Oscar and the degus


      I’ve been very glad of the warm weather recently where there has been little or no sky water. That’s because things inside my home have become very stupid. I think the heat may effect Longlegs quite badly.What drove me out of the home eventually took place a few lights ago. I’ve mentioned before the uneasy truce the rodents and I have and part of that is based on them not inviting more to come. A while ago they broke this  though I’m not sure I can blame them since the new one who came doesn’t look like they do, and doesn’t seem to like them any more than I do. I was there one light when My ‘The Her’ had my bitterest enemies Penny and Amy out on the seat with her and stealing things from my ‘The Him’s’ pockets. She brought the new one, Saffy by name’ out to meet them and Penny flew at her. Saffy did stand her ground and hissed at Penny like a Superior would. Though I’m not the Superior in question since I know how hard Penny can bite. ‘The Her scooped Saffy back up and placed her in the cage again. I don’t know why she insists on letting them out at all.

Anyway, a few lights ago I had been asleep when I was woken by a loud noise from My ‘The Him’ shouting for My ‘The Her’.It really sounded important. I ambled through and they were standing over Saffy’s cage. Saffy was rolling round the floor in her ball at this time. ” It’s moving and trilling I tell you. It’s Gremlins.”
“Nonsense David” she said, “don’t be silly. Oh, you could be right though. Oh look David, Saffy’s had babies, I can see two, three no four heads. Oh CLEVER Saffy.”
I’m not sure what’s clever about it but that means four more rodents in the house, and since then Five! It’s not right, they’re taking over my world.
Every light since then I’ve woken to find them leaning over the cage to look at these babies. I don’t understand why. Still, I’m a very tolerant Superior and I’ll sort of forgive them if my food’s not late.I guess they won’t be keeping these rodents when they get bigger though I have seen a new box brought by the post person which looks like another cage.Because the weather has been kind I’ve been out during the light. At my age I don’t do much in the dark any more. So I’ve been spending a lot of time with the gang. We’ve had a good time mooching round the village trying to steer clear of the Longlegs kittens now on holiday, and lying in the shade under the trees by the Fursty Ferret. Someone even thought to place a saucer of water outside in case we got thirsty but no food in case we got hungry for some reason. This light the weather changed a bit and there was some sky water. I have been out and was careful to stay away from the tree in case of more accidents but when the warmth same again I went back there. Ginger was there and I said hello. He looked daggers at me but only hissed. I was a bit taken aback since we sorted out our problems long ago. When I asked what was wrong he told me My ‘The Her’ had offered his Longlegs one of the babies for their kittens when it gets older. He blames me for putting rodents in his house. It appears he’s not the only one eithersince they’ve done it with Gizmo’s Longlegs too.
I had to stifle a laugh since they won’t be able to laugh at me any more as they have but I do understand how they feel. I think we parted on good terms when I offered to bite my Longlegs when I get home though I must be honest I’m not sure whether to bite them or rub their legs for stopping the teasing.Just so you know how small and ugly they are I’m having  pictures of one of the babies placed below.

degu 1degu 2

Hugs help the world

cool dudes

Have a wonderful new week and may all your hugs be returned and multiplied.


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38 responses to “Oscar and the degus

  1. Fun time for Oscar. Have a great week, David. Loved the little one’s photos. (all of them)

  2. Heartafire

    Great “tale”…could those little one’s be cuter…no!!!

  3. Well poor Oscar is really outnumbered now, little baby rats are incredibly cute but I think that Oscar fails to appreciate that. I can’t believe how tall Reuben is now and how big Amelie has gotten. My how time flies. Wishing you an incredible week my dear David. Mega hugs!

    • I felt outnumbered too Suzanne, I’d already run out of degu names but they are cute with their little tufted tails.
      Reuben and Amelie surprise me each time I see them they grow so fast. Roobs will be 54 in August and starting school. Tepus does fugit.
      Hoping you have a week in which everything goes your way.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs and much Love xxx

  4. Oscar’s tales are so much fun.

    xxx multiplying hugs xxx

  5. Is that Reuben giving out mega hugs to his little sister or attempting to pick her up? Either way, it is such a lovely photo of the two of them interacting! There’s some good parenting going on there ❤ Hugs to you too David xoxo

    • It was a genuine hug because she’d been frightened (probably at the thought of no food). He is usually protective of her unless he’s doing the frightening. It is a nice photo thanks.
      My daughter will be thrilled at your comment Pauline
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  6. Poor Oscar. His troubles seem to keep mounting. Darling pictures of the children. They are growing fast. Maybe Reuben will be tall like his dad. Jay’s genes were against his getting tall. He was just happy when he became taller than me. How nice he’s hugging Amelie when she’s frightened. I love the sunglasses. The children look very sophisticated sitting there. xxx Massive Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

  7. Poor Oscar indeed, although a problem shared… Cute pics! Thanks, David and big hugs for the new week

  8. Multiple hugs flowing to you David and I love the pics. Xxxxxx

  9. Hope you’re feeling better now, David.
    Your grandkids are always adorable in the photos. I love the looking cool in the shades. 🙂 Big hugs, David.

  10. Lovely photographs, David. I really enjoyed this post – I love tales through the eyes of a four legs.

    • Thanks so much, t’s always nice to know I’ve done something right. It’s been 4 legs posts for a long while now. I think I’m turning feline.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Oscar has some new competition. Another fabulous episode. The kids look great and so big! Enjoy the sunny days outside. 😀

    • Oh yes, Oscar was so dismayed when he saw the numbers of the wrong animal were increasing though I’m not sure he’d have been any happier with kittens.The kids are growing so fast but the sunshine has gone again for now, not so much playing out maybe. Roll on Summer.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Diana xxx

  12. Such trickery you weave, posting pictures of the most adorable children at the end of each piece. How can anyone resist hitting the like button? 🙂
    Where does the Oscar series start?

    • I must have started about 5 years ago according to WordPress but I think I started the repeats about 30th Sept 2016.These are actually some of the chapters from the book Oscar wrote called Memoirs of a Superior.I was his typist.I’m so glad you enjoyed it and the pictures of my grandchildren.

  13. My, David, this sounds like it came as a bit of a shock to everyone, not just Oscar. I can only imagine how he felt, especially as the gang are blaming him for the introduction of rodents to their households. Poor thing. I feel sorry for him. Great episode, though.
    Hugs to you.

    • It certainly came as a shock to me Hugh, strange movements and funny sounds left me looking for an exorcist. Ju bought all girls to avoid this happening. Funny little things with bottlebrush tails they were.
      Thank you for the kind comments.
      Huge Hugs my friend.

  14. Dear David … tonight I was feeling in need of a smile, of something to warm my heart … so I thought, ‘where can I go to find this smile’, and I thought … I shall go see what Oscar is up to! Oscar always brings a smile to my face, and the added bonus is that I get to see your beautiful grandbabies!!! Thank you, David, for doing your part to chase away my ‘gloomies’! And from henceforth, I shall always think of rain as ‘sky water’! 🙂

    • Dear Jill, thanks so much fr taking up my invitation and dropping in. I’m sorry if you had a fit of the gloomies but thank you for your comments which will ensure my own gloomies won’t get in this weekend. If you ever feel you need a shoulder please feel free to email me.
      No sky water today I hope
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  15. I am convinced that Wales produces the nicest men on the planet!!! I so appreciate your kindness and your offer. I am a pretty tough cookie, but don’t be surprised if I take you up on that offer! You are indeed a special friend!

    We actually did have some sky water today … along with thunder and lightning … but it ended by about 6:00, so I was able to get in my daily 4-mile walk, which greatly improved my humour.

    Cwtch Mawr … and thank you for being such a wonderful friend!

  16. We’re still experiencing some chilly weather in Niagara, David, but this post was a wave of warm, summer air.

  17. Poor Oscar gets it again. 😦 I think he’s happier than he lets on. Maybe. Thanks for sharing the grandbabies with us, David. They’re growing so fast.

  18. We have to feel for poor Oscar. 😉
    Lovely shots, wow, that hug is priceless, what love!
    Thank you, dear friend for sharing your joy with us. Hope the week ahead treats you kindly.
    Massive no regrets hugs xoxox

  19. Very appealing story, David!
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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