A Show of Hands.

Monday. Must have been 1.00 am before I got to sleep. The light had gone off 20 minutes earlier but my body was restless and my legs, especially me feet, were itching. I was up again at 2.26 am so had the opportunity for half an hour’s work before breakfast. I broke my fast with toast again with a layer of butter I knew was going to either stay in my moustache until I was hungry later, or it would stay until I ran a tissue over my mouth area to ensure it didn’t melt and drip over my shirt. I did the latter and saved the shirt. Just before taking my meds and eating I put the washing machine on go on a fastwash cycle. It took about 15 minutes which coincided with my breakfast being finished. That done I put it on the dryer mode and then completely forgot about it until 7.00 am at which time I took my mug to the kitchen for washing and saw the drying cycle had finished. I emptied the machine and put everything on an airer. I think I caught it before the wrinkles were set in.                                                                                                                   At 9.00 am I went out and took my repeat prescription request to the chemist. As it was before 10.00 am I stand a good chance of having the stuff delivered tomorrow afternoon. I was working away at my desk later on when there came a knock on the doorbell. It was one of the wardens come to change the emergency call system to respond to a new firm of carers. She was having some trouble so I took my seat again. There was another knock and I opened it to find another warden, my favourite in fact, come for the same purpose. I let her in and received a kiss. I was talking to her in the hallway where this process was going on when there was a knock at the door ( does no-one see the bell?) and yes, there stood another warden so I edged backwards to let her join the throng. Just then the original warden buzzed the system which was answered by the correct people now. I asked “Shall we have a show of hands for your colleague, and do the Mexican Wave.” By the time they left it was lunch time so I had my usual Monday treat while sitting with Bargain Hunt on the TV. I washed up after the programme finished and returned for work. I kept going until 3.10 pm when I went to see Escape to the Country, or at least the outline through my closed eyes.                                                                                                         I was out until 4.45 pm by which time an antique show was on so I couldn’t move. I didn’t move again until 9.00 pm and almost had hysterics when I saw the post at that time, 139, ouch. It’s been a rush but 11.42 pm and I’m ready for bed.

2 years ago

                                                 From this to being The Boss.

I turned my light off about 12.30 am last night and woke at 2.28 am this morning. I was able to do a little work before my breakfast at 3.00 am. Part of my routine is to fill my mug with milk, use it to take my usual meds then take my diabetic meds as I eat my breakfast, At that point there should be about the right amount of milk for my coffee and I just add two sugar substitutes and I’m done. I’m not sure what happened this morning. I filled the mug and I used it to take my usual meds. That must have taken it close to half way.But then fir some reason I put the mug in the Tassimo and pressed play. Agggh, there’s not enough room to take all the coffee so I had to ram Mike’s mug under as soon as mine was full. I had to eat my breakfast and take my diabetic tabs with the very cool coffee until there was space in the cup to transfer the coffee from Mike’s mug over. My morning drink was very cool. I returned to work after breakfast before getting ready to go out. The forecast is for light showers and it shows them ending about 10.00 am so I was debating what to wear. I settled on a jacket again instead of a leather coat.                At 6.00 am I thought I’d have a shave. I got a new razor out of the packet, put some hot  water in the sink, covered my face on some gel and away I went. My lower lip and down to my chin first where I felt nothing and yet a triple blade safety razor that follows the contour of your face, cut me. I attached a piece of toilet paper to the spot and carried on. Perhaps I’d learned from the first one but there were no further instances. I dressed carefully so as not to disturb the paper on my chin then applied after shave and did a little dance, oh, oh, oh.                                                                                                                         I left the house at 6.55 am this week and was at the bus stop in time for the bus to arrive on time this week. Because it was on time rather than early I was a little damp when it got there. The driver kindly mentioned the tissue still stuck to my chin so I removed it as soon as I was sitting. I dozed a little to make the journey seem quicker and so arrived in no time at all. I had about two minutes when I got off the bus to Yvonne and the kids appearing. Amelie picked up her little feet and bowled towards me shouting ‘Pops’ and I had my heart in my mouth in case she fell. My legs got a big hug. Reuben was shaken after a fall and didn’t run but I got my hello when they reached me. I went off to relieve myself and arrange to meet up in the Supermarket cafe.                                                          We had a great morning mooching together and for once I bought nothing at all except some sweets for the chippie on my way home. Trouble was, when I  got home I knew my bladder was talking to me urgently and I had to walk past the chippie waving and come home. I decided to do some micro-chips and had them with some corned beef slices. I daren’t have chips again tomorrow now. After lunch I concentrated on catch up of this morning’s mail until about 4.30 pm. When I cam back at 9.00 pm it was horrific and I had to start again. Currently 12.12 now and not quite done.

Wednesday. I read until almost 1.00 am so I didn’t finish mid-chapter. After my sleep last evening I thought that would be OK. It was. I slept until 3.07 am this morning. I felt fine but wasn’t quite feeling myself, that was OK as they say it affects the eyesight and I’ve only just had my eyes tested. Sitting on the edge of the bed for a minute I came to realise who I was and what my position in the household is. Somewhere ranked just below the budgie I think. I had my meds and my breakfast then brought a coffee back to my desk, being an Indian giver I drank it myself. The desk forgave me. There was plenty of work to go at and it was 7.45 am before I could get dressed. No socks today as the intention is not to go out. I worked hard all morning to keep the mail down but people will keep writing things, I know they’re all authors but that’s no excuse. Lunch time I had a beef dinner which was quite nice and left me with just cutlery to wash which was good. I watched Bargain Hunt in full (shock, horror) then instead of going to sleep I went straight back to work for a while. At 2.00 pm I thought I’d risk it so went to my lounge chair, feet up, eyes closed and I was gone. 3 20 pm I woke and mush as I wanted to see Escape to the Country I went in chains to  the bedroom instead. I worked until 4.30 pm and then went and put Flog It on TV and prepare Dil’s mug, he arrived just as I was ready so I made his cuppa and we sat down. I asked how his week’s going as he’s off. It’s going fine. This wasn’t my week and I lost 2 games to 1. I know a friend of mine had her fingers crossed for me but uncrossed them to type. How selfish can someone be. This is all her fault and I bear Dil no grudges. Oddly enough her name rhymes with his so she probably favoured him all the time. I came to work at 9.15 pm after he’d gone and I’m just finishing up at 11.55 pm.

Ami hug

                                        This Week- hasn’t she grown’

Thursday. Lights out just before 1.00 am as I needed a couple of chapters last night. I settled into sleep well once the light was off. Up again at 2.57 am, no problems. I had my meds and then breakfast with the ‘tweenie’ meds that I take with food twice a day. Then it was time for my once a day coffee (Unless I’m out). Everybody tells me I get enough caffeine from my Pepsi Max (to sink a battleship). Subtlety isn’t their strong point. At  3.30 am I started work. There wasn’t as much mail as usual but it still took me until     5.05 am to finish the first batch. I went out at 9.00 am to Pauline’s for my lottery and cigarettes. This week the lottery machine isn’t working but  at least she  had my cigs in. I took a walk over the road to the One Stop and fortunately their machine was working. Maybe the change will alter my luck. Back at home I worked on mail till 10.00 am then went to watch Homes Under the Hammer.I was cross that I got close to the end but then nodded off and I didn’t wake until 11.40 am. I put my new blue winklepickers (with bonus studs on the side) on and went to the chippie where I got, surprise, surprise, A sausage dinner. I ate it watching Bargain Hunt. I ignored the temptation to have a little after lunch nap and went straight to work. Sharon and her daughter arrived and started tackling the lounge. I stayed exactly where I was, out of the way. But she’ll have gone by 3.00 pm so I can see Escape to the Country covering North Wales. Mike will probably arrive while that’s on so I must get his mug ready.                                                                    Mike arrived before either of the antique shows were on so we were able to catch up on all our news.I was also able to ascertain if he was here for his usual weekend despite me saying he should go straight home after visiting his father tomorrow. I wasn’t going to shop on Saturday but it seems I still am. It’s just as well he won’t see much of me tomorrow though as I don’t know how I’ll be. As usual I stayed with company until 9.00 pm  then retired to play catch up. I think I shall be able to get to my bed before midnight before the terrible curse takes effect and the hideous change occurs. I really must stop wearing those Minion leisure pants.

Friday March 30th 2018. You’ll have to forgive me if today isn’t a normal day. But today is the 5th anniversary of the death of my wife. A day when I recall the joy she brought me and celebrate her life. The life that left such a hole in Yvonne’s life and mine with her passing. She was just 56 years of age, no age at all in the scheme of things.

Ju stars

Ju’s favourite group (maybe not her favourite track though). She liked music across a lot of genres including classical but she always returned to her ZZ Top. She was the kindest person you could ever want to meet and she loved animals of all shapes and sizes. They never let you down she said, but people did. She knew people may take advantage of her but it never stopped her being there in times of need.


Ju also liked some modern music and in the weeks before her death she was very taken with a group called Fun and a record called We are Young, it was different. But the one I found most different and which like Fun was played at her funeral was by the Lumineers.

I’ve had a nice day with my memories though I still miss her. Thanks for sharing with me and I hope Ju’s music entertained you.

Saturday. Lights out at midnight and back on again at 2.07 am which is the time I got up yesterday too. It’s just that the lights went out a bit later on Thursday night/Friday morning.  Since I’d finished early yesterday and managed to do my reading at a more reasonable time, I was gobsmacked to find so little mail this morning, Perhaps I should feel disheartened that so many people disregarded my blogpost from the Buthidars, my alternate blogging site, but to be honest it doesn’t worry me, When I become Benevolent Dictator of the World, they’ll pay. Talking of BDoW I’ve now appointed a campaign manager to help move things along a bit.I’m in two minds whether to appoint a Lord High Executioner or whether to just imprison malefactors. Life sentences are to mean life all over the World. I might just start arranging the ‘Friendship Conferences’ too where the leaders of Hamas, and of the West Bank Palestinians plus a host of other Arab nations get to shake hands with the Prime Minister of Israel. Where the leaders of Turkey and Libya get to greet the Kurds as brothers before they all stand down as being unnecessary positions under my benevolent rule. It’s also the time that the Amnesty for handing in weapons is over. There will be major problems if you’re found in possession of a weapon after this.                                                                                                                           After having my morning meds (even dictators are human)and having my breakfast I took my coffee back to my desk. By 4.47 am there was a temporary lull in proceedings when I caught up. I got dressed, took my mug to the kitchen and prepared Mike’s mug for when his alarm went off. Ha, for a minute there I almost said for when Mike gets up. Despite the obvious reluctance Mike did get up and we did get to leave at our usual      7.00 am. We sailed round the first Supermarket, a result of their flood and the yacht we happened to be towing. We were out inside an hour. The second place where we go so Mike can have a breakfast laid the temptation of bacon and fried bread on me (alongside egg, sausages and tomato), yes I know I had breakfast a bit earlier but this was like a bonus. I picked up the few item I still needed from this one which really only left frozen food on my list. We rode into Flint  hoping perhaps that my glasses would be in but not to be. We had a look for a couple of things Mike needed, I got a jumper with a gift token I still had then we went for coffee in Temptations. We followed that up with a quick waltz round the frozen food store, I didn’t score well there. We shot off home so I could put the frozen food away and while Mike emptied the rest of the bags I was getting a lovely hug from Margaret, my neighbour from opposite. That was really nice.Eventually we disentangled and I went to listen to Mike moan about how he does all the work. I complained that since Id given the post-man sweets for his family the other day, I was surprised he didn’t bring any post today. He could have brought someone else’s. I was told to stop moaning and to get in the car so we could go for lunch. I had a baked potato with beans today and a little side salad.                                                                                            We came home. I worked until my eyes were dropping then went for a kip in the lounge. I came back to work at 9.00 pm as usual. 11.50 pm finish.


Sunday. I was enjoying my book so much it was almost 1.00 am before I put it down and turned the light off. I don’t think sleep was long in coming. I didn’t rise until 3.50 am but come on, its Easter and I deserved a treat. I had my meds, ate my breakfast and brought a coffee back to work. By 7.45 am I was all but done. Really it didn’t matter how many I had left as the ‘Nap’ was not to be kept waiting. Zonk, I was gone. I didn’t open my eyes again until almost 9.00 am when I could see 27 waiting but I decided to take my mug to the kitchen. In the lounge I  found Michael up and (almost) awake drinking a coffee he’d made himself. I wasn’t aware he could find his way to the kitchen. Our usual political show wasn’t on so I sat there snoring for a couple of minutes until Mike discovered a full day’s worth of Homes Under the Hammer. I revived again and watched.                                At 11.00 am we got dressed and headed off to Prestatyn for lunch. We were both very surprised to find the town had taken a decision to close down for Easter including some leading shops and Supermarkets. Just pubs and eating establishments were open. We were worried about finding a seat when we saw crowds outside our place but luckily the inside was quite quiet. We were able to have a little word with Charlie as she served us and as I handed their sweets ant the tip over. Mike and I headed for the table and she followed closely behind with his coffee. Lunch was a delight as usual and the place was filling up so once we’d finished we headed outside and made our way back to the car. As there was something Mike specifically wanted from the shops we decided to try both Holywell and then Flint but the story was the same in both places, the shops were closed.                                                                                                                                                  We came home and Mike suggested we start moving things to the loft to make more room behind my chair in the lounge. I made lots of grunting noises feigning agreement but sat down, turned the TV on and went to sleep. When I cam too eventually Mike said it was time to start his journey home while there was still daylight, cheeky beggar. It was only mid-afternoon. I got him on his way and settled to some work. About 6.00 pm I stopped and went through for a break and a sandwich, only coming back to work at 9.00 pm. Big catch up time then which took till 11.15 pm.

Have a wonderful new week. Keep the Hugs going round, eventually people will understand you care and have no hidden agenda.


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79 responses to “A Show of Hands.

  1. Scottie

    I am glad you got to have so many great memories of your time with your wife. May the memories you have keep her with you always. Hugs

  2. Lovely photos–David. I like the comparison shot from two years ago and now–and yes, she has grown! Like Scottie, I’m glad you have such wonderful memories of your wife, and I’m sorry that Friday was a day for you to celebrate her life, but still grieve her death. Extra hugs! Hope you had a pleasant Easter.

    • Thanks a lot Merril, I’m glad you enjoyed the comparison pics. She’s gone from Office Junior to Boss in those two years. I suppose Friday was a bit of a pity party for myself as I remember her every day anyway.
      Had a very quiet Easter thanks.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. Ah my friend! Of course you still grieve the loss of your lovely wife – you probably will all your days. But my, what a great love you have shared, it’s there in every mention of her! It’s truly a wonderful thing to have loved and been loved and I hope you can dwell in that a little too when the days are hard to get through. And yes, those beautiful children are growing so fast. Time seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere these days! Big hugs David! xoxo

    • Hello Pauline, thanks so much. It does give me comfort to know how loved I was and how strongly I loved. There are times I have to fall back on that but not often. Yes the children are shooting up. Time seems to flash by before I can get a grip on remembering it these days, I’m not sure where it’s trying to take me but I could do with it slowing down.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  4. I’m so sad that you lost your wife when she was young. She would be pleased to know how lovingly you write of her.

    xxx extra hugs for your heart xxx

    • Thanks so much Anne. Poor Ju missed out on holding her grandchildren. and she longed to see them. If I could have gone in her stead I would have. The world would have been a brighter place if she were still in it.
      Thanks so much for the extra Hug.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • You are an amazing person to be willing to take her place. The world lost light with Ju, but we would have missed your humor and kindness.

        xxx Huge Humor Hugs xxx

  5. As re the anniversary, I quote Alfred Lord Tennyson: “’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. I’m glad that you had so many wonderful years with Ju and so many great memories. I love the picture of you and her, by the way.

    As re me uncrossing my fingers … I have already promised you that I will tape them firmly with electrical tape this Wednesday, but I was not traitorously trying to help Dil! I’m crushed that you would accuse me of such perfidy! 😞

    Have a good week! Cwtch Mawr

    • I don’t think Tennyson had my Wednesday evenings in mind when he mentioned Loved and Lost.
      Thank you, I do have great memories of those years though I replaced one boss for another. That’s a favourite picture of mine too.
      I shall make an effort to believe you when I see how I fare this week. I can’t afford to suffer the ignominy of defeat again.

      A great week to you
      Cwtch Mawr.

      • Quite so … I doubt Tennyson would have cared a whit whether you won your weekly sibling rivalries or not. Still, I’ve always liked that quote.

        Now, I will tape my fingers, AND I will send you a photo to verify, but if, after all that, you still LOSE, then you cannot blame me. Agreed? I mean, finger-crossing from 4k miles is iffy, at best! Sooner or later you must simply learn to play better! 😉

        Cwtch Mawr

  6. The photos of Lady J were lovely. Thank you for sharing with us. -great big ginormous hugs-

  7. I have tears in my eyes when I read about the death of your adorable wife …. she has become as old as I am now. …
    A “consolation” that remains that she has been in your life … a gift.
    Hugs for you, my dear friend ❤

    • I’m sorry about the tears Vera, much nicer if I’d got you to smile celebrating her life instead.
      It’s a major consolation that I had her in my life but I’d gladly have taken her place and let her enjoy the world, and the world enjoy her instead.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs to you xxx

  8. A veery beautiful post – and wonderful photographs. A post filled with love, joy and poignancy. I hope you enjoy a lovely bank holiday Monday – Janet xxx

  9. Your lovely words about Ju brought tears to my eyes. 5 years is a long time and no time at all. I think we’d have got on like a house on fire. I have one ZZ Top album 🙂
    xxx eastereggful hugs xxx

    • I just know she’d have liked you and your little friends Jemima..she had good taste like me, except in music maybe. She liked heavy music, I didn’t.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  10. Sad anniversary. Glad you have such good memories, though. Hugs.

  11. Beautiful memories even if it is a sad day. The children are so grown-up! Recently I’ve been watching Salvage Hunters although not for long. I enjoy their discoveries and the places they visit. Take care, David. (Snowing here today).

    • Thank you Olga. Yes there are beautiful memories. The kids shoot up when you’re not looking.
      Drew and the gang are no too far away from me, maybe 30 miles.
      Has snowed here and since been washed away, I hope yours is too,
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  12. I missed this last night, David so now it is moring on Monday. I was very touched that you chose to share your memories of your beautiful love, Ju. It is so nice that her legacy lives on in your grandchildren who adore their grandfather. Wishing you great peace.

  13. I love what Ju said about animals never letting you down. I’m glad you had a day of remembrance, not that you don’t daily. I remember when she was alive. I know how much you miss her. I’m glad to see you are keeping the wardens in line. Have a pleasant week, David. Extra big hugs this week.

    • Thanks so much Mary J. You’re quite right, I do have remembrance day every day.. Sometimes I expect her in from horseriding just like she used to do.and go to put the kettle on. I just expect her to be around.
      I probably won’t see the wardens for another 6 months but at least I saw my favourite.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you Mary J xxx

  14. Sending you hugs, my friend. Thanks for sharing your cherished memories. ❤

  15. Lovely memories of your wife…but how dreadful to lose her when so young.
    Just mind those feet and legs and keep going for your family.

  16. I like Ju’s taste in music. Sending all the best to you, David xxx

  17. Bellissimo post David, avrai sempre il suo ricordo e i tuoi nipoti ti aiuteranno a vivere sereno, un abbraccio forte!

  18. The little ones are so precious, David. I’m sure you’re never lacking in hugs ❤❤❤

  19. Heart memories for you and what a bond you and Ju share. You are all still wrapped in her love. Sending you heartfelt hugs across the water my lovely. ❤ Xxxxxx ❤

  20. Last week I read David Sedaris’ diary with the odd title and oddball content, Theft by Finding Diaries. You may enjoy it. Your posts, always memorable, to me read like diaries.

    I enjoyed all the photos of young ‘uns but especially the photos of you with your lovely wife. Most importantly, my condolences to you on this heart memory and extra hugs. :-/ ((( )))

    • My thanks for your lovely comments Marian and I’m glad you were able to share my memories and my pics with me. The young ‘uns are shooting up now. I shall have a look for Theft by Finding Diaries.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  21. yep you have to nail those people to the mast oh BDotW, though maybe have a kip first so you don’t miss with the first nail and hit your thumb. Not heard the Fun song before; interesting and worth a second listen methinks. And have a warm time with your memories Dave. Hugs

    • You’re right of course. They need to know who’s boss now but I don’t want to miss my nap. Accidents will happen. The Fun song seemed to be everywhere 5 years ago as did the Lumineers, you couldn’t walk into a shop without hearing one or the other.
      Thank you Geoff, my memories have kept me going till now.

  22. Loved this read ~ and with such a great, diverse set of music to make it right. Beautifully written with the memories making it all the sweeter. Wish the best of days ahead for you.

  23. Thank you, David. Your writing puts my life on course, somehow – I can’t explain it. I just know you have so many people around you who are happy you are there. BTB I do read The Buthidars, it’s just I am late for everything. Sorry! Oh, and hugs, of course.

    • What a wonderful way of putting things Frederick, I hadn’t thought in terms of people happy I am here. Thank you, that actually puts a different perspective on the way I generally view life.. I know you’re kind enough to read my Buthidars too and I’m ever grateful you turn up whether late or not, as long as you’re carrying a Hug.
      Hugs to you my friend.

  24. Melatonin! Obviously David, you have an overactive mind. Melatonin could help. 💕💕💕💕

  25. Ah, David, you caught my heartstrings with your tribute to your dear Ju. She sounds like such a sweet person — I love the fact that ZZ Top was her favourite group! The end of March is always bittersweet for our family too, as my mother left this world on its last day in 1989. Two lovely ladies gone too young. Wishing you wonderful memories! xo

    • I’m so sorry Mel I didn’t mean to catch you in my memories. Ju was a sweetie, gentle and kind despite liking ZZ Top, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. It’s cruel you lost your mother before her time too, no wonder March is so bittersweet for you.
      I have my wonderful memories thanks, I hope yours match.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  26. Lovely pictures of Ju. Even though fewer than they should have been, you were blessed to have had the happy years you did with her. Sweet pictures of the children. It’s almost unbelievable how fast they grow. Thanks for the music. xxx Huge Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks so much Suzanne. I’m glad you were able to share my memories of Ju and the photographs of her grandchildren. I agree about the pace they grow, bling and it’s happened. I’m glad you enjoyed this weeks music.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  27. Thanks so much for sharing your memories with us, they are so beautiful. And for sharing Ju’s music, too. I love the Lumineers, especially ‘Ho Hey’.

  28. Reblogged this on Stevie Turner, Indie Author. and commented:
    Re-blogging David Prosser’s blog. He’s one of my unfailing supporters. Thank you David!

  29. Your beautiful (inside and out) wife left this world way too young. She is the kind of people we need, but you keep her spirit alive every day. I feel it when I read your blog posts. Truly. You honor her memory in every lovely way possible. And your grandkids are testament to that. Thank you for sharing your love of her, your photos of you and your family, the perfect selections of music. I send you one BIG ENORMOUS HUG. xoxoxoxox

    • She was taken away too soon Pamela and though I may keep her spirit alive every day, I couldn’t keep her alive when it came down to it. I let her down. I do honour her memory and cherish it too. I’m sure our grandchildren will have a little bit of her in them. Reuben in fact points to a picture of her as the lady who comes to see him at night,
      I’m so glad you shared my pics with me and that you enjoyed the music.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  30. It’s the fond memories that fill our lives to comfort and bring smiles to our faces. No doubt about that in my mind. By the way I used to think (and still do) ZZTop are the tops! Love their music, the rhythm the uniqueness…Best of hugs!

  31. Strange, I am able to get to the blog by clicking on this specific post, but not otherwise. Curiouser and Curiouser.

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