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The Jump Start Monday.


A terrible night’s sleep. I saw one o’clock come and go before I dropped off. Still woke at 3.24 am ready to do battle though. Those Weetabix put up a heck of a fight. I fumigated the house top to bottom ( it’s a bungalow) to take away any cigarette smoke. I had aired the lounge overnight too. I wanted no problems for Amelie’s chest when they got here. I kept abreast of the work at the same time. Yvonne arrived just after eleven and she’d managed to buy me a bowl on the way. She went off too the local shops in search of things I needed. It was almost noon when she got back and she’d been to the chippie for dinner for us.. The nurse arrived about 12.45 pm and set about christening the new bowl by washing my feet. She hadn’t seen them before but didn’t seem to mind them. She was sure I needed further antibiotics and Yvonne brought the news that the doctor would be nipping in to see us later about that very topic. The nurse finished up and left about 1.15 pm and the doctor arrived about 1.30 pm. I wasn’t very happy that she wanted to see my feet but couldn’t re-dress them afterwards. Yvonne showed her a photo of the feet as well. She thought they were worse than when she’d seen them last. In fact they looked gangrenous and she wanted me in hospital straight away. It’s fairly easy to ignore a doctor but much less so a daughter with an honours degree in parental control via The Chinese Water Torture with words. But. my own degree in Deafness by Degrees near family is quite handy and I won the day. The chemist didn’t have the appropriate antibiotics as he says he’s rarely asked for the new one. I know not what it is though, just that I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning for it. The doctor departed just before two and Yvonne and Amelie just after  which meant I could have a cigarette…… or 3.                I worked till 4.30 pm then watched my antiques show. I had a banana during a quiz then sat through two hours of virtually nothing (dozing) until I finally came through to get up to date. Here’s hoping for a better night tonight.


Well, I was later clearing my mail than I thought so I didn’t scramble into bed until 12.30 am. I saw one o’clock come and go again and it looked much as it had done the night before. I’ll be honest (for a change) and say the pain in my feet was terrible and restless leg syndrome took me on a route march for quite some time. I last looked at the clock at 1.50 am. I woke at 2.53 am and just hated to upset my feet by moving them. They must appreciate the fact I don’t move in bed. Can’t say I’m happy to admit that.                             I went through to the kitchen and took my sprays then my tablets, made toast and had that then took the diabetic tabs all with my feet on the floor so the pain had chance to return. I took coffee back to my room and swung both my legs onto the bed so they were elevated whilst trying to answer my mail side on to the computer. Heaven help my neck. The nurses came to wash and dress my feet at 10.30 am, it was funny as they didn’t have enough stockinette and so had to leave my toes on display. I’ll have to be careful as the big toe is the big mess in this fiasco.                                                                                                At midday I made myself some lunch and watched Bargain Hunt until 1.00 pm. Then I settled down for a short kip only to have it shorter than expected. About 1.20 pm Sharon my cleaner arrived and I’d forgotten the change of day for this week. As I was awake I went back to work. At 3.00 pm she left for the day and I sat in the lounge with Escape to the Country on, hoping it would help me nod off again. No chance. As it finished I darted (snail pace) back to play catch up then all of a sudden it was 4.30pm and Dil was there. I made his cup of tea though Later I wondered why I hadn’t just  thrown it at him as he came in. The first game of the night was a draw, the second and third he creamed me completely without mercy despite my legs being in a sling. I slammed the front door after him and slammed the budgie’s cage door because he refused to tell me what Dil was holding then I stomped off to my room saying Ouch with every footstep.


Nursery playmates.


Up at 3.10 am and I must have slept since about 12.30 am without anything disturbing me. Perhaps a nice cwtch I was sent kept me safe and warm. Meds and breakfast was soon dealt with and the horse pill sized antibiotic.  I came back to power up the computer , go online to check the bank and then start on email. There was quite a bit from overnight at 57. That took until almost 6.00 am when I decided to go put my feet up in the lounge. By 7.00 am  by some miracle I hadn’t nodded off so I came back through used the bed for my feet and worked sideways on.                                                                    About 9.00 am I got dressed ready for the nurses but thinking about it, my lounge pants would be better to slide up and down over the bandages. The nurse arrived about 11.00 am and was part way through bathing my feet when the doorbell went. She kindly went to answer it for me and it was a delivery from the chemist of things they were short of from Wednesday’s delivery. We reached the end of the process and I passed the lovely wee nurse her chocolates then walked her to the door as she told me to stay off my feet, rest myself and elevate the feet. I came back to the lounge and the doorbell went again, luckily it was my neighbour who’d offered to shop for me. She was great and didn’t take long at all.  I had my lunch.                                                                                                              After lunch I had an hour’s sleep in my chair then went back to work. Mike arrived about 5.30 pm and he tells me he didn’t have much time with me before he had to wake me for my meds, a quarter hour late. That done I went through to work only for him to follow me through for conversation. By the time he’d finished I was ages behind and didn’t hit bed until gone midnight.



My light didn’t go out until 1.00 am last night and I wasn’t best pleased that my feet took a very long time to settle down into acceptable hurting. However it was still only 3.08 am when I got up. I followed my usual routine as in going to the kitchen to take my meds. Even doing that was uncomfortable, but then I had to fill my medicine pots with all the drugs for the next week and that took ages. I was really in pain before I’d finished that. Then I had my breakfast so I could take all the meds associated with that. When everything was done it was almost 4.00 am so I went and lay down on my bed and tried to read a few more chapters of my book. At about 5.00 am I decided to risk working and slung my legs on to the bed while I sat in my chair. Not easy but at least I got some done. Mike got up about 9.00 am so I went through to start his coffee. At some point I nodded off in my chair and he had to wake me to say goodbye. I wasn’t out for long.                       The nurse came just after 11.00 am and washed my legs and feet before putting cream on the legs to stop them cracking worse than they are. Then she redressed the legs  to the knees and left. I made my lunch at midday then after Bargain Hunt I came through to catch up. I was able to do so before Antiques Road Trip but I didn’t want to watch it.  Mike returned home at 7.30 pm so we watched Mastermind then he washed my hair for me, in return I wet his feet. I worked until 10.30 pm then decided I needed an early night so turned the computer off.



A strange night. I got to bed early and had a little read to relax as usual. I turned my light out at about 11.30 pm. I don’t know when I slept as to be honest I lay there waiting for the pain to subside and it took a while. I woke at 1.06 am I think but it was forgotten as on my way to the loo I found Mike still awake too and we decided to play some cards to make us sleepy. At just gone 2.00 am we decided trying for a kip sounded like a good idea. I just decided to start work as my breakfast time and drugs time was so near. But even with those out of the way I wasn’t ready to sleep so I carried on working.At about 5.45 am I decided to take the weight off my feet and just relax against my pillows for a moment.Big mistake. Next thing I know, Mike is leaning over me like a mad axeman telling me it’s half past six. Given all the stick I put him though on a Saturday morning I didn’t complain.                                                                                                                                    It was a faff transferring to and from the wheelchair but Mike was adamant he wasn’t taking me out without some cooperation. We were out all morning and I surprised myself behaving. We came back before lunchtime as the nurse had said she’d be here soon after lunch. I should have asked what day. It’s just gone 11.00 pm and I think she may not be coming today after all.


Amazing day. I woke at 1.55 am and it being too early for breakfast I just decided to start work. My inbox took me nicely to 2.55 am so I started for the kitchen trying to figure out if I was going to take my meds early since the change to BST had happened in the interim taking me right back to 1.55 am. I decided it was to difficult to contemplate so I refused to look at my watch or the bedroom clock. I took my meds but found it very painful standing around so decided to delay breakfast until later. I took my coffee back to my desk. There was a little more mail which I dealt with and at 5.00 am (or was it 4.00 am?) I just had to lie on my bed. Next thing I knew it was 10.30 am, though I’m now claiming it was only 9.30 am and I was waking up again. I’ve not slept this long for years. It was too late for breakfast so I have to readjust my meals a bit today and go for lunch and teatime for the diabetic meds. The nurse arrived at the ‘New’ 10.00 am and redresssed the legs. She seemed to think that maybe, considering we’ve missed a day. there was less leakage that expected, so maybe things are drying up a bit more.                                                          We went to lunch with me in the wheelchair. I wasn’t happy not having control of my own movement nor of being at navel height with most of the world, especially when some people spoke over my head to get Mike to answer something they could have asked me direct. Lunch was nice as usual but by the time we’d finished I was doing my best not to scream out loud, not that anyone would have noticed with all the Halloween decorations around. We came home and I put my feet up on a stool in the lounge till Mike went home. If I’d known it was so effective I’d have done it years ago. I did some catching up but couldn’t really concentrate so I watched a film with Joey until 9.00 pm then came through for the night. I’m trying to work side on to my screen and with legs up on the bed.

roobs pumpkin

Have a Wonderful New Week full of Hugs and smiles.Share both if you can, you never know when someone’s in need.


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