Oops, I did it again.Delayed

Recently Mike updated his phone and I was given his cast off previous one because it has bigger buttons and a 6 inch screen the better to see things. I’m not exactly without technical skills but it’s as close as it gets so I set myself the task of working out how to get it to make my morning cuppa. Mike says I’m asking a bit much but is there anything he can show me what to do while he’s here. “Yes” says I, “show me how to get tunes on to differentiate between text messages and phone calls please.”                                                    He put Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve as my phone call ringtone and chose one himself for text messages and since he didn’t show me what to do I was left with them. I do know that he put Zedge on the phone for the music downloads. Anyway on Tuesday morning early the phone played One Day like this by Elbow, which had been his choice and I love it, but there was no sign of a text. My big, fat fiddling fingers made it appear there had been (or I made) a phone call. So when we were sitting with a coffee I asked Yvonne to ring my phone to see if it played the right thing, which it did and then to text me just to check that. My phone correctly played Elbow and her eyes lit up “I love this” she said. “Me too” I told her,”as soon as I heard it for the first time this weekend”                 “Oh Daddy, don’t you remember this played as Ugo and I walked into the ballroom after the wedding, we danced to this.” “I know I knew it from somewhere” I said, digging my own grave.

ball pit bull 2


hen party

speedier freak

Wednesday started well. I was up early as usual and up to date with my mail before I got dressed at 9.00 am. I found a parcel under my coat rack that proved to be the last parcel I’ve been waiting for recently. It must have rolled when it was dropped in. I settled in to watch HUtH at 10.00 pm and was just about to nod off, examine my eyelids from the inside, when there was a knock on the doorbell. It proved to be another sparkie. This one had not come to the shower but to change the wiring box for the house and the fuse box at the same time. Quite a job. Promising I was in for the next few hours, he started. Currently the boxes are inside a little cupboard about six feet off the floor outside near the front door. When I went back later to see if he wanted a drink it was funny to see a pair of legs sticking out of the wall as he sat in the cupboard somehow and worked. The bugbear of course is that while this was going on I had no HUtH and no computer to take my frustrations out on ( now now missus, behave, everyone else knew what I meant). Finally about 2.30 pm he’d finished. He came in to check lights and other points were working and everything seemed fine. Once he’d gone I was able to get Joey back in his cage (the electrician had scared him counting plugs, the electrician was counting, not Joey). I was able to get back to work on emails. I had to break off at 4.30 when Dil arrived.                                                                                                                                                     My night did not start well when I lost the first game of Yahtzee 6-0, I’m sure the dice are weighted. The second game was 3-3 but it didn’t help when he kept saying I was catching up. Nomination Whist started much better though Dil seemed to be holding his own most of the time, I stopped him doing that and let him use the loo free of charge (This time ). I’m just so generous. Anyway a sudden surge towards the end sent me into an uncatchable position. With it being one game all we both approached the cribbage carefully but heck, I was able to put an ace and a four in his box give him a head start and still beat him tonight. 2-1 to me is not as good as his 3-0 over me last week but at least I know the small god of gambling is not on my case now.

music class bubbles

Bubbles at the music class.

For all you ladies out there.

I ordered some pillows for Mike’s bed and mine last week. They came this morning so while Sharon was cleaning the lounge for me this afternoon I thought I’d put mine on. I’d ordered four for each bed even though mine is a single as I like to sit up. I took the old ones out of their pillowcases and took them away ready to be taken to the skips this weekend. I replaced them with the new ones without paying any particular attention to what I was doing until all four were done. I came to stack them up and found I’d almost be sleeping on the ceiling to get to the top pillow. Two would have been quite adequate compared to the four old ones. Oops. At least Mike can have two each side of the double bed.

Saturday we attended a birthday party for Dil who will be 60 on Monday. Sunday when we returned from lunch I was without the internet.


Tuesday evening and the internet is back. No charge as it was an outside fault. It seems whoever reconnected lines to a new telegraph pole thought it must have been a fun idea to give people someone else’s number as there were quite  few affected. People can have my phone calls with pleasure but I’ll keep the net myself if that’s OK.

Have a great week everyone, make it full of happiness and hugs.



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46 responses to “Oops, I did it again.Delayed

  1. Always fun to read what you’re up to, David, and I so enjoy (I am still smiling) your comments and quips. Love that dry humor of yours. Take good care of yourself, my friend, and have a pleasant week.

  2. you always have so much fun stuff going on )

  3. Such adorable pics! Thanks for the update David. Huge hugs 🤗

  4. Fun with balls and bubbles! Lovely photographs.
    What a pain with the disconnection…one thing is true all the world over…it is never the supplier’s fault.

    • Hello Helen. so many things entertain them and he photographs in turn entertain me. Yes. Talktalk via their Indian call centre were happy to deny fault blaming B.T. but were slow in getting any help out and were most offensive on the phone to Yvonne.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  5. Lovely photos and great report on the week. I’m glad you finally honed your position with the gambling god. I love the term “Sparkie for the power guy. It must only be me since no one else has mentioned it but that Sunday discussion font was like looking at an internet bill from 1000 feet away. I guess an eye test is a good thing now and then. Have a great week, David.

    • Hi John. my apologies, If I’d done it in another font or better still in portrait instead of horizontal it might have been easier. I just wasn’t thinking. Don’t remind me about eye tests, I’m overdue. I’m sure there’s no change in my eyes but I always get talked into having a new pair. These days you need a mortgage.
      Have a great week as well

  6. Hello David, always a good read and the photos are wonderful, those children are getting so big. Glad you got the phone situation taken care of and the right songs play for calls and texts. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the one by elbows, must listen to that. Have a marvelous week and see you again next week! Massive hugs!!

    • Hello Suzanne, thank you as usual for the kind words. The kids are getting big, Reuben is still 4 but he’s just outgrown all his 5/6 clothes. We had an emergency shop last week. The song by Elbow is beautiful and I know you’ll like it but I’m sure you’ll like the cheeky one posted on this week’s delayed blog. I love folk music and these are the best.
      Have a wonderful rest of the week.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  7. I am proud to tell you I worked out what HUtH stands for 🙂 And the pillows story was funny too. It’s horrid when there is no internet – I find I have a heap of time on my hands that was never there before….. Have a good week David and I hope your internet lines behave themselves too xoxo

    • Ha, well done Pauline. I wrote the full thing so often I ended up putting it in the blog cast list on the main page then reverting to using the letters. The pillows haven’t worn down yet so I can sit up an read with their support but no way can I go to sleep on all four. Even two is pushing it, but they are comfortable. I hated being without the net as I couldn’t occupy my hands. I was aware of incoming post mounting too. When I finally got on yesterday there were 584 waiting with more coming in.
      Thank you, I hope you have a great week too. I want no more ‘blips’ here now, no more repairmen.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx.

  8. Of such minutiae as pillows and land lines are our lives made! Glad you got everything back in order, and how is your neck after sleeping up near the ceiling? Wishing you an uneventful week to catch up — and a bit of luck at the gaming table! xo

    • Everything is AOK thanks Mel and I want it to stay that way. Reading near the ceiling seems to work fine as the support is good but sleeping has to be educed to just one, maybe two pillows depending whether I’m sleeping on my back -2 or on my side-1. No gaming tonight as it’s Valentine’s Day so I’ve more catch-up time.
      Enjoy the rest of your week,
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  9. A great attitude like yours, David, carries thru a sucessful day. Great photos… and what a pose from the growing princess. 💕 Hugs💕

    • Thanks so much, I don’t get compliments like that every day. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, and the princess, well she’s not in the least pretentious but she’s most definitely in charge.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. It sounds like you are feeling better, David. Adorable photos of the grandkids.
    Valentine hugs to you!

    • Much better thanks Merril. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Maybe the timing of the song was wrong for Valentine’s day, though I didn’t know the post would be late then,
      xxx Massive Valentine Hugs for you xxx

  11. Great song (I’d never heard it but I seemed to follow the advice anyway!), lovely pics and quite a week. I hope no technical issues plague you this week, David. Big hugs!

    • It is a great song Olga but it offers terrible advice sometimes. Just think of the partner you’re depriving of the pleasure of looking at you and yourself for perhaps depriving yourself of the years of companionship and more.
      I don’t think male expectations are quite like Vera suggests they were then.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  12. Adorable pictures of the children. I feel your pain after my computer server was down for seven days recently. I sometimes have phone problems as I think we get it by satellite. Ah, the joys of modern living. xxx Hug Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Hi Suzanne. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. The phone I’d never miss but I can’t do without the net. I sit there wondering what to do with my two typing fingers.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  13. I’m glad your internet is back! We get so used to it, it’s hard to go long without it. Great photos of the kids as always. Have a wonderful day, David. Huge hugs. ❤

    • I never know what to do without it except read and sleep. Three days without and I’m ready to commit murder. Glad you liked the pics this week, the kids are growing so much.
      Enjoy the rest of your week.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  14. Great to hear your news David and those photographs are divine. Have a great week. x

  15. I wonder if your telephone engineers have been to our village too – the reception for wifi and voice calls has been awful for the past few weeks. They’re blaming the weather but….
    ≈≈≈ Valentine Hugs ≈≈≈

    • It sounds just like they’ve visited you. There will be crossed lines galore the minute someone says they’re coming to fix it and the net may be a distant memory. Well 3 days anyway which is close.
      Don’t forget to recycle all those valentine cards tomorrow.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Jemima xxx

  16. Always nice to see you here, David. Your family is a delight!

  17. The thing about new pillows is that they’re never like the old ones – for quite awhile 😦 We get them just right and then time for new ones. Ah life can be so peculiarly cruel at times…hope you’re at safe distance from the ceiling, David 🙂 Hugs and much happiness

  18. Jane Sturgeon

    Hugs ❤ xXx ❤

  19. You never fail to leave me smiling & feeling as if I’m right there…the photos also left me smiling, the little ones always look so happy…thank you for giving us a peek into your life each week!

    • You say the nicest thinks Kim. I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos of my little minxes too. Just as well my daughter controls them. You’re always welcome into my life. I almost felt like an author again for a minute then.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  20. Thanks for reading my reivew on “Robin.” Were you a fan too? Also, how have you been feeling.

    • It was a good review Martie and you handled the subject with great warmth. Yes, I was a fan too. A hugely talented man.
      I’ve had a couple of quite nasty angina attacks recently but I have my spray and once the headache is over I’m pretty good. I’m better than many people I wish I could swap with.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Thanks, I’m stuggling with making my reviews more showing and less telling.

        I don’t know if I ever told you that I am physically disabled, with a ton of medical issues. But I agree wity you, I’m better than many others, bad spine. Not feeling well stinks, so I hope your spray is magical.

      • Your reviews are fine Martie. No you never mentioned a physical disability you just left me to whinge.Yes, not feeling well is a pain. My angina spray can work miracles but has a nasty price to pay.The sprays for COPD are less obvious but help me hold my own (so to speak). I’m sorry to hear you have a disability which I guess hampers you a bit in what you can do Or given your mental attitude, perhaps not.
        xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • Your sweet. I am exactly your age (which I do not consider old:-) but have been on phycial disablitly for about five years. In my state of NJ you have to take a test to prove you can no longer work. The woman giving me the test was laughing. When I asked her “what’s up” she replied “I never saw anyone else try to fail the test.” Meaning, many people fake it to pass to get the disablity check. My competive nature got in the way. that and the fact that I really wasn’t ready to retire, but my my surgeries kept getting in the way. My 89 year old mom has trouble breathing. It is so scary to watch and I cannot imagine living with the constant fear of breathing. Take Care. Hugs to you too.

      • Not another 1951 baby, I think all the other years must have been taken.
        ❤ ❤ ❤

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