Starting the week Windy


Well, I’ve been up since a quarter past two this morning and the wind just hasn’t died down. (I’ll have to give the beans a miss in future). It seems the tail end of a hurricane is with us and what a tail it must be as it’s now 11.00 pm. It was so dull this morning I couldn’t open Joey’s cage at 8.00 am, it was still bad at 9.00 am but I put the lounge light on for him before opening his door.                                                                                                                   The nurse came about 10.30 am and I was delighted that I knew this one. When I had the chest infection and breathing problems last year she was one of the team that came. She’s now changed teams and volunteered to come when she recognised my name today. I was pleased as she was very gentle. Still strapping those bandages high though. Had lunch at 12.15 pm and just didn’t enjoy it, in fact threw half away. But I did make up for it with two mince pies. After Bargain Hunt I slept till about 2.20 pm so had some catching up to do back at my desk. I still managed to fall asleep in my Antiques Road Trip programme and then again in Warehouse 13.                                                                                 I came back through at 9.00 pm ready to catch up for the evening and then go to bed and read. I’m heading for my bed now. 11.20 pm and all’s well.

daisy daisy

Daisy Daisy give me your answer do……


I didn’t get up until 2.40 am so by the time I’d faffed around getting to the kitchen and taking my meds I had to delay breakfast for an hour so it didn’t clash with the antibiotic. I took a coffee back to my room while I waited. I could still hear the wind outside. I went back at 4.00 am and got some toast to keep me going till lunchtime.                                       By 7.30 am I’d just caught up on the overnight stuff and decided to get dressed, making sure I chose a pair of jeans with wide legs as getting the slim ones off is a comedy in itself. It looked fairly light do I stuck my head outside the front door. I was missing a doormat and my waste food bin. The latter I found buried in a clump of dog roses. I forced a slipper on as far as it would go and went looking for my mat.Pauline in the shop told me the wind would be gone by 10.00am. She was right too. I found the mat rolled up behind the big bin and stuck it back where it should go,                                                            Remembered my 9.00 am antibiotic half an hour late but I forgave myself. I didn’t report it to Yvonne in case she didn’t. I had lunch of beef stew and 12.00 pm and didn’t finish it. Just disinterest I think. The nurse came soon after, not one I’ve met before, yes, it is possible, I’m not always ill. Honestly. She was very nice and gentle but still strapped up to my chin. Move over Rameses I need room.                                                                                       I slept until 2.45 pm then watched a programme on finding lost family, very good programme. Once over it was back to work until 4.30 pm and my Antiques Road Trip, I stayed awake. Back to my room at 9.00 pm ti catch up on mail and record this, It’s 11.33 pm now and I’m off for a read.

a star posing

A Star posing.


2.55 am rise and shine. By the time I’d forced a slipper on each foot and been to the kitchen for my meds some of the shine had worn off. I came back with coffee to work until I could have my breakfast. I had cleared things by 5.00 am including the break for breakfast, some very uninspiring toast. I could only eat a round and a half. Anyway, at 5.00 am I went to sit in the lounge and try for a nap. It just wasn’t working so by twenty past I was back out. In that short space of time there were over thirty sneaky messages in. I set too again. At 9.15 am I dressed so none of the nurses were dazzled by my Welsh Dragon lounge pants and Bazinga teeshirt. The nurse came just before 11.00 am and was making a good job of the dressing when a neighbour popped her head round the door. She’s been shopping and had picked up some boxes of chocolates for my dwindling stocks. The nurse set to dressing my other leg as it’s showing signs of starting up again. Maybe we’ll have scared it off by tomorrow. My neighbour left followed by the nurse with her box of chocolates.                                                                                                            Lunch was another ‘bing’ meal, braised steak and mash which I ate without enjoying it. I ate while Bargain Hunt was on then settled down for a kip. I woke at 2.35 pm and came back to work until 4.30 pm when Dil was due. I was just preparing his mug when he arrived. Overall tonight he won 2 games to my one but I’ve stopped swearing now. One last push to clear up and then a read I think before lights out at midnight.


2.55 am Saw me up and about. Perfect timing for my meds and an hour’s work before breakfast. That happened at 4.00 am and was my usual boring jam on toast. I’d sack the bloody unimaginative chef if I didn’t need the job so much.                                                 7.45 am saw me sneaking out with slippers tied to my feet as my feet wouldn’t go in them. It was ouch. ouch, ouch every step of the way but I needed essentials, Cigarettes to last me to Saturday, Bread and most important Lottery Tickets. I was back in the house by 8.00 am knowing the nurses hadn’t caught me.                                                                     The morning passed in work and for lunch I had one of my chips in curry sauce. No kip after lunch because Sharon was due. Typically she’d just started in the lounge when the nurses arrived. Both feet were still wet and needed dressing again but before it could be done my bloodthirsty little cleaner asked if she could take a look. Ugh, that’s horrible and “You poor thing” ( I think she meant me and not the nurse) were her responses. Once the nurses left Sharon told me to ring if I ever needed shopping and couldn’t get out which was amazing because she lives in a smaller village than mine which is a good way away and she has to take a bus. She got her box of chocolates to take home as the nurses had. I worked until 4.30 pm then started to nod off a bit. Mike arrived at 8.00 pm then at 9.00 pm it was back to work. It’s midnight now and time to finish.

that's all folks

That’s all folks….


12.00 am Bed                                                                                                                                            12.30 am finish reading lights off. Can’t sleep easily.                                                                      02.57 am up again. I must have swallowed an alarm clock but I swear I haven’t bitten off any Pirate hands EVER. It takes me a while to take my meds and then refill my tubs for the next week. Then, because I’ve finished the antibiotics I can have breakfast. I celebrate with Weetabix then make a coffee to take back to my room. Time to get some work done. I whizzed through the first forty or so until all that was left on the first pass was a single message that was going to take a couple of hours to answer. It was about 4.30 am I started on that. Many laughs, dirty chuckles and brilliant feelings of actually being someone, I finished my response and sent it off. Hoping I wasn’t coming across as a dirty old man.                                                                                                                                          I worked on and at about 8.00 am Mike got up so I took a break. I got dressed quickly as I had no idea what time the nurse would come. Mike left about 10.00 am (after getting dressed) and the nurse arrived about half an hour later. It’s bad news, the bandages are up to my knee on the other leg now. It looks like I’m wearing football socks.                        Margaret my neighbour brought me two more boxes of chocolates, the last on the shelves apparently. At noon I tied my slippers on and walked very tentatively up to the shops to get some sausage and chips. I know I could make then at home but it would mean a lot of standing. Anyway I got my lunch, all the time regretting I hadn’t just made a sandwich. Towards the end of the meal there was a knock at the door and another neighbour, Mavis had come to offer er services if I ever needed any shopping. I think she was 86 last week. Aren’t people beautiful.                                                                                Mike got home early, about 5.00pm and later on washed my hair for me. Not much chance of a shower at the moment so it was a strip wash. TV till 9.30 pm then back into battle with quite a lot waiting. 11.22 pm now so off to grab a small read in a minute.


Not sure where my head was this morning, probably up my ‘arris. I got up at 2.26 am and went straight through to the kitchen where I took all my meds and then ate my Weetabix. I was back at my desk with a fresh coffee 5 minutes before I was due to take my meds. For some reason I hadn’t stopped to turn on the computer ( by whispering sweet nothings in French down my speakers?) and start work until 3.00 am.When I did open the computer I was pleasantly surprised to find my overnight mail was only 21. I was able to whizz through that in no time at all not laying any emphasis on one from Mystic Mog who still knows the best time for me to try for my Lotto win. Considering I do all the Lotto days any win will come whether I pay her for the information or not. I think I’ll save the money for Lotto tickets. Anyway, another new friend from Camaroon wants to give me 10 million dollars to look after for him and I can keep 40% of it. It’s so exciting. Of course I’d love to get rid of the niggling doubt I have about him not knowing he perhaps lives in Cameroon or as I think, more likely Nigeria. Still maybe I can negotiate a bigger share?                                                                                                                                        Mike’s alarm went off at 6.00 am and 5 past, ten past and quarter past. I shouted that his coffee was on his table at the 6.00 am call then gave up until I actually heard him rouse. We left the house on our Saturday adventure at 7.00 am and reached the Supermarket not long after quarter past. Then we wasted time finding the security man with the desk keys so he could release the keys to one of the electric wheelchairs. Eventually I was away like the wind scaring all the early birds that I was going to run over their toes. I noticed Mike kept a wide berth. Somehow, despite my being jet propelled, we wasted time so that it was almost 9.00 am before we left. I backed the chair into position and noticed two people move from one side of the reception are to the other. Cheek! After Mike’s breakfast at our next port of call we took a ride over to Flint to get coffee at our favourite cafe. Naturally while we were out we had to visit shops.                                      After seeing our friends we found it was almost noon so we shot off for lunch. The Dragon’s Rest. Then we came home so I’d be in for the nurse. She thinks I need more antibiotics but we’ve decided to  wait until after it’s been dressed on Monday to see how it looks then. She’s made a friend of Mike without him seeing her as she’s coming in the morning which means I won’t wake him to go out. I worked for the rest of the afternoon, had a bit of TV early evening then came through to work at 9.00 pm.

don't step on a crack

Don’t step on a crack.


Was awake at 2.55 am, groped for my glasses and got up In the kitchen I felt a little discombobulated I knew I’s definitely taken one inhaler but couldn’t remember about the other. I took the second one and hoped I hadn’t just doubled up. Then I found myself pressing out two each of my diabetic control tablets and went straight in to making two pieces of toast. One round of toast I slathered with butter and then strawberry jam, I cut both ‘jammed’ and plain buttered pieces on half and started eating. It was at this point I realised I hadn’t taken my normal daily tablets yet and eight of those is just too much to miss, I finished half a round of toast and took my first two diabetic tabs, then I had the other half with jam and half plain, took the last two diabetic ones and finished the last half round of toast. That just left all the forgotten tabs to take which I can manage as 6+1+1 if I take my time. Then a coffee to take back to my room. For some reason I finished my first batch of mail by 5.00 am and started to look at Ebay. No more mail arrived until just after 6.00 am. I was dressed by 8.00 am and the nurse arrived at 9.30 am, she took her time cleaning and dressing the legs then left me at about 10.00 am The first thing I did was put the kettle on as I knew Mike was awake and would want a great big caffeine overdose. Once I’d made it I had to leave to continue with an email I’d left. The wind was atrocious again this morning so when we came to go out at 11.30 am ish, Margaret came out and offered a wheelchair. It was too good to miss as we’d be able to move much faster than I could on foot. We enjoyed a nice carvery then went to look for a specific type of jar he’d got before that he wanted for his sugar. We didn’t find it but we did find a large glass skull (as you do) that would fit nicely in his collection. I found a small plate as a start to my Christmas presents. We came home                                                 I watched a bit of TV till I nodded off. When I woke an hour later Mike was just preparing to go. I waved him off and went to work. By 5.30 pm I was clear again and went to sit with Joey, I stayed awake, honestly. By half eight I’d had enough and came back to start work again. I’ve been here ever since totin’ that barge and liftin’ that bale.

Have a wonderful new week. Remember to tell everyone that at some point the killing must stop so why not now? Keep sharing the smiles and Hugs for not everyone has one but everyone needs one.

❤   ❤   ❤


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57 responses to “Starting the week Windy

  1. Beautiful little ones!

    On Sun, Oct 22, 2017 at 6:04 PM, barsetshirediaries wrote:

    > davidprosser posted: “Monday.16.10.17 Well, I’ve been up since a quarter > past two this morning and the wind just hasn’t died down. (I’ll have to > give the beans a miss in future). It seems the tail end of a hurricane is > with us and what a tail it must be as it’s now 11.00 pm. ” >

  2. I love your delightful sense of humor. I giggled about your firing the chef who makes uninspiring toast. I wouldn’t know how to greet an inspired one, would you? Picturing you as a mummy is impossible.

    xxx magnificent mummy hugs xxx

  3. I can sympathize with the sleep deprivation! I hope you are healing! that pic of the kids holding on to one another is so adorable!!!!

    • Thank you Anne, Poor chef did no better this morning. Bear in mind the picture of my nurses making a real effort today and I shall be walking about fully bandaged with just a small piece unfixed and flapping on my head. Is it easier to picture yet?
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • Thanks Hollie, I’m not really sure I have sleep deprivation as no one is forcing me to stay awake. I just wake when I’ve had enough sleep and catch up with a cat-nap later if I’m tired. I hope I’m healing too but it”s hard to tell. Still a lot of pain, especially if I stand for any length of time. That is a good pic isn’t it.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  4. Those kids are just so adorable. I’m glad everyone is keeping you in chocolates, David. Life can’t be all that bad. 😀 Massive Hugs, my friend.

    • The kids are gems Diana, a lot of fun. The chocolates aren’t for me to eat but are for me to give to the nurses, cleaner, coffee shop etc All those who look after me,
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  5. The lounge pants and the tee shirt might have brightened the nurses’ day….at least given them something to talk about for the rest of it…
    Sorry to hear that you might be back on the antibiotics…I had hoped that things were clearing up.
    Suer photographs of the children…the one with the daisy is my favourite…that expression!

    • I agree the lounge pants might have brightened their day but it wouldn’t have taken long for village then town to know what I wear.
      I’ll probably know about the antibiotics later, the last event took 3 lots and was only clear about a week before coming out in sympathy with this lot. I like the photographs too, a lot of fun.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Helen xxx

  6. The children are so lovely – I am sure that they keep your spirits high…..keep your sense of humour and hopefully soon you will begin to enjoy you food again. I think Wales got a lot more wind from the storm than we did. Will be in Wales for another long weekend on 9th November….can’t wait. janet xxx

    • Children make me smile a lot. they do keep my spirits high. I have to keep my sense of humour handy round them. I suppose my appetite will return if the new chef makes nicer things to eat. The wind wasn’t pleasant as the rain isn’t today. We’ll have to see if we can turn things round for you in the next two weeks.
      xxx Huge Hugs Janet xxx

  7. Love the pics, David. Do take care and I hope your legs get steadily better. The weather these days does not encourage one to go out, but still… Take care.

    • Thanks Olga, I liked the pics too. I’m taking as much care as I can, legs elevated etc and no the weather doesn’t tempt me out but somehow I must get my repeat prescription to the chemist today,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. Wow…my jaw constantly drops when I see how big and gorgeous both Reuben and Amelie have become. You are a credit to them. 🙂

  9. I now have visions of you decked out as “The Mummy” in Welsh dragon lounge pants! Well, that’s this morning’s smile!!
    xxx big hugs xxx
    ps I love that ‘don’t step on the cracks’ picture

    • That’s exactly what it was like Jan not obviously as effective as the current lounge pants with very small skiing figures on them, but it black and white. More in keeping with the Mummy’s dignity perhaps then maybe that of Wales but I know my preference.
      I thought don’t step on the cracks was ideal for that picture.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  10. Well,What a week, David!! Still, looking at those gorgeous children… No Regrets, eh?

  11. You constantly amaze me … in a nice way, of course … that with all you are going through, you still maintain a sense of humour and compassion for everyone else. You mention the feeling of ‘actually being somebody’ … oh yes, my dear friend … you are one wonderful somebody, and never doubt or forget it.

    Love the pictures of Reuben & Amelie … especially the hug!

    I really think you should post a picture of the Welsh Dragon lounge pants and Bazinga teeshirt …

    Take care of yourself, dear one …

    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

    • I have to ask myself if the world is really ready for the lounge pants and teeshirt after what I put it through with the Welsh Dragon skin suit once before in a moment of madness.
      Thank you for all your kind words.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  12. There must have been something in the air last week (aside from the wind that is…) as I also had a 3:00 a.m. wake-up call. Unlike you, though, I managed to tell mine to shut up and go back to sleep! Hopefully the wind has died down now and you are on the mend with the steady nursing care. Loved the pix of the grandkids BTW. Bonne semaine et grosses bises! xx

    • Oh Mel, can you make a tape of your 3 am hypnotic voice for me please,
      maybe I can catch a few extra Z’s.#Yes, the wind has gone now, it seems the males aren’t as strong as the women. The Nursing care is great, very kind in the main. Thank you for liking the pix as usual.
      xxx Sending Gigantic Hugs xxx

  13. Still windy. Keep well.
    xxx Tempestuous hugs xxx

  14. Stay inspired! Rest well while healing!💕

  15. Finally got to you, David. I had to laugh out loud at the idea of you firing the unimaginative chef except that you needed the job so bad. Very clever. Have a great week and as usual, the photos are terrific.

  16. In many respects I’m in the same boat as you, so I am in a position to give reassurance – the Worzel Gummage look is very ‘in’ this year. It’s been a dire week in so many ways, David, and it’s so good to read your humour and the way you keep afloat. Best wishes, and may those legs remember their job and get back to work very soon. Hugs, Fred.

    • I’m comforted to know that I’m on song with the Wurzel Gummidge look Fred and that you’re a dedicated follower of fashion too. They say our sense of humour separates us from the animals, but what of the hyena or laughing Jackass, they seem to have got the joke.I have polystyrens in my pockets to help me keep afloat. I’m sure my legs are on their way.
      Have a great week my friend,

  17. Hm, one is always tempted to ask oneself: why buy Lotto ticket when one has friends with millions to throw one’s way in places like Cameroon? 😀 Love Saturdays, David ❤ Many hugs

  18. Hope you’re feeling better, David. Your grandkids are adorable. I love the photo of them holding each other on the playground. Many hugs!

    • Thanks so much Merril, he situation has taken a turn for the worse and there is gangrene now.They want me in hospital but I’m fighting to stay out using my last resort antibiotics. Fingers crossed.
      That’s a great photo of them
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx.

  19. Particularly love the pictures of your wonderful grandchildren! x

  20. I so enjoy your updates but I am sorry to hear your legs are taking their time to heal. You have such kind people all around you but then you must have bought all the chocolates in the area as gifts…
    You will not know yourself when that Camaroon fortune comes through 😉

  21. Sorry to hear you’re still having such a time with your legs. Darling pictures of the children. What nice neighbors you have. Take care of yourself. xxxHumongus Hugsxxx 🙂 — Suzanne

  22. Checkin’ in to see how you’re doing, Dave!

  23. Catching up done 🙂 Hope to visit more regularly in the next few months. Wishing you all the best! Many hugs xxxxxx

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