Honest Oscar. Would you buy a used chariot……?


I’m not quite sure what Ginger means when he says of me “Would you buy a used chariot from this cat”. Everyone knows I’m the very definition of probity. I confess there are times it pays to bend the hard angles of truth a little or exaggerate slightly but that’s about it. I do after all have a reputation to uphold. To prove it I’m going to share a little secret but if it should get back to Ginger or one of the others I’ll know where it came from. I’ve been a bit down in the dumps . Only three of the rodents came out to be fed yesterday morning. My ‘The Him’ does it religiously every morning AFTER he’s fed me of course. He issues them cornflakes and then toast. It’s actually quite funny to see them trying to pinch the cornflakes off each other or drag his fingers into the cage as their next course. I noticed just three of them on the cornflakes and thought it odd but expected number four out when the toast arrived as they love the butter.It just didn’t seem right that he’s cut four pieces of crust and yet only three of them were there to eat.

What’s most odd about this situation is that the missing one is Penny, the one who causes me most trouble. I even went to the trouble of trying to wake My ‘The Her’ though if an oaf like HIM can’t do it how could I? Anyway, eventually he got her up and she came through. Always following their food My’The Her’ has them out to play two at a time which is usually the time for me to show discretion and retire to doze or perhaps eat. Penny is always first out and out longest. It wasn’t looking good. But, she put her hand in the cage and picked up Penny’s house and brought it out then went back for Amy who is their chief negotiator of the current truce. Penny came out of her house when Amy was placed on the long seat they run about on. She was definitely sluggish and seemed to be coughing as though she wanted to be sick. ( Rats can’t be sick. Just thought I’d impart a little knowledge). That lasted a few minutes until finally she jumped up and ran up the back of the seat and buried herself in the throw that’s kept there. Since she didn’t seem to want to move she was put back in her house and the house placed back in the cage.

I was out all day with the gang. We were in the woods since it was water from the sky time again. This is the time the Longlegs laughingly call Summer so perhaps the water was expected as it’s done little else for ages. When I came back home to eat, the rodents were back in their cage ( where they belong to my mind) so I thought no more of Penny until dark time. That’s the time they rouse a little again and sometimes come out to play again. There was no Penny coming out and I remembered she seemed ill. Again My ‘The Her’ put her hand in and brought Penny out. She just lay there being stroked and things just don’t seem right. She had to go back in early and everyone seemed subdued taking the whole sparkle out of the day.

Today it’s too early for their breakfast and playtime so I’m worried about what will happen when the cornflakes arrive. Two days without trading insults is just too much.

So now you know a secret and that I’ve shared a truth. But, don’t misunderstand me, if you tell anyone I’ll say you’re lying and my record of probity will stand me in good stead. After all, you’ve never heard me tell fibs on my blog yet……….Have you ?

the mahouts

 The Mahouts

why you watch me eat

                                                     Why you watch me eat?

Wishing you all a wonderful week full of hugs. Don’t worry about Penny.


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57 responses to “Honest Oscar. Would you buy a used chariot……?

  1. Poor Penny, it seems as though Oscar has developed a fondness for for the rats and seems concerned about Penny. Poor dear, looking forward to the next installation and an update on Penny. Have a wonderful week my friend and a huge hug!!

  2. Well, I’m glad I don’t have to worry – I was all set to! Lovely to have a little glimpse into Oscar’s soft heart 🙂 Warm hugs David – hope you are feeling better in yourself xoxo

  3. Knock Knock Knock Penny, sorry, when I hear that lol Also makes me think of ‘Penny Dreadful’…
    What lovely pictures and interesting words and cool music, wow, what a combo, can’t beat that.
    Thank you, dear David for making me smile and Yazoo, always an awesome earworm.
    Massive those little ones are getting bigger and if possible cuter hugs xoxo

    • I think this ot could have starred in a Penny Dreadful at the right time. Maybe moved Sherlock Holmes to a back page.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the Yazoo, I was a big fan of Alf esp All Cried Out.
      Yep, the kiddies are getting bigger but can’t be cuter.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  4. OK. I won’t worry, if you say so, David.
    Wishing you a wonderful week! Hugs!

  5. Heartafire

    “) fabulous! Hugs to you xx

  6. Never heard you tell fibs before on your blog.

  7. Fun, as always!

    xxx big rat hugs xxx

  8. Darling pictures of the little ones. That look of Amelie’s when eating was hilarious. I was glad to hear Penny got better. Thanks for the music. Huge Hugs to you, David. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thank you Suzanne. Yes, that look was real comic touch, I’d love to know what sh was thinking at that moment.II’m glad you enjoyed the story and the music, I think I get away with a lot from the 80’s.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  9. Good to read Penny recovered. I was also worried. Thanks and take care, David.

  10. Yup, breakfast time is the time when ya gotta keep an eye on the crusts and cornflakes, everyone is hungry then but as to fibs – not a speck on the blog. Grand hugs David

    • Breakfast time is the time you’d better have crusts and cornflakes or else.
      Thanks so much Ina so glad you saw none of Trump’s alternative truths.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Ali Isaac

    Oh no! Poor Penny. What happened to her? I hope she got better, Oscar seems quite concerned.

  12. Ali Isaac

    I’ve just read the comments and seen Penny recovered! Yaaay! She’s a tough little thing. Lots of hugs, have a great week! 😙

  13. The part about two days without trading insults being “too much” made me giggle 😉

    • Such a big part of this family’s life perspective Christy. Insults before Dawn….and After should have been one of my books had I been able to stop sobbing long enough after being called ‘Ancient’.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  14. Another great installment of Oscar’s adventures. He was so concerned about Penney. I trust she’ll be okay. Wonderful photos too. Amelie cracked me up with her coy look. 😀

  15. The pics are too cute. I’m glad to learn that there is no need to worry about Penny. I’m also glad Oscar gets his banter buddy back in full spirits😊

    • Thank you Belanger. I liked those pics. Yes, no need to worry about Penny, a couple of days and you’d never know she’d been ill. Oscar only ever traded insults with Penny so I was never sure how real his concern was.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  16. It would seem that our Oscar has a begrudging liking for Miss Penny, though please do not tell him that I figured this out! And please, dear David, do not tell me that Penny is going to … well, you know … belly up, cross-eyed … else I shall 😥 Cwtch Mawr

    • Oscar might say that now, but later………
      Penny did not expire Jill, a couple more days and she was fine.Just one of life’s blips.No tears necessary.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

  17. Oh my! What a poor thing! I’m so terribly sorry for Penny, tell me what ensued.

  18. Adorable! I’ve always thought authors who showcase kids and pets have an edge. You are proving me right. Have a wonderful day, Sir David!

  19. I’m glad Penny is OK. That’s how good the writing is: I was worried to death about that rat. 🙂

  20. Reblogged this on Art by Rob Goldstein and commented:
    A great story from Oscar the cat about Penny the rat. From barsetshirediaries

  21. Oooo but “the Him”, I am worried about Penny and pssst…don’t tell anyone but someone else is too. You didn’t hear it here. ~~dru~~

  22. You’re the Hug Master, David.
    Thanks, pal.

  23. I’ve been feeling a lot like Penny as of late! 😦 But those sweet grandbaby faces are uplifting!! Hugs.

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