The Trouble with Birthdays


      Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Dear Oscarrrr, Happy Birthday to me. I fully intend this to be true.

On Wednesday August 29th I become 18 in the eyes of the Longlegs. In cat terms you don’t want to know my age. Suffice it to say I’m no spring chicken any more. Not that I have ever been a spring chicken of the avian variety you understand, it’s just a term.
When the day arrives I shall celebrate it as I always do, very quietly. You may think that we Superiors are unaware of such thing as birthdays but you’d be wrong. We have great expectations of the day in terms of what gifts the Longlegs present us, especially in view of the fact that sometimes their health depends on it. This being quite a significant day for me, I shall expect lots of attention and many gifts of toys , catnip and my chocolate drops. I shall be hoping that no-one makes the error of trying to buy me clothes as the Longlegs kitten once did. I am a Superior, I have my dignity and wearing a knitted jumper with a witty term on it is only going to get me into fights when someone laughs at it.No, the main reason I shall be spending the day quietly has to do with my friends. Ginger, Gizmo and the rest. If they find out it’s my birthday they’ll want to come and hold a party at which all my food and treats would be eaten. Selfish? Maybe. Survival? Maybe not, but it feels like it. Some of my friends have voracious appetites and I doubt My ‘The Her’ would welcome having her foodstocks disappear, actually I doubt she’d be pleased to find my gang in the house together at all. There have been one or two other occasions where some of them have been here and she was not impressed. Some of them are a little more casual than I about toilet needs.

My ‘ ‘The Him’ found that someone had tried to scent mark a few corners in some of the rooms and for a while thought it was me. Of course he eventually realised I don’t do that and since this is my home I don’t need to claim ownership. I think the problem was that I had to try and erase the marks with my own smell while he was scrubbing to get rid of them himself.

So, I’m reminding all you Longlegs out there that you’re welcome to wish me a Happy Birthday at the right time and letting you know that pieces of beef or cooked chicken are always welcome. I would ask though that you please keep quiet in front of your own Superiors in case the word gets out. I shall take the gang on a walk and check to see if the FurstyFerret has any food left to cool near an open clearway so my pals don’t go hungry but I shan’t be telling them why until afterwards when it’s too late.

who you calling an ass
                                                             Who you calling an ass?
no mum, it's not a marshmallow
                                                   No mum, it’s not a marshmallow.
This has been a bad week with the bombing of children in Manchester. On the plus side thee have been some amazing acts of kindness right across the social spectrum from the homeless man who looked after a group of children and caring for one who dies in his arms, to people offering free accommodation to people in need. There are times we can really pull together.
I wish bad cess to the scum who decided to use this as an excuse to attack any Asians within reach. I hope they try and get it through their thick heads that not all Muslims are bad as not all Christians are either. Not all Asians are Muslim either. No wonder I don’t have a high tolerance of religion or of stupidity either.
This weeks song is from 1965. When we were singing it then we honestly thought it wouldn’t be for long. Such hope I had then.
Maybe enough people will see it now and remind themselves we’ve heard it often enough. Maybe this is the year w won’t need it anymore.


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58 responses to “The Trouble with Birthdays

  1. Charming! Happy Birthday for August 29th! Or is it tomorrow?! Hugs to all of you. xx

  2. An honorable birthday wish to you, Mr. Oscar! It was good to see the photos of your beautiful children when our minds have been on carnage in Manchester.

    • Thank you Anne. That was actually an old post from Aug 2012. I’m glad the photo’s of the grandchildren distracted you from such sorrow even for a short time. Manchester will soon be back to normal though somethings will never be the same again.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • You have a very sane view of the Manchester attack. I was 50 miles away from the twin towers in Manhattan, but I smelled it on the wind. Today in the States, we are remembering fallen soldiers. I’m beginning to think we should remember victims of terrorism until we do something about it.

        xxx remembering hugs xxx

      • ❤ ❤ ❤ Cwtch xxx

  3. Manchester is sad. Eve of Destruction is a good song. Let’s hope it is just that. Happy Birthday Oscar where ever you are.

    • Manchester is devastated at the moment as are all the places the kids came from. But we’re pretty resilient and life will go on though it will never be the same again. We’re expecting more but I hope the police operations might have stopped that.
      Eve of Destruction is brilliant but I wish the time for singing it was over.
      I’m sure Oscar appreciates the wishes……as long as it doesn’t stop him eating.
      Hugs John.

  4. Happy birthday, Oscar. Wow, 18 is pretty old for a “Superior”.

  5. My Oscar was still going strong at 18. That’s wonderful, I just love him, he is such s character. Enjoyed the photos and the song. I have been quite distressed because of what happened in Manchester, my thoughts and prayers are with the good people of England. Why does there have to be such horrific violence and hatred 😪

    • Hi Suzanne, I’m sure Oscar would have appreciated the love. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and the song.
      What happened in Manchester has been very distressing and I hope all the police activity can stop the other ones expected. We all appreciate your kindness. I wish I could answer your question and then put a stop to all this hatred. Some may stop when we take our armies out of their Countries but some will carry on blaming us for the Crusades or other things our ancestors did. It’s just as well not all Muslims are like that.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  6. I’m going to say happy birthday now because my memory is shocking (even though I’m not that “superior” yet) because I’d hate to let a landmark birthday like 18 slip past unmentioned. So consider this my happy bday remark. Have some treats.

    • Unfortunately Jessica this was an old post from Aug 2012, but I’m sure Oscar would appreciate your Best Wishes and he’d have been looking fr the treats already.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. Great choice in songs this wek, David. It certainly does bring back memories. Your country is in my thoughts and prayers. Happy Birthday to Oscar!

  8. So wrong what happened in Manchester. Senseless. Devastating. I also hope that people will stop making excuses to commit violence. Peace is harder for people to understand. To not act from hate. That is the goal.

    But at least Oscar is 18! And your grands are super cute.

    • I agree Brenda. Senseless.So cruel to actually target children in this way.
      I share your hope and would like to see all sides committed to making and maintaining a peace.Hopefully from that would come understanding and tolerance. We have to start by taking our forces out of their Countries.
      It was 2012 when Oscar was 18, these are old posts, but I’m sure he’d thank you. My grands are special to me.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  9. As you say, David, the tragic loss of young life in Manchester is in stark contrast to the acts of human kindness seen in the aftermath. No, it’s not enough to begin to compensate but I love how you always focus on the positive. Great to see the grandkids growing strong. Stay well, my friend! xx

    • Thanks so much Mel.I try to focus on the positive to show that man is capable of kindness and therefore has the capacity for peace. It’s usually Governments rather than individuals that start wars so maybe we should be letting ours know tat we don’t want any more wars. We can have a peacetime Army/Navy/Air Force for the protection of our country from invasion so that takes care of the jobs, but we must keep our forces out of other Countries where the citizens don’t want us.
      The grands are growing well but far too fast for me to keep up.
      xxx Massive Hugs and wellness wishes xxx

  10. Happy Birthday to Oscar. Thanks for the music, David. It’s been a ‘long’ time since I’ve heard that one. These were darling pictures of the children. I take it the ponies were at a park. It’s a good experience for children of Reuben’s age and a bit older. Amelie looks quite stylish sitting there. I love the hat. xxx Massive Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • The music stood the test of time but it’s a shame the words do. The kids were at a mall petting zoo but those were donkeys not ponies, they’re wonderful and so gentle.
      Amelie sometimes looks like she’s a lot older.
      xxx Massive Hugs Suzanne xxx

  11. I couldn’t agree more with your comments, David. Let’s hope… I’m with Oscar on the birthday front… Love the pics (I’m a big fan of donkeys…!) Big hugs, David!

    • Thanks Olga. I’m a big fan of donkeys too. They’re perfect for those with some mental problems to spend time with as they’re so gentle.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  12. Jane Sturgeon

    Huge hugs and much love flowing across The Dee and out to all who need it. ❤ xXxx

  13. I hope Oscar enjoyed his birthday.
    As always, lovely photos of the grandkids. I’m sure they were hugged extra tightly this week.
    Hugs to you, David.

    • The post was from Aug 2012 Merril and I can definitely say he enjoyed his birthday.Thank you, yes as Manchester is quite close I kept the children close to me today for hugs.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs to you xxx

  14. I’m sure Oscar enjoyed his birthday. And I’d have to echo all of your sentiments on the bombing. Just too horrendous for words, really. Hugs as always (and to all Manchester)!

  15. My cousin Hugh was of Oscar`s persuasion when it came to birthdays…his whine went on the lines of `we never have cake and when we do have cake you want me to share it…`
    Super photographs and a great antidote to the murders in Manchester…so many lives lost or ruined.
    We have to have governments who see that peace at home is much more important than wars abroad.

    • Hugh and Oscar would have got on well Helen.
      It’s true, so many lives lost or ruined and yet our leaders still keep troops in other’s Countries creating chaos everywhere and inadvertently bombing the innocent.
      Peace at home to start and peace in the World to follow is what I’d like.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Helen xxx

  16. So glad you mentioned the acts of kindness, David. They often go overlooked within such devastation. Barry’s song is a grim reminder to STOP before history repeats itself once again. Love is the ONLY answer to such carnage. It is the only way to get off the wheel of hatred and fear that has trapped humankind for thousands of years. Hugs, my friend 💚💚💚

    • Those acts were so important as part of the whole thing. Apart from anything else it shows the animals who did this that people also run towards a bang to help and not run away in fear as they want.
      I always lived in hope in the sixties that we might have seen the end of war but I forgot you need an end to the politicians first and those that sell the arms, they’re covered in the blood of innocents.
      Sorry Tina, it’s a pet hate of mine.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  17. ♫ Happy Happy Birthday, dear Oscar ♫ From Filosofa’s Significant Seven – Nala (the Princess), Orange (OJ), Oliver Twist (Ollie Bug), Pandora (Pandie Lou), Tiger Lily (Tigeeeee), Isabella (Izzy), and Booker T Washington (Boo for short)! We hope you had a really fun birfday and we are sending you virtual ‘tuna and chicken’ kitty food from our nighttime feed! Love and hugs, Oscar!

  18. Oscar sure did live to a lovely old age, David. And adorable pictures of the kids. My heart goes out to all those affected by the tragedy in Manchester. You are right that it can bring out the best and worst in people. Keep sending your hugs into the world. I believe every act of care and kindness makes a difference. ❤ xxHuge HugsXX

    • Yes, he made 18 which was very good. Thank you, there are just so many pictures it’s hard to choose.
      I have to keep trying with the hugs in the hope they change someones day and the ripples spread from there. We can co-exist with anyone if we try, so lets make it pleasant.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Diana xxx

  19. Hmmm! A ‘cat’ fish would be an ideal gift! (C:

  20. Birthdays, ah birthdays… He had many good birthdays, didn’t he xx

  21. Happy B-Day, Oscar.
    It has been a rough week, it’s true, but hang in there.
    Better days await.

  22. This is so humbling and charming. Happy birthday. Prayers for manchester. I write. I would love your feedback on my blog

    • Thank you for your kind words Gayatri. I’m glad you liked the blog and I appreciate the thoughts for Manchester.
      I’ve had a look at your very nice blog. Let me say now that I may not be the best person to offer you feedback as our styles are completely different. On this blog it’s almost always an interaction with the public that’s the aim of the post unless the post is on a specific subject like my second blog The Buthidars when I hope to stir the world with my words. Your blog is rather like The Buthidars in which you are making specific points. You’re more like a teacher trying to share the lesson than the friend having a chat. You just have to decide what you want it to be and what interaction you want. It’s very well done though.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  23. Maybe Barry McGuire was ahead of the curve. Hard to deny our predicament.

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