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Massive Apologies

Hello friends, I’m really sorry for my unintended absence recently, go on admit it, you hadn’t noticed had you. Last Wednesday it appears I had a temperature so high that it left me very ill but not knowing it. I forgot how mu computer worked but was sure the problem lay with the computer and not me. My brother Dil had come round for the usual games night and could see some thing was wrong but naturally made sure he won a couple of games before telling me I was odd. I thought that’s what he always thought.

My doctor appeared half way through a game of Yahtzee and I saw nothing odd in it and when she suggested I should be in hospital agreed to go, practically unheard of. She had to go for a lie down. An ambulance came for me and blue lighted me to the centre of torture where they heard all kinds of sounds from my chest they were unhappy with. I had a heart murmur, a crackling lung and a nasty virus. Constant drips to rehydrate me, antibiotics on tap, oxygen ( but not too much), machines to help me breathe in medicine and the glorious rat poison injections to the stomach, and they were only the cures. Anyway, they allowed me home today under certain conditions. First off, that I rest. Now the apology, I’m sorry but there were just short of 2000 messages waiting in my inbox and I know I’d not catch up so they’ve been deleted and I can start afresh. I’m not ignoring you, I just can’t get to you immediately.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll do my best to reconnect as soon as possible.                  Huge Hugs


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