Degu or not Degu, that is the question.


      I was locked out of the room with the seats. Me! Kept away from the seats. And I could hear the scrabbling on the floor of things I should have been catching. I could also hear My ‘The Him’ and ‘The Her’ calling to them and cursing their speed. If only they hadn’t closed the clearway I could have put a stop to that straight away. The only place they’d be going to fast is my mouth.

      It took a long time but finally the clearway opened and I was allowed in.I was disappointed to see the rats were still in their cage but oddly enough the degus weren’t. They were in a small carrying case on the seat. I went over to check on them and they ‘chittered ‘ at me and hissed. I ignored them since I have the last laugh, they’re in a carrier and I’m not.

My ‘The Her’ put her fur on to go out and My ‘The Him’ picked up the arm sticks he uses and followed carrying the degus. It looks like they’re taking the new rodents away and I’ll just have to cope with the rats then, unless they’re next of course. It was quiet at home since the rats make most noise at night so I left through one of the small clearways left open for me.  I strolled towards the village and met Ginger. He told me there was a lovely smell coming from one of the houses at the bottom of the hill. It had to be worth a closer look. As we approached we could see there was a clearway open and on the ledge inside were two plates with a fish pie gently steaming. Though these had probably been left as gifts for us I was still  careful in my approach since the Longlegs can be moody creatures for no reason. Proof of that came as I got close to the sill and the Longlegs inside saw me. She shouted ‘Oi’ or something and pulled the plates out of reach. Strange behaviour. Stranger still was her next move which was to throw a jug of water, complete with jug, at us which drenched poor Ginger and missed me. He was not happy and let out a screech which said so before he ran off. I chose the same moment to beat a hasty retreat too.

Since Ginger wasn’t in sight and the Longlegs had withdrawn her gift ( perhaps it was not meant for Ginger to share) I headed for home to eat. I had just got there when My ‘The Him and Her’ arrived. They still had the carrier which I guessed was now empty and ready for the rats. But as we got inside I saw it still contained rodents. Less of them to be sure, but they were still there. Only three now instead of six as before. It was a blow but it was a better situation than before. I heard My ‘The Her’ saying she hoped they’d go to good homes so I guess she’d given some away. I went to eat to ward off my disappointment in the day. I heard the head rat Amy saying she was cross that some had come back. I guess they don’t get on. But then, who gets on with rats anyway?

hat thief
                                                                         Hat thief
climbing up
                                                                       The climber.
this should help
                                                                  Engine coolant.
This has been a bad week with the news of the fire engulfing a tower block of flats in London. The death toll has been rising steadily all week and I don’t believe they’ve found everybody yet. I’m hoping it proves to be a tragic accident and that other blocks aren’t at risk but if it proves to be criminal negligence after millions were spent there last year I hope the culprits are made to pay. You can’t put life below cost in importance.
The fire crews called out to tackle the blaze worked tirelessly above and beyond. Nothing short of heroic. I ‘d like to pay tribute to them that even more lives weren’t lost.
I wish you all a wonderful week filled with happiness and Hugs. Don’t forget to make someone’s day with a smile and/or a hug.
Enjoy the song for tonight.


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73 responses to “Degu or not Degu, that is the question.

  1. I’m with Oscar – I’m not a ‘rat’ lover either ….. Hope you are doing well David xoxo

    • Oscar never communicated with the degus like he did the rats.I loved he rats but the degus did try my patience after finding they’d chomped through the cable of four speakers of a surround sound.
      I’m OK thanks Pauline and I hope you’re both well and happy.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. I also assume that any unattended food is a gift for me. Why wouldn’t it be?
    xxx Epic Hugs xxx

    • I agree, go for it ! The difference is, unattended to Oscar means maybe glanced away from the plate for a moment. ‘Gifts’ in the past have been a turkey from the pub because a kitchen door was left open and a pie, left on a windowsill to cool.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs Lucy xxx

      • My neighbour tells me that his dog, Bonkers, once returned home with a whole joint of roast beef – clearly a ‘gift’ that had been foolishly unattended! When I can move as fast as a thing with four legs, my gift interpretations will adjust accordingly 😉
        xxx Scandalously Big Hugs xxx

  3. Hope you have a great week too, David! 😉 ❤

  4. Jane Sturgeon

    Huge hugs for you and here’s to a great week. ❤ Xxxx ❤

  5. Hugs right back to you David. The new week has to get better for the UK!

  6. Echo your feelings on the awful fire, David. Hugs.

  7. you know David I’m a bit of a rat supporter personally. Squirrels are different, hate the little fluffy buggers but rats. Unfairly tainted. Have a grand week and here’s hoping for a less newsy week too.

    • I’m all for rats Geoff but even I echoed Oscars sentiments on the degus. Kind of like a short haired squirrel but with a bald tail except for a little bottlebrush right at the end.They were destruction on legs.
      Yes, a news-less or good news week would be great.

  8. The fire was indeed bad news, David. Hope for a better week.

  9. It has been a very bad week. And it seems there were serious mistakes (negligence probably too). Portugal suffered a fire yesterday too. Thanks for Oscar’s lightness. It was needed. And for the pics. Have a great week, David. Hugs.

    • An awful week Olga with far too many deaths recently. I’m sorry about Portugal’s fire too. Mistakes I may be able to live with but not negligence as that smacks of money saving whilst not caring abut the dangers. That has to be prosecuted to the fullest extent.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  10. Yes, my friend, a tragic week indeed. And tonight brings the news of tragedy heaped upon tragedy as one man steered his van into a crowd heading to a London mosque … attempting to destroy the very ones who offered help and support after the Grenfell Tower disaster. I am saddened beyond belief … where does it end and where do we remember that we are all one race, the human race? Sigh. Many, many hugs, my dear friend. Thanks for sharing both Oscar and the grandbabes!

    • If this was a terrorist Jill, I assume his point was to stop the members of the mosque from offering help to ordinary non Arab victims, not that they’d care about the loss of life. I hope this is not some deviant white trying to revenge himself on the Muslims for the few cowardly terrorists that have hit the UK recently. Like you I’m saddened and have sent the mosque a message of regret. We are all one people except those that choose not to be. The evil ones.
      Thanks for reading the blog.
      xxx Cwtch xxx

  11. I’m rather fond of rats having once been very close to a couple in my childhood. Not Cretan ones, mind you – they’re the worst! Talking of tragedy – inevitable, I suppose – I’ve just seen two videos that have had a huge impact on me. One is Grenfell residents counting out the number of dead, which bears no resemblance to ‘official’ figures. The other is a video inside one of the fire trucks on its way to the disaster and the firemen’s vocal reactions to what they’re seeing the closer they get. As Jill says above, when, oh when, will we learn that we’re all human beings? When, oh when, will we learn to love each other no matter what? It’s not like we’ve not had thousands of years to learn such. In the meantime, David, thank heaven you are here to provide giggles and hugs – what more could one want? Elephantine hugs from these Island parts. xxx

    • Hello Dear Sarah. I don’t know any Cretan rats but I’m fully prepared to take your word for it. I loved my rats but the degus gave me a few bad moments.
      I imagine both videos you saw must have been devastating. I haven’t heard the news about any deaths at the mosque yet, but that’s another evil act. We are one race and should be celebrating the differences between us rather than going out of our way to hate. Sometimes I feel like giving up but then some nice person like you reminds me that peace is still a possibility.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

      • One death at the mosque but it’s not clear yet whether it was the van or not as he had already collapsed and was being tended to by others when the van ran into them. Awful.

      • One death is still one too many. I gather 2 badly injured too.It sickens me to think that this was probably racially motivated.So much for us all keeping together.
        xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  12. Thanks for sharing another episode. Something cheery like reading about Oscar is a good thing. Yes, the recent news is devastating, David. It pains my heart that some people have so much hate in their hearts. Peace and hugs.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed another episode of Oscar Mary J.and think it a good thing. Compared to recent news it is. I’m with you fully on this, I can’t understand were people get so much hate.
      xxx Peace and Hugs Galore xxx

  13. I was rather in need of those happy photographs…thank you. Let nothing ever touch those two little souls with sadness.

  14. I love seeing your grandchildren, David. Gives me hope for the future health of the world.x

    • Thank you Judith. I hope ALL Countries will be pulling together to heal the world before my grandchildren grow up and treat the care of the planet as normal.No more abuses.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. Yes, who gets on with rats anyway? One exception — rug rats (children). Your grands are delightful.

  16. Thank you for the beautiful tale David…and the uplifting song and beautiful pictures of lovely children. ❤ Many big hugs xxxx

  17. Yes, I can’t possibly understand why the Longlegs might be so moody when clearly the gift was meant for you. Why else leave it out?

  18. You had me giggling, dear David and wanting to hug my computer (thinking of you), then teary when thinking of what the poor UK has been through; my heart aches for those who are affected and all the firefighters and police officers, we say we appreciate them all, but I don’t know if we really appreciate fully what they see and do. This made my day, dear friend, more than you know. And of course I can’t say enough how your cuties light up any day (thank you for sharing their light).
    All the best to all, our thoughts and hearts are with everyone, across The Pond and beyond.
    Massive ‘Oh Rats!’ hugs xoxoxo

    • I don’t know why I had you giggling Donna, you were spared any pictures of me. I’m sorry you were teary eyed with our problems but I appreciate the feeling. With body-cams the order of the day now, I think we get to see a lot of what faces the support services and it’s a job I wouldn’t want.
      I’m delighted to have made your day somehow especially as you say my cuties light up any day…… ever referred to my feet thus.
      Thank you for your wishes delightful lady.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  19. I’ve never gotten along with rats! But cute little ones like your grands? Well, they melt my heart. xoxoxohugehugsxoxoxo

  20. Ali Isaac

    Rats and degus would not be my thing, but cats definitely are. I would really love to have a cat, but it’s not going to happen. So I will content myself with Oscar’s exploits. He always brings me a smile. As for what’s going on in real life at the moment, well I’m just not going to go there. Lovely pics of the little ones, David. Huge hugs to you! Xxx

    • I don’t know how degus are anyone’s thing Ali, they chew their way through anything, including one of those plastic balls they roll around in. OK, maybe rats aren’t for everyone either but they’re really beautiful. Cats are so superior even they are an acquired taste but if you want one it sounds like you already like them. I hope you get one at some point.
      I’m glad Oscar can bring a smile to your face at least but I don’t like he sound of what’s going on in your life at the moment as I’m sure none of your friends would. Remember if you need a virtual shoulder just how many friends you have and you can email me if I can help.
      Thank you, I thought the pics were fun too.
      xxx Humongous hugs Ali xxx

  21. Thanks David. So sad about the fire. God bless!

  22. I had a feeling those pies weren’t put out as gifts. I can imagine Oscar’s disappointment. Darling pictures of the children. Amelie has an award-winning smile. What tragic times we’re having. xxxHuge Hugsxxx — Suzanne

    • I can’t ever imagine something being put out as a gift for Oscar but then he always had a better imagination than me. Like imagining the time I wanted to get up in the morning for instance.
      Amelie will be twisting me round her finger by the time she’s 5 with that smile, I’ll be helpless.
      Times certainly are tragic at the moment which means the rest of us are responsible for carrying on trying to make he world better.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  23. Lovely to catch up on some of Oscar’s old antics, David. He was lucky to miss the bucket of water! Adorable photos of the grandchildren, as always. I can’t believe how quickly they grow. The news around the world is certainly full of tragedy these days. We must keep spreading the hugs. Huge hugs to you, my friend. ❤

    • He was a very lucky cat but so often disappointed in his slaves. Thank you, the kiddies are adorable, but I can’t believe how quickly they grow either.
      he word is full of tragedy and evil but I still think we can win if we keep spreading the Hugs.
      xxx Hugs Galore to my friend Diana xxx

  24. Well, this had me rushing for the Gooctionary – somehow Degus had slipped beneath my radar. I consider myself warned. As for Oscar, I remember a black Afghan Hound who once had a place in our lives and a certain Christmas ham… And as for the week, does it herald the coming of a long, hot summer of discontent? I don’t know. I hope for calm, but my crystal ball is a little clouded just now. All the best to you, David. Hugs alone cannot express!

    • A Christmas ham eh, they’d have fought for it I’m sure. Hopefully it will be a Winter of discontent as usual and contentment that we seem to be getting a Summer at all. What we do need though is an end to the killing that’s been taking place and the deaths from disasters like the tower block.
      I can understand your crystal ball being little clouded. Many, many thanks for your kind wishes Frederick and to you I send my best wishes also.

  25. My daughter the vet student adopted a couple of degus to keep her company. It was the first time I’d ever seen such creatures up close. They are cute and funny of course but do remind of nothing so much as rats. And it’s a good thing our kitties are on the other side of the Channel! 😉 My deepest sympathies to you all for the tragic loss of life this week. What with the forest fires in Portugal, it has not been a happy week. A very big hug to you, David! x

  26. A very entertaining post, David.

  27. It seems Oscar did not have a good day and poor Ginger didn’t either getting soaked like that. They were both lucky the jug missed them.
    I’m so sorry to read about the fires in London. It’s such a horrible tragedy. I agree, this better not be about money and if it is I too hope the ‘ba∑†a®ds’ get caught and punished.
    Your grandchildren’s pictures are great. I especially love ‘Hat Thief’ she’s adorable and so sassy! You are so sweet, David. I wish you a lovely weekend. ❤ Hugs&Kisses ❤

    • Hi Vashti, they say into every life a little rain must fall……they don’t mention the jug.
      News today shows the outside cladding was to blame and so there will be a check now of records to see who agreed it They’re pulling down the cladding on tower blocks throughout England. I’m happy to say there are none in Wales that have the dangerous cladding.
      Believe me Amelie is sassy with or without hats.
      I’m trying to stop my brother from laughing that you called me sweet.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs Vashti xxx

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