A Black Day for Oscar.


    The Longlegs had gone out and the smell was tormenting me. A lovely rich heady smell that tickles the nostrils and makes you want to eat it and here I was stuck inside with no clearways open and unable to get at it. I know I’ve smelt it before but I can’t remember where. I suppose I shall have to be patient.

That’s long enough. My patience has worn thin. I went to look through one of the clearways to see if I could see where the smell was coming from but I got a little tangled in the clearway covering. Trying to wrest myself from the grip of the covering I perhaps pulled a little hard because they came down with a snap and covered me even more. As they fell, unfortunately they brought down one of those tall things my ‘The Her’ puts her flowers in. I hope they’re good with puzzles.At last a key in the lock. I shot across the room and reached the clearway just as it opened. I shot out. “Oscar” they shouted in unison and my ‘The Him’ tried to grab me as I went past. Last I saw of him he was on my level struggling to get up. I admit I shouldn’t have sniggered as I looked at him because before I knew it my feet were feeling warm and the smell was very close indeed. I finally looked down. My feet were black.

The smell was coming from the surface of the road which had been freshly covered in black stuff. I turned and pulled my feet from the road one by one moving back towards the grass of the garden. The heat was leaving my feet but now my pads felt quite hard. They were covered from pads to ankle in black smelly stuff that had been spread across the road. As I got to the grass I lay down and tried to remove the layer of black that had attached itself to me. I went home through the still open clearway and as I hit the wooden floor my pads were tapping as though I wore the Longlegs shoes. It was undignified to have people hear me coming. I went to my ‘The Her and expressed my dismay that she would not try to  keep me in, and dismay that she did not make more of an effort to keep me in.She as usual feigned indifference to my words as though I do not make myself understood. I’m sure I do.

So, I finish the day sitting by my ‘The Her’ as she gently tries to soap the black stuff they call tar from my pads with soapy water. This could be a very long job.its-love-2

                                                              Go for your gun pardner.
                                                      Honest, it’s a motor car usually.
                                         A magic week to you all with Hugs Galore x


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76 responses to “A Black Day for Oscar.

  1. Poor Oscar… that had to have been awful. But the photos of the kids are wonderful! Wishing you all good things. Mega hugs!

    • I was amazed he wasn’t damaged more. The vet gave Ju something to get it off which worked a treat.
      The kids are my delight Teagan, hey keep me going.
      xxx Sending Love and Gigantic Hugs xxx

  2. Poor Oscar! I know “the Her” will come through for him. Have a beautiful week, David. The grandkids are so adorable!

    • The Her certainly came through for Oscar Mary J. She could get away unscathed. Thank you, I wish you a beautiful week too.
      The children are brilliant, smiley little souls.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  3. Oh my! But the kids are adorable.

  4. What a tar-ry tale! The children, on the other hand, have infectious smiles.

    xxx hilarious hugs xxx

  5. Poor Oscar! I hope that didn’t really happen to the poor fellow David. LOVE the photo of your facial hair – whateveritscalled – ‘mutton chops’ springs to mind ….. and the grandies of course! xoxo

    • It did happen Pauline though o a lesser degree. The idiot went right up to where the workmen were working and ran straight over it.
      Yes, muttonchops are how they’re known here.
      The grandies, they’re my playmates though Reuben told me off last week for not wearing a hat in the cold.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  6. Great post! And Oh! Those cutie pie sweet faces of the kids! Lucky, lucky you 🙂

  7. Beautiful kids, David. I feel for Oscar. The loss of stealth would be devastating. Have a great week.

  8. Removing tar from Oscar…not a job for the faint hearted.
    Such lovely smiles!

  9. Thank you, thank you! I’ve missed seeing pics of the kids. Hard to believe Amelie is now standing. Can she walk or still hugging furniture?

  10. Poor Little Angel….and oh my goodness what an angel:)xxx

  11. It must have been terrible and very confusing, but thankfully everything got sorted (and of course, it was all the long legs fault, as usual). Lovely pics, David. Have a great week! Big hugs.

  12. Jane Sturgeon

    Poor Oscar and thank goodness he has loving care. I love the photos of the children…life’s joy. Huge hugs and here’s to a lovely week for you all…more hugs. xxx ❤

  13. Itćll take some wear and tear besides the soap to get Oscarćs feet back into natural glory 🙂 Many hugs XXXXX

  14. As always, love the pics of the little cherubs..

  15. Poor Oscar. I’m glad he wasn’t seriously injured and that the tar was removed without too much trouble.
    The photos of your grandchildren are enchanting! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, David!

    • I think most of the heat was out of the tar when he got out or even he would have stayed clear. His pads were a little tender for a day and we had to cut a bit of hair off, but he survived.
      Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed seeing them.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  16. Condolences to poor little Oscar. But where felines are concerned, lessons like these usually are not learned quickly ~ or with one application! Adorable photos of the munchkins. Hugs all around 🙂 💕

  17. Oh no for Oscar! But I’m loving the kid photos 🙂 Great smiles!

  18. What a wonder! The little ones will not be called that for long, they are getting so big and lovely, what delights! But poor Oscar, sad little mite – stay strong Oscar! Such a joy to hear from you, dear David, I hope this week treats you as you deserve – wonderfully, magnificently, with all the brilliance you can handle!
    Massive furry and non-furry sweet delights hugs xoxoxo

    • They really are shooting up ( in the nice way) Donna.They’ll be at eye level before I know it (unless my shrinking stops).
      Oscar stayed strong, nothing kept him down and out for long.
      It’s beautiful to hear from you, I;ll settle for just not being rained on y the week though that’s happened already and I’ve got a cold today.
      Wishing you the hugs you deserve and the hugs you enjoy xxx ❤

  19. I must remember to try to read the exploits of Oscar every night right before going to bed, as it takes my mind off the dark things and makes me laugh! Loved the scenario with the curtains and the planter … I could picture it, perhaps because I have come home to discover similar damage a few times! Not long ago, I got up in the morning to a broken ceramic canister and 5 pounds of sugar from one corner of the kitchen to the other! Thanks for the laugh, my friend! Hugs! (Beautiful pics of a beautiful girl, by the way!)

    • I’m really pleased if an Oscar story has brought a smile to you and allowed brief respite from some of the weightier matters on your mind. I’m sorry it made you remember similar scenes of destruction n your home. So good you can laugh about it.
      Thanks for the compliment about my granddaughters picture.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Oh yes, Oscar always makes me smile! And after the initial cursing and foot-stomping, my own babes antics always make me laugh! They are each so unique .. I wish I knew what they were thinking sometimes. 😀 Hugs, my friend!

      • I found it very much veered between….Food, the acquiring of and Strokes, the enforcement of with Sleep, whose chair/bed shall I take this time.Sometimes there is a period of exercise outside trying to catch things to leave as gifts, all of these things are wrapped in the thought that cats are Superior in everything.
        xxx Massive Hugs Jill xxx

  20. Poor Oscar. That would have been a good day to stay in and avoid the road! Thanks for the lovely photos of your adorable grandchildren. Growing by leaps and bounds, David. ooxx Mega hugs! xxoo

    • He never did what was good for him. Everything was his business in his opinion and needed sniffing out.
      The youngsters are growing at speed. I suggested feeding just once a year but it seems I’m an old sausage who knows nothing. She’s feeding them multiple times daily so heaven knows when they’ll stop growing.
      Good kids though.
      xxx Massive Hugs Diana xxx

  21. I’m glad Oscar survived, David..:) I’m sure once you showed him these photos or better still, let him interact, he felt much better..😊

    • He survived this incident George but unfortunately age had taken him before the children were born. In fact, the tales are rapidly coming to an end now. I might actually have to go back to writing blog posts unless I retire gracefully.

  22. No, don’t even retire ungracefully !
    Love the Oscar stories… my very first blog was about my cat who had died… they always seem to be with us, don’t they…
    the grand- chlldren pics are delightful… enjoy them as much as you can before they start school .. everything changes then !

    • Thank you Valerie. I’ve got a little way with Oscar yet before I decide what to do next. It’s true the memories linger on.
      I’ll take your advice and enjoy the children before they start school. For Reuben who will be 4 in September school starts this year. I have a while with Amelie yet.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  23. Your portrait of Oscar made me laugh. My two kitties have been going squirrely of late (yes, I said that) as the winter cold keeps them housebound. Glad to see you looking well with the gorgeous grandkiddies, mon ami! xo

    • I’m delighted to have made you laugh Mel. To think I owe that cat my fame and fortune. I hope the weather changes soon so the kittens can get out to play bu keep them off newly tarred roads eh.
      Thank you. The kiddies keep me on my toes.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  24. Poor Oscar.. Sam would get prickly seed balls in between his toes at certain times of year and would do a Nureyev across the wood floor until he was sedated by chicken and would allow me to dislodge them. Lovely story and fantastic photographs of the babies… in the Blogger Daily for sure.

    • I’m wincing at the thought Sally though at the same time I’m trying to imagine him doing a Nureyev across the wooden floor. I love your descriptive powers.
      Thank you for your kind comments.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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  26. Too cute David, both the black paw story and the grandies! Big hugs to you ((((((<3 <3))))))))

  27. Oh dear, I feel sorry for poor Oscar but was surprised to not hear that his ‘My her’ was not happy about having to put that puzzle back together. I hope it wasn’t her best vase.
    Lovely photos of the grandkids, David.
    Friday hugs to you.

  28. I was laughing until I got to the bit about poor Oscar’s paws all tarred. Then, I expected to see a photograph of him having his paws soaked by ‘The Her’ and instead got your cute grandkids!
    All the best xo

    • You could really have carried on laughing Faith as he didn’t really hurt himself. I think the worst thing for him was not understanding why his feet were so heavy. On wooden floors he sounded like a championship tap dancer.
      I can’t eve recreate the photos since Oscar and The Her are both passed on and hopefully together again now.
      Thank you, the grandkids are cuties.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  29. Removing tar… oh, dear. Beautiful kiddies, though!

  30. I somehow missed this one. I’m still catching up. Darling pictures of the children. I “loved” Amelie’s gunfighter stance. 😀 — Suzanne

  31. A “Black Day” Indeed! Photos of grandbabies are most adorable! Amelie will soon outgrow her brother. Huge family Hugs, David!

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