S’cuse Me, I have a Ladder in my Lights.

From bed at almost 1.00 am last night I slept until 2.20 am then got up as I decided my bladder needed emptying. That done, I wondered if I might not snuggle down and go back to sleep. Forlorn hope. Actually A forlorn hope is a band of soldiers or other combatants chosen to take the leading role in a military operation, such as an assault on a defended position, where the risk of casualties is high. So maybe I’m best not being compared to that for my loss of a little sleep.                                                                                  As the day has started proper it shows all the signs of being  a real Spring Day. The sun is really shining though not giving out heat yet as it’s still very cold. Official Spring tomorrow and they predict rain. That could mess up my day.                                                    I worked until caught up just before 10.00 am then took a break for an hour returning to my desk at 11.00 am I worked until  11.50 am when the doorbell rang. It was my neighbour Bert come to see how I am to day. I’d only had a moment at his door when I took him some cakes round yesterday as he had visitors. He nattered about this and that and I have to really concentrate as he has no teeth and is a little difficult to understand. He’s a very nice man though and invariably returns my bags and bins after they’ve been emptied on a Saturday. He stayed jut over an hour so I missed my Bargain Hunt today and also my lunch while I watched it. I soon corrected that with a chips and curry sauce. After lunch I had a kip for an hour and a half before returning to work. I knocked off at 5.15 pm. Joey and I had a bonding session, Well I did anyway. I gave up at 9.00 pm and came back to work. 11.50 sees me caught up. Oh yes, today I saw the cover for the Chinese version of my book. I’m pleased.

mother and daughter

                                                             A Bit Picasso.

Lights off at 12.25 am then up again at 2.21 am seemed a little ungenerous this morning but I can cope. There’s always the bus to catch up on. The forecast has changed to bright spells so I don’t expect to be rained on. I think there will still be a chill wind too lazy to go round me. One of the benefits is that I freeze to deaf. The earwax goes solid and prevents any sound getting through, it’s wonderful. Even if it’s not true you can pretend it is and ignore any instructions from your daughters about not giving more chocolate to your grandkids or buying her a jumper. I’m not sure in life just where it happens but children suddenly become the responsible ones who feel they’re responsible for you too like you’ve suddenly passed a certain point and started down the path to senility. I swear Yvonne considers me her third child when we’re out.                                                                  I set off for the bus at my usual time of 7.00 am and was three quarters of the way up the hill when the bus passed me. It stopped to let someone off but then shot away despite me being close. It was barely gone 5 past the hour and it wasn’t even due for 5 more minutes. I was a little cross as I went home and sent Yvonne a text to let her know I’d be late. I waited ten minutes at home in the warm then headed out again. There was another bus beggaring off into the distance, not one of my usual ones but I could have caught it if I’d stayed in the cold. Still, I’d gone out to catch the next one anyway, and that’s what I did after a fifteen minute wait. By the time I reached Chester my bladder was doing the Hallelujah Chorus and I had to do a very fast crutch run to the Supermarket we were meeting. I didn’t get to smoke much on the way. When I arrived I thrust my bag of gifts at her. turned and ran for the loo, gasping and holding my breath when I got there. As I came out I was blue and my heart was keeping time to Ode to Joy. We had a great morning together and I even got away with buying her a treat…..I snatched it out of her hands and ran to the till. Soon enough it was time for the bus. I’d bought sweets for the Chippie to save time when I got home but delays on the bus meant when I got there my bladder was just doing the traditional clearing of the lungs before breaking into song. I had to wave at the chippie as I went past. After visiting the loo at home I had to have a bing meal and settled on a beef dinner.                                                 Michael returned tonight as he has an appointment with his father at hospital tomorrow. He’s going to be staying a few days this week. I’ve been hard at work catching up with mail and notifications tonight. 11.58 pm the end.

3.10 am this morning sounds good until I admit I didn’t turn my light out until 12.50 am since after finishing work I was feeling bolshie enough to still want to read, so I did. I think I paid the price this morning as when I went to do some toast the bread wouldn’t stay depressed ( a good psychiatrist maybe?). Then the kettle wouldn’t boil, the washing machine was out of commission and as I walked towards the hallway I saw the runway lights were out. Oh No. 3.30 am and the ladders are out. I’m in my nightwear (Welsh Dragon leisure pants and bright red Bazinga teeshirt ) moving the wheelie bin off the front step and setting up the ladders. I climb up, torch at the ready and see one of the switches has tripped in the mains box. I flicked it back on, descended the ladder, closed it up, replaced the wheelie bin and came back indoors. Ladders away, went to grab my control box for electrics in the lounge and turned the runway lights back on. After washing my hands I put the toast on, and this time it stayed on and waited for my breakfast.                                                                                                                                            For some reason a lot of mail this morning, especially things like Groupon and Wowcher having sales. Normally that word attracts me like no other but thanks to Ebay recently I’m all shopped out. Mike got up at 7.30 am, or at least his first alarm went off then. I called that his coffee was on the table in the lounge and then continued back to work. I did hear him get up about 15 minutes later but I left him to it as I was in the middle of a long missive.  I was just coming to an end when he appeared in my room dressed and ready to go. I hadn’t heard a thing from him. Away he went.                                                      At lunchtime I went for my sausage and chips which I enjoyed and then I allowed myself time to do a bit f work before having a kip. I got an hour and twenty minutes then Mike arrived home again. At 3.15 pm we put a made for TV film on to keep us going, I took half an hour to play catch-up before Dil arrived, then Dil arrived. At 6.00 pm we started playing but with three of us it took so much longer and it was almost 9.00 pm before we finished the Yahtzee. I had won 5 games, Dil had won 4 and Mike languished behind on 3. Dil left for home and I left for work leaving Mike to watch a film.                                    It’s gone midnight before finishing but I’m still going to have a read. 12.16 am.


Lights out was 1.00 am time up 3.23 am. I had breakfast took my meds and came back ready to work. I’d only just signed in when I heard a ‘good morning’ that almost scared me to death. “You were asleep and snoring when I came through at 2.30 am” he said. Immediately on the defensive I responded “Just like you were when I came through to you at 3.25 am.”It appears he was feeling a little sick but no further than the back of his throat at that time. He made himself a coffee and took it back to bed where he started reading a book on his tablet. I started work and at 5.15 am when I was temporarily clear I headed for my chair in the lounge. it was glorious, I slept till 7.10 am. It was back to work then, I stayed until almost 9.30  am, Mike got up at 9.40 and suggested we watch HuTH  between 10.00-11.00 am and then go shopping, especially for lunch. So that’s what we did. We had to dash home for some lunch at 12.30 pm though as Sharon was due around 1.00 pm. We picked up hot meat baps to take home for lunch, hot beef and onions for me and hot pork with apple sauce for Mike. Sharon arrived while we were still eating and the News was on TV. One year since a Terrorist had driven his vehicle into pedestrians in London and then gone on to fatally stab a policeman on guard at The House. The terrorist was shot that day.                                                                                             I came back to work after lunch and after bantering with Sharon a bit Mike went to bed still not feeling very well. Sharon left at 3.00 pm and I sat down to watch Escape to the Country. I saw the first two houses that probably took us to 3.30 pm but then I was forced to check no-one had applied make up to my eyes as they were starting to flicker. Next thing I knew it was 5.00 pm and Mike was back up. I had no time for catch up before my PYMWYMI  was due on. Aw bother it, there was no point in going back until 9.00 pm. Mike went to bed at the same time and I stuck my head in at 10.45 pm and found him fast asleep so I turned the TV off and left him. Hopefully he won’t be wandering the house too early in the morning. I applied myself to catching up which took until 11.50 pm at which time I went to bed to read.

I put the light out at about 12.30 am but really struggled to sleep as my itching foot was now very much my stinging foot. Eventually I found a position on my left side which seemed to work and I went to sleep. I got up at 2.31 am not exactly full of the joys of Spring, but not too bad as far as concentration went. At 3.00 am I went through and took my tablets then filled up the containers with tablets for the week to come. Once that was done I was able to think of breakfast and I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I mention I had toast. I took a coffee with me after breakfast and started concentrating  on my mail. I beavered away at it until I was surprised by a voice saying “Hello” to me at 4,30 am. Michael drifted into my room wearing just his shreddies. He started asking what time it was and once 4.30 am penetrated his skull he turned round and went straight back to bed.                                                                                                                                             I slept in my chair from about 5.10 am to 7.15 am so my night wasn’t too bad. When I came back through there was a fair bit of catching up to do and it took me until 8.55 am. I hadn’t asked Mike if he had any appointments today and I thought he hadn’t done too badly for sleep so I made him a coffee and called him. He must have been on the point of waking as he responded straight away. He didn’t move straight away though, that took another ten minutes. I put the TV on for human company. He didn’t actually leave until 11.00 am then I went  to work for 45 minutes trying to work out direct debit figures for the rent from April. I managed a few messages before going to make lunch. Sausages, new potatoes and beans today. Mike got home about 5.30 pm and reminded me he’s leaving Sunday as an old girlfriend is coming to stay. I’m so glad I’m not his neighbour.

father and daughter

From a 12.30 am light off I was up again at 1.58 am. I was sitting there quite happily working at 2.45 am when my mobile decided to notify me of a text. Considering the notification is the opening bars of Elbow’s ‘A Day Like This’ I didn’t really want it waking Mike up so I grabbed it. A pile of books, letters, tubes of cream and a box of plasters (band aids) headed for the floor. The message was the first one of these I’ve received.        Funds have been allocated for your accident claim, £2223 has been awarded. Ring this number…… One of the newer cons which will either cost you a whopping great phone bill, say £500 or, if you ring the number may ask for bank details to post your award in. Whumf and your bank account is empty. Obviously they’re not targeting specific numbers or people or they wouldn’t be doing it at that time of the morning. I headed off and had my morning meds and my breakfast.                                                                               I was on my way back with a coffee when I stopped for a wee.(in the loo obviously) and I could hear Mike chunnering in his sleep.  As I finished what I was doing and prepared to leave the bathroom I heard “Should we ?????  or are we supposed to retire in boredom.” I’d so like to be able to record all his words one night. Refusing an opportunity to stay and eavesdrop, I returned to work. At 3.53 am following  a shuffling sound, the Night of the Living Dead arrived at my room. “Is it time to get up yet” it asked in response to my only slightly sarcastic Well, well,well, it happens again. “3.53 am” I replied. After a short delay to digest and regurgitate the information, I got “should I go back to bed then”?     “good idea, I said, good idea.” And that’s how to deal with zombies children, send them back to bed. We eventually met up again after 6.00 am when I told him his coffee was waiting. We were out of the house by 7.00 am, in the store by half past and out again by 8.30 am. Time for a sprint over to Flint by 8.50 am for an eye test. That went really well and for the second time I didn’t need a new prescription. What I did need though was a pair of glasses  so I had 2 pairs. I was a good student of maths in my day but I was utterly bamboozled by the different formulae floating round my head dependent upon which frames I wanted and which lens. Trying to pin the girl down was like trying to sit on a sunbeam. I had to keep asking questions and swerving her away from the dearer frames. In the end I got a frame that had been £69 and was now £45 and therefore free which I assumed took care of my NHS voucher, then I just said I’d have the basic £49 varifocal lenses. I expected to pay the £49 but no, she did a calculation and came back with £26.50 such magic. As she loaded it onto the computer I got my wallet out and she asked for £14.00. Wow ! In two weeks I should have them, they’ll probably be like bottle top lenses half an inch thick and I’ll have to tie then on my head but I” have won?                                We did a little shopping in Flint then went for lunch before coming home so I could work. I nodded off between 5.00 -6.30 pm then watched TV with Mike till 9.00 when it was catch up time again.

I’m getting very confused. Have I slept for two and a bit hours or for 3 and a bit hours considering that when I woke up at 3.07 am the clocks had moved forward an hour? It’s a strange feeling, walking from one room to another is like entering a different time zone when some clocks were adjusted last night and some saved for this morning. In which case Mike walked into my room at both 2.08 am and 3.08 am depending whether it was bedroom time or lounge time. It was almost stain on the carpet time when I turned round and there he was. I nearly jumped out of my wits. He’s like a little ninja chimp, standing there asking if he should go back to bed now. I agree it’s a great idea and off he trots.                                                                                                                                                           My room in case I’ve never admitted it is a trifle on the small side. In order for me to find a place for my desk yet still be able to sleep in here  was from an order of mathematics the world isn’t ready for yet. But, placed as it is if I ever had the curtains open, any light would shine on my screen. It’s therefore a dark little place where I try to keep the mushroom crop down. So it was fantastic when I went through to the lounge at about 8.30 am and saw what a beautiful day it looked. A genuine Spring day that puts a smile on the face. I upset the bird by leaning over the cage to get the big clock down and he was out of there like a shot flying round the room dive bombing my head, pretending to be scared. Mike came through and was given a new parting he probably didn’t want in his comb over. I changed the time and put the clock back but Joey dropped behind the TV and gave the odd ‘help me’ chirp of desperation. We didn’t fall for it and eventually he came out and flew to his cage.                                                                                                            We got dressed mid-morning after coffee had animated him and we left the house about 11.15 am to head for Prestatyn. I thought having the roof down might just have been a tad early in the season so he sulked the whole way. Lunch was lovely and my lime and lemonade never more welcome as the sun sent heat through the windows. Afterwards we went shopping for an A4 picture frame then headed for home. It didn’t take me long to nod off when we got back. I woke at about 4.00 pm and was in time to say goodbye to Mike before he left, roof of the car down. I delivered some cakes to my neighbour Bert then came inside to work. There was a lot of catching up to do. About 7.00 pm I went to the lounge and put the light on for Joey then watched a couple of episodes of the Restoration Man while he told me off. At 9.00 pm I gave up for the night and came through.                                                                                                                                                It’s been a weekend where the young of America have got together to remind us oldies that they will soon rule the roost and perhaps it would be better if we started paying attention to them instead of dismissing them as children. Maybe with their determination they will manage to get the changes they want. Perhaps not all at once but anything is a start. Congress could learn a painful lesson if they don’t heed these wishes but instead bow to the pressure of those organisations who pay for their elections. I wish the youngsters well and hope maybe this is a giant step towards peace and equality.

good looking boy

May you all have a wonderful new week and may the hugs be easy flowing between nations. I hope Spring drops in for all the Northern hemisphere friends as the snow disappears in time for the school’s Easter break.


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61 responses to “S’cuse Me, I have a Ladder in my Lights.

  1. Poor Mike! It sounds as if he has caught your incorrigible sleeping habits. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. A chill wind is too lazy to go around you? You freeze to deaf? You are too, too funny, David. I’ve never had joyful bread that wouldn’t stay depressed. What you had to do to make the bread toast was beyond stressful. I hope you have a good week, despite the odds.

    xxx time-changing hugs xxx

  3. Excellent edition this week, David. I had to laugh out loud at this line, “It was almost stain on the carpet time when I turned round and there he was.” Having your own personal Zombie must be a joy. Have a great week.

  4. Scottie

    I do not suppose I need remind you that you shouldn’t be up on ladders or step stools. The again you did need to get the toaster working and the kettle could be considered a national security need. I do not know how you manage with such erratic sleep schedule. I would be destroyed most of the time. Be well. Hugs

    • You’re right Scottie, I shouldn’t be up on anything (except my high horse) but Mike can’t cope if he wakes up and his landing lights aren’t on and even worse if the kettle doesn’t work or my Tassimo machine. The sleep schedules are OK after a while as I could be out more of the day if I wanted and I can nod off at the drop of a hat (which Mike wears).
      I hope you keep well too,

  5. I loved the ‘Little Bit Picasso’ pic this week David – it’s not only a beautiful photograph but also a very clever title! 🙂 And I agree about climbing up on things – yikes!! Take care – have a good week xoxo

    • Thank you. I’m so glad you liked the picture Pauline. I’m fine climbing on things that agree to be no more than 6 inches from the ground.
      Have a wonderful new week
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  6. I hope your spring has sprung. Have a great week.

  7. I know what you mean about the reversal of the relationship between us and our children. Despite my writing and teaching,my daughters still think I’m on the brink of ‘old age’. Grrr. And get more sleep!! xx

  8. Jane Sturgeon

    Oh David, the picture of the little one with her Dad is heart capturing…so much in that moment. Sending you sleep sparklies my friend. Happy Spring and all the buds coming forth. Massive hugs of course. Xxxx ❤

  9. I think Mike’s sleep musings would make an interesting post, or even a book, in their own right. That and his zombie adventures. Love the pics and the music as usual. Have a great week.

    • I thought about parking myself outside his room in a deckchair and seeing what I can get from all his chatter but it’s like listening to a one sided phone call, confusing You’d be better analysing him for the reasons he does it and maybe turning him human again.
      So glad you enjoyed he pics and the music.
      Have a fantastic week.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  10. Such wonderful photographs of the children David. May the politicians take note of the wisdom of our youth. Happy Easter. xx

    • Thanks so much Brigid, they’re always happy kids. I hope all politicians pay attention to the next batch if up and coming voters. If not, it’s unlikely they’ll remain politicians for long. I’m glad finally the youth have woken up to politics and it’s possibility for good.
      Have a Happy Easter.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  11. Great photos, David. Sorry that sleep is so difficult for you and I hope you get lots of good rest this week and your dreams come true. ❤ Huge hugs, my friend.

    • Thanks so much Diana. The sleep pattern isn’t such a problem really. I’m sure I’ll nod off lot. Thanks for wishing my dreams come true, I wish the same for you, you deserve it.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  12. I hope you get some more sleep this week, and I agree about the young people here. It is inspiring to watch them–despite when the NRA says.
    Wonderful photos.

    • Thanks a lot Merril. The young there are really taking a grip and appear tenacious. I’m sure watching them is inspiring, the NRA couldn’t convince me otherwise. May they go on to prove their point and oust any politiciaan who puts the NRA before children’s lives.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. I never know how you survive on so little sleep. I do a full night and still get the Tipping Point and Chase watching me catch a few more zzzzzs.
    I’ve been quite disorientated with the clock change too. Strange, since I started thinking my internal clock was on BST last Monday…
    xxx somnolent hugs xxx

    • Practice Sweetie, that’s the answer. That’s about the time for my afternoon nap too but I try not to miss the antique ones. Mmm, you should have adjusted to the clock change given your head start. Maybe you’re just easing in gently.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  14. Lovely read, Dave. I especially liked, “Trying to pin the girl down was like trying to sit on a sunbeam.”

  15. With the sun shining and no snow on the ground, I’ll say spring has arrived. I hope the green doesn’t get covered with white again too soon. Thanks for sharing the photos. Hugs.

    • They’ve forecast snow for Easter weekend but I forbid it. It’s Spring now and should behave like it. I am the dictator of the World after all.
      Glad you liked the pictures.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  16. It’s an interesting phenomenon, children reaching an age where they feel they’re responsible for us. When I’m visiting family, my 9-year-old niece always checks on me. ‘Are you okay, Aunt Tina? Do you need anything?’ She’s so sweet and thoughtful, yet I can’t help wondering how I appear to her. Weak? Decrepit? Or is she simply a compassionate and considerate soul. I prefer to think the latter (I almost typed ‘ladder’ LOL) ❤❤❤

    • I think I’m very glad I don’t view things through a child’s eyes. I’m pretty sure they rate us as past it at 40 and decrepit by 50 and walking corpses at 60. Anything older and they probably check behind us for a trail of fallen fingers or the odd nose. I’m sure your niece is a delightful and thoughtful little girl but her eyes add years to you.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  17. some times I read your post like you parcel out your sleep… in oddly sized chunks. As a result i re read the glasses scenario about four times and then spent too long trying to work out how much sleep you’d had during the change over farce we are still put through. Still, we all had the roof down int he end, given we too had a lovely spring moment. Happy days my friend. Here’s to some more Fine Young Cannibals ruling the White House, eh?

  18. I’m glad the weather is better there. Speaking of the younger generation, my daughter called when she got my text today wishing her a Happy Birthday. We talked for a while. She finally had to get sleep as it was about 2 am in the U.S. Darling pictures of the children with their dad. Thanks for the music. xxx Huge Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • It all changed today as the rain was heavy this morning but I still think Spring is here and No More Snow this weekend.I’m glad Sayjal rang, you’d enjoy that. I’m glad you enjoyed the picturess and the music,

  19. The young will need great strength to make the needed changes but they certainly seem to be on a roll. Just hope Yvonne can muster up the muscle to get that unruly third child in line! 😉 Great pix, as ever, especially the first one of those cute little peepers. Bonne semaine! xo

    • I think if they can just keep the momentum up there will be a lot of worried politicians who either need to change their policies or pack their bags.
      Hey, I’ve heard that third child is very cute and well behaved.
      Thank you for enjoying the pics, especially the Picasso one.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  20. I do hope that the foot is not preparing to play up again.

    • I’m kind of hoping the same thing Helen. I.m putting plenty of cream on to moisturise it, it could win a beauty competition now (not)..I’ve got my ointment at the ready.
      I hope you’re well.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. It takes me a week to get my head around the clock move.. lovely photos and I hope your foot does not cause any more issues.. as to Mike… a recorder perhaps and an audio book…xxxhugsxx

    • It’s best to cheat and change the clocks the night before. That way when you wake up it’s the right time even if not the right light. My fingers and toes are crossed that my foot doesn’t kick off again but I know the condition is unlikely to ever go away. Yes, I’m thinking about a recorder for Mike but I don’t know if he plays one. The audio book he’s got. I’m thinking of a video camera and dropping it on has Facebook page.
      xxx Huge Hugs Sally xxx

  22. My! So much late-night wandering about the corridors deserves the odd rattle of chains, at least. Lady Macbeth would be proud! TY for the interpretation of ‘forlorn hope’. I now realise that’s what my first wife did with me in the days of Boxing Day sales. I join with you in hoping the ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign grows. The mid-terms are coming up, wouldn’t it be great if those sentiments were reflected in the vote? Hugs, David: your good wishes will be heard.

    • I can manage the weeping and wailing but I’m not licensed for chains, it’s a bit of a specialised job since you have to do two things at once, walk and rattle.It seems as males we don’t often qualify.
      I’m amazed you survived the boxing day sales intact if you were part of the forlorn hope. The women who repel all boarders, the bouncers can be particularly vicious until elevensies.
      I gather the mid-terms have a number of Democrat seats and that it’s unlikely they’d get a majority in the Senate, I don’t know about the house of reps. But if these kids bring about a change then the world should cheer them on. Whatever happens I hope they keep the impetus up and strive for other changes that will improve things.
      Hugs Frederick, you’re a good friend.

  23. Our daylight savings changes on Sunday. It always takes me about three days to truly adjust and stop feeling sleepy!
    It’s nice to know you’re in spring, we’re heading into autumn 🙂

    • You’ll just have to cheat and go to bed an hour early on Saturday Yvette. At least you know you have some glorious Autumn colours to look forward too and a not too severe Winter. We’ve got April showers to look forward too thought it does predict snow for Monday. The weather is weird.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  24. I smile…
    Your bus and bladder sounds so much like my story. The moment I get into the bus… I want the loo…! Sip water before bed and my bladder wants to talk 🙂

    • It#s always the same. If I see a bottle of water, even if I’ve just been, I want to go again. My family nickname is piddling Pete.
      But in my defence, the bus ride is over an hour….
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  25. You need more sleep, honestly David. 💕💕💕

    • Which isn’t the same as getting it though. I give it every chance to be ‘Normal’ but it doesn’t seem interested. As long as I get a nap or two during the day I seem to be OK. It’s a many years old problem.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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  28. And as you welcome Spring, here in Australia we welcome Autumn – though the present weather is Sydney is more like that of mid-summer.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Oh I wish we could say the same Margaret. Snow four days ago and rain since then.
      I don’t mind cold weather but I could do with some real sunshine now.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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