Gypsy’s Curse?

It’s possible I splashed a Gypsy when I was younger, perhaps I ruined her stock of lucky heather with my carelessness. I’m basing this observation on the preponderance of rain in my life. I could be grateful that the rain washed away the last of the snow yesterday but why is it I’m wishing for the transformation of the rain back to snowflakes again just to stop me being miserable when wet later on. The rain doesn’t seem to have stopped yet. The rain stopped and hot on it’s heels came the window cleaner going like the clappers before it started again. If it’s like this in the morning I’ll be off to Chester.                              The window cleaner is the only human I’ve spoken to today unless you count a reflection. This isn’t the week where I take my drug order to the local baron and I didn’t need bread or cigarettes which left me with no excuse to go out.  I did my washing and concentrated on keeping up with my mail. That only worked until early afternoon as I went through at 3.00 pm to watch something and at some point fell asleep. I didn’t wake again until 6.10 pm. I made myself a sandwich and watched what was left of Warehouse 13. At 9.00 pm I came though for my last big catch up before bed. I finished at 11.15 pm. Nite all.

1971 Live performance Lindisfarne.

Up at 3.20 am this morning, almost a full three hours. No sound of rain from outside which means I can go to Chester this morning. You’d think it was my birthday, but I’m glad it’s not. I had toast for breakfast after taking my meds. I’m sure I mentioned having to buy a new toaster a couple of months ago when my super-dooper metallic red one which is part of a set went kaput on me. Things are built with a self destruct button these days. The new one is rubbish in that it doesn’t take a slice of bread. If I use a slice from a full sized loaf I have to cut the slices almost in half to get them brown all over. With one of the small sized loaves It will almost toast a full slice. Who buys bread in the sizes this toaster wants?                                                                                                                                        At 7.00 am I was on my way to the bus stop. Ten minutes later I was on the bus, using free wifi to listen to songs on Youtube, I must get some songs on the MP4 or it’s a waste. I started dozing too so no-one would talk to me. When I arrived I had time for a hello and a hug from Reuben on his way to school. I went to the Supermarket to have a post-bus wee and to wait for Yvonne and Amelie. We had a coffee (and a wrigglebottom Amelie cuddle) before we hit the shops for a mooch. Yvonne being her usual unhelpful self in picking something for Easter as she doesn’t want an egg. She going to have to rely on me finding something she likes now. Late morning they took me to the bus stop and waved me off. By the time I got home I needed another wee and I was starving. In went a bing meal and I got my relief. I worked through the afternoon but finished at 4.30 pm in time for my Antiques Road Trip. I must have been awake until at least 6.00 pm as I turned over for Warehouse 13 but I don’t remember watching it and I remember nothing until I woke at 8.15 pm to find Babylon 5 on screen. I took my evening tabs said goodnight to Joey and came through to pick up the slack on my mail. Well gone 11.00 pm before I finished.

smiling down on you

Wednesday morning and despite my extra long nap last evening I still slept last night. My light went out just before 12.30 am and my personal inner light didn’t come on until 4.28 am.. Yes, I know, my breakfast toast was more like brunch at that time. I was back in here at 5.05 am starting on the mail and it just kept coming and coming until about 8.45 am when it finally slowed. I went then to put new batteries in the toilet ‘guidance’ light but they musty be duff as I can’t get it to work. I’ll have to get fresh ones at the weekend or I could be standing in puddles.(joke, honestly).                                                                              My HUtH (See Cast List on front page) was on at 10.00 am ……..By ten past I’d fallen asleep and missed it all. It was almost 11.10 am before I came round. I dashed back to the mail. I wonder if that means people could refer to me as dashing? At 11.45 am I was up to date again and went to start my lunch. Boiled potatoes, sliced beef and garden peas with a piece of bread and butter for the gravy. I watched bargain Hunt while I ate and managed not to fall asleep.(Bloody miracle).                                                                                                    Work took up most of my afternoon but I was ready for Dil when he arrived at 4.30 pm We watched out usual programmes before starting but at 6.00 pm the TV went off, the games came out and the gloves came off too. No matter how hard I moved the magnet beneath the board the Yahtzee still didn’t go my way. I think he was moving his own magnet around on his side. It ended up 6 games all. The Nomination Whist started well………for him, and stayed that way right to the end. He displayed a real lack of heart in not having the cards I expected him to. He started the Cribbage well too but I did catch up and overtake. You just have to remember to move the back marker as well as the front. I beat him in that so it was even Stevens at the end. I’m buying a bigger magnet at the weekend. while we were playing my blood sugar dropped so I ate four chocolate biscuits, so when Dil left at 9.00 pm I just took my meds and came through without supper. I worked on mail till 11.30 pm and then today’s blog. It’s gonna be a late one.

Thursday started much more as expected.I’d gone to bed at midnight and read for just over half an hour. There I was, wide awake at 2.23 am, not even 2 hours and I hadn’t even spent the evening before asleep, though you might not believe it given the result at games. I breakfasted at 3.00 pm and walked about oblivious to the world and scratching my bum because no-one was here. It was about 5.00 am I just happened to be passing through the lounge again that I glanced out of the window. The arrival of Spring? I don’t think so. The snow was coming down thick and fast and had already built up quite a layer. Damn, I thought that was done with now. At 9.00 am I went out and was no more than 6 feet away from my door than it started raining. Not your normal kind of rain though, it was the heavy one that crawls up your shoulder to slide down your collar on the inside. I forgave it as it washed the snow away.                                                                        At 11.45 am I started walking to the chippy with my black leather coat fastened over a thick scarf. As I opened the front door I was almost bowled over or should that be boiled over by the bright sunshine with heat that bombarded me. Just how many seasons are you allowed in a day anyway? Once I returned with my food I vowed not to set foot outside again in case Autumn arrived.                                                                                        Sharon arrived at about 3.00 pm today as she’d been to her doctor first. I knew she’d be late, I also knew she’d be worried about her little girl after school so I let her just work an hour and then go home. I did pay her the normal amount though so she didn’t lose out. I could have had her come yesterday instead for the full time had I wanted but I didn’t want the distraction. Mike arrived about 5.00 pm and it was just two old codgers moaning for the rest of the evening.

snow day

A picture of snow promised to my friend Andrea.

12.45 am lights out to 2.07 am up again doesn’t leave a lot of sleep time in between. It’s no surprise then that I zonked out sometime after 3.00 am and 4.10 am. It’s also no surprise that the position I was sitting in (upright and up close), meant my stomach was against the desk and prevented me from folding as per usual. Instead my head just lolled on my neck and I woke up with my head on one side for a few minutes. This didn’t help when taking tablets as the milk escaped from the corner of my mouth. Just as well it didn’t last long. It clicked and with a long drawn out groan from me, it came upright. I was able to set out my medication for the next week then have my breakfast. Once that was done it was back here to attack the mail again.                                                                                            Mike managed to get himself up for 9.45 am but everything was in his cup ready I turned on the TV for the last bit of a series he’s been following where people try to get their ancestor’s murder charge reversed or at least registered as an unsafe verdict. As Mike pointed out they can hardly have a retrial after 100 odd years. We watched Homes Under the Hammer and while that was on the postman delivered a package that proved to be a new wallet with RFID protection. I’d expected some new gloves but they didn’t arrive. It’s been so cold I’ve even ordered a pair with fingers. I normally have fingerless of the type weightlifters use or wheelchair users because of the padding on the palm, but I always have leather. Online they’re much cheaper than in the shops. As Mike went I concentrated on catch up again and I worked until 11.50 am before going to start lunch. Sausage, bacon, beans and some microchips today though I fully intended to have bangers and mash earlier. After lunch I did two more letters than settled down to sleep until 2.15 am. Mike sent a message that he was on his way back which was really early and so I had to go play catch up before he arrived. I managed to get up to date before he arrived back at 4.15 pm.                                                                                                                      I had a shower this evening and Mike washed my hair as usual for me. We made sure we watched Mastermind then I took my meds and retired to the bedroom as Mike started on a marathon phone call to one of his friends. 11.50 pm finish tonight.

If anyone thinks we’re ready to go back to this I think we should revive the 60’s

I slept from about 1.00 am until 3.41 am and think that pretty good. It was obviously well gone 4.00 am when I came back to my desk with coffee after breakfast. So engrossed did I become in my mail I almost forgot when 6.00 am rolled around and Mike’s alarm went off. I quickly made a coffee and out it on his table in the lounge then went to shout him. Given that he swears he always gets up on the third alarm ( sorry, just let me chuckle here) I left him to it and concentrated on one longer letter. I finished it at 6.40 am and went to see how he was getting on with his drink only to find he hadn’t started it yet because he was still lying in his bed after turning the alarm off. Difficult to get up at the third one now eh? I let him know what time it was and returned to work. I heard conscience give him a prod and he got up. We left a little later today.                                Shopping went easily and just an hour from when we arrived we drew up in front of the next shop for Mike to have breakfast. The coffee machine was broken which nearly gave him apoplexy so I asked the staff if I bought  jar of coffee whether we could used the hot water to make our own. Yes, they said so I went off to buy one and left Mike to order food. It was only when I got back and he’s made coffee’s that I realised I hadn’t left any money with him to pay for food but he made it his treat today. I had a nice teasted toecake because of my earlier breakfast, Mike had the full thing with bacon, sausages and black pudding. From there we went on the look out for a gift for Mike sister. She will be 65 while he’s there. He’s looking for a bone china mug but we’re having no luck so far. Eventually we had a coffee in Temptations then as lunch time approached went to the Dragon’s Rest to eat. The afternoon went work, sleep, view, and back to work.


Sleep lasted from about 1.00 am to 2.59 am and though I felt fine when I got up, the feeling didn’t last much beyond breakfast. I was working on my emails when I suddenly became tired, wearisome. Rather than give up I just carried on. I saw the clock at 7..00 am but the next thing I knew I was lifting my head with a groan and it was 8.12 am and I had a lot of kisses (x) on a page. I was almost on my knees with gratitude that I hadn’t dispatched the page in question as I don’t think the recipient would have been too understanding being male. At 9.30 am I gave up and went to have a look at a political interview on TV, if only I’d known it worked better than Mike’s alarm clock. I made him a coffee while he worked through his caveman routine of scratching in places never meant to face the sun. Once the grunting was through I carried his coffee in and hoped not to hear him crunching any little hitchhikers he’s found.                                                                    Neither of us got dressed until 11.00 am and we’d finished throwing insults at the screen or at each other since we disagree on almost everything. We headed off to Prestatyn and despite it being mother’s day in the UK we found our table free, probably because people taking Mum out to dinner require more than two seats. As it wasn’t midday it wasn’t too crowded yet anyway. At noon we lined up to get our carvery and as we say eating the place started to fill up. I saw plenty of six and seven year olds who must be getting too much pocket money to be able to bring mum here for lunch.                                                    I finished my meal and drank the rest of my lime and lemonade with my last two tablets. Mike finished his coffee and we went outside for a cigarette. We saw through the window they hadn’t even let our seats get cool before they filled them. We ambled back to the car and came home to spend a typical Sunday afternoon. Half an hour of TV the straight to sleep. I woke at 4.10 pm just as he was putting his coat on to go. I carried his case to the car after checking it’s weight for items of cutlery etc. After waving him off I started work. It was 7.05 pm before I was almost clear so I went through to see what Joey was watching and turn over to Sheldon then the Big Bang Theory. I only stayed out until 9.00 then after taking my meds I came through to finish.

Have a wonderful week. Spread the word that the World can actually survive with peace and not to let the creators of weapons prevent it in the name of profit. Share Hugs and smiles to brighten another’s day and enjoy it when it happens to you as you may have started it.      Massive Hugs


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57 responses to “Gypsy’s Curse?

  1. You’ve had a most interesting week David. Left some fantastic pics and music links for us which I always appreciate. I adore Antique Roadshow, cause I love antiques. Enjoyed reading about your adventures. Massive hugs! xx

    • Thanks so much Hollie. I’m glad you liked the photos and the music. You’re one of the few who checks the music. The Antiques Road Trip isn’t like the Roadshow as it’s dealers in direct competition but it’s great fun to watch if you get it. I’m glad my pathetic adventures entertained you.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. You are definitely dashing, David. I laughed at the word picture of milk leaking out of the side of your mouth. What on earth is a toecake?

    xxx dashing hugs xxx

  3. Scottie

    I love the music you selected this week. I agree to bring the music back, but the 1960’s had a little too much strife for me. Hugs

    • I’m sorry the 60’s had too much strife for you personally Scottie, I always think of it as the time when we had the most hope in out hearts that we’d change the world for the better. The music was awesome.

      • Scottie

        I should point out I missed most of the sixties. I was born in 63 so I guess I really don’t have much to say about it. It just seems on the news that everyone was really angry and there was that whole war thing going on. But yes it was a time of change and we could use some positive change today for sure. And I love the music from that time. Hugs

  4. I see life continues on pretty much as usual there in wet Wales David – I hope you get some of the lovely spring days that must surely be heading your way soon, as autumn is descending upon us here. Whatever the weather, have a wonderful week xoxo

    • Thanks so much Pauline. I’m hoping for dry Wales maybe this week. Yes, life carries on pretty much the same as usual but the kids are always changing as they grow. I look forward to Spring and hope your Autumn will be dry and full of colour. I wish you a Fantastic Week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. Great pics of Reuben, but where’s Amelie? In the first pic, it looks as if Reuben is practicing for a career as a lineman! I hadn’t heard before of Lindisfarne … still trying to decide if I like it or not. It wouldn’t let me listen to Peter Green … said it wasn’t available in my country. Guess I’ll just have to move, eh? 😉
    Have a great week! Cwtch

    • I think Amelie was off posing for her own pics this week. I’m not quite sure what a lineman is but I’m guessing he repairs telephone lines Ah!! The Penny Drops, Glen Campbell of course. Lindisfarne were quite folky but pretty good. I’m sorry about the Pete Green but all you need do is go to Albatross on youtube for the group. I don’t know why they have those not available ones…….
      Have a Great Week, Cwtch.

  6. I love reading your words, I Google everything you eat and learn so much! Your sleep schedule is a whole lot similar to mine. Our weather has been frightfully the same, we are having an ice storm just now with wet heavy snow expected, I’m supposed to meet my Dr. Today but have doubts of making it as I’ve missed placed my sled. Have a wonderful week. Hugs from wild, wonderful, West Virginia USA

    • Thanks so much you;re very kind. I’m really sorry if your sleep pattern matches mine, like me you must miss a lot of the best TV.
      It’s raining here today so maybe Spring has arrived.. I hope it gets a move on in your direction too
      I think giving the doctor a miss is a good idea, stay in and keep warm instead.
      I hope the weather improves for tomorrow for you, enjoy the rest of your week.
      xxx Huge Hugs from Wales xxx

  7. Always a mixture of love and laughter, David… always with a touch of self-awareness. Your photos of your grandchildren always make me smile. Take care.x

  8. I’ve also been watching the Antiques Road Trip and it’s always fun, although some of the dealers are more entertaining than others (and love the cars). I’m happy to hear you had a good week despite the weather. Great to catch up on some pics too. Good luck with the presents!

    • I agree Olga, some are much better than others. I’m afraid I can’t tolerate Charles Hanson and won’t watch when hes on now, but give me David Harper and he’s fun;. The cars are always great.
      To be honest, I always have a great week whatever. Weather included. I’m glad you liked the pics. I’ve left it with Mike to try finding his present nearer home.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  9. Nidhi

    Great shots !!! With very well written post👍👌

  10. Lovely happy photographs….. Always so cheering.
    Yes bring back the sixties….. my knees were working then.

  11. Changeable weather there. My son’s teacher mentioned the kid’s parents were probably hippies and my son spoke up to tell him his parents weren’t as they’d been too old. All too true. Cute pictures of Reuben. Thanks for the music. xxx Huge Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Hi Suzanne, we only have changeable weather here. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures of Reuben, it’s funny they were all of him this week. You’re welcome to the music, I hope some of it was good for you.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  12. It seems the weather has been crazy all over recently. I’m hoping spring comes for you and for us. Daughter in Boston said they’re supposed to get 15 inches of snow tomorrow. Great Reuben photos–Amelie will have to have her share next week. 🙂 Hugs!

    • You’re right Merril, it’s been ridiculous. Today it’s raining here but at least it’s mild so I think Spring is almost here. I hope you have it soon and your daughter pretty quickly too. Yes, I think Amelie will be demanding her own show next.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  13. I am glad you are keeping much better David. If only the weather would stabilise… It has been nice here but I bet it will rain for St Patricks Day. ☘
    Love all the cute photographs and Albatross is a true classic. Have a great week. xx

    • Normally I’d ask if you’d be prepared to swap your nice for my rain but with St Patrick’s day just a few days hence I’d better cross my fingers your ‘Nice’ stays with you a bit longer. I don’t want anything to mar your parades.
      I’m glad you liked the photographs and of course Albatross.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  14. Anyone that can post a Lindisfarne video is okay in my book. Along with Genesis, one of the unsung heroes of prog rock. Hope that sleep returns to you; it sounds like you’re missing quite a bit of it. – Marty

  15. Ha ha ha, David. This was the funniest line, ” I carried his case to the car after checking it’s weight for items of cutlery etc.” Well done. Have a great week.

  16. David, your winter sounds atrocious… we just make do with cyclones and roads washed away in king tides and once in a hundred year floods that seem to be happening every three weeks…. Yes, I’m a cat napper too… I tell myself that if Churchill could win the war on them, I can handle the peace – such as it is !!!

    • I’d love to be able to say What Winter, it’s all gone. But, on a day like yesterday when the sun shone down and in certain places, certain positions there was even some warmth (mainly through the car windscreen) my brother-in-law announced heavy snowstorms for the weekend. I shall be in trouble with Yvonne as I told her Spring would start this week.
      I hope your weather improves rapidly Valerie.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  17. Ah, David, the Youngbloods brought back SOME memories of Sydney Australia streets early 1970’s when I was a uni student joining the forces of protest…and I hear down here in Croatia where I am visiting we’re about to get some more snow this weekend!Happy days! Hugs hugs hugs

    • Ah, the anthems of my youth when my hopes were high and I thought dreams were within reach. And still here we are so many wars later still killing. Yes, we’ve had the same snow threat for the weekend. Let’s hope it won’t be bad. I hope you’re having a wonderful time in Croatia.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  18. Thank you for reminding me of Lindisfarne, I hadn’t heard that track for years. David, of course it rains; it’s Wales, for heaven’s sake! The main reason I haven’t been down there lately is because I ebay’d the floats off me car, gor bless yer. Lovely pics of the kids – they’re not too unhealthy, are they! Have another great week; snow-free, I hope. Hugs!

  19. Roll back to the 60s? Yes, please! Love that song, it recalls the era for me better than any other. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Wishing you a wonderful rest of week (and restful weekend!). xx

    • Right, but now we know how the 70’s went (and no good music) we can make sure we genuinely change the World for the better. It’s a great record and is lasting well.
      Thank you, I wish you a wonderful rest of the week too.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  20. Huge hugs flowing across The Dee for you and I remember when I lived in Wales, rain flowed!! Xxxx ❤ Xxxx

  21. But there’s no snow flowing now Jane.The rain cried because you were leaving
    xxx Humongous Hugs across the Dee to you xxx

  22. I prefer to think of it as Gypsy Blessing, David. I’m a glass-half-full kinda gal 🙂 It’s amazing how quickly our thoughts can shift our feelings. And I’m right behind you in going back to the 60s. I saw the Youngbloods in person, before they hit the big-time. The music of that decade was so inspiring. Big hugs to you, my friend ❤❤❤

    • Glass half full is kinds sweet Tina. I bet the Youngbloods were good to watch but I wonder if their songs made as many promises as most did yet failed to deliver. For me it was a time of great hope and I’m still wondering why we didn’t deliver even while I’m hoping we still will. America took a giant step into the past with the election of the current President and the reintroduction of the KKK and other white supremacists as being OK. Plus grabbing Country Parks to allow drilling and coal excavation despite warnings of Global Warming all being ignored.
      Can we be glass half full and go back to making promises come true?
      xxx Sending Mammoth Hugs to you xxx

      • I know we can, David. Trump did not win the popular vote, and his ratings continue to drop as he becomes more and more heinous. Republicans have lost most of the mid-term elections thus far and will lose big in November. Then, sanity will be restored. BIG HUGS ❤❤❤

  23. It’s raining here in Sydney, now, but we really do need it!
    Lovely photos, as always.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    • For once no snow and no rain here Margaret. Even quite a sunny day yesterday. I hope you get enough rain for your needs. Thank you, Yvonne is quite the photographer.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  24. The sun is shining on this second day of spring and I’ve had a lovely visit with you but after reading your posts I’m always left feeling curious about one thing…what books do you read each evening?

    • Thank you, it’s always nice having you visit. I’ve worked my way through most of Sue Grafton’s alphabet books and I’m waiting for her to get a move on with Y and Z. I’m currently working my way through a batch of books by Allan Mallinson who writes about a man called Hervey who fought in the Peninsular War then in India and also Africa. I like historical novels. In between I tend to read anything I can get me hands on except horror.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  25. A nice post revisit…looking at the snow and children gave me a cooling in this hot summer weather.

  26. The sun melted all the snow before I had chance to start feeling cool again.I don’t remember a Summer like this for 40 years (1976).
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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