Eyes Wide Open.

Due to my only getting off the computer at midnight plus minutes, my last cigarette (or two) and my nightly chapter (or two) were delayed starting and I didn’t turn my light off until approaching 1.00 am. I woke at 2.46 am and felt a bit cheated. Not that I was still tired but that getting out of my nice warm bed was almost a task too far. I did get out though as my bladder suddenly dictated a change of pace. From the loo I went straight to the kitchen and put my washing machine on Fastwash cycle. Then I put some bread in the toaster  and proceeded to take my morning tablets. That gives enough time for the toast to pop up. I have a piece of toast then take two more tablets  then finish my toast and take the last two tablets. That’s a dozen tablets from start to finish. I now make my coffee, change the washing machine to the drying cycle and take my drink back to my room to start work. It’s now 3.30 am and I’m still bright eyed and bushy tailed.                  There’s a lot of mail because of last night’s post so I make a start. About 5.00 am I’m in the middle of an email to my Chinese friend and translator. I can’t afford any mistakes but I’m starting to feel tired. I don’t want to stop in the middle so I do the only think I can. I prop my eyelids open with a couple of matchstalks. Now if you look at me I either appear very startled or like a goat with the matchstick looking like the centre of the goat’s eye. I struggle on but eventually the tiredness overwhelms me and I go to sleep Eyes Wide Open with my face hovering just inches above the desk.                                                            Waking up suddenly at 6.11 am I find I’ve not quite completed my letter, at least not in any English terms I know I make my deletions and strive to finish so I can send it. The matchsticks in the meantime almost require major surgery to come out. I’m not sure if the wood has sent out roots or if they thought they were part of a new style piercing. I know it’s a couple of hours after they’re out before I can blink. The mail didn’t slow down all day and despite my staying in my seat most of the time it accumulated until I panicked. The last of my gloves was delivered today as was a book I ordered for the kids but I’m told it’s very dark but with good lessons so I may have to read it first. The mail kept coming all day which has kept me out of mischief, but it’d time for bed and a short read now as I’m going out tomorrow. G’Nite.

little miss messy 1

Lights out by 12.30 am this morning. Back up at 2.10 am, At this rate I’ll soon be getting up before I’ve actually been to bed. I was able to work for a while before going through for breakfast and the morning fix. I had jam on one piece of my toast today for a change then brought my coffee back to my room. I’ve been having a conversation with a friend over coffee. At one time the most expensive in the world was Jamaican Blue Mountain and believe me it’s still one heck of a price. But, the big new thing is Vietnamese Civet Coffee where civets eat coffee beans and then must pass them out whole. Currently you can get a kilo of the stuff for $500. What really grips my imagination is how someone found that coffee beans which have passed through a civet should make a good drink. Gives a whole new meaning to the term shit coffee doesn’t it? Think I’ll go back to drinking tea. At 9.15 am I went out to the Post Office to send a book to China, the postage was more than the book, a real ouch. Then I went to Pauline’s where I managed to get a loaf with a good date, my TV mag for next week and some cigarettes to last me till Thursday. At 11.30 MuJo arrived for a visit and it’s been ages since I saw them. We went out for lunch and then for a coffee at Temptations in Flint afterwards. Time passed too quickly and before long it was time for them to head for home. After waving them off I started work until interrupted by my drug dealer ringing the bell. I gave her sweets to take back and share out. I returned to work until 5.30 pm then watched a new series of PYMWYMI (see cast list at front). I stayed nap free with Joey until 9.00 pm then came to start work again. 11.30 pm finish tonight.                                                                                      Remember the best gift is a Hug as One Size fits All.

Two O’clock and All’s well, almost, it was actually 2.06 am and all was well bar a headache which wasn’t there a minute ago. Turning on the computer was fine though the delay while an update was processed caused no hassle and when I tried to log into ebay to be told there was no internet didn’t cause more than a flicker of the eyebrows, I just turned on internet access and seconds later I was in. Being faced with just  28 pieces of mail wasn’t going to cause any stress. No. I think it must have been brain freeze from seeing Amelie’s picture after the ice cream. How can one little person make such a mess? Actually, that was a rhetorical question. I know (unless you’re Sheldon Cooper) messmaking is part of the genes until at least age 6. I think that’s when I stopped though I still occasionally wet the bed that year. Embarrassing that I couldn’t accept invitations to sleep over at my best (read Only) friend’s. Roll on 7th birthday when they get  tidy. (Ha). I took a couple of painkillers and a few minutes later at 3.00 am went to observe my morning ritual with food and drugs. I made myself a coffee to bring back and decided to do a weather check on the rest of the week as people say were down for heavy snowfalls. Well, not according to the BBC we’re not and I went a week ahead. Looks to be a bit of rain but this is the UK after all and a few pleasant days perhaps. I hope Spring has sprung as I prophesied to Yvonne recently. If I’d been wrong she might have made my life very painful, and she’s married so she knows all the ways.                                                The mail was up to date more or less by 7.00 am so I went to sit in my chair in the lounge and nodded off until just before 9.00 am. I don’t know whether Joey was objecting to my snoring but as I woke he was giving me a right bollocking with his head going ten to the dozen. I apologised and left the room hurriedly. I got washed and dressed then settle to play catch up again. At 10.10 am I was able to go and see homes under the hammer and I hadn’t missed much.  11.00 am and I worked again right up to lunch time at noon. I had a small beef joint and settled to watch Bargain Hunt. I washed up before they reached the auction stage so that when it was over I could just put my feet up and search the inside of my eyelids for tonight’s strategy. I managed to catch up before Dil arrived so was ready with a cup of tea as he was ready to sit. Once we’d seen our usual programmes out came the table and the games. Very early on I was hurt when he said he thought I was cheating, ah well, probably not as hurt as I would have been had he caught me. The insults flew thick and fast but I still won the Yahtzee 8-4. The Nomination started alright but went badly awry a few hands in. Towards the last quarter I started making a huge come back but I swear he was keeping the aces back. He beat me by just 3 points. That left the Cribbage and I had to contend with an early surge into the lead by him but two well played hands brought me back into contention and a third gave me a slight edge. I won ans was able to do my lap of victory round the room. He left. I locked the door, took my drugs and wished Joey goodnight thanking him for winking when Dil had a good hand. Turning the lights out I came through to work.

bird love 1

From about 12.45 am to 2.42 am I was an also ran in the sleep Olympics. On previous showing I doubt I’ll ever be placed in the medals. If I could enter Mike under my name I’d be up there with the best. After breakfast and my morning fix I brought my coffee back to the office. I cleared the mail which was an important job, checked my pension had gone to the bank and then prepared myself for a terrible start to the day, changing inks in my printer. Last night I got the message that they all needed changing which is unusual, I knew in advance this would be awkward. At least I was ready with new cartridges. I turned the printer on and hoped something would appear on screen to tell me they needed changing. No such luck so I opened up the settings and brought up the printer. I checked everything 3 times and nowhere could I find anywhere to do it. I got some clipart and asked it to print hoping that would say I needed ink, it did but offered me the chance to go to Epson to buy some ink or mark that I’d already done so when it took me back to the start point. Such frustration for over half an hour until I finally stood up in defeat and noticed a message in the screen of the printer itself. All I had to do was press start and the box moved into position. I struggled to get the old ones out and even more to get the new ones in but it was done. I let them charge for a few minutes then cancelled the printing job and turned off. I wonder if I’ll remember how next time. After lunch I had to write a letter which gave me an excuse to check that the printer was OK again. I’m glad to say it was. I spent the afternoon trying to keep up to date while Sharon did her work. I wanted to be ready for Mike’s arrival and for my PYMWYMI at 5.15 pm.As it happened Mike came late as he’s been in Manchester all day even though he’s going there again tomorrow. He didn’t see the programme and came in with fish and chips as he was starving, How he can starve inside a month with that food storage thing bulging out beneath his chest, I don’t know. But then I couldn’t make that claim either. And it’s no use me saying I’m pregnant, for some reason that didn’t work either.              So, I had some company, watched some TV and at 9.00 pm was ready to come back to work.

12.30 am light off but what a improvement this morning, 3.42 am before I woke up again. I went through to take my current drugs then started to fill my trays again for the next week. That done, it was time to take my diabetic ones with my usual breakfast. As it got lighter I was able to make out a neighbour’s cat on the windowsill in the lounge and he seemed to be giving Joey ‘the eye’. Joey of course was not appreciative and was telling him off, or telling me what to do, I’m not sure. I went to work on the morning mail and was pretty clear by 7.30 am. I was going to go through to the lounge when I heard Mike get up shouting, as I went through to meet him he was hopping up and down asking me what I wanted, why had I called him. It took some tome to convince him I didn’t want him and hadn’t called him. I suggested he’d perhaps heard someone shout at the back of us though I knew well no-one had. It was all a dream he was having. Anyway, I was about to ask if he wanted a coffee but before I’d drawn breath he was back in bed snoring. So much for that and I wasn’t tired anymore. I returned to work then tried again at 8.30 am. I was a little more successful this time and I woke at 9.10 am when I heard Mike on the move again. I made him a coffee. We put the world to rights then watched Homes Under the Hammer. At 11.00 am he disappeared to Manchester with a slight detour to the Old Town Hall in Holywell with the letter I’d written yesterday.                 The weather was so atrocious I didn’t get out for my sausage and chips today so I had a bing beef dinner.                                                                                                                                 At 2.00 pm I had an appointment with a lady from the Office of National Statistics . She spent almost an hour asking me lifestyle choice questions until her computer decided to crash. I shall receive a voucher for £10 in a couple of weeks for taking part then I’m safe for two years. I returned to work then got a text from Mike to say his dad is ill and he’d be late back. I had a shower early evening then at 9.00 pm wished Joey goodnight and left him to snooze. Mike arrived back about 10.30 pm so poor Joey was woken up again as we chatted after I’d made his a coffee. 11.15 am and I cam back to battle.

Mummy I don't likr this drink

12.30 am light out. 2.20 am light on again and a start on my emails until grub-up time at 3.00am. Toast and tablets for breakfast today with two sprays one of which is the strangest little thing with clear capsules taken just once a day. The other spray  is different too in that it charges up just by opening the mouthpiece. Once you’ve breathed in the contents it can be put away till next time.                                                                            Following breakfast I emptied a couple of small bins ready to take the bags out for collection later. Then it was back to work where I read an interesting article about blood groups. RH Positive groups are descended from Rhesus monkeys (? I question that one as we still have rhesus monkeys and surely they would have all evolved at the same time). Those people who are RH negative ie were not descended from the rhesus monkey may either have evolved from aliens or from the survivors of Atlantis since nothing can be found on Earth for them to have evolved from.It appears I’m one of only 9% to have B Rhesus positive blood but it’s not enough to have got me gills and flippers like the Atlanteans. It’s not fair.                                                                                                                        One of my messages this morning was from Mystic Mog to tell me I’m on the point of a big win again and a small amount of money will get the date. Since she’s not been right in the past the odds must be getting better that sometime she’ll be right. I’m still not going to pay her upfront as I’ll just be patient till it happens. If it does I’ll send her the price of a first class stamp for her message. Well, I believe in sharing.                                    At  6.00 am I heard Mike’s alarm go off so I went to make his coffee. I placed it on his table and went through to tell him. It’s honestly worse than trying to wake the dead. I get an ‘Oh yeah’ response which is automatically programmed to his brain but absolutely no movement. Nor was there any movement when the alarm went off next ten minutes later.But eventually even the dead rise as so it looked if you’d walked into my lounge, eyes a little averted for respectability’s sake as he’s very loosely dressed.                             We eventually got out and did the shopping then headed for Flint to pick up odd things and go for a coffee. We took our time even though the day was freezing and still got home well before lunchtime to put the freezer food away. We ate at the Dragon’s Rest as usual then drove from there to Abakhan Craft Mill to meet my niece Karen who was in the area. Eventually we got home and I spent ages trying to bring my post under control. I had some time keeping Mike company before quitting at 9.00 pm to concentrate of finishing the post for the day.

I woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Damn the weather report I read for this morning that showed nothing. Yvonne will be after me for predicting Spring’s arrival now. My kneecaps could suffer. That was at 3.00 am and it was still snowing then. By the time 8.00 am came round the snow had stopped and there still wasn’t much on the ground but with the temperature at zero it was going nowhere. By 8.50 am my mail was clear and it wasn’t worth waiting for dribs and drabs to come in. I wandered through and let Joey out then turned the TV on for the political interviews and chat of the day. I saw a very nice Russian gentlemen denying any wrongdoing on British soil while making a great point of saying Britain has said his country has ‘Probably’ done it but not definitely. Since the man is considered a traitor to Russia it seems unlikely another suspect will come forward. What up set me about the whole thing is that they were happy for his young daughter to die also as well as a British policeman. Collateral damage I suppose and therefore acceptable? I certainly suppose it’s a good warning to any other possible traitors that they won’t be forgotten.                                                      After a while Mike got up and took over the watching while I took over the dozing. I was awake in time to get ready and dressed to go out for lunch. Lunch was wonderful as usual but hanging around in zero degrees when we came out was not. We made our way as rapidly as possible over the road to a warm shop entering by their rear door and made our way through to the front door which was considerable nearer the car. We drove home. About 2.30 pm I fell asleep. At some stage I woke and saw Mike was asleep so I descended again. When I woke at 4.30 pm he’d gone. I went to work. At 6.30 I took a break to watch a film and at 9.00 pm I turned off and came through for the night.

daddy's playtime

I wish you all a Happy Week and an improvement in the weather (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere where it should already be nice). Bear a thought for all women who don’t have the freedom of voice and action they want and deserve. Bear a thought for all those suffering the destruction of their homes and families in war and for those whose freedom is being whittled away day by day by dictators. Don’t forget that hugs can make the world a better place. Hugs to you all.


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62 responses to “Eyes Wide Open.

  1. Love the pics of the kids! Good to know your sleep patterns have improved 😏 🙄. Have a wonderful week.

  2. I had to laugh at the matchsticks. That was so funny. If I had been in your shoes, I would have taken a selfie.

    xxx magnificent hugs xxx

  3. So you in Wales are also suffering through the harsh extended winter! I had thought you were immune and would be skipping blithely down the street every day for your chips and ciggies – but no, not so!! You had to have a ‘bing beef dinner’ and I don’t know what a ‘bing beef dinner’ is and I’m mighty curious about that! I remain amazed at the things you get emailed about – like the prophetess for the lotto – I hope one of them gets it right one day soon for you. Have a good week David and I do hope it warms up soon xoxo

    • No, unfortunately we’re not isolated enough to avoid the Winter treats like yesterday’s snow and zero degree day. At least it didn’t snow for too long but it did stick. Tuesday is the first official day of Spring so it has no excuse for not arriving then. A bing beef dinner is a microwave one, sorry it’s not exciting. I won’t know if the prophetess of the lotto ever gets it right as I refuse to pay for the privilege of knowing. I tell them often enough to give me the date and if it proves correct, I’ll pay but they don’t seem to have faith in their own predictions.
      Have a great week Pauline, I shall be looking fir warmth this week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  4. Such charming photos of the kids, as usual!
    xxx Hugs to all xxx

  5. You need a ‘hugs’ button next to your ‘like’ button, David!

  6. I love the idea of you getting up before you’ve even been to bed! Thanks for all the hugs and good wishes you’ve sending out to the world, because it must be more than half the world concerned by misery and abuse of one kind or another. Cheers, David 🙂

  7. Darling pictures of the children. It’s great the weather hasn’t been too bad for you to get out. I’d believe anything these days as it rained here. That’s something very unusual for March. I don’t know how anyone can deny climate change. Take care. xxx Humungous Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne, The kids are gems. I would get out regardless of what’s there if I needed cigarettes. It’s really odd that you’d have rain now and I agree it’s hard to deny climate change after that, but no doubt some will.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  8. The kidlets are growing up. So beautiful!

  9. This winter just refuses to go away, doesn’t it? Hope you can get some more sleep.

    • Today is a real Spring day Allie, such a difference from the last couple of days. Typical though, I’m due out tomorrow and they predict pouring rain.
      Going for a nap in a minute.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  10. Loved the matchstick episode, David. As for the Southern Hemisphere, we are still seeing some flux but all in all the weather is improving. The kids are charming. Have a great week. Hugs.

  11. The kids are adorable. God bless. them. Have a great week.

  12. here in Pembrokeshire we had a layer of snow that quickly disappeared. Sine we moved here forty years ago we have had only six lots of snow. Very disappointing for the children. Having grown up in the North of England, not disappointing for me. Those lovely grandchildren of yours are growing so fast, David. x

    • I lived in Stockport as a child an can remember real falls of snow up to the knobbly knees type, but when I lived in Conwy and went to grammar school in Llandudno we were sent home from school at lunchtime because of the snow and no trains were running from Llandudno for snow on the line. We had to walk home. I lived on Morfa Drive and had to follow a path along the coast where a friend and I found four sheep stranded on a bit of beach by incoming tide because they wouldn’t walk through the snow. We had to get down and literally push them over the wall to the pathway where they bolted one by one. We felt like little heroes.
      The grandies are shooting up now. I forget Roobs isn’t even 5 yet.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  13. I hope your snow melts soon David. The weather is indeed strange. Thankfully it was good here for Patricks Day although rather chilly. No snow thank goodness. I hope your eyes have recovered from the match sticks. Hugs to you and yours xxx

    • There’s a little snow on the ground because it’s too cold to have defrosted but no addition to it. I’m glad you had a good St Paddy’s day despite the cold and at least you had no snow which is a plus. My eyes have recovered nicely. Spring starts officially tomorrow Yay!!
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  14. I laughed at your notion of getting up before you’d gone to bed. I see Amelie got her turn this week.
    I wish your hugs could help those who most need them. Hugs to you, David.

    • Hi Merril, I’m always happy to give someone a laugh. Yes, I let Amelie have a turn but sneaked one in of her brother.
      I wish my hugs reached everyone, those in need and those who just knew I was thinking of them. They’ll get that far if we all share them out.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  15. So, I’m descended from Rhesus monkeys but none of my brothers are? Sounds like there’s something wrong with these statistics.
    xxx mathematical hugs xxx

    • Well, at least I know you and I aren’t alien Jemima. Sorry about your brothers unless of course they were sent here to take over and finally civilise this world. (I’ll make a list of who needs help civilising for them starting with Frump).
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  16. Matchsticks??? Now there’s a thought. Glad your sleep pattern is improving.. Massive hugs flowing to you and I love the pics of the little ones. ❤ Xxxx ❤

  17. Those little ones keep you young and spread positive vibes. I liked the Zucchero video too. Here’s to improving health! ((( )))

  18. Better weather…? WHERE? We are expecting our 4th nor’easter later today, snow flakes beginning to fall. Sigh. Every March I say I can’t believe spring will really come, and every year, lo and behold, it does. But THIS year…? I can’t believe it will ever really reach us. 🙂
    Stay out of trouble, enjoy those adorable grandchildren, and count your blessings as you sleep. xoxoxohugsmakeadifferencexoxoxox

    • It’s Spring, 2 days of sunshine (weak but it’s there) I’m ignoring the talk about more snow on principle now. I’m SURE yours will reach you soon Pamela. I enjoyed Amelie’s company on Tuesday but that girl’s got the devil in her. I’m staying out of trouble so I hope your life is more interesting.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  19. Thanks for the wonderful photos and music, David. It’s always lovely to stop by and see how you’re doing. Hugs!!! ❤

    • I’m always glad when people enjoy either or both Diana. It’s a pleasure to include them in the blog. I’m doing super-fine thank you and my fingers are crossed that you’re the same.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx ❤

  20. Nice post David. And,
    Civet Coffee may not help you to relax or sleep? What “Previous, Kissable-looking” grandchildren, right thru the beautiful photos!

    • Thanks very much. I’m not sure I could relax or want to sleep knowing I’d just ingested civet coffee.I’ll stick with normal I think, picked, dried and served. Yes, eminently kissable aren’t they, but as their Pops I reserve the honour.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  21. I will dream a dream tonight I want to come true, David – freedom and peace to all. Hugs

  22. Lovely pictures of kids👍Have a great week🤗Take a good sleep 🙂

  23. Oh David, I love how you always end with a thought toward others. You’re such a loving spirit. Mega Hugs to you, my friend ❤❤❤

  24. Just like Alexander Hamilton, you’re writing like you’re running out of time, David.
    Remember to exhale, buddy.

  25. I love that Simply Red song (but had forgotten). Thanks for the memory jolt. 🙂

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