Whether the Weather is right.

It was cold today. When they talk about Monday making you blue I doubt it was a cold like this they had in mind. It’s from Siberia so it looks like the Russians are interfering over here too. They’re trying to freeze us to death, I had to go out to the chemist this morning and believe me it was the quickest trip I’ve made. I shall travel by heated sedan chair next time as befits my position of Benevolent Dictator of the World or my half as I’m sharing the position with my friend Diana Wallace Peach since I’m sure she’ll be able to extricate me from the little mess I’ve created over Maternity leave. I’ve also got my commissioner of housing renovation DeBorah Palmer of Dancingpalmtrees active on the derelict and abandoned properties in New York. There will soon be adequate housing for the homeless and needy of New York, I’m bringing in a Maximum rent policy too for certain properties to take the pressure off those struggling. Your city could be next.            The forecast for tomorrow is icy cold again with snow in some parts but it could be everywhere by the end of the week and here to stay for a couple of weeks vacation. Let’s see if my Tuesday Chester trip is on.

always the joker

It’s not. At 3.00 am this morning I trimmed the bread to fit the toaster and then decided to throw the odd pieces out for the birds. I opened the door and tossed the bread on the grass. No problem, the bread stood out against the green. At 3.20 am I had eaten and was taking my coffee back to my room with a couple more scraps in one hand. I opened the door and couldn’t see my earlier donation to the starving birds fund (I tried to donate Joey but they weren’t interested). The birds were not up and about but our Siberian gift was. In such a short space of time the ground was covered in a thick layer of snow and it was still coming down thick and fast. I went back in and added two jumpers to clothes pile. It stopped snowing sometime before 8.00 am but I would still have had problems getting to the bus stop and I’d texted Yvonne so she wouldn’t expect me. At 9.00 am I managed to get to Pauline’s for bread and ciggies so I can barricade myself in now. I think more snow can be expected today and it’s also forecast for Thursday.                          I haven’t seen it snow again so far and a kind man from the Council came to scrape my path and the footpaths to stop anyone falling. Yvonne told me it snowed much more in Chester and eventually they closed Reuben’s school so she had to go out a second time to collect him. It was a beggar trying to manoeuvre Amelie’s pushchair in all the snow.

Well I put down my book at 12.30 am and proceeded to try and beat one of my new pillows into submission. It wanted to retain it’s shape while I wanted it to fit into the side of my head and not impede my breathing.I think Mike has swapped this pillow for one of his own that he’s been able to train in the noble art of covering the mouth and nose simultaneously. I did eventually get to sleep. I woke at 3.57 am, very late by my usual standards especially with regards to my breakfast and my morning drugs.I dealt with that then checked to see if there had been any fresh snowfall, There’s none due here until tomorrow. There was none but there was a definite nip in the air at -4 degrees. So no further snow during the day though my brother in law tells me there’s a foot or so where he is and it’s still snowing. He lives in the tiny hamlet of ‘Blinkandyoumissit’ just an hour away from me but in the hills. I haven’t heard anything from Dil so I assume he’s not snowed in and the games will go on.                                                                                          And go on they did. He didn’t find the magnets so I won the Yahtzee but I can’t believe he deprived me of both the other two games. Oooh he’s good, I can just glimpse something speedy from the corner of my eyes but I can never catch him in the act. It’s terrible to think ones own brother would cheat one. Wot choo talking ’bout magnets? I don’t know what you mean. How could you be so…… Oh, those magnets, yes, they’re just some old midge fragnets I keep for luck.

for my next trick

-4.5 C this morning. I hung my flags up at the windows for St David’s Day. The Welsh flag with the red dragon and St Davids is black with a yellow cross.

red dragon                                                 st david

As it was 3.30 am I wasn’t going outside with them. I might have frozen my little tootsies off. At just gone 9.00am I couldn’t put it off any longer, I needed my lottery tickets. Oh heck it was Siberian with a nasty little wind. The snow is still on the grass but nothing new. At lunchtime I braved it again to go to the chippy. Pieces of my moustache were going brittle and dropping off and then a few yards out it started snowing. I was glad to get back into reheat my frozen meal. The snow soon stopped and didn’t stick.                    Sharon came to clean and was moaning with the cold, she’s stick thin poor woman. Later on Mike arrived . We ate (me just a sandwich honestly) and we watched both Big Bang Theory and Sheldon which was quite funny. When it finished I stood to come through and just glanced through the window, Snow, lots of snow and it was sticking. I shall have to sleep with fingers crossed that it goes before morning or Mike won’t be able to get to Manchester.

Who would believe my crossed fingers exert such influence on the weather. The snow wasn’t a problem this morning, it still clung to the grass verges but the roads were pretty clear. Mike checked his route to Manchester and that was clear too yet had he been approaching Manchester from the other side he’d have had problems. Mind you, if he’d approached Manchester from the other side he wouldn’t be going from here so who would I have said goodbye to this morning?                                                                                    I tried to keep on top of work as it came in but that came to an end when Mike got back. He’d had a breakfast when he got to Manchester in case he had to dash back but the snow behaved for him. I had my bangers, mash and garden peas at lunchtime. I did us a sliced beef sandwich with the last of the bread so I guess I’ll be having Weetabix in the morning. I left Mike at 9.00 pm to make my mad dash for clearance and he went to his room to watch TV from bed. Ah well, bed and a read for me, shopping on the morrow.


           No, the £6 doesn’t include Amelie…..but her mum might look at offers

I woke at 2.28 am this morning and everything looked strangely bright. I knew what it meant. I donned my dressing gown and headed for the kitchen but stopped to peep through the lounge window as I went. Yes, it had snowed again and it now covered the previously uncovered paths. The light from the street lamp was being reflected through all the windows giving it a slightly eerie look. I turned the kitchen light on and started taking my drugs. Once done I had two Weetabix (I’m not like Amelie, I can’t manage three). I took my coffee back to my room to have while I dealt with my mail. Once I was clear a little after 5.00 am I quietly set about ridding the house of it’s rubbish and it’s recycling. Setting everything out for collection sometime this morning. Plastics, tins, papers and glass bags for recycling, a food waste bin and a household rubbish big black bin, all placed neatly by the kerb.                                                                                                      I got Mike up at 6.00 am and we were on our way out just after 7.00 am.We shopped for food than went for breakfast ( OK don’t whisper, I only had a teasted toecake and it had been nearly 7 hours since my official breakfast). We got a few more things then headed for Flint I was pleased as I’d made real inroads into my Easter egg shopping. While out, Mike mentioned his boots (worn for snow) were really rubbing and he could do with some shoes. We looked in Flint without success. We went home for long enough to put the frozen food away then headed for the balmy shores of Sunny Rhyl where there are shoe shops. First we had lunch in the Red Caff as it’s known. Not very salubrious surroundings but the food was hot. Afterwards I pointed him at the first of the shoe shops whilst I had a leisurely ciggie. He didn’t seem to be finding much when I eventually strolled in and I feared an afternoon of his inability to make a decision. I wandered down to the far end of the shop and was shocked. I called to him and gestured to come here. He didn’t look too impressed until I showed his one pair in his size and pointed out it was on a clearance price to go of £4.99.He almost set fire to the carpet taking them to the desk. He bought some thinner socks and we were done. Back home so I could start work, Yay.

I got up at 2.30 am and decided to work for half an hour before breakfast. I couldn’t get the internet going then wallop, next thing I know is it’s 5.10 am and I’m coming round at my desk with my glasses (intact) on the floor. I took my meds, had breakfast and came back to try the internet once more. I turned to modem off and counted to 60. Turning it back on I found it had worked so ploughed into my mail. 8.28 am and I was up to date for a while  at least. I went to let Joey out and give him fresh seed and water. I turned TV on a little later for the news (naturally for no other reason) and it must have disturbed Mike as he came through. To make amends I did him a coffee.                                                            We left about 11.15 am to go to Prestatyn for lunch and got there in time to grab our favourite table. The beef just melted in the mouff ( sorry, shouldn’t talk with my mouth full )today, Mike had gone for pork and beef today and raved about both. Replete we wandered outside. Mike had tried to buy something for his sister yesterday from the place he usually got it but it looked like they’d stopped doing it. We tried a couple of other places while we were in Rhyl but no joy. I suggested a place we could try today so after leaving the pub we walked there. Yay, there it was so Mike swept the last remaining stocks off the shelves, 6 shower gels and 2 hand washes. The look he got at the counter was fantastic, “He get’s dirty very easily” I said. ” Now I just want someone to be dirty with” he added. We came home. By 4.00 pm he was packed and on his way home. Once I’d thrown his bags out and waved, I bolted the door and came to start work on my mail. I thought I broke off at 8.00 pm to watch an episode of Endeavour but when I reached the lounge (slow walker) it was 9.00 pm so I took my meds, wished Joey goodnight and came through to finish off. 11.45 pm and I’m done.

protecting the peanuts

                                                        Protecting the Peanuts.

I wish you all a wonderful new week full of all the things you want most. Keep spreading my Hugs for me util the whole world forgets to fight.


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71 responses to “Whether the Weather is right.

  1. Evening, my sleep pattern is getting as bad as yours. Snow all gone down here so that’s good. Out for lunch on wed, looking forward to that. Have a good week xxxx

    • Oh dear, just aw well we both love reading isn’t it. Snow been washed away from here too, perhaps floods next then it has to be Spring for Easter surely. Your social calendar is so much better than mine you gadabout. Have a nice time and don’t forget to photograph the puddings.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  2. The Russians are interfering with the weather as well, lol, David you are quite brave venturing out in the freezing cold temps with ice and snow. This children are getting so big and are absolutely adorable. Since you are now Dictator of the world I’m sure it will be a far better place for us all, peace and love❤️ Your commissioner of housing renovation in NY had first better propose a coup to oust NYC mayor because he wants luxury housing development not housing that is affordable. If she wants to run for mayor she would have my vote. Have an awesome week my friend, stay warm and try not to stress about your awesome responsibilities as the current head of the world. Massive hugs❤️

    • Hi Suzanne, always a great pleasure for me. Well, I’m not brave anymore as the snow was washed away yesterday. I don’t know if it will be any warmer now but it feels it this morning.
      The kids are really growing fast but they’re both still little scamps. I’d like to be Dictator of the World and there would certainly be peace and love. No more wars and current ones stopped and solved. I will interview all the Mayors and look at their records. If they’re for the people they can stay, the others can step down. DeBorah will be pleased at your vote for NYC.
      Thank you, I hope it’s as awesome as the one I wish for you. I won’t stress about my responsibilities as all will be plain sailing without weapons for wars.People are going to get on with each other…….or else.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. A Siberian chill seems to have settle on the States. I shall spread your hugs, Dave.

  4. What a week, David. The snow really is a big thrill for children. Not so much for adults. And sleep… who doesn’t want a full eight hours?!

  5. The weather is a bugger over there and here in New England. As for us , a tropical paradise. I don’t have s flag for St David’s day but I’m sure everyone would wonder what it is for anyway. Adorable children. Hig chugs!xx

    • Snow gone, please send tropical paradise Hollie. You could teach everyone what St. David’s flag was for and spread the word. I bet the are plenty of people of Welsh extraction over there. My cousin was followed for over 20 miles in Calif because she had a little Welsh flag in the rear window. He just wanted to know where she got it from. Scared her half to death.
      Thank you, the children are awesome.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Oh, many many people of Welsh descent, Irish, and Scottish, immigrants from many lands in the giant melting pot. The only people who are not immigrants here are the Native Indians. St. Paddy’s day is very big here, half of NYC comes out for the parade ( half of NYC is probably Irish, that is subject to change, lol) Thank you for keeping us up to date on what’s happening over there with you. Sending huge hugsxxxx

      • I know NY is Irish from the St Paddys day parade and think Boston too.I think a lot of Welsh people settled where they mine coal. People seemed to settle in little enclaves whenever they went, I’m not sure about the Scots though I know a lot went to Canada.A lot of Welsh people emigrated to Patagonia and I’m told they still speak Welsh there.I’ll have to wear my Welsh flag waistcoat if I ever travel to ee how many know their heritage.
        xxx Humongous Hugs xxx ❤ ❤

      • ♥️♥️By all means. The waist coat is essential. xxx

  6. Thank you for appointing me to your Cabinet! It is an Honor! First New York, then London and finally the world!! Working together we shall end homelessness! Hooray! Also I’m liking that Red Dragon a lot! Super Cool!

    • You’re very welcome. Puginthekitchen above says she’ll vote for you as Mayor as the current one wants more luxury housing not affordable. Yes, we will end homelessness in the world.
      I’m glad you like my flag. I’m proud of my Country.
      xxx Enormous Hugs xxx

  7. Happy belated Saint David’s day, oh benevolent dictator! Nice to hear about your weekly doings as ever. I hate shoe shopping — next time I’ll invite you along as a consultant! Bonne semaine xo

    • Thanks so much Mel, the flags are down now but it was a good day. Perhaps as Benevolent Dictator I can make your show shopping easier.If you write down what you want, size, colour, type, I’ll have the manufacturers bring what they have one at a time until you have what you want. Or maybe we can take you to an Italian firm and have them fit you there and then. Happy Monday Sweetie,
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  8. My goodness it is rough over your way David – I hope you will move into warmer waters soon! We are sweltering today in 28C – the active went kayaking and the more (ahem) mature kept cool under trees 🙂

    • It’s just damp now Pauline as the snow has mainly been washed away except in Scotland. All that bothers me is that the rain not be freezing and then I can cope. I’m suitably jealous of your weather. Please save me one of your more mature seats under the trees.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  9. Super photographs… enough smiles to melt the snow.
    I have been snowed in with Mother…….. A not to be repeated experience as she decided to start turning out her cupboards. The excavation of Troy has nothing on it….

    • Hello Helen,,thank you, the little loves are almost permanently smiling which makes them very easy to be with. I know your Mother isn’t here but then again neither is the snow now thanks to the rain. I can’t say I want to turn out my cupboards exactly but somehow I do need to rearrange them to get more on display as I have a large bag of Christmas gifts I haven’t yet managed to get in. There’s no room for another cabinet. If you’d like to volunteer, as Benevolent Dictator I can have you flown over in luxury.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. Such adorably happy little people!

  11. David! Where are the pics of the snow??? Hugs to the kids, by the way. 🙂

  12. Amelie is growing into the kid who always gets invited to parties because she’s guaranteed to set the place on fire! I feel for Reuben. Thanks for the Ken Boothe. I haven’t heard this since I was at school 🙂 And I had no idea that Saint David’s flag looked like that. I can see now why they keep it off the Union Jack—unfair I know, but think of what it would look like!!!!

    • Hi Jane, they both seem to be in parties every weekend and I’m sure it’s just for the smiles. Ken Boothe takes you back doesn’t it. I like so many oldies. St Davids flag wouldn’t be included on the Union Jack as it’s not the flag of Wales, that honour goes to the Red Dragon which could sit very nicely at the centre. I’d like that.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Ah, if it was in the centre you’d get complaints from the Scots that they’d want something emblematic like a claymore and the English would want St George to go with your dragon and I suppose the Unionists would want a bowler hat…

  13. Jane Sturgeon

    Lovely pics, they joy that flows from those little ones is a delight to see. I am glad you navigated the weather in a snug way. Hugs and more hugs of Benevolent Leader for a peaceful and contented week. Xxx ❤ Xxxxx

  14. Easter! I never remember about those things until you mention them. Thanks for the pics and do take care. I’m in Llandeilo at the moment, David, although it seems the weather has been up and down everywhere (it snowed in the hills around Barcelona as well). Here the wind was more of a problem than the rain, but having to go out often to walk the dogs it’s been quite trying. I hope this week is better.

    • Hi Olga, so you’re back in the land of song again. I don’t suppose it’s permanent? The weather has been shocking thanks to the Beast from the East but I think you’ll find it fairly mild this week though probably damp. I’m sure the dogs will enjoy it more.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs your way xxx

  15. It sounds like you’re getting a full dose of winter there. Lovely pictures of the children as always. xxx Multitudinous Hugs xxx. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Snow all gone Suzanne, washed away in the rain. That’s our new weather for the week. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures, I see the real thing tomorrow.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  16. I am so glad you survived the snow David. You sound like an ideal candidate for personal shopping. Shoes for £4.99. Wow. X

  17. Adorable photos of those happy children, David. You folks are cold over there. Stay bundled up and cozy. Spring is on its way. 🙂

  18. You are a most benevolent dictator, David! Sorry about the bad weather there. We had a nor’easter on Friday–lots of wind, then rain, then snow, then more wind! I can’t believe how big your grandkids are getting–but they are adorable.
    We just finished watching a show on Netflix called “Hinterland.” I read that they filmed each scene twice, once in Welsh and then in English. Stay away from that part of Wales. They seem to have a murder there every week. 😉
    Big hugs!

    • Thank you Merril, I try my best. We have to put up with the worst until the best arrives and surely Spring is on it’s way now. You had it bad from the sounds of it, have you still got the snow? The kids are getting bigger but they’re still my little gems.
      I haven’t seen Hinterland but I knew it was on. It’s not that far away but if I stay away there may be no murders to see.
      xxx Creepy but Ginormous Hugs xxx

  19. I love how each nap is a surprise as if you have been struck over the head. Oh, I see. You have been. Beautiful photos, David. Happy belated St David’s day

  20. Am currently on a visit to Croatia, David, and the Siberian winter is biting viciously. Had I not brought my fur coat – that’s been sleeping in my Aussie wardrobe for 30 years – and my Aussie Ugg boots I’d truly be turning into a snowman/woman …Have a great week and many hugs

  21. I’m glad you’re on the visit Ina but I’m really sorry Siberia is biting after your Australian warmth. The snow has gone here so there’s just rain now.
    I hope you have a wonderful time and if you’re talking to politicians that you can get things done.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. Your post has left me with the shivers…we woke up to frost on the rooftops underneath a sunny sky, spring is valiantly trying to make an appearance…I hope things improve for the UK and the Eastern United States…it’s cold out there!

    • It’s improved already I’m happy to say. No snow except in Scotland and yesterday eve the rain gave up. Today the sunshine was out for a while. No warmth yet but lets work in easy stages.Soon be Spring.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  23. Yes, an excellent week with the Lord’s white blessing fluttering down in bucketfuls. I went out to put some recycling in the bin and couldn’t find the bin! Sent the wife out next time – haven’t seen her since. I think it was the silence that impressed me most. Our town’s normally busy main street was utterly deserted and given over to the ghosts. Wonderful stuff!. Hugs, David, for the world is green again and Wales’ patron saint is back in his box. Here comes summer!

    • Have you sent a search party out for your wife yet? I wasn’t sure whether it was the silence indoors impressed you most or the deserted streets.
      Today it snowed heavily, then rained heavily and finally the sun shone heavily and even with some warmth.It was like the passing of the seasons in a day. Yes Dewi Sant laid to rest for another year and my flags put away.
      Have a great weekend

  24. Love your itinerary and staff. The ambience (selection of music) is a great! But keep some coffee on hand!! Hugs David!!

    • Thank you, I’m glad you approve the music, I confess I generally only have one coffee a day, and that first thing. I’m afraid of sleeping even less than I already do.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  25. Massive hugs! After forcing a steroid pill down my cat’s gullet, I needed a smile. Smile provided! 🙂

    • Don’t tell me you actually got it to stay down Joe. Oscar could outlast me holding his breath and I’d find the tablet spat out somewhere later.
      Glad you got your smile.

  26. Your intro to this post was much appreciated, David 🙂 And as always, I love the photos of the kids ❤

  27. Thank you David, for visiting my blog.

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