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Ever Onwards and Upwards..

Monday 18.12.17.

Last night has been a 12.35 am finish but I wasn’t going to deprive myself of a short read. I closed the book and turned the light off at 12.55 am. I wanted a nice dream and because I was thinking of one I couldn’t stop my mind ticking over for a while. I slept, I woke, I slept again but got up at 2.57 am. I saw to my meds and some toast and started my washing machine going. When it came to making my coffee though the Tassimo sprung a red light on me showing it needed to be descaled. That’s an annoying 20 minutes of emptying cups and then rinsing the machine that it’s usually at this stage I wonder why I don’t just put the kettle on. It’s only when I get my drink I remember why. Anyhoo, job done and I took my coffee through to my desk.                                                                              I worked till 8.30 am and then got dressed. As 9.00 am approached I had my shoes and my coat on and made my way to the chemist”s to hand in my repeat prescription. I scuttled back quite quickly when I felt how cold it was. I worked till 10.00am hoping the post van would come. It didn’t but at 11.30 am Mujo arrived and it was time to put my coat on again. Such a disappointment for John when he found the chippy was closed though I have mentioned in the past that few work on Mondays. We went elsewhere. After lunch we headed for Temptations in Flint. After a coffee we did a few shops picking up little bits for Christmas before finally heading home. I saw them off then had to get my head down and work. When I was clear I nodded off for half an hour or so then watches a sci-fi on the TV until 9.00 pm. I’d just gone through to start when Mike arrived back….he’s staying overnight so he can get to see his father tomorrow. It’s about an hour away from here and he has to be there for 9.00 am to go to a hospital appointment. Traffic being bad at that time means leaving no later than 7.30 am but now he’s dropping me in Chester so will have to leave at 7.00 am. It’s 11.45 pm so I’m heading for bed.

chicklets Tuesday. 19th

5 piggin’ 42 am I woke this morning. And yet my light had gone off before 12.30 am last night. About the only day I could have done with my normal wake up and this happens. Ah well, ever onward and upward as my father in law was wont to say. I took my meds as I boiled a kettle for Mike’s coffee. I readied my breakfast then as I heard his alarm go off I made the drink and went to call him. He still wasn’t up when I finished breakfast but I waited for the fourth (very annoying) alarm and fair play I heard him move. I took my coffee back to my room to at least make a start on my mail                                                  We left the house at 7.00am and because I was carrying a few bags Mike dropped me at Yvonne’s so I  wasn’t lengthening my arms waiting in town for her. Ami went off to nursery for a breakfast party with her daddy, so Yvonne and I walked Roobs to school and then went for coffee and the bacon sarnie I was forced to eat. We had a semi successful shop before Yvonne walked me to the bus stop( to make sure the English bowmen didn’t shoot me for being inside the city walls). After an hour and a half on the bus I stopped at the chippy to get an easy lunch as my friend was due at 2.00 pm to collect her birthday and Christmas gifts.                                                                                       Once she’d gone I came through to work on everything that had come through. I had to work until 6.00 pm before I was able to leave a few and relax in front of the TV. I came back at 9.00 pm and stayed until 11.30 pm.

Wednesday. 20th

There were tears this morning. I woke and saw the time 5.10 am and thought it must be the start of a new era. The light was enough to don my dressing gown and take a walk to  the loo. When I came back I turned the light on and found it had been 1.52 am when I’d woken and not double checked. I kicked out at one of the slippers beside my desk which was really stupid as it was lying next to a steel pillar that didn’t give way though the slipper did. Ouch, Ouch, bloody Ouch, that was my toe. Far too early for meds and my breakfast I turned to my mail instead. After an hour I broke off to take my meds and eat.I worked till 8.45 am, got dressed and headed out to Pauline’s, she gave me a card which I brought home ready to put up. Instead of HUtH I thought I’d better be good and wrap some prezzies as I haven’t managed to coerce anyone else this year. My powers of seeming pathetic have obviously gone by the wayside. About 11.00 am I took them through ready to be collected tonight after cards. I sat down for a moment and the next thing I knew it was 12.20 pm  I shot off to make my dinner.                                                      After lunch I returned to work and kept hard at it until about 4.00 pm. I returned to the lounge ready for Dil arriving but the next thing I knew was waking up at 5.30 pm and a voice dripping with friendly sarcasm saying ‘Oh you’re in the land of the living then’.I made him a cuppa and caught up on news. At 6.00 pm it was ‘Let the games begin’. We started as usual with Yahtzee but as happens more and more often it was a draw.              As that game was ending there was a knock at the door and somehow I knew who was there. My cousin Glyn from Germany was doing the round of his friends and kindly included me. He joined us in a game of Nomination Whist which was fun and then Dil had to leave (a loser this week), I gave him the gifts to take home and he threw mine on the floor a couple of times till I heard it shatter. Glyn stayed on to chat and have another game until 10.20 pm when he had to return to his hotel in Llandudno. I made myself a sandwich to taunt Joey with, took my eds then came through to work. It’s currently 12.52 am and I’m nearly getting close to finishing. Hurray!!!

the sweetest smile

Thursday. 21st

Well it was 1.05 am before I finished and by the time I’d changed (No, not into a human being) and had a last ciggie my light didn’t go out until 1.25 am. This morning it was 4.10 am when I got up. No problem I knew who I was but on the way to the lo I was surprised not to find a door or two I expected.  I swear the house morphs overnight just to confuse me. Eventually I found the loo just where I’d left it, but damn me if the same doors weren’t missing on the way back. It just took a moment to turn on my light and to open my eyes to realise where I was.  I went for my meds and some breakfast then stopped for a wash before getting dressed. Then into battle with the computer. Bank first to check my pension was there then to my mail. I worked until 8.00 am then like a fool stretched with a big yawn. I put my hands above my head and almost immediately remembered to pull them down but too late. An angina attack, really nasty and I struggled to get to the bed. I took my spray and got a massive headache so I pulled the covers over my head and lay there till I slept. I got up again a bit warily at half nine because I needed to go to the shop. I had to take a chance which paid off. The headache disappeared as did the pain eventually. I was back in business .                                                                                                Needless to say I took a break from the computer when I’d cleared my messages. I was forced into gift wrapping as I didn’t want a visit from someone with an unwrapped gift waiting for them. Once I’d wrapped those I knew there were just Mike’s left and that’s for tomorrow. At 11.20 am I went to sit down for a few minutes as the effects hadn’t fully cleared and I didn’t want a second one. I somehow managed to fall asleep and when I woke at 12.10 pm I had to move a bit to get my lunch. At 1.00 pm I battled to catch up on incoming mail, I want to take a break this afternoon to watch a film and see if I can gain some Christmas spirit. Forget that, the film had changed and replacing it was an overacted, poorly scripted story of redemption for a greedy young lawyer. Luckily sleep was available at  a cinema near me and I took advantage. I had about three quarters of an hour then turning the TV off but putting the big light on for Joey, I returned to work, By 5.30 pm I was up to date and Mike was about due so I put coffee in  his cup ready. It may come as a huge surprise to hear I nodded off yet again and missed his arrival. It was only a few minutes but it meant he had to make his own drink. I stayed with him until 9.00 pm then came through and started catching up. 11.40 pm and I’m done.

I’ve had this song in my head for days now and I don’t know why but I’m going to share it.                                                                                                                 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnpoyMn9OXA  

Friday. 22nd

I was in bed for 12.00 am and light off by half past. Minutes later I was unconscious.  I woke at 1.37 am and just responded with bugger off and returned to sleep. I knew it was just a half hearted attempt by habit and I wanted a dream. That wasn’t to be but at least I got more sleep and woke properly at 2.11 am. A bit early for breakfast so I worked till the proper time. After breakfast I caught up with my mail and moved over to Ebay to see if there’s any more news on my missing items. The ones I’d ordered from China which haven’t arrived they’ve refunded me like they were never sent. The other one I got an email from Ebay to say it was only posted yesterday. I’m ready to scream though as the replacements I ordered from a British firm for the Chinese gifts seem to have been done by a Chinese firm possibly in Glasgow. Despite me asking about the next day delivery they offered (which has now gone missing off the site) they’ve sent them with a delivery date of Jan 2nd. How lucky I found alternative gifts on Tuesday. until these finally come. I hope they’re worth the wait. Mike got up at 9.20 am and I found I’d nodded off over the keyboard for a few minutes, I went through to sit with him. At some stage the postman arrives and typically the missing Ebay gift sent only yesterday had arrived. This is my worst year for missing gifts, my only year in fact. Not that things haven’t gone awry during the year but so far I’ve not had these kind of problems. Mike went off at 11.00 am and I was let trying to relax in one room and keep up with mail in the other. I did manage to wrap Mike’s prezzies while he was out of the way. I had a cottage pie at lunch which was quite nice then at 1.00pm shut my eyes for a few minutes. At 1.10 am Sharon arrived so even though the pull of an eyelid investigation was there, the chance wasn’t. I resumed work. Sharon left at 3.00 pm I gave her a tip ( don’t take any bent pennies) and her Christmas gift. Mike returned about 5.30 pm and we watched a bit of TV until 7.00 pm when he washed my hair before we settled to Question of Sport and Mastermind. I returned to work for half an hour and then rejoined him at 9.00 pm for half an hour before turning completely to catch up. 11.20 pm tonight much better than usual.

east german elf

Is this an East German Elf?                                                                                                                   Saturday. 23rd

Lights out 12.15 am after a mini read. I’m not sure I wasted time getting comfortable, I just zonked. Awake this morning at 3.32 am which is pretty good going really. Mike could have been entertaining the whole of the Red Army’s Lady’s Choir last night (and I know he wishes he was) and I wouldn’t have known a thing about it though oddly enough I’m sure I heard the dying strains of the Vulgar Boat Song as I woke. Hmmm. Did all the usual, meds, breakfast, dressed then the rubbish and the recycling. At 6.00 am I called to Mike that his coffee was on his table. He was there by twenty past. We were still out of the hose by 7.00 am and in the supermarket at 7.20 am looking at carmageddon. The car Park was almost full and being the lover of crowds that I am you can imagine how pleased I was.                                                                                                                                         I attempted not to dawdle but it’s hard when they’re preparing a sale. We eventually made it to the tills and then out of the building. Next stop Mike’s breakfast Supermarket where I admit I had a teasted toecake. I got a few more items then it was time to head for Flint. It seemed almost peaceful by comparison. We had a coffee and delivered a tin of sweets to the girls while wishing them all a Happy Christmas. We shopped for a big gift bag then went for lunch at the Bells in Holywell. Afterwards Mike remembered he needed some giftwrap which we got before going home. Once the shopping was put away I left Mike watching TV and came to start on the mail. I got the numbers well down by 5.30 pm so was able to join Mike. I stayed until 9.15 pm then came to make my final effort for the night. I’ts 11.00 pm now,I reckon to be in bed by half past.

Sunday. 24th Christmas Eve.

Lights out at 11.55 pm. Sleep almost instant or so it seems. Awake time 3.53 am which seems pretty good with sleep approaching the four hour mark again. The pattern must be changing. I bought extra milk yesterday to be sure I could have cereal in the morning if I want it so after my meds I had Weetabix today. I brought my coffee back to start work. I was able to take a little more time than usual as no time pressure first thing today. I went through to take my mug to the kitchen about 8.50 am and decided to prepare Mike’s mug and out the kettle on (it didn’t fit). I was just leaving the kitchen at 9.00 am when his alarm went off. I turned back to make the coffee when an unfortunate image passed my eyes, Mike in his underwear heading for his chair. He’s up with next to no prompting. I took the coffee in and he was sitting forward on the edge of his chair, arms crossed on his knees, and fast asleep. Until I trod on his foot that is. Luckily I was able to distract him with ‘Gone With The Wind’ which he’s never seen to completion. I cleared a little more work and joined him. I’ve never seen it at all.                                     The only problem was we had to leave the house at 11.30 am to get to lunch and to pick up our Christmas dinners. Mike fiddled with something on the remote and saved the film where he’d left it till he got back. I dropped Bert’s present in as I know he’s out tomorrow. We had lunch and collected the dinners with the instructions. Maybe a problem for us as it says to put the potatoes in the oven and we only use the microwave. We’ll think on it. We were home again about 1.30 pm and just as the strains of the theme tune faded so Mike had the film back on. There was plenty of work waiting for me so I had an excuse but I did have an ear open so I didn’t miss the famous line ‘Frankly my dear……’ It didn’t occur to me until then that I had no context.       I was able to relax from about 3.30 pm onwards and stayed with Mike for most of the evening. Coming through for the last of the mail and to see you all at 9.15 pm. It’s now 11.35 pm and Christmas day is getting nearer.

all elves together

Who’s who?                                                                                                                                             I want to wish you all the Happiest of Christmases  and a Very Happy New Year. I know you’ll do what you can to spread the joy far and wide and make this a Christmas of peace. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I’ll be taking a week off I think as I need to rest. Seer you all soon I hope.                                                                                                            David



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