An interview with Carroll Absolom Bryant

Welcome to an Interview with… Carroll Absolom Bryant 
Author of  … “Children Of The Flower Power” and “Last Flight Out” 
A brief synopsis … “Last Flight Out” – 

Their friendship doesn’t stand a chance. Their love will never die. Kavita Davidson (28) and Lily McCourtney (16) test the limits of society’s tolerance with a forbidden romance shunned by the mainstream while breaking all the rules. With his career on the rise, Kavita risks everything to be with her. With a bleak future before her, Lily seeks desperately for someone to believe in. Together, they dare to try and defy the odds – leaving the rest of us to ask, is Kavita the monster the world tells him he is? Or he is the hero Lily has been praying for? And when it all comes crashing down, can either of them survive the aftermath? True love does exist!
What made you decide to write this book? … 

It was inspired by a few different events. First, by a song of the same title performed by the musical group, “Plus One” – I heard that song and could see that I wanted to write a romance around that song. it is so amazingly beautiful. Then came the question of what to write? That was answered by an article I read on Mary-Kay Letourneau and a local report of a teacher and a student. Suddenly, I found my “hook”. And after about six years, i was able to finally write the book.
It’s quite funny what inspires us to write sometimes and how long it takes us to get there. 6 years is quite a time to wait.
Where did the title come from? … 

As I stated earlier, it was inspired from a song of the same title.
Do you always write in this genre? … 

Not really. My first two books are targeted somewhat towards the Young-Adult genre, however, I really don’t have any specific genre. I like to mix it up. Some of my upcoming books range from Science-Fiction, mystery, Thriller, Horror. Pretty much along those lines. Even Fantasy. I find it hard to stay on just one genre. My favorite to write would probably have to be the Science-Fiction, although, I had a total blast writing “Children Of The Flower Power”
What was your inspiration to write and when did you start? … 

I started out writing songs on the day of my 18th birthday. I was with a friend for my at the time, Paul Kaufman. We were at my place just laying around and basically just hanging. He had his guitar with him and he started playing a song he wrote. He had no lyrics for it so I started writing the lyrics and presto, we / I co-wrote my first song. It just started pouring out after that. I was writing songs and poetry left and right after that. several years later, it manifested into novels. Music is my first love, but this writing books gig is really awesome.  
Once you start you’re pretty much hooked Carroll.
What was your destination to publishing? ie are you self published? … 

Yes, I am self published. I never really tried to get a traditional publisher. I was more about the music than the books up until about three years ago when I realized I had many books written and figured that maybe I should try and do something about it. I looked into self-publishing right off the bat because I didn’t want to deal with some of the hassles that I have come to know about dealing with traditional publishers. And for me, I had to ask the all important question, did I really care to be THAT famous? And the answer was, not really. I just wanted to publish my books and if I have a hundred people who read and like them then I would be happy and content with that. So self-publishing it was and i am glad I made that choice.
Well, I still hope you achieve the fame anyway. It’s a testament to our skills with the word when people read our books. Good Luck !
Do you have a website to share? … 

Only my little blog – ….. (The book(s) can be purchased at amazon dot com (Kindle), Barnes and Noble dot com (Nook), Apple Store dot com (ipad), and The Reader Store dot com (Sony Reader) 
Please feel free to share an exerpt.
“I’m coming down.” Lily hollers in warning. Kavita excitedly walks closer to the door at the bottom of the stairs. When she descends, his heart stops beating. He wants to say something like, ‘Oh, my God’ or anything, but he just can’t bring himself to get the words out of his mouth. The expression, which is frozen on his face, answers any questions she may have had about her appearance. “I see you approve.”
“Lily,” Kavita whispers tenderly, finally catching his senses, “you’re an angel.”
She swims in that statement for a few seconds, cherishing the look seeping from his eyes until she notices something in his hand. “What’s that?” 
Getting back to the here and now, Kavita brings it up to somewhat display while walking closer to her. “it’s your birthday present.”
“Kavita.” She again moans. “I told you that you didn’t have to do that.”
“I know.” He says. “But you’re glad I did, aren’t you?”
Giggling slightly, she answers. “Yes.”
He places it in her hands. She stares at him while she opens the lid. Looking down, she nearly has a heart-attack. With her mouth wide open, she struggles to gather her thoughts. “Kavita.” She whimpers, looking at him. “No. I can’t accept this.”
“You already have.”
She looks back down at it. “It must have cost a fortune.”
“It did.” He confirms. Though not nearly as much as you’re worth.”
She returns to looking at him and shakes her head. “Don’t say that. You hurt me everytime you speak.”
He reaches down without taking his eyes off of her. He takes the box from her hand and pulls out the object that has swept her heart away, a diamond heart shaped necklace, and he motions to put it on the object that has swept him away from day one. She turns around slowly. He reaches over and begins the process of putting it on her. She reaches back and lifts her hair up off her shoulders. He leans down and kisses her passionately on the neck before clipping it together. By the time she spins around to show him, a thousand years had passed. “I think I’m going to cry.” She tenderly proclaims.
He reaches over and cups the side of her face with his hand. He runs his thumb across the lobe of her ear. “Don’t cry princess, you’ll mess up your mascara.”  
We wish you the very best of luck Carroll. 

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  1. Michael

    The first photo in this blog is of a very handsome man that happens to be me. That photo has a copyright on it and i would apretiate if you would remove it. Thanks you.

    • Done Michael. This photo was supplied to me along with the interview so I have no idea how a picture of you came to be part of an interview with someone else. I suggest you contact the author to see why. Thank you.

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