The Party Starts…………When?

ody is making you get enough sleep to compensate for thre overactive mind.b Monday.

I was up and about at 2.45 am and went through to the kitchen to put the washing on while I had my meds and my breakfast. I chose to go down the route of toast this morning  completely forgetting it was only doing one side at a time. I wandered back to my bedroom with a cup of coffee about 3.20 am and started work. So many nice comments on the blog. If I didn’t put the photos of the kids up I think I might  as well close down. Once the wash cycle was over I turned it to the appropriate drying one and just left it. Got back to the bedroom and found I’d forgotten to put my white cotton gloves in. Doh!                                                                                                                                                      Darren came with a parcel for me and Once I’d cleared my box I was able to check it and leave feedback. I got to see the last half of HUtH where I was able to glance out of the front window to see the nurse as she came. Trouble is she didn’t come then or after when  I wrote my Christmas cards or when I either cooked or ate lunch and I specifically had the same lunch she interrupted last week. After lunch I had 40 winks in the chair which lasted about three quarters of an hour, no doorbell woke me, no phone messages either. I returned to work for a catch up. No-one here by 3.00 pm. So I started watching Escape to the Country. I was just getting to the point where I’d have been watching through my eyelids when a voice penetrated the fog. The nurse, not THE Nurse but the nearest one to her. I didn’t get the new treatment as she didn’t  understand exactly what to do so she’d take the leaflet back to the office to clarify things with Sarah who arranged for this treatment. In the meantime she had  tug and a tear at my feet until I could squirm no longer and was forced to shout “And that foot’s bloody sore” as I removed it from her grip. I didn’t mind leaving the other one until she found a large portion of skin almost ready to go. Half went. When she spoke to me it was like the words were being fired and there was no time to waste with full sentences It was nice to close the door as she left.                                                                                                                                                    I gave Joey the job of comforting me then. After a spate of catching up until 4.30 am I came to watch Flog It ( not a programme on Sadism) then PYMWYMI but unfortunately I missed all of this because the gears on my eyelids gave way and then jammed. I couldn’t get them open and I also slep ( examined my eyelids) through the next programme too. At 9.00 am I returned to find my mailbox jammed and had to work until 12.25 am before getting to bed.

elf love


I was shocked when I woke up and found it was 4.00  am until I realised I hadn’t put my book down until 1.00 am. First job my meds and some breakfast. That done I came back to work, to chaos.None of my sites still had registered log ins against them so I had to go searching for the sign-ins to each site again. First was the bank which was the one I’d been trying to sign into anyway. When I finally sorted that one I had to start again with this one. I was at it until 5.30 am before I could hit the mail. That took a further 3 hours to clear. At about 9.30 am the podiatrist arrived. She’s a lovely young lady, ( she was carrying a scalpel when I said that). She debrided my left foot really thoroughly and it wasn’t really sore except one place. The left foot she did as much as she could but there were 3 very painful areas for me which she left for now. They’re painful because there are deep cracks in the skin at those points which can’t heal yet. Maybe they will with the new treatment. Yvonne and Amelie arrived during this session. Amelie seemingly had no problem with some random woman attacking her pops with a scalpel. Once the podiatrist had gone, Amelie became more interested in me as someone who could put a step up to the sink so she could wash her hands. I don’t think she’d Lady Macbeth but you never know.                                                                                                                                  Yvonne went to the chippie for us all but by that time Ami had found my Maltesers so chips didn’t stand a chance. For some reason an Aero mousse didn’t either. They left at 12.30 pm so Yvonne had time to change for work and to pick Reuben up from school. Meanwhile at 3.00 pm the nurse arrived and caught me checking my eyelids in front of the TV. The new treatment started …..without the cling film. My legs and feet were washed and carefully dried. A thick layer of the cream was applied and it was left for three minutes (heating up I think) before being rubbed into the skin. Excess was removed with a tissue. Today the legs were dressed again. Tomorrow someone will come and the legs may not be dressed. If I think I can follow the destructions on my own then that may be the case on Thursday and I shall cope thereafter. Back to socks and shoes and going out, Hurrah. Worked to 4.30 am then stayed away until 9.00 pm and the final burst which has taken until 12.11 am tonight.


The clock and I aren’t on speaking terms at the moment. It was almost 1.00 am when I turned out the light last night. I settled quickly and fell asleep. This morning I saw 2.43 am on the clock and took it to be acceptable only to find with the light on that it was in fact 2.13 am. And yet now I was up and couldn’t even go for my meds and some breakfast. Not really acceptable at all. I had to start my mail early. I worked until 3.00 am then went to get my meds and some breakfast. Having filled my face I took my coffee back to my desk and continued working.                                                                                       The postman brought a parcel I wanted which I checked over before leaving feedback. I had just settled in my chair to watch Homes Under the Hammer when I felt the urge to count some sheep. I could hear the baa baa of their bleating and suddenly David, David, such miraculous sheep they were when one of my nurses was shaking me by the shoulder. They asked me to do my legs from the soaking stage which I did and having shown I can master a towel and some cream I was told the job was mine. They left and I had my lunch and watched Bargain Hunt, I managed just over half an hour’s nap time before returning to work. I cleared my inbox in time for the arrival of Dil come to play games. I’m sure no-one is interested in what happened but I’ll be grateful if in future I hear no mention of that name from you lot.                                                                                  At 9.00 pm when we finished he left and after taking my meds I came through to work. It’s now 11.55 pm and I’m going to bed,

huge elf hug


After a read which took me until almost 1.00 am because I spent so much time going back to see if I.d read something. Sleep came relatively easy and there were dreams waiting in the wings. I got up at 2.57 am and was convinced there was someone behind me in bed doing some nice things to my neck.I was very careful not to disturb her by putting my light on. After my meds and breakfast  I brought my coffee back with me but she’d gone. I started work on the mail which took me until nearly 7.00 am to complete.I actually went through to my chair about 6.45 am. I admit I nodded off quite happily but this was for more than 40 winks. I was there till 9.30 am and very strange too. I was completely out of it and was rolling around like a drunken sailor. I had strange thoughts and pains in my legs but not from the sores. I thought I was about to suffer like you can get on an aeroplane.  The nearest I get to that is driving with Mike.                                           I decided to brave this new world and took a slow walk up to Pauline’s for my lottery tickets. It would be nice to win about now. Mike arrived about 2.30 pm his private jet had taken the journey well. About 140 miles in about ten minutes I think.At 3.20 pm we toddled of for the scan. I didn’t have long to wait but the exercise took a while and the gel was very cold. At least I know I’m not pregnant now. We called in for bread and milk before going home and when we got home it was lovely to be in away from the bitter cold. We were in time for all my antique shows though Mike fell asleep and missed the early ones. At 9,00 pm I came through to start the evening catch up. It’s 11.35 pm and I’ve finished, almost an early night.


I got a nice extra lie-in this morning until 3.55 am, it was lovely. I practically bounded out of bed and went to the kitchen. It was then I remembered it’s Friday so I have the weeks meds to sort before I can get breakfast. I better not say too much on the subject as a close friend has told me I”m whingey and whiney this week. I finished that job with great joy at about 4.45 am and had my weetabix. I came back to my desk with my coffee.                  It took a little longer than usual to catch up but by 8.00 am I was there. Then I found myself drifting off to sleep again but was stil carrfying on writing to whatever came in,    ( see I was doing it again there), then jerking awake and correcting what I’d written before it was sent out (I hoped). One of my nurses came to make sure I was still happy and to bring supplies, lint pads, tubular leg dressing etc. I asked how their shared supplied were going and was told they were down so I gave her another box to take up. I reminded her I might supply the temptation but I never make them eat. I don’t want a load of chubby but angry nurses on my doorstep in the new year.                                            It was a messy morning with work ebbing and flowing. At midday I had lunch and then settled in my chair for what I hope would be a full 40 winks. I think I’ve got a faulty box recently though as I couldn’t get off at all. I returned to work . At 4.30 pm I was knocking off to see ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ which if it’s on next week will be abbreviated. Mike returned about 6.15 am and brought me some chips so I wouldn’t touch his tea he said.  Cruel….but true.                                                                                          At 7.30 after Mastermind, I had a shower and what a delight after so long.  I dealt with my feet and legs after that then worked for a while since he was watching football on the TV. I came back to watch ‘Have I Got News For You’.After that it was head down and clear the in-box. Bed about midnight.


I woke at 2.52 am but in the interest of keeping my story straight and my kneecaps in place I did not leave my bed until the clock struck three. Then it was off for my meds and breakfast. Despite knocking something over as I left the kitchen, technically it was just in then lounge so the kitchen remained intact. I was back at my desk with a coffee by 3.40 am.                                                                                                                                                             At 6.00 am I made Mike a coffee and called him then I got dressed and started taking the buns and the recycling bags out. When I got back in I gave him another call. went to wash my hands and just returned to work for a while.Mike got up at 20 past. At 7.00 am we were on the road, we went back for the car. It was our usual first supermarket but today we had his breakfast elsewhere as he wanted to be in Chester for 10.00 am to collect something he’d had saved by a shop. It didn’t take us too long and we were making our way back to Flint by some convenient long cuts we didn’t know. We had a little toddle there, bought a couple of things, had coffee to say hello to Temptations, got some frozen food and headed home to put it away. As soon as we;d done that it was back out or lunch. So wandering in the cold. playing in the freezer then out in the freezing rain again you can see why I’ve got a blinkin’ cold. I was glad to get home.                         Mike watched his sport while I played catch up this afternoon. At 5,00 pm I broke off to watch TV with Mike and to see to my feet and legs. At 9.00 pm I said goodnight to Joey and came through for the big finish. 11.15 tonight and I’m getting an early night.

photo shoot 3


Oh Dear, I don’t think 1.50 am was exactly what I had in mind for this new enterprise to start on. I’d hoped that by giving Somnos something new to build his hopes on, he’d be concentrating on me less. I suppose it’s only obvious that he’s be keeping an eye to see if the poster had started achieving results. Personally I think he’s be far better keeping an eye on himself to see if his stature increases than on me. However, he’d woken me this morning to let me know he thought he was looking bigger and did I agree. What else was I going to say but yes, in the hopes of future sleep. He left me alone but of course I was wide awake.                                                                                                                                          Far too early to have breakfast I just signed on and started work on my mail. At 3.00 am I fed and watered after taking my meds. I brought a coffee back to the desk. By about 7.00 am the workload was clear and I was beginning to fade a bit. I was gently nodding at the desk trying to answer mail as it came in but also avoid writing anything ridiculous and sending it out. Quite a balance problem. At 10.00 am Mike got up and I went through and joined him in the lounge. I still felt so full of cold and didn’t bother getting dressed.  I didn’t want to go out for lunch either and knew Mike had his grandson’s birthday to attend I just had to shuffle him out of the house. He was kind enough to help me wrap some presents then he set off home. I was very good and came through to play catch-up before having something to eat and then I settled myself in front of the TV to ignore some Christmas films by examining my inner eyelids. I stayed there until 9.00 pm and then came to accept the censure of having left my mail for so long. It took a long time.

the slide

I wish you all peace and much Joy in this lead up to Christmas. I hope you’ll be able to share the joy via either a smile or a hug with all those who seem to be missing either of those things. Perhaps we can spare time to remember out homeless  and the needy. Remember those who don’t share this celebration with us but nonetheless wish us well and especially remember those for whom this celebration is utter misery. Any way we can spread joy can only make the world a better place. And if it costs us a few shillings in the process, so what. To all my friends of other religions who don’t share this celebration, just enjoy the holiday and the good feelings it usually generates. They never last.                Hugs to you all.


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44 responses to “The Party Starts…………When?

  1. I think I have got your condition as sleep appears to be absent lately, I am not sure how you keep sounding so good as I appear to be falling apart.
    Loving seeing the elves had arrived, are they getting up to mischief? Hope your staying in the warm while your all snotty, I would pass it on to Mike if I was you. Glad your legs are getting better and so pleased you had a shower, that’s probably how you caught a cold best keep your clothes on! Lol. Xxx

    • Oh, just when I got a reprieve too. I slept to 4.25 am today. Say a quick prayer to Somnos and he might help you. I haven’t seen any mischief yet, but perhaps when I go tomorrow? All snottiness appears to have gone. I haven’t heard from Mike today but if I gave him the cold before he left I’ll hear him squeal today. Feet and legs doing really well now, I’ll treat them after I’ve done my running about this morning. You may be right that I caught the cold under the shower but it was better than the thought I might be humming when I was too near anyone else.
      xxx Huge Hugs Karen xxx

  2. That shower must have been bliss.
    Take care of yourself and be assured that, super as the pics of the young entry are, we rad you for yourself.

  3. Beautiful wishes at the end your post, David. That’s what the season is all about. I’m so glad shoes are in your near future! Thanks for the wonderful pics of the kids and a Happy Holiday season to you. Gigantic hugs. ❤

    • Hello Diana, I agree that’s what the season is all about. Shoes featured heavily in my life on Saturday and I survived. Anther short run this morning as I order drugs and send cards. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures of the kiddies. Have a Wonderful Christmas.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  4. The pics of the kids are perhaps the most adorable yet, but know that we all read this blog because we love you! Thanks for the music! James Taylor is always welcome to sing for me, and I love the Cat Stevens also! Now, I think your friend of Thursday was very rude to leave without saying so much as ‘good-bye’, and perhaps deserves a smack upside the head, don’t you?

    So, so glad that your feet are FINALLY showing improvement … it seems like years! Sorry you have a cold, but I have a theory. I think that last nurse, the one who couldn’t figure out how to read instructions, hurt you, and couldn’t even speak in whole sentences, brought a germie into the house. The timing is right … 2-3 days gestation. Take care of the cold, my friend.

    I love what you said at the end … similar to the message at the end of my own Monday post, but yours is much more eloquently stated.

    Many, Many Hugs!!!

    • Thank you for your kindness Jill. James Taylor is another one of my favourites who will crop up from time to time. Cat Stevens too. I think I’ll have to issue a blanket amnesty since smacks upside the head can be bad for you.
      I’m chuffed the feet are responding so well, it does seem a long time.I never thought to lay the blame at anyone’s door for the cold but that’s a good door to lay it at.
      Thank you, it’s my usual message but perhaps you laid the foundation in my mind this year.It’s good to have someone do my thinking for me these days. Happy Holidays.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • I speak only the truth. Blanket amnesty, eh? Mellowing with age, my friend?

        A cold cannot happen without a germ, and a germ was likely picked up from another person. It only stands to reason that the nurse who could not read, likely missed the part of her training where she was supposed to wash her hands between patients, so she likely brought you somebody else’s germ. Stands to reason.

        If so, I am honoured, but you certainly do not need anyone to do your thinking for you, as you do it quite well on your own … with both logic and kindness.

        xxx Cwtch xxx

  5. Who says being at home with a blog and feet that have seen better days was boring!? You got action cut out for you day and night, with periods of shut-eye in between. Keep up the regime on all sides, was thinking how much enjoyment I get reading your weekly post – thank you. Hope Santa is extra good to you this year. Hugs many times over.

    • You could say I got action cut out for me day and night given the amount of carving the scalpels have done on my feet recently. But now it’s all finished and seems worthwhile. I’m so glad you enjoy reading the blog which should be The Misanthrope’s Memories. I don’t mind if Santa donates elsewhere,
      xxx Hugs Galore to you Ina xxx

  6. Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    More from our David…

  7. It’s a good thing you’ve got those pix of the kids to make us smile (although I must admit I cracked up with your comment about Flog It), as the descriptions of the scalpel-bearing nurse and the torture performed on your tootsies has me aching with you! Thanks for a lovely post of music and mental meanderings as usual. A warm week of hugs to you, David! xo

    • Hi Mel, Sorry if I caught you unawares with Flog It,. The sculptures are all done now and I was delighted to see Trump’s face not among them. I’m so glad you liked the pics and the music and even the mental meanderings.
      xxx Hugs Unlimited xxx

  8. Well David I’m pleased mobility is being restored so the ballet classes can resume in the new year. I missed your jetes. Sounds ‘orrid mind you so good to know. And yes don’t we all just come back for the gorgeous piccies… oh and the music of course!

    • The ballet classes are cancelled as my legs are too too distracting to the instructor. I’m delighted you all come back for the pics and obviously for the music too which bring all kinds of memories back.

  9. Are you playing Santa this year? Be careful on that roof then. Lovely pics as usual 🙂

  10. We love your posts, pics or not, although as we’ve all adopted your grandchildren we would miss them for sure. I had a bad cold (well, still lingers) and haven’t slept quite as well either. Perhaps it’s the season too.
    Do take lots of care.

    • Thank you Olga. Don’t worry, the kids are staying as long as the pictures keep coming. I’m sorry about your lingering cold and your lack of sleep. The first will get better anyway, the second is due to a change of Country air and means you have to come back to the UK.
      Have a Wonderful Week,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  11. Having worked out HUtH eventually, just before we got to your translation, I gave up on PYMWYMI and decided it was a Welsh language programme 🙂
    We’d read even without the kids photos and the other enticements 🙂
    xxx MH xxx

    • HaHa it’s under the blog cast list on the front page. The missing one is Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is currently running at 5,15 pm on BBC1. It’s good enough to be a Welsh language programme though.
      I think I’ll keep the other enticements going nonetheless.
      Thank you lovely friend
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx.

  12. Got bust yesterday, David. So I’m a little late today. The new treatment sounds like it gives you mobility at least. (Not to mention a shower. Thank heavens) I have found the gears on my eyelids get stuck in the down position as well. I wonder if a recall is in order. Have a beautiful week.

  13. That word should be busy not bust. I haven’t had bust in years.

    • I’m sure the bra manufacturers are pleased John. Ye. with the new treatment I have gained my shoes and socks back so no wheelchair and conversations with navels again. Being allowed to shower is wonderful and people are standing closer to speak to me, no megaphones. I decided not to go for recall on my eyelids thinking it was better to show I was making the effort to repair them before claiming for damage on the house insurance.I just don’t want to rush it.

  14. I am so glad your feet are improving but Monday’s nurse…Hopefully you will be rid of your cold soon. Glad to note your comment on sleeping past four am. Hugs xx

  15. I didn’t know eyelids had gears. Mine just snap open and shut. All the elves were cute — the ones in red costumes and the live ones.

    xxx eyelid hugs xxx (eyelid hugs are feather light)

    • The eyelid hugs were a delight Anne, thank you. Yes, my eyelids have gears to raise and lower them but you don’t notice till they’re faulty.
      Have a wonderful week
      Hugs Galore xxx

  16. A very merry holiday season to you and yours, John.
    I value your friendship, good sir.

  17. Thanks for the music. Two of my favorites: Cat Stevens and James Taylor. I got to see James live in Charlotte, NC, a few years ago. Fabulous entertainer. Glad to hear your feet are improving!


  18. Thank you for the update David, it does sound as though things are progressing. Your circadian clock is right in line with my own. Go figure. I love all the music links and photographs, music’s great , kids are beautiful, Keep trucking onward. Massive hugs to you!xxx

    • It’s a pity you don’t live closer Hollie we could meet and play Scrabble when everyone else is sleeping.If there are a few like us we could form a club.I’m so glad you enjoyed the music and of course the pictures
      Wishing you a Fantastic Christmas.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • That would be fabulous! Problems solved…watching all those sleeping people, gloating on how they are missing out. I would adore watching movies maybe playing pinochle with other night owls. 🙂 Huge sleepy hugs xxxx

  19. Lovely pictures of the children as always, David. It’s great you’re out and about again with your shoes on. Thanks for the music. Take care.xxxGiganic hugsxxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks so much Suzanne. I’m enjoying every minute of this new hard won freedom. I just want to get my Christmas shopping finished in time now. I’m glad you liked the pics and my music choices.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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