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Oh Baby Baby it’s a White World.

Monday, Easter Monday and I get up at 3.45 am and pout the washing on while I take my drugs and have breakfast. I checked out of the window as Mike had sent me a text the night before to say snow was on the way here. There was no sign  of it out there this morning. I put the drying cycle on and set it to cotton. Thinking about it now, that may have been just a little too hot. At 7.00 am I went to check if it was over. It was, so I took everything out and put it on the airer. This time when I glance out of the window the world is white again despite the fact the ground was wet earlier.By 11.00 am the snow had all but disappeared again beneath a steady flow of rain. I noticed the rain as Ugo, Yvonne and the kids came to pick me up. Yvonne and I were going to have a little mooch while the kids went to a Jungle Gym and then we’d meet up for lunch and I could give them their prezzies. Our mooch went well and we both managed to get some things we wanted. We arranged to meet Ugo and the Kids at 1.30 pm at a Pizza chain. I was disappointed to see they didn’t run the buffet I’ve had before because it’s a holiday so I had to order a whole pizza. It was Hawaiian and quite nice but I was stuffed. I had a laugh watching Roobs find a way to eat his spaghetti Bolognese.  After lunch I gave the kids their Easter Eggs plus some Spiderman sunglasses for Reuben as he’s crazy about sunglasses and for Amelie some My Little Pony slippers or Poneee as she says. They also gave me a small Easter egg and a selection of my favourite sweets so guess whose blood sugar went up tonight.                                                                                                                        When they dropped me a home later I had 120+ messages to catch up on. I took a break at 6.00 pm when I was almost done and watched a documentary (some of) and kipped (lots of). When I woke it was a totally different programme and it was 9.15 pm. I took my meds, banged Joey up and came through to another 120+ emails. It’s 12.15 am tonight and I’ve just about finished.

spaghetti master

Tuesday. A little less than two hours sleep last night. It was no problem getting up at 2.57 am but by the time 6.00 am rolled round I was beginning to feel it. I headed for my armchair and gabbed almost an hour and a half. Then it was back to work time. I sent Yvonne a text to see if she’d book me some blood tests later on but I think she mustn’t have looked at her phone before lunch time. I worked to 10.20 am to clear everything then dashed through to catch the rest of Homes Under the Hammer. Three quite different ones today, the renovation of a small terraced house to be let out. The renovation and extension of an existing detached house to make a home for the buyer and the building of two houses from scratch on a building plot for sale. All done to very good standards, well, the extension of the detached house was a superb piece of work with no corners cut. The value was almost £200,000 more than the cost of buying and doing the work.                                                                                                                              After my programme I came back to work for an hour before lunch. I was just taking the packet through to the kitchen to heat when I saw the window cleaner in Mike’s bedroom. I hoped this month that I might have finished lunch before he rang the doorbell so I wouldn’t have curry sauce though my moustache when I answered the door. It makes it look like I’m colouring the hair. Actually I was lucky, I not only got to eat my lunch but I got to wash my face too. That’s the trouble with curry sauce. you have to wash once a week even if you don’t need it. Once I’d paid up I came back to my chair for half an hour to finish Bargain Hunt then went back to work until 4.15 pm. I tidied up, ha ha, then went to catch Flog It and PYMWYMI (see blog cast list ) before having a sandwich that I offered to share with Joey but he ignored me as usual. At 9.00 pm I came back t work and found a message from Yvonne, the blood people hadn’t answered their phone all day so no appointment yet. She’ll try again tomorrow. I finished work by 11.30 pm tonight so I’m celebrating with an extra chapter.

Wednesday. Up at 2.01 am. An ideal opportunity to start my mail before breakfast which I did . I made good headway too. Breakfast at 3.00 am was nice though hardly unusual, I have thought about learning to juggle to enliven things but it would either have to be my tablets or risk being down a couple of mugs every day. I’ve given up on the idea of entertainment specials since I know there’s only me to entertain and I don’t relish the thought of going to buy more mugs. Back at work after breakfast with my coffee to energise me with the boost to my caffeine levels, I realised on one coffee a day I don’t have any caffeine levels to boost. But I am energised nonetheless. At 4.10 am there was a haitus so I decided to try getting my head down for  while. I nodded off back on the bed and woke up full of energy, it was 4.22 am. Funny how little does it sometimes. I got my clothes for the day ready, had a wash and got myself dressed. Then I just sat back down and worked as things came in.                                                                                                           At 9.15 am I went to Pauline’s for bread and cigs. Her lottery terminal is still not working but I hope they come during the day ready for me tomorrow. I feel like a traitor going over the road for my tickets. When I got back Yvonne sent me a message to say I have an appointment next Monday to have my bloods done. I was hoping for Friday so Mike would take me. At lunchtime I went to the chippie for my usual sausage meal for which as always they undercharged me so the change just goes in their charity jar. They’re a lovely couple. I slept from 1.00 pm to 2.40 pm which was welcome after my lunch then back to work until 4.05 pm. My timing was pretty good as Dil arrived at 4.15 pm and I was ready with his cuppa. We had our antique programmes first. I wish we’d stayed on them too since he ended up winning 2-1 much to the delight of the budgie and a certain woman who had taped crossed fingers on both hands so that I think one cancelled out the other. Dil left at 9.00 pm triumph written across the grin on his face. I can’t bring myself to say his name. I came back to play catch up until 12.02 am. I’m still going to read,


Thursday. I was so close to the end of my book last night I decided not to stop reading till I got there.I must have read till almost 1.00 am. It’s the 5th Allan Mallinson book I’ve read in a row and the only one that left me vaguely disappointed. I’ll still have to get some more. I was up again at 2.51 am, nice timing for emptying my bladder before breakfast. I had my inhalers then put two (cut down) pieces of bread in the toaster and finally had my tablets while the bread was toasting. When I took it out again I left it to cool on a plate while I had a cigarette. That done the toast was cool enough to butter and enjoy. I had my 4 diabetic meds while I ate. Plate in the sink it was time to make my coffee to bring back to work. At some point (or pause in the work) I got dressed, my Batman outfit today as I don’t need superpowers when it’s nice, just a bit of Val Kilmer’s charm.                 Oh, time to wake up again, I’ve been dozing. I’m dressed quite normally and as it’s gone 9.00 am, it’s time to go to Pauline’s. I remembered my TV mag today and lucky for me  there were still cigarettes in the shop. Her Lotto terminal has still not been fixed so when I leave the shop I go straight over the road to the One-Stop and get my tickets there. It’s getting on for 1.00 am when I get back home so I prepare myself for Homes Under the Hammer. I know I saw most of it as I was looking round the third house. I saw the bids at auction but then the next think I know I’m waking up at 12.05 pm. Damn, I slam a beef dinner in the microwave, prepare my tray then sit and indulge myself.                               At 1.00 pm I return to work but in just a few mins the door opens and it’s Katharine Hepburn come to ask me for ‘sex’ again, No dammit wake up, it’s Sharon come to clean the house again. We have a brief chat about the state of the world and why it should be so.  I don’t thing she knows of my BDoW yet so I don’t enlighten her, especially as I let her smell two different room sprays other than the one she uses. One is vanilla, but before I can say so she tells me how vanilla does something to her head. “Is that good or bad”, I ask,”Bad” she tells me. Oh, well that was chocolate mousse and the other one was Freesia, no vanilla round here I say. Damn, that could have lessened my chances of her opening the door and asking for sex if I’ve sent her head bad.  She finished her work was paid and left. went to watch Escape to the Country only to find it half over and abroad. I saw some beautiful parts of Apulia in Italy. I saw half an hour of it then returned to work. Once I got up to date I relaxed and waited for Michael to arrive which was 5.30 pm tonight. I made him his drink while I tried to watch PYMWYMI which was half over.          I did Mike some Strawberries and cream then we caught up on our individual weeks. At 9.00 pm I came through to work as usual and finished at 11.40 pm. I’ll start a new book tonight. Oh, and it’s been a glorious day, I’ve got spring fever.

Friday. Lights out at 12.30 am last night and then up again at 4.10 am. Allowing for time to settle that’s still about three and  half hours sleep. Miraculous.After giving my bladder it’s first treat of the day (and the best) I went through to the kitchen to take my meds. Instead of following up with my breakfast as is usual I had to refill my meds trays for another week. Once done and a new prescription request prepared I could have breakfast. By the time I’d done and made my coffee to take back to my room it was almost 5 o’clock. Then into battle with  my post. Funnily enough I felt more tired this morning than usual. Just before 9.00 am I prepared Mike’s mug in case that was the time he was getting up but I heard no alarm as I made my way back to the bedroom. I must have sat down again and gone mid post. Next thing I know it’s 9.35 am and I can hear Mike. I go through and he says “Oh you’re awake” and I’m not even sure if sarcasm is intended. Since he’s passing me a cigarette at the time, I’m not checking too closely. He disappeared as usual at 11.00 am and left me to it. Lucky he hadn’t asked just what ‘it’ was going to  be today because I had absolutely no idea myself. I did some mail up until lunchtime then peeled some sweet potatoes and put them on. I decided to use up the rest of the corned beef as I’ll buy fresh tomorrow morning and have some petit pois as well. It was an enjoyable meal. I concentrated on mail in the afternoon too but I allowed myself a little nod first from 1.00 pm to 2.10 pm, luvvly jubbly. I had a text from Mike to say he was on his way, that was about 3.30 pm I think. I went through to watch Flog It at 4.30 pm and sometime during that I went again only to wake at 5.45 pm and find he was home.                                                                                                                                                        He hadn’t eaten while he was out so I made him something to eat while we watched Warehouse 13. Then I had a shower and came back to the latter half of Star Gate all the while waiting for 8.00 pm and a treat for Mike, an Australian light drama he likes about a woman who solves crimes. I’m pretty sure it’s not the drama he want as much as the woman who in all fairness is very pretty. Just before I disappeared to work at 9.00 pm Mike asked if I’d rub some gel in his bad shoulder before I went to bed. No prob, I replied. At about 11.15 pm I went along to his room. He was in bed seemingly enjoying a chat show. I waited politely for a gap in the conversation and listened to it myself. Mike moved to make himself comfortable and must have glimpsed me. He rose a foot off the bed and had a rapid conversation with himself that seemed to involved an old UK measurement called a firkin. When he was back on the bed I asked “You ready”?            “For my coffin you mean” he replied. I didn’t understand the reference so I just opened the gel. Five minutes later my hands were washed and I was here ready to finish this. It’s now 11.45 pm.

The Grandies

                                                     Trouble and Double Trouble.

Saturday. So I read until almost 1.00 am which then translated into getting up at 3.45 am so my get-up time is varying at the moment and crucially going over the 2 hour bar. What I need is an earlier sleep without losing the late wake-up time. The obvious problem to getting my wish granted is the diminishing time to answer mail.                        So anyhoo, I had my meds and my breakfast and took a coffee back to my room to start work. It was just gone four o’clock. I worked until 5.50 am then went to prepare Mike’s mug and put the kettle on. While waiting for the kettle to boil I went round collecting any paper to go in the recycling bag. It’s full this week from all the cardboard boxes I hoard I  look after. It’s been time to start clearing out the ‘Pit’ this week ready for the Smart Meter coming next Friday. No more will I have to scrabble on the floor after emptying the room of all contents just to read a meter. They will be able to get a continuous reading via my broadband. Yay. It’s been ridiculous this last few years. I’ve applied for the Smart Meter based on my age and the inaccessibility of the meter so they put me on the list as a priority but when I checked online, they’ve removed my priority status based on the fact the meter is inaccessible to their engineers. I just set Yvonne on them and wait for them to change their mind. They did, hence next Friday’s appointment. I would have settled for just having the meter moved but luckily that’s an option they didn’t choose.                   I made Mike’s coffee and called him. I had to call twice as my dulcet times didn’t penetrate his depth of sleep first time. I took the paper out with my waste food bin and then came back in to wait. Mike eventually made it at 6.20 am.

By 7.00 am we were on our way arriving before half past at our first Supermarket. We had a good trot about getting the food I wanted. We picked up a couple of humorous birthday cards for the month too. By 8.30 am we were on our way in all the rain to the second supermarket and breakfast. For me a teasted toecake but for Mike a sausage and egg bap. Oh how he enjoyed that the swine, pleasure as well as egg all over his face. I didn’t need much shopping from there so by 10.30 am we were on our way again. Flint this time. A couple of shops there then to  the opticians for my glasses. These things are usually straightforward so I told Mike to get his haircut over the road while they were empty. I got the glasses though I wasn’t too pleased with them, but one young girl had done what she could to correct things. I left and joined Mike to find him having his cut done by a lady so of course there was a twinkle in his eye and a chat up line on his lips. She made a grand job of it. We went for coffee in a place we’ve often seen and wondered about and loved it, From there we headed for lunch at the Bells ( my fault I’m afraid). The food was OK but rather cool. We keep remembering that’s why we stop coming here. Back home, some work and a little kip or two needed. I spent from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm with Mike and then returned to work. It was while I was doing the blog post that I found it would not save. I copied it to elsewhere and then closed the site and went to reopen it to try again. That’s where I found my blog has been suspended No explanation, no email at all from them. Then I found it’s both my blogs. I sent an email asking for clarification Midnight bed tonight.

All Night Long – Lionel Ritchie

Sunday. I’d only read until 12.30 am last night which could hardly account for my waking up at 7.31 am this morning.I’ve not had my breakfast this late since I was a child. I really had to move. It was nice outside but no point in thinking about a car boot since I wanted to go on the search for something Yvonne wanted. At 7.55 am I went to start work. No response from WordPress about my suspension. It’s an abominable way to treat someone. No chance of Innocent until proven Guilty with them.. I concentrated on my mail but at 9.00 am I went to see to Mike’s coffee and turned the politics programme on to make sure he moved, We need ti be out by 10.00 am. We were- just. We had a ride over to the coastal town of Rhyl where we took to the shops. In the first one w e managed to find the very last one of what Yvonne wanted. As that didn’t satisfy we moved the car to a new location and found more and again we emptied the shop. They won’t be replaced unfortunately which is why I stripped them bare. We had time to find Mike a pair of swimming trunks ready for his holiday in less than two weeks. 6 weeks in Canada can’t be bad. I shall think I’ve gone deaf. He grabbed some heel grips as well as he seems to have bought a few pairs recently. He’s a very awkward size at 6/39 instead of 6/40 which most UK shoes are.

We left Rhyl and headed to Prestatyn for lunch. It was nice to have the beef melting in my mouth but one of these days I’m going to try something different off the menu. After lunch we nipped into a couple of shops looking for a particular type of bag he wants but had no luck. We headed home and a well deserved nap. Mike left about 4.00 pm and after taking cakes next door to Bert I concentrated on my mail. Still no response from WordPress even though I pointed out tonight is the day I publish. At 6.45 pm I went to watch a film I thought I hadn’t seen. I was wrong but it was still a good way to pass a couple of hours. Mike let me know he’d got back safely and then that’s he’d just ordered another pair of shoes. There won’t be enough heel grips in the World soon.

I had my meds then came through at 9.00 pm. Finished at 11.25 pm tonight.


I’m sorry for the delay but my blog was suspended for what were given as reasons to do with spam. Getting it back hasn’t proved easy though the suspension was supposedly lifted Monday evening. I wish you a very Happy rest of the week with lots of Hugs shared.



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