Oscar and the Flying Fish


      First of all I want to get things clear. If I’m to tell you my story you have to promise not to repeat it. It’s not that I really did anything wrong, it just that there may be some misunderstandings and though the Longlegs are here to serve, I’m well aware they do provide some food. Not that I can’t get my own you understand, but perhaps not the same variety. Mouse gets a bit boring after a time and frogs taste awful.

So, I was around at early light time enjoying a snack after a hard dark time getting comfortable. My ‘The Him’ and My ‘The Her’ came through to where I was and told me to behave today ! I know, it was really cheeky but sometimes you have to let some things pass. They told me they were going out and would be back later. Since I let them come and go as they like ( not like some owners who follow their Longlegs everywhere), I raised an eyebrow in goodbye. Well, I was busy eating wasn’t I. After they left I finished eating and went to have a short nap. That’s always fun since I can pick and choose where I go. This time I settled on going to My ‘The Him’s’ sleeping place and napping on his nightskin. The smell is sometimes strangely comforting.Rousing myself from the nap later I found myself still alone. Being fearless I decided to make sure the property was safe by checking each room. Most of them seemed OK and with just two left to do I went into their sitting place. On the arm of her seat I spied a bag of the odd colourful things she likes to eat. They’re very small and round and very very light. I haven’t tried one but they did look interesting and I wanted to make sue no-one had touched them while she was out. There may be peace between those rodents and I for now, but I don’t trust them. Anyway, as I pulled at the top of the bag to open it the bag tore a bit and quite a few fell out. They were all over the floor. I picked one up with my teeth and they felt strange and tasted a little funny. I think she’ll be grateful I threw some way when she gets back.

The last room was the food/eating room. I glanced round but it looked like there was no food left open. I couldn’t smell anything anyway. They had probably put it in the white box that blows cold over food. Shame as I would have checked that there was nothing gone off for them. My glance round the room told me something wasn’t quite as usual but I couldn’t place it at first. I decided to look a second time more carefully and there it was. The box that has the fish in it was open at the top. Well part of it anyway. Whoever had given them their food ( fancy eating flake) had left it open. I thought that might prove dangerous so I decided there and then to close it. Up I jumped with the balletic poise with which I’m gifted. On to the side of the sink, across the place the water drains off their cups and a quick jump up onto the box. I know you can see through all sides of the box but it was strange to see them from up top. I decided to watch them for a minute and leave the top open. There we’re quite a few fish in there and they came in all shapes and colours. One in particular was quite big and a very bright colour was swimming very near the surface. You don’t get a clear idea of the fin from above so I just put my hand down to try and turn it over for a small time. I suppose I moved quite fast because I know the fish are fast. My paw missed but the water splashed and it was funny seeing the fish all dart away. As the big fish edged back towards me I repeated the move but this time my paw caught it. Instead of turning it over I must have jerked my arm back in shock and the fish came out at great speed, left my paw and flew across the room to land on the floor at the far side. It flopped for a small time then lay still.

It was at this stage I knew I’d never be able to get it back up here to the box. Being a thinker I decided to leave it alone until My ‘The Her’ arrived back and she could do it for me. I decided to get back down from the box and head off to take a quick nap. Before I did so I remembered why I’d got up in the first place and shut the lid with my paw.
It was a short time later they returned and I heard as My ‘The Him’ entered that room,
“Julia, one of your fish has learned to fly. I’m afraid it’s dead. How strange, I’ve known fish jump out of an open tank before though never so far, but this is very strange since the tank is closed.”
“That is strange David” she replied. “you fed them this morning, it must have jumped out while you had the lid open.”
” That’s all I can think of too darling. Don’t worry, I’ll buy you a new one to replace it.”
So a lesson has been learned today. If someone tells me to behave when I don’t need to be told, they end up getting paid back for it. And they’re so silly as to think there are flying fish like birds. Sometimes I despair of Longlegs.

baking day
all that fresh air
                                                      Too much fresh air.
Last Sunday I went for a meal with my family which included most of my cousins. The only times we are generally all in one place are weddings or funerals (and more the latter). We had such a good time  decided to try and do it at least twice a year.
The gangs all here
L to R. Moi, Linda, Brother Dil with Gary behind him, Debs and Peter. The gang’s (nearly) all here.
Have a Wonderful new week and I hope you get as many hugs returned as you give. Hugs to you all.


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61 responses to “Oscar and the Flying Fish

  1. I think Oscar dodged a bullet. Super photos of the little ones and your family. Thanks for sharing, David. BTW what kind of baked good is in the tin?

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure I did too as Ju loved her fish, they all had names.
      Thanks John, I have fun picking the photos. I think Amelie may kill me as she gets older.
      It was cheating as they were rice krispie cakes. I wouldn’t let Roobs near an oven till he meets a girl and his Mum says he can’t do that till he’s 40.

  2. Oh, Oscar! 🙂
    How wonderful that you got together with your family. David,–lovely photo–and of the grandkids, too. Hugs!

  3. What did Oscar get that was small, round, and very light?

    xxx Easter hugs xxx

  4. Another adventure for Oscar, thank you for sharing, I’m left smiling once again!

  5. Another great Oscar story David – how lovely that the family managed to get together for no other reason than to be together – and even better there are plans to repeat. You can’t beat real hugs!! xoxo

    • Thank you Pauline. I’m lucky he left me so many memories.At least the writing reduces the trauma.
      Being with my cousins, nieces and my brother was brilliant. I look forward to the next one. You’re right, real hugs are the best but at least the virtual ones are meant too.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  6. -grin- Oh Oscar, Oscar…
    Happy Easter, David. -big hugs-

  7. Oscar is getting under my skin, love his mind. Hope you had a happy Easter, David. Many Hugs

  8. How adorable! I enjoyed Oscar’s adventure, thank you, David! And your photos are wonderful. Hope you had a beautiful Easter! 😉

    • Thanks so much Felicia, it’s always nice to know someone has appreciated a story. It’s nice that you like the chosen photographs and maybe even the music too.
      Easter has been lovely though a bit lonely in parts. I hope you’ve had a great time.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  9. Oscar was lucky that time. Cute pictures of the children, especially Amelie sleeping. Great family picture. Huge Hugs — Suzanne

    • I caught Amelie sleeping because there was no food about. A miracle her face was clean. Roobs so proud of the results of helping in the kitchen.It was amazing there was enough chocolate for the cakes. It was fun to have the family catch up.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. Fantastic story and great pics. The two yearly meets also sound great. Have a good week, David!

    • Thanks so much on both counts Olga. I hope the twice yearly meets do happen. It’s so nice to be in a place where my cousins are together all at the same time.They’re such nice people. A good example for a ‘Crusty’ like me.
      Enjoy today and have a wonderful week Olga.
      xxx Gargantuan Hugs xxx

  11. It is lovely to get the ‘gang’ all together and amazing to have those memories.
    The ‘cupcakes’ look yummy, Roobs must have thought that a lark – ‘baking’. 😉 They are soooo cute!
    Too bad about the fish, but hey, those flying fish, no one can do anything about that, er, right… 😉 Thanks for sharing the adventures.
    Hope you’re having a lovely Easter and the week ahead is a delight. 🙂
    Massive Oscar’s tales are timeless hugs xoxox

    • The get together was great and they came from all over to drink Chester dry the night before. I didn’t know who would be there until I arrived, or who would stay once I did.
      If Oscar had been an amputee ( and believe me I threatened) the fish would have been fine but at least he didn’t get me into trouble this time.
      Hope you enjoyed the pics and the music..
      I want you to have a beautiful week,
      xxx Ginormous loving Hugs xxx

  12. the curiosity of cats.. Curiosity didn’t kill slick Oscar…Hahahaha! Sweet grandbaby Hugs!!! 😄💝💝🌞

  13. Too bad about not being able to check the meat to make sure it hadn’t gone bad. Such a valuable service that can be provided.

  14. I always love the photos you post. 🤗

  15. I won’t repeat this tale, David – though I’m dying to.

  16. Ali Isaac

    Very funny! Reminds me of my cat, Kimba… one morning I got up and she was trying her hardest to fish something out from under the sofa. When I looked it was a huge goldfish… actually, it was probably a koi, and it was alive and flapping about. Don’t know where she got it from, no gardens with ponds nearby that I knew of. I put it in a bucket of water as I had to go to work, with tbe intention of taking it to my nana, who did have a big fishpond, but when I got home, it had sadly died. That cat brought me all kinds of ‘presents’, many of them still alive! 😁 Huge hugs to you, David! Xxx

    • Poor fish. Many a time I’ve had to separate him from one of his gifts then eject him from the room while I catch it and release it. He’s in whatever room I’ve locked him in howling because he can presumably smell it.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  17. Oscar is so adventurous 😉 Great family photos too! Happy weekend, David xx

    • I think ‘Thick’ is a better description Christy. He was always in trouble (read this weeks episode tomorrow night). So glad you enjoyed the family pics. I love the choices I get.
      Hope you’re having a great weekend.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  18. Ah Oscar, Oscar, Oscar … poor fishie 😥

    Love the pics, David! Quite a handsome bunch, you and your family!

  19. Best one yet! I loved it. 🙂

  20. Looks like you have quite a huggable family! 💕

  21. I think Oscar was very clever closing that lid and leaving that fish where it was. Thank goodness, he never fell into the tank, David. I thought for a while, that was what was going to happen. I don’t think the two-legs would have best pleased with that.

    So pleased you had a wonderful meal out with the family. I’d make it more than twice a year, though.
    Wishing you a huggable week ahead.

    • It might have been better had he fallen in the tank as Ju might not have lost a fish Hugh. He could never stay out of mischief.
      It would be quite difficult to have some people travel more than twice year and as for me, twice a year in public is more than enough thanks.
      Have a fantastic new week my good friend

  22. Thank you for stopping by my blog David, I enjoyed my visit here and look forward to more of you delightful stories. You have a beautiful family. ☺☺

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