Searching for Less.

Helloooo Monday and all you lovely people. I have a terrible confession, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to see my shoes when I’m standing up unless I happen to be swinging one of my legs back and forth. My stomach looks like a camel going out expecting a six week drought at least. Mike’s stomach is no smaller and I tease him about it as he teases me. It got to me yesterday though when he pointed out that I eat twice as much as him at lunchtime. I’m sure it isn’t every meal, just Sunday’s where I help myself to food after I’ve been given meat. I know what the trouble is, I love potatoes and just recently they’ve been doing 3 lots, boiled new potatoes, mash and roast potatoes. I shall have to make an effort to cut down. The silly thing is I had some trousers in a 38″ waist that seemed big and I thought they were just generous but on checking I have no problems fitting a 36″ now. Dare I go any smaller and have to buy new trousers opening myself up to fresh scorn. I’ll keep you abreast as to whether I can exercise food control during this week.

pregnant pause

                          Mike’s friend emphasises his Pregnant Pause.

Because of comments on my last post (nothing to do with me catching an afternoon snooze that lasted for 2 hours) I was late to bed last night and read until 12.30 am before trying to settle. I was back up at 2.23 am ready and raring to go. Not exactly the feeling I was enjoying at 6.30 am when I needed to get dressed to leave the house at 7.00 am for my bus.I’d faded enough to put a brown jumper with black trousers but that only lasted until I opened my eyes. The fresh air would revive me and I could nod on the bus as long as I didn’t sail past Yvonne at the other end. Well I didn’t sail past and they met me at the bus stop as I got off. A kiss off Yvonne , a big hug from Reuben and permission to kiss Amelie’s forehead. We went first to the supermarket that has a Costa so I could nip to the loo before refilling again. As I came out of the loo I could seem Amelie was out of her pushchair and she was enjoying a run around, Yvonne was at the counter getting the drinks. As the drinks arrived Amelie calmed down walked round the table and gave me a kiss. It quite made my day. We had a nice drink though I was jealous that I didn’t get a flake on my saucer like some people did. We had a good mooch round the shops where in a sale I actually bought some chinos for £2. I found a nice little cardigan for Amelie. Ami refused me a kiss for my journey home so I think she must have decided I’d had my ration  for the day.

Wednesday was marked by my falling asleep in the afternoon (when I  should have been working) and Dil had been sitting there laughing at me for quarter of an hour before I woke. I was prepared to blame him for fixing the cards in his  favour but then I won. Overall the night was mine, so much so that I’m prepared to allow the use of his name in my presence this week. Yahtzee was a draw at 6 games each but Nomination whist and cribbage  just slid into my grasp easily.

lobster 2 in a basket

Unruly kids? Rent a lobster pot.

Thursday. I ordered a Welsh flag and the flag of St David on Monday ready for the 1st of March. They were delivered today. I lost a neighbour last year and he celebrated every St. David’s day with both flags run up a flagpole outside his door. I think the flagpole went with his children. This year I’m the old man with the flags except mine will be indoors hanging in the window of the lounge and the kitchen. Cymru am byth.                    Sharon came in the afternoon and gave me a thorough cleaning. Those feather dusters don’t half tickle. Mike turned up in the evening before I’d had chance to lock and barricade the door. He almost had me choking when he asked me to make sure he’s up for 6.00 am tomorrow as he needs to be in Manchester early. I’m sure anyone who’s read this blog before knows that I ‘try’ to get him up at that time on a Saturday morning and that I consider eating suppositories fun by  comparison. I wonder if I should do it and then tell him not to come back so I can avoid repetition and frustration on Saturday.

music class, playing the cornet

After Music Class, Playing the Cornet.

Friday started with me trying to get Mike up for 6.00 am. This was even worse that it is on a Saturday but he was supposed to be out of the house by 7.00 am. I did manage it but at 6.55am he was still sitting in the lounge with a coffee and not dressed for the outside. As he left the room I must have nodded off and when I woke at 7.10 am he’d gone. I returned to work which I’d started early this morning. Being the rebel that I am, when I got dressed at 9.00 am I didn’t put any socks on. I know how to live on the edge. When it came to undressing for a shower later the time saved by this one act made it all worthwhile.

loving cuddles

Saturday morning up at 1.51 am. Considering I didn’t stop reading until about 12.15 am I have to wonder if it’s worth coming to bed at all. There was the usual struggle to get Mike up at 6.00 am but in fairness we are usually on our way at 7.00 am and he’s fully dressed I’m guessing it’s by a colour-blind man with no sense of style, certainly not like my friend Stephanae at  who has great style sense. I know that because I try and borrow it though the make-up goes awry. I did manage to get him up and even managed to get him out though I had a moment of panic when I noticed him driving with his eyes shut. We managed everything we needed to and even a trip to Broughton Park as Mike wanted to but something else he hadn’t managed to get enough of at the first shop. I can’t say what as they’re presents and I’m sworn  bribed to secrecy. We drove back to the Dragon’s Rest for lunch and I had my first really disappointing meal. Mike took me to get some freezer shopping just before we came home and poor Joey finally had his cage opened.

Sunday. Slept from about 1.30 am to 2.53 am then went directly for breakfast. Yesterday Mike persuaded me to but a new bread by Warburton’s called The Lancashire Thorough Bread, a type of soft bloomer. I didn’t really take it’s shape into account with the toaster. I had to cut something off each side and off the top to get it to fit. Breakfast over I returned to work until I’d caught up at about 7.15 am. I found I was ready for a quick kip and climbed back on the bed. I woke again about 9.00 am and nearly died of shock to find Mike was up.”Thought I’d let you sleep” he said with a big smirk.                                             After we’d got dressed we needed to exchange a pair of jeans for him as button flies were got by mistake.We delivered some bags to Yvonne while we were out with her portion of the mystery birthday gift. Then we pulled into the town centre while we did the exchange which actually only took moments though selecting the jeans to have with the zip fly took hours.Coming out we put a red light atop the car and I opened the window and shouted nee-naw all the way to Prestatyn and lunch. I had to be thawed out first and getting a lime and lemonade with ice didn’t help. Lunch was great as usual. We went home after that so we could fall asleep in our chairs. I know I did anyway. Mid-afternoon I waved Mike off then had a couple of hours work before watching a film on TV. A remake of Total Recall that must have left the graphics lovers feeling euphoric but were a bit much for me. I think I prefer the original.

I wish you all a wonderful week full of the usual hugs. I wish such luck to the youngsters of America who are trying to bring about such an important change. We need to all get behind them and bring sensible gun control in and take out the second Government of the U.S, the NRA.





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36 responses to “Searching for Less.

  1. Another fun post, David. I had to laugh out loud at the degree of difficulty getting Mike out of bed at 6:00 on a Saturday. The idea of you shouting nee-naw was a side splitter as well.

  2. Love your humor – of course, always have, always will. But I’m on here today to further support your comment about our American youngsters, doing what the grown ups haven’t been able to. It all harkens back to the Vietnam era
    when the protests were mostly done by college students. Then it grew. And grew. Let’s hope this protest will as well. God help us. xoxoxoxox

    • Yes, this must do a Topsy and grow and grow. The adults have said enough before to no avail but I swear these children are not going away and won’t be browbeaten or bought. They must win and the politicians must know they’re dealing with those that won’t go away. It’s time to choose which master to serve and it better be the people.
      Thanks so much for your support Sarah.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx.

  3. Always such cute updates David. I need to do some portion control too!

  4. Great post David and terrific music links. Adorable kids as always. xxxhugs!

  5. Great post, David and the kids are gorgeous as ever, but I’m not sure about that NRA comment at the end. Given how much damage the NRA has caused, both directly and indirectly, I kind of think they might be in the pay of Putin or some other canny foreign leader. 😦

    • I’ve always thought the NRA are paid by the Arms Industry but who’s to say who owns them. That could well be state sponsored as in Russia. When I take over the world there will be no guns allowed except by the police….and they will be policed, no convenient He was coming at me so I shot him in the back, cries and the army but they’re dummies as all territorial squabbles will be settled between chess champions.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  6. I hear you, David

    lettuce n cucumber for a month!

    Big hug


  7. Skipping socks to save time????? Now I’ve heard everything! The photos of the children are charming. Are you the photographer?

    xxx sockless hugs xxx

    • I can’t reach my feet easily, that sounds better. No, that’s my daughter who seems to have her phone glued to her hand Anne.
      xxx Monday Hugs with

      • I applaud her diligence with the phone. I generally keep a camera in my pocket.

        I’ve had Monday for only 35 minutes, and you’re probably ready for a nap.

        xxx early Monday hugs with socks xxx

      • I think it’s just because they take such good pictures these days as the camera I gave her was massive. You’re quite right, I thik nap time is fast approaching. I just want to wait until the drier ends so I can get my clothes out.
        xxx Monday 5.45 am with socks xxx

  8. Enjoyed the update, David, and stop giving poor Mike such a hard way to go! I’m sure he has lovely fashion sense!


    Have a wonderful week! 💜💜🏂

  9. You’re so funny David! I’m still trying to picture you swinging your leg back and forth to see your shoes. The grandkids are as cute as ever!! Thank you for the mention, I suppose we’ll have to catch you up to speed on makeup (you can do this!) What a great way to start the day!! Have a great one my friend! Hugs to you ❤

    • Thanks so much Steph. I have to alternate legs to see the pair. The children are a real joy and I love to see them smile. I’m glad you saw the mention, you can ignore the question I asked in my other post now. Yes, make-up is definitely a field I’m not good at though why I’m doing it in a field I don’t know.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. Do love your sense of humour, David. And those children!! Beautiful! Could have done with a lobster pot for my twins – forty years ago.x

    • Thanks so much Judith, you need one with a face like mine. The children are gems, the keep me smiling. Sorry but they weren’t renting out the lobster pots 40 years ago, the best things then were the big Lloyd Loom Laundry baskets our grandmothers always had in their bathrooms. You could sit on that too.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  11. It sounds like a good week. I see you were shopping again, this time for a birthday and clothes for you and Mike. Great pictures of the children as usual. All the best. xxx Huge Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • I think I’m always shopping for birthdays. I still have a couple of important ones this year. This week won’t be so good with the snow. It stopped my Tuesday trip to see the grandies. I’m glad you like the pictures.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  12. Lovely post and photos. I love the photo of both grandkids. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

  13. In this case, David, lees is more.
    Thanks for the fun read.

    • Yes, my less is now edging over all my trouser tops threatening to push them down and belts don’t seem to work. My less needs to become a lot less very quickly.
      Hugs Robert.

  14. Pretty kids plus “music to my ears.” I do believe that we are the same age.

  15. Wow! This celebration wish is really beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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