Miaow from the catnapper

Sunday night I was able to turn my light off after a read at about 12.30 am. Sleep came fairly quickly but I think with some intervention by Somnos, so did wakefulness. That was at 2.06 am. I got up and paid a visit to the loo then came back and logged on. There would be time for work before breakfast. This time I was allowed to make good progress before going for breakfast and went off in good humour. My routine remained the same, sprays, tabs, toast, tabs,toast tabs and coffee to bring back to work. On the way back I put the drink down on the console table and nipped into the loo to save me coming back later. It was 3.45 am approximately when I started work again. There were 47 pieces of post left. I know I managed a couple of pieces but I could hear the distant sounds of piping and wondered which of my neighbours were listening to the radio. It seemed none were for moments later I was sitting on a hillside facing Porcinus.                            “He’s not happy with you” he said “you don’t seem to have done any promoting for him for a long while”. “But I did as he asked last time and I thought he had someone else now” I replied. “Get on with it” I seemed to hear as I drifted back again. Next thing I know it’s 6.10 am and I’m sitting at my desk looking at a file of pictures I’ve opened for some reason. There’s still the last email I dealt with on screen and fortunately I haven’t been writing further on it or adding pictures. It just needs sending. I can do that.The mail is up in the 70’s now and I manage to get it down to 62 before I need to  nip to the loo again. There on the console table is my now very cold coffee, and maybe a chocolate biscuit that happened to follow me. I determined to drink it anyway. My return sees the numbers have gone up again so I need to knuckle down. It’s about a quarter past seven now. It’s about a quarter past eight and I’m still sitting here hands poised, the numbers have gone up not down and I haven’t moved for an hours catnap. I had to work through HUtH this morning to catch up and it’s 11.38 am before I can breathe a sigh of relief, Oh, and then another one as I visit the loo again.                                                                                                                  I had a meal of chips with curry sauce, my favourite Monday choice at midday and sat eating it while watching Bargain Hunt. I chose an appropriate moment to go in and wash my pots before the auction took place. I’m really proud of the fact that I saw the entire auction before turning off and going to catnap in my chair. I woke at 2.08 pm and went through to work on my mail again. Once done I returned to the lounge and what was left of Escape to the Country. I stayed awake to return to work again until 5.15 pm when PYMWYMI was on. Thereafter neither Joey nor I moved again until 9.00 pm. Except for food of course, I had half a trifle to demolish, and believe me, I worked hard at it. I hate to give up. At 9.00 pm Joey wished me goodnight as I came through for my regular battle.

Tuesday. Light off early at 12.15 am but no matter how quickly I went to sleep it only lasted until 1.41 am. The fight was on not to nod off before catching that bus. I have to leave the house about 6.55 am then fall asleep on the bus. I must make every effort to wake at strategic points so I don’t miss my stop. I don’t want another poor driver approaching me as we near the terminus thinking I’m dead. It comes to a shock to both of us for me to wake with someone practically shouting in my face. I started work on the emails then at 3.00 am went through to have my breakfast (Weetabix and toast) before bringing my coffee back. I got dressed and started on the rest of the mail . Eventually I had to stop so I could slip my shoes and coat on.I checked the weather before deciding which coat. It was raining ( bet you didn’t guess that) so I wore one of my leathers. I left on time and was at the bus stop a few minutes before it turned up. I got a good seat and started nodding off. Sometimes the bus stopping will wake you but I don’t mind that. The journey goes more quickly asleep but too much sleep and you sail past your stop. I got there and got off at the right stop but we were a bit late so I went straight to the Supermarket as arranged, Yvonne and Amelie weren’t far behind me luckily or maybe the coffee house would have called the police to get me out as I’d not bought anything. You just never know these days. We had our drinks then set off round the store to get me fresh bread, a TV magazine and some cigarettes. Yvonne needed stuff too so once we’d both finished we started our mooch. I bought a Welsh Rugby teeshirt and that was it for the morning. Yvonne was asking if I was OK and looking for more bags.                             At lunchtime they saw me to my bus stop and watched me as I boarded. I think they were there to make sure I wasn’t punctured by an arrow by someone recognising a Welshman inside the town walls. I made it safely and after waving concentrated on nodding most of the way. At my end, I was sure I could just about cope with calling in the chippie before having to rush for the loo. There was a queue I wasn’t expecting so I had to get home faster than anticipated. I open the door throwing my bags and my crutches to the floor as I dashed to spend a penny. The relief was palpable as I retrieved my bags and plated up my now heavily leaking lunchbag. After lunch I went to work until        5.00 pm.  When I can back at 9.00 pm there were 182 new pieces of mail. 12.12 am and I was just finishing for the night.

Hava Nagila

Hava Nagila.                                                                           Wednesday. I had gone to bed late yet determined to read a couple of chapters so it was about 1.00 am when the light went out. I woke at 3.59 am on my clock but it rolled over to 4.00 am as I was halfway up, so I’m not really sure what time I got up. 3.59.5 maybe? Heck, what’s a second between friends. After breakfast I brought my coffee back to my desk and started work. It was coming in slowly at that point but had gathered 77 so far so I had to catch up a bit. By 8.45 am things were looking pretty good so I edged my way to the lounge and opened Joey’s door.I did his seed and water and decided I might be better dressed at this time. I left my socks off as I do every freedom day when I’m determined not to leave the house. I did a couple more emails that had come in then went back to the lounge to watch HUtH. It must have been 10.30 am because I’d seen the second property but not the third and then I was gone snooze mode…………right till 11.40 am. I only managed a quick twenty minutes at work then thought I’d better consider lunch. It had actually been quite a miserable morning, some rain and clouds making things look darker and ominous. For a change I thought I’d have some cheering soup, thick pea and ham. It was delicious with some bread and butter to dip. But the further down the bowl I got, the hotter I got as the sun started streaming through my lounge window. It looked like the promised Spring warmth had arrived. Glorious. I returned to work enlivened and was doing really well at catching up. At 3.00 pm so close to the end I took a break to watch TV but right towards the end of the programme about 3.45 pm I was hit by the sleep bug and I woke again at 4.45 pm and was shocked to find Dil sitting there smiling. I knew there was a reason I usually kept the door locked. If he’s been forced to ring the bell he’s never have know I was asleep. I apologised but he brushed it off which made me feel even more guilty. Already the gamesmanship had started. When we actually started playing I tried to check the dice and the deck to see if he’d been fiddling. But it seems obvious to me that he must have since I lost 2-1 yet again. This week it was the Nomination Whist I won at. I’m being slaughtered like a rabbit in the headlights. At 9.05 pm he went home with a spring in his step leaving me behind simmering slowly. I cam back to work. 11.35 pm and I’m all but finished.

Thursday. Despite reading till 12.30 am I still didn’t get any further than 2.06 am in the sleep stakes. It wasn’t a problem then of course as I could start the mail and hopefully have the numbers down before breakfast. It worked out that way too, I was left with about 20 when I went to eat. These were the ones that required responses other than grunts. I ate breakfast after my meds but only so that I could take more meds for something else. I’m a car wreck. I brought my coffee back with me and started in on the rest of the mail plus the little extra that crept in while I was away. I managed to finish that batch by 4.30 am. I went through to Mike’s bedroom to search for the gift I’d shown him on Sunday then promptly lost. The replacement had come yesterday though not exactly the same in case the first one turns up. I picked up the envelope and showed him the contents before putting the envelope back where I got it from. Grilling him about it by text I found he agreed with the way things had happened and exactly where I’d put the envelope. It’s not there, it’s vanished, it’s made itself scarce. There is no sign of either envelope or contents anywhere I’ve looked. I can’t bother him again in case the stewardess gets annoyed as he flew off for Canadia at about 3.00 am this morning. While I was in there I thought it prudent to wrap a few gifts as it’s Joanne’s birthday on Sunday and John’s on Tuesday. I’ve got a month before Karen’s thank heavens and I must shop for Lee’s too. At 6.00 am I’d had enough and returned to the mail.                                          At 9.00 am I stuck a little sign on the door to say I was at the shops and would be about 5 minutes, that was just in case they came to repair the front door while I was out. Pauline had my cigs and somehow a Twix magicked it’s way into my hand, but still no good news on her lottery terminal. So as soon as I left Pauline’s I crossed the road and did my lottery at the ‘One Stop’. All fixed up I went home but no-one had called. I wasn’t in long before the postman came with a letter from the doctor’s requesting blood tests for my diabetes. Why the heck couldn’t they have arranged to have enough blood pulled last week to cover this as well. And then they want to see me in the surgery in two weeks for  review. I hate that. Sitting in the waiting room with all those strangers and this time having to go and meet another stranger. Why don’t they leave me alone. I know where they are if I need them. I wrapped another present then watched my HUtH until 11.00 am then I worked on mail again until lunchtime. Bing beef dinner today. It was quite pleasant and certainly quick. I watched Bargain Hunt then washed up. I put the kettle on for Sharon though she always says it doesn’t suit me. Replacing it I went to change my bed and Sharon arrived. I asked her to wash my hair for me once she’d had a cuppa tea and she agreed. I just finished the bed change when she shouted she was ready. I got down on my knees, a position I’ve found myself in so often before with a woman. This one was at least kind enough to drown me in warm water. Hair washed I returned to my mail and Sharon to her cleaning. When it was time for her to go at 3.00 pm I gave her a box of chocolates with her pay. I had another 15 minutes of mail then left for the lounge.               My chair looked so inviting that I edged nonchalantly over and sat down. Within a short space of time I’d nodded off, shock, horror. It was almost 5.15 pm before I came too which was nicely timed for PYMWYMI. I entertained myself by eating during the evening then returned to work at 9.00 pm. A 12.10 am finish tonight.

you are my sunshine 4

Friday. I turned my light off at 12.45 am this morning but was dragged back to reality at 2.29 am. Not having had any contact with Somnos himself I’m beginning to doubt Monday’s meeting with Porcinus and consider it a dream, a bad dream. After all, I did meet my half of the bargain and get Somnos some new followers but he appears to have let himself down regarding a working blog to touch base with them all. I can’t do his blog as well as my own, heck half the time I can’t even manage my own. If he’s you’re reading this Somnos, get yourself a paid manager a high priest or something and leave me alone. I went through at 2.50 am and took my meds so the medicine trays were now empty. Time to fill them for another week and prepare a list of things I need next week for the Friday refills. Lucky me that after losing my repeat prescription form last week they printed me a copy of their own list of my drugs to tick boxes. I worked till 9.40 then took a present wrapping break. I’m up to date with John’s until the rest of his stuff arrives bit even though it ‘s early, I want to get Karen’s wrapped and I can concentrate on getting Lee’s bought.                                                                                                                                  There was a thud on the doormat as two more of John’s gifts arrived. It’s funny, they were due Monday or Tuesday next week but what was due today didn’t arrive. Then very strangely I got a text from John to say they’re coming on Monday as his plans for next week have changed. I got wrapping again quickly. I must have drifted through to the lounge as that’s where I woke up at 11.45 am. I had to apply my mind to some lunch but decided as I won’t be here on Monday for my chips and curry sauce I might as well have them today. That’s those gone now. After lunch and Bargain Hunt I went back to work and my oh my hadn’t it mounted up. My bad. I was occupied and out of trouble until about 4.20 pm when I went to see my antiques show, it started at half past but somehow nap time descended upon me again and I didn’t come round until 5.40 pm having then missed most of my second antiques shows. I had a bag of cheese and onion crisps to compensate me.                                                                                                                                 My return to work was at 9.00 pm as usual and I was hard at it until 11.25 pm I’ll be going for my long nap soon I hope.

Two young men who live locally to me whom I got to know before this. They’re taking on the world. Richard and Adam, both really nice lads and full of talent. You’ll find them on Youtube or can get their CD’s from Amazon.

Saturday morning was a 2.37 am wake. At least I hadn’t read very long last night and must have surrendered to sleep soon after 12.15 am when my light went out. I managed to do a couple of messages before it was time for filling my face. It was only toast again but today I didn’t let it go cold. Oh no you di’nt. I’m afraid so, I ate it warm though there was still plenty of butter on it.                                                                                                            I found out last night that Yvonne is poorly with some kind of virus so I may not see her today at the lunchtime meal for my niece’s birthday. She’s been threatening me all week with a shopping expedition after lunch with Mike being away. I can’t tell you how many horrors that holds so I intend to slip out into Holywell this morning and get my basics then perhaps this afternoon we can just spend a couple of minutes buying the heavy stuff like my Pepsi Max though I could buy a bottle a day locally till I have what I need. I know it will be dearer but I’m prepared for that. With luck I’ll be out about 7.30 am for my bus and back at 8.30 am before the world has finished it’s breakfast. I’m not at all good with crowds especially without a bodyguard between me and them. Of course my bodyguard is now living it up in Canada without a care in the world ( he hasn’t been to Vegas yet). I was back home at 8.20 am thanks to a very pretty taxi driver. Once I’d put the shopping away I returned to ‘catch up time’. I was under no pressure as my lift wasn’t coming until about 12.30 pm. They arrived at 12.45 pm leaving us 15 mins for a half hour journey. I threw my stuff in the car saying a quick prayer that none of the presents got broken. We didn’t do too badly but the girls were waiting for us outside as we arrived. We went in and got our table and had the usual spats about who was paying for the meals once we’d chosen. Karen and Jo were adamant they would pay for their own, I must have offended them. Yvonne was just as adamant but I have longer arms than her and friends behind the bar who’d just received this weeks sweetie ration. Yvonne chose a carvery like me so we had to wait a while to give them chance to cook and deliver the other choices. We all had a nice time and Reuben and Amelie had fun in the play area in the glorious sunshine.                                                                                                                           After lunch we said goodbye to the girls and piled Jo’s gifts into the boot of their car ready for her birthday tomorrow. Then before taking me home Yvonne and Ugo took me to a local supermarket to collect the heavy stuff I couldn’t manage in the morning (Pepsi) and Yvonne did a little shopping alongside me. When they dropped me at home I put my stuff away then immediately started on the mail. I worked till 6.00 pm then decided to treat myself to some Big Bang Theory. I saw one and a half episodes then nodded off before I could turn over at 8.00 pm. Instead I woke at 8.50 pm to the latter half of an episode and called it a night. I took my meds and came through. 11.44 pm and I’m almost through for the night.

goofy grin

Sunday lights out 12.30 am up again 2.32 am along with the bladderspeak message ‘Move it’. So I did. I bladderspoke a sigh of relief in turn. I came back and turned the system on and did mail until it was time for breakfast. When I took my coffee back after breakfast I had a wonderful surprise. My book which was translated for the Chinese Market has gone on sale in a leading Taiwan publisher’s. Below is the link if anyone wants to take a look.                                                                                            http://www.pubu.com.tw/ebook/121818                                                                                           I think this is an ebook for now but who knows, maybe when it goes to the Mainland it will be the paperback. For me this is very exciting and I own massive thanks to Ethan Lo who took the time and trouble to translate but also understand what he was translating by getting the idiom right. I worked on mail right up to lunch time. Well OK, if you’re going to be so pedantic, I might possibly have nipped into Ebay a couple of times or three but not for long. After lunch I nodded off in my chair (Sunday afternoons were made for this) and dreamed about the trifle in the fridge for teatime. I can hear you saying “What a gannet ” even now. I woke just before 3.00 pm and came back for a catch up. I noticed the sun was shining down like yesterday but when I checked it was raining and the sun was reflecting from the wet ground. Still it’s much nicer than expected. I had a couple of hours on the post again then went through to indulge myself on trifle. Half tonight, half tomorrow. I’d love to know who decides they’ll serve four people. I watched Lewis which was the follow on to Morse. A good story as always. Tonight I came through at 8.00 pm to be sure of getting the mail finished. I seem to have done OK.

Have a wonderful new week. Smile and Hug where you can, you never know when someone needs one. Hope for peace in the world, a day without killing, a day without dying. Work for tolerance and a lack of hate. Work towards less weapon for those who have no tolerance and who love to hate, the world belongs to you not them.                   Huge Hugs


















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54 responses to “Miaow from the catnapper

  1. Gorgeous babes … Amelie has grown so much! I do not know why Somnos is visiting you, as he has taken up residence with me, and brought his friend Phobetor with him. Have a great week!
    xxx Cwtch xxx

    • She refuses to stop growing for me so I can keep the pocket version. Being even a lesser god means he can be in more than one place. As for Phobetor, know him by his true name Icelus and that he only resembles things should take the fear away. He lives in the land of dreams from whence no evil comes.

      • She (Amelie) is going to have Yvonne & Ugo knocking boys away from the door with sticks and rolling pins in a few short years!

        I’m not so sure that no evil comes from the land of dreams. I think there must be some connection between dreams and reality, though I have no idea what just yet, but Icelus seems determined to show me. I shall gladly hang on to Somnos if he will but leave you alone … I will see if I can wangle a deal …

        xxx Cwtch xxx

  2. Scottie

    Another week well spent. Congrats on getting all done the way you wanted. Hugs

    • If things don’t go the way I wanted Scottie I just say that’s the way I wanted them all along. I’m ready for another week well spent now.
      I hope you’re well

  3. Smiles and hugs and meows to you, dear David–

  4. Lovely photographs…and the ‘abut to jump’ one was so sweet.
    Enjoy the rest of the trifle…

    • Many thanks Helen. It was a sweet picture, it was a long way from her perspective.I went to get the butter from the fridge and eyed up the trifle this morning but I thought even I don’t dare for breakfast.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. I shouldn’t have been amused, but the word-picture of the bus driver trying to wake you from the dead made me laugh.

    xxx dead-ringer hugs xxx

  6. First, congrats on the book going into China – it is wonderful to think the Chinese readers will be following your adventures! Second, your young friends have lovely voices, best wishes to them making it in a business that is not easy to get into or stay in! And third – my word the amount of birthday pressies you shop for and then have to wrap and get out on time – phew!! I need a cup of tea and a wee lie down just reading about it!! 🙂 xoxo

    • Thanks so much Pauline, it’s there but no guarantee it’ll sell I suppose. The boys do have great (and unusual) voices which now take them all over the world. I agree with you, such an amount. My lot are just not obliging enough to have their birthdays at Christmas so I can shop and wrap all at once.(or get someone to wrap for me). At least Mike half tried with November and Yvonne went for early December, the rest just spread them about liberally.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  7. I am a nodder too, due to my unorthodox sleep routine. Which really wouldn’t be a problem if I weren’t expected to function as a normal person during the day. I often find myself nodding during particularly lack luster conversations. Beautiful babes you have! And why so many emails?
    If you get a moment check out my new post. Hugs!

    • Ah yes, nodding when you’re supposed to be a normal person can be frowned upon. I haven’t nodded during a conversation so far but I have during an email and carried on writing. I got an answer back from Oz “What?”. Your post was enjoyable and your grandies look wonderful too. Emails I suppose because I follow so many blogs.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  8. Oh, dear…sounds like Somnos has spring fever. Maybe you should trick him by riding a night bus somewhere. By the sounds of it, you’d probably get a longer kip! 😉 Reuben and Amelie look like they’re in fine form. Hope Yvonne feels better soon! Hugs and bonne semaine! xo

    • Hah, I like the idea, probably the dark would make me drowsy and let me sleep. I shall just go to a terminus then come back sleeping too. Yes the kiddies are in fine form and fettle, they wear me out. Yvonne is much better now thanks Mel. Have a lovely day and a fantastic week.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  9. I get the 2.00 am wake up call too, don’t know why. It isn’t bladder and it’s silent as the grave here at night. Maybe we’re programmed to wake up at regular intervals in the night. A hangover from sharing caves with sabre toothed tigers maybe.

    • My personal sabre toothed tiger died about 6 years ago so you’d have thought I’d feel safe by now Jane.. Maybe it is just habit, mine formed from having a sergeant scream down my ears that it’s time to be up and on parade. Apart from the odd owl it’s as quiet as the grave here too at night and pretty much during the day as well.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  10. I don’t know how you do it. I had one night with about two lots of one hours’ sleep and I was catnapping and falling over my feet and doing all sorts of strange things for three days. I’m not sure I’m recovered even now. But then, having been treating Percy & Bertie for their trauma, maybe I’ve realised that I’m probably traumatised myself.
    xxx admiring hugs xxx

    • Well, I have been offered a part in a new zombie film if that’s any indication of how I look these days, and she saw me after a nap. Really though it’s the ability to catnap that saved me (as long as I’m not scaring bus drivers). I can fall asleep on a sixpence.
      I hope you’re slowly getting over your trauma. Its terrible our little furry friends have such a short span.
      xxx Sending you Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Lovely pictures of the children as always. I’m glad to hear your weather there is warmer and sunnier. Congratulations on having your book published in China! I followed the link but it said a bookworm had eaten the page (I had it translated by the computer). I’m sure they’ll have it fixed soon. It was a cute picture of a cartoon worm. Take care. xxx Monstrous Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thank you Suzanne, they’re angelic in pictures. The weather changed to rain yesterday but back to dry today with a real nip in the air.. Ha Ha I like their style. I haven’t seen that. I hope they have it up and running again soon. The book is only about 30p/30c there.
      Take care too
      xxx Enor-mouse Hugs xxx

  12. Such lovely pictures of the wee ones. ❤ Huge hugs for you my lovely and sleep inducing energy, when you need it. You have such a huge, open hearted way of living. ❤ xXxx ❤

    • You mean the little devils in disguise don’t you.Thank you for your Huge Hugs sweet lady and the sleep inducing energy should I need it. Thank you also for the lovely compliment. Sharing is fun and we all need joy in life.
      xxx Hugs Unlimited xxx

  13. marple25mary

    Loved reading this. And you and i have a few TV shows in common. I love Bargain Hunt, but cannot find it anymore over here for some reason. But i have Inspectors Morse and Lewis on streaming services, as well as Endeavor. Big Bang Theory is a favorite, though i prefer the earlier seasons to the newer. It has lost some of its comic oomph!

    • Thank you very much. I like Endeavor and I’ve just started watching Sheldon which has a few good moments. I think his Mom in that is perfect. We seem to be without any really good comedies these days so I’m hooked on some of yours.
      For heaven’s sake take that ring off.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  14. This made me smile, dear David (Would I Lie To You?).
    I dreamed a dream that you posted and I missed it so I went looking for this, ok, I got distracted here and there, mostly because it’s bloody gorgeous outside, seriously, full-on Summer weather after a Spring chalk full of Winter weather, but I’m here now and what a week you’ve had.
    And wowing us with more pictures of the little ones who, frankly, aren’t so little but still just as adorable. 🙂
    I have 2 “Escape to the Country” (would I ever love to do that) on the PVR that I will get to this evening and have been playing games too so I’m right there with you.
    Thanks for the lovely post, so good of you to let us spend the week with you. Hope the remainder of this week treats you kindly, dear friend.
    Massive all I need is the air that I breathe and to bloglove you hugs xoxoxo

    • Even I lie to me.(No, you couldn’t eat any more chocolate).
      I dreamed a dream of days gone by, that you were gone and so was I. You missed my post and I was hurt, no tissue found dried eyes on shirt……OK, enough is enough eh. Up until yesterday we had three glorious days like Summer not spring. Yesterday was rain, today sunshine but cold and Wednesday is back to rain. I don’t know about tomorrow as I’ve been distracted twice when the forecast has been on. Maybe I’ll wrap up warm in case. They say next week will be more typically April (it will be May) with Spring temperatures. With global warming what are they now?
      The sproglets are great fun but tire poor pops out.
      Is that the Canadian version of Escape to the Country? There aren’t any grizzly bears in ours you know, not even Scotland.
      I’m obliged to you for sharing my week and providing such excellent company. May this be the week of your lottery win.
      Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe, and you.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Donna xxx

  15. Super pictures, David. I also loved the videos. The Hollies couldn’t be seen in the US but that’s okay. I can go to YouTube and get it. Happy week.

  16. What a thrill to see your book translated, David. I really like the cover; it screams, ‘Pick me up!’ I hope it does well for you, my friend ❤️

  17. So great learning about your book translated into Chinese and spreading into new markets. Being a busybody (like you 😀 I guess) I visited that “friend” called Google Translate to translate the Chinese symbols/writing from the link in your post and, whaddayaknow. this is what it gave me: “very sorry!
    This page has been destroyed by the bookworm!
    We are repairing!
    Please return to the previous page to continue enjoying the joy of immersing in the book sea!”

    Have a great week David!

  18. I’m so glad for you, David. Salutations on China!! (((hugs))) xx

  19. What a week! Not sure if Somnos isn’t hoping for some sort of ritual sacrifice to keep him appeased – maybe curry sauce and chips? Unless, of course, he has his godly eye on Joey? I do wish your book the greatest good fortune in China – such a huge potential audience. Not sure about the book signing tour, though…Hugs!

    • Well, he’s welcome to try the curry and chips if he wants but I’m not surer Joey would be more than a snack for him. Thank you kindly for the good wishes, my expectations aren’t great as I don’t see my humour translating well. I’m not that sure of it over here either though.
      Hugs my friend.

  20. You have such an interesting collection of photos, videos and diary dailies here. Like you, sometimes I have trouble sleeping. The night before my Wednesday blog goes out I wake often because I have to push a button, so to speak, to get MailerLite to publish posts to non-Wordpress users. My web guy says it’s not automatic. 😦

    Your wee ones are positively adorable. Obviously they add spice to your life. I listened to the deep-throated rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” by the duet. Years ago Susan Boyle put this song off the charts. Remember? 😀

    Hugs and humor to my favorite Welsh gentleman! ((( )))

    • You’re very kind Marian, thank you. It’s a pain chasing sleep sometimes but it’s no fun having to be awake to publish your blog. I’ve never heard of problems sending to non-wordpress sites.
      The grandies are adding spice to my life but lots of sugar too. I could do with more energy though.
      The first time I met the boys they weren’t even 20 and I thought their voices most unusual. I remember Susan Boyle knocking everyone’s socks off with this song before.
      xxx Humongous Hugs back to my favourite Mennonite lady xxx

  21. Your weeks always sound so busy, David. I don’t know how you do it with your lack of sleep.
    The two young men have beautiful voices! I sort of wish they had left the “he” in the song instead of changing it to “she.” 🙂
    It seems like your grandkids are growing up so quickly. They are charming.

    • I think it’s the knack of making them sound busy when they’re anything but Merril. I catch up on sleep with my catnaps. The boys do have beautiful voices, I must admit I didn’t notice a sex change in there.
      The children are just shooting up whereas for them time drags. They are a delight though.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  22. I found a quiet moment to pop by…I had a lovely fish & chip meal by the sea (the first of the season!) this past week and thought of you…each time you write about your tasty dishes, I get hungry!

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