Monday’s Boy, the gloat too far.


This Monday’s boy is sitting here gloating. When was the last time one of you night owls could say you slept till 4.25 am.!!!! It’s not as though I didn’t get to close the computer at 11.20 pm last night or that I only read until 11.50 pm, and I was certainly asleep in no time at all. I wonder if this is a bonus from Somnos. If so, I hope for many more to come. I had a late breakfast and took my meds then brought a coffee through to catch up on all I’d missed since posting the blog last night. It’s been it’s usual good response. At 8.30 am I dressed and at 9.00 am went to the chemist and the post office. Time to start sending Christmas cards out and today was the turn of the foreign ones. The morning was eaten up writing cards and playing catch-up. I had lunch and watched most of Bargain Hunt, the rest I just heard till I burnt my fingers and howled. As soon as it was over I turned off and caught 40 winks.                                                                                                                             2.00 pm to 4.30 pm I was either dealing with emails or doing my legs and feet. Loads of skin came off that I wasn’t expecting. From 4.30 till 9.00 pm was my break, sacrosanct in it’s inflexibility. Time for Joey and I to bond.Ha!! I’ve never met a less social bird.               At 9.00 pm I came through to catch up on my mail. I was ready for bed at 11.40 pm. Time for a little read.


I really struggled to get to sleep last night. I’d turned my light off in preparation but maybe I’d had 40 winks too many yesterday. I know 12.30 am came and went and I was still running the same conversation over and over in my head. Eventually I know I dropped off and I remember nothing then until my eyes opened and I was awake. 2.28 am. I sat on the edge of the bed hoping I could fall asleep again, but not with the cigarette still in my hand preferably. At just before 3.00 am I went and took my meds and had some breakfast. I worked steadily up to 6.45 am and then prepared myself to go out. The forecast isn’t good but I don’t mind the weather too much. The journey was good and it didn’t rain at all. I saw Reuben and walked him part way to school then afterwards Yvonne, Amelie and I went for a drink and a wee. Well OK, it was just me for the wee. We had a look round new shops and I was successful at finding all but one of the gifts I’m finding difficult for Christmas. I have lots of small ones to go now.                                          I caught my bus home and to save time called in at the chippie to pick up lunch. They were delighted to see me back out and about and wouldn’t accept money for my meal. They’re beautiful people. There was a note through the door from the nurses to say they’d called, knocked and waited, would I please call them. I asked Yvonne to get in touch for me. I wasn’t expecting them today as last week we made arrangements to come back on Wednesday to see how I’m getting on.                                                                              Catching up on mail was my priority this afternoon so no chance of 40 winks but typically I fell asleep watching TV later and woke at 9.30 pm leaving me in a catch -up panic. Just gone midnight and I’ve made it.

the youngest swinger in town


How things change.I opened my eyes to 3.48 am this morning. From an ‘about’ 12.30 am start I’d say that’s not bad given my current record. I swung my legs out of bed (the right side) and stood up in the dark. I wasn’t too sure who I was but I obviously either knew there was a lamp handy or saw it in the glow of the runway lights in the hall. With the light on I was better able to start looking for the lower half of my loungewear. You’d think that wearing it would have made the job easy but hey, when have I ever done things the easy way. Things started coming back to me and the cloud of confusion dispersed. Good, I was getting very cold and embarrassed standing there not half naked. I went through to the kitchen and took my sprays then popped some bread in the toaster. I remembered I needed some milk at this point to take my diabetic meds and as I got the milk, remembered I hadn’t taken my morning meds……which would now have to wait until I’d eaten. Everything done, I took my coffee back to work.                                              Once I was clear I went to sit in the lounge ready or Homes Under the Hammer which was minutes away. The postie came but no sign of the parcel I was expecting today. But as soon as my programme started one of my nurses came. I was confused as she asked whether she was starting with washing my feet and legs. I had to explain I did that now. She was happy with my feet and we agreed that I officially don’t need the District Nurses now unless I call them (by which she meant Yvonne). So I’m fully responsible for my own care now. But she was kind enough to leave me a load of dressings.                                         My brother (ex) arrived to play cards etc at about 4.20 pm. We watched a quiz on the TV first and started playing at 6.00 pm. I don’t want to hear mention of that person ever again withing the next week at least. He’s evil and left with a smile. I took my meds then had a sandwich before I started catch up. It’s taken me to 12.05 am to get almost clear. A couple have to wait until the morning.


2.25 am this morning didn’t seem too bed until I think back to 12.45 am last night. Even if I fell asleep immediately that’s still only 1 hour 40 minutes. I wonder if Somnos has forgotten our agreement or if my experiment hasn’t worked. If I could just get each of my followers to mention him once I’m sure it would convince him to leave me alone. I worked on. At 8.30 am I got dressed and forced a shoe on my right foot. At 9.00 am I took a slow walk over to Pauline’s picking up some bread as well as my lottery. Flippin’ ‘eck it was cold. When I got back I did a little more work then went to catch HuTH to see what was out there. The postman arrived. Still no parcel, at least not the one I’m waiting for.   After lunch I nodded off in my chair and I was so away with the fairies I didn’t even hear Sharon arrive yet she says she spoke to me. She’d been here 15 minutes before I came round. I left her to it and came back to my room to work, intending to catch up on the rest of the 40 winks in here. Instead I got kind of caught up in Christmas and ordering from Ebay.                                                                                                                              I worked until 4.30 pm then went to watch a little TV. Mike turned up about 6.30 pm and like an old married couple started talking about our respective weeks. I’m getting worried. At 9.00 pm I came through for the major catch up finishing about 11.30 pm with luck.



3.22 am this morning and from a midnight light-off I’m counting this a win.I got up to take my meds  and remembered it’s Friday and the day to replenish my drug trays for another week. I’m very organised, every two week I order a different half of the meds so there’s always enough. Once I’d done that I had some toast and took the diabetic stuff. One round(small) of toast with jam on and one without. I would have had Weetabix but was worried about the milk holding out. Maybe I can get some more milk today so I’m covered for tomorrow.                                                                                                                          At 9.00 am I took a card to the Post Office for ‘par avion’ and picked up milk from Pauline’s on the way back. Somehow a teabreak Twix slipped into my hand while there. I returned home in time to collect 4 parcels from Darren which I was able to leave feedback on before watching HuTH with Mike. As soon as it was done he left for Manchester. I was happy to be at home working in the warm.                                                After lunch at 12.15 pm I watched Bargain Hunt, washed my plate and settled for a kip.  It lasted nicely until  2..20 pm and I was ready to work again. I worked until my usual 4.30 pm the found a message on my phone to say Mike was on his way at twenty past. He got home complete with fish and chips at 6.45 pm. After Mastermind I showered and then saw to my legs  which are so much better already. I watched HIGNFY and then came through at 9.30 pm, later than usual, to catch up. Three minutes to midnight now, will I make it?

Tremendous record from this Ohio based group in late 1967.


A terrible 1.55 am this morning and I’d already tried closing my eyes and pretending I wasn’t awake.In fairness it may be I’d heard something as a hail storm started soon after I got up and it wasn’t the first judging by the ground. As I was awake I went straight to work until 3.00 am when I went for breakfast. Having fed my face I came back with a coffee to see how many con-merchants from Nigeria are after my money today in order to get my hands on millions. Needless to say there was one only now he’s(?) claiming to be a bank manager in the UK.                                                                                                        Mike got up about 6.20 am and we were out of the house at 7.00 am The weather was atrocious with snow. It slowed us down and we were running late so we went straight to lunch from shopping then dashed home to drop the shopping off, change clothes for something smart and then go back out to Chester for my daughter’s 40th birthday. Ugo had set up a TV with a continuous reel of photographs charting her life, there were tears in my eyes especially when there were pictures of Ju with her. It was a surprise party and she genuinely seemed surprised. She was still unwrapping presents and greeting people when we left at 6.30 pm. I needed to do a lot of catching up today  and rest up before a different party starts tomorrow with my lovely cousins in attendance. 11.30 pm and I’ve done as much as I can for tonight, I need some rest.

all girls together


3.59 am of the clock And All’s Well. At least I knew who I was and I knew where I was. I also knew I was to take meds but for the life of me I couldn’t remember where they were. By the time I did, I needed more milk to take them with. As I opened the fridge to get some out I noticed that somehow we’d ended up with Red-Top yesterday. Mike senile for picking it up, my bad for putting it away without noticing it yesterday. At least it wasn’t full fat like last time. I brought a coffee back to my desk and started work. It seemed non-stop this morning but somehow some time after 8.00 am I nodded off at the keyboard. The letters are still in reverse on my forehead. Luckily Mike had set his alarm for 9.00 am. I went and made him a coffee. As I went through to tell him it was there, his alarm went off for the second time. He got up on the third one which is better than a Saturday. Snow covered the ground and was still coming down. We went out about 10.15 am and fuelled up then headed to a nearby shop ‘The Range’. We had a coffee and a good walk round.                                                                                                                                                    At midday we started heading for Chester. it was still snowing but the main roads had been treated and ploughed. By 12.45 am we were there and parking up at a multi storey by the restaurant. All the family were there apart from Yvonne and Co. The young waitress must have been so upset at serving a lime and lemonade that she tossed in over my leg. The patting down attention was nice though. For the second time in two days Yvonne walked in and was surprised by us all. I don’t know how Amelie stayed asleep. The meal was an ‘eat all you want’ buffet of World foods so I had some pizza and lots of different potatoes. My niece went up to get puddings and brought me a selection including BFG so I was happy. A Birthday cake with enough candles to be a fire hazard was brought through and even the waiters sang Happy Birthday.                                           It was soon time to depart. Mike was going home and gave my nieces instruction to drop me off on their way. I don’t know whether he suggested stopping to do so. I hugged my lovely cousins as hard as I could (especially the one who brought me Titterton’s pies) and we left. Karen and Jo dropped me at home. hugged me and left. I went in to give Joey a bit of light. It was about 4.30 pm. I couldn’t afford much wasted time today so I took an hour to have a couple of pies and some strawberries and then came through to work. Over 200 waiting to be dealt with.

I wish you all a wonderful week.  I always ask favours of you, usually to spare smiles and hugs for those in need, remember there can be a wonderful return. I still want that but this week I have another favour. Republicans and Democrats of America. For a  minute just forget your political affiliation and think of yourselves as just Americans. The Tax measures currently going through the houses is not intended to  benefit you, the ordinary people. This is a gift to Oligarchs and no-one else. Even the country will suffer as the National Debt rises. Please plague your Senators and Reps not to agree to this and promise any that do will not be returned after the next election. Not that I suppose they care on their pensions. Don’t let America be the first country reduced to serfdom where no-one can afford education. Also Net Neutrality is a subject we need to care about. Stop that bill being passed or the ISP’s will be charging for services they bring you and they’ll be able to slow the service for all those who don’t pay. Keep Net Freedom.                            Love you all.


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59 responses to “Monday’s Boy, the gloat too far.

  1. A happy and prosperous week to you as well, David.
    Be well, old friend.

  2. You had a very busy week! It’s always fun to read about your activities.

  3. It’s great that you see your grandchildren frequently. John is driving to NY tomorrow to pick up our older grandson to have Christmas with us. Things will be lively here!

    xxx lively hugs xxx

  4. Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    More from the Barsetshire boy…

  5. Love how you always have a thought for others. I am not American but will wield what little influence I have over my friends state-side. A very happy 40th to Yvonne and warmest holiday hugs! Xx

    • The World is my family Mel. Canadians are my brothers and sisters but Americans can only be The Cousins. Thanks for your help they may listen to you.
      Yvonne had two wonderful 40ths thanks to Ugo. I wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday season en Francais.
      Gigantic Hugs xxx

  6. Happy Birthday, Yvonne! And I’m so glad your health has improved David. -humungous hugs-

  7. It’s nice to be patted down once in a while isnt it? Did the snow cauae much disruption. There was barely any here but the Vet’s boyfriend’s family live near Ludlow and the drive back yesteday was something else it seems 6 plus hours. Good to see you’re partying hard. Have a good week dear friend

    • I’ve nothing to compare it with but yes, it’s glorious to be patted down. There’s plenty of snow but the roads have been kept clear so no disruption here. I can imagine the Vet’s boyfriend’s family nightmare though.
      Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I filched a glass of wine yesterday. With the lime and lemonade I was quite heady.
      Have a great week my friend.

  8. Wonderful as always, David
    a genuine pleasure to read

    Big Hugs


  9. Have a great week, David!

  10. Elected politicians have forgotten completely about those who voted them in and their interests. It’s like the black plague when they vote in laws that favour the rick and make ordinary people more ordinary if not poorer. One does wonder, though, how long this shambles will be permitted to live, probably forever if people, one by one, don’t do anything. Have a good week David! Hugs then Hugs again!

    • I’m afraid you’re probably right Ina, people need to be motivated not judt to elect a politician who belongs to a party but according to promises made. He should be judged on them and if he comes up short there should be the opportunity to sack him and move forward.
      Have a Fantastic week
      xxx Hugs Unlimited xxx

  11. I’m glad your legs are improving. You’re doing a splendid job, and I’m sure Somnos is proud of your really, but he certainly seems to want to keep you on your toes!
    XXX Massive Hugs XXX

  12. Dear David, how lovely to read about you being out and about! And no District Nurses unless needed – what a “leg” up!!! 🙃
    Sounds like you’re well on your way to more wellness and you’re a Christmas shopping machine. 🎁🎁🎁
    I hear you about the sleeping 💤 (or lack there of, I’ve had my own “127 hours” of calling out to Hypnos and Somnus, in vain, but the last few nights were a bit better); I’ve been abed, not sleeping, thinking, just get up and do something, and I was rewarded with your delightful post. Thank you for letting me share your time, dear friend, I doubt you know how much it means, but I’m thankful. 🤗
    Such awesome pictures and songs, this a virtual feast for the senses, Monday’s boy. All this and a free lunch, you lucky man. I’m off to a free lunch today myself, but not from the restauranty types, it’s an early birthday gift. 🥄
    All the best, my wonder-filled friend, you make not sleeping a joy (ok, not quite, but you sure help lol 😄😄😄 ).
    Massive Both joyful and triumphant hugs xoxox 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    • Hello Donna, what a tonic you are.. Yes, I ran out of excuses to keep the nurses running to my beck and call and I can’t go into a pub every night expecting the barmaid to throw drinks over my leg then pat it down. Drinks in my face by the female customers maybe…………
      I might have overstated being a Christmas Shopping Machine just a tad unless I can count via my pal Ebay where even after all these years I still maintain a 100% record.
      Yes, the sleeping is still a bit awry but it sounds like you know exactly what that’s like.then you get up and are faced with my post. There’s just no justice is there. That I make you victim week after week is unfair but you are there my dear one, you are there.
      I’m glad you like the pictures and the songs. I didn’t deserve my free lunch while you certainly deserve yours. Is it your 29th this year by any chance? I wish you great joy of the meal and of the day it celebrates.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  13. I am so glad your legs are well on the mend. Sounds like you had a great fun week with those parties. The children will be getting excited in the run up to Christmas. Wishing you a lovely week. xx

    • Thank you, they really are doing great. I’m afraid I’m not a party animal and don’t like crowds so I’m always glad to leave but it was lovely seeing my daughter so happy. I think Amelie is still a little young but yes, Reuben is bouncing with it. He doesn’t know what he wants from one minute to the next.
      Have a Fantastic Week,
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  14. Tsk, tsk … ye shouldn’t have gloated. Somnos was sent elsewhere and was quite occupied, but when he heard you gloating, he insisted on a return visit.

    The pictures of the babes are beautiful … that second one is, I think, the first I’ve seen where Amelie didn’t have a huge smile, though.

    Love the music, especially the last one!

    Glad you are walking about and taking good care of your legs ‘n feet! Progress, at last!

    Many huge hugs, dear friend!

    • Youu can’t stop yourself gloating sometimes but I don’t think Somnos caught me as there have been no bad messages since,
      The kiddywinks do take good pics and are generally smiling. Don’t know what happened.
      Do you like the last song because you know it, or because of where they’re from?
      Feet and legs doing fine, I’ve stopped fretting about them now. Progress!
      Hugs Galore xxxxxx

      • Errrr … where WHO is from? It’s Bobby Darin, and he’s from Harlem. No, I remember the song from long, long ago, plus, the words have special meaning for me. And now, you have planted an earworm … are you and Keith in collusion here?
        xxx Cwtch xxx

      • Sorry, I meant the group from Ohio, the Lemon Pipers. Of course Bobby Darin was the last one, I put it there on purpose because I liked the title.
        xxx Cwtch xxx

      • Ahhhh … that ‘splains it! No, I didn’t know the Lemon Pipers were from Ohio. Yes, I, too, like the title of Darin’s song, as well as the lyrics. I must, I’ve been singing it all evening, ’til I switched over to whistling it after writing my last piece. 😉

      • But I writted it on the blog where they wuz from. That’s why I thought you meant them. Yes, a good title that one and an easy sing along. I can’t do whistle along.
        ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I’m sorry … I read the post twice, and missed that both times! I shall smack meself upside the head! 😉
        💘 💘 💘

  15. Another lovely week. So glad your feet and legs are doing better. The two parties sounded like nice outings. I was touched when the chippie bought your lunch. Such a warm thing to do.

    • It was a good week thanks John. In all fairness mine usually are, I’m lucky. I don’t do parties but these were fun events where I didn’t feel threatened by a crowd ( or the TAFFIA, the Welsh Mafia). I was astounded at the chippy’s generosity especially as they’re in business to make money. I’ll make it up to them.
      Have a Great Week

  16. It’s lovely that you’re up and about, David–and how wonderful that you had such wonderful get-togethers with family and friends.
    Enjoy the rest of your week. Hugs!

    • Thanks so much Merril. It’s wonderful to have shoes on again and so nice to be able to stand and hug the special people in my life this weekend. My daughter says she doesn’t look 40, and fr my shin’s sake I must make that clear. She inherited my youthful looks but fortunately not the beard.
      Have a wonderful week,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  17. I always love the photos of the grandchildren, David. Thanks for the special Christmas wishes for the US. We are really struggling and need all the help we can get. Happy Holidays, my friend. Massive hugs. ❤

    • I always have great fun picking the pics Diana. I don’t want them to grow up until I’ve finished blogging. I have many friends in the US and you all deserve better than you’re getting. I hope Moore losing in Alabama is a sigh things are turning round.
      Have a Wonderful Christmas Break,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  18. Glad to hear you’re making progress, and it’s always lovely to see your photos and posts, David. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • Huge progress Yvette, they’ve given me my shoes and freedom back and I’m being left in peace. It’s always lovely to have you here.
      Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. or
      Nadolig Llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  19. So glad your legs are on the mend, David, but I should still go easy on the break dancing. All this partying takes its toll! I hereby mention Somnos and I hope it will help, although I have always found him a capricious god, myself. Anyway, compliments of the season to you, and I hope you are lining up for a marvellous Christmas. Hugs, Fred.

    • You’re very kind Fred the legs are indistinguishable from real ones almost. But you’re right. break dancing is off the menu and line dancing is on instead. Thank you for mentioning Somnos, I’m sure it has helped. Mmm Capricious, you’re right of course, and that comes from Capricorn which is what I am so no wonder I got stuck with him.
      Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn newydd dda to you my friend, I hope this proves to be a memorable Christmas in the nicest way.

  20. You spread hugs, kindness and wisdom in every post, David. The evil one is using his power now, but we ‘regular’ folk are beaming and spreading our light to burn the bad away. Just wish the light spread faster and further. 💡
    Happy holidays to you. I hope Santa brings you 😴. XOXOnewenglandhugXOXO

    • I agree the Hugs, I’d like the Kindness but I doubt the Wisdom Pamela. The evil one can only use his power until Mueller proves collusion with Russia then I doubt even the Republicans will vote for him. I’d like our beaming to spread the light further and faster but even one person at a time is movement in the right direction.
      Happy Holidays Sweetie, may that be enough to bring a change to the face of the earth.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  21. Glad your doing well David. But each day your activities increase as the week moves to a close. Seems like your winding up instead of winding down. 😕

  22. It was an interesting post! Thank u for sharing this

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