The Great Unpeeling


One of the nice nurses came and dressed the legs. She wasn’t able to answer a question and said she’d have a senior nurse attend Tuesday who can answer anything. I bet that’s not true really as she won’t know what day the Big Bang happened.


Two senior nurses came, my feet are honoured. They were in agreement with me that gangrene hasn’t set in even though things look grim. I gave them permission to do a peel and they set too with gusto ( if you’re squeamish look away now) peeling back the layers of dead flesh and skin from the top of each foot and between the toes where they could.  They did well though the process was agony. Underneath the black and grey were beautiful pink areas. They said I won’t need daily dressings now so the next will be Thursday. It could still be a while however of having them.

first signature


I woke up on November 1st. Happy Anniversary Ju. It was 1.52 am and my feet were just as on fire as they had been when I went to bed and when I turned my light out at midnight. I won’t be doing the anniversary waltz today. I won’t be doing much of anything except maybe hoping to win at cards tonight after last week’s defeat. I dickered with the idea of getting something on my feet and going to the chippy at lunch time but there’s nothing I can get on presently with the bulk of all the bandages except one pair of knackered slipper that unfortunately cause my feet to start leaking serum heavily rather than dry out as they must. It was a huge struggle but I managed to win the yahtzee and the cribbage. Somehow even cheating couldn’t get me the triple crown with the nomination whist. It’s probably the agony of my feet that distracted me. I so wish I could have had my feet up. After Dil had gone and I came through to work I could only manage to get my feet up for a while before going to bed at almost 11.30 pm. I read till 12.15 am then squirmed until I was able to find a comfortable position.


Up at 2.12 am Putting my feet on the floor was agony but the choice was getting to the loo or suffering wet feet. I went on to the kitchen and got a cup of milk then started taking all the meds.. I didn’t move in case I sounded like castanets and had all the neighbours out thinking it was a Fiesta.( No Doris, I don’t mean the car made by Ford). Drugs done and breakfast eaten I went through to start work.At 4.30 am I \broke off to watch a programme I used to enjoy Hard Talk where a man called Stephen Sackur usually has a go at some politician, usually from abroad, about his record on promises made or something similar. He can be a little Jack Russel with his questioning. Once that was over I carried on working until about 6.00 am when I decided to lay down on the bed for a few minutes to get my legs up. Next thing I knew it was 9.00 am and the postman was ringing the front door bell. He couldn’t get a delivery though the letter box. There was also a begging letter from the Cat’s Protection League also saying I could win £25,000 in their raffle. I’m sure Oscar arranged for that.                                                                                           In the afternoon the nurse came to redress the legs and to do a little more stripping but not of the exciting kind. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Mike arrived about 4.45 pm and followed some of the Antiques Trip with me. At 9.00 am I came through and started catch up again. I was late finishing at 11.40 pm so read until 12.15 am.

ami draw


Despite the 12.15 am lights out and the inevitable struggle to get comfy with my feet, it was still a 1.23 am start. I went straight to work. At 3.00 am I broke for breakfast but first had to set out my drugs for the next week. Very difficult to do that with my hands feeling like I’m wearing gloves, and each one with large cracks in the skin.                                       T 7.00 am I was up to date for a while and decided to lie on my bed. Lovely, I managed to fall asleep but at 8.00 am My phone went with a text and it was Yvonne to say she was on a bus. That meant I could expect her about 9..30 am. I got Mike up at 9.00 am and told him she was on her way so he’d put some clothes on. I made him a coffee.                           Yvonne arrived and not too long after that Mike left. It meant Yvonne could wrap his birthday prezzies for me.The argument of the day about having a doctor visit was over and I’d won so I expected penalties somewhere. But no, at lunchtime Yvonne still went to the chippy’s for me. Once I was safely eating she headed off as Amelie isn’t well and she was sure the nursery would want her taken home. They did, as they texted after.               Mike got back about 5,30 pm ish so we watched a quiz after which he washed my hair for me and I gave myself  sponge bath. I went through to work at 9.00 pm and found myself still working at 11.45 pm. I turned in and read until 12.15 am to relax.

Hallloween 1


I was still awake at 1.40 am so took up the book again. My feet were driving me to distraction both very painful and one itching I wasn’t really taking in anything I read. It’s just as well really as it’s a very boring book. At 2.45 am I got up and headed for the kitchen. I took my meds, had some toast (boring) and then took a coffee through to start work. I was done by 4.50 am so got dressed ready to do the bins and the recycling. The big bin was quite full this week from all the dressing changes. Mike’s alarm went off at 6.00am and I told him his coffee was ready but I couldn’t open the milk to put any in. He got up virtually straight away.                                                                                                          We did all the usual shops while I was confined to the wheelchair… wheelchair, no outing was the rule. At home after lunch I tried to clear my mail before the nurses came. There was no new peel today as she could remove a chunk I’d dislodged trying to stop both pain and itching with my other heel. She was actually very gentle and dressed both legs nicely. I managed a little kip after they’d gone but woke up very confused about who was in the room with me. I was asking my mother if she needed my seat. Mike looked amused.


It may have been quite late before I got to sleep thanks to having to find a comfortable spot for the legs but I’m going to say it might have been 12.30 pm. I woke this morning at 4.22 am which was a bit of a shock but I enjoyed the lie in.  After tabs and breakfast I started work there was quite a backlog today. Mike somehow managed to get himself up for 9.00 am. We went out about 10.15 am on an elf related search for something Yvonne intends to do at Christmas.We were only partly successful. By 11.45 we had our usual table at the pub and could relax until food was served.                                                          After lunch I found a good supply of chocolates for the nurses so should be OK this week. Mike left for home about 3.30 pm I think he was looking forward to listening to his team play on the radio as he drives. I did a bit of catching up of my mail and then went to watch The Hunger Games on TV. The doorbell went and I found my cousin Deb and a friend. I was thrilled. They had been to Bangor University to visit Deb’s son Luke. They stayed about half an hour and headed home. Back to the film again,  It was supposed to end at 9.00 pm but finished 20 mins early so I lied to Joey and told him it was bedtime.

Have a nice new week everyone. Keep a good supply of smiles with you in case someone needs one and always be ready with a hug..


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82 responses to “The Great Unpeeling

  1. I can’t imagine what you are going through with those feet. Thank heavens no gangrene and thank heavens you have enough chocolates for the nurses. The big bang bit made me laugh out loud. Beautiful photos as usual. I wish for you a pleasant week.

  2. Hi David; I am so sorry about your feet and the pain and discomfort. You still manage and that speaks volumes to your determination and I am greet happy that they don’t see gangrene and the lovely pink skin underneath is a very good sign. Thank you for the wonderful photos and music and hoping you have an amazing week. Massive hugs dear friend.

    • Hello Dear Suzanne, as always you’re very kind to me.Thank you for calling me determined when everyone else says stubborn. I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures and the music.. Have a perfect week,
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. I think we need to send you Nurse Evelyn from here…not only is she beautiful and caring…but jolly smart as well. Even Leo likes to see her!
    Take care of yourself…and keep those photographs coming.

  4. David…I haven’t been keeping up so all this bit about peeling dead flesh off your feet is a great surprise to me. I can imagine (having dealt with burn patients) that it’s quite painful, and makes for terrible sleeping conditions. You have my greatest sympathy.

    I haven’t been keeping up because I’ve been busy keeping up with my upcoming wedding. In case you haven’t kept up with my life either, I’m getting married to a marvelous lady come November 26. I moved in with her two weeks ago. I’m tellin’ you, driving 130 miles round trip for every car-load(well, SUV-load) of my stuff that goes to her (now our) house once or twice a week for the past month has kept me busy enough to not do much posting, and even less reading. But I’ve archived all your posts, so I will now go catch up.

    Best wishes – best of luck
    Chuck Larlham

    • You’re quite right Chuck it’s painful but with luck there’s a good outcome.
      I can’t tell you how pleased you news makes me. Nov 26th isn’t too far away now so I hope the SUV loads are coming to an end. I wish you both the very best of luck, she’s getting a good man.
      Best wishes and Hugs

  5. You are marvelous to keep plugging on. As always, your photos were lovely. I loved the last bit — always having a supply of smiles and hugs when someone needs one.

    xxx endless hugs xxx

    • Thanks very much Anne.I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures as usual. I shall keep plodding on as it seems the best option at the minute. I know i never have to tell you about a supply of smiles and hugs, you’re ever ready.
      Have a lovely week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  6. Oh David. I have been very remiss with blog post reading for a while and so this post came as a great shock. Get those feet rested as much as you can. Thank heaven for no gangrene but what you are going through is ghastly. Hugs and very best and healthy wishes from the edge of theworld. Any further and “here be dragons” as ancient cartographers used to say.

    • Hello Judith, I am resting as much as possible and keeping the legs elevated as per instructions but most of the time I sit at the computer and deal with mail. I’m lucky there’s no gangrene which last week the doctor was sure there was. Now I know I’ll be OK.
      My best wishes back to the edge of the World with thanks. Fear not the dragoons they may be Welsh.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  7. Love how you manage to keep your sense of humour, David, despite the ‘agony of de feet’. Thanks for ending with Eleanor. Starting the week on an upbeat! Big bises and huge hugs! xo

    • I can’t accept de-feat from de-feet. Humour is my weapon of choice in the battle. I thought the Turtles always looked like they had such fun with their music, Eleonore was a big favourite of mine.
      xxx Massive Hugs and Kisses xxx.

  8. Ooh, hoping to hear next time the feet are much better! Hugs!

  9. I’m worried about your feet, but thank you for Baker Street. Still one of my all time favourites. -hugs-

  10. Oh David! What a time you’re having! I’m sending you all possible good vibes feetwards. I hope you see some improvement this week.

  11. When I’m watching Antiques Road Trip between 5 and 5.15 (that’s after the 3+1 quiz and before Pointless) I shall be thinking of you. Feel the hugs.
    xxxx the daily hugger xxx

  12. I’m worried, David. Wishing you the best (and do listen to advice).

  13. I pencilled you into my diary for an update as you do not appear on my Reader. I am so glad your legs are healing and the old skin is coming away but I had to look away… The children look so very cute in their Halloween costumes. Glad you got a good supply of chocolates and such lovely visitors. Take care. Hugs xx

    • Heck, I had to look away myself. It’s been funny to see the children in all their costumes so far, what changes! Yes, the chocolate supply is enough to keep the nurses fed all week. I made them willing to come here.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  14. Oh David, they sound so painful but good news there no gangrene. Did I hear you say chocolate, I will be there to peel your grapes for you. Your photos are always so cute, love them. Have a good week and put the legs up a bit more please xxx

    • Hi Karen, they flippin’ hurt, but the news was good. There was a mention of chocolate but how did you know I needed a grape peeler? The jobs yours. Thanks for liking the photos, they’re fun.
      I’ll try for a good week and for keeping my legs up too.
      Stay well,
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  15. …and you still manage to give us enjoyment through your writing, David. God bless and keep on the regime with the nurses, they know what they’re doing even if it don’t look pretty all the time. Hugs all week

    • What a nice thing to hear Ina,thank you. I’m behaving myself with the nurses as that’s my safest regime but some aren’t as gentle as others so I hope they know what they’re doing. It don’t look pretty at all at the moment.
      xxx Massive Hugs all week xxx

  16. Monday hugs and healing energy for you, ❤ Xxxxx ❤

  17. I was so delighted to see Reuben has learned to write his name! And Amelie is gorgeous as she always is … delightful pictures! Lovely selection of music, my friend. Now, about those feet … ahem …

    You are truly the only person I know who thinks that just over 3 hours’ sleep is “lying in”. Sigh. Take care of y’self, dear David … we all love and need you to be well.

    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

  18. Oh your poor feet. That sounds so painful. *hugs*

  19. I am sorry, David, that your poor feet are in such a bad way. I hope the healing process gets easier this week. Lovely pictures.

    • Thanks so very much. I’m sure the healing must have started by now. You know what it’s like though when you put something down somewhere……….
      The pictures are always fun to me.
      xxx Enormous Hugs xxx

  20. I’m so sorry to hear that your feet are still a problem and giving you such agony. Wishing you much healing, my friend. And thanks for the photos of the kids – they always make me smile. Gigantic hugs. 🙂

    • I’m hoping after the vicious torture of last week I’ve turned a corner now, Heaven knows what inanity I’ll have to write about then.
      Thanks for your kindness Diana and for liking my pics.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  21. Oh David, I wish I could give you a hug. I’m sorry for your troubles, but it sounds like you have a leg up the situation (I know how wrong that is, but I also knew you’d appreciate seeing the humour in even the most unhumourous situations). And see, this once again proves that chocolate can do so much and if not, Yahtzee and Cribbage can handle the rest.
    Oh gosh, look at how amazing Reuben can write his name and is there anything more smile-inducing that the sight of a darling little hand wrapped around a crayon – you just know magic is going to happen. 🙂
    Sounds like Mike is up to his usual shenanigans (good for him, he will keep you on your toes…oops, there I go again).
    Thank you for letting us hang around with you, dear friend, for the great unpeeling and all the everything else, even in pain you manage to bring smiles. My only complaint is now I have “Baker Street” in my head, come to think of it, I withdraw my complaint, it’s quite soothing.
    Massive knackered slippers, happy memories, chocolate, joy and crayon hugs and hugs and hugs xoxox

    • Oh Donna, how I wish you could give me that hug. Surely that would help everything ‘heel’. I was going to agree with your other comment about chocolate and the games when it struck me i haven’t received any sponsor money off any of them. Yes Roobs can write his name and Amelie can draw but it’s getting them to stick to paper and not skirting boards that’s the problem.
      Yes Mike is up to his usual shenanigans , but far from keeping me on my toes ( yes I appreciated the humour) he’s actually keeping me on my wheels staring at navels.
      You know how wonderful it is to have you on my journey Donna, everything is so much easier to bear. I couldn’t bring myself to apologise about Baker Street since I also find it soothing ( I bet I don’t get commission for that either).
      xxx Ginormous Hugs to you xxx

  22. OUCH. I’m wincing along with you as you go through the stripping. I hope that while the nurses are ‘administering’ to your feet, you can feel the love and hugs that all of your followers and fellow bloggers are sending to you. I’m sending you a large virtual chocolate heart. Heal soon, my friend. xoxoxohealinghugxoxoxox

    • Ah Chocolate, what a perfect distraction, just call me when you’re finished girls. My followers and my blogging friends have been real stars throughout this period, the love and Hugs have been at the forefront so I’ve not been able to forget them. Such wonderful friends. Maybe a couple more weeks and I’ll be able to do without the dressings so will be able to get shoes on again. I’m looking forward to that.
      xxx Many thanks and Hugs Galore Pamela xxx

  23. Oh, David. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It’s sounds a true horror, but I’m glad there’s no gangrene. I’m glad, too, you have nurses and friends to help you through this.
    As always, the grandkids are adorable.
    Sending you huge hugs!

    • Thanks so much for your kindness Merril. We sent off swabs this week to see if the infection is clear probably so they can clear some of the dead flesh. I’d just like few pain free days to concentrate on Christmas shopping.The kids are absolute gems,
      xxx Sending you Hugs Galore xxx

  24. Sounds like good news for your feet, David. Still sending up prayers for you. Love the adorable photos 🙂 ♥

    • As generous as always Tina. Thank you. I’m waiting for some good news from swabs taken this week. If all the infection has gone maybe we can clear more dead flesh and skin. It will hurt but let a new skin grow.
      Thanks for enjoying the photos.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  25. Another loud OUCH! You put up with all this agony still with a sense of humor. I’m happy you have a large cheering section here. You are the one who needs HUGE HUGS, Sir David!

    By the way, I enjoyed the Elenore video – so old-fashioned and cool!

    • Hi Mariian, you have to keep a sense of humour alive for the times there’s nothing to laugh about. The news from one set of swabs is good- no infection. Back to the peeling I expect. That needs a laugh.ii’m grateful for such a large cheering section.
      So glad you liked the Turtles as much as I do.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  26. It’s wonderful there was no gangrene. I can barely imagine how painful the peeling was but it was a big plus over worse infection. Darling pictures of the children as always. Thanks for the music. xxx Huge Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • I’m so pleased the infection has gone but there’s still a lot of flesh/skin to go and a new skin to grow. It’ll go better now.
      Glad you enjoyed the pictures and the music too. I really like the Turtles.
      xxx Cwtch xxx

  27. Hugs and prayers coming your way! So sorry to hear of your travails. 😦

  28. Hey David, oh that just sounds like pure misery. It sucks you are having such a hard time with your feet I am going to send you bunches of healthy circulation wishes. Get better!!!

  29. Oh my gosh, Lord D, I’m so sorry. What you’re going through sounds horrific, but I’m glad gangrene wasn’t involved. It sounds bad enough as is. I hope you heal up and feel much better. Sending wishes for glowing health your way.

  30. I’m happy to hear you use a wheelchair to get out, David. Don’t take that joy away from yourself–the getting out part I mean. I hope Amelie is feeling better. Sending healing prayers to you both. Hugs.

  31. David thanks for popping in. Great having you visit. Good to know you are getting about. xx

  32. So sorry about your feet. But at least, you are lucky to have those delightful grandchildren in your life.
    Sending Hugs.

  33. I’m losing track of time. I missed this post. Lucky you David, you have your beautiful grandchildren to inspiring your healing and keep you alert .😕

    • You can’t afford to lose track of time with just two weeks to go to the main event. The healing has gone well and yes, the kiddies keep me on my toes. Reuben at 4 is more understanding of Christmas than before and is getting very excited, I’ve got a lot to catch up on from my down time.
      xxx Sending you Massive Hugs xxx

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