Our Hero Returns


    We all know the house is not really my sanctum any more. For some perverse reason the Longlegs ( I hesitate to call them mine now) seem to have formed a bond with the ever increasing pack of rodents, and that’s despite one of them chewing a hole in the fur The Her wears when she gets up from her sleeping place. How well I remember the roar of disapproval from ‘The Him’ ( I trust the lack of the word MY here hurts and chastens them) when I ‘accidentally’ unravelled part of the sleeve from his fur.

There is also the problem at the moment of having fallen backwards off the seat when one of the rodents surprised me and tried to run between my legs. When I enter that room now there is an outbreak of laughter from the four who seem to think I might have run away rather than just fallen a great distance.

So, today here I am outside the clearway lying in the warm light from above and enjoying the odd snooze. I mean, we all have skills and this is one of my better ones.
I woke up long enough to greet the Longlegs who brings things to put through the door that makes My ‘The Him’ ( yes, I know I’m far too forgiving but one has to treat ones pets well) shout loudly at My ”The Her’ ” What on earth have you bought this time. Timeshares on the Moon”? The Postie  as they call her seemed to recoil on spotting me. I know our previous encounter was unfortunate but be fair it was hardly my fault was it. I was being summarily ejected at the time and gripping her leg was an automatic reaction. She’d have been fine if her leg furs had been longer.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time dozing in the warmth till Ginger came round a suggested a walk through the village. This can often be a rewarding adventure given that some Longlegs leave their clearways open which must be an invitation mustn’t it? And not being rude, it would be a shame not to take advantage of their generosity. After all, some of them don’t have Superiors of their own to spoil. A nice roast chicken was our reward for a visit today which we ate in the shelter of the woods. Purely to shelter from the sun you understand. After which I decided to return home while Ginger decided to carry on exploring by which I expect he meant find some milk that hadn’t been taken in yet.

I had just reached home and started to lay down when I heard a scream.” Look out David, she’s making a break for the door.” I was startled by the noise and jumped in the air, just at the moment when the rodent called Penny appeared in the open clearway.
As I was already in ‘alert’ mode I couldn’t jump any higher but surprisingly the rodent did. Seeing me and watching me jump she turned tail and retreated back into the house where she was scooped up by My ‘The Her’ and placed back into her cage.
“Oh Oscar, you brave cat, what a good boy you are. David, put Oscar some chicken out.”
said My ‘The Her’ and despite not wanting more chicken some was placed out for me. My ‘The Her’ patted the seat beside her as an invitation to jump up, something that’s been sadly lacking recently. But as I’ve pointed out I’m a forgiving owner so up I jumped to enjoy a period of stroking and praises about my bravery in saving the day. So I’m a hero again which is as it should be and all of a sudden there’s no sniggering from the rodents who know I faced one of their own down and won.



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79 responses to “Our Hero Returns

  1. Oh happy day, Oscar is a hero, loved this latest installation of Oscar’s exploits and also really loved the video and of course the photo of those beautiful kids. Massive hugs my friend and have a glorious week.

    • Thanks you so much Suzanne. I’m glad you enjoyed his latest exploit and his ‘Hero’ video and especially the picture of my monsters. I shall have a great week and hope you echo it.
      xxx Sending Mammoth Hugs to you xxx

  2. It’s so nice when events go unexpectedly well for our furry friends and they can be a hero again, even if it is just in their own eyes….. 🙂 Two neighbour cats were scrapping last night and Orlando, who was inside with me, made his tail really big and strutted out the door right behind me to give them what for. He was truly pleased with himself and told the puppy so as well. Aren’t they funny!! Hugs to you David xo

    • For that moment in time Oscar saw himself as getting the respect he knew he deserved. Just as well he never knew irony.
      Sounds like Orlando was a hero in giving two scrappers his opinion and it’s only fair to share the story with the puppy.
      Yes, they can be really funny Pauline.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs to you xxx

  3. Oscar the brave hero. Supermeow! Love it. Hugs and hugs again, David ❤

  4. David,

    It’s been a while. Just wanted to say how adorable the babies are!

    Aren’t we fortunate to have little ones to keep us smiling.

    Hugs, N

    On Sun, Feb 5, 2017 at 5:07 PM, barsetshirediaries wrote:

    > davidprosser posted: ” 21/5/2012 We all know the house is not really > my sanctum any more. For some perverse reason the Longlegs ( I hesitate to > call them mine now) seem to have formed a bond with the ever increasing > pack of rodents, and that’s despite one of them chewing a” >

    • It has been a while Normandie, though I do still keep a weather eye open for you.
      Yes, we’re very fortunate to have the babies though Reuben is now three and a half and Amelie 13 months so not quite so little any more. They’re both doing well and keep me on my toes. I’m sure yours are the same. I think the last time we spoke you had a birth pending and we were close together in due dates.
      I hope you’re well and the writing is still flowing.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. Good for Oscar. And the kids are looking ever more gorgeous. Thanks, David!

  6. Serendipty is a wondrous thing. 🙂

  7. I should have know better. I was beginning to feel sorry for Oscar before he went for a walk in the village. That was a fun post, and then you rewarded us with a photo of your precious ones.

    xxx huge hugs xxx

    • He had a habit of turning things to his advantage Anne. I’m so glad you found the post fun and enjoyed it. Thanks for also liking the picture of my tribe. I hope you were able to hear Oscar’s adopted theme tune.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  8. More of the delightful (and courageous) Oscar. And another beautiful photo… what more could I possibly ask of a Sunday evening? Thank you David. Mega hugs!

    • You’re beyond kind Teagan. I’m glad you enjoyed his latest escapade and still find him delightful. That you liked the photo of the terrible twins is a bonus.
      I adore you.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  9. Oscar deserved a present of a cape and underpants for that! He would probably have been disgusted, though…

    • I think you may be right Helen, he’s have seen dressing as a human as a come down.At lest it means you enjoyed his show for which I’m ever grateful.
      xxx Stupendous Hugs xxx

  10. A delightful romp, I’m looking forward to reading more! Bravo, Oscar!!

  11. Love the photo of your grandkids and the story. Here is the latest Rat News from New York.

  12. I knew, Oscar – all of your REAL friends knew – and finally your two-legses seem to be coming back to their senses, recalling what a magnificent beast you’ve always been and always will be. Rats indeed!
    Woof! TINK

    • Thanks Tink, even I have to admit that the rats are quite bright though I still don’t want to come across them too often…..for their own safety that is.
      Miouw , Oscar.
      xxx Massive Hugs Madelyn xxx

      • VERY kind of you, Oscar, not to want to scare the rats. Scientists say that rats have an inbred fear of cat smell, you know – that even healthy rats who have *never* been exposed before register fear immediately. (toxoplasma gondii changes things a bit – but that’s a lot to explain in a comment – lol)

        Jaak Panksepp (father of affective neuroscience and known in the popular press as “the rat tickler”) has learned that rats communicate in the ultrasonic frequency – less likely to be “overheard” by predators — and that there are certain bands that indicate play vocalizations.

        In the absence of fear — i.e., no predator smells, not picked up by tail, not recently marked with pens (done to white rats to ID them), etc — they actually enjoy playing with the “hands” of his [cruelty-free] lab staff. When fearful, they avoid hands.

        Panksepp says that in his lab, his rats have a play box. All it takes is a teensy amount of a cat hair in the corner of the box, and the rats not only do not play, most freeze in the center of the box. It can take a week before they get over it. So I have to admit, my sympathies are with the tinier spirits right now.

        Probably a great idea for you to stay far away from them, Oscar – and to understand when your humans play with the rats BEFORE they play with you.

        David, Panksepp speaks of data results skewed in another lab when a rat lab was next door to a cat lab and scientists crossed back and forth from one to another – and the differences in rat behavior in the AM when a tech came from a home where his cat had been sitting on his lap.

      • It’s funny Madelyn but the girls never showed any problems being brought into the house where Oscar ruled the roost.The only time they showed real interest was when his tail got close and they thought it a plaything. We had the girls out two at a time in the morning for breakfast so they could play in our dressing gown pockets and sleeves and run around the settee as they wanted. Oscar wasn’t barred from the room but usually sat on the furthest chair away.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Interesting. Maybe rats bred as pets are developing differently? Wonderful that everybody gets along – at least relatively well :).

  13. Glad to see you’re finally being appreciated again, Oscar ❤

  14. Lovely picture of Reuben and Amelie. Oscar was quite the hero by accident. 😀 — Suzanne

  15. Yay for Oscar! 🙂
    Such a fun photo of your grandchildren. They’re adorable. Reuben looks like he’s either laughing about something, or planning a bit of mischief.
    Hugs, David!

  16. Snoozing is one of my better skills 🙂 🐱 🐾 🐈 hugs! 🐻

  17. Hail to the returning Hero. So glad the ship is right again. Good one David.

  18. Precious, beautiful grand babies, David! Soon they too will have ideas and clues about Oscar’s amusing Kingdom. Cat litter-chair (literature) rules! I feel like a human lab rat in a pesty, intellectual village. %

    • I’m afraid they’ll have to learn about Oscar from a book now as his Kingdom ended when he died in 2012. Reuben has his own book to read as he grows full of funny animal poems, I’m trying to do the same for Amelie.
      Not sure why you feel like a lab rat in an intellectual village since your music posts show that can’t be true.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • As a child I recall, actually seeing ghost cats. Because of this, I have come to the conclusion, that cats do have 9 lives. Thank you for the continual shares of Oscar’s presence ( I experience much from a rat’s perspective). Reading for the grandchildren,.. whether funny, exciting or Oscar– all are superb! Granduer Hugs!!

      • I think Oscar had used all nine of his plus a couple of reserves before he left. If he’s around again now he must have got another via a bank loan.I’d be worried as I now keep a budgie.
        Thank you for your kind comments.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx ❤

      • A real tired cat … understandable. But, there’s something humorous here. LOL! LOL . Hugs!

      • Thank you. I always try to find the humour in a situation and Oscar gave me plenty of chances.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  19. Hooray for Hero Oscar! And for beautiful grandbabies too! Hugs galore, my friend!

    • Thank you Jill.Oscar would still be celebrating the epithet if he were still alive. My beautiful grandbabies may have to celebrate that one all their lives.
      xxx Hugs Unlimited Jill xxx ❤

  20. Strokes for Oscar and soft hugs for your delightful little ones. Xxx ❤

  21. Oscar plays the hero for a tasty reward. Better than exploring the bins with Ginger! Love the photo, David 🙂 xx Huge Hugs xx

  22. Always fun to come to Oscar’s world here, David. He never fails to give us a smile. And then of course there’s the photos of your adorable grandkids! XOXO tremendous hugs to you XO

    • Thanks so much Pamela, It’;s always a treat to welcome you back. I’m so glad he brings a smile and that you’re always so kind about my pictures.
      xxx Sending you xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. Sending love and hugs to amazing Oscar. That’s my doggie’s name too! 🙂 X

  24. So very pleased to hear that Oscar was the hero of the day, David. Good for him. I’m sure the chicken was eaten up later on. And who could not resist a cwtch on the sofa? I do feel sorry for the postie and that first meeting, though. I’m sure she got over it.
    Thursday hugs.

    • Hero of the day in his own head you mean Hugh. He certainly found his appetite for chicken returned quite quickly that day. He was always ready for a cwtch on his own terms which in Ju’s case meant nearly always and n mine just occasionally.
      The postie recovered well with a nice box of chocolates and I didn’t have to put up a ‘Beware of the cat ” sign when I explained Oscar had been ejected rather than jumping at her.
      Hugs my friend.

  25. This somehow got lost in my spam folder in my email – this and 20 + other emails. I’m pleased I found it (and them, well, mostly). Oscar is long-suffering, isn’t he as heroes often are, bravely making their way saving each and every day!
    Lovely photo, dear David, inside a delightful post. Hope this weekend treats you well, my friend.
    Massive chickeny hugs xoxox

    • You are a sucker for punishment Sweetie. Just think, you could have left it sitting in spam.
      I’m almost sure you meant Oscar caused long suffering, and I might add mainly to me. But then I wonder if you’re just smoking something you shouldn’t as you mention him saving every day…………
      Glad you liked the photo Donna, and the post. I wish you treats this weekend of your own choice.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • lol I’m having a bit of a lark, David, but sometimes my humour isn’t as funny as I think. 😉

      • Your humour has never failed to make me smirk or laugh outright. It’s even funnier than you think it is. Oscar wasn’t though, he was often the bane of my life, a real mummy’s boy and an unwanted alarm clock to me.
        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  26. Oh, I love when he says, “I’m a forgiving owner.” It’s an “awww,” moment. The grandkids look like they’re up to something, especially Reuben. Adorable. 🙂

  27. Charming post, David!
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  28. Thanks so much Margaret.
    I thought I’ve not heard from you in a while so I checked and found WordPress had turned off the notifications…..I’ve corrected that.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  29. Hooray for Oscar! Love the kids’ pix :-)))

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