Senility before Sunset.

I don’t sleep well. In fact, days where I manage 4 hours are unusual but very welcome. I don’t know if this is still the malign influence of Somnos or whether it’s just habit. I know that when people ask me about it I just laugh, shake my head and tell them it’s just the way I am and makes no difference to who I am and what I do. Or so I thought.

I had not slept on a Monday night so there was no chance I’d miss my early departure to go mooching with my daughter.We each try to discourage the other from spending. It doesn’t work of course but it’s fun trying. She is after a founder member of Shoppers -ing Unlimited.Anyway, I had a good day but for some reason I didn’t sleep Tuesday night either. I slept for 3 hours on Wednesday morning so I’d be fresh to play yahtzee and cards with my brother.I’m guessing he slept more than 3 hours.

Wednesday night  sleep was in short supply too. But after lunch on Thursday I knew I could grab a couple of hours while my cleaner was here. She arrived and I excused myself after finding out how things were in her world. I lay  on my bed and dropped off pretty quickly. I claim to be a light sleeper who wakes to a cockroach fart. Unfortunately I don’t know how many times Sharon had called me before it finally sank in and brought me back from whatever depths I was occupying.I responded to her and asked what was wrong. “I haven’t been paid” she said. I threw myself off the bed, got what I needed and went through to the lounge and handed her pay over. She looked puzzled until it clicked I hadn’t given her the usual box of sweets and a cream  cake. I got them from the kitchen  and handed them over with a smile. She still looked somewhat puzzles though she did say thank you. “But I haven’t been paid yet” she said. I looked at her hand and the money I’d handed her and say two nearly exhausted rolls of sellotape. To be fair they were still sticky but it seemed I’d short changed her and had to retrieve them and go get her money from the bedroom. I refuse to accept the charge of senility and feel sure that a roll of sellotape an hour is fair pay for fair work.

For all my friends who are readying themselves for Christmas, get a move on it’s almost here. I’m looking for volunteers to wrap presents if anyone is free. To the rest of my friends I offer compliments  of the season and hoppe you aren’t unfortunate enough to live next door to anyone who celebrates Christmas and has children.

Huge Hugs to All

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