Further Progress Reports.

Monday started dry. I set the fridge to defrost while I got on with some washing, breaking off at 3.00 am for breakfast. In case anyone really cares it was Weetabix today. I know the hill is going to be closed from 18th to 20th but don’t know what time it’s starting or whether the bus will have a new route ( of course it will you idiot since it can’t get through). No notice on the bus website of any diversion. Anyway, I decided to go for an earlier bus and then if it didn’t come, I had time to walk down to the Coast Road to get my usual one. So at 7.00 am I went to the bus stop ready for the 7.15 bus. It came. When I got on I said to the driver that I was unsure if he’d be coming that way and he asked why. When I explained about the closure of the hill he knew nothing of it. Luckily they hadn’t closed it yet so we got through. I arrived in Chester at 8.35 am in time to walk with my grandson to school and meet his headmaster and his teacher. He looked really smart and seemed confident and happy to be joining his friends there.                                             Yvonne and I with Amelie had a mooch round Chester starting with a coffee and the opportunity of a wee for me which a bus journey always increases the need for. After the morning we tried to get me on the 11.45 am bus from town but he pulled in to discharge his passengers at a different stop and then quickly drove off studiously ignoring Yvonne who was practically in the road waving her arms. To say she was pi**ed of is putting it mildly. We walked to the railway station which is their terminus in order to catch the next bus at 12.15 pm. That went OK. When I reached town, my road had been closed and so the bus had to take an alternate route to drop me off. I had a stiff uphill walk to get home and was struggling to open the front door and get to the loo before I had an embarrassing accident. I made it- just!                                                                                             I mopped the kitchen floor from the water that had missed the bowl during defrosting then for speed’s sake had my favourite bing meal, Chips in Curry Sauce. I spent the rest of the day catching up on emails, such joy.

Farm 1

Well, my hopes of playing Scrooge with my money were dashed on Tuesday morning when my screen went dark again after breakfast. At least this time there was no hassle  having to unplug everything and then re-plug in order to find the guilty party. I unplugged the fridge from it’s new socket and then took the ladders outside to flick the switch in the fuse box. Everything was OK again and I could get back to finishing the email I was writing. I was so glad my system had saved it to drafts folder when it went down as this was a long message. After finishing my first batch of emails, in no mood for comparisons and surfing I went straight to Argos. There I found a fridge with an extra shelf rather than an ice box. It’s ‘A’ rated and £99. It says it can be delivered within 5 days. Good, but when I complete the purchase and it takes me to the delivery info pages I find the day for deliver option is 7 days or 8 days away. I opted for 7 days and the day wasn’t broken down into a choice of times, it was anywhere between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm. So, it’ll be here next Tuesday. I must get the old fridge outside before then for collection. The rest of the day was mainly emails and visits to the lounge to have one sided conversations with either the budgie or the dog.

Farm 12

Wednesday and Thursday passed in a blur of choking when I found my milk had turned solid yet my butters were tubs of liquid. So that’s Weetabix and toast off the menu. I was devastated when I heard that a friend had passed away on Gibraltar a few weeks ago yet I was only now finding out. I send my deepest regrets to her husband “The Welshman”. At least Thursday was broken by a visit from my old friend Lis . My Mrs. Mop came and did her two hours while I worked then I went to watch Escape to the Country and nodded off. Mike arrived at 4.30 am and told me how hurt he was (sob) that I’d sent him an email on Tuesday saying I’d bought a fridge before he did anything daft. I’d done this because he kept saying he wanted to buy me one. His bitterness lasted the 30 seconds it took me to pour his coffee. We watched some TV together but I left him at 9.00 pm so I could come through and catch up.

imagine that 9

Friday morning seems to have started clear. I’m having a MuJo visit  again today which is great but unusual because it’s usually every other week. I did my drugs for the week but had to write a request list as I couldn’t find my repeat prescription request from the last delivery. I had breakfast, some toast and jam. I’d bought milk and butter yesterday and this butter was getting very soft even though I was keeping it in a cool dark space. The milk I have standing in a tub of cold water. It’s just like the days of my grandma though I really need a slab of marble to stand the milk and butter on. I found a piece of marble lookalike work surface doesn’t do the job. Mike was stuck in a traffic jam in Manchester so his normal hour journey doubled. He was back at 6.30 pm.  I was able to put a coffee in his hand and bring him back to what passes for normality with him. We traded insults until 9.00 pm when I left to work.

Saturday morning I was up at 2.40 am and putting my dressing gown on, I headed off to pass water. I needed to pass it to get to the kitchen. My breakfast was a bit disappointing, the milk was better able to be spread than my butter so cereal and my coffee were off the menu. Worse still, so was Mike’s when he got up. I had not very nice toast spread with not great butter and a little jam. I think my cleaner must have heard I have digestive problems or something as she set the toaster to charcoal. I went back to my room and had a consolation drink of Pepsi Max. I worked on emails and saw 5.30 am come and go but the next thing I know, Mike’s shaking me gently by the arm and it’s 6.20 am. Oops, he’d found out about the milk himself. I quickly dressed and started on the rubbish and the recycling and had it all out in time for Mike being ready to go shopping. We were home again by about 2.00 pm and after putting the shopping away I was able to start on the mail I’d missed during the morning, 136 in total. It kept me out of his hair while he checked how his team were doing. I joined him at 5.30 am and we did tea about 6.30 pm none of which mattered except the rhubarb pie and custard. At 9.00 pm I departed as usual to work on my mail before having a read in bed.

Have a wonderful new week filled with happiness and hugs. Share as much love as you can with your fellow man ( and woman-I’m not sexist), smiles and Hugs can go a very long way with those starved of them.


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46 responses to “Further Progress Reports.

  1. It’s too bad you have to wait so long for a new fridge. It sounds like you’re feeling better and keeping busy. I love the expression on Amelie’s face. Reuben looks like he wants to touch something. 🙂 Smiles and hugs back, David. Sending hugs to last the week.

    • A quicker delivery would have been nice Mary J. But just one more day to go now so not too bad. My foot is finally doing OK and I’m always busy with something or other. Amelie entertains me with her expressions all the time. I thought Reuben was showing signs of wonder at the lizard but you’re probably right, he wanted to touch it. Maybe he’d seen the tongue.
      I love the Hugs
      xxx Sending you Unlimited Hugs xxx

  2. I hope your new fridge is worth the wait and you have no longer problems with the electrics. Lovely pics and take good care. Big hugs, David!

  3. I had to laugh out loud at the charcoal setting on the toaster. I have to feel for you on the lack of refrigeration. I had to pack everything in ice for days until the electric came back. Lovely photos. Have a great week, David.

    • I shall be OK for charcoal sketches for a while John. Like you I’ve resorted to packing some things in ice, but it’s only milk I’m really worried about, at least I was this morning but all was fine and I’ll get fresh later to last until the new arrival comes. Thank you, I thought the photos were good again, (thanks kids).
      Enjoy great week John,

  4. Having survived without electricity for nine days, and 12 days without Internet, courtesy of Hurricane IRMA, I don’t feel so bad . . . had the same problem with the refrigerator! Thank you for my laughs for the day.

    • I don’t envy you in the least your nine days without electricity Mike and certainly not the lack of internet. I hope Irma didn’t leave you with physical damage to your house or to yourselves though.
      If I’ve managed to give you a laugh then I’m delighted.
      Hugs Mike..

  5. Fridges can make or break our day – just like people 😀 😀 :D: Hugs David

  6. We had a huge marble slab in our first house in England in 1980. The agent insisted we wouldn’t need a refrigerator. I’m glad you will soon have a new appliance.

    xxx fridgie hugs xxx

  7. The kids are adorable as always … they are just so … huggable!

    I tried to tell you the milk would go bad, but, being a man, you had to prove it to yourself 😉

    You’ve had quite an adventurous week, and I hope you aren’t planning to move that fridge outside by yourself, young man!

    xxx Cwtch, my friend xxx

    • I can’t argue with that, they are huggable.
      Saturday’s milk survived this mornings breakfast and coffee with a bit of ice in the water.
      Mike and I moved the fridge outside before he left yesterday. Once that was done I stopped holding him hostage so he could leave.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

  8. You’re really having problems without a fridge. Here in India, they often use ghee for cooking which is clarified butter and doesn’t need refrigeration. They used the milk up in a day so it didn’t spoil. Our cooking in modern times makes a fridge necessary. I wonder if you could use canned or dried milk. In Ohio, many kept died milk on hand in case they couldn’t get out to buy regular milk in the ice and high snows. It’s also less expensive. I didn’t like the taste as much, though. Darling pictures of the children. Yvonne dresses them in such lovely clothes. xxx Huge Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Not as many problems as expected Suzanne. Mainly just milk and butter. But fresh milk today only has to last until tomorrow so I’ll be OK.
      I’m glad you enjoyed pictures of the kids. They do get dressed well, both Yvonne and I have similar tastes which is just as well.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  9. Jane Sturgeon

    Sending you healing every day my lovely. Hugs and more hugs and ohhhhh, go on, more hugs, Xxxxxx ❤

  10. Ugh…I can’t imagine living without a fridge for so long. What about dinner? Or is guilt-free takeaway the one silver lining? -grin-

  11. I’m really confused – why did you put the old fridge outside straight away when it was still working?

    • No, it wasn’t working Jemima. It worked on the Sunday aftter the electrician left but Monday morning it blew everything again from the new plughole it was working from. At that point it had to go so when I restored the power, it stayed restored.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  12. David! You’re back and sprinting! You certainly sound better, and even your fridge is working for your welfare, preparing some healthy yoghurt for you. I too need a new appliance (several in fact) but a fridge would do for now. Best and hugs, Fred

    • Just fast enough to keep ahead of trouble I hope Fred. Alas I’m not a man of ‘culture’ so yoghurt wasn’t what I needed. Mike and I heaved it onto the doorstep yesterday ready for a collection sometime this week.
      I hope you soon have your appliances, starting with the fridge.

  13. Those appliances are a hassle when they start going. At least a new one is on the way. Love the photos of the kids, David. What a look on Reuben’s face with that lizard. Ha ha. They’re both adorable. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Have a wonderful week! xx Hugs xx

    • I just hope it hasn’t encouraged the others to do the same. I didn’t caption the photos this week for some reason, maybe because I couldn’t quite find the right words for Roobs in that picture. They are both adorable and both little monkeys in turn. I’m improving all the time thanks Diana.
      I send you Humongous Hugs xxxxxx

  14. I wonder how we ever managed without fridges. I remember there being an outside larder when I was a child. We used to make ice cream in the snow…

    • I remember a slab of marble was for the milk, the cheese and butter were in a cupboard faced with chicken wire. That was back in the fifties of course at my grandmother’s house. It seemed to work. I’ll bet your ice cream did too.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  15. Hope you get your new refrigerator soon, David. The photos are delightful!
    Big hugs!

  16. Ali Isaac

    Ugh. The milk and butter situation makes me shudder. Don’t envy you that. Just think though how much you’ll appreciate that new fridge when it arrives! 😊 Have a fantabulous weekend, David. Huge hugs to you! Xxx

    • Even in a bucket of water with ice the milk wasn’t lasting but the new fridge is brilliant, everything is safe and cool and I can have toast or cereal now without shuddering.
      Wishing you a fantastic Weekend
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  17. Glad the situation got sorted! Awww and such beautiful babies!

  18. 43route

    My bus route is on diversion at the moment 😦

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