Starting the week wrong.


I woke at 4.15 am to news of the attack in Las Vegas. There are so many stories doing the rounds that it’s hard to know what the truth is…..if we ever will, though it does look like another case of home grown terrorism and not something that can be blamed on another minority group creating even more hate. It left me distracted all morning though I can’t blame it for what happened here. I must have nodded off during my programme and woken up during the next one which I carried on watching oblivious to the fact it had changed. When I realised and saw what time it was I jumped up ( well my imagination jumped, I rose with dignity) and put some bacon under the grill. I was standing there minutes later looking at the flames as a decoration to my meal. I’d had some polystyrene boxes on top of the grill to store the pods in for my coffee machine. They were melting and dripping down ( they missed the bacon- phew) and also burning. I actually achieved speed and that wasn’t dignified at all. I managed to get it out and save my bacon at the same time.(pun intended).                                                                                                                     During the afternoon I managed to avoid killing Joey or myself, not that he showed a lot of gratitude when emptying the husk from his seed onto the floor three days before Sharon comes to clean it. I suppose I’ll have to put my pinny on.


3.10 am this morning. I went through to the kitchen and took my meds then had my Weetabix before making a coffee to take back to my bedroom to work. There was plenty of mail as usual but a bit extra because of the post I’d done on my Buthidars blog about yesterday’s tragedy.                                                                                                                            By 7.30 am I was dressed and at 8.00 am I left the house and walked to the bus stop. It was very unnerving with so many schoolchildren waiting. Fortunately when the bus came, it stopped near me giving me the chance to queue jump and get a seat. 5 minutes later and I was in Holywell with plenty of time to walk to the surgery to get my flu jab. I was on my way again at 9.10 am having left them sweets for their tea break. I did leave confused though. Yesterday I’d had a letter with forms for some blood tests. I mentioned to Yvonne that I’d had one of them less than two weeks ago. She came back and texted that the Doctor wanted them repeated. Fine. The nurse who gave me the flu jab told me she was the one who’d spoken to Yvonne and that the tests were wanted even if I had them recently.As I left the surgery moments later my phone beeped. A text from Yvonne saying she’d just had a phone call. Blood tests weren’t needed and I could save the form to use in three months. Talk about confused. I took an executive decision, I’ll have them, By the time I’d got home they’d been arranged for early Friday morning so I can take an earlier bus and miss the hordes.                                                                                                        I decided not to set fire to the house today and just had baked beans on toast for lunch.

posh pants 3a


3.24 am this morning when I got up, relieved my bladder ( in the toilet honest) then went for my drugs and breakfast. Two small pieces of toast today and I didn’t enjoy either, I wish it was the same with the food I like. I worked most of the morning on my emails but I did get one letter through the post too. It included a certificate for me as a supporter of IFAW. It’s a little annoying that they send these certificates out to people who have made a donation to them but include a request for more donations. I make a donation to a charity every month via direct debit, I generally support people collecting for good causes in the street and Mike invariably guides me towards them so I feel obliged. I also make payments from paypal for causes like these disasters from the hurricanes but I still feel guilty when I can’t cough up on a regular basis for all the ones who write to me. I wish Mystic Mog would tell me when my big lottery win is going to be. Maybe I could issue IOU’s then.                                                                                                                                     I slipped a bit and went to the chippy at lunchtime and followed that with an hour in my chair. Back to work until clear at 3.45 pm. Dil arrived at 4.10 pm which was nice but when it came to gaming the news is not good. I lost at Yahtzee, I lost at Nomination though I did win at cribbage. I couldn’t throw him out quick enough. There was a fair bit of work to get through again and then I checked the lottery to find Mystic Mog can’t have meant tonight either.

posh pants 4a


I had my breakfast out of the way by 3.30 am. I had Weetabix again and I was going to try and be brave and eat 3 like Amelie but knew I couldn’t (and shouldn’t with all that sugar). So, I put the two in a large bowl and made it look like I was eating a very small breakfast. It worked too until I opened my big mouth and told myself. I took a coffee back to my desk, checked out the bank then started on the emails. At 9.15 am I’d finished most so got dressed and went out to Pauline’s. I needed extra milk ( must have more toast for breakfast) and my lottery tickets for tomorrow and Saturday. It’s a record prize on the Eurolottery tomorrow night.                                                                                                       When I got back I had to miss my morning programme with Joey again as I was writing some personal mail. Joey wasn’t amused and told me off again. At lunchtime while I was in the kitchen I filled the bird-bath to clip to the front of Joey’s cage as he always starts chattering loudly when I run water, from the tap I mean. I never knew a budgie could make his bottom beak sulk like that. Even when I came back to work I didn’t hear a sound from him, especially the sound of him taking a bath. I didn’t expect him to sing arias though it might have been nice. I had to remove it when I gave up work and went through to him at 4.30 pm. While I was working my cleaner had been and because he hadn’t been near his seed the floor was still pristine. I might try it again.                           Michael (full name as he’s been teasing me) arrived at about 8.00 pm. He’s lucky I’m going to let him stay in bed in the morning while I go for my bloods.                                  One wonderful piece of news to share with you, the latest Great Nephew, Elliot , was born this morning at 4.45 am. He’s 8lb 6 oz. A wonderful addition to the family.

elliot 1


I was up at 2.17 am and worked till 3.00 am before going to do my drugs for the week then have my breakfast. At 7.30 am I went to catch my bus to town and was in the hospital by 8.00 am. By 8.20 am they’d emptied an arm and I’d started off for town again with the floppy arm trying to control my crutch ( come on girls, try to keep it clean now). There was a bus in when I got there which had my home again by 8.45 am. Needless to say Mike was still in his bed asleep. I started work again.                                                           He got up unaided about 8.55 am and just reboiled the kettle and made his drink. He only realised something was different when he saw my shoes. He asked whether I was going out or had already been. I took my shoes off. Mike watched Homes Under the Hammer while I continues to work and then he left to go to Manchester at 11.00 am, I’d started one particular email at 10.00 am and was still on the same one at 11.30 am when I suddenly noticed no words were appearing on the page. Not only that but my cursor had St Vitus’ dance. I hadn’t been able to cure it by 11.45 am so I went off to start peeling sweet potatoes for my lunch.                                                                                                             At 1.00 pm I came back hoping it had cured itself as it did last week, the first time this had happened. It hadn’t, it didn’t. All afternoon I kept trying to see if it was ready, but no. Mike got back at almost 6.00 pm just as I was in my room turning the computer off in frustration. At 8.30 pm I came and turned it on again to see what would happen. Hallelujah, it came on AND (big inhalation of breath) gave me a message that I’d closed down incorrectly (like I didn’t know) and would I like to restore? Would I? Too right. When it did so the long email I’d been working on was still there. I spent ten minutes finishing that so I could get it off before finding and completing two short but important ones and then facing the other 102. It was a late night. You’re worth it.

keep fit 10


3.18 am up and heading for the loo. Hands washed very quietly to make sure I didn’t wake Rip Van from his slumbers and then to the kitchen for breakfast. I took my coffee back to my room and started work on the mail. That took me to 5.45 ish of the am and as it was too soon to start making Mike’s coffee I took care of the old papers and carried the recycling out to beyond the flower beds and then took the wheelie bin and food waste bins down there too. By the time I’d done that it was rapidly approaching Alarm 1 so I put the kettle on (it still doesn’t suit me) and put the makings in his mug. It boiled nicely in time with the first alarm. I placed his cup on his table in the lounge and went through to tell him it was there. Now I just had to listen to two more alarms and hope he got up on the fourth one- he did.                                                                                                                  By 7.00 am we were on the road and I was so grateful his eyes were actually open. Sometimes it’s a near run thing. In the Supermarket at 7.15 am and out again at 8.30 am In the next one by 8.45 am when I even had a second breakfast to keep him company and so that I got his fried bread and he had my egg. Even after getting some shopping in we had still managed to get to Flint by 9.30 am and had the chance to go in a couple of favourite shops before going for our coffee in Temptations. We got so far ahead of time there was chance to go for some frozen food and take it home before thinking of lunch. We were at cross purposes for that trip and I thought we were going to one place and Mike thought I’d agreed to another where in actual fact all I’d said is that he hadn’t enjoyed the meal there last time. So naturally he turned the car for where he thought I wanted. No easy place to turn round so we ended up with a nice back country run.     Lunch was nice and I had something I haven’t had in years, a quarter pounder with chips and a side salad  ( for my health police, you know who you are). Mike had the same with cheese and no-one tells him off.                                                                                We came straight home afterwards so I could try and slowly catch up and apart from a break from 5-8 pm I’ve been chained here ever since.

agility test


Have you ever seen a Brian Rix farce? You know how the situations are funny but you know they couldn’t really happen like that? Well change you mind, I took part in a comedy of errors this morning. I was up soon after 3.00 am. Tabs and breakfast behind me I started work. I knew Mike had set his alarm for 7.00 am ( not that he’d get up then) and I having checked the weather outside can tell him to turn the alarm off and go back to sleep or announce his coffee was ready. Somehow I heard no alarm at 7.00 am and I must have relaxed. Mike allowed his clock to go off three times and then got up before he realised I hadn’t called him.                                                                                                                  In a panic that I’d died before rewriting my will in his favour he came through to my room where he swears I was sitting with my head folded back, mouth open, snoring as I tapped my keyboard in a demented fashion. I came too at 8.10 am realised I’d been asleep and went through to see if Mike was up or if I’d got away with it. As I passed his room, there he was happily sleeping the day away, sighs of relief…….until I reached the kitchen and saw he’d put coffee and sugar in his cup ready to make a coffee. I’d been caught. I just left him there as the weather was so bad there’s be no carboot sale.              A bit later when we went out we went to check when the indoor sales would be starting only to be told as there was building work where the traders usually unload they wouldn’t be starting. Please, don’t take my carboots away till next year, Nooooooo.         Lunch was a pleasant affair though we neither of us enjoyed the meat for the first time ever. Afterwards we took a trip to Rhyl to a very large shop we both like. I’m afraid Christmas shopping is becoming much more of a reality and ideas in short supply. We came home and Mike did the flowers for Ju while I started work. I put the grand prix on for him when he finished but he didn’t leave it long before deciding to be on his way. I packed his Red Cross parcel for him and waved him off. I worked until almost 6.30 pm when Joey called me through for a film, typical it had started ten minutes earlier.  Once 9.00 pm arrived it was time to concentrate on catching up, seeing to the blog and getting a read if I’m lucky.

Have a wonderful new week. Share the love, the hugs and the smiles as we never know if people have had to do without such things in their lives.


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76 responses to “Starting the week wrong.

  1. You are a busy man and such am early riser. My hats off to you! I too woke to the horrific news of he massacre in Vegas. I hope we never become desensitized to the violence that is happening on a regular basis, or give on to the fear these psychopaths hope to instill. On a happy note, congrats on the new addition to your family , such a beautiful baby! Take care of yourself, sending huge hugs xxxx

    • At least the days pass quickly while I’m busy Hollie, getting up early can make the day a lot longer otherwise. I too hope we never become desensitized to the violence but I’m sure it’s happening but I do think the psychopaths are strengthening people’s will rather than instilling fear.
      Thanks so much, I’m looking forward to seeing the baby soon and introducing myself as his great Uncle.
      Look after yourself
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. Agree about a horrible start to the week. The world has gone mad. But your posts are always a breath of fresh air 😙 Beautiful great nephew! Have an awesome week! Hugs!

    • You’re very kind Marquessa. I hope we can keep our sanity as the world goes mad, we’ll be needed with clear minds at some point.
      I hope you have a great week
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. wow, i am tired just reading this, but applaud your resilience

  4. A very busy week indeed! You really ought to sleep more, though! Perhaps with a bit more sleep, you might not be attempting to set the house afire while making your bacon!

    Love the pics of Reuben and Amelie in the new winter coats … they are always so happy!!! And the new nephew is adorable, just like his Uncle D.

    ‘Health police’ eh? Better, I suppose, than mafioso!

    Fun post, David … great pics! Slow down this week and shoot for at least 4 hours of sleep per night? And … when you win the lottery, perhaps you should invest in a new computer, since yours seems to be developing quirks. 🙃

    • Got your tissues handy I hope. Incineratin’ I do my bacon asleep. Huh.
      They really look pleased with their coats, just wait till they hit their teens. The new baby is a little gem, unlike his uncle luckily.
      Oh, strike a chord did it? Yes, probably better than mafioso.

      I got my four hours last night I think but doing washing before I go out at 7.00 am this morning. Yes, when I win the lottery I’ll be buying a new super dooper world dominating computer and making everyone behave nicely.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Yes, I always have my box of tissues within arm’s length … chin dribbles, y’know. And yes, I am incineratin’ that you were not fully awake, given what happened … and the near burnin’ of the house will be discussed at more length at a later time, y’know.

        Struck a chord indeed … more like an arrow through the heart, but at least I know I have a teammate to carry on if the arrow should prove lethal 😉

        “Making everyone behave nicely”? Sigh … if only.

        xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

  5. David I have missed reading your posts about your day’s, nights, adventures and sometimes misadventures. So glad to see you back regularly and I always love seeing the photo’s, the new baby is so cute and I do love your music choices. Have an amazing week. Mega gigantic hug my friend.

    • Misadventures, moi Suzanne. Are we thinking of someone else I hope? It’s nice to be surrounded by my friends again, being able to add my photos and sharing the odd bit of music which I hope folk enjoy.
      Keep feeding our eyes and hearts.
      Sending you xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  6. After your first three sentences, I began to laugh at the hilarious way you presented the things that happened to you in a week. How can one fellow be so funny? You are a stitch and a half, David. Thanks for sharing your amusing self with your adoring public. Loved the photos, too.

    xxx hilarious hugs xxx

    • Thanks so much for sharing your kindness Anne. It’s always great to know I raised a smile. Sometimes things just happen.
      I’m so grateful people read me and still come back without their psychiatrists permission.
      My very best to you both and to the boys when they visit.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  7. I enjoyed this week’s diary, David. I would love to keep your schedule but don’t have the strength to rise at 2:00 or 3:00. The humor was great and the photos beautiful as always.

  8. Well. Elliot’s arrival made the week a good one as did deciding not to set fire to the house – so messy to clean up afterwards….
    Gorgeous photographs of the children, too.
    Costa Rica is facing unthinkable costs to repair the infrastructure after Tropical Storm Nate. We shall all be digging deep into our pockets to donate, except, no doubt, the rich.

    • Oh yes Helen, Elliot’s arrival was like the icing on the cake (which I didn’t really eat Health Police) and I was glad not to have burned the house down because even that little bit was messy.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the children’s pics again.
      Costa Rica must have been so disheartened when Trump told them how expensive they were to the U.S. despite them being U.S. citizens. The whole area is going to need a lot of help which I’m sure won’t be begrudged by the majority though no doubt the rich will hang on to their purse strings.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Puerto Rico is where Trump threw kitchen towels to the populace…we are Costa Rica, which is sandwiched between Panama and Nicaragua….so no good looking for official U.S. aid – which always seems to come with strings attached in any case.
        I am amazed at the progress made already in restoring infrastructure, but the bills will be unbelievably heavy. Mean while the Cruz Roja is directing the volunteers in reaching communities cut off for days to supply food and other necessities.
        But I don’t see any massive offers of help from the rich of the country….

      • I’m so sorry Helen, that was a stupid mistake to make.I hope there has been international help with no strings attached to help but the devastation left by these destructive hurricanes has left so many places (and people) in trouble.I’m glad your infrastructure ( or rather that of Costa Rica) is already making great progress but I agree the bills will be unbelievably heavy. I suppose the rich of the country are like the rich everywhere, trying to hold on to every penny for their own purposes and only to be spent if their own comfort is threatened.
        Take great care of yourself.
        xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

      • Not to worry….in either country will the ricos pay up!
        No offers of help so far…but considering the damage in even less well off countries in Central America that is not surprising.
        Unfortunately work has been hampered by continuing rain…rescue parties going out with food and other necessities for people cut off have found themselves in turn cut off as the streams rise dramatically…
        In our area some 20,000 people are without a water supply….the Cruz Roja are going round with bottled water – donated by Coca Cola – as the water tankers cannot get down some of the roads due to the damage.
        Thanks for the hugs! Most appreciated!

      • ❤ ❤ ❤ I hope the worst of the problems are soon sorted and anyone who can be saved is saved. Well done Coca Cola for making a difference.
        Hugs Galore

      • They put their publicity budget for Costa Rica into helping those in need…not often I would praise Coca Cola, but this time,well done them.

  9. Sad beginning of the week but congratulations on the new arrival and thanks for the lovely pics. Have a great week, David!

  10. I cannot believe how early in the morning you awaken. OR how much of your day is covered up dealing with email – or how long into the day you continue to return to it (no wonder I avoid the blasted stuff).

    Happy Birthday to little Elliot – he is way too pretty to be a newborn. The pictures of the other kids are equally adorable.

    I still have not heard from my friend in Vegas. I am holding the thought that if something horrible had happened to her or anyone in her family, SOMEONE would have let me know by now.

    My country’s dogged insistence on a misunderstanding of the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) is almost as distressing as this week’s news that guns DO, in fact, kill many people – at long range,impossible otherwise, at least by a private citizen.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!

  11. Oh congratulations! And welcome to the world young Elliot. huge hugs. And hugs to you too David. 😀

  12. Massive hugs to you and the new addition, David

  13. It was a horrible way to begin last week, David.
    I’m glad you are feeling better. Wonderful photos of all the little ones–and congratulations on the new addition to your family! Many hugs!

    • I hated the week Merril. I’m so much better and the foot is almost healed with new skin now, The family is getting bigger and the latest phone (which I don’t have takeslllllllk0 fantastic photos so all I suggest is something very new .The new photos

  14. Look at those kiddos, they are growing up so fast. Your Great nephew Elliot is an adorable addition to the family.
    I am glad you didn’t have to repeat your blood test because it would mean that something was not right. I hope that the side salad is not just a decoration piece that adds to the beauty of your quarter pounder. I hope you do eat it.
    Be very careful with the online donations. There is a lot of scam in the internet. They even try to fiddle with our beloved lottery, as I read a couple of days ago. (sigh).
    Wishing you a nice week. Many hugs! xxxxxx

    • I still have to look twice at Reuben in a school uniform. Yes, Elliot will fit right in with the rest of us, always room for a little one.
      I did repeat my bloods because I was annoyed at the cross messages we were getting. This way I put them all to rest.
      I did eat most of the side salad, just ignoring a bit of the lettuce as there was just too much. I usually check out online donations before I do it that way as I’ve been caught before but I’d never do my lottery there, I like getting and checking the physical tickets.
      xxx Hugs Galore Inese xxx

  15. It sounds like you’re running smoothly again, David. Those early mornings would do me in after a while. Your days are long. The kids are so cute in their warm jackets. Congrats on the new great nephew.

  16. I love that song ‘Heartache Avenue’ and haven’t heard if for ages! Amelie and Reuben are looking as gorgeous as ever, and little Elliot is going to be a heartbreaker too.
    I hope you have a lovely week David. Meg hugs xxxxxx

  17. Congratulations on your new arrival, David!

  18. Sadly the world is in such a turmoil. I ditched my tv. The news upset me too much. I remember being plugged into the Malaysian Airlines crash after flying with them a few months before. Figured I would descend into blackness if I did not give up watching.
    Elliot looks such a delight as do your other little ones. Wishing you a good week and no more blood tests. 🌼

    • I think it’s easy to become saddened by the world if you have no lifts to help counter it. I gave up watching the news a long time ago but still watch a bit of TV by watching things away from the main channels. Because I’m away from anyone 4 days a week I don’t have to talk about things I hear but I can do so online and get my frustrations out.Elliot and his brother and my grandchildren are news brought in person designed to lift my spirits with hope for the future.
      It’s a good week already and definitely no more blood tests.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx.

  19. Congrats on the addition of delightful Elliot to the family – he looks lovely!! 🙂
    That sounds like a busy time although not a great thing to wake up to, I wonder when people will embrace love not hate, peace not fighting (even the bickering is just too much to handle anymore, yuck!). Guns have never solved anything. I think we have to remember that the world has always been a mix of good and bad, we just have to keep trying to tip the balance to good and not ignore the bad (that does make it go away), but find solutions. 🙂
    Wonderful pictures of all the little (and not so little) ones, they have a awesome power to make things seem better. 🙂
    Massive always be a higher mountain but we’re still going to climb (at least figuratively) hugs xoxoxo

    • Thanks so much Donna, Elliot’s going to fit in nicely alongside his brother and in all our hearts.
      Everything you say is true, the bickering gets to be too much and some of it is getting dangerous between America and North Korea. That such a pair of fools may be the ones to plunge us into another war when we should all be calling for peace. Trump should be ashamed of what he could be doing to his family as well as all those people who voted for him.
      I know the world has always been a mixture of good and bad but seldom do we give the keys to some of the worlds most dangerous weapons to the baddest of all. I hope we can find some solutions soon and weight the good side back i our favour.
      Just popping out for mountaineering boots
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  20. Despite the turmoil in the world (or perhaps because of it), I always enjoy coming over here and visiting with you, David. You always, always give me a smile. Flu jab, indeed. Mine is scheduled for next week. I wonder if you got a sore arm from it? Last year’s jab kept my arm stiff for a week. BUT, I didn’t get the flu! Wishing you health and happiness with all those precious children in your life. xoxonewenglandhugxoxo

  21. That was a busy week. It’s hard to imagine you sound asleep and still typing. That’s funny. I see the children now have their new attractive winter hooded coats. They’re lovely. I liked all the flowers on Angeli’s. The new baby is darling. He’s quite a good weight. Congratulations to the family. xxx Monstrous Hugs xxx I thought that fitted in with Halloween and its monsters. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Last year I started an email while awake then fell asleep and carried on typing ( rubbish of course) then sent it. I got an email back later with a big question mark on it. The coats should keep the children toastie if it gets as bitter as usual or as damp. Amelie’s coat is very pretty.
      Yes, Elliot is a good weight like his brother was, I’ll pass congratulations on.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  22. Baby Elliot seems all sorted with happy cousins ready to play! How wonderful! Many hugs David!

  23. The world has been a darker place than usual to live in these days, it’s true.
    But you have many sources of light to sustain you, old friend.
    Be well.

  24. Jane Sturgeon

    Many congratulations on the safe arrival of your Great Nephew, David. What a beautiful little soul he is. Good to hear your news and I am sending you mass hugs and much love across The Dee. Xxxxxxxxx ❤

  25. Funny how that 0300 hour brings about the need to relieve ones bladder. Invariably on my urge the digital clock will say 0322, which was my badge # back in my Law Enforcement days, year 30 of retirement at the moment. Our daughter was in Las Vegas that night of horror, not at the concert but our angst was still ten fold. We were in London two weeks ago on holiday, our first. Made a day trip to Dover which was grand. Good Lord willing we will head north to Manchester area on the next crossing, following my roots. Peace my friend.

    • Yes 3.00 am must be the witching hour for male bladders, or thereabouts. No wonder your angst was at it’s peak with your daughter in Las Vegas that horrible night. Both London and Manchester have had their own horrors recently too. Do your family come from Manchester itself or maybe you have some Welsh roots too? I hope you find what you need there.

      • Ulnes, Walton, Bretherton, Bramley, Pudsey and Wakefield is what I’ve been able to trace back so far. Fiddler, Hainsworth, and Worthington for Sir names. Wouldn’t mind the Welsh heritage though, I love the flag.

      • I know of Bretherton in Lancs and of Bramley, Pudsey and Wakefield in Yorkshire as my wife’s family came from the Leeds and surrounding areas. Yorkshire have great records of births, marriages and deaths going back a long way. Sorry, it looks like you’ve plenty on the UK flag, but my country is the only one not represented there so you don’t even get a share.

  26. A really lovely post, David. The photographs of your grandkids are too cute for words. Congratulations on your new edition to the family.

    • Thanks so very much. My grandchildren keep me going, very much on my toes so I’ll blame them for my current problems. The new addition is doing fine thank you.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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