Penny’s day of Reason

26/6/2012   I had a dream. I dwelt in a land of peace. It went like this…………..

    The humans ( whom that daft cat calls Longlegs) went out quite early this morning.  It’s possible they had something on their minds since it seems they forgot to feed Oscar before they left. We could hear him bemoaning the fact for a long time. It doesn’t matter quite as much for us since the houses we have inside the cage are edible and we can go longer without liquid refreshment than a camel. Two minor points here I should mention, don’t expect your rats to exist on anything but edible houses any more than you’d like to exist on a diet of nothing but potatoes, and, don’t think because we can do without liquids that you shouldn’t offer us a cup of tea when you have one. I enjoy one anyway.

Oscar’s moaning was getting beyond a joke so when he wandered close enough I called him.
“What d’you want Rat” ?  he asked.
“Now now pussycat” I replied, ” just wanted to know if you need help.”
“I’m hungry” he said, “what can you do about that”?
“Well, remind you that the housekeeper Grizelda will be here in an hour” I said.
“But I’m hungry now Amy and I can’t open the packets myself” he whinged.
“I think we can help then” I told him, “but you’ll need to open the cage door since the catch is on the outside.”
“I can do that” he responded “but can I trust you, and what would you want in return”?
“You can if you behave, and how about peace between us.” was my answer.

Oscar undid the catch on the door at the bottom end of the cage. Since it was a simple hook it didn’t tax his brain too much. The door being open it was but a short jump to the floor. I told Priya and Bernie to stay and guard the cage and took Penny with me. This concordat may have been reached with Oscar but I wasn’t sure he could overcome his base instincts and Penny was my watchdog. As Penny hit the floor Oscar reached out a paw and clamped it on her back. “And you Rat had better behave or there’ll be trouble.
I was ready to pounce and tell Oscar this wasn’t a good idea when Oscar removed his paw and started walking away. “Follow me rats” he said.

I heard Penny mutter something about payment and the Pied Paper but didn’t quite catch it. We followed the cat. It was a short distance to the room where his dishes were.
Once there Oscar pointed out a box full of foil sachets. “I need one of those” he told us
“and I prefer the ones that are the colour of apples.”
I jumped up onto the small table where the box was and checked inside. Oscar wasn’t much help since there was a red beef one and a green rabbit one inside. With a 50% chance of being right I pulled out a beef one. “Is this it” I asked.
“Yes, that’s it, like an apple as I told you.” he said.
I dropped the sachet to the floor in front of Penny and asked her to open it which she did with ease using her teeth to cut away the top. I picked it up and held it over Oscar’s dish where it slid out easily. He moved towards the dish without a word and started eating. Penny moved forward and nipped Oscar’s tail.

Oscar leapt a foot in the air and almost choked on his food. “Why?” he spluttered.
I looked at Penny for an explanation, “Yes why?” I asked,” I thought this was a day of reason.”
“It is ” said Penny, ” and the reasons were he put his paw on me and he didn’t say thank you for opening the food.”
As we walked back to the cage leaving a bemused cat behind us, I decided maybe I should re-evaluate my opinion of Penny.
We shall have to see if the agreement between Oscar and I stands.

roobs varsity
                                                                           The Varsity Boy
Ami smiling
                                                                    The Smiling Sister
This one is for my friend Judith Baxter


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53 responses to “Penny’s day of Reason

  1. True or false – your dream or rat’s dream???
    However, it reminded me of a true incident at the garden coffee place where I used to go – there were no more sachets of sugar – brown or white in the little containers on the table. When I queried this I was told the sparrows stole them, ripped the packages apart and demolished the sugar… and sure enough I watched this happen with a stray packet…
    Is fact stranger than fiction?

    • True nuff I had a dream where we all shared the house in peace quite naturally but on here I admit to getting a little inventive with the details.
      I would have had to invent a story like yours if I hadn’t seen it in action last Summer with any sachets left behind on the outside tables at ‘Temptations’. Fortunately the main tubs of sugar sachets were inside. Where food is concerned sparrows are quite bold sometimes.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Valerie xxx

  2. These lovely tales never fail to leave me smiling and the adorable pictures at the end are icing on the cake!

  3. What a tale! Guess there were many tails. I enjoyed this one enormously.

    xxx cooperative hugs xxx

  4. Go Penny! So, was this Amy’s memory?

  5. Heartafire

    You’re a fabulous weaver of tales David so much fun! Thank you, sending huge hugs ! xxx

  6. Ha ha ha. Nice job,, David

  7. Nice to get another viewpoint on life with Oscar 🙂 And the delicious kiddies!! They are so beautiful and I can’t believe how fast they are growing!

    • Thank you Pauline. Oscar never thought there was any valid viewpoint but his. The grandkids really are growing fast. I’ve seen a huge spurt in Amelie since her first birthday on New Year’s Eve. Reuben just gets taller by the day.
      xxx Sending Splendiferous Hugs xxx

  8. That’s quite a nice story with its happy ending. Darling pictures of the children. I love the little curl on the front of Amelie’s little head. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thank Suzanne. I count them all as happy endings if I’m in one piece. I’m so glad you liked the pictures. Doesn’t she look an independent little mite.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. I like this tale of cooperation–with a reminder to behave. 🙂

    The grandies are as adorable as ever. I thought of the old rhyme, “the girl with the curl right in the middle of her forehead.”

    Have a lovely week, David. Hugs!

    • The agreement should have been in writing Merril.
      The kiddies are just getting bigger by the minute, I can’t keep up.

      Have a wonderful week Merril. xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  10. You’ve succeeded where so many have failed, David; you’ve created a space where you can write about your world in an entertaining, fascinating fashion.
    Well done.

    • That’s a very kind thing to say Robert. I’m restricted to the blog of course despite having sold a few books because the competition is so great. You’d know about that though. I wouldn’t give up if I were you.

  11. Oh, if only we had this level of cooperation/detente around here!

  12. Very nice episode. I’d say a compromise is in order. Sweet kissable grandbaby faces, David. Family hugs!!

    • Compromise is always good if it lasts. Oscar’s memory isn’t always good.
      I’m off to kiss the grandchildren’s faces this morning, a good day.
      xxx Sending Mammoth Hugs xxx

      • Oscar is very much alive to me, that’s the only way I know of him. And, I take Oscar’s liveliness, each read at a time. I see sugar allover those little grandbaby faces. Triple Hugs!!!

      • Sometimes at night he’s still alive to me too as I wake up in terror thinking he’s about to attack my feet so I’ll get up and feed him. Not that he wasn’t fed before I went to bed but he fancied a change.He was very much my official unwanted alarm cat but never tried anything with my wife who adored him.
        You can guarantee chocolate will be involved somewhere in my time with the grandbabies today.Maybe it will be for me?
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  13. Penny is pretty darn smart. Adorable pictures of your grandkids, David.

    • Penny surprised us all as Amy is usually the brains. Still, anyone who catches Oscar out is pretty good. I never could.
      I’m off to see he children this morning so my day will be good.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Mary J xxx

  14. Send the rats over here while I am away…they could help Leo open packets of tea…the infuriating cellophane wrappings that defy all attempts to reach the contents.

  15. This made me smile. And those two little ones have the faces of angels. I’d never get anything done if they were around. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you were able to smile, Believe me you wouldn’t have used the word ‘Angels’ yesterday. Had they been around you’d have been trying to return them so you could work.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  16. Hi David! I realize your blog is awards free, but I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. I simply want more readers to discover your wonderful blog. Here are the details, simply fyi:
    Wishing you a lovely day! 🙂

  17. Oh, the exploits of Oscar and friends. I must admit I was aghast when he dived right into his dish without thanking Penny. How are you, David? Love the photos of your adorable grandbabies.😍

  18. Animals! Do they really need us at all. I had an amazingly clear mental image of that rat pouring Oscar’s food from the packet. A lovely story. Spring sunshine is breaking through today, and it speaks of tomorrow. Best wishes, David.

    • I don’t know one that can work a tin-opener, but for that I dare say we’d be redundant. I always thought the rats could do anything they put their minds to.Thanks for the kind words Frederick.
      The sunshine is there between intermittent showers but the temperature says it’s Spring.

  19. Arr, even cats should have manners. But, is it that Oscar just always expects? I hope they got back in that cage before Grizelda arrived?
    Lovely photos of the children, David. I bet they brighten up all your days when you see them.

    • Cats set a very bad example Hugh. They might teach manners to kittens but they don’t practice them as adults. Yes, the girls beat Grizelda but she wasn’t frightened of them.
      The children do brighten up my Tuesdays a lot. Half the time I’m ready to giggle ( I hide it) and the other half wishing they came with volume control.

  20. An interesting story, makes you wonder what the animals do get up to when the Longlegs are away. I have thought about attaching a Go-cam to one of the dogs just to see, but then I decided they might just eat it.
    PS: The grandchildren are beautiful and are getting so big!!!!

    • I thought about using a camera on the animals to see what they get up too at night and when I’m not here. Then I thought they’re liable to do the same to me so I didn’t bother.
      Thank you, yes they are getting bigger, it’s a big surprise when I see Amelie walking towards me.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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