Starting the week right.


Once I finished breakfast at 3.45 am ( 2 Weetabix) I took a coffee back to the office in my dressing gown. No I don’t have an office in my dressing gown but I just love the way some things read occasionally. Bureau for sale by Lady with big drawers. Marble top table for sale by man with wooden legs. I’d always picture a long John Silver type. The English language can be such fun though it wasn’t this morning as I struggled to get up to date before I got dressed and went out. In the end I decided to get ready at 6.00 am complete with shoes in case I had to leave quickly as time gets away from me sometimes. Well, time didn’t get away, I was on the ball and left at 7.00 am to catch the 7.15 am bus. Poor Joey was still in his cage as it was too dark to risk opening it without a light.               I caught my bus and had a good journey with my eyes closed to discourage conversation though not many people were aboard at that time. A few more by the time we pulled into Chester about 8.40 am.                                                                                                                           I was too late to catch Reuben before he went into school but I saw Yvonne and Amelie coming towards me across the playground. I got big smiles from both of them. We stopped for coffee and Ami came out of her buggy to give me a big hug. We did the usual round of a few shops to get Halloween stuff for the kids and just spent the morning nattering on. Ami helped me walk a few times by holding one of my crutches. It’s fun trying to keep the pace she wanted to set.                                                                                    Soon enough it was time to walk to the bus stop ready to come home. Big kisses all round and then waves as the bus drew out. My next hard job was not to fall asleep past the the bus stop at home. I managed fine, got in and let Joey out amidst a terrible telling off, had a quick lunch and started work. I nodded off between 8.00 and 9.00 pm when my favourite programme was on.

scary black cat

Halloween preparations


Up at 2.22 am this morning and spent what felt like the next hour standing over the loo having one of the stop-start wee’s that come with age. It was probably no more than 5 minutes really but just feels like a huge waste of time, though to be fair, it does keep the floors dry. I went back to my room and powered up the computer to start the mail. I worked till just gone 3.00 am then went for my meds and my breakfast. Toast and jam for a change. I came back to work and was clear by about 6.10 am so I skived off and sat in my chair in the lounge. I woke at 7.20 am and it being still just before dawn Joey was not awake to disturb me. I gave him fresh water and seed then came through to start again.   There was not too much but one was along message I’d hoped to see. It took me until gone 9.00 am to finish that one and then longer to finish the others that had come. Because of that, and finally getting dressed I did not get to see the start of Homes Under the Hammer but I did get to see two of the three.                                                                       At 11.00 am I went back through and did what I could with the mail until almost midday. At that point I slammed my shoes on (no socks- I live on the edge) and went to the chippy arriving back just in time to eat with Bargain Hunt. When that ended I shut my eyes for two minutes that turned out to be 95 minutes and woke refreshed. Back to work. As usual I worked till 4.30 pm and then didn’t go near the computer again until 9.00 pm. There was plenty of work waiting when I did which took me until 11.00 pm when it was time to wrap up and go for a read.

The bouncer


2.10 am this morning and I got up willingly enough, I thought I’d wet the bed. It appeared I’d had my knees bent so my feet were up around by bum. My big toe had been leaking quite a lot and I hadn’t had a dressing on so I didn’t make it sweat. It makes it look like I’ve been in a bath too long, all white and wrinkled. I struggled into my slippers and made my way to the loo. Coming  back I loaded the email and started work until 3.00 am when I went for breakfast. Jam on toast today but I got a little carried away so I ended up with jam on three quarters instead of just two. I brought coffee back and worked until 4.15 am. I placed a bid on some plasters due to finish today then went to my chair in the lounge. I nodded until about 6.40 am then went back to my room stubbing my toe on the way. Joey told me to stop screaming and let him get back to sleep.                                              There were a couple of times I ran out of work for a short period so I went to ebay and tried to get ideas for Christmas presents. Not easy this year I’m finding. The work kept filling up again and it was 11.45 am when I decided to go make my lunch and take a proper break. I sat down to watch Bargain Hunt and enjoy my food. I had chance to wash my pots before the goods went to auction so that when the programme was over I just turned the box off and snuggled down in my chair. I was away for an hour and a half. At 3.45 pm I’d reached the end so went through ready for Dil arriving around 4.30 pm. He was there in time to watch The Antique Road Trip which we both enjoy. We gamed afterwards and for a change it was my night two games to one, I must remember to swap the dice back again. Dil left at 9.00 pm so I wished Joey a goodnight and came through to work.

terrible twosome


1.56 am and I’m pretty sure I didn’t want to get up but needs must and my eyes are wide open. My big toe is throbbing. I dressed it before getting into bed last night and the dressing has stayed on. It’s a little damp though. A visit to the loo and then an hour on emails until breakfast time. Back to look at my bank to see if I’m putting Christmas on hold this year or not then back to emails until 3.45 am and the last one is done. I went to and added my new great nephew, his Pops (Dil) said he’s a beautiful baby. Another search on Ebay for birthday and Christmas ideas took me until 5.00 am and a break in my chair. Back to work at 6.20 am and somehow there was enough to keep me in business until 9.10 am when I hobbled to Pauline’s for my lottery and some bread. She told me she’s sold me the winning tickets this week. Hard luck the rest of you. At 10.00 am I watched Homes Under the Hammer before a last pre-lunch attack on the mail. After a very uncomfortable walk this morning my toe is still throbbing. Yvonne has arranged for the district nurse to come and re-dress it later. I had a bing meal for speed (any excuse) and though I longed for an hour in my chair, I couldn’t because Sharon was due to titillate me with her dusters. She arrived at 1.00 pm and left at 3.00 pm.                           It was a big shock to have the doctor turn up instead of the nurse but I wasn’t told off today. She’s put me back on strong antibiotics. She didn’t dress the foot though and said the nurse will be here tomorrow? Help me, my foot’s leaking.                                                   I saw my antique programme but some time after 5.00 pm I must have nodded off in my chair. When I woke it was 7.15 am and what was on screen was not what I’d have expected. I wonder if Joey’s making his own choices now. I took my meds at 9.00 pm, said goodnight to the gang and came through to work. 11.05 pm and it was time to have a read.

stumped 1

Friday 13th.

It’s been blowing a gale out there since I got up. That was 1.50 am today. I went through a little early to take my meds about 2.45 am so that once done I could immediately start doing my tablet trays for the next week as that takes a while. It was about 4.00 am when I went for breakfast knowing more than an hour had passed since the antibiotic. Hobbling back with my toe stuck to the inside of my slipper I cleared my regular mail and started on one very long one I receive. It takes forever but is well worth it in snark alone. By 7.45 am I’d dealt with that and cleared the rest of the incoming. I got dressed not knowing  when the nurse will be arriving and went to wait in the lounge surrounded by all the wildlife. By 8.30 am I was bored and went back to work. The nurses arrived at about 11.15 am. I felt like Royalty as my foot was given a little wash then stinging iodine dressings were applied and then no less than three bandages to pad it and ensure it stays clean. It cost me a box of chocolates to get her to stop below the knee. I was part mummified. After they’d gone it was getting on for midday so I struggled into my slipper and did myself some beans on toast. After lunch I came back to work until 3.00 pm then gave myself a break to see Escape to the Country. Not only did I not see the end of it but I didn’t wake until 4.10 pm.                                                                                                                  At 4.30 pm I got a message from Mike to say he was on his way so I guessed it would be about 6.00 pm before he arrived if the traffic was OK. At 7.00 pm I went for a shower with a plastic bag over the offending foot. I sat with Mike until 9.00 pm then carried on working until I was clear to have a read.


Up at 1.50 am so I cheated and had the antibiotic at 2.00 am so I could have my normal breakfast with my main meds as usual at 3.00am.  Mike’s alarm went off at 6.00 am and we left the house at 7.00 am. It seemed to take an hour to reach the car and then at least that to get into it. At the Supermarket I had to use an electric wheelchair to get round though Mike whinged it wasn’t the electric chair he had in mind. We delivered my present to my new great nephew and his Mum brought him out to the car to meet me. He’s beautiful. Apart from the difficulty of getting in and out I was a little afraid of going into the house where his brother can be a bit boisterous ( but lovely).                                  Back on the road again we went to collect something for lunch and went home. The nurses came this afternoon and no joke, the leg is now wrapped fully to the knee. One of them didn’t know her own strength or didn’t have her caring hat on because she really hurt me. ( sob). A lot of work to catch up on with my left leg up on the bed while I work next to the bed. Than a bit of TV with Mike and that’s another day over. Nice day for sunshine.


2.50 am this morning which for some reason left me in a panic. I went through and took my meds including the antibiotic then for some reason took the first two diabetic tabs even though I hadn’t eaten. I managed to stop myself from taking the other two until  4.00 am when I went back to eat. In the meantime a wraith in Red Dragon pyjamas passed beneath the gaslit lamp whose light pooled in the courtyard and delivered a birthday card to my neighbour. I then worked on mail until it was time to eat my Weetabix. Mumford and Sons were striking up merry tunes in my earhole while I worked. I know I saw 6.00 am come and go but the next thing I know it’s 7.30 am and Mike’s waking me up asking me if I want to stay asleep (he’s perverted). I told him no, I’ll get up.He left and the next thing it was 7.45 am and a case of deja vu. I got dressed but could only put one shoe on and then a slipper on my most recent bad foot. At 8.15 am he helped me out and we drove to the car boot. It was terrible and I was so glad it was small. The pain was bad and my crutches were being caught by the grass, I even had a man with a trolley run over my foot. I had to keep stopping  and then making myself go a little further. When it was time to stop to take my antibiotic we gave up. At least I had a few books.                                                                                                                                              We drove to Prestatyn and sat in the car for a while before going into The Cookhouse and grabbing a table (quite a surprise to the couple sitting there I think). We had our usual carvery and the beef was lovely. Normality returned. After lunch we came home as my leg was tired and sore and it needed elevating. Mike left early and I came through to my room to work before the nurse came. That was about 4.30 pm and she kept asking about me elevating the leg, I kept crossing my fingers and saying “Of course, all the time.” It’s even worse than it was yesterday and the dressings got thicker. I can’t even get the slipper on now. I guess I won’t be going out anywhere this week. I worked a while longer when she left then returned to the lounge to sit with Joey at about 6.15 am. I kept nodding off, waking and nodding off again. I couldn’t tell you the storyline of anything that was on TV. 9.00 pm it was tablet time plus the antibiotic, a quick goodnight to Joey and then time to work again.

the spy

Have a grand week. Share the smiles and hugs with anyone in need in case that anyone is you someday. Love you all.



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  1. I do hope you are well soon. You are an early riser! I love that song by the Beatles, though its sad. Take care and get well !!

    • Thank you Hollie, I’m trying. Yes, I’ve been an early riser for years biy I used to get to bed before getting up at one time. I’m afraid the songs reflected my mood at the time.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. David you made me laugh, the office in your dressing gown made me laugh out loud. Always enjoyable reading about your week, seeing the photos and listening to the great music. Thank you for that!! Have to say I am worried about your toe. Please take care of yourself, that toe needs to heal. Really gigantic hug and being careful not to strip on that compromised foot. ❤️

    • If I made you laugh Suzanne then I’m delighted, my job is done. Your words are very kind as always for which I thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed the music and the photographs, I must start captioning them again.
      We’re all doing our best for my wayward toe and foot, I’m trying to take care. The Hug was wonderful, let me send you a Welsh one.
      xxx Cwtch mawr xxx

  3. Dear David. I hope the leg gets better soon. Lovely pics. Take care and have a good week.

  4. You are so amusing! I giggled at something on every page. Whinged! I adore that word! Really got a charge out of the ELECTRIC CHAIR with the wheel missing. *giggles*

    xxx elevated toe hugs xxx

  5. Is there any chance at all that you could borrow a laptop until your leg/foot heals? With a laptop you could sit up in bed and keep that leg elevated. Or…radical thought, you could take a few days off and spend them in bed, reading dead trees. Please take this seriously. -hugs-

  6. The smiles in those photographs really lift my day.
    Do they have to use iodine? Here they treated Leo’s fracture blisters with either a silver compound or a seaweed compound….leaking stopped within a week, no heavy dressings and swellings down rapidly. You might ask them if these would work for you.
    And he wasn’t keeping his foot up either…

    • I’m glad the smiles affect you as they do me Helen. I believe they’re using iodine at this stage to kill the infection and will change to a more healing compound when the leaking stops though I don’t know what it will be. So far they’re dressing the whole bottom half of the leg but treating just the toe and top of the foot, If they use seaweed I’ll have to watch for crabs hiding out. I wonder how Leo got by without elevating the leg?
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

      • The doctor in charge of the treatment told Leo that silver was the fastest healer of infection and the seaweed follow up was to improve the skin condition and promote healthy growth.
        He had the seaweed one before, when he fell and had a hole the size of a small fist in his calf…that worked very well too…
        No crabs, though….we was robbed!
        As to elevating the leg he thought going to bed at night was quite sufficient…and so it proved to be.
        Those smiles are such a reminder that the world can be a happy place with happy people in it and that we should work to keep those smiles in place.

      • Hmmm, so you reckon if they off to solid silver me I should accept cos’ I’m not being plated for anyone. I imagine the seaweed one was for the iodine and I’m getting that direct from impregnate dressings so I never even have the chance of crabs. I think we’re both being dome here. someone’s getting all the crabs, and it’s not us.
        Working to keep happy smiles in place sounds a worthy goal.I’d start today but I’ve only the budgie here and I know he’s a waste of time.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  7. I too love the vagaries of the English language and the way we use it – you do it so well too 🙂 I suppose, re your leaky toe and all that, there is no point giving you advice on either following instructions or using alternative medications that actually work is there? You don’t listen to your health care professionals, whey would you listen to me 🙂 So I’ll just send you wishes for best of luck with it all David. The photo of your grandies holding hands is so precious, they are beautiful wee souls!

    • Hi Pauline, I love the vagaries of the English language too. Low blow there, I always (nearly) follow instructions from my health care professionals and listen to advice about alternative treatments, true that I might not always use them but I have been using iodine on my stomach as a way of making sure I have enough as recommended by others. I always listen. I’ve had to stop using honey on the toe because of the treatment I’m getting but I know it helps crystalise a wound.
      Thank you for your best wishes and for noticing what little gems my grandies are (sometimes). Reuben can be very protective of his little sister.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • Well, I am very relieved to read this response to my not-so-gentle prod. 🙂 I’ve been concerned about you and I see that many others are too. Therefore I shall wade in with my suggestions and you can take ’em or leave ’em as you please – but I at least will feel I’ve alerted you to something important for you to know.

        Excellent for weeping wounds is a Weleda application called WCS Powder which you should be able to pick up from your local Boots. But nothing much will change until you get the inflammation down and that is best done through a healthy diet and a little exercise. Anything else is just dealing to the side effects of inflammation. There’s heaps of info out there if you google it. I know these things because in 2003 I brought myself back from the brink of death and turned my life around. And that’s all I will ever say about your health unless you ask for more info. Promise. Take care David, with love xoxo

  8. I’ve always longed for an office in my dressing gown! I’m amazed at how many hours you work. That’s more than me, even on a good day. An electric wheelchair in your supermarket? Which one? I bet they don’t do them around here. I’m waiting to hear about an NHS one which will make such a difference. Hugs for a splendid week! xx

    • You have to get wi-fi though as the connections are a beggar otherwise. I might as well do something useful while I’m awake, but don’t forget nap-time.
      I was in a Morrison’s but ASDA also have them as I think most of the major ones do. I hope you get your NHS one. I want one that looks like a three wheel moor bike
      that I’ve seen around but I bet they’re dear.
      xxx Sending you Massive Hugs Sarah xxx

  9. Ooh, I do wish for your health issues to vanish quickly, David and it strikes me that we all get a great benefit from your interrupted sleep at night – your writing simply takes me in. Such a treat! Every week 🙂 Hugs and good wishes XXXXXX

    • Thanks Ina you’re a Sweetie and what a lovely thing to say to me. If I didn’t have so much dressing on this leg I’d rush over and hug you.
      I hope you have a wonderful week
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  10. Oh, dear David, I’m so sorry to hear about your toe and leg issues. I’m happy to hear the doctor came to check on you. My son is closer to you than me now. He and his wife are having their belated honeymoon in Ireland. I’m worried about Ophelia and can’t get enough information about it here. (No cable TV.) Thanks for sharing photos of the kids. They’re adorable like their grandpa.

    • Hi Mary J. Thank you That doctor blindsided me, I was expecting a nurse.Thy’re coming every day to re-dress it and apply the impregnated pads to fight the infections but the mummification process is getting higher every day.I hope your son and his wife are safe over in Ireland, I can hear Ophelia behind me at the moment so maybe it’s been and gone in Ireland.
      Thank you for liking the photos, they are adorable. No comment about me.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

  11. I hope your foot is better soon, David.
    I love the photos –especially the ones where your grandkids are holding hands. So sweet.
    Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

  12. Ali Isaac

    Oh no! When you said you wanted to climb Loughcrew today I thought it was because your foot is better. I’m so sorry to hear how much it’s bothering you. I really hope it gets better soon. On the plus side, a new baby in the family! How lovely! And those grandkids of yours are beautiful and a JOY! Have a good week, David, I’m keeping everything crossed for that foot being on the mend. Huge hugs! Ali xxx

    • No, I thought I’d sit in the witches seat and wish for it Ali. The new baby is a treat as he carries my surname and yes, the grandies are a joy.
      I hope you have a wonderful week,
      xxx Magical Hugs to you xxx

  13. I love seeing those precious little faces. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

  14. Finally got here, David. I certainly hope your toe gets better. The photos were precious. You will probably need to elevate that leg more than you are doing. Best wishes.

  15. So sorry about that big toe. Yet coffee seems to be a steadying influence in your life. I wonder if you will be hit by the big storm that seems to be assuaulting Ireland. Golly sakes!

    I always love to see photos of the little dears. 🙂

    Stay well . . . be safe, Sir David!

    • Except when I have a treat on Saturdays, or when MuJo comes, I only have one coffee a day Marian. I’d be hyper all the time otherwise. We had the storm yesterday and it’s there this morning though I think it will blow itself out today and just leave rain maybe.
      Me too, sometimes the photos are the only way I catch changes in them.
      Thank you. I hope things are well with you.
      xxx Sending Ginormous Hugs xxx

  16. A (mostly) joyous post indeed, my friend! As always, I do love the pictures of the babes … they always have such beautiful smiles and I love seeing them holding hands … so cute.
    However, I am deeply concerned about that foot! Stay off the foot and keep it elevated, for Pete’s sake! And eat more veggies and bananananas … they are healthy for you! Seriously, though … please do take care. It is important to all of us, for you are much-loved here. Have a great week …
    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

    • The pictures are fun aren’t they Sweetie, the smiles get to me too.
      Have you ever tried to get from my room to the kitchen whilst keeping your foot elevated? I can’t use crutches in the house
      or I’d break up the happy home but I have to get to the bananananas you keep telling me to eat, and I need my drugs too or
      heaven only knows what I’ll turn into. Dr Frankenstein was never clear.
      It’s a delight to hear I’m much loved as I much love outwards.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

      • No, I have never tried to maneuver around your house on crutches, and I’m sure it isn’t easy. How about a cane, then? We could get you a really cool cane with a dragon’s head for the handle! At least it would help keep some of the pressure off the bloomin’ foot.
        And I’m thinking that perhaps you could go to the kitchen once a day, lay everything … food, meds, etc., out on the counter, then train Joey to bring them to you on command!
        That said, of course you are loved … on both sides of the pond, my friend, so do take care.

        xxx Cwtch xxx

      • I can’t find any good dragon’s head canes but I suppose I could go round on a aswordstick……
        I tried that and Joey just pecked the food and threw the meds on the floor.He’s not very helpful.
        But when he says Joey Joey he’s charming.
        xxx Cwtch xxx

      • Again, my problem-solving skills to the rescue … I found one and cheap, too! No swordstick … you would fall asleep and impale yourself! 😉

        xxx Cwtch xxx

      • Hmmm, I think Mike would call this a worm. I couldn’t use a Chinese dragon because it has no wings whereas the Red Dragon Ddraid Goch rules the skies. The head is very different too. How ndare you impugn my character and suggest I fall asleep at the drop of a Zzzzzzzzzz.
        xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

      • Well, well, well … now who knew you were going to be so picky about the KIND of dragon??? I shall return … sigh … to the drawing board tomorrow and try to find the proper sort of dragon.

        Impugn your character??? Need I mention that little thing that I promised not to mention? Ahem.

        xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

      • When there’s a Welsh Dragon why settle for less?
        Why tell everyone it’s just a little thing and embarrass me? That’s just cruel.

        xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

      • You are right … I was cruel, albeit inadvertently, but nonetheless, I apologize for my utterly harsh treatment. (cough). I guess that is why I have earned the reputation I have … sigh. I must mend my ways, else I shall end up with no friends, alone and bitter, cast out into the street to die a pauper, homeless and starving … 🐺

        xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

      • Are you thinking about changing fields again and finding an (over)acting part in a soap? Or maybe it’s a Christmas special with the Little Match Girl dying a pauper in the streets alone and freezing? You have my vote.
        xxx Cwtch xxx

      • Why, thank you for your vote of confidence. I hadn’t considered an acting career, but … I can rather see myself in the role of Joan of Arc!
        xxx Cwtch xxx

  17. I’m glad you finally got the toe medicated and bandaged. Just continue to keep it elevated when you can. The medication is probably making you more sleepy than usual. Darling pictures of the children. xxx Monstrous Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • I’ve got it elevated most of the time, even when I’m on the desk top. Apart from the antibiotic it’s just iodine in the first layer of dressing so it shouldn’t make me tired but who can tell. Thank you Suzanne, the pictures of the kids are fun.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  18. You are doing well David! It’s really all the love around you that is inspiring your well-being!💕Hearts&Hugz!!

  19. That leg is concerning, David. Follow the nurse’s instructions and take extra special care of it. The photos of the kids are sensational. What beautiful smiles. They’ll brighten any day. Be well, my friend. xx Huge Healing Hugs xx

    • I’m being a s good as I can since I don’t want the first foot to kick off (sorry) again. Thank you for liking the photos, the kids are sensational though I’m quite biased.
      Healing Hugs received thank you, I’ve put therm to work.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs to you Diana xxx

  20. Dear David, I hope you feel better very soon. Big hugs. xoxo
    I giggled about many things, especially the electric chair…funny. Thanks for letting us share your time, feels like we were right there. Sounds like there were a lot of smiles in this week, hope this week is giving you even more.
    Massive ‘Hope you get a toehold on joy’ hugs xoxox 😉

    • Dear Donna,thank you. I’m glad something made you giggle, I like the thought of your laughter. When you write it does feel as though you’re here as I like to imagine us talking the comments.
      Not o many giggles this week but it’s only Tuesday there’s time yet.
      xxx Humongous Hugs dear friend xxx

  21. Enjoyed this return episode of your doings, David. You so tickled my imagination with your funny twistings of meanings that I somehow saw you ‘catching’ the bus and ‘dressing’ your toe (fancy dress perhaps?). It’s a funny old language, especially when seen through your eyes! Stay well, and keep that foot up! xxo

    • Hello Mel, now it’s difficult while I’m working the best I can do is keep one leg up and one down. When I go through to watch TV I’ll have both up. I’m so pleased you like the wordplay. We have a funny old language (luckily).
      Gigantic Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Oh, David, I do hope that toe get’s better soon. I can’t believe that man ran over your foot with a trolley. However, it’s happened to me a few times, usually when they are texting on the mobile phone while doing their shopping!. Wonderful photos of the children, and so glad to read that you got to see your great nephew.
    Hugs to you.

    • Thanks so much Hugh, that’s kind. I had trouble believing he’d just done it too because to be fair crutches aren’t that easy to miss. Texting or talking on mobiles should be banned unless you’re standing still and the traffic can circulate around you instead. Far less accidents that way. The pics of the children are fun for me to see and the new baby was a silent delight.
      xxx Huge Hugs

  23. Hope you get well son!
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  24. I am so sorry I missed this earlier in the week. I do hope you are mending. The children look so delightful 🌼

    • We’re here all week for your entertainment. I’m still wearing my very uncomfortable long stockings(just call me Pippa) but they do stop me scratching. The kiddies are great fun, full of smiles.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  25. David, do take care with your leg. Sending lots of healing energy to you. I imagine the kids are healing in their own way. They are so precious. The photo of them on the tree stump made my day. ♥♥Hugs♥♥

    • I’m trying my best Tina. Thank you for the wonderful healing energy, I’m sure that will help today. Yes, you’re right the kids are healing in their own way, just not very directional. That was a good photo on the stump.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Sending more healing energy today, David. If you can tolerate high doses of Vitamin C, that might help. Powder or crystals is best, several thousand mg/day in juice. Vit-C is water soluble, so you won’t OD, But wean off slowly, so as not to shock the kidneys. Apologies if I’m telling you something you already know/are doing. Gigantic hugs back to you ❤❤❤

      • Thank you for the healing energy and the advice today Tina. I hope you’ve had /are having a wonderful weekend.
        xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  26. I enjoyed reading about your adventurous week and am sending you good wishes for healing. Incidentally…those were great pics!

  27. I’ve created some much needed space to catch up on my reading & I’m glad I stopped by – I hope your toe is improving…my Dad is dealing with very swollen feet at the moment and your words have brought me closer to his struggles…I’m also glad to read that you enjoy, “Escape to the Country, we love this show! Take care, Kim. P.S. Your grandchildren are a joy!

    • Hello Kim. I think it will be a few weeks yet before the feet are better, I hope your dad’s are improving. Yes, love to imagine the house I,d ask for.
      Thank you, the kids keep me going.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • My Dad will see his doctor again soon and we’re hoping for the best (he may need some medication adjustments!! Your blog posts have been very comforting, as I read about Yvonne checking in on you, I have to chuckle, knowing I’m not alone!

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