A Time for Change.


I have often heard Longlegs say change is good or a change is a good as a rest. In truth they don’t know what they’re talking about. I don’t care for change and I don’t mind letting them know it. After all, as a Superior it’s my job to educate isn’t it?

Last light I heard My ‘The Him ‘ and ‘The Her’ returning from wherever they disappear to when I let them go. As usual there was a rustle of bags and I hoped there was something for me in there. I even risked an eye to check in case one of them came to offer me a treat. It happened.  My ‘The Her’ was thrown a bag which she opened near me and oh what a smell, it nearly drove me mad, I had to have it. All I actually got was three very small pieces of it but I know that I want more and I shall have it.

The clearway was left open as there was heat and I was able to go out to relieve myself.  It was just as well because I noticed my toilet tray had gone from it’s usual place to be replaced by a large box with  a cover. It looked just like the box they put me in to carry me to the white fur person who puts needles in me. If they thought I was falling for that they’d have to think again. This was not a good change.
Later that light they went out again.It’s like they have an itch to scratch and they must go out to do it. Still, they have to play I suppose. But as they went the clearway was closed. That was fine then….but a little later I needed some relief. I checked and my toilet was still not there. It was old, it was tired and tatty but it was MINE. To put this box in it’s place was plain wrong. I searched but mine toilet was not to be found. This is where my famous teaching skills came into play. I found my relief in the shape of the foot furs My ‘The Her’ wears on her paws. They were comfortable and left on the floor so it must have been for me. But if not, this was my lesson, ‘ Don’t remove my toilet without putting a replacement there for me.’

They returned a while later and I heard a shriek. It was My ‘The Him’ moaning at the puddle on the floor whereupon he picked me up and placed me outside the now open clearway. Why? I had no further need to relieve myself just then. My ‘The Her’ attacked the floor with a mop and her foot furs went into the bin for some reason. When I wandered back in she picked me up and carried me to the new box. She pushed open a flap and pointed to the inside, “Cat litter ” she said ” your toilet”. Now why hadn’t she told me this before and said there was a change. After all, a change is as good as a rest and this one to give me more privacy was good change as I always say.

pear man


Can't beat a good hug

Can’t beat a good bear hug.

Have a Wonderful New Week and be sure to Hug and be Hugged.


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63 responses to “A Time for Change.

  1. lol – I’m with Oscar. I’d hate to have someone move /my/ toilet. 😉

  2. All that had to be done is point Oscar in the right direction. Loved the Seekers video and the kid shots. Most practical way to eat a pear.

  3. House of Heart

    A delight to read ! huge hugs xxx. My new blog is at House of Heart.

  4. Oh, oh – lesson learned! 🙂 Hugs to you David xoxo

  5. What a delightful post! The photos of the kiddos are always so sweet (loved the ones in the previous post, too!); they are treasures. So nice to chuckle and smile and sway to the music, here! Heh, Oscar: “when I let them go”! And … hmmm creative and practical use for that fluffy slipper during a time of dire need. He is one smart and practical creature. Thank you kindly for the levity; ’tis much appreciated! : )

    • Your comments are very kind Thank you. I’m so glad you swayed to the music as you smiled. Fair play to the little monster, he didn’t do anything to my slippers which showed some common sense.
      Your appreciation is welcomed and noted.

  6. Oscar’s tales make me feel sorry for you, David. Love the children’s photos.

    xxx weekend hugs xxx

    • Thank you Anne. I think it’s the writers privilege to gain your sympathy for the cat’s actions. They have to be shown to be effective. I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  7. Thank goodness the dogs are not reading this….. they have enough ideas as it is when it comes to footwear.
    Lovely photographs……. sheer innocent happiness.

    • Just as well it’s a different language Helen. I don’t think I’d have enjoyed seeing Oscar adding the dog’s actions to shoes to his repertoire either.
      So glad you enjoyed the pics.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. That was totally unreasonable of your Longlegs not to introduce you to the new relief area, Oscar. I bet they didn’t consult you on the change, either. That’s the trouble with Longlegs these days, it’s all me, me me.
    XXX extended hugs to your Longlegs XXXX

    • I grant you that maybe Oscar should have been introduced to his loo but he’d only have thought it was a carrier to take him to the vert and started lashing out. Usually his natural nosiness would have shown him what it was…… a box to contain all smells.
      Extended Hugs received by Longlegs with thanks.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  9. Thanks to Oscar, I now understand the error of my ways! Two years ago, tired of litter on the floor from all the scratching, we replaced our three litter boxes with lidded ones … a disaster, I tell you! They refused to use them, we ended up taking the lids off, whence the Significant Seven (back then the Tenacious Ten) finally consented to go in their proper place. i understand now … Thanks, Oscar!

    Cool little dude in the sunglasses!!! Beautiful grandbabies, David … you are truly blessed!

    Cwtch Mawr, my friend!

    • I suppose the cosseted one could easily have refused too until we explained it was the Supremo model that no-one else had.
      Thanks Jill, they’re the apple of my eye.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

  10. It’s no good to go confusing Oscar, especially when he was the boss. Love the pics and I must try to eat a pear that way (I like them hard, so it might work). Happy week, and big hugs, David!

    • You try to do nice things and sometimes get surprised when they work.
      My hand would get very sticky from juice I think and I don’t have someone to step up with a wet wipe.
      xxx Have a Wonderful Week, Humongous Hugs xxx

  11. Poor Oscar! (You certainly can’t beat a good bear hug!)

  12. I’ve never seen a litter box cubicle and probably wouldn’t recognize it for what it was either. I’m not surprised Oscar chose your wife’s slippers. Cats love a soft place. Cute pictures of the children. It looks like the sun might have been in Amelie’s eyes. xxx Massive Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • It looks just like a pet carrier but with a cat flap. He chose Ju’s slippers because mine weren’t available- I learned a lesson. Yes, Miss Silly had taken her sun glasses off.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. My goodness, no one should mess with anyone’s loo, ever. lol 😉
    I love the pear shot, I’ll have to try that. Awesomely adorable pix, dear David and now I have Georgy Girl in my head, well, that’s not a bad thing either. So happy to find this in my email this morning, thank you and I hope the week ahead treats you kindly.
    Massive foot furs, flaps, and all kinds of furry fun hugs xoxo

    • But you have to move(sorry) with the times Donna.xx
      I think the pear will be very messy for us so have a wet wipe handy.. I’m glad you liked the pix and the music. Georgy Girl is a bit too catchy so it stays in the brain……..I’ll be remembered this week.
      Have a wonderful week and look after yourself
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx.

  14. *Tsk* humans! I asks you!

  15. A little miscommunication, though it appears Oscar’s message was loud and clear in the end. Cute photos as always, David. Massive hugs and keep smiling 🙂

    • Oh, Oscar’s messages always got through one way or another Diana.
      Glad you liked the photos and I hope you managed to get the tune out of your head (till now again).
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  16. I laughed at this one. Cats do not like change. 🙂
    The grandkids are always adorable. I don’t have to listen to have “Georgy Girl” go through my head.
    Have a fabulous week, David. Big hugs!

    • Even changes for the better can get the cold shoulder at first.
      Thank you, the kiddies are little gems. Yes, it’s quite an unforgetable song isn’t it.
      Hoping you have a fantastic week
      xxx Hugs Galore Merril xxx

  17. I love the comparison of the new “toilet” to the carrier! I don’t like change either, Oscar. Another cute one, David. Aw, the little one looks a little unsure about something.

    • Change is supposed to be good for us though it might not be good for slippers necessarily.
      Not unsure, just a bit dazzled by the sun. She put her glasses down..
      xxx Massive Hugs Mary J xxx

  18. I love the photographs in this post Dave. They’re so full of life!

  19. After all, what are carpet slippers really for? Hugs, David. Nice story!

  20. Change can be good, hehe 😉 I think that Oscar is awfully curious! Adorable photos at the end 🙂

    • Some change must certainly be for good Christy. Keeping noxious fumes and sights out of the way are good. Curious, he was downright nosy like all cats. Thanks sweetie, I thought the photos were good too.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  21. Funny story, David. You hold the perspective so well in your writing, it’s very impressive. Thanks for the smile, and smiles back to you….

  22. Oh dear, David, so much for introducing change and not explaining it. I must admit I would not be delighted if my cat used my slippers as a cat box. Very entertaining post.

    • I’d always felt a bit of a lemon explaining things to him but decided after this maybe it was worth the effort. I was delighted it wasn’t my slippers but I didn’t dare smile. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  23. Change keeps us on our toes, David.

  24. Great! BigSmiles and BigHugs!

  25. Love The Seekers! What a wonderful voice has Judith Durham!
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  26. I’m with Oscar. I hope America has finally learned that change is not always good as well – but they will rally at least one more time to change what the recent election has inflicted on the world as well as our country.

    Tink hated it when I tried simply to relocate his potty – and let me know in a manner that prompted me to put it right back where he wanted it to be to protect the hardwood floors.

    Pears are one of my particular favs – but I like them soooo juicy that I eat with a knife & fork in a shallow bowl. No sticky fingers and I get every drop of the juice. Adorable photo of an alternative, however.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    • I should imagine America has had plenty of time to learn that change is not always good though they didn’t have many choices really. I’d be surprised (and disappointed) if the orange one actually survives a full year. I’m hoping for impeachment of the whole kit and caboodle.
      Tink’s reaction must have been similar to Oscar’s then. No subtlety with them.
      Sounds like you’ve got eating pears down to a fine art. I don’t think the lolly way is very viable with gravity taking the juice.
      xxx Enormous Hugs xxx

      • Time, yes, but wisdom as a result? I’m not so sure.

        I’m with you on sweeping away “the whole kit and caboodle.” I’m quite sure the Pencil would be worse. He may be technically sane, but he has the same crazy ideas for America, clearly favoring the uber-wealthy.

  27. My cat Nellie Bly (named after 1st American Fe journalist) found her own cat box. I live in a two story apt. with a partially covered porch. She climbs up onto the roof and eliminates. She is always so proud of her accomplishments – announcing it like a newspaper vendor on her return.

    • I’m sure she wants to be told what a clever girl she is for not only finding a solution to the problem but also in such a clever way. Fastidious aren’t they.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

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