I guess that’s why they call it the Blues

Monday. Light off 12.40 am , light on 2.47 am. To the kitchen (via the loo of course) tp put my washing on then put bread in the toaster while I take my meds. Once the last pill was on it’s way down I plated up the toast and gave it a chance to cool down before slathering it with butter. I take 2 x 2 diabetic tablets while eating then once done I make my morning coffee to take back with me. The washing finished and I put it on a drying cycle before leaving the room to start work. It being the day after publishing a post there is always plenty of mail some of which requires replies and some newer ones where I need to visit their blog to like posts and perhaps follow if their ethos or sense of humour is similar. I just kept going until I woke up and it was 9.09 am when I should be at the chemists. I had nodded off in the middle of writing a comment and hadn’t started on the gobbledegook yet so I was pretty sure I hadn’t long nodded. I deleted my response to start again fresh. I got dressed and went out. It was a quick outing as it was just a letter needed posting and my prescription request to go in. Both in the same building luckily. Joey gave me a bollocking when I got home and I’ve no idea why so I just returned to work and found a skype message to say MuJo are on their way. That could mean anything like a visit to their chemist in Denbigh or even a shopping expedition so an hour’s trip could take from 9.00 am to 12.15 pm.                                                                     They arrived at 11.45 am after having taken a convoluted route and rested in a few traffic jams. I made sure to hand over the Easter Eggs first on the grounds that they were the oldest, any older and I’d have been singing Happy Birthday soon. Then I passed John his birthday gifts and the moment I saw his fingers twitch I told him to open them tomorrow. I got my jacket on so we could go. Poor John, his chin hit the floor when I reminded him that chippies don’t open on Mondays. We all decided to got to Top Bells but not until John has checked every Charity shop in town. By coincidence in the very first one Muriel found something she wanted. It was just gone 1.00 pm before we reached the cafe. I ordered cottage pie and a mug of tea. When we were finished we hit a couple of shops in town then set off for Flint. We had a look at some bathrooms as MuJo intend to refit the two in their house. While they were just getting some quotes I nipped over the road to pick up some sweets for the girls in Temptations then I walked over to meet MuJo there. Timed beautifully. We went in and I ordered our drinks and some cakes. Once finished I stood outside with a cigarette until they joined me and we had a walk round a couple of shops. I was dropped home at 4.30 pm and carried the gifts out to the car for them and waved them off. Before anything else I started trying to cut down the day’s backlog. Only till 6.00 pm though before I went in to see the news, a Royal baby born today. After that I found I couldn’t turn the flippin TV channel over so left Joey with a bit of noise and came through to make another effort. I turned off at 9.00 pm and concentrated. 11.09 pm and I’m almost ready to knock off for the night (Who shouted Skiver?)

blinded by the light

Tuesday. My light went off at midnight, another book finished. A lot of wriggling to get comfortable and I must have decided I was too hot for some reason as I woke at 1.36 am to go to the loo and I was freezing. I decided I could go back to sleep (covered up) which I did for another hour until 2.31 am. I breakfasted at 3.00 am making good use of the time it takes me to swallow pills by catching my toast as it shot out of the machine and juggling when I found it was hot. Who could possibly make the connection, toast and machine= heat. So, while I finished the tablets I allowed the toast and my hands to cool. I got the butter out of the fridge and grabbed a jar of strawberry jam too, the glass was nice and cool on my palms. One piece of toast I had jam on, cut in two and the second piece just butter, also cut in two. If I didn’t cut them in two I’d have both jam and butter residing in my moustache like pocket snacks all day.                                                                    I was due to leave the house at 8.00am to go for more bloods. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Slogging all the way up the hill in the pouring rain to a bus stop full of kids milling around before going to school. Nope I stayed home though I did ask Yvonne to phone and apologise for me. I think they’re coming here tomorrow now, or at least a district nurse is. I spent the morning working on mail but I was getting so confused I packed it in round 11.00 am and sat in the lounge. I don’t know how I didn’t nod off. I had new potatoes , a pastie and beans for lunch. I watched Bargain Hunt but nodded off before the end and only woke up at 2.10 pm. I returned to work but it was hard going. I stayed until almost 5.15 pm then left hoping for my Antique show which didn’t materialise. I stayed until 9.00 pm after which time I couldn’t put it off any longer without causing a log jam tomorrow. I’been here ever since and it’s 11.51 pm now. I hope to be reading by midnight,

Wednesday. I read until 12.33 am, just enough for two chapters of the new book. As I was settling down my eyes kept opening to look at the doorway as I felt watched. Mind you recently I’m forever feeling movement from inside my chair back and catching glances of things move out of the corner of my eye. I’m puddled of course………..or am I?                                Up time was 2.17 am which came on me naturally, I just realised my eyes were open so I checked the clock. Much better than striped I thought. I opened the computer to check my lottery ticket from last night. Well that was two minutes I’d never get back. It left me feeling glum as there’s a lot of good I could do with that as I’m sure I’d tell my chauffeur. Just before 3.00 am I headed for the kitchen to put a little washing on. A pair of new jeans and just a couple of shirts and jumpers. Then it was time for the pill popping and breakfast. When the washing was done I opened the door before setting the drying cycle. Oh Dear, my jeans were fine but my jumpers and shirts were trying to imitate them. I hadn’t remembered to put in an colour grabber sheets. With fingers crossed but no great hopes I reset the wash cycle , added the colour grabbers and turned it on. I generally like things that  co-ordinate but not like this. I was tempted to start singing Am I Blue by Billie Halliday but my voice is nothing like here so I settled for Elton John with I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues. I certainly had them this morning. When I went back later there was not much improvement though there was only one jumper I wouldn’t be able to wear. I set them all to dry. I forgot to return before taking my mug through at 6.00 am and the cycle was ended so I laid them on the airer, tutted at myself and went to my chair to see if I could manage a nap. I could till 7.14 am. Back to work until 10.00 am when Homes Under the Hammer came on. My body must have started to nod though my eyes were still open when a knock on the door startled me. I thought it was the nurse but no it was my friend from the chemist with some drugs I didn’t even know were short from yesterday’s delivery. I returned to the box and the inclination to nod which I fear was creeping up on me when I was jarred by an almighty Coo-ee from the front door. “It’s only the district nurse” she said coming in. A new one to me she was very pleasant. I bared my arm ready for blood to be taken as she rummaged through her bag for what she wanted. When ready she started tapping my arm in the hopes of a vein appearing “It was there two weeks ago” I told her. I had to bear my other arm as she tried there. No joy so another little rummage until she came up with a small needle, Returning to my first choice of arms she inserted it and started jer,jer.jiggling it to find the blood. It appears I’m a bloodless creature.  In desperation she taps the back of my hand and inserts the small butterfly needle there. That also necessitated a lot of wriggling until finally some blood appeared. Disappeared, Jiggle, appeared. It was very slow coming. She checked the form and found she could get away with 4ml for the diabetes tests so we sat, and sat until it reached that level. I had two cotton wool balls now ( Ladies, please) adorning my arm as she left. Within half an hour a gorgeous blue bruise appeared on the back of my hand. She’d gone by 11.00 am and so had my programme. I did send sweets up for the staff room so they know I remember them. I sent Dil a text cancelling tonight as I’m out of sorts and he immediately started worrying, did I need a doctor, should he come and see me for an hour later. I let him know I was just tired. 11.45 am I started on my lunch a beef dinner with added sliced beef I bought on Saturday. I watched Bargain Hunt then at 1.00 pm I turned off and closed my eyes. I was pleased when I woke to Joey’s squawk to see if was 2.30 pm so I came through here and found it was only 1.30 pm. Somnos wasn’t very generous with my nap. I caught up on my post again.                                                                                                                                 Work took up most of my afternoon until 4.30 pm antiques. But where I’d normally be relaxing at 6.00 pm I came through to clear more because I wanted a show on later that went through beyond my usual 9.00 pm barrier. When I finally did come through there was just too much to do and still get to bed so I put it off until the morning.

wet bottoms in store

Thursday. I read only until about midnight and put my light off. I’m not sure whether it was difficult to get to sleep or whether my Tango lessons were finally paying off and I was spinning round the bed. I woke at 2.51 am and I was flat on my back, one knee in the air and no covers on at all. I’m sure that’s not how the dance ends. Anyway, I went straight through to get my medication and put two slices of bread in the toaster while I swallowed and breathed what I was supposed to. My idiot toaster only does two thirds of a slice so I cut the other third off and left the rest to go cold. Once I’d eaten that I took a coffee back to my desk. First I had to deal with that I’d left from last night then happily there hadn’t been too much post this morning and by 5.45 am I was clear (for a while). I immediately headed for my favourite chair in the lounge. Feet up on my stool I settled back and closed my eyes. Joey squawked at me, probably swore, no doubt warning me about snoring or something (as if). “Hush Joey” I said as if he ever listens. He didn’t. The single squawk became a tirade as I received a major telling off. He was obviously not in the mood to take prisoners. I thought it best to ignore him hoping he’d got whatever it was off his chest.He had another go, no doubt telling me not to ignore him and to answer. That would be fine if I spoke budgie. The best I could do was repeat Joey, Joey, Joey a few times in a calm voice and hope he’d repeat his name in answer. He did and it was the most frustrated rendition ever as though it was being forced from his beak without being able to help it. It was now nearing 6.30 am and I closed my eyes again in Hope ( a village down the road near Wrexham). At some stage I nodded off in what was now peace and quiet only to be woken by another strangled squawk from him at just 7.07 am. I gave up, politely wished him good morning and returned to work. At 9.15 am I went to Pauline’s for bread and to see if she’d got her lottery terminal back in use. Seems not. I bought a loaf and managed to get 100 cigs as well. I crossed the road to the One-Stop. I managed to get another 100 cigs so I won’t run out before the Saturday shopping and I got my lottery but he ran me a ticket off too many, typically the dearest. I took it anyway. I went home with my ill gotten gains and put stuff away. I worked before and after HUtH but had a break for that and fought to keep my eyes open, especially if I was smoking. At 11.45 am I got my coat on and went to the chippy then came back and fille my face to the accompaniment of Bargain Hunt. Sharon sent a message to say she would be here at her usual time. I asked about a hairwash and the answer came back no prob.When she arrived I was mid message so she went to get herself a cuppa and start work. When I was free I went through and she dropped everything ( that’s gonna cost a bit to replace) and repaired to the bathroom where she applied the Vosene with vigour. Back to work again until 2.55 pm when Sharon goes when I went and paid her and gave her some chox in thanks. I had a short break till 4.30 pm then worked from 5.15 pm to 6.00 pm. That was it until 9.00 pm. I was really cross with myself that I missed half of The Great Antique Road Trip and the latest Big Bang Theory, at least I woke in time to take my meds and watch Sheldon.  At 9.00 pm it was a major into battle job to clear the days post before bed.

Friday. I was asleep by 12.15 last night and very disappointed to be up this morning at 1.41 am. Mind you it’ll be a lot of fun doing my drugs with my eyes closed, like some form of Russian Roulette. I waited until I’d taken today’s drugs and then replenished the trays for next week before indulging in my breakfast. Much as I fancied bacon, I settled for jam on toast. It was much later than usual when I took my coffee to work. Lots of mail waiting but by 6.30 am the flow had dried and I was just about there on the existing stuff. I decided to try having a kip in my chair. Next thing I know it’s 8.15 am, not that I had a conscience. I got dressed then looked what had happened to the mail while I slept. Productivity had happened and it took my till 9.55 am to catch up. I watched my HUtH and it was good but I think I missed the last few minutes because I woke up at 11.50 am and I needed my lunch. The mail would have to wait until 1.00 pm and it did. I kept my head down until 3.20 am before taking a break  then came back to it at 4.30 pm. I stayed this time until 5.50 pm when I decided I fancied a shower even if no-one was here. I’d make an effort to keep both my arms below my head. I managed it. I’ve yet to ask my cleaner if running her scrubbing brush down my back is in her contract, she’d have to take off those rubber gloves first though, or it reminds me of an operation. I was back in the lounge in time for the The Antique Road Trip which featured Philip ‘The Fox’ Serrell versus Arusha ‘Roo’ Irvine, a delectable feast for the eyes. They hemorrhaged money. This was followed by Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, another fine import from Australia which took me nicely up to 9.00 pm and time to come to work. I kept going nice and steadily while arguing with my daughter about shopping tomorrow as in I don’t want them to come here and do it with me. I made it clear I’ll get what I need and will still be happy to see them if they want to pop over. I know it won’t be for long because Ugo has football in the afternoon. And it can’t be early as the car is in the garage at 10.00 am. I decided to try and make an early night of it, bed by 11.00 pm, anything else can be dealt with in the morning which to be fair isn’t long away. Light off by 11.30 pm maybe, we’ll see.


The Swot

Saturday. OK, things didn’t quite go according to plan last night. I did manage to get to bed close to 11.00 pm as promised but I decided on two chapters last night which took me well beyond what I expected and had my light going off at 11.50 pm. I did not get to sleep straight away by any means but I did get there. I got up this morning at 3.42 am or though I first thought, when I put my glasses on it was only 1.42 am. I wish I could have said, “Right, I’m going back to bed”and fallen asleep again. Of course there was nothing stopping me from saying that or that many a mickle macks a muckle but saying it doesn’t make it so. I wasn’t in need of sleep at that moment. Instead I had the opportunity of attacking the last of my mail from last night and the first of today’s. At 3.00 am of course I went to take my meds and also have my breakfast. Just for a change and because I’m such a rebel I ate my toast hot. When I returned to my desk with a coffee I was ready to go back into battle. And battle I did with all the post thrown up overnight. But at 7.00 am I stopped and got dressed so that at 7.25 am I could leave the house for the bus. I caught it comfortably and road as far as Tesco’s in town where I got off, rounded up a trolley  and went to get some cash for my shopping. Just one machine working but it had enough.                                                                                                                                                    I took my time and found almost all I wanted. Perhaps missing just a couple of bottles of pop and some washing up liquid in the giant economy size. I used a freephone to call a taxi ans was home about 8.45 am this week. It took some time to put everything away and then I came through to pick up where I’d left off. Yvonne turned up at 10.45 am to let me know the car was outside. I put my screen to rest again and off I went. It took just a few minutes to get to town and I suggested the car-park we went to. Poor Amelie had to be woken from her seat in the back but she happily took my hand ( not easy when you’re using a crutch) and we we entered my favourite shop ‘Homies’. Yvonne doesn’t usually get chance to shop here, especially in a store this size, so she made the most of it. I picked up a few little gifts as I was going round. Once we’d finished, we went down into town proper and found here was entertainment on, bouncy castles, a DJ, a stall to help people start a business and best of all a face painter. Ugo took the kids there while Yvonne and I went to the Post Office and to a shop she wanted to look round. When we got back, they were just about ready so we went to lunch…..at John’s favourite Chippy, and he’s missed it the last couple of visits. As it came time for Ugo to play football he would drop me at home while Yvonne would take the kids home on the bus and their first ever trip Upstairs. Once home I settled into work again on catch up mode until almost 6.00 pm. and as usual I returned at 9.00 pm . It’s 11.53 pm at the moment and I’m almost done.

Sunday. I read two chapter which brought me to almost 12.30 am. It didn’t take me very long to get to sleep once my light was out. I woke at 2.25 am. I turned on the computer and did two or three messages while I waited for 3.00 am to appear. Once it did I left and headed for the kitchen and the morning doses. Once that was done I had breakfast and get this I had two rounds of warm toast one of which was a crust for a change. All faffing finished I grabbed my coffee and headed back to work. I’d left it with 17 and it was now up to 22. No hardship. Of course as I was working on them, more came in but by 5.15 am there came a temporary lull. You all know I drink a lot of Pepsi Max. but what you might not know is that I have a large bottle at my side when I work but use small bottles by the bed, on the table where I sit and next to my meds ready from the evening lot. I still get through quite a lot and always have one in the fridge getting cold. While I was in the kitchen this morning I counted 10 small empty bottles that needed refilling so that’s where I headed at 5.15 am. It’s not just the job itself which takes time, it’s the cleaning up afterwards as you will remember my hands shake.                                                                     At 9.00 am I went to watch a political news programme then followed on with a programme about what the punishment should be for those found to be carrying knives in the street. Some of those debates can get a little heated with the religious, the social aspect, the legal side and the families of knife victims. For once there wasn’t anyone saying it should be legalised as they would were it a drug related question. At 11.00 am I stayed sat down as I found an hour of love songs followed by an hour of Motown. My only disappointment in the first hour was the song Power of Love made famous by Jennifer Rush was instead performed (badly) by Celine Dion. During my Motown Hour there were so many treats, Smokey and the Miracles, Stevie, The Jacksons. Lionel Richie , The Commadores. But then came Frankie Valli (What?? This is a Motown Hour) Whoever signed him to the label wants shooting. Not because he doesn’t have a good voice but because he doesn’t sing Motown songs. The last ‘star’ was called Erykah Badu who not only didn’t sing Motown but to my delicate shell likes didn’t sing at all. I had a major problem even understanding her. I apologise to any of her fans here but you’re just starting out on your musical likes probably while I’m coming to an end of mine. Your day of being in my position will start when you first have children and go on from that day. Lunch was a beef dinner from the bing machine and I enjoyed it but I didn’t get my usual lime and lemonade as I do other weeks.                                                                                        The musical interlude had meant my mail was mounting up so I spent the next few hours on that. Glancing at the TV magazine this morning had shown a lot of new (to me) channels I could get so late in the afternoon I started flicking through.I found one called True Pictures and settled to watch a film. I was misled as they’re not true stories so perhaps the channel should have been called real pictures. It was entertaining nonetheless. I managed to have a bit of the Big Bang Theory I missed the other night, I only missed half this time. Next time round I should get the lot. Joey came out and flew round my head a few times, I shall have to check the top of my head in the mirror now. As usual I came through for my last catch up at 9.00 pm. It’s 11.27 pm now and I’m almost done for the day.

slightly drunk 2

As always I wish you all a glorious new week with weather that suits you. I think the UK forecast is pretty grim though. Share those hugs and smiles, you never know just who needs them. And please keep hoping for a peaceful solution to all the wars across the world. Don’t let the warmongers and weapons manufacturers win out. Someone please do me a favour and make sure Airforce 1 and 2 are both out of commission in July so Trump can’t get to my country.





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52 responses to “I guess that’s why they call it the Blues

  1. Great pictures of the kids! Good to see one with Pops in it for a change. If you use a funnel to fill your Pepsi bottles, you won’t make such a mess. Have a wonderful week, dear David.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

  2. The amount of mail doesn’t lessen does it David. I’m off all social media except for my favourite bloggers currently. I’m amazed at how many more hours there are in my day 🙂 Have a good week my friend! xoxo

    • You’re right Pauline. I have no mail from Facebook anymore as that drove me potty. Now it’s all blog related or adverts. I must nap all the extra hours away.
      Have a beautiful week beautiful lady.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. The photograph of the slide is super! Those expressions
    Hot toast! You do like living dangerously…

    • Wet bottoms for both that morning. Perhaps that’s what the expressions were for.
      Hot toast, not often but I do sometimes take a risk in life.
      Have a Great Week Helen
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  4. I could never understand why there needs to be any debate about permission or not, punishment or not, for carrying knives in the street! The only knives carried in the street should be those in shopping bags en route from shop to home. Have a grand week filled with things you like most! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • I agree Ina, automatic punishment but some softer souls than me wonder about those carried defensively or for protection. How do you prove it? Everyone will make the same claim..
      Enjoy your week may it be full of wishes coming true.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  5. Great pictures of the children again. I was surprised President Trump was coming to the U.K. as the last I’d heard until then was no one wanted him there. It looks like you’re managing to go every place you need to with Mike on vacation. I loved the music this week. Take care of yourself. xxx Mega Hugs xxx 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne, I was even persuaded to be part of a picture this week.You’re right no-one does want Trump and this visit is not the official one where he gets to see the Queen. Perhaps she put hr foot down for once. I’m managing fine without Mike and have been really lucky to still get places I want. I’m saving money though. I’m so glad you loved the music, very few people mention it but this week only you so far.
      Keep looking after yourself Suzanne
      Cwtch xxx

  6. Great to see the pics and hear about the programmes I don’t get here (in Barcelona, although perhaps I’ll discover them in time). I hope the world listens to you and you have a fabulous week. Big hugs, David!

    • If you want to see the programmes we’d love to have you back Olga. If but one person a week listens the world is already a better place and that gives me a fabulous week.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs Olga xxx

  7. I am full of admiration for you. When I nod off in the middle of a comment, I stay nodded off! You’d think all the nodding off I do while reading my current book (The Tailor of Panama – didn’t think it would be so turgid) I’d be awake the rest of the time.
    xxxx April rainstorms hugs xxxx

    • I’d like to stay nodded off but I write some silly things when that happens. Oh dear, your book is bad eh. Perhaps I should borrow it as a sleep aid.
      xxx Sending you May blossom and warming sun xxx

  8. Jane Sturgeon

    Thank you for the lovely pics of the little ones and it’s great to see you too GrandPops. Xx The music is lovely. Maybe, just maybe (I say with my eternal optimism) Donald will gain new perspectives as he travels. Wrapping you all in love (and hot toast rocks) xXx ❤ xXx with hugs hugs Xxx

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the pics even though I intruded. I’m struggling not to laugh at your Frump optimism. The only new perspectives he considers are Build a hotel? Build a golf course?Or bomb the beggars. Everything centres on him and he’s out of his depth.
      xxx Sending Love across the water, had my toast hot again today. xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  9. Sorry, David, Airfix One is in perfect order and nothing will keep Melania out of Knightsbridge for as much as another year. Another busy week for you, by the sound of it, and an educational note for me – if you don’t go and humble yourself before the NHS blood-letter at the command, they come to get you…

    • Oh drat, I knew my luck was off kilter. Well, I’m half willing to accept Melania if she doesn’t bring him. If she doesn’t remind him he’ll forget.
      Oh yes, the Chief Bloodletter herself might come and make sure you’re willing to go next time. I have a massive bruise still across the back of my right hand from her search parties with the needle. All for 10ml.
      Hugs Frederick

  10. You outdid yourself this week, David. The songs were terrific. The pictures of the little ones gorgeous and the humor wide and deep. I had to laugh at the laundry debacle (sorry). I have to ask. What is Cottage Pie?

    • Thanks so much John. I love it when someone enjoys the music. TYhe kiddies are better behaved in their photographs and I hope any humour managed the translation.. The laundry was rather a farce wasn’t it.
      Cottage pie is minced beef in a thick gravy with a mashed potato topping that’s browned in the oven or under the grill. Shepherd’s Pie is supposed to be with minced lamb. A staple food group over here on Winter Days.

  11. Theresa May doesn’t get invited much either, does she 🙂 Great music!

  12. I expect to see lots of photos of you in your new blue coordinated outfits in the next few weeks!
    The weather here today is glorious and sunny (not sure what happened to the weather that was forecast – it must have gone elsewhere) but it was very cold this morning and they had some frost a bit further inland. I’m delaying planting things out in the garden until spring actually arrives.
    xxx hugs xxx

  13. Hopefully you won’t see lots of pictures of me at any time Jan.
    It’s sunny here today but absolutely freezing. Those few days last week had me completely fooled, I thought Spring was definitely here. I’m dreading leaving the house tomorrow with the forecast. But maybe they’ll be wrong again fingers crossed. I hope it won’t be long before you can plant out.
    xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  14. I hope you have a better week with the laundry. It is indeed a challenge to stay ahead of all the comments. Love the photographs. Wishing you a lovely sunshiny week. X

  15. marple25mary

    Love the photos here! I am a huge fans of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries too. I wish there were more than 3 seasons, alas.

    Husband and i have an idiot toaster too. Can’t find the right new one.

    Big hug, David! xx

    • Oh No. Just three seasons, I’m bereft.
      Either so few toasters are made to fit a full slice of bread of the bbread isn’t being made to fit the toaster. This has to stop….NOW.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  16. I’m sorry about your laundry blues, David. I hope there wasn’t too much damage. The slide photo is great.
    Many of us are actually hoping you will keep dt on your side of the Atlantic. 🙂

    • Any damage I have to shrug and accept Merril, it was all my own stupidity. I’m thinking of doing it to everything though so it’s all blue and nothing more can happen. Glad you like the pics.
      If they let him in I’ve got my fingers crossed someone offers him a tour of an old coal mine since he likes them so much. We can lower a little food down every day for a while to help his diet then have someone forget.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  17. I generally keep my use of color grabbers a secret, because my mother drummed into me the necessity of separating all laundry by color. Well, no more! I’m outing myself 🙂 And I’m in good company. Isn’t it interesting how critters always manage to speak when we’re about to nod off? One of my cats used to jump from the highest ledge of her cat tree onto my bladder first thing in the morning. That was her way of waking me when she was hungry. Otherwise, she just patted my cheek with her paw until I opened my eyes. I hope the bruise on your hand has healed, David. Hugs ❤️❤️❤️

    • The bruise on my hand is still there and now I’m quaking with the memories of how Oscar used to wake me in the morning for fun- his fun. The bladder landing was one of his kindest, one claw running down the sole of my foot under the covers, a bite of my toe, a swipe of his claws when feeling peevish and his all time favourite was to lie across my face so I couldn’t breathe, then when I sat up gasping for breath and it rolled him off he’d give me a set of bar codes with his claws like it was all my fault. Usually he didn’t want anything at all. Your cat was mainly gentle by comparison.
      I’m in excellent company with the colour catchers then,
      xxx Enormous Hugs xxx

  18. Hope the blue of your bruise is disappearing. I’m a stickler for separating my colors in the laundry, I must admit. Lost too many of my favorite shirts when I was younger… ;-0 The songs are all in my head now, thank you dear Sir. I added another one when I saw the first photo of your grands : “Sun gets in your eyes” (just replace Smoke!). xoxoxomanyhugsxoxoxox

    • The bruise is still there Pamela but just to add insult to injury, a few minutes before lunch another nurse arrived to take blood again and found a vein just where it belonged. I was so shocked at seeing her I sent her off without chocolates for their room at the hospital. Mind you, perhaps that’ the reason she came, the chocolate levels were low.
      I like that one very much, I’ll use the Platter’s voices in my head,
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  19. Finally, you’ve pinpointed the cause and the effect. LOL! All remedies are in your post. Next step is revitalization. (really yawning) Hugs David!

  20. OMG. Those babies are just too adorable!

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