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Angry Bird Takes the Cake.

Monday. Lights out roughly 12.45 am, seemed to have a hard time sleeping. Upandat’em time this morning 2.53 am. Went through put the washing on, took meds blah, blah, blah. Came back with my coffee to face the day. I’d forgotten that I posted the blog last night so the amount of post came as a bit of a surprise. Heck though, that’s going to take some while to clear. I’d put the washing on it’s drying cycle before I cam through so I was keeping my eye on the clock so I didn’t forget it this week. I might have done but by chance I’d just walked my mug through to the kitchen at 6.10 am when the machine turned off. I really must learn to concentrate as I fund I’d put the cycle on for drying wool so it came out a bit damper than normal. No problem though, the airer will do the job. I carried on working until 8.05 am when the incoming had slowed. Time to get dressed and see if Joey will let me get away with a kip in my chair. He did until 9.15 am when he fell off his perch and blamed me. I walked out in the middle of being berated in a screech and took some cake next door to Bert. I swear I could still hear Joey.                    Once I’d had a chat with Bert I came back in very quietly and restarted work hoping he’d have forgotten the tantrum (his not mine) when I next went through there. That was at 10.00 am for an episode of HUtH with one in Wales again. I turned the TV on quickly in order to drown Joey out but he’d taken to turning his back to me and chunnering quietly under his breath. I’m sure he was swearing which language he could not possibly have picked up from me. Typically I nodded of before the end of the programme but it didn’t last long as Joey let out an almighty squawk at 11.10 am and I woke to see where the murder  was. Until today I wasn’t sure budgies could look smug.                                               I returned to my mail to try and keep on top of it. The weather is more than glorious today so that as noon approached I couldn’t face a cooked meal and settled for some peppered beef and some honey ham sandwiches. Very nice. I found an episode of Cold Case on the TV to watch while I ate. Turned out it was the Basketball star’s coach who killed him. Between 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm I titivated and kept abreast of the mail but at 5.00 pm I went to have some tea and watched three episodes of Murder in Paradise from the original series and the first episode of Sanctuary. My eyes were square by 9.00 pm when I came through. It’s 11.30 pm nearly and I should have finished in a few minutes.

Tuesday. I know specifically that a friend had wished me a sleep of no less than three hours last night. I’ve decided that these are the occasions when Somnos treats it as a direct challenge. So because I read until I actually finished my current book was finished because I was so close, my light didn’t actually go off until 1.41 am. Unfortunately my eyes were open and I was awake in time to decide I wasn’t going back to sleep at what I thought was 2.47 am but on closer inspection, up and with my glasses on , proved to be 2.17 am. A little over an hour and a half. I’m glad it wasn’t a group prayer. At 3.00 am I paused processing my mail and went to get my breakfast and pill cocktail. Taking my coffee back to my desk later I noticed my balance had increased. One Post in particular I found very disappointing  https://grondamorin.com/2018/05/08/ny-ag-eric-schneiderman-was-forced-to-resign-amid-sexual-assault-charges-by-4-women/ in that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has resigned. Schneiderman who has long been a champion of abused women and who has also challenged Trump in the courts for his fraudulent University charges has been accused by 4 women of sexual assault and misconduct. I don’t doubt the four women and I want justice for them but I just feel that some of Trump’s problems will go away now too. At 6.00 am I went to sit in my chair and I was expecting big things but it just didn’t happen. I stayed there till almost 8.00 am though and then caught up again and got dressed. A few minutes after 9.00 am I went to deliver my prescription request to the Chemist’s and called in at Pauline’s for bread, my TV magazine, some micro chips and my cigarettes. At home I put things away then came through to see what I’d got. From my point of view I was pleased. I have a store loyalty card for points earned on what you buy which for a long time I’ve been using on Ebay. Only recently I found that Ebay said my card was no longer valid so I’ve been chasing it up. It seems that mine was a secondary card to Ju’s which really should have made no difference as I’ve never cancelled it. But, they’re going to give me a new one anyway and transfer all my points which it seems are about 10,000 or in cash terms about £50.00. Any new points on Ebay I should be able to spend on there and I can also spend them via Argos a store in the UK. At 10.00 am I had Homes Under the Hammer after which I came back to work for an hour. At midday I put a lamb shank in the micro and had it with the chips I’d bought earlier. I watched Bargain Hunt and managed to see it all. As soon as it was over though I had a two hour nap. I worked till 5.30 pm then had some tea, I watched my evening programmes but slept an hour through Sanctuary, the second part of one I saw last night. I came back after taking my 9.00 pm drugs and caught up on my evening’s work. 11.48 pm now and almost done.

High swing

Wednesday, My clock said 12.32 am as the light went out last night. I wasn’t cold but I snuggled down to try and get to sleep faster. Who knows whether it worked but I knew I’d been to sleep when I woke up and got up this morning at 2.21 am.I had time to log on and start the battle before I went for my breakfast at 3.01 am. Once that was done I came back with my coffee and started catching up. I was secretly seething a bit to know Trump was going to refuse to renew the nuclear agreement with Iran despite what his advisers said and his allies too. I would do a blog on this later. At 8.05 am I went through to my chair and grabbed 40  80 winks. I completely missed my HUtH today. I had no intention of going out so was able to revert back to work without worry. I worked up to almost midday before going to put a beef dinner in the microwave. I put Cold Case on the TV and enjoyed my lunch hour but either I’ve seen this or a similar episode before or I’m a really good Sherlock Holmes.                                                                                                              At 1.00 pm I went back to work and to wait for Sharon who ( no I haven’t lost my mind, I know it’s Wednesday) is coming a day early so she can be at an ante-natal class with her daughter. She’s not sure how grandmahood will sit with her yet. Her bus was a bit late today so she didn’t arrive until gone half past one. I let her get a drink before I went through to see how she is. She washed my hair and in a general conversation about shopping she offered to go for me though I know she hates crowds almost as much as I and has many a time had to abandon a basket or trolley and run. I refused but with gratitude that she’d even try. She left at 3.30 pm to get home to her family leaving me to potter a bit as though I’d nothing to do. Dil arrived at 4.30 pm and I went to make him a cuppa. We nattered about the weather and about family then watched our usual quiz before starting to game. At the start of Yahtzee things were looking grim. He won the first 3 games but I pulled my socks up (despite them being in the bedroom) and won the next three to even up. I won the next 4-2 giving me the overall advantage. Dil fought back bitterly and took the Nomination Whist with a good score making us 1-1. The cribbage was battle royal with us each edging into the lead at some point but I was victorious and perhaps a little less than generous with my shouts of “In your face loser” as he made ready to go. It was raining enough to hide the streaks on his tear laden cheeks as he walked to his car. I almost had a touch of conscience but  I shrugged those off easily enough. I took my tabs and came through to work. It’s midnight now and I’ve just a bit left to do.

Thursday. My two chapters were mercifully short last night, I found myself tired. Lights out at 12.32 am with a wake up this morning of 2.42 am. First job check the bank to ensure pension gone in. That done I adjusted some payments due to be changed and then started my mail until time for my drug cocktail at 3.00 am. One or two messages include details of re-blogs on yesterday’s Buthidar’s post. Their points were even more clear than mine and yet fully agreed with me. I can’t know how many would agree with me that Trump needs to go. After breakfast I returned to work and the new mail. I finished at 6.52 am or caught a temporary lull at least. Of course I headed for my chair and within minutes was practising the buzz saw until 8.03 am. I notice Joey with cotton wool in his ears when I woke. No wonder my medical supplies never last long. I got ready to go out then took a walk over to The One Stop (the local 7-11) for a couple of things, first and foremost my lottery tickets. I’ve been going for 4 weeks now and giving them my list, the first two weeks it was fine then last week and this week they made a balls of it. Last week I was charged £2 too much as he’d run an extra ticket off as duplicate. I accepted it in case it was a lucky one. This week they printed one ticket short but charged the right amount and we had to go through them to discover he’s put two lines on the same ticket for different days but used the same numbers, it should have been two separate tickets. I shall rewrite the list for next week to make sure there can’t be any mistakes in future. (Unless I’m counting my ill gotten gains somewhere in the sun).                                               Once I got home I started work again. Darren the postman came with something I was expecting. I left feedback and carried on. It was 11.58 am before I could knock off. I had a chicken dinner, watched Bargain Hunt and then settled down for a sleep of nearly two hours. Instead of going to work I watched Escape to the Country even though Joey berated me for skiving. The chemist came with my drugs but some were missing. I just hoped they were ones I hadn’t run out of.  I went back to work and stayed later until 5.45 pm. I ate some tinned pears with evaporated milk then settled in front of the TV. I was waiting for 8.00 pm and my new episode of Big Bang Theory followed at 8.30 pm by Sheldon. After that I was happy enough to come back through and take on the assault course that is my mail. It’s 11.43 pm and I’m just about done.

cool princess

Friday. I was in bed for midnight and read until I turned the light out at 12.46 am. It was a nice surprise to open my eyes to read 3.49 am and I even put my glasses on to check it. I went through to the kitchen to take my meds and once that was done to fill up the containers for another week. Then I had chance to put bread in the toaster and get my diabetic meds out. I cleared away the empty foil from the other tablets and put a couple of empty boxes in the recycling.  I buttered one piece very lightly ready for the jam and put butter on the other with a trowel. Since my toaster is stupid these are not full rounds. The jam went on the first piece and then both pieces were cut in two. I ate one piece of jam then took my first two tablets then I ate the second jam followed by the buttered pieces. I took the last two tablets one at a time with milk then made sure there  was enough in my mug for a coffee. I put the kettle on. Since my pods have run out until I can get to the supermarket, I had an instant coffee. Just as well I buy a decent brand for Michael. At 4.50 am it was back to my bedroom and into battle. It was battle that lasted until just before 8.00 am. I thought about getting dressed but what the heck, it wasn’t like I was going anywhere. Well, no further than my chair in the lounge and who needs socks for that. I fell asleep, No, really! Major surprise. (These fingers can be so sarcastic when they want). I slept till 9.20 am then had to dash back to my room to make sure I could get away for HUtH, and also to get dressed as I remembered my little chemist girl would be knocking on my door today. So would the postie with luck.                                                        I got the numbers down to a workable level then went to watch the TV. I missed where the first house was when Darren knocked on the door with a parcel for me. Annoyingly I missed the last house altogether as I fell asleep again though only for twenty minutes. I had time to come back and actually catch up again before it was time for lunch. I settled on boiled baby potatoes, corned beef and beans and the potatoes were starting to sprout so I had to throw away what I didn’t use. Just as well I’m shopping tomorrow. If I can stay awake long enough that is. Anyway, once lunch and Bargain Hunt were over I returned to work. At some stage my girl delivered the missing drugs from yesterday. It’s funny how often it’s the same ones. I went through at 3.00 pm only to find it had been on early today so I caught just the last 15 minutes. I did however find another channel with something that occupies me for an hour. At 4.00 pm it was back to work yet again until 5.30 pm then it was time for a sandwich. At 6.00 pm with Relic Hunter on screen I went to get changed for a shower and gather up my washing. Shower on I had to slide it down the bar so that I wasn’t reaching my arms up to adjust it, in case I was ill, but also so that I could keep the water off my hair so I didn’t have to raise my arms above my head to dry it. There was a time I could bend down and put my head between my legs and practically kiss my week goodbye but these days I find the pregnancy very restrictive. One I dried myself off I put clean Superman lounge pants on with a black teeshirt to try and absorb any heat left in the UK and returned to the TV.                                                                              At 9.00 pm I wished Joey goodnight and locked his cage. I shan’t repeat what he said, mainly because I didn’t understand a word of it, but I know none of it included Thanks. I came back through to catch up on mail and found there was less than expected so I should be done by 11.25 pm.

Caturday. You know I had an early finish last night. I was glad of it but I still needed my read to wind down. It was a couple of minutes after midnight when I saw the landing lights (attached to the skirting board in the hall and looking like a plane should be coming in to land) were obscured by movement. Whilst in the throes of a heart attack I jumped out of bed quietly and grabbed a walking stick (with a very handy interior but unfortunately I’d forgotten to put the brandy in). Nobody appeared which was also scary but then a mrowf sound brought my eyes down to my neighbours cat sitting on the doormat waiting for the door to magically open. I hadn’t had the front door open since about 2.00 pm when my drugs came so I was really puzzled. I let him out giving his head a little fussle in relief.Once he’d gone I went round to check for open windows that maybe Sharon had left on Wednesday but no there were signs of a nesting cat on Mike’s bed but no means of ingress other than the front door. My heart was slowing down a bit now so I turned the light off for sleep which did not come easily  3.11 am was awake time. I went through to take my morning meds and have breakfast then take a coffee back to my desk and log on. Quite a bit of mail overnight. I was just about (temporarily) clear at 5.15 am so chose that time to go round and empty ashtrays and bins ready for the rubbish collection, I also did the food waste bin, my paper waste and plastic waste. It’s an everything day today but I don’t have many cans or glass so it will do until next time in two weeks.At 5.35 am I disinfected my hands and came back to work. I checked the forecast and it looks good today so I’ll go with a sport’s jacket again. By 6.50 am I’d managed to catch up again and was ready to go out for the bus in a couple of minutes. I lit a cigarette at the bus stop but had to put it out pretty damn quick when I saw the bus appear just before five past. I was at Tesco’s grabbing a trolley by 7.10 am. I saw a man hovering by the door and I wondered what for until he asked when they open and by moving near the automatic door I indicated they already had. I went to the cash machine and got my shopping money though I might already have enough. I started with the tatws and picked up some nice baby ones and some sweet ones too. Up to bread and I bought a small French Stick for tonight as the normal sliced bread is fine till Monday. I got Bert’s cakes and some biskwits for MuJo then went to look for my coffee pods. I found some but they didn’t have my favourite and no special deal like two for $7 or three for $10 (my keyboard is coming up with the hash sign instead of the  pound sign).They did at least have 3 different ones so I was OK. I treated myself to a small cocktail fruit trifle. Got some nice sliced meat to go on my French stick this evening got a couple of bottles of pop and a 6 pack of Lilt as it’s half price (and the sugar free version). I think the only other thing I got was 3 meals for during the week and tomorrow maybe. Mind you I have invited Yvonne, Ugo and the kids for lunch out somewhere so I don’t have to slave over a hot microwave. I was home by 8.10 am again and after unloading and putting away my grub I went back to work. I was clear by 10.30 am so went to sit in the lounge Ha, I can’t lie, but only because I couldn’t fool you. I went for a nap. I must have slept so soundly until 11.15 am that I missed Darren who delivered my last outstanding parcel. I checked my mail until midday when it was lunch time. I had chicken and chips, that is a chicken crown and some micro chips. I was watching something on TV but for the life of me I can’t remember what.                                                                                                                       The mail took up my attention during the afternoon but I packed it in at 4.40 pm as I’d had enough. I watched a charming little animation film Big Hero 6 and really enjoyed it. I also watched a chunk of the third LOTR films which I just love and think the battle scenes are amazing. But I definitely don’t fancy bringing  Gollum home to tea. I behaved myself and stopped watching even though it was still on at 9.00 pm. As it happens, I could probably have afforded to stay and watch the end. It’s only 11.20 pm and I’m practically done again.


Sunday. I turned the light off at 12.01 am. I’m not sure what time I woke but I lay there with my eyes scrunched tight attempting to stay there in the womb warm. I lay there till I could lay there no longer and got up at 1.47 am, all the time hoping I was in for an early map. That’s in case I want to do some early orienteering, ah, apparently I meant an early nap. I logged onto the computer and started on the mail. I worked until 3.00 am, had my meds and my breakfast then brought my coffee through to the desk. Then I just carried on working steadily until I had nothing left to work on. That was around half past nine. There were a few moments of blankness while I worked which had to be sorted as I cam round but I don’t appear to  have insulted any major world powers so should be safe another week. Once I finished this batch though I felt in need of something more than a little nod at the desk. I was going for the full blown kip or nothing. I settled in my chair, stretched just enough so that my feet lay on the cushions atop the little storage box I use as a footstool. I thought I’d give myself to the count of three to nod off, One. The next thing I know I can hear a voice penetrating the depths. I rise to the surface and get out of the chair as in walks my niece. ‘I wondered if you were in’ she said,’I’ve rung 4 times and texted you’. I explained my phone was in another room, ‘I tried the house phone too’ she told me. I explained it hadn’t gone off and was misbehaving these days anyway. I asked what she was there for (diplomatically) and it appeared she’d come fairly locally to buy something that once seen had proved insufficient. Would I like to come and help her find something else. Nothing would please me more so I went and got changed. It was 10.45 am. We went to Flint and in short order had found possibilities. We both shopped around for a few goods while she decided which items she wanted. Once she’d made up her mind we went to the right shop, bought them and took them to the car. We had a drink, me an iced coffee and Karen a Hot Chocolate with all the trimmings. Did I mention how nice it was today, no, well it was.                                                                                                     Having now fulfilled our mission we had a little look round one more shop and then went off for lunch. We went to the Bells and while I got the table Karen went to get drinks then I was expecting her back to look at the menu to see what she wanted and I could order and pay. She came back with the food tickets and she wouldn’t let me pay. This girl unfortunately has a will as strong as mine. We both had a carvery and we both enjoyed it. Eventually we finished and she brought me home. It was just after 3.00 pm so after saying goodbye I had no choice but to start work straight away. That, with a lot of effort took me until 6.15 pm. I broke off for me tea and some TV just till 9.00. I was enjoying the Marigold Hotel. It’s now 12.05 am because of tonight’s catch up. I’m done.

Have a wonderful week. Keep in mind that if you have a smile to share someone else may be desperate for one. Maybe a hug wouldn’t go amiss either. Keep working for peace and one day it might creep up on us. Hugs




























































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