The Holiday Lie


      I hate to say this, but I want to be 100% clear on it. Longlegs tell lies. For a long time I always gave them the benefit of the doubt. Times like when I was taken to see the hefty Longlegs in the white coat, only to be told by My ‘The Her’ “This won’t hurt Oscar, there’s a good boy” just before the fiend in white stuck a very long needle in my rump and it DID hurt like mad, or at least stung badly. Or perhaps the times like My ‘the Him’ tried to blow a worming tablet down my throat just before I sneezed. He said it would do me good but my sneeze sent it back up the pipe and he swallowed it. Well it didn’t do me any good at all then did it?

The worst of all is the holiday. That’s the word they use when I’m not going to see them for a few light times and dark times and they put me in prison. I mean, I may have been a little mean sometimes, but only when I want to be. Maybe I shouldn’t wake My ‘The Him’ up from sleep the way I do sometimes but I need a laugh don’t I? And maybe I was a little wrong to grip his chest when he was carrying me and then continue gripping it as I slid down when he let go. Perhaps I am a little mean to use their foot furs as a teaching aid, but if I didn’t pee in them how would they learn not to upset me? Anyway, the holiday. It’s cruel to put me in prison where I can’t keep an eye on my domain.Excuse me a moment.

Ah, that memory made me feel so bad I thought I’d better remind My ‘The Him’ to be nice to me, and his foot furs were so handy. Again, back to the holiday. Their kitten has married and gone away so their two Superiors Millie and Maddie have gone on holiday too. Only they haven’t if you see what I mean since they’ve been sent to prison and my Longlegs did the dirty deed. Two nicer Superiors you couldn’t find, well naturally, since we’re related, and they don’t deserve this. I’m at a loss. Should I carry food to them, should I break them out or should I just embark on a new training programme for my Longlegs to show them how displeased I am?

After all, what’s the point of all the lies since we always get to the truth in the end. And we Superiors don’t lie. We didn’t really understand the concept until we befriended Longlegs. If we say we Love You, then we Love You though sometimes we can be a little crosspatch about it. If we say you’ll pay for something you’ve done, it’ no lie, we’ll get round to it sometime, even if we give the impression we’ve forgotten. Actually we never forget. It’s not elephant’s memories you need worry about.

So for any Longlegs out there looking in. STOP LYING TO US ! And for all my faithful Superior friends, make sure you punish your  Longlegs for any lies they tell, especially to you and for Bastet’s sake don’t listen if the Longlegs in the white fur tells you it won’t hurt.

cat burglar

Caught in the Act.

spooky 2

I think she’s eyeing up my toast.

Congratulations Canada on your 150th birthday.

I hope my American friends can enjoy heir 4th July on Tuesday. Many won’t feel like celebrating but you have to show you’ve not been broken by the things that are happening in your Country. Those of you that have not given way to all the different hates, skin colour, religion, refugees, same sex partners and even the press must go on to show you’re still the same caring people you always were.

Have a wonderful new week. May your spirits be raised and hugs be aplenty. Share a smile if you can and improve someone’s day.


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70 responses to “The Holiday Lie

  1. Oh, I love that Fergal Sharkey song and haven’t heard it since the 90’s I think – the song has lasted quite well, but my goodness that visual is hard to take 🙂 I hope you are well David, sending warm hugs and good health xo

    • I confess I didn’t like the Undertones so I was wary when Feargal Sharkey did this in 80’s but I really enjoyed it ( especially the female drummers).
      I’m OK thanks Pauline and hope you are too.
      Sending you xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  2. Scottie

    Great post. I love the look of total innocence on the children’s faces. There is a way of looking at the world, at things , that children and pets have in common. These events would freak out an adult human but non adult humans see no problem with them at all. Hugs

    • Hi Scottie, thank you. Yes, the children look innocent in the most guilty of situations, it’s like “Who, me?”. When my daughter asked Reuben why he didn’t tell her Amelie had pinched the cereal his reply was “Because I like it too”. Nuff said. Have a great week.

  3. Oscar’s story was great and I had to laugh out loud at the worm tablet going into the him. Thanks for the July fourth wishes. Lovely photos.

  4. I loved the worming tablet…how cat!
    That sofa littered with cereal made me laugh…should i send the puppies to clear it up?

    • Hi Helen, he was definitely cat when it came to sharing tablets. Send the puppies with pleasure but I don’t guarantee there will be any left. Two kids can make quite a dent in it.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. Scottie

    Oh I forgot to mention they have a deworming med that you put on the neck like flea drops. Hugs

  6. A wonderful week to you too Oscar’s “he” with lots of hugs.

  7. Wonderful pics of Amelie and Reuben, and thanks for the Feargal Sharkey video clip. Haven’t heard that one in ages. 🙂

    • I’m so pleased you liked the pics but even more so that I put a piece of music on you like.That one’s got a real bounce to it.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

      • lol – it has indeed. It also reminded me that I hadn’t posted about music in ages so you’re at least partly to blame for the Streisand post. 😀
        -huge hugs back-

  8. Always love these posts and photos. And a long forgotten Fergal Sharkey as an extra treat. Thanks , David.x

  9. Would a punishment for lies be a chocolate-covered face, I wonder? 🙂

  10. Great post, although I have my doubts Oscar ever trusted anything either of you told him but… I hadn’t heard the song in ages either. Lovely pics… There were plenty of ’25th Amendment now’ calls yesterday on Twitter after the latest outrage. That would make for a good 4th of July celebration. Big hugs and love to all

    • Thanks so much Olga, you may be right about Oscar, certainly in my case. I hadn’t heard that song in a while either but I’m glad I picked it. Thank you for liking the photos.
      I’ve told the Americans if they regret 4th July now we’ll take them back just so they can rid themselves of Trump.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  11. Poor Oscar. Holidays are stressful for the Superiors, aren’t they? Those Longlegs should just stay home! Great photos, David. The spilled cereal is such a classic photo. Have a wonderful week. 😀

    • I think Superiors should live on holiday with occasional visiting rights only then they’ll have less stress. Longlegs can get away when they want then.
      Glad you liked the photos. Yvonne couldn’t be cross when she found the cereal scene but she had major problems not laughing at the imp.
      Thank you, have a wonderful week also,
      xxx Ginormous Hugs Diana xxx

  12. Wow, Oscar laid out the ground rules here, huh? Thank you for the Fourth of July wishes. I try my best to keep smiling, David. Have a wonderful week. Hugs.

    • Oscar always laid the ground rules, it’s just that nobody paid any attention usually.
      I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and any wishes come true.
      xxx Massive Hugs Mary J xxx

  13. Utterly delightful in every way and beautiful thoughts at the end, David. Mega hugs. xxx

  14. I never lie to my cats,
    Those photos–those faces! 🙂
    We’ll be seeing friends on the 4th tomorrow, and I will be celebrating ideals, not dt’s views.
    Enjoy your week, David. Hugs!

    • I wonder if they lie to you.
      Guilt written all over them, caught in the act.
      I’m sure your ideals will be lofty while dt’s views from his palace match no-ones.
      Have a wonderful week Merril. xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  15. Thank you for the lovely heartfelt wishes for Canada and the USA – it feels good to read another Oscar adventure again, it’s been awhile (I’ve been very busy with caregiving lately!)!

    • I know how hard that can be so have a little break and read his adventure or one of his old ones. They’re rapidly running out now.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • This is happening to me as well, I was including excerpts from my Mexico journal in earlier posts and after two years of posting I am almost finished, maybe it’s time to head back down there to start again! Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for thinking of me!

  16. Ali Isaac

    Haha… that cheeky Oscar! He has so many stories to tell. And I think foot-furs is a much better word than slippers. Have a great week, David! Huge hugs to you! xxx

  17. Ah, the lies I’ve told my dog friends down the years! And Oscar’s right, of course -they always remember. All the best, David!

  18. I’ve learned my lesson about pets having good memories, David. Oscar certainly knows all about it, as I think all pets do. I hope that worming tablet didn’t have any effect on you. I have to cover Toby’s in liver pate to get him to take it. Now I’m wondering how long it will be before he knows what I am doing.
    Wednesday hugs to you.

    • As long as it’s liver pate Hugh he probably won’t mind at all. If he gets any without the tablet he probably wonders where the crunchy bit is.I felt quite chipper after mine
      Huge Hugs to you Hugh.

  19. Oscar seems very strict about things he expects. Lovely pictures of the children. At least with Cheerios, it’s a dry cereal and doesn’t leave a wet mess. xxxMassive Hugsxxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • If he was a man he’d be small and have a tidy but small moustache and be a martinet at home.
      Thanks, I thought the pictures were good.
      Those weren’t Cheerios, they were Coco Pops and left brown cocoa powder stains over the seat cover which luckily washes easily.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  20. Thanks, David, for all your well wishes! Canada enjoys them and the US sure needs them! As for this LongLegs, I have to tell a huge whopper to my two kitties tomorrow as I’m plotting to cage them and go to the grooming palace. The fur will be flying! xo

    • Never admit it Mel, they know. Claim it as a last minute decision.I hope it’s not your fur that’s flying and that you’v left no foot skins on the floor at home later. Full of vengeance they are.
      Have a lovely weekend,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  21. I was just getting ready to shut down the computer and head to bed, when I thought … y’know … a dose of Oscar would make me feel happy and thus sleep better! And so I popped on over and am so glad I did! A dose of Oscar, some pics of adorable kids and a handsome Grandpa, and now I shall sleep peacefully! And … one last thing … I (almost) never lie to the Significant Seven, as they could smell a lie a mile away! They are smarter than us!
    xxx Cwtch Mawr & Nos da xxx

    • Bore da, I’m glad you found time to pop over. That was the last one. I know they can sense a lie but sometimes you can get away with it if food isn’t involved. I’m glad you enjoyed Oscar and the deadly duo as well but handsome grandpa ? Book in with your optician without delay. I found it never does to lie to myself, it’s only me I end up fooling and I’m much closer to my mirror than you are. I appreciate the kindness though.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • NOOOO …. say it ain’t so! No more Oscar??? I am devastated! There are two blogs I count on when I need a smile … yours for Oscar, and Emily’s (Eschudel) for her kitten pics. NOW what am I going to do??? 😥
        And yes, I do have a bit of blindness, but I know what you mean about the mirror. I go about thinking I look like I did 30 years ago, and then when I pass by a mirror I think “who is that old hag and how did SHE get in here?” Sigh. Ah well, it’s what’s inside that counts anyway.
        Many big hugs, dear friend!

      • It was more a case of you seeing the optician so you no longer saw handsome grandpa’s when it was just me. I’ve ever been a realist about that.I’m sorry about Oscar by=ut maybe I can find something to take his place.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • 😀 Oh I knew what you meant! But I shall refer to you as a ‘handsome grandpa’ if I so choose! 😀

        Ahhhhh … so there may be something in the works, eh? I’m not sure how you can top Oscar, but … I shall wait patiently and with bated breath! 🙂
        Huge Sunday Hugs!!!

  22. Never forget there is an element of truth in all lies, David.

  23. David, you are so sweet to wish a happy Canada Day to us and a happy 4th to our neighbors 🙂 I think LongLegs lie to protect the furry ones xx

    • I’d claim “Of course I do” but then I’d have to admit that I lie to protect my shins from those claws.
      I hope the Birthday Party went well,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  24. “Foot furs?” Love it! That Oscar had some great lines. Why is it whenever I read these I hear them in his voice? 😆 Kisses to the kids😘 and massive hugs to you David!

  25. Your post made me smile 🙂
    Sending Hugs

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