Somewhere over the Rainbow


Many of us are aware today of yet another mass shooting in America. This time in a small Texas town and in a church. The dead include children and among them the pastor’s 14 year old daughter. The incident is sick. But what makes it worse for me were the remarks by Trump that it wasn’t gun related, and as usual that it’s too early, too hurtful to start talking about it now. Believe me it isn’t. No is the perfect time while the wounds are still raw and people will focus on them so maybe there won’t be another. This man should not have been allowed to own weapons especially of the type he used. It is time for an overhaul of the regulations- but out NRA, you don’t make the regs just purchase them. It has to be made more difficult to buy weapons. It has to be made impossible to buy assault weapons which aren’t needed for hunting. There needs to be a limit set on how many guns someone can hold. Please be sensible now, no-one is taking away your rights, just taking guns out of the hands that shouldn’t have them.                     Up at 2.30 am today. Breakfasted myself and drugged up before starting work. I put the laundry on and brought my coffee back. The nice young nurse ( going to Vegas) this weekend came at about 11.30 am to do my dressings and left at 12.15 pm just when Bargain Hunt started. I lunched late thanks to that so missed my kip.                                      I worked till 3.30 pm then watches a bit of Escape to the Country. Just wait till I have the money to do that. At 4.30 I stayed for Flog It so didn’t return to work again until 9.00 pm hence the fact I’m here now doing this at 11.45 pm. I’m off to bed for a read.

artist at work 3


01.38 am this morning. Not even an hour and a half. What have I done to upset Somnos this time? Or, more to the point, what does he want.I had my breakfast at 3.00 am after taking my meds and didn’t hear from him by that time. Whatever it is can’t quash my mood.                                                                                                                                                       At 10.30 am Yvonne arrived with Amelie, her poor little chest sounded terrible and she was far too quiet. She stayed in to look after me while Yvonne went out to do some shopping for me. We had a look at some toys in a catalogue and then spent some time taking the money out of the frog’s mouth from my Chinese Good Luck symbol. When Yvonne returned she had sandwiches for lunch and egg custards as a pudding. I wasn’t ready for my lunch just then but it seemed Amelie was and she tore into her ham ‘samwiches’ with gusto. She wasn’t as taken with the egg custard however and poor Yvonne ended up with a half chomped pastry mess in her hand. I thought I’d try something different and got her a little chocolate Rolo pudding.Much to Yvonne’s surprise that was gone in no time at all. Judging by the smiles the old Amelie had returned too, she had energy. When it was time for them to go, Yvonne lifted Ami up to give me a kiss and keep my feet safe, she had a look of sheer delight and mischief on her face, I thought she was going to test Santa’s beard. I got a kiss and a big smile instead. I missed them once they’d gone.                                                                                                           I worked catch-up during the afternoon then spent the evening with my feet up so my feet would be relaxed tomorrow. 9.00 pm back to work.


There are only three possible positions to sleep in this bed and I favour one of them. I’d stopped reading at 12.15 am and turned my light out yet it took forever trying to find a position in which my feet didn’t hurt so I could sleep. I had been promised if I should sleep for four hours I would have great dreams, especially for the latter two hours. You don”t turn down offers like that at my age since dreams are often all you have. So, I woke up at 2..59 am with no memory of the two hours prior and with the certain knowledge that I wouldn’t experience the latter two hours. I remember that Somnos never liked me having dreams ‘like that’, but surely he wouldn’t begrudge me a bit of fun?                          After breakfast and meds I brought a coffee back to work and carried on working until 7.20 am when I went for a sit in my chair. I managed to sit undisturbed until 8.30 am, no dreams to accompany my Zzz’s. At lunchtime I did some baby boiled potatoes, some corned beef and some beans. After Bargain Hunt I worked again. About 3.20 pm I was just sending Yvonne a text to ring the nurses for me  as I expected to be on today’s list. Just before I could press send the nurse arrived. Let’s just say it was a painful day. When she’d gone I went through to my bedroom to scream and caught Dil sneaking in quietly. I think glossing over tonight’s results is the best policy or I shall have to retire to scream again. After Dil left in gloat mode I worked for a couple of hours and went to bed at 11.30 pm.

Ami and ted 1


I got a good couple of solid hours sleep last night. I woke at 3.00 am and immediately went through for my meds and my breakfast. The minute I started taking my meds though I had the problem of needing to take them again as they re-appeared. I may not have been pebble dashing the walls but I certainly had to mop the floor around me. The milk I was using is many times filtered and is fresh for at least another 2 weeks. Anyway you can always tell when milk is on the turn. I took the rest of the tablets one at a time and managed to keep them down. I’d made some toast for breakfast and thought it might help but couldn’t finish it. So let’s see, I’m having morning sickness and I’m off my food. Any suggestions? I may be having harsh words with Somnos before long if this is his idea of a joke. Incidentally, a message on my screen this morning advises me to invest my time in ‘small gods inc.’ A guaranteed reward for those with something to offer. So it looks like he’s making a play for the big leagues again.                                                                A nurse arrived this morning a day early and she thought my dressings were still daily Seeing the state of one of them tonight, I wish they were, It looks like I’m wearing one winklepicker. I had a nice outing with MuJo for lunch though it was a close call whether they’d let me out or not. I think the pleading on my knees did the trick. Mind you they had to help me up afterwards. After they dropped me off ( I do wish they’d stop the car first) I worked until 5.15 pm, then Mike arrived at 6.00 pm. I came through at 9.00 pm to play catch up.


At 12.30 am I was trying to do a masterclass in sorting bandages. I’d gone to Mike’s room to ask him something and noticed a very long trail behind me as I returned unraveling. Once in bed with a pretty little bow decorating my big toe it took me a long time to drop off. That of course didn’t prevent me getting up again at 2.50 am. I took my morning meds and then filled the dishes for the next week. Weetabix for breakfast although it was a close call as I had major problems opening a new 4 pint of milk. I was red in the face and looked like a heart attack in the making. I was almost ready to wake Mike and ask him to do it before it finally moved.                                                                                                  I worked until about 8.00 am then went to my chair in the lounge with my feet on the stool. Mike got up at 8.40 am and came through carrying a heavy glass vase and asked why he’d woken up  with it on his bed this morning. I couldn’t answer the question though I clearly remembered placing it there. I nodded off and while I did Mike departed on his usual Friday jaunt. It was 10.40 am when I woke and I had to go and start work again. My feet were bad and both sets of dressings made me look like an ancient mummy (you do know I’ve been insulted in better places than this don’t you? There’s no need for that).  I broke off for a little light lunch at noon then returned to work at 1.00 p,m just before Sharon appeared to start cleaning. Sharon left at 3.00 pm as the chemist delivered a new cream for my hands and then Mike came home about 4.15 pm, very early for him.  I had a strip wash in the bathroom after Mike washed my hair for me. So difficult keeping the dressings dry. Mastermind and then Have I Got News For You before I came through for the final catch up and left Mike watching England play Football on TV.

roobs gift 1


Don’t you just hate it when your expectations are foiled?Last night I had visions of a decent night’s sleep, which was to include an appropriate lie-in this morning. I’d got to bed at 11.30 pm last night and felt I deserved a read. Light off at 12.05 am didn’t seem bad but in actual fact though finding a comfortable position to sleep in while keeping my feet out of the bed was very difficult. I was very surprised to find myself wide awake at 1.48 am not even 2 hours of sleep. Still nothing from Somnos to say what he wants. I hope I’m not blaming him unfairly. Took my tabs and had breakfast then carried my coffee through to work. By some miracle there was still some in the cup when I got there. The shakes were there with a vengeance. At 5.00 am I had a lull in proceedings so went to my chair in the lounge where I settled for 40 winks. I knew I could rely on Mike’s alarm to wake me at 6.00 am. The big question was could I rely on it to wake him? I made a coffee and called him, he allowed the alarm to go off four times and then he just turned it off. At 6.30 am I had to go through with a crow bar. I got dressed and strapped my slippers on and took the food waste bin out.                                                                                     We went out at 7.00 am and with Mike making me sit in the wheelchair stayed out until 12.50 pm. Annoyingly the nurse had been at 12.30 pm despite having been told we were out till 2.00 pm to be on the safe side. When Mike go her on the phone she refused to come out again. No idea now if she’ll want to come tomorrow or Monday which would be the next due day. Mike went out to visit an old friend until very late tonight. Just as well he doesn’t need the alarm tomorrow.


Mike had returned from his outing about 11.30 pm last night. I was reading in bed. He came through to talk about how the afternoon had gone and he was still rabbiting at 12.30am when I called time. Out went my light and after a few spins I found sleep. I woke at 2.24 am and very gingerly made my way to the loo not quite fully awake.. I coughed, which I tried to keep quiet and I almost had a cleaning crew accident when a voice not very far away asked if I was OK. I was now fully awake and the little voice announced it was going to try to sleep now.                                                                                                              Once I was up to date about 7.00 am I went to have a nod off in my chair in the lounge. I decided not to get dressed early so if the nurse came the trouser legs would be nice and loose. When Mike got up later he rang the Nurses office to see if they would be calling today. No answer, so instead we left a message asking if they’d call after 2.00 pm. I asked Mike if he’s mind having lunch very locally just in case. We went out about 11.40 am and returned about 12.30 pm. Bloody typically there was a not to say they’d been at noon. Still no answer on their office phone. I shall have to cross my fingers they come tomorrow before these bandages disintegrate totally. We watched War Horse before Mike had to start the journey home and in good conscience I could go to work. Once I was back up to date I went back in to Joey and fell asleep. I woke to find I’d burned a hole in my chair.I shouldn’t smoke when I’m tired.

just fishin 2

Sleep soundly, dream happy, wake healthy. A smile on the lips for all who want one and a hug from the heart for all who need one. Let’s turn the world round.


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73 responses to “Somewhere over the Rainbow

  1. Beautiful photos (as usual) Many laugh out loud moments. The burn in the chair was not one of them. Snorted my wine on Winklepicker. Haven’t heard that term since Woodstock. I hope you get a nurse this week, David. All the best.

    • As ever I’m grateful for your presence John. You’re always kind to me. Glad I was able top remind you of winklepicker and grateful you liked the photos. I’ve got fingers (or toes) crossed for a nurse today.
      Regards my frind

  2. Still dealing with that foot, David. It’s a long haul, isn’t it? And such a nuisance to keep it dry as well as all the other ways you have to adjust your life. I’m glad you have help and hope the nursing works out. The photos are adorable, as always, and thanks for the great songs. ❤ Hugs, my friend.

    • Both feet nowadays Diana but at least a corner has been turned as it seems the infection has cleared. Now it’s just a case of growing a new skin.Keeping it dry brings acrobatic skills into play, I’m joining a circus later.
      Thanks for liking the photos and the music.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. I love that your posts always take me through a range of emotions and joy is always the one that wins, in the long run.
    I can’t thank you enough for including me in your life, dear David, I feel honoured to be here.
    And best thing I’ve heard in, well, a very long time, “A smile on the lips for all who want one and a hug from the heart for all who need one. Let’s turn the world round.” Yes, let’s turn it round, I think Superman or some aliens played a trick on us and started turning it the other way.
    Thanks for the words, the pictures, and the music, my friend – this is one-stop joy ‘shopping’.
    Hope this week treats you kindly.
    Massive Holy smokes, be careful! hugs xoxoxox

    • Your comments are always a delight Donna especially when you tell me that Joy wins in the end. I love a happy ending. I’m greatly honoured to have you and others in my life especially as you’re so supportive. Those aliens better watch out!!
      Thank you for liking the pictures and the music.and most of all for supporting my words.Thank you for your many kindnesses.
      I promise to be more careful,
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  4. Don’t smoke when you’re tired, David. Just a friendly reminder. Hey, you said it first. We need you here to keep us entertained. Darling pictures of the Grand babies. Wishing you sweet dreams. Thanks for sharing the music and pictures. Big hugs.

  5. You shouldn’t smoke at all. Be safe! Love the pix.

  6. Sorry you’re still dealing with the problems with your legs. I do hope the nurses came out. That is scary to fall asleep and burn a hole in the chair. I’m glad it wasn’t more serious.
    The photos of your grandkids are adorable,as always.
    Many hugs, David.

  7. I am glad that the little lady picked up and went home happy. Lovely photographs as always..such a cheer up to see them.

    Lack of communication with care staff is a pain. My mother was waiting for a call on Thursday…nobody came. I e mailed the people concerned…yes, they had called. Whether they think a lady of 101 years must be doolally and they can thus lie with impunity I do not know, but I trust they are now blown backward bow legged and will keep the next appointment.

  8. Off to Oklahoma later in the week to see our our great grandchildren, get that leg healed up so you can roam once again.

  9. Couldn’t agree more with you on the gun issue, David. Nothing will change until the Republicans no longer rule the House and Senate; but change is on the horizon. Hope your feet continue to heal and the discomfort soon eases. Always love the photos of the kids 🙂 Hugs, my friend ❤❤

    • Thanks so much Tina. I hope the Right Wing are knocked out in the next elections though I suspect a couple of doozies may yet be voted in (Judge Roy Moore) by the Idiot Brigade. My feet continue to get better thanks and I’m so glad you liked the photos ( and maybe the music).
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • Welcome, David. I Loved it all and am glad your feet are improving. As to the Idiot Brigade… the tide is turning. The GOP have lost many seats as Dems are being elected. I expect we’ll see more of the same over the coming year. The People have had it with perps being seated in office. The days are numbered for the few who remain. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it! Hope reigns ❤

  10. The pictures of the children bring a song to my heart, as always, especially the smile on Amelie’s face as she cuddles the big bear!

    And thank you for the music. I had never heard that last one, but I was enthralled with the images!

    Looks like somebody needs to sit Somnos down for a serious talk, for you cannot continue missing out on your dreams! Perhaps he needs a bonk over the head with a broomstick?

    Now, David … about that smoking in your sleep … ahem … 🚬 + 😴 = 🔥 & 🚒

    xxx Cwtch xxx

  11. Amelie’s smile should be packaged and given to anyone depressed. She’d cure us all.
    I’m glad you liked the music too.The last group, OMD, also did one you may remember called Enola Gay.
    I shall be having words with Somnos when he shows his face again. A bonk over the head sounds a reasonable conversation opener.
    It’s not like I do it on purpose.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

  12. Amelie is girl after my own heart – nothing like a lovely sannie and a bit of chocolate to cure what ills us! How lovely that you brought a beautiful smile to your grandaughter’s face. As for your feet….well. You’ve clearly got to grow that skin in order to start kicking some butt with those nurses. I know they do commendable work but ignoring phone messages and turning up when you’re not home seems pretty lame, if you’ll pardon the pun! Hugs and hugs! xx

    • Judging by the size of my stomach I’ve been curing what ails me quite a lot. I think it’s only fair I bring a smile to Amelie’s face, she’s certainly brought enough to mine. Pun forgiven, but you’re right, they’re wasting their own time too by ignoring what they’re told.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx.

  13. Glad the feet seem to be slowly heading in the right direction, David, hopefully with you still attached! And the guns…oh God…is there no end to it?


    • Thanks a lot Mick. Yes it looks like my feet and I keep up our partnership, at least for now. I find it sick that the NRA could chase a change in the law to get more people to have guns. Those few bans in place were there to protect the public.Governmentds should not be open to outside influences in that way.

  14. It seems the nurses don’t pay much attention to phone calls. They shouldn’t be the ones to get upset if they don’t keep to a schedule. It’s great they come to the house though. Lovely pictures of the children. I love the one of Amelie and the teddy bear. Thanks for the music. xxx Huge Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • It’s wonderful there are still district nurses to do home visits but I do wish they’d listen. The pic of Amelie and the bear is a really nice one. So glad you enjoyed the music too Suzanne.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  15. Couldn’t agree with you more about the guns. I get that guns are part of American culture and there is no objection for that to continue, but in a more sensible manner. How many more people have to be slaughtered before good sense prevails?!
    Hope the feet are alright. I just love these pictures too, such a cheerful start to my day, thank you.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    • Thanks so much Lucy. Good sense has to prevail soon or they’ll have to post armed guards at all schools and churches and there’ll be armed battles. Such a terrible loss of life now.
      Feet improving. I’m so glad the pics started your day well.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  16. So…did the nurse come? Don’t keep us in suspenders!

  17. Sorry to hear that your legs are so painful, David. I hope you manage to get those bandages sorted out soon. Brilliant music as always, particularly OMD! The photos of the children are as gorgeous as always, they are adorable. I hope little Amelie is feeling better now.
    Thank God, you didn’t burn yourself when you fell asleep smoking, please take care.
    Humungous hugs xxxx

    • Thanks so much Judy. I hoped what’s left of the bandages will go today. I’m so glad you enjoyed the music, I almost added Enola Gay.
      Amelie is much better thanks, I can keep the photos coming.
      Yes, I was much luckier than I deserve, luckier than my chair.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  18. However bad things get—and I count almost burning yourself to death as bad—you always sound so optimistic. The fact that the children are always smiling when they’re around you means you give out an aura of happiness. Keep on keeping happy 🙂

  19. There’s no much point in having a phone number at the doctors if it doesn’t get checked. Perhaps they should include a separate mobile for people who do the rounds on the weekends… Good to see pics. Both your grandchildren are so grown-up! Take care, David.

  20. Each and every incident is tragic and each and every one too many. I understand the right to bear arms, but I don’t understand why regulations can’t be discussed.

  21. Yours is one of the most human souls I’ve ever encountered, David.
    It’s a privilege to know you, man.

  22. I have to agree with you on the gun issue David. How many people have to die before it changes? What a delight to hear about your little visitor. I am with Amelie on the delights of chocolate mousse. I so hope the pain eases in your poor skin. Wishing you a good week with plenty of sleep. 🌼

    • Thank you, it seems only logical that if more care is taken over gun access more lives may be saved. I never understood the need to have more guns than hands to hold them.
      In exchange for more chocolate mousse Amelie is prepared to agree with me too. Thanks so much for your good wishes, I”m sure things will improve with my feet soon though I doubt it will change my sleep habits which are too ingrained.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. Marvelous photos! It’s too bad things keep unraveling for you.

    xxx Huge Heart Hugs xxx

  24. At my next party you definitely will get offered a slot as DJ. Sorry about the nurse and the chair, what a bummer. But sending you warm greetings and virtual hugs. 🙂

  25. Finally caught up with you again, and sorry to realise that you’ve been up against it health-wise…
    Can’t get over how the gorgeous grand children have grown… they look so calm and beautiful…
    ” War Horse’……makes me weep my heart out….
    Go well, and don’t set yourself on fire, warm greetings, Valerie

    • Nice to see you Valerie.The kiddies seem to grow more when they’re not being watched. They do of course get the calm and beautiful from…….. nah no-one will ever believe that.
      War Horse tugs the heart strings badly.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  26. Giftwrap paper, colours everywhere / hope you foot gets better by then David. What joy the kiddies bring. Hugs and take care!

  27. Thank you for your share of light in chaos (world). Hope your improving in health. Blessings and hugs to you David!

  28. Hi Dave. Glad to see you posting. I wish my country would stop being so stupid about everything. Children are dying so grown men can buy lethal toys. It is sick.

    • I share your wish Robert. I just wish that a group of Senators had the courage to start a movement for real gun control. Something strong enough to help prevent any more mass killings. Something that tells the NRA enough is enough, back away,

      • Isn’t odd that we in the States are incapable of even the most commonsense compromise regarding a problem that is killing us?

      • Perhaps you feel yourselves too close to the problem there? What strikes me as odd is that individual groups of people speak out for some compromise but groups of politicians never do.I’m not going to ignore the fact that the NRA are allowed to pay towards election fees for Senators and this surely must leave your politicians open to a lot of pressure from outside. Maybe changing that and cutting the politicians free would change their attitude to gun control.After all, quite a few of them now must have had mass killings in their constituencies now.

      • None of it makes any sense to me Dave. I appreciate your point of view.

  29. The beautiful grand kids are getting big. And, I was lucky enough to see The Young Rascals in concert.

  30. Beautiful recount of an exciting week! Great read, and I love your blog xxxx

  31. Sorry you’re still dealing with health issues, David.
    Sending Hugs!

  32. So sorry to read that you are still having those leg pains, and I was horrified reading about the cigarette accident. For all what is holy, David!!!
    Many hugs xxxxxx

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