Nighttime Adventures.


    The heat from above has been shining down for a few days. It’s actually made me quite sleepy. ( I refuse to say a little dozy since I know the Longlegs sense of sarcasm works well on remarks like this). It was my feeling a little sleepy that got me into a mess, well that and the terrible mistake My ‘The Him’ made for which judgement will be rendered.

So, the heat made me sleepy and I curled up inside a flower bed to relax. Before My ‘The Him’ went to his sleeping place he closed and locked the clearway. He had not noticed me ( or so he said), had not called me ( as he thought I was in) and didn’t bother to check. You can understand my decision to play Solomon here can’t you.
It started to get darker and cooler causing me to think I should go back inside and settle down on My ‘The Hers’ sleeping place and spend the dark time guarding her as I usually did. But on rousing myself and moving over to the clearway I found it closed. I called out but to no avail. I walked round the building to see if a small clearway was open but I found none. There was light from My ‘The Hers’ room but it seems she could not hear me sing either. I’m reluctant to try at His clearway since he throws things at the slightest sound. You really wouldn’t believe he doesn’t recognise my voice after all these years.The woods lie very close to home and some very inviting rustling sounds stirred memories of my great hunting days when I was wont to leave my Longlegs superb gifts every day. Surely I had lost none of my skills and I needed to occupy my time before returning home to find the clearway open again.

I stepped into the woods and the dark became more absolute as the night light could not break through the branches of the trees. There was a sound to my left and in one lithe move I turned and pounced. Ugh, it was one of those long things with hundreds of legs where not one of them tastes like chicken. I let it go and moved further into the trees. Another noise, another pounce and under my paw was a mouse. I was tempted to eat some and take the rest back to the Longlegs until I remembered they seem to like live things like that to play with and might not appreciate such a gift. I let it go also and moved further into the trees. Then there was a rustle and as I pounced I was met with a fox pouncing in my direction and how he smelled ( yes I know, with his nose)phew ! It was a shock to both of us but foxes don’t tend to hang around us Superiors for long so he turned tail and walked away. I suspect I should have been insulted that he didn’t run but perhaps he perceived I was not looking for a fight.

I was turning round to retrace my steps out of the woods since the time was passing and I’d proved I can still hunt when there was a loud scream and a whooshing sound. My automatic response was to duck ( not fear you understand, just the opportunity to assess the situation) which I did and as I did I felt something touch my back. A  screech of disappointment followed and as I looked up I saw a pair of claws rising above me attached to a great bird who’d been hunting me as I hunted. My departure from the woods speeded up at that point and the morning light was just coming through as I reached safety, erm I mean reached home. I strolled across the lawns towards the clearway and saw My ‘The Him’ just open it. I  picked up speed and made it before it was closed again.
“Why Oscar. where have you been? Don’t tell me you’ve been out all night” said My ‘The Him’ never the brightest bulb in the box.
“You must be hungry old boy. Let’s get something for you.” But he’s not too bad though sometimes. Maybe I’ll forgive him this time.
I ate and went through to where My ‘The Her’ was sleeping. I jumped up and curled up beside her tummy and fell asleep.

Hoping you all have a great new week full of hugs to remind you how special you are. Thanks for your company.


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66 responses to “Nighttime Adventures.

  1. He might not have been pleased but it was an adventure. The children are looking gorgeous. Big hugs, David!

  2. I do enjoy Oscar’s adventures! xoxo

  3. Thank you for the smiles! Such beautiful and happy children, and lots of laughs from The Superior tale: “one of those long things with hundreds of legs where not one of them tastes like chicken…” “My departure from the woods speeded up at that point…” – heh! : )

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. Relief to an authors eyes and ears. The children are usually very smiley and I’m very lucky to be on the receiving end of many of them. I’m grateful you managed to find some lines to make you laugh.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  4. Applesauce! That was a close call for Oscar. Exciting episode, David. Thanks for the photos of the little ones too. Happy Valentine’s Day my friend. ❤ 🙂 Mega hugs!

    • Thanks so much Teagan. Locking Oscar out really was an accident so don’t listen to him. I’m grateful you enjoyed it again, and the photos I distract you with.
      Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow and a belated St Dwynwen’s day too.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  5. WOW – I think I would have been scared. I probably would have barked and barked (and ducked) until somebody let me back in. You are a lot braver than I am. I’m glad that claw-bird didn’t get you.

    Be nice to David – most humans are pretty dim, compared to us.
    Woof! Tink

  6. Man, that was close. I’m glad the bird was thinking rodent for an entree. Nice one David.

  7. Most amusing, as always.

    xxx hunting hugs xxx

  8. What super photographs! We had friends with children visiting today and it was quite a tonic to see happy smiling faces.
    I think you have this treat more often than we do.

    • You’re quite right Helen, I do have that treat quite often. Usually at least once a week. Huge smiles are a treat. I’m grateful you enjoyed the pictures.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  9. Great perspective you’ve managed to gain here, David. Your grandies are the cutest!

  10. I’m glad Oscar got safely home, what an adventure!
    Such a beautiful family – and those photos to treasure.
    David I hope you are doing well and keeping warm. Biting winds on the Norfolk coast here.
    Love and hugs 🐻 💛 🐈

    • Yes, Oscar arrived home quite safely then after his adventure. The winds are biting here too, it’s been 3 degrees until picked up by the wind. North Wales is currently not a good holiday destination.
      Thanks for your kind words about my grandchildren.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx

  11. I can’t believe you didn’t bark and bark until the Longlegs let you in. You’re very forgiving, Oscar. Hugs to you and them. xx

    • I’m so glad he didn’t read your advice back then Sarah. Blimey, i you think he was forgiving, you didn’t know him and I’ve done a lousy job of letting you know. Thank you for the lovely hugs.
      xxx Hugs Unlimited xxx

  12. Perhaps Oscar saw a giant mushroom in the woods and didn’t tell us about it? 🙂 Love the kids piccies – simply fabulous – must give you lots of pleasure, David – hugs over and over:)

  13. A close call for Oscar. Hopefully he learned his lesson about heading out into the woods at night. Great photos as always, David. Lovely family and it looks like they had a fun day together. 🙂 Mega hugs!

    • Heck, Oscar never thought he had anything to learn, he knew it all.
      Tank you, I think they had a great day, but they usually do. They’re mainly very happy children
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  14. What gorgeous photos. Oscar’s didn’t sound quite pleased with his adventure. At least the meal softened him up.

    • Thanks so much Jacqueline I’m glad you liked the pictures. Oscar as usual in the wrong but looking for someone else to blame. No doubt it wasn’t his fault he stole someone’s meal either. I just hope they have a sense of humour if they read this.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  15. Ali Isaac

    I don’t know if these stories are true or fiction, there are so many, and he’s so adventurous. I’m glad the bird of prey missed, poor old Oscar! What a fright! 😁

    • I think you’d have to say they’re true with little embellishment from me under instruction from Oscar himself. He lived 18 years so had plenty of adventures. Yes, what a fright, and I was sure I had that bird trained so well. Damn.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Ali xxx

      • Ali Isaac

        Lol! You are a divil, as they say over here, Mr Prosser! 18 years, that is some age for a cat… I suspect he guarded his 9 lives most carefully. Big hugs to you! Xxx

      • Guilty I’m afraid.
        Yes, I think he was so mean he took most of them with him when he went.
        xxx Mammoth HUGS XXX

  16. Wow–that was a close one for poor Oscar.
    The family photos of wonderful, David. Your grandchildren are adorable, and it’s nice to see a family shot, too.
    Wishing you a week full of hugs, too!

    • You notice how the little beggar kept escaping though Merril. If I ever had any luck it would be all bad. I did, it was.
      It’s rare I see a family shot to pinch as usually one of them has the camera, so I couldn’t miss this one. The kids are a dream team really, very smiley.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  17. And hugs to you to remind you of the same!

  18. I remember my cat-owning days and those little breakfast ‘gifts’ that would arrive on the back door mat, usually still half alive. Ah, Englebert! RIP. I am sure he had many great adventures just like Oscar’s. Anyway, here’s to Oscar, valiant cat! And here’s to a warm winter! Hugs, David…

    • I’m lucky that the breakfast gifts were relatively rare. Perhaps Oscar considered himself the prey more often than the hunter. I’m sure Englebert must have had some adventures to share.
      Hoping the Winter stays as it is and doesn’t get worse, but Roll on Spring.
      Hugs Frederick.

  19. That was a close call. I would habe thought the fox would be interested. I am most amazed and impressed that the cat relayed all this back to you and you understood x

  20. Oh what a night… Saved by the break of day! Hahaha! Home is sweet home after all. 😉

  21. Totally different perspective! 😉 Love it! Sweet! Wishing you & your lovely family a great week ahead! 😃😄🤗

  22. Thank you, David for the posts that always leave us smiling.
    Hugs, buddy.

  23. Yikes! Talons… I can only imagine. Glad you made it home safely, Oscar. And David, the photos of the kids are adorable. I love their little munchkin faces 💛💚💜

    • Hi Tina, Oscar managed to get a wound across his back at one tine that the vet thought was done by an owl who’d mistaken Oscar for something a lot smaller. I bet that was a shock.
      Thank you, my little grandies are adorable.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  24. Haha Oscar just wants something that tastes like chicken! And I’m still feeling a bit sleepy myself 😉 Adorable family photos at the end of the post too xx HUGE hugs coming your way, David

  25. David, I have meant to ask for some time. Do your grandchildren smile all the time? The pictures you post show such lovely and happy smiles and children.

  26. Wow, what a nighttime adventure that was for Oscar, David. Sounds like he wasn’t the least bit scared of any of those nighttime creatures. I’m guessing that adventure was followed by a good day’s sleep?
    Wishing you a huggable weekend.

    • I’m, betting he wasn’t scared of them in the way that I wasn’t scared of him Hugh. His adventures were followed by food before sleep then food again.Maybe a nap to follow.
      xxx Have a Fantastic Weekend with Massive Hugs

  27. I sure enjoyed Oscar’s adventure, David; though I don’t think he should be telling us you’re not the brightest bulb. ha. Great writing and a true pleasure, as always.

  28. I was feeling bad for Oscar knowing he was locked out for the night but what an adventure! “Those long things with hundreds of legs where not one of them tastes like chicken,” eke, hate those things. Love the pics. 💖

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