The Birthday Surprise

29 Aug 2012

Oscar made it quite clear yesterday that his birthday was his alone. That wasn’t very kind towards the others who live here. I confess I’m not too bothered about the degu and her children as she is treated constantly to make up for feeding time, but there is me and the rest of the girls,  Penny, Bernie and Priya.

My natural inclination is not to get Oscar anything to celebrate his day, but never let it be said that I, Amy am churlish. As it happens, the human woman who lives here didn’t make a great job of locking the cage door last night so with a bit of effort I was able to extend the spring enough to squeeze out of the door. It was a short hop from there to the arm of the settee and hence to the floor. Since I know Oscar was locked in the kitchen there was no chance of him coming out to spoil our surprise.

Control is what’ s needed on an expedition like this since though we are very intelligent creatures it’s easy to get sidetracked for some. Bernie is a case in point. She’s a very friendly girl but bares around like a ‘Sherman tank’ to borrow a human phrase and she’s very inquisitive too. That was almost our downfall when Bernie jumped up on the arm of the settee after I’d released her, and tried to pull a bag of treats within reach from a side table. The treats came alright, but so did a solid ashtray that didn’t bounce as it hit the wooden floor. I hear Oscar’s claws scrabbling at the kitchen door and was worried one of the humans would come and spoil our surprise.

At last we were all out and I had us down on the floor ready to go.I’d seen the human woman put Oscar’s gifts in a corner of the room. We edged over quietly. I set Penny’s jaws to eating through the paper and cardboard until the contents were exposed. Oh YAY it was full of cat chocolate drops. We’re quite partial to those too so I pulled some out and set hem in little piles on the floor. ” Here you go girls” I said, “let’s give Oscar his birthday treat.” Without  hesitation the girls and I dug in. I replenished each pile as it got low until we were all full and the box was all but empty.

Gathering the girls and their satisfied smiles together I herded them back to the cage.
Freedom had beckoned for a moment but I knew it would be difficult through closed doors. Back in the cage Bernie turned to me and asked ” But what have we got Oscar for his birthday since we’ve just eaten his treats?”
“Ah, I answered, the best one of all. Since he’s getting larger as he’s got older, we’ve given him a diet.” With that I closed the cage door to so our little enterprise wouldn’t be discovered. and thought that maybe next year he’d learn to share.
Love, Amy.

kylo ren

                                                                           Kylo Ren

the hulk

                                                                             The Hulk

did you drop this Mr Tennis

                                                               Anyone for Tennis?

Today’s Music Treat.

A Message to Terrorists.

Since you have perverted the message of the Q’uran it is likely that your cowardice in purposefully targeting the innocent which includes people of what you claim is your faith means that your places in Paradise have been given to the faithful. Your places in the burning fires of hell have been reserved. Manchester and a new London attack have not changed the minds of the UK. Muslims who live here are our brothers and sisters and we shall not hate them.

A Message to my Readers.

Have a wonderful new week full of tolerance, love and Hugs. Keep in mind the courage of the three young men, two of whom lost their lives, who went to the aid of two young Muslim girls being harangued on a train by a white supremacist. Bear in mind also the courage and kindness of the people of Manchester who came out in droves to help the victims of the bombing even offering accommodation to those too shocked to get home or those waiting for information. Also the courage displayed by the people of London yesterday and today was heartening to see. Thank you.


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66 responses to “The Birthday Surprise

  1. Wonderful posts, David – love your messages! 😉👍

  2. Beautiful messages David. Very heartfelt and powerful. 🤗

  3. nice to have a bit of Oscar on such a day as this… your best wishes are most welcome

    • I’m sorry Geoff, I started the blog Saturday night before I knew of the killings.I decided to play Oscar and hope no-one thought I was trivialising the events when I came back to it on Sunday. I hope you and yours were safe and stay so.

  4. A wonderful message ! Those kids are adorable!

  5. Aww, little Amy and Bernie are adorable. So is the hulk and future tennis star. Hugs to you and you county, David. Peace.

  6. I’m left wondering if Oscar is going to write about his birthday and the purloined treats. Your grandchildren help balance awful news.

    xxx brave hugs xxx

    • For once I think Oscar restrained himself, he’d never have got the better of the girls. Thank you Anne, it’s looking at the grandchildren makes me worry about the world as it is and what it might become. We need to change and bring peace to the World.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  7. Your messages should be read by everyone, David. Well done. (poor Oscar and his diet.) Also lovely photos as usual.

  8. A diet for a birthday present….fiendish!
    I could do with that fearsome guard in my kitchen…that would keep the dogs from trying to steal treats…
    Super messages….we have to keep in mind that most people are good and decent.

    • I thought the girls were very inventive Helen. As for your kitchen, I’m sure the dogs would still try for the treats even with the guard.
      Thank you, I agree, most people are kind and decent and these terrorists don’t represent any of those, most are sickened by their acts.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  9. What a birthday gift! 😀 I am heartened by all I hear of people reaching out, caring and not retaliating with hatred. Peace!

    • The gift showed a really caring side to the girls don’t you think? He He
      I too am thrilled that so many people have reached out to others and not reacted with hatred and retaliation. I’m sure we could achieve Peace if we tried, we must outnumber the warmongers.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  10. Poor Oscar. He won’t appreciate that gift. Reuben is really dramatic. Perhaps he’ll be an actor. Amelie looks like a little fashionista. I heard on TV that one of the killers has a wife and new baby at home. He’s made life much more difficult for them. What twisted minds those killers have. xxx Massive Hugs xxx —- Suzanne

    • Nothing usually comes between Oscar and his food. You may be right
      about the kiddies. I can certainly see Reuben like that.
      I’m very sorry for the killer’s wife, but not if she knew what he was going to do and didn’t report it.
      I agree with you, such twisted minds.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  11. Courage and kindness always.
    xxx Enormous Hugs xxx

  12. The juxtaposition of the joy and the horror makes for a lovely and heartfelt post. xxxEven Bigger Hugs Than Lucy Has Sent Youxxx 😀

    • Thanks so much Sarah. I had trouble deciding whether to post just Oscar or just my Messages. I decided I needed the balance.
      Thanks for the hugs which I’m still enjoying.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx ❤ xxx ❤ xxx

    • Good choice to go for balance, I think. We need so much more of it in the world today. Like you, I cannot understand what drives violence – as ANY kind of “solution,” but especially as expressed by terrorists acts. These days, my heart goes out to the many peaceful individuals in the Muslim community. Your points were well-expressed and right on.

      The people of London have long demonstrated unusual heart – and unbelievable bravery in the face of many horrific acts. Kudos to all for their reaction to the recent bombings – and prayers for all who lost loved-ones.

      Always enjoy the pics of your adorable “coffee-colored” grandkids (referencing your recent interview on Sally’s blog). Oh, and Happy belated Birthday to Oscar! I hope he didn’t react with violence when he discovered his favorite present had been replaced by “a diet.” lol
      (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
      ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
      “It takes a village to transform a world!”

      • Thank you Madelyn. I agree we need more balance in the world. One thing that always drives violence is greed so whenever I find a new war I start looking for the weapons manufacturers and salesmen. I don’t think the terrorists are in that category though, for them it’s power. The power to rule over so many lives with their perverted version of Islam.
        There are many in the Muslim community heartsick at what’s going on. All I would ask of them is that they report any Imam’s that are encouraging the young to take up the cause.

        I think the people of London and of Manchester are showing the spirit they showed during the blitz. They’re there for one another and who can ask for more.

        If all kids were coffee coloured maybe we’d fight each other less. But I’m glad you enjoy the pictures. If I remember rightly Ju saw the crumbs , found the empty packet and removed the evidence so poor Oscar never knew about his extra gift even though he did get it.Bet he wouldn’t have thanked the girls though.
        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Oh I think he would have thanked the girls alright – right into tomorrow! 🙂

        Btw, I was thinking about the blitz when I left the comment. Brits are a strong people – iron willed. I think because the country is so small they band together to look after one another better than here in America.

        Agree with the point about reporting Imams fostering terror – but I can also understand why they might be afraid to do so. Heartbreaking choice to have to make, and I doubt many are that brave.

  13. A poignant post of love and hope, David. Thank you.x

  14. Thanks for the post and the sentiment, David. A breath of fresh air. Big hugs and hope for peace.

  15. I good story and a message of love and hope.
    Hugs to you, David!

  16. Jane Sturgeon

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  17. Kev

    In that star wars outfit, Oscar is a force to be reckoned with! 😉

  18. Wonderful messages, David. One minute silence doesn’t seem enough, but we shall never forget those you had their lives taken away so brutally.
    Hugs to you.

  19. OMG, The Hulk is waaaay too cute! Kudos to Amy for pulling off that delectable coup. And thank you, David, for the uplifting epilogue. Forever hugs, my wonderful friend ♥♥♥

    • Yes, I bet the real hulk doesn’t giggle and squirm when tickled. I think Amy worked for Army Intelligence in a previous life. thanks so much for the fantastic compliment, you’re kindness itself Tina.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  20. I hope Oscar learnt to share his treats. Your message is wonderful. Terrorists are fighting a losing battle. Their violence will not stop us from loving and tolerating each other.

    • I’m afraid Oscar never became a sharer Jacqueline. Though he never minded sharing anyone else’s bounty especially if it was ham.
      Thank you. You’re right, nothing will stop me loving and tolerating others. The differences between us should be celebrated not feared.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx

  21. The part at the end is very touching, David. I won’t speak to the terrorists though, they don’t deserve it! I really enjoyed reading your interview over at Sally’s place yesterday too. Sending love as we head into the weekend ♥

  22. What naughty little rodents!!! But gorgeous grandbabies!!! They bring a smile to my face, as I’m sure they do to yours.

    Thank you for your messages. We must always remember not to blame the innocent along with the guilty. Individuals were responsible for Manchester & London, not Islam, which is actually a religion of peace and love. Obviously, from the responses of people to those two attacks, most people are humanitarians, and I am encouraged.

    xxx Cwtch Mawr, dear David xxx

    • Such clever little ratties. Yes, a broad smile on my face when i think of the children and when I see them which will be Tuesday this week.
      I agree that we must always remember it was individuals did these awful crimes and not a Religion.Muslim are a peaceful people. It’s the fanatics need watching as it is with every religion.
      You’re right again Jill, these attacks show that most people are still humanitarian and come to the aid of those hurt .We’ve seen remarkable kindnesses.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr Dear Friend xxx

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  24. I only have one words: hugs…and (oh come on, really really didn’t think I’d stop at one did you?). 😉
    Dear David and smiles and this really made me think and sigh and smile again and hope, mostly, hope. Thank you.
    Hope you and yours have a wonder-filled week.
    Massive we are all one hugs xoxoxo

    • Well I wasn’t sure but I hoped you wouldn’t stop at one.
      So, you thunk, sighed and smiled with mostly hope, for me. It’s me should be thanking you Donna.
      I wish you a week of dreams come true and promises kept.
      xxx Humongous we should all be one Hugs xxx

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