Tears on my Pillow


Last night I was tired and prepared to sleep as long as sleep held me though in reality I knew I wouldn’t want to sleep beyond 4.00 am. So when I woke and got out of bed 3.59 am was flashing on my clock as it was on the kitchen clock when I got in there. I think there’s making a point and then there’s making a point. It hadn’t been the best sleep in the wold but I was satisfied and here was plenty of time to work which is what I did as soon as breakfast and the meds were done and I had coffee in hand raring to go.               I carried on until 8.35  am when I decided to get dressed but not until Joey’s yelling reminded me that he hadn’t got fresh seed and water and nor was his cage door open.       Darren the postman delivered two parcels this morning and then another one he found in his van ten minutes later. More Christmas prezzies dealt with but I mustn’t get complacent as there’s along way to go.                                                                                             I made lunch at 12.00 noon as the nurse hadn’t been in the morning. It was 12.15 am and I was halfway through eating it when she arrived. Bummer. We got sorted and she was really happy with progress. We’re going to carry on with daily changes. After she left I finished the meal off and took my tablets, watched the end of Bargain Hunt, washed up and then checked my eyelids were still working. I slept till 2.15 pm then came to catch up until 4.40 pm I stayed away until 9.00 pm then came for the last catch up of the day till 11.45 pm.


I read until almost 12.30 a last night.  One last nip to the loo and as I came back I kicked the box adjoining the cables to laptop from electric charge. It was full on my big toe on the left foot which as you know looks like a war zone. I flopped down on the bed and buried my face in the pillow I’m not sure whether they were tears of pain or frustration that were drawn for a minute. Once the throbbing stopped I fell asleep. I woke at a much kinder 4.15 am than usual. Somnos is giving me a period of grace it seems but the time is still not good enough to say ‘don’t hurry’.                                                                                  After my meds and my breakfast I worked with my coffee until 7.31 am when there was a slight lull in proceedings. It felt cheeky given how late I’d woken but I still went through to my chair in the lounge. I recycled 40 Z’s but it only took me to 7.50 a.m. I decided I might as well do something useful and sorted my Christmas cards ready to write. About an hour later I returned to work proper. The postie brought me just one parcel today. Tomorrow will be good as I’m expecting some for Mike as well I think. I waited for the nurse but it looked as though they were going to be late again. Maybe I’d have chance to eat my dinner but no, a ring of the bell and two arrived. One I’ve seen before and she’s nice but the other one was quite vicious. Guess which one was doing my feet. A constant sound of sharp intakes of breath and feet jerked followed by an apology followed by repeat above. Some skin may well have been ready to come off but it wasn’t being asked  politely it was being ripped off. The number of times I said ouch she must have thought it a foreign language for carry on I’m enjoying this. I was not.She decided to dress the legs in just loose stockinette for some reason which left my toes open.                  They left at 12.14 pm just as Bargain Hunt started and I had to rush and make my lunch before they got too far. I had a message to say ‘Thank You’ from a friend whose blog often provided me with my hilarity for the day. He’s a funny man and certainly has no need to thank me. https://youvebeenhooked.wordpress.com/. I worked till 3.00 pm then had a little skive till 3.45 pm then at 4.0 pm I gave up work till 9.00 pm and came back and paid the price. At the end of the night a read until 12.30 am. Sleep came easily.

elf on a shelf


I think Dawn was 3.43 am this morning but I was still tired and sent her home. No way I was getting back to sleep now. Had my meds, ate some of my breakfast and brought my one-a-day coffee back to work. At 8.15 am I knocked off for a bit, hoping for 40 winks in my chair I managed about 20 before the first of a constant stream were at the door. The gas man wanted to read the meter, poor souls had no idea where it was when I invited him in. He was very good and cleared a space for himself and his mirror on a stick. Bert from next door came as did the postman and then a parcel delivery (for Mike) all leading up to the nurse who appeared at 11.30 am. Unlike yesterday this one actually dressed my legs fully and not just with stockinette. I can see just how much they’v improved and the feet are pretty dry now but even with the ‘Peelers’there are still a lot of growths of skin to clear.                                                                                                                                                      After I’d had my lunch and Bargain Hung had finished I undertook a survey of my inner eyelids that took just over an hour to satisfy me they worked. It was time to play catch up with the work. Another parcel delivered (proof there’s no rest for the wicked I suppose) and at 4.25 pm when Dil arrived I was up to date. He’s really learned how to cheat well. I couldn’t best him at the Yahtzee and it ended up a draw 6 games each. I beat him at Nomination Whist but he bested me at Cribbage so he headed home with honours even again. It happens too often, I piled back into work mode which kept me until 20 minutes past midnight before I was able to get a short read ready for sleep.


Despite reading till 1.00 am an waking at 3.08 am I think I had a touch of genius last night.


If he likes that and it raises his profile I could be free at last and ready to get my own good night’s sleep.                                                                                                                                 Well he should have had the idea by now, with luck I should get an answer by tomorrow. Once I’d dealt with my drugs and breakfast, I took my fresh coffee through to the bedroom to start. Among other things was a reminder from Yvonne that she and Amelie will be coming this morning. If we skip through all the mail and getting dressed we can get to the bit where they arrived. It was about 10.20 am and no matter how many times Yvonne said “Give pops a kiss” I was ignored by a little girl who’s grin just got wider and who kissed or hugged her Mum instead.                                                                                          The nurse arrived so I must still be on a daily call, liked what she saw, answered Yvonne’s queries, dressed both legs (properly) but only applied the iodine to one and left. Yvonne went out just before noon to get me some lunch. Amelie cried but I’m not sure whether she missed her Mum or her chocolate biscuits. Yvonne came back and Amelie was asking for ‘just one more’ of her mum’s lebkuchen biscuits. Her eyes lit up when I offered her a chocolate mousse, It was gone, demolished. I closed my ears in case I heard those fateful words. I finished my lunch and they left to go home. Apart from Joey the place was quiet.                                                                                                                                      I nodded off but was woken by my cleaner arriving. It reminded me to do a bit of work. I worked until 4.30 pm when I gave up until 9.00 pm. Time to catch up. 11.35 pm off to bed to read.

seesaw squeals


I tuned my light off at midnight and threw myself around a couple of times to find the best position for comfort. I was soon away in the land of Nod. It was 3.35 am before I woke which was great. I went through to the kitchen, took my meds then started filling the trays for the next week. I had pills rolling everywhere as my hands shook and I dropped them, the job seemed to take forever. That done (finally) I had some Weetabix for breakfast (one job even I couldn’t mess up)(OMG if you could only see my two fingered typing this morning, the spelling is atrocious ). I took the last two diabetic tablets and went to make my coffee……or so I hoped. It was a red light job meaning twenty minutes spent on cleaning the machine with a descaling tablet. Only it wouldn’t start. AAaaaargghh, I ended up turning it off then on again only to find it wasn’t requesting a clean now so I re-inserted my coffee pod and started again. I was half an hour sitting at my desk before I realised I hadn’t even drunk it. Duh!                                  The Nurse visited at 11.30 am today. I was just in the process of stripping my leg (tastefully of course) when the front door went. It was the chemist with a new course of treatment. I have to slap it on, cover my leg with clingfilm, bake for half an hour then remove the clingfilm and throw it away. No-one has yet told me what I’m to do with the legs. I carried on back to the nurse who knew nada. She dressed both legs but without the iodine today as she said it’s all dry, Perhaps on Monday I won’t need dressings and can even fit a shoe on again.                                                                                                                Mike arrived early afternoon sarcasm dripping from his chin, no change there then except I had to get him a tissue. I tried to keep abreast of the work during the afternoon until I quit at my usual 4.30 pm. We had a good evening which included a hair wash and a flannel bath for the rest of me at the sink. Even the mirror blushed.


I was up at 1.28 am after hearing a noise. After stumbling about for a few minutes trying to decide which towel to wear for secrecy I found my way back to bed where I decided I needed more sleep. I got some until 3.20 am when I was less confused. I did a walk round to gather paper for the recycling then had my normal meds. I got the diabetic meds together  with some milk and had my breakfast. I made a coffee and brought it back here to work at 3.55 am. At 6.00 am I made Mike’s coffee but thought I’d gone deaf until I realised the beggar hadn’t set his alarm. That meant it was my job. We had a good morning’s shopping when we went out at 7.00 am but I’m still no nearer getting more Christmas prezzies. The weather was so foul today with rain throughout the night then snow about 5.30 am followed by rain all day, so we decided to come home after lunch. There was a message to go to the hospital at 2.00 pm tomorrow, so much for a free weekend. I caught up on my mail during the afternoon and my sleep during the evening. no wonder he’s complaining about my company. Restart work at 9.00 pm to 11.30 pm.

wrapped up warm


Light out at midnight. Not a very long read but enough.I was drained from the pain in my right foot. I’m sure I got up once in the night and maybe had a conversation with a female. I definitely got up at 3.41 am and somebody had moved some of the rooms about. Then no they hadn’t, I was just confused. I put the light on in Mike’s room to see if anyone was there and there was, but luckily for me he didn’t wake. I went to the kitchen for my meds and some breakfast but found I had put the toast on first so had to hurry with my meds. Then my toast came out like French toast, with just one side browned and I had to work out which way to put them back in to brown the other side. A freakin’ disaster of a morning. Things can only get better………..                                                                 I caught up with my mail and remembered to drink my coffee. I did a couple of searches and I also had a rummage in Ebay for my still difficult Christmas prezzies. At 10.00 am I put the kettle on in the hopes Mike would soon be up. He made it by twenty past which wasn’t too bad. We couldn’t think of anything specific we wanted to do in the morning so we left at 11.30 am for Prestatyn and lunch. The beef was to die for. We came straight back to Holywell afterwards rather than go round shops in Prestatyn, it meant we could better gauge the time before leaving for the hospital. I managed to get a toy for my last great nephew, if only his Mum and Dad were as easy to buy for. We were at the hospital just before 2.00 pm and I didn’t have long to wait. I’m wondering if this is the last time I’ll have my legs dressed with the new treatment starting this week. We came home and watched a Christmas film that had us both throwing sarcastic remarks out. Mike left at 5.00 pm to go home while I spent time catching up on my mail.

May you all have the nicest of weeks in the change from November to December. Give smiles where you can and hugs where you will. Share a thought for all those people in refugee camps throughout the world and if you have a little cash to spare…….. there are also many people in prison in countries with few human rights, people who want to see some form of democratic change and a lot of journalists. Places like Saudi Arabia and Turkey which has undergone a radical change under Erdogan. Possibly the kind of changes the U.S. may follow as journalists are ridiculed.                                                            Look after yourselves.                                                                                                                             Huge Hugs


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76 responses to “Tears on my Pillow

  1. Great music choices. I’ve battled insomnia for years but as with any physical challenges that I’ve had within the last ten years I blame Menopause. Can’t sleep. Menopause. Weight gain. Menopause. Bad hair day. Menopause. Of course this will not work for you.
    But at least you have a kindred spirit here in Brooklyn, NY who also has troubles entering the land of Winkin’, Blinkin’ & Nod.

    However if I ate everyday like I did this past Thanksgiving Thursday I’d have no problems sleeping. Went to a friends house and we all ate ourselves into another 10 or 15 lbs and a good nights sleep! LOL!!

    • Thanks so much, I’mm glad you enjoyed the music. You’re right that I’d have a problem blaming menopause for all my problems but I think I’d rather sew my lips together than try your latest insomnia cure, my wardrobe would fold under the weight of Muumuu’s I’d have to buy.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. Well David, I am so pleased to read that your feet are improving. I have been worried about you. Must say you are very lucky to have the nurses stop by daily to dress your feet and legs even though that one nurse sounds a bit rough around the edges. Always enjoy the music and the lovely photos. I can’t believe it will B Christmas soon. You put me to shame wifh your organization in preparing and getting presents. I am a procrastinator and usually wait until the last minute. Hope you leave a lovely week. I look forward to the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center and the official start of the holiday season in NYC! Massive hugs my friend.❤️

    • I’m so pleased I can finally say the feet are on the mend Suzanne, it seems like a long time since I’ve worn shoes. Yes, I’ve been very lucky that nurses have been round daily to dress them, except at weekends when the mountain gets taken to Mohammed.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the music and the photos, I van’t accept your praise over my Christmas organisation though. Normally I’d have finished by now but I’ve barely touched the tip and that’s been via Ebay or Amazon.I’m struggling for ideas now with just over 3 weeks to go-panic.
      I hope then tree lighting at Rockerfeller Centre goes well and that you have a fantastic week.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  3. My thoughts are with you dear David, you are a courageous and humourous being. Thank you for the uplifting pics of those adorable kids and music links. I too have insomnia , I often wake at 4 after going to bed at 1 , browse the web, finally fall back to sleep. Must grim and bear it! Massive hugs!!

    • You’re a very kind lady with a slightly skewed vision of me Hollie. Thanks though. I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures and the music. without either of which I might just as well pack in blogging.. Insomnia can be awful but you could cheat. Go to bed at 9.00 pm then you’ll wake about midnight and can browse the net, then when you normally go to sleep at 1.00 am you’ll be set for the night. LOL
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  4. Good music choices today David!! (Except for the Johnny Mathias which informed me ‘won’t play in your country’) So I skipped over to You Tube and found a version that would 🙂 The photos of the children are lovely – they are so beautiful and well cared for, it does my heart good to see them. I chuckled my way through your various interactions and am glad to hear the feet are improving. xoxo

    • Thanks a lot Pauline. I wonder why the Johnny Nash wouldn’t play for you but I’m glad you found one that did. It’s such a good record. I’m glad you enjoyed this week’s pictures, I must go back to putting captions on. The feet are on their way now and I hope this weeks new course of treatment will hurry me back into shoes. Have a lovely week.
      xxx Hugs Unlimited xxx

  5. Scottie

    Hello David. I read your blog and I take special interest in your medical situation with regards to your feet. I use to work in a surgical ICU so I understand debridement. I was wondering what caused your condition to become so bad and how long you have been working to fix them. I suspect diabetes but there could be other causes or added circumstances. I hope you won’t mind the question, it is not the normal pleasantries. Be well. Hugs

    • Hi Scottie, you’re quite right that the underlying problem that caused the feet to become so bad so quickly is diabetes. I think it’s been about 8 weeks now since they became so bad following cellulitis and everyone thought it was just the cellulitis getting worse. I learned otherwise with the debridement..
      I don’t mind the question at all my friend.

      • Scottie

        I am glad you are getting good treatment ( except for the nurse who did not understand ouch ) Get better soon. Hugs

  6. David, good to read you legs are getting better. I’ve read that if you are in bed and unable to sleep your body is getting some rest at least. That’s as important as restorative sleep. Take care! 🌷Christine

    • Hello Christine, thanks so much. I’m a firm believer in relaxing in bed while waiting for sleep so that I’m rested even if sleep doesn’t come. But once I’m awake I’m awake and might as well work.

      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  7. Love the pictures of Reuben & Amelie … they need more snow than that, though, to build a proper snowman & snowwoman!!! So sorry about you stubbing your toe and that it brought you to tears … 😥

    Good music … I especially loved the Elton one, but then, I love most things Elton. Have a good week, my friend, and take care.

    xxx Cwtch xxx

  8. I’m so relieved your feet are getting so much better! But were you serious about the new treatment? It sounds like a recipe for dinner rather than a treatment for legs. Anyway, keep us posted. 🙂

    • Hello Andrea, thank you, it’s been slow progress so far. Yes, I’m afraid I was serious about the new cling film treatment but I don’t know if it will be as funny as it sounds. Will find out today I expect. It’s been so long since I have worn socks and shoes now I bet they’ll feel odd.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. It sounds like there is some improvement, David. The nursing is good in the UK compared to here in South Africa. We would never get home visits from nurses. Have a lovely week.

    • Oh yes, lot’s of improvement but still a bit of a way to go.The nursing is brilliant and I’m very grateful to our National Health Service which allows for home care.
      Have a Wonderful Week
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. Thanks, David, for the Mike and the Mechanics — sweet trip back a few years to start to my week! Nice to end your post on a sentiment for others worse off. It has been a dismal month, let’s hope December brings a bit of brightness! XO

    • Hello Mel, I’m happy to have supplied a piece of music that means something to you. I’m conscious of the strangeness of me talking about Christmas presents when the world is in such a mess so I thought I might as well remember them as I donate towards their relief. Yes, I hope December brings a bit of hope.
      Have a great week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  11. Ouch, ouch, ouch…I went two three times while reading this one, David. But! At least one nurse happy, so that’s good. As to people in prison over the world for wanting what they deserve – human rights – freedom – is a thought that should fill all our minds and generosity. Bravo! Hugs and hugs again. Keep on the up and up to healthy feet.

    • I’m having an ouch, ouch morning so far.I can’t find the off switch fr the pain in my right foot today.But if the nurse is happy with progress, who am I to worry. Thank you, human rights prisoner have committed no crime except to question their current regimes and every Government should value that.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  12. Sounds as though the feet are improving. Hope they may be back to some semblance of normality this week. And I echo your sentiments about the world at the end! Hugs!

  13. My eyes are watering at the thought of catching your toe like that. All this very Welsh weather has made me think a lot about people without homes and shelter. I hope that all the blankets we made to go to Syrian refugees arrive and are soon keeping children warm… my heart aches.
    Huge hugs xxxx

    • I’m sure Syrian children will get the benefits of the wonderful blankets you made Jan. They’ll get a much warmer start to Christmas than they’d have ot where they came from.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  14. I am pleased to hear your feet are improving. With any luck, you’ll be up and running (well, walking) and will be able to be chasing after the difficult Christmas presents. I have students from many places at the UoPeople (including Sirian refugees) and although we don’t hear much of their stories, it makes one think for sure. Take lots of care, David. Lovely to see the kids’ picks. They are so grown-up! Big hugs.

    • Thanks so much Olga. I hope to be up and about chasing everything by the time they finish the new treatment. You can’t help but wonder about the stories from the refugees can you. The kiddies are growing so fast.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. Keep on keeping on getting better, David, and stay warm!

  16. I was so pleased to read that your feet are improving. I hope this week’s new treatment goes well. Listened to “Mike and the Mechanics” and it brought back lots of memories…
    The children look so happy to see the snow. May they build many snowmen. I hope you get through your Christmas list with ease, and may all those prisoners be set free. Hugs xx

    • I hope so too, but I’m still waiting for the new treatment t start or to hear from someone. It’s a really good record isn’t it.
      The kids don’t really know snow though I think Reuben’s seen it before but was too young to understand the fun aspect. I shall go trawling on ebay for ideas again and hope to get lucky. Yes, I so hope they get freed and don’t just disappear as many often do in a dictatorship.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  17. I’m a little late this week. Hd a busy Sunday. The big problem with those electronic thingys on the floor is they always creep out to catch our feet. Glad the legs are responding. I am looking forward to more good news this week. The photos are adorable (and why not?) My best wishes to you for the week, David.

    • Thanks so much John. I think those thingys on the floor lay deliberate traps. The response to treatment has started but they say it will only go further with this new treatment. Trouble is no-one’s been today so far so I don’t know when it’s starting. So glad you liked the photos without which
      ]there would be no blog..
      My very best to you John,

  18. Wonderful photos and music, David, and I’m so glad to hear that your feet are improving and the skin looks clear. Yay! Not being able to sleep is such a problem for so many people. I’m wishing your sweet dreams. Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

    • Thank you Diana, The feet are improving and the skin is clear where they’ve managed to clear the dead wood. There’s a lot more to go though. I’m very lucky that not being able to sleep doesn’t present a big problem as I can work and then power nap later.
      Have a fantastic week,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  19. I am glad your legs are improving David and hope that the new treatment is successful. It must have hurt like hell when you banged your toe though!!
    Loving your music choices as always and the Rueben and Amelie are just as gorgeous as always.
    Massive hugs xxxxx

    • Thanks so much Judy, The new treatment doesn’t seem to have started yet the old has finished, No-one’s appeared so far today.. Oh yes. I tried to think nice thoughts but the blue words seemed to get out anyway. I;m so glad you liked the music and my choice of pics too.
      xxx Hugs without End xxx

  20. My goodness! Hasn’t she grown?! You sound more chipper than lately, I hope the legs and meds keep working okay.
    Where on earth did you find that pic of Elton John? Nearly laughed myself off my chair 😀
    xxx wintry hugs xxx (wrapped up warm 🙂 )

    • You should see what she eats. I am chipper at the moment waiting for the new treatment. I expected it today but it seems she doesn’t understand the leaflet. So, maybe tomorrow.
      That pic is on Youtube but I remember he wore that on stage at some point and the music video was advertised with that.I used to have a Greatest Hits on video which was great. I never got the DVD of it.
      xxx Massive Warming Hugs xxx

  21. Look at those cutie pies – I bet they are excited about the upcoming holidays!

  22. Oh my goodness, David, the Elton John video – took me right back. Loved it. Hope the new treatment works. Gorgeous children… growing so much!! ❤

    • Yes, sometimes these little memory tweaks can catch you unawares. Thanks Judith, I hope the new treatment helps us clean up both feet so they look human again. The kids surprise me each time I see them, I swear they’ll both be taller than me next week.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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  24. Those expressions looking at the snow! Lovely photographs as ever.

    Very glad that the treatment has been effective…goodness only knows what awaits you with the clingfilm!

    As the post is so awful and so expensive Christmas presents are a thing of the past . Like most of our friends we give our dosh to small charities which spend it on those in need rather than on fat salaries.

    • Looks of surprise and wonder.
      It seems the cling film has gone by the by now and I can use the cream without. That may go one for a while but dressings for just two more days I hope then shoes and socks again.
      I’m glad there are still some charities left like that.
      xxx Hugs Galore Helen xxx

  25. Those pictures are so amazing, they look so happy (well, maybe they have ambiguous feelings toward the snow). 🙂 And great music, I was tapping my toes…
    I’m glad you’re feeling a tad better, sending you all kinds of positive thoughts, virtual hugs, and hope across The Pond, get even betterer (not a word, it should be), dear friend.
    Keep hunting for the prezzies and know we’re all out here, rooting for you. 🙂
    Massive Thank you for being the bringer of smiles and hugs and more smiles, um, hugs xoxoxoxo

    • Ha,their first real snow. It didn’t last though. They’re generally a happy couple of kiddies which is good.
      More than a tad better, I’ll tell you first. The podiatrist carved snowmen in all my toas yesterday and took away almost the last of the necrotic skin. As of today, I take over looking after myself with the new treatment which disappointingly does not involve cling film. The nurses were happy I knew what I was doing.(fools) and will just pop in someday next week. I can wear socks and shoes and go out on Saturday. Tomorrow I have scans for liver/kidney function. Such joy.
      xxx Sending you Humongous Hugs Donna xxx

  26. hope the legs are ok, Dave. You need to be ‘casting your lallies’ as my wife calls it – Norfolk for walking.. apparently. And thanks for reminding me of the Living Years – doesn’t he have a fab voice? Here’s to a good nights kipping – if anyone deserves to leave you alone it’s bloody Somnos…

    • Legs are finally doing really well thanks. All of the singers in the group have got great voices, I was astonished to find one is the old lead singer of a group I liked back in the 70’s, Sad Cafe.
      I think Somnos is leaving me alone so must have liked my proposal. Not that I’m sleeping more but at least I don’t smell the goats now,

  27. Lovely pictures of the children. It’s wonderful your feet are so much better. I certainly hope we don’t lose our great news programs in the U.S. with our excellent journalists and newsmen. We had been taking our freedoms for granted but no longer can. Thanks for the good music. xxx Huge Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne. I hope you don’t lose your news programmes too or have them taken over by Trump supporters or you’ll never see anything true again. They cry Fake News and then produce it.
      Feet are doing well thank you I’m glad you enjoyed the pics and the music,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  28. I’m glad to hear your legs are improving, David, and I hope you are soon feeling better. Great shots of the grandkids. I’m sure they make you smile.

  29. Your post has left me smiling once again, I’m reminded of my Mom waiting with excitement for all the goodies she has purchased from Amazon to be delivered, she has been in the Christmas spirit for weeks! I did some winter decorating this afternoon and organized my cards as well…I’m drinking a warm cup of tea as I visit your world, thank you for sharing, I always enjoy the trip!

    • Nothing could please me more than to have you visit and for the little push I need knowing that your Mom’s ahead of me.I must pull my finger out this weekend.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  30. Your days are so ordered, David. I wish I had half the discipline you have. I so enjoy the photos of the kids. Adorable ❤

  31. So glad to hear your feet are coming along, David. Before long you will be hopping along. The Elton John song goes way back and is one of my favs by him. Thanks for sharing photos of the grandbabies.

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