire. 🐱 Mega hugs.

    • Thank you Teagan, now Ami is walking there’s no stopping her. Yes, Oscar’s plans have a habit of backfiring, that’s OK s long as I don’t get penalised.
      xxx Unlimiited Hugs xxx

  2. Sono troppo belli, ❤

  3. Nice to see the children. Looking gorgeous! Poor Oscar. Big hugs and have a great week!

    • Thank you Olga. They’re growing up before my eyes.’Poor’ Oscar doesn’t believe in a live and let live policy.
      I hope you have a Great Week too,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  4. Oh the darling little ones and by little ones I mean the human little ones. Time does fly! This gave me first a smile, then chuckle, giggle, then more smiles – you sure know how to spoil us, dear David! Thank you, what a lovely topper to my weekend. 🙂
    Massive ‘Penny’ Lane Hugs xoxox

    • They are darling ones but there were other darling little ones there too, just not Oscar shaped. Yes, tempus has a bad habit of fugitting and the kids keep growing up.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, I love smiles and giggles. I wish I could write again and start budgiemania.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  5. Your grandchildren are so cute and adorable! Love the Cat & Rats story-line. Brings a smile to my face.

  6. What lovely, happy photographs!

  7. Enjoyed the travails of the rats and loved the pictures, David. You are blessed.

  8. Oscar’s adventures are so much fun. I enjoyed the photos, too. Beautiful; children!

  9. Oscar’s overthinking. He might shoot himself in the foot so-to-speak. Wish he’d think a second.
    The little ones grow and bloom like a wild rose in your garden. They’re all in a rush to blossom. 😀 ❤ Gorgeous.

    • Oscar forever had a limp from shooting himself in the foot. I had a hard time dodging the ricochets.
      Amelie has blossomed since she started walking properly which really was only about her birthday on Dec 31st. Hat seems to be her favourite word too. Every time I see them something had changed. I swear Reuben will be working next week.
      xxx Hugs without Limit Tess xxx

  10. lol – the ‘girls’ really were cheeky. I’m amazed Oscar kept his cool. 😉 And thanks for the pics. Reuben and Amelie are just shooting up. Please, keep ’em coming. 🙂

  11. Waiting to see if one good wee will do the trick 🙂 Great pics of the kids, David. Multitudes of hugs

  12. Love the photos. Your grandkids are adorable, David. Happy New Year! :-))))))))

  13. They are growing up so quickly but totally adorable.

    Huge hugs xxxxxxxx

  14. those rats are beyond cheeky!

  15. I think Oscar showed great restraint. I don’t think my cats would have.

    The grandkids are getting so big! They look so much older than in the last photos I remember. It happens quickly, doesn’t it?

    Many hugs, David!

    • It’s just as well really Merril as the rats outnumbered him and they were pretty efficient with those teeth. Of course they’re more playful too.
      Yes, they’re growing quickly. Amelie was One on 31st Dec and Roobs is 3 already. It doesn’t seem five minutes since she was born.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  16. “The kids” look fantastic! Thanks for keeping us updated on your beautiful family. 💚

  17. Those children are absolutely glorious:)xxx

  18. Ridiculously-cute kids, David!

    • Wellll. I’m thinking, do I really need 2 grandchildren? Probably not when some poor people may have none so perhaps I’ll auction one off. I’ll keep the cutest one ie the one who eats least of my birthday cake next week.

  19. Thanks for the photos, David. Just wonderful to see those smiles 🙂

  20. The children are gorgeous and so are their clothes…
    Please send Oscar my condolences, and tell him that sometimes life sends us googlies out of left field., and there’s no avoiding them…

    • Thanks so much Valerie. They can be real sweeties.
      I’d give Oscar the message but he passed on in 2012, 6 months before Ju. These are all rehashed writings from my old blog and his book. It was never the googlies he minded, just the rats and the degus oh, and some of the fish. Ju did like her animals.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  21. I really love the adventures of Oscar and Penny and Amy. It is absolutely delightful and I think that you have captured Oscars disdain for the rodents. What fun this all is and thank you for posting those photo’s of the kids, I can’t believe how big Roobs is, my goodness he is growing so fast and Amelie is just beautiful. I think those rats are really enjoying themselves at Oscars expense. Mega hugs!!!

    • That’s a wonderful thing for any writer to hear Suzanne. I thank you so much. I’m really glad you’re finding it fun and that you’re enjoying the photographs too.
      They are growing up more each time I see them. I wouldn’t let them read about Oscar so they grow up well adjusted. I think you’ve described the girls just right…….they’re enjoying themselves.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  22. I love the adventures of the rats and the cat. You write it so well, David. Cutest grandchildren x

  23. I’m surprised just how reserved Oscar seemed to be with Penny, David. However, I wonder if his plan of destroying that rat run worked?
    Lovely photos of the children. Love the Christmas jumper. I’ll have to show off mine next time.
    Hope you’re having a huggable week.

    • Oscar was basically a coward when it came to the girls after they refused to be frightened of him and stood their ground. No doubt he knew how one can nip and worried about two,,,then four.
      The children will get a new jumper each Christmas to reflect whatever is popular at the time, is that what you have too .lol
      I’m having a great week thanks.
      Huge Hugs

      • Yes, I’ve a drawer full of Christmas jumpers, David. However, this year, I’m going to donate most of them to charity, along with lots of unused Christmas socks I’ve got. I’ll keep a few pairs to get me through Christmas 2017, but the others can be used to raise some money for good causes.

      • I can probably match you on the sock front Hugh.
        Hugh’s Huge Hugs

  24. Delightful installment, as always … but the pictures of the children broadened my smile even more! Delightful! Thanks for sharing these … 🙂

  25. Thanks for those cute pictures, that made me smile. Massive hugs!

  26. Fun to hear stories about someone else’s cats. Enjoying them very much! 🙂 Hugs.

  27. Adorable photos of the kids 🙂 Happy 2017 to you, fun writer you xx

    • Thanks so much Christy. What a lovely thing to be called.I always hope I write fun.
      I’ll be seeing the children tomorrow as we celebrate me sticking another year under my belt next week. I still don’t feel old enough to be a grandfather.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Oh David, I hope your birthday with your family is wonderful xx You deserve so much goodness in your life.. and it’s wonderful you have the grandchildren.. I like how you are young at heart! HUGS

      • The meal went nicely thanks Christy. I was spoiled with surprise gifts. My birthday is actually tomorrow when no-one is free so I’ll have to eat the whole cake myself. Mwah ha ha
        xxx ❤ xxx

  28. I love the “Santa’s little helper” costume. Actually, getting a foot in the door with Santa could lead to some top presents from his workshop at some point down the line.

  29. Oh, happy belated birthday, David! Hope everything went fantastic. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your little ones. They grow up so fast. Reuben is so tall, and Amelie is walking – time flies.
    Hope the year has a good start for you. Many hugs xxxxxx

    • Thank you kindly Inese. We had a family meal for the birthday last Sunday which was lovely and then the day itself was beautifully quiet.
      Yes, the kiddies are shooting up now, time really has been flying. The year itself has got off to a good enough start with just enough to worry about so I’m not bored. I hope you’ve had a great start to your year and that it progresses nicely from that point.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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