Oscar’s New World Order


    It was CATastrophic. There I had been, contented after my sachet of prime beef and ready for sleep. Within minutes I was in a world I couldn’t recognise, couldn’t understand and didn’t like.

I had walked to the village to check on my interests and seen small groups of the local cats and kittens along my way. In the centre by the Fursty Ferret sat Ginger or rather stood like  a Longlegs reading from a paper tacked to the wall. “What are we to do Oscar?” he said “we can no longer be friends.”
“What rubbish is this Ginger” I asked, ” how can we not be friends after having been so for such  a time?”
“Ti’s no longer to be allowed since this new Cat Council has come into being.”
“Cat Council? What are you blathering about Ginger.”
“Read it” he said.

                                                  By Order of the Cat Council.
Let it be known in the world of Moggies that the Council has in it’s wisdom decreed changes that are to be implemented immediately.
No more will there be mixing of breed. 
From now on Pure White Persians are the true breed and are selected for rule. Only they shall sit on the Council.
Ginger and marmalade cats are to be the troops under the direction of the Council and who are to enforce the rules.
Black cats are the workers and are to perform all the duties decided for them by the Council and told to them by the troops.
Manx Cats are to be pitied and laughed at.

No groups are to socialise with each other since obviously only Pure White Persians are worth socialising with. We, the Council will decide whether anyone from one group can rise in  the ranks to another- simply they can’t.
All worship shall be decided by The Council. We shall decide on a deity suitable for each rank. That deity shall be governed by the rules of the Council.
If any kitten should be found playing in a way thought not suitable or playing with a kitten from another group,  that kitten can be beaten by the Deity’s Pastor of the flock. Especially if they are found to be playing with others of the same sex.
Any older kittens found to be with others of the same sex will be ostracised from all groups and deemed to be unclean.

Supreme Mog

” But this is patently ridiculous Ginger” I told him.” We’re far too civilised to live this way. Just ignore it, obviously a big joke.”
“But……” he said, and at that moment I woke up. I laughed to myself. How silly, I thought. After all, no-one could live like that could they?

                                                             It’s for you.
                 Not a good idea to say “Where’s your nose Amelie?” Excavation due.


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73 responses to “Oscar’s New World Order

  1. Ah – Oscar had a premonition of the new world order according to the PEOUS. He was a seer! Except of course it was the gingers who would be ruling …… Amelie is gorgeous!

    • I was quite waiting to hear that smokey greys would be the new Royalty except this was supposed to be a nightmare. Still he never did mention where he would be placed………..
      Amelie is a little gem, so sweet. Thanks Pauline.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. Scary future indeed. Great post and love Amelie’s pics!

  3. Beautiful pictures, David. I had to laugh at the status of Manx cats.

  4. Oh applesauce! Maybe Oscar can “go blond”…. Love the cattitude. 🐱 Mega hugs!

    • I got the feeling Oscar was more likely to go on the run Teagan. Not sure where to of course as he never thought things out. Just as well people don’t behave like that………….
      xxx Mega Hugs in return xxx

  5. As tis was posted in 2012 I shoul like to see an up to date photo of Amelie please.

  6. Heartafire

    Adorable child…great post! xxxhugsxxx

  7. Ali Isaac

    Yeah… who could live like that? Who’d want to? Doh!
    What a stunningly beautiful little girl Amelie has grown into! She’s walking now??? Omg! How time flies! Give her a squeezy hug from me. Xxx oh, and one for yourself, too. 😁

    • Yeah, who’d want too.
      Thank you Ali, yes, she’s growing up to be a little beauty and she’s walking quite well almost from her first birthday…..very determined.
      I’ll give her hug tomorrow but I’ll look after it in the meantime. Thanks for mine.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  8. Well, the world is ia funny place, people have been seen to live in all sorts of ways 😀

  9. Scary thoughts!
    Amelie is a cutie-pie. (Excavation–:) )

    Hugs to you, David!

  10. Well Oscar and his friends need to plan an uprising because this simply will not do. Can’t have that kind of repressive dictator running the show. Amelie is a breath of fresh air amidst such treachery. Mega hugs my friend❤

    • I hope that people will not allow a repressive dictator to start running the show and saying who groups should hate.
      Amelie is a breath of fresh air always.
      xxx Thank you and Gigantic Hugs xxx

  11. Amelia is a doll! I love that look of pure innocence
    Oscar shall rise to the occasion. This needs a counter-plan. Get rid of that council. 😀 😀 :-D.

  12. Now you can truly and really translate those upstart meows into human language!! LOL!!


  13. Quite imaginative! Poor, poor Oscar. I’m glad he woke up to find it all a dream. Nightmare? Amelie is adorable! Hugs, my friend.

    • He never lacked an imagination Mary J. I’m glad he was only dreaming too or Heaven knows what my job would have been.
      Amelie is the smiliest baby I’ve ever known and I adore her.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Mary J xxx

  14. Poor Oscar … was it a dream, or a premonition? Oscar, it would appear, is of a higher intellectual caliber than many humans …

    Love the pics of Amelie, especially the excavation! 😀 Hugs, my friend!

  15. I never thought about dreaming cats and the complexity of their dreams. It’s obvious some Superiors have exceptional Long legs for scribes.

    xxx Dreaming Hugs xxx

  16. Sounds like the makin of a new book. Although I am confused why one cat can’t play with another kitten of the same sex over the opposite sex. Seems to me they would be more concerned about the comingling of two sects. Cute!

    • These are actually pieces from the book ‘Memoirs of a Superior’ written by Oscar and dictated to me.
      There was a story from a certain church in the US where the Pastor/Minister had told parents they should beat any child as young as three who displayed any signs of being gay or standing in a gay manner. Since I’m fairly sure that no child of that age has any idea what being gay is, I could only suggest that children of the same sex shouldn’t play together in case they touch.
      I enjoyed your post ‘Sorry’ very much Donna.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  17. The New World Order according to the Supreme Mog is a little frightening. Too bad it exists in the human world, and how ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, but in a totally happy funny way, I love the “nose excavation” picture. Just gotta love those kids. xxx Massive Hugs, David xxx

    • I wonder if mankind gave the Supreme Mog his ideas when I look around me. So much hate between colours, religions even cultures rather than the idea of trying to live in harmony and equality with all.
      Kids will show you up every time.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  18. Ah, cats and their world! I found myself believing and hanging on every word. Revolution! That’s the answer! The less apparent truth is, I guess, that we are ALL members of just such a world –

  19. Rings the bells of ‘Animal Farm’, David. A good lesson from Oscar to all us humans.
    Saturday hugs to you.

  20. Amelie is so sweet ❤ Cannot believe it is already a year.
    I love Manx cats! Is Oscar going to bend the law? 😉
    Many Hugs xxxx

    • Thank you Inese. She’s beautifully natured with plenty of smiles. Since Oscar found it was a dream he doesn’t have to break the law though if it had turned to reality he might have done. He doesn’t think any Longlegs could live like that but we know better.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  21. OMG 😱this sounds eerily familiar to our Supreme president.

    • Doesn’t it just and yet it was written in 2012.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • We need to get this out to the world. Oscar predicted this!! He really is superior but if the other superior heard about Oscar’s abilities, well, it probably wouldn’t turn out so well. Good thing he’s across the pond. Hugs

      • I think his prediction was as a result of certain things happening in America around that time. The Pastor of a church telling parents to hit any boy of 3 if he displayed signs of being gay from the way he stood. Another church group spoiling the funeral of Soldiers who were gay, and probably some who weren’t. I was so fed up of all the hate in the world, hating black people, hating white people, hating Muslims, anything that moved really.I probably wrote something on my peace blog (based on hugs) and let it trickle over into Oscar’s world.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Yes I remember the issues. I saw something today on a church hate group but it escapes me.

  22. The Cat Council I mean. Also very cute pictures of your granddaughter. She’s so darn adorable.😍

    • They’re all of a type, just like he’s surrounding himself with. There will be tears before the first year is over and I hope even the Republicans won’t want a second term.
      She’s my smiley best friend. I love her to bits.
      xxx Hugs Unlimited xxx

  23. Very timely, David! Sadly there’s too much truth woven in those words.
    Amelie is a cutie!

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