Dracula’s thirst.

Some of you will (and some won’t) that it was my turn this weekend to be suspended by WordPress for some kind of spam violation. First noticed Saturday night I sent an email which I followed up on Sunday requiring a reason for the suspension as they don’t notify you what they’ve done or why. Monday I got my answer and a reason….the spam, but also an apology and confirmation my blog had been reinstated. I was advised to clear my cache which I did.My Buthidars blog had also been suspended. When I checked the Buthidars had been cleared but no change on my main site Barsetshirediaries. I had to go out on Monday morning at 7.30 am to catch a bus to town so I could get some bloods done at the hospital.I was in town by 7.45 am and took a slow walk to the hospital. Next time I’ll walk slower as I still got there a few minutes before they opened the doors. As my appt. wasn’t until 8.25 am I thought I’d hover around the reception for a few minutes looking at books for sale. I soon gave up and went to the waiting room. Old Dracula must have been thirsty that morning as I was called before I had chance to sit down. I was out of the hospital with my free cotton wool ball for being brave before I was even due. I stopped at a supermarket for some bananas and picked up some good summer clothes for the grandies. I was even home for HUtH.

mischief doubled

On Tuesday it was the same thing. The Buthidars was clear but Barsetshirediaries was still showing as suspended. I was forced to send another email. I had a bus to catch this morning at 7.10 am but I was in plenty of time for it as I’d been up since before 2.00am. I was carrying my little bag of goodies which included a box of Cadbury’s Easter Nest chocolate cakes with eggs, the clothes I’d bought Monday and the special de-frizz solution we’d searched for at the weekend for Amelie as well as a toothbrush each that has a flashing light that tells you when to stop brushing. Yvonne and the kids weren’t at the bus stop so I headed for the coffee shop in our usual supermarket. I texted to check they were on their way and found they were waiting for me at the bus stop. Oops. I got a lovely greeting from the kids. We had drinks then headed off to the shops. I managed to buy a great jumper for a birthday this month. We went to W.H.Smith’s a newsagent and stationery shop who deal in lots of things but have a great clearance section. I had a £20 voucher to spend. I never found it so hard to spend money. I got three books by established authors that were well over £20 on their own. I got drawing things and peel off stickers in Themed tins for the kids. In all I bought 11 items and the only thing I had to pay for was a carrier bag. Towards the end of the morning there was a tantrum and some crying but don’t worry, I was OK before I caught the bus. At the other end the chippie was open so I picked up my lunch and went home. There was a parcel waiting for me with two more birthday gifts I can now cross off. In the afternoon my friend from the chemist delivered my new meds.

Wednesday started with a shock. I’m not sure what it was, but it woke me up or I might be lying there still. Horror of Horrors it was almost 7.00 am. That’s twice in the last four days now. I took my meds. breakfasted and carried my coffee back to work. I had to go some to try and catch up this morning as I had to be out about 9.00 am. It was actually very close to the time when I did get out and what I wanted to do was reach the chemist’s to say my repeat prescription for next time was not in my bag yesterday. They had a good look around but it’s likely they’ve put it inside someone else’s bag by mistake. Never mind, the printed me off a copy which I can use. I came back to work again and though I missed a few minutes of my HUtH I did receive another birthday gift in the post. Just one outstanding now. I had an easy lunch today and sat watching Bargain Hunt while I ate. I’d just finished washing up afterwards when the doorbell rang and it was a delivery of that last item which wasn’t down for delivery until the end of next week. Just as well I was in today.                                                                                                                                          Having got up so late you’d think I wouldn’t need a kip but we’d both be wrong. At 1.00 pm after my lunch I just conked out in the chair. It was only for a few minutes over an hour but I was struck with guilt as I went back to my desk. I put in two hours there then came to prepare a mug for Dil. He was just arriving as I put in in the machine. We started the evening with pleasant chit-chat as we never know how bad the insults will get later. I lost 2-1 again this week so the insults got pretty bad. At 9.00 pm I threw him out. I even let him pick up his car keys, I don’t know why, a soft heart I suppose. He left and I went back to work. 11.30 finish.

doing the splits

Thursday. Up at 2.06 am which is really what I asked for but I could quite happily have gone back to sleep. I worked till 3.00 am then went to take my meds and have breakfast. Boring old toast as usual with about an inch of butter on. Salted too. Bliss. At 3.25 am I came back to finish off the first burst of post and at 4.20 am I was clear so went to sit in the lounge for a while to see if I could encourage a nod off. I could, right up to 6.05 am. I went back to work until 9.00 am then walked round to Pauline’s for my lottery. Nope, her terminal is still not up and running. And, she didn’t have a full quota of my cigs. So, as soon as I came out of there I had to cross the road to the competition. I got what I needed and came home again. Some more mail while eating the chocolate bar that had dropped into my hand miraculously and as I caught up I was still able to catch the last half of HUtH. I gave another three quarters of an hour to my mail then at 11.45 am went to start on my lunch.                                                                                                                                          No after lunch nap today as Sharon came to clean. We didn’t speak much but it seems she was OK. She left at 3.00 pm and I expected Mike at 4.30 pm (ish). It was nearer 5.00 pm when he arrived, he’s getting very lackadaisical just because this is his last weekend before he goes on holiday for 6 weeks. Poor Canada. We watched Big Bang Theory and also Sheldon before I came back through to work at 9.00 pm. Mike stayed in the lounge for an hour then went to watch TV from his bed but I know his light went off early for a change. It was gone midnight before I was finished work tonight.

Friday. 2.39 am up again after a 12.30 am dousing of the light. Perfect time to renew all my drugs for the next week as long as I remove the ones already in there for this morning, which I put to one side. Once I’d finished up filling Morning and Night time  drugs trays I put my drugs drawer back and proceeded to take this morning’s batch. Then I put two slices of bread in the toaster and enjoyed my breakfast interspersed with my diabetic meds. Time to take my coffee back to my desk and start work. I worked until 8.30 am when Mike was surprised that instead of his alarm going off his phone rang. It was the Crown Prosecution Service ringing to get his to complete a questionnaire on how he thinks his accident case was handled. I bet she didn’t expect such an earful as she got since he’s always maintained he came out of it worse off financially and healthwise with his whiplash.When he finished and got dressed we emptied my pit where the gas meter lives. We managed it by 10.00 pm so were able to watch HUtH. At 11.00 am he left me to it and disappeared. Unlike usual I couldn’t attack my emails as I had no access to my computer, the bedroom now being full of all the things stored in the pit including my freezer. My book was on my bed at the far side of the heap so I carried on with TV for a while until it was time to start peeling sweet potatoes ready for lunch. I had my lunch then cleared away and washed up. Just before 1.00 pm a knock at the door and the Gas Man Cometh.                                                                                                                                        He worked hard and finished about 3.30 pm and showed e how the smart meter worked and what information I could get from the little box, if I wanted to use it at all. The information will still be transmitted to them as to what gas and electricity I’m using whether I use the box or not. Once he’d gone I virtually threw the things back into the pit so I could access my desk and I attacked my emails. I stopped at 5.315 pm in preparation of Mike arriving home. He was later than expected because he neglected to let me know he’d stopped on his  journey for a meal.                                                                                            I had a welcome shower this evening and then at 9.00 pm came back to work. 12.15 am tonight.

swinging princess

Saturday. Light off at 12.45 am after just two chapters. Up again at 2.23 am Looks like the two days of sleeping late this week were just a blip. I had half an hour with my mail before going to take my meds and get my breakfast. Then with coffee in hand it was back to work until I got a minor break at 5.18 am. There was a temptation to go to sleep then but not a lot of point as I’d be getting Mike up at 6.00 am, or more accurately, when I could get him to move. I’ve a feeling I’ll still be shouting “Your coffee’s on the table” even when he’s in Canada. I bet he doesn’t come back to drink it though, he’ll just let it go to waste. He made a move quite quickly today and we left the house before 7.00 am. We made it round the supermarket in record time and arrived at the tills before they were manned. All we kept hearing from passing staff was “You’re early this week”.It’s like we’re predictable. We did self serve and didn’t even get a discount for cash. Next stop was the second Supermarket for his breakfast. I had a toasted teacake as the teasted toecakes were off the menu today. (The staff are getting cheeky here). Flint next and a wander round a couple of shops before going to Temptations for a coffee. Once Cassanova had chatted up his legion of fans we were going to pick up some frozen food but he detoured us via an ex catalogue shop first where he got some birthday presents. We got the food and came home so I could put the freezer stuff away before going for lunch. I had a lovely BLT today while Mike went for a beef sandwich with onions and mustard. I have no idea why we both went for less than a meal though I didn’t feel I’d missed out. We headed home where I worked on my mail and Mike watch football. I went through at 5.00 pm and fell asleep until 7.00 pm. Back here at 9.00 pm for the next session of catching up. 11.50 pm before I finished.

Sunday. It was around 1.00 am -ish before my light went off and I settled to sleep. I don’t think it took me long to drop off either. I woke at 2.40 am and made a trip to the loo then sat at my chair to turn the instrument of torture on. I knew I’d be off for breakfast in a minute so I wasn’t going to start work, just get myself ready. The next thing I know I’m waking up, still sitting at my desk, it’s 7.24 am and I obviously haven’t been for breakfast and made a coffee. Before I go I check my outgoing post box just to be sure I’ve sent no gibberish letters out. Phew, I haven’t. I see to breakfast and make my coffee to bring back. I had to start on the mail but was only able to work until 9.00 am as Mike had set his alarm in case we were car booting. The ground was wet and the forecast not great so booting would have to wait until Mike returns from his holiday.                                               I made his coffee just before the alarm was due and put our Sunday political programme on. It didn’t take him long to come through. He enjoyed his coffee and went to make another just before 10.00 am, and asked me if we were going to take stuff to the loft before we went out. I said OK so for the next forty five minutes we piled all the old games I don’t play anymore from behind my chair and took them to the loft. There were other things to go too including a set of drawers I used for greeting cards and giftwrap. Mike suggested a place in his bedroom for those and I must admit it worked. At least I can keep everything related to cards and wrap in a handy place. Somehow in the movement I managed to ‘lose’ a gift I got for John’s birthday this month. Once we’d cleaned up from that we got ourselves ready and went out. We were in Prestatyn by 11.40 am and in the Cookhouse five minutes later, claiming our table. Lunch was delightful when they opened for meals at noon. We’re such fixtures the staff make a point of coming over to say hello and I appreciate that.                                                        After lunch we went to find a 50th birthday card for one of my nieces then had a wander to see if I could find some extra gifts for her. Eventually we came home where I managed a little kip and so did somebody else. But about 3.30 pm he had to set off home. I told him to drive carefully and to have a nice holiday then restarted work on thee mail. I kept it up until 6.45 pm then I watched an old Sandra Bullock film until 9.00 pm when it was time to make a final effort to catch up. 11.30 pm and I managed it.

plus two

I wish you all a great new week and hope there are plenty of opportunities to spread your smiles and hugs around. Lets start making the World a better place.



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67 responses to “Dracula’s thirst.

  1. You’ve had a busy but productive week, David. Lot’s of work on those emails. I hope Mike has a nice time in Canada. Hugs.

  2. Just reading about your week made me tired. How and where do you find the energy David?🤗

  3. David,
    Stay strong. What a busy week!
    I’m so sorry to hear that Word Press suspended your blog and did not alert you. There are times I find email notifications from blogs I follow in the phishing folder. There are also times I find comments from bloggers I’ve known for years in the spam folder. I always reverse the “junk” and “spam” thing hoping that the system that put them there will take them off and remove the spam classification.

    • Thank you Xena, I’m very strong willed however busy my week is. Yes, I’ve found emails in my spam folder that should have come through to comments. It usually doesn’t happen to the same person a second time, but first you have to find them.
      xxx Enormous Hugs xxx

  4. Hi David, Oh my, what a time you have had! I never heard of WordPress suspending an account-nice know! It doesn’t seem fair, though. You would never do any spam. You are a fine gentleman. I hope you are alright with the meds and everything. By the way, you have two beautiful grandchildren! I hope things with WordPress are in the past now. Have a great week, my friend. Karen 🙂

    • Hi Karen, how very kind you are, thank you. No I would not deliberately spam anyone. I know of other suspensions and you always have to hope they’ll de-suspend you once you’ve messaged them. I’m fine with my meds thanks when I don’t forget the things, but I’m getting better at that.
      I have two beautiful but mischievous grandchildren, they keep me on the hop. I hope for no more wordpress problems for at least another 5+ years, I can cope then.
      Have a fantastic new week.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  5. I have not enough or appropriate words for WordPress -aaarrrggghhh!!! Glad you’re back. Sounds like a busy week. Hope Mike enjoys our fine country (our neighbours are a bit wonky right now, but generally lovely folks). Big hugs, dearest David, you deserve them always but especially right now. 🙂 No, that’s not enough hugs, here, I’m sending more! xoxox

    • Ah, my wonderful friend Donna. I’ve already growled at wordpress so I hope they’re going to behave now. I had just odd spots of busyness and interest in a sea of boredom. I’m quite sure Mike will enjoy his visit with his sister and a side trip to see your wonky neighnours in Vegas. He should be OK, I’m sure if he lived there he’s vote Republican.
      I send you the biggest Hugs I can find to keep you going sweetie,
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  6. I enjoyed the photographs….they always lift my mood!
    Do I gather that the feet and legs are now behaving themselves? Certainly hope so.

    • Dear Helen, I’m so glad the photographs always give you a lift. I find the deadly duo are always entertaining.
      Feet are a little irritating at the moment but hands are untouched by it all. Thanks so much for asking.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  7. David you had a couple of good long sleeps – well done! It seems that your grandies are growing and changing by the week – doesn’t time go by fast when you are watching kids grow up! You had a relatively good week it appears – except perhaps for the tantrum 😀 I hope life continues to be kind! xoxo

    • Hi Pauline, yes the long sleeps came along and shocked me. But just when I think maybe things are changing and improving, we revert to kind instead. Time really flies with the kids. Take you’re eye off the ball for a moment and another year has passed. Yes thanks, my week was fine once I was over my tantrum. I’m crossing my fingers that life still likes me.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  8. I laughed at the reference to tears and a tantrum. I could not wrap my mind around that scene!

    xxx Springtime hugs xxx

    • I’m glad I gave you a laugh Anne.. I’m reliably informed that Spring weather starts on Wednesday through Sunday. Someone should have told it because it seems to have arrived today instead of the rain.

      xxx Sunny Spring Morning Hugs xxx

  9. I’m intrigued Dave. Do you enjoy these RAD moments (random acts of dozing) that put you behind or the more fractured regime that Sonos has imposed on you usually.

  10. Well now, this is the first time I heard/read of wordpress being suspended – I thought it was pretty robust that way. Ah, perhaps the times of wishful thinking being the reality as far as wordpress is concerned are over and time to brace for what to do if it happens to me :). Have a great week you too David. Hugs!

    • WordPress have the reputation for suspending first and asking questions later Ina. I gather it’s usually done if they receive a complaint about the blog in question. I think they should automatically notiffy a blogger of a suspension so they can question it.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  11. We’ll all miss Mike but I hope he’ll share some of his adventures when he comes back. I’m pleased you managed to clear the blog issue (they change the settings and rules so often it’s difficult not to fall foul to something or other). Have a great week, David, and love the pics (your grandchildren are growing so much!)

    • I’m about to enter a period of 6 weeks peace and quiet, my annual retreat almost. I’m sure I’ll hear all about his invasion of Vegas on his return, but for now Ahhhhh. Yes WordPress do seem to introduce new settings and rules quite frequently, it’s hard to keep up.
      Thanks so much Olga, I’m glad you enjoy the pics. The Grandies are growing quickly. Blink and you miss it.
      Keep well,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  12. The Grandies are a joy to see. WP is a law unto itself, my buddy. Glad you are back. Huge hugs for you and here’s to a sparkly week. Xxx ❤ Xxx

    • I’ll check how much of a joy it is to see them tomorrow. You’re right, the trouble s we have to live within the laws of WordPress without knowing what those laws are sometimes.. Thanks so much fr the hugs, I’ll do what I can to make sure the week sparkles.
      xxx Gigantic Rainbow Hugs and wishes for you xxx

  13. You never fail to astonish me with the amount you get done. I spend half an hour doing a bit of hedging and I’m knackered!

  14. I enjoyed the fact that you slept in a few times. Any time that happens to me I feel like I’ve been drugged. Lovely photos as usual. Best to you for the week, David. Hugs

    • I wonder if you’ve hit the nail on the head for me John. After sleeping in I always think of my head as feeling heavy and not as clear s usual. Someone must be drugging me! But who would do a thing like that? Glad you enjoyed the photos. Have a great week.

  15. What a busy week, David, and it doesn’t help that WP was messed up on top of all the other activity. Great photos and music and a lovely browse through your days. Hope its smooth sailing this week. Hugs! ❤

    • WordPress was my hiccup of the week and the thing I was not laid back about, unusually for me. So glad you enjoyed the photos and the music, I get a kick out of that
      Have a Wonderful week
      xxx Hugs Galore Diana xxx.

  16. Goodness David you put me to shame. You sure pack a lot into your week. I hope you have some great sleeps again this week. X

    • I swear it always sounds busy but really isn’t. I hardly leave the house for four of the seven days.Some extra sleep would be nice as long as t’s not tomorrow when I need to catch a bus.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  17. I hope Mike brings some warm weather to Canada…it’s raining cats and dogs here in Vancouver, Toronto has had a two day ice storm hit it this past weekend and the province of Alberta (next door to us) has experienced over 167 days in a row at below zero! I’m so glad to be inside catching up on your world!

    • Does it give you a big hint if I tell you he flies out on Thursday just as we start a promised spell of nice weather. At least I have the comfort of knowing he’s not bringing bad weather to you, that’s already there but if there happens to be a Tornado hits there, all I can say is you can have my spare bed till he returns,
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  18. We have returned to winter! Came home last night in snow!!!

    xxx warm winter hugs xxx

  19. You’ve had a busy week AND extra sleep. It’s a crazy world. 🙂
    I’m glad the WP issues seem to be cleared up. WP seems to have resident gremlins that hop out randomly to do mischief.
    I agree about how quickly your grandkids seem to be growing.
    Hope Mike enjoys his trip.
    Hugs, David!

    • Hello Dear Merril, extra sleep last week is bound to be repaid this week, it’s only ever a loan. I’m glad WP is sorted too, of all the problems they’ve caused people, this was one I didn’t want. Most could be sorted if only someone there would email and explain what they’re doing and why.
      I had an almost conversation with Amelie yesterday, at 2 I didn’t expect her to be so grown up.
      I’m sure Mike will enjoy his trip but I hope he doesn’t cause an International incident when he visits Vegas. I still feel sorry for Canada.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs Merril xxx

  20. Dracula seems to be making the rounds, David. He took six tubes of blood from me yesterday 🙂 Hope the WP Grinch has finally departed ❤

  21. I am never sure what spam is, other than that rather nice meat in the absurdly inaccessible tins. But I’m sure you’re not guilty of it, David. How could you be? I hope you won’t miss Mike too much – six weeks is a long time. I suppose you could always let his room…Hugs again!

    • Actually, I go confused because I thought they were talking about the tins of the slightly less than savory meat, but it seems not. Annoying and unwanted advertisements was how it was described to me. T’wasn’t me.
      I’m sure I won’t have time to miss Mike, I’ve let his flat for 6 weeks to a nice family and there’s a rather attractive lady of a certain age considering taking his bedroom here.while he’s away. She’s a life model and I may take up sketching.
      Hugs Frederick.

  22. I’ve been missing all these fabulous photos and music links. You’ve dropped from my notifications. WP …grrr! Hugs!!!!

  23. Such a great sense of humor. Hahaha. Got to make light of doctor’s visits. And the light shines all over the your loved ones.

  24. I just dis I’ve read your blog and you are done with it?😭

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