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I Wasn’t Expecting That.

Well I lied. I expected to be finished by midnight but worked until 12.30 am before getting to bed in need of a read. Lights out 1.00 am. Lights on again 2.28 am. I wasn’t expecting that. Still, plenty of things to do judging by my mail box.                                          I had breakfast and my meds at 3.00 am then stayed for a while decanting my large bottles of Pepsi Max into small bottles which are easier to handle at night, in the lounge or by my tablets.I set the washer going and when it was finished I set it to the dry cycle. Once done I returned to the mail. There really was plenty of it. One that made me smile was a request to link on Linkedin. I don’t often refuse these requests but when I saw that this was from a Nigerian property developer I decided to ignore it.                                           At 8.30 am I got dressed and at 9.00 am I wandered to Pauline’s to get a TV mag which I somehow appear to have forgotten last week. Mike is forever telling me I can use the remote to find out what’s on but I like the mag. Shock horror she didn’t have one though I bought one for next week and then the Christmas one for the following two weeks. As I left the shop I sneaked over the road to the opposition and managed to find the last one in the shop. Not the one I normally have but it’s fine.                                                                  After I returned home I caught the postman with a parcel for me. There should be a lot from now on. I watched HuTH and then worked on mail till lunchtime. In the afternoon I caught 40 winks then worked again until 4.30 pm. The number of messages still outstanding made me feel my evening should be short so I came back early at 8.00 pm It was fierce and I was only done by 12.15 am. I finished the last and started to write this knowing I won’t be reading tonight.12.35 am and I’m done.


OK, I lied again. I couldn’t sleep as my mind was on gifts still to buy so out came the book and I read until 1.20 am. It was still a few twists and turns before I slept but sleep I did ……until 3.14 am. satisfied for now I went for breakfast which for some reason was very Continental today, boiled ham on toast. It was an effort to eat the ham still within date rather than throw it away. I’d forgotten to do Mike’s Red Cross parcel on Sunday so some doughnuts had already gone that way.                                                                                            A bitterly cold day, I wrapped up warm at 9.00 am, delivered some biscuits to Bert’s as he’s always taking my bins and bags in for me or taking parcels on  my behalf, then went to Pauline’s for cigarettes and to deliver a card. It struck me just how small a community this is and how nice the people are. Even the people I don’t know generally nod and smile, though I suppose that could be just the way I look. A big white beard at Christmas does present an image but Shhhh, I’m not on duty yet.                                                                The rest of the day passed without human contact and with Joey telling me off when he saw me. He won’t say why. Bed 11.45 pm lights off 12.15 am apart from the computer which was on a marathon update to Windows 10 and took 2 hours. I gave up.

party time 2

The Sunday celebration.


I suppose sleep came along about 12.30 am-ish I just left the computer to get on with it. I woke at 2.07 am and it had finished then. After breakfast I was working when the news came that Doug Jones had won the race for being Senator for Alabama. I’m sure no-one expected the win of a Democrat in a Republican stronghold. The paedophile Moore can go crawl under a rock somewhere. Congratulations are in order that even some staunch Republicans don’t want someone like him in power. I hope Trump is getting worried that his party’s majority is coming down. It’s his fault since he’s not even attempting to lead his country properly. His Master in Moscow won’t be pleased.                                              Back to the saga. I managed to bring the mail down and at about 7.30 am I suddenly came over all of a doo dah (felt ill) and I decided to lie on the bed. I woke at 9.55 am. I slept more then than I do at night. Still, I felt better, especially when the postman came minutes later with something for Ami. I worked again till lunchtime then even though the heavens had opened I paid a visit to the chippy. Don’t want them  to think I’m in a rut by turning up the same day every week. Once lunch was over I washed my things then sat back down I saw the end of Bargain Hunt at 1.00 pm then must have been asleep again in seconds until 2.20 pm. There must be a tsetse fly loose in the house.                        I was awake when Dil arrived at 4,30 and almost up to date with work. I was nice to him despite last week’s results and even gave him so Titterton’s pies, or to be more truthful at 6′ 2″ he had no problem wresting them from my grasp and eating them. On reflection taunting him didn’t bring me the pleasure I’d hoped. At least I was the winner by 2-1 tonight so he could only gloat about the pies. After he’d gone and I’d locked the door I took my meds and came through to carry on working. So far it’d taken me to 11.55 am so I’ve got 5 mins to finish here and get to bed. Nite Nite.


Lights out 12.30 am If my life were song titles it would be ‘Last night I couldn’t get to sleep at all’.   I couldn’t find a comfortable position and my feet itched. No, I didn’t scratch them but I never heard anyone say don’t rub them, so I rubbed. Mainly using the sole of the other foot which are still both rock hard and very uneven so the rub was quite satisfying. I saw 2.00 am come and go and while I was thinking I might as well get up I fell asleep……..until 4.58 am. Heck, that’s almost full daylight compared to usual though I don’t recommend walking about with no light on. The top of my feet sting and are a bit of a mess, don’t hit me I can get them back again. I had my meds and some toast then came through to work. First the bank, and then the mail. Plenty of mail of course to keep me busy.                                                                                                                                                          At 9.00 am I took a walk to Pauline’s for my new lottery tickets and some bread. On the way back I met one of my neighbours Gwyneth and we thanked each other for cards received. At home I unpacked, sorted the lottery in to the days it’s for and then restarted work. The postman interrupted me with a package. Not what I hoped it was but I’m delighted with it anyway. HUtH was shortened today as the TV was showing a memorial to the poor souls who lost their lives in the block of flats that went on fire. Sad.                     I made my lunch of ham and baby potatoes with petit pois (just to show I can speak foreign) then took to filling next years calendar with this years information, obviously not appointments I’ve already been to but birthdays I hope not to miss next time. Sharon my cleaner came just gone 1.00 pm so I departed the lounge and left her to it apart from the few friendly words we exchange on a weekly basis namely.”That bus took forever I need a wee” and “Nice to see you Sweetie grab yourself a cuppa” though not for weeing in obviously. I worked until 3.00 pm when Sharon left, honestly, no kipping then took a break for almost an hour. No, I’m not telling you what for, it’s my business. Back to work until 5.15 pm then a proper break.                                                                                                    Making a sandwich for supper I found a message on my phone to say Mike was on his way. I hadn’t expected him because he told me yesterday it would be Friday evening before I saw him. He’s going to take me for blood tests in the morning which will save having to try and take a bus full of schoolkids. He arrived at about 9.30 pm so I made him a coffee and sat with him a while to hear his car woes. At 10.30 I came through for one last clear-up.

our elves


Bed was 11.50 pm and I read till 12.30 am and lights out. Up at 2.48 am just as all the parcels at the end of my bed decided to collapse.  Fortunately I haven’t bought any bricks. Just think, had it been a few years ago when they were doing repairs to the Palace of Westminster and selling bricks as souvenirs, I might have been entombed in a future coal bunker. I went through to the kitchen to take my meds then refill all the trays for the next week. That done I had my breakfast and then brought a coffee back to my desk. At 7.30 am I woke Mike with a shout that his coffee was ready. I did get a response so I returned to work. At 7.45 am I got dressed as went to see if Mike was in the lounge. No, he was in the loo, progress of a sort.  At 8.00 am I found he’d gone back to bed and had to call again though a little louder. He didn’t remember the first call. He did get up though.     At 8.45 am we were freezing in the car on the way for my blood test.                                 After that was done we went shopping for milk and I managed to get another tin of sweets and some bottles of wine for a friends birthday and for Christmas.  When we got home I started watching HUtH with Mike but fell asleep and so at 11.00 am he departed for Manchester. I managed to wake up at 11.45 am in time to do lunch.                                  I worked all afternoon until 5.00 pm and Mike returned not long after and brought a chippy meal home for himself. Disgusting isn’t it the people who live off chips.Ahem.         I has an early shower in order to see an antique show followed by Mastermind. A little stint back at work then HIGNFY at 9.00 pm. Then it was a serious effort to play catch up. It’s now 12.01 am and I’m just about done.                                                                                     Apologies for the song that follows. Many of you will have seen it here on previous Christmases and also many will have seen it as part of my latest Buthidar post. I just want people to see that even in the midst of war, people on opposing sides can come together. It isn’t the normal people who decide to go to war so maybe the normal people can ensure we don’t except when the circumstances are unavoidable.


I made it to bed at 12.23 am, read for just quarter of an hour or so and was awake at 2.18 am. Ah well, it’s a new day so why worry? Went for my meds at 3.00 am and had some Weetabix again after being very undecided then added a piece of toast for fun. I worked until just before 6.00 am when Mike’s alarm was due to go off. I had everything ready and the moment I heard the first beep I made his coffee and went through to shout him. While I waited for him to rouse I saw to the rubbish and all the recycling and got it out to the kerb. When I went back in to wash my hands I could hear him start to stir.                    We were out by 7.00 am and in the supermarket by twenty past. By 8.30 am we were out again and heading out for breakfast. Mike wanted a different direction today and a shop called Home Sense on Broughton Park. That meant breakfast at a Costa which was OK because Mike said he’d pay and had enough points on his card. Home sense was successful for me and I managed a few extras.                                                                            Before lunch we had a coffee in Temptations in Flint with a little more shopping then shot straight off to lunch and to order our Christmas dinner for next week. Back home the slavedriver only allowed me half an hour with my mail then forced me to start gift wrapping. That’s like capital punishment in my book. At 4.00 pm complete with backache I went on strike, downed tools and went back to my mail. I saw the start of a film about 6.00 pm but according to Mike I was asleep within minutes and that was it until 9.55 pm which sounds better to me that almost 10.00 pm. Now 12.51 am and just finishing up.



It was close to 1.15 am before I got into bed. I had a cigarette then turned the light off, closed my eyes and hoped to sleep Amazingly I did sleep again, right up to 3.21 am I liked that time. For my UK readers who can remember Dusty Bin you’ll see why 3.21 am has significance. I got my meds and breakfast out of the way and I accompanied my coffee all the way to work. For some reason I was feeling tired as I worked  and sometime after 6.15 am I nodded off. I woke again about 7.15 am to carry on.  I was shocked by Mike’s alarm which was strange as he doesn’t usually set it on a Sunday. It was 9.00 am. I made him a coffee and called him. When he got up at almost 9.45 am I’d finished work and gone through to the lounge and was just starting to nod again in my chair. Unfortunately he was in a talkative mood. By 10.30 am we’d got dressed and were heading out the door. I was still trying to nod off, he was still in full flow. We were in Prestatyn in plenty of time to do some shopping before lunch. Most important, a bottle of Port from Marks and Spencer’s for a dear friend who I hope to see over Christmas if she’s in the area. Mike reminded me I need some more sacks too so it was off to the Pound Shop. Lunch was great, I’d taken a big tin of sweets for the staff as Mike said we wouldn’t get there next week. The minute we were in there he told them we’d come in on the Saturday instead. I wanted to brain him. The beef on my dinner was just melting in my mouth and though he had sprouts and swede I had carrots and broccoli.                                                                  After lunch we went home and I wrapped the port. I thought he was going to nag for me to wrap more but I was saved by the bell……….on his phone. He was invited to go home and join in the birthday party for his granddaughter which meant leaving right away. As it was being held in a restaurant I called him lots of names for being ready to eat again later. “Bye Gannet”I waved him off and came inside to start work again. A little break later for some Big Bang Theory and conversation with Joey then a serious effort at 9.00 pm.

This last week in the run up to Christmas I wish for peace and a stress free time for you.Remember the poor souls working in the shops are probably stressed about their last minute presents too, play nice, make meeting you a pleasure and it will be nice for you too. There will be homeless on the streets and maybe some very bewildered refugees, perhaps even mentally ill with no hospital bed. Spare them all a thought in passing. Remember the kindness the time of year calls for. Every smile and hug  will bring it’s own reward.                                                                                                                   Thank you, David






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