Oscar and The Day of Accidents



    Things happen. They can’t always be helped and sometimes there’s no avoiding them.
I may have been having a time where my attention was not as it should be but personally I don’t think any of this was my fault.I shall start from the beginning.
I yawned and stretched as I started to come awake and my tummy began to tell me it was time to be fed. I did consider speaking to my ‘The Her’ since I was lying on her sleeping place close beside her head. But past experience tells me waking her would be difficult and certainly not as much fun as I could have. Accordingly I jumped down from my warm place and went to check my dishes. Yes, there was food in there but it had been placed there last light time and I’d slept since then. So, time for fresh then.

My ‘The Him’ was uttering little burbling noises as I went to him and I could see a little trail of drool from his mouth running down the side of his face as he lay on his back. It was quite sweet. Of course it couldn’t stay like that so with one of my more sensuous leaps I landed on his stomach. The burbling stopped and much of the breathing did too I think and a series of little whoops ensued as he tried to catch his breath, it was running too fast to be caught though. A little tear formed in his eye and it was quite interesting so I moved my head in for a closer look. It was pure accident that my paw happened to step on his nose at this point. With a loud gasp he drew air into his lungs and started to cough. It made standing on his stomach difficult so I showed my disapproval with a light swipe to his reddened nose. His eyes opened wide and now sure he was aware of me I smiled and said hello.

“Oscar” he croaked, “I’m sure you know exactly what you’re doing. What on Earth do you want at this time of the morning. It’s not five o’clock yet.”
It wasn’t worth answering him since I knew he’d work it out eventually and get up. He did, for some reason grumbling all the while. My food dish was washed, dried and refilled. I didn’t feel as hungry then as I heard a sound that was most annoying. The damn cock started to crow outside. I moved away from my food dish leaving it untouched and listening to my ‘The Him’ grumble about cats that get people up for no reason. I went and sat by the clearway patiently. As he started to go back towards his room he opened the clearway and let me out.

The cock was out of sight but not out of sound since I could still hear him bragging about whatever it was they brag about. Quietly and with guile I crept around the house until I could see him. Keeping low to the ground I crept towards him. I was almost there and ready to pounce when he saw me and with a flutter of his wings he ran. So did I. This was fun. The hedge came in sight and I was sure I had him then but with an almighty leap he was up and over. Just at that moment the big chariot that carries hay from the fields came round the corner and the cock landed straight on the back. The last I saw of him, he was sailing away in the distance to stunned to brag. It was a laughable sight.
Feeling cheered and now hungry again I decided to eat. There was a small clearway left open for me so up I jumped onto the sill. Unfortunately I must still have been thinking of the cock as I didn’t notice the vase placed in my path as I entered the house.Down it went with a huge crash and shattered into quite a few pieces. There was water everywhere and flowers strewn across the floor. I removed myself from the scene rapidly and went to my dish.

From where I was I could hear the commotion. Voices from both My ‘The Her’ and  ‘The Him’.
“How on Earth did you manage to break such a valuable vase David?” she asked.
“It wasn’t me” he said,”I just came through when I heard it. It was probably that damned cat of yours coming in again.”
” Don’t try and blame Oscar” she said “I can’t see him, can you? Oh well, accidents will happen I suppose.”
I decided at this point it would be a good idea to lay low for a while and under my ‘The Him’s’ duvet seemed a good idea.
It was some time later that I came out after a good snooze. Everything had been cleared up and there were no raised voices.
I wandered through to the seating room just as the ringing started. My ‘The Her’ picked up the small box and put it to her ear. “Hello” she said, and I could hear a faint sound from inside the box in return. “Really !” I heard her say a few times before saying thank you and putting the box down.
“David we have to go out. That was Major Summersby at Langholme Farm in the next County to say he’s just found our cockerell strutting about his yard.”
“How the heck” he started to reply but looking at me “did it get there when I heard it here earlier this morning.”
I just jumped up beside My ‘The Her’ and lay my head on my paws to allow her to scratch my neck and said nothing. After all, it wasn’t my fault the chariot had come when it did any more than it was my fault someone put that vase in my path.

roobs bridge
                                                                     Bear on a Bridge
Amelie ducks
                                                   Is He Cold Like Me Mummy?
I wish you all a fantastic new week of promotions, pay rises and luck in love. I’m probably the luckiest person I know in that department having found someone able to love me. I just hope she’s waiting for me now and that I go to the same place, not somewhere warmer. Massive Hugs to you all.
Maria Callas   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLcbfF9ypmM


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48 responses to “Oscar and The Day of Accidents

  1. Does Oscar think he’s ALWAYS innocent???

    The photos of the children are a treat. Also, love those purple sneakers.

    xxx Sunday hugs xxx

    • He was always sure it must have been someone else;s fault. Even when we found a stash of odd socks (mine) it wasn’t him.
      Thank you. I love sharing photos of my little treasures. I loved the purple sneakers too.
      xxx Massive Hugs Anne xxx

  2. I like the way Oscar gets David into trouble. I’m surprised the Her didn’t blame David for the cockerel stunt. Good one and the pictures are so cute.

  3. Lots hugs back to you. Still smiling from reading this and the photos, that last look on his face-precious. 🙂

  4. Lovely photos….and good to hear of the ever innocent Oscar!

  5. It’s good to know you have been lucky in love David, but not getting ready to trot off too soon to join Ju I hope xoxo

  6. Great post. Oh, that Oscar. Adorable.

  7. An accident may soon happen to one of my cats – I read this after a very short night’s sleep that ended with one of their infernal yowls at 3:00 a.m. Good on you for finding humour in their feline ways. BTW, have you read ‘Cat out of hell?’ Hugs xx

    • Ah, you have your own very unwanted alarm cat. I hope that if the yowls don’t work it moves on to attempted suffocation or clawing the soles of your feet. They can be fiendish.
      I’m afraid I haven’t read Cat out of hell, just lived with one. Is that your book Mel?
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Ha, if they escalate their efforts to physical contact they will find out who is the queen bee around here! And no, sadly not my book but one you might enjoy by Lynne Truss. Her mythical murderous talking cat is reminiscent of your Oscar (although much scarier!).

      • Thanks so much Mel. I’ll look it up though not as a training manual.
        xxx ❤ xxx

  8. Hmm…that Oscar. Sending hugs for the 31st.

  9. Massive hugs from downunder too.

  10. I’m sure it all makes perfect sense to Oscar. 🙂
    The grandkids are adorable as ever!

    Wishing you a wonderful week, too, David. I don’t think you have to worry about ending up in a too hot place–not with all the hugs you’ve shared. Here’s one for you!

  11. Oscar is quite a dickens isn’t he, a sense of entitlement I would say. Truly a character and I love reading about his exploits. I can’t believe how big the children are now, Amelie is walking, time flies doesn’t it. I haven’t heard the music yet, have to copy and paste the link but Maria Callas has such a beautiful voice, incredible talent. Have a glorious week dear David.

    • Oscar had quite a sense of entitlement…..he believed everything was his. I’m glad you enjoy reading about him.
      Amelie started walking virtually on her first birthday, luckily we stopped her or she’d be miles away by now. The kids get bigger without me noticing until they’re suddenly waist height then as tall as me.
      Sorry you have to copy and paste the link but WordPress have changed the way music is added and messed it up. I hope you’ll like it though.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  12. Always love your stories, David…and being a cat person, this post hit the spot!
    Your grandkids are absolutely aDORable!!
    xoxoxoxox Sarah

  13. As always, this glimpse into your world has warmed my frozen Canadian soul, David.
    Many thanks.

  14. I think Oscar could get away with just about anything (and he probably does). He must be like one of those lucky black cats that occasionally crosses my path on the day I win a lucky dip in the National Lottery.
    Another cute tale, David.
    Hugs to you from the Southern part of the homeland.

    • Oscar was a mummy’s boy and played on it, giving me sly winks when he got away with something. I’m sure he was never lucky once when I flicked him with my lottery ticket.
      Thanks for your kind words Hugh
      Hugs from the North even though 50% of my origins are the South.

  15. Oh, that Oscar! Be of good cheer, David; spring is close to us now. Hugs, Fred.

  16. I am of good cheer Fred since I also notice signs that Spring is fast approaching.A little sunshine and some warmth will work wonders.

  17. Oscar is causing a bit of havoc again, it seems. And he still gets scratches. Lucky cat. Wonderful photos of the beautiful grandkids, David. Have a great weekend. 🙂

    • The cat had 9 lives of havoc and still he got scratches. Thank you, the photos were fun and the kiddies are gorgeous.
      I wish you a glorious weekend too,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Diana xxx

  18. Fun story, David. I have two calicos, and somehow, one or both manage to find unique ways to wake me up each morning. 🙂

    • Joe, Oscar was my unwanted alarm cat. He devised Chinese torture methods to get me out of bed to feed him or something but he never tried it with his ‘mummy’ I feel very sorry for you if you’ve had the claws on soles of feet, toe nibbles or death by smothering as one lies across your face.My legs looked like a series of bar codes so I daren’t go into the supermarket in case I get read.
      My respect and undying sympathy.

  19. Never too much of these two cute faces. Amelie is growing so fast. Looks like she has questions about that duck.
    Oh Oscar, he manages to organise catastrophes like a pro. Sent the poor bird to another county!
    Many Hugs! xxxx

  20. I wouldn’t want to be the duck if Amelie has questions for it. She is growing so fast but then so is Reuben. I think in a few years they’ll be looking down on their Pops.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs Inese xxx

  21. I think that is why I own dogs. Cats are just way too smart.

  22. 🐾🌷🌈 Delightful Innoscence! Hugs!

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