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The Great Potato Escape & The Cleaner Starts….and Finishes?

Sunday 27th Sept 2015.

My light was off at 12.30 am and I was ready to sleep. It was a pain to be up again at 1.04 am though after a trip to the loo I went straight back to sleep until 4.06 am.Then it was definitely time to get up to start dealing with mail. I paid another visit to the loo first then powered up and signed in. It only took until 5.30 am to clear the talktalk mail and then till 6.15 am to clear the gmail box.Next I spent a little time answering comments on the blog before disappearing for my meds at 6.55 am. Meds all done I brought my coffee back and did some more emails then checked on ebay and put a bid in on a black homburg dating from about 1910. About 9.00 am I went to open Joey’s cage and got the cold shoulder even though I sat chatting to him. Scratching his itches seemed more important and I suppose I can sympathise with that. I went back through at 9.30 am to check comments on the blog and heard Mike get up at 9.45 am- Unaided ! He’s currently taking tablets designed to curb the urge to smoke. You take them for a month . For the first couple of weeks you take them and smoke normally, then the dosage changes. Today he seems to be smoking much less than usual and certainly much less than me where we would normally keep pace with each other. Maybe I should ask for some.( Don’t even think it). We talked for a while then he went to do the vase for Ju’s flowers and I started to give Joey more millet and another seed bell. Then I had to sweep the floor around the cage.

At 10.30 I was back on the computer and keeping an eye on the hat I was bidding on. At ten seconds before the end I increased my bid and was winning but at 5 seconds someone gazumped me by £1. I was as sick as a parrot even though I do it myself. The hat was just my size. To make me feel better Mike got dressed. ( believe me it’s always better to see him dressed) and we went to lunch. For some reason we decided to try Misty Waters and we haven’t been here since Ju died I don’t think. They always seemed to have spectacularly great meals or as bad as they come. I’m pretty sure ownership might have changed and there’s a new chef. The meal was great. I had roast beef and Mike had half a lamb. The quantities were good too, the only trouble was the potatoes seemed to have knife resistant skin. One of my roasties shot of the plate when I tried to cut it. It bounced off my lap and onto the floor. It almost happened again with my small boiled one. Mike thought it hilarious and knew he was safe because he’s slathered his meal with mint sauce which I  despise with a passion.He suggested mine were the leaders of the escape committee.  After the meal we started towards home but broke the journey to go to a supermarket. It didn’t take long to see we wanted nothing so we came home. Mike shot off to see his Dad and I came in to speak to Joey and to catch up on mail yet again.

At 5.00 pm I broke off to have some tea. Some rhubarb crumble I must have accidentally forgotten to send back with Michael. It would never last till I see him on Thursday evening. I had it with custard and not to rub salt in the wound but it was fantastic. After washing the evidence I sat with a film on, nattering to Joey every time he came out to do a circuit of the room. That meant I talked most of the way through my own film. It was quite funny as he stayed in his cage during the adverts. At 9.30 pm I abandoned another film starring Adam Sandler whom I never really seem to have got on with. If Mike had been here it would have stayed on for sure as Jennifer Aniston was in it with him. At least it gave me chance to come and clear more mail and respond to comments on the blog…. one of which by my lovely friend Teagan sent me hotfoot to her blog where she’d made the most kind comments about me, and others had joined in. I’m still glowing now. I would have been going to her blog anyway for my weekly helping of her serial which keeps me on the edge of my seat. Once the mail was clear I made sure to close down ebay for the night to avoid further distraction, more late nights and a further emptying of the bank account. That done I was able to start the blog safe in the knowledge I’d be in bed before midnight.

Monday 28th.

If you heard a strangled scream about 12.38 am BST this morning I apologise. It was me waking up about five minutes after I’d gone to sleep and finding out I needed the loo. And yes, I did go before I turned the light off. I was much happier second time round at 2.47 am as I knew I’d be able to see the green cheese that’s the moon a lot closer and the partial eclipse. Hmmm, it didn’t look very green to me but it did look awfully close and the effect of the partial eclipse was wonderful. Very ethereal, it was worth standing out in the cold in my dressing gown for. Yes, the old jokes are the best….this morning I opened the door in my dressing gown. Why have you got a door in your dressing gown? I’d been to the loo when I got up and come back to log on and start my mail before venturing out. I made a belated wish when I came back in since I forgot when I saw it all. Back inside the house I carried on with my post and with the comments on my blog.People are far kinder than I have any right to expect. My music choices seem to be hitting the spot for some of you. I just hope the memories they bring are all positive.

At 5.50 am I went through to the kitchen for my meds. I had breakfast so I took my pre-foodie, stuck bread in the toaster, had my meds and then a cigarette as a timer so the toast would be cold, then slathered in butter I had it. Wonderful. About 6.15 am I came back to check on further messages, cleared them and headed straight to ebay to see what I’ve got coming up today. A hat, not sure, a broach, don’t really need it now, a pair of trousers, Oh yes, I need those and an antique Victorian embroidered smoking hat, no question I need this. There’s also a bulk buy of watches would be great for Temptations if I can get them reasonably enough. Fingers crossed. Just as well my private pension kicked in today. Approaching 7.00 am I opened Joey’s cage door so he could fly free whenever he was happy with the light. I thought about putting the washing on then put it off as MuJo are coming today and I hate going out while the drier is still going. Instead I turned the TV on and sat down in the lounge with ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’. At 8.15 am I went to get dressed so that I could take my prescription request to the chemist at 9.00 am.

When I went out some kind person has kindly let their dog foul the tunnel connecting the bungalows to the main road. It was either like an Army assault course trying to avoid the pieces scattered about or like Rudolf Nureyev doing a series of spins across the stage on one toe. I made it and wondered whether to take the long way round on the way back. I knew I’d have to sweep the tunnel anyway. After I’d dropped the prescription request off I did come back the same way and after doing my pasodoble I got my brush out and swept the mess into the garden verge. My postie gave me a surprise by coming early this morning. Another sign-for package and I wasn’t sure what it was going to be as I’d forgotten a piece of jewellery I’d won at the end of last week. I checked it out and came to do feedback. It’s possible I may have spent a minute or two more on there. I needed to go to the kitchen to wash my breakfast post and prepare drinks for MuJo. I’d no sooner got in there than I saw them passing the window. Just 10.30 am a bit earlier than usual. Since I haven’t seen them for three weeks we had plenty to chat about though and Joey entertained them with an aerial display.

We left the house at 11.30 am and I hadn’t seen Val by then. I hoped she wouldn’t think anything was wrong. Up in town John visited his charity shops then we went to the Bells (not the Bells of St Mary’s) for lunch. I had some braised steal with boiled potatoes and they both had a roast pork dinner. After lunch we went to the new Homies shop in Holywell and it was great, bigger even than my favourite shop in Flint. Then a card shop and back to the car to head for Flint.First Mu wanted ALDI which was fine and we picked up what she needed before heading for Temptations. I’d bought the girl’s chocolates in Holywell so we could go straight into Temptations and order. Sian served me and then a few minutes later I saw Ceri and got a wave. There were a couple more shops to visit before we headed off again. Back in the direction of Holywell again so Muriel could visit LIDL for flowers and loo rolls. My loo rolls were sold out so she couldn’t get those. We went home where I made John a cup of tea to take his next tablets with. They left around 5.00 pm. I went to talk to Joey and got a rollocking again.

I had some tea then did some work until it was time for one of my auctions at 7.37 pm. I won that one. Being up to date I went to sit in the lounge and watch a comedy with Joey performing his acrobatics again. I remained there until 9.30 pm when I was due to check another lot but I decided against bidding as the price had gone up so much. I have a few tomorrow with luck so I was able to start the blog at almost 10.00 pm and with luck will get another early night.

ice cream 2

ice cream 3

Tuesday 29th.

Light off around 12.15 am and I was ready to sleep. I got up at 3.24 am and knew I’d been dreaming about having an argument with somebody.Since I can’t remember who it was in order to avoid it I’ve decided to go into isolation and avoid everyone today. I shall therefore be locking myself in the loo from about 7.00 am so I can’t start with Joey. Today’s blog may therefore be even more boring than usual if that’s possible. My first job of the morning after he initial visit to the loo was to check the bank. After I was satisfied an expected receipt was there I was able to start on the mail boxes. Both done and dusted by 5.00 am. That meant I was able to put the washing on as I’m not visiting Chester today, I have a cold I don’t want to pass on. I was also able to start some cleaning. Joey feigned sleep so he didn’t have to help but he always thinks he does his share by making the mess in the first place. I keep telling him not to spit but he gets seed husks everywhere.

I did my cleaning, I did my washing ( the machine got stuck on the drying cycle, the stuff was almost rigid when I realised). There was nothing interesting in the post and I fell asleep during Homes Under the Hammer which was the only interesting thing on the telly this morning. I was so confused when I woke up I  took my pre-foodie and ended up making my lunch half an hour early. I fell asleep before Bargain Hunt even started.                                                                                                                                                        After lunch I came through to attack all the work I’d missed by skiving off in dreamland and had a fair bit of catching up to do. A knock at the door surprised me but it was my friend from the chemist with my prescription a day earlier than expected again. Much better than the often three days late. I had to keep hitting myself over the head with a stick so I didn’t fall asleep again as I have an important bid on during my Antiques Road Trip tonight.                                                                                                                                  I took a break to watch Homes in the Country at 3.00 pm but was conscious of my bids all the time. At 4.35 pm I sat by the computer watching the countdown and with my 10 second strategy. I lost what I wanted because the same sneaky burger as before sneaked in. However 20 minutes later I won the next one by adopting his strategy over mine. The one after that I lost because I was involved in answering an email and only turned over just as the item was won. Still, along with one I won yesterday, this will mean I have enough of a decent present for the person intended.

After the stress of losing I returned to the lounge for the last of the Road Trip and then for my two quizzes. Joey was in full chatter mode to his small mirror in the cage and I’m sure he wasn’t answering questions with me. As I turned the volume up to hear it, he turned his volume up too.                                                                                                           From 6.30 pm to 7.55 pm I concentrated on my mail to keep myself clear but at 8.00 pm I watched a DIY SOS followed by a search for the bones of Alfred the Great, King of Wessex and founder of modern day England. It seems that Henry VIII’s dissolution of the Monasteries did much in helping to lose the bones of King Alfred and his family when Hyde Abbey was destroyed. I can’t help but wonder sometimes what would have happened had William not invaded and the country had been left with Anglo Saxon rulers. Finally I turned the TV off and said my goodnight to Joey before coming through to try and convince you my life is interesting, and again clear my mail.

ice cream 5

El toreador.

El Toreador fights the bull with his bare hands..

Wednesday 30th

I had an early night and it was great. I didn’t feel like reading and had to put my book down and turn the light off before midnight. I was probably asleep within a minute. It was an absolute pain to wake up at 12.10 am.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      However much I felt refreshed I needed more sleep so I went to my chair in the lounge and soon nodded off there. I woke at a much more reasonable 3.41 am. OK, I’m talking reasonable by my standards not yours. It didn’t take me long to clear the post from my talktalk mailbox but I was distracted by a search I wanted to do on ebay before I even started on my gmail stuff so it was almost 5.30 am before I was clear there too.                                                                                                                                                                   I applied cream to my legs to stop the itching ( I hoped) and went to take my meds and have some breakfast. I was unsure until the last minute what to have and ended up eating my toast hot for a change.

Breakfast over and excess butter removed from moustache I returned to work. A few more messages had come in while I was away so I worked to clear those. I confess that I was glad some did not need replies because I know I was distracted.                                                                                                                                                                                                   I’m having visitors next week. I’m both scared and excited to be meeting someone I’ve never met before even though we’ve known each other online for a while. I haven’t had visitors for many a year and to be honest I’m trying hard to think of ways to make them feel welcome and anticipate anything they might need even down to dishes for the dogs. As you can imagine, that’s going to please Joey no end as he’ll have to be cage bound a couple of days.                                                                                                                  Since I don’t cook here except in the microwave or via the grill, main meals will have to be eaten out but I want to make sure I can offer breakfast at least. So, I’m all the time trying to think of things for my shopping list for Saturday.

At 9.00 am I went to Pauline’s to get some cigs (even though it’s Stoptober tomorrow) some curry & chips and my TV mag. Guess what, a black forest gateau jumped from the freezer into my bag.I had to buy a loaf just to insulate me from the chill. It’s started defrosting now so I suppose I’ll have to eat it. Pauline also remembered that I’d never managed to find another cleaner ( is my reputation that bad?) and she kindly gave me the name and number of a friend who cleans. I’ll have to ask someone to get in touch with her for me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Naturally when I got back Joey gave me a telling off for going out.  I wonder if they make a harness for a budgie so I can take him with me? If I get a cleaner it’ll be nice that he gives someone else a rollocking for using the hoover. I came through to keep pace with my mail and had a lovely message from my lovely author friend Paula Acton who’s birthday it is.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    At 10.00 am I went to see the Homes Under the Hammer and made a real effort to stay awake this time. I succeeded- just! There was a 2 bedroom house for sale with a guide price of £10-15,000 which went for £25,750. It was tremendous. Nothing too major to be done. They spent about £8000 doing it up and got a valuation at the end of £60,000. That’s almost £30,000 profit (less fees) for a short period of work and the satisfaction of seeing a property look so nice. Renting it out would give an excellent yield too, much better than money deposited with a bank. There are still bargains to be had at house auctions.

At 11.00 I came back to do the mail and at 11.50 am I went off to do my lunch. I was dickering between something a little different that involved lamb and colcannon mash or chips with curry sauce. Then I remembered that the chippy should be open for lunch and decided to go there instead. I got two small sausages, chips, mushy peas and curry sauce. I may not want to eat again this week. In the end I lost the battle with myself and there I was in the queue at the chippie. To be fair it was very nice but the chips were pale enough for me to think they needed emergency treatment. It was just as well most were hidden under the curry sauce. I’m assuming Joey doesn’t care for curry either as it didn’t entice him over. After lunch I came to my room to work . I stayed until 4.15 pm then went to prepare a mug for Dil. I glanced out of the kitchen window and saw someone walking away from the door area. I hadn’t heard a knock or the bell. I went outside to look and a young lady, about to get into a car came back towards me and introduced herself as Kelly, the girl Pauline had told me about. I brought her inside to talk and Dil arrived which made it easier for me to speak. Anyway, she starts tomorrow for two hours. Wonderful.

Dil and I watched the Antiques Road Trip and our usual quiz before the weapons of war came out. Yahtzee first and I won 4-2 so we had to play again where I lost 4-2 so it was honours even. It had taken quite a while so we only had time for the Trivial Pursuit after that. I’m pleased to say I won that even if I fluked the answer to the last question. Dil left to go home for his tea with a call he’d see me on Sunday as they’re coming to the meal on Sunday with the girls. There will be ten or so of us this time as well as Reuben and Nathan. After tidying up and washing the pots I came through and was able to start the blog at 10.30 pm so not too bad tonight.

Thursday October 1st.

After ignoring any further emails that had come in I was in bed for 11.30 pm last night. After a read I turned the light off at 12.23 am and didn’t struggle too long before I was asleep………….until 1.27 am that is. I knew I wanted more sleep but it didn’t seem possible in bed so at 1.38 am I decamped to the lounge and nodded off in my chair. Joey didn’t seem to mind the company. I slept until 3.01 am which was the point when I was awake in the way that says “That’s your lot pal.”                                                                  I paid a visit to  the Wee Room on my way past and then got to my bedroom to power up and log on. What a strange morning. I tried to log onto talktalk mail and was told I didn’t have the right to access this. I tried for gmail instead and was timed out.I tried for the bank and got in, my pension credit was there but still not the money they owe me. I’m sure they just hate parting with it. Yvonne phoned them for me later on.                                                                                                                                                                                             I signed out of there and tried my Barsetshire Diaries site and was also blocked, so I tried ebay- no problems there. I started all over again. Talktalk-fine,  gmail – fine, Barsetshire – fine.  Great,I started on my mail.

At 6.00 am I called a halt and went to have some breakfast and take my morning meds. Following that I had a quick clean round and boxed some of the millions of ornaments before Kelly gets here to clean. I don’t want her to start off thinking I’m a slob. By 7.30 I was back at work but not for long as I was temporarily clear. I got dressed and went through to Joey to open the cage. Kelly is an animal lover luckily for him, and doesn’t mind him being out. She told me yesterday that she has so many pets, people think she’s an animal shelter and dump more animals on her all the time. She has dogs, cats and ferrets all in double figures. Those aren’t pets, it’s a menagerie.  I took a walk to Pauline’s to do the lottery and she reminded me that there are big changes due at the end of next week. I forgot to ask her how much more it would cost. They’re adding more numbers t the lottery which to my mind makes it harder to win but they’re increasing the prizes on some of the lower wins. They already seem as rare as hen’s teeth. I have a ticket she can scan that tells the machine my numbers and to produce a ticket for Wednesday and Saturday. She won’t be able to use that next week but I must ask her if it can be used after that or perhaps I can get a new one.

At home again I had a quick glance at Frasier which I think Joey must have put on. The phone went and I listened to the message left which was to say that on her first day Kelly had to go to the vets and wouldn’t be here until this afternoon. Obviously I couldn’t reply but it doesn’t matter anyway as I’m here. As long as I can get to the TV at 4.30 pm. And talking of the TV, I watched Homes Under the Hammer again this morning. I’m fascinated by the changes some people wrought on the places they bought. I think I’d quite happily have most of them to renovate a property for me.                                                                                                                                                                                                        After that I came through to catch up on my mail and leave feedback on a small delivery from my postman. But at 11.50 am everything stops while I get my lunch. I didn’t go to the chippy today but I did have chips with curry sauce from the freezer. I do have some normal meals like cottage pie in the fridge but I just have the taste for that today. I’m so easy to please.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        O.M.G. Something utterly strange and unusual happened, I fell asleep after my Bargain Hunt.!! I was unconscious until 2.10 pm and even then I had to try really hard to pull myself together. The sun was shining down through the front window tanning one half of my face a crispy bacon brown (Mmmm bacon). I struggled to my feet while Joey laughed and made my way to the bedroom (mine, not HIS) to check on my emails. One of them asked if I was OK as she was missing my comments on her blog. It made me think, there are a few I haven’t seen anything from just recently, some of my favourite people. I went through to wordpress to check I was still due to receive instant notification, and I am which worried me even more. I changed the rate from instant to daily to see if it makes a difference. I seem to remember someone once saying that wordpress cap the amount of blogs you can follow but I didn’t expect that to mean it would stop sending notifications to me of ones I follow regularly. No wonder I’m getting through my post so much quicker.

At 2.55 am Kelly arrived preceded by a knock on the door. I’d have to be a corpse to not notice what a pretty girl she is. It was during a brief conversation about my photo wall that it came out her husband died 4 years ago and that they would have been celebrating 15 years together this year. I thought she was about 18 and I think I have to start revising my guesses. Is this like the statement that policemen seem to get younger every year, I can’t guess a woman’s age at all now? We decided that she’d start to work on the kitchen and work her way round to the lounge and from there it depended upon how much time she had left. What she doesn’t do this week she can start on next week. She does know that she can’t polish on the TV table at 4.30 pm when the Antiques Road Trip is on. After being introduced to my hoover Kelly asked if it was OK just to do an hour today and to complete the stint tomorrow when she’s bring her own industrial hoover along. I didn’t realise mine was so poor. I agreed of course as it meant I’d be OK to watch my Antiques Road Trip on both days. She left at 4.00 pm and at half past I stopped work and went to the lounge. I stayed until 6.30 pm before coming back to work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

My phone was on charge in the kitchen so I kept an ear and an eye open for it. Mike texted at 7.20 pm to say he was on his way.  I stopped work and went through to prepare his mug at 9.00 pm and watched a Law and Order episode while waiting. Mike arrived at 9.40 pm and nearly turned my shoes brown when I went to check the front door and as I opened the lounge door he was there. I made his drink but he had to carry it as my nerves were shot. I was filled in on the information regarding his father and it seems the hospital are OK with him going to the new flat so he must be doing well. Maybe a couple of weeks respite before he moves in but it turns out the home is right next to the flat anyway so he can chart progress on the removals.                                                                                                                                                                                            Mike seems less stressed and happier at the news. I’m glad. I’ve told him about an invitation to Dil’s anniversary meal in November but I’m not sure whether he’ll be with me that weekend as his birthday is on the Friday and he may prefer to have the weekend with his son and grandchildren. We have the family meal on Sunday this week to enjoy as well which will be nice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I watched another episode of Law and Order with him before coming through at 11.00 pm to do the blog. The mail may have to wait till the morning.

Friday 2nd.

OK. It was a late finish last night. Bed about 12.30 am and light off about 1.15 am but at least I was able to stay in bed this time and I didn’t have to get up in the night wither. I got up at 5.11 am and felt rested. I had to pay my visit to the loo now and leaving it longer wasn’t an option. I came back and brought the computer to life then started on the emails. I had to draw a halt to it as it’s Friday and my drugs for the week need doing so at 6.00 am I went through to the kitchen and took my morning meds and a pre-foodie. I put two slices of bread in the toaster then grabbed my drug drawer from the lounge and started filling the compartments in my drug tray. That took me about twenty minutes and then I was able to have my toast and make a coffee to take back to work with me.

I heard Mike’s alarm go off at 7.30 am so I went through to the kitchen to make him a coffee. He acknowledged the drink when I took it through but didn’t move. Nor did he move for the next alarm or the next or even my call that his coffee was cold that accompanied it. Finally at the fourth alarm I heard him go through. I finished the message I was dealing with and followed Mike. By now there was plenty of light so I wished Joey good morning and opened the cage. He preferred to stay behind his mirror and pretend I couldn’t see him, at least f0r a while. As Mike had a meeting at 10.30 am I’m glad he left about 9.00 am. You’d have expected me to return to work straight away but no, I found myself watching Frasier again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The postman surprised me by coming early this morning and banging on the door but the parcel I had to sign for was one I’d been expecting. It completed a section of presents I wanted out of the way. For all my failures on ebay recently ( including this morning dammit) I’ve had some good successes. There are still more parcels to be delivered in dribs and drabs from them, probably Mon, Tues, Wed of next week according to their guesses and then the following week as well. Real progress which I’m pleased about as Mike announced it’s 12 weeks today to Christmas Day. Not long at all. I will be ready.

At 10.00 am I had Homes Under the Hammer for an hour. Well for 50 mins really as Joey had a right ‘paddy’ for the first ten minutes. I’ve no idea who he was telling off or why but he was ferocious and his little head was bobbing up and down with emphasis. It’s just as well the show does a recap of the properties and their problems as they show you the changes made or I’d have missed the first one completely.                                                                                                                                                                                                          It’s just as well we don’t all wake up in that mood or get angry all the time. I forgot to mention last night that Yvonne did phone he DWP about my money. Whoever she spoke to admitted the debt showed on screen but said no-one had requested payment in the office. This is now 8 weeks down the line from their admission. So he did it for me and told Yvonne it would take 4 weeks. She was seething, especially when he came back and asked for all my bank details to make payment. As Mike commented last night, why didn’t they just reverse the payment to where they took the money from? The DWP hold my bank details as that’s how they pay me. But it’s not worth getting in a tizz about. I am owed it, I will get it now. You do have to wonder at their efficiency though. What would have happened to some other poor soul who just accepted the debt and not queried it? How much interest have I lost on the money owed and what bargains might I have found on ebay with it?

I returned to work for an hour after my programme then broke at midday for lunch. I had a corned beef hash and I have to admit I don’t like the ones from Morrison’s now. Whether it was the herbs they seem to have added or perhaps that was a coat of mould I missed, it just didn’t sit well with me. I thought I might just shut my eyes for forty winks to sleep it off but though I tried hard it was no go.Disappointed I came back to work.                                                                                                                                                         There was plenty to go at too, and quite a few sales in shops I use. I was happy to note I beat most of the sale prices on ebay. One firm had the nerve to offer me a jumper at£14.99 instead of £19.99 yet last week I bought the same one from their ebay store at £7.99. I think it’s fun shopping for the best deals. Swings and roundabouts though as last week I paid £9.99 for a Goodsouls jumper I could have had for £4.99 today. I worked till 3.00 pm then took a break for Escape to the Country knowing Kelly was due back at about 3.30 pm after she finished her main job for the day. I was hoping her industrial hoover wouldn’t just suck my carpets up.Thank heavens for laminate.                Kelly didn’t come. No phone call with a reason, nothing. I’m beginning to think it must be me though I didn’t say enough to be offensive and I’m very easy going about how the cleaner would work. Neither exacting or demanding. But perhaps there’s something else that no-one will tell me about? I mopped the kitchen floor.

At 4.30 pm it was the last day of my Antiques Road Trip. I stayed awake, it was very good. I remained in the lounge until 6.40 pm. They said Eggheads was on but when I turned over it was Strictly Come Dancing. Not for me thanks. I noticed an old episode of A Fine Romance with Judy Dench and her husband the late Michael Williams. It was excellent. As soon as it was over I had to ram 40 minutes work into 20 minutes so I could go for my shower at 7.00 pm. No word at that time about Mike coming back so I locked the front door, grabbed my change of clothes and went to the bathroom. When I came out clean and dressed to relax I went straight into the lounge  and was just in time to hear my phone tinkle. Mike said he was on his way back, that meant with luck I could expect him around 8.30 pm. It was 8.20 pm as he was in time for the last bit of Mastermind. I found out his Dad is now in the home by the new flat but there is a question mark as to whether he’ll ever come out to try the flat. I suppose the biggest part of the decision making will be whether his Dad says he doesn’t like where he is at the end of the three week respite period or not. If he seems happy to stay where he is everyone will be happy.

We watched a programme on Patagonia of particular interest to me because of the Welsh families that moved there and still maintained the Welsh language and traditions. But they have some strange and amazing animals there too and some weather patterns that are quite unbelievable.After that I took my night time meds, locked Joey in his cage with a goodnight and headed back to work. Mike wasn’t too far behind and he seemed tired. As I was working I couldn’t hear the TV in his room so maybe he’s settled to an early night. I got my mail up to date by 11.00 pm and then started on the blog which I’m hopeful will still get me to bed early. I’m tired too.

Saturday 3rd.

I did manage to beat the midnight deadline last night and kept my relaxation reading down to the minimum so that my light went out at 12.20 am. I wriggled for a short while to find a comfortable spot then I was gone.  I woke and got up at 3.11 am. There was no urgency for the loo but habit took me there first before coming back and powering up and signing on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Before starting my emails I went to my WordPress reader and changed all my favourites back from daily to Instant to see if it makes a difference. I apologise to all my regular friends who haven’t been getting likes and comments, Sally, Olga, Jane, Mary J and Sue, all of you, I’m not ignoring you but I’m not being notified of any of your posts. If any of you have any idea how I can deal with this I’d be happy to hear from you.                                                                                                                                                                 After making the changes I waited to see if it made any difference to emails coming in. In the meantime, On with the Show, I opened my talktalk mail and my gmail account. The first was dealt with by 4.10 am and the latter by 5.55 am. I went through to the kitchen to take my meds and have some breakfast. I prepared Mike’s mug at the same time ready for his alarm going off at 6.30 am. I took my own coffee through to make sure I was still up to date with mail and to get dressed. As his alarm went off I was there with his coffee.I didn’t expect more than the neanderthal grunt I got and returned to my own drink pronto ! By 6.45 am I was up to date and I was dressed.

At the second ring of his alarm Mike sighed and got up. I heard him pad through to the lounge. I left him to it and had a search on ebay. I wasn’t in the mood for pushing him and decided he’d be ready when he was ready. He obviously wasn’t ready at 7.00 am. I should have been doing the bins but no, I wasn’t in the mood for that either. Somehow we were out of the house even earlier than usual at 7.20 am we were parked up in the Supermarket before 7.45 am. We’d actually finished the shopping by 8.45 am. One of these days I must remember to add food to my list. We were able to head for our coffee quite quickly.                                                                                                                     From there we headed straight for Flint and did a few shops before going to Temptations for our morning treat. This morning we had the pleasure of Ceri, Trudy and Sian, and those three had the pleasure of a bigger box of chocolates than usual. Mike had his usual breakfast. Trudy did our drinks which we enjoyed.                                                        Once finished Mike’s big question was what to do with ourselves for the rest of the day. He suggested my mood needed brightening (much like the weather as there’s a thick fog out) only he wasn’t anywhere near so polite.

I had no suggestions to make though wouldn’t have objected to the Tweed Mill. Mike would sooner extract his teeth via the door handle. As we left Temptations he turned towards Queensferry and then pointed out he’d taken the wrong direction for Broughton Park. I directed him another way. The place has changed enormously with the addition of 5 restaurants and a cinema complex, soon there will be three good shops to replace one that has closed.We parked by one of my favourite shops, Home Sense where I could get an idea about Christmas stocking gifts. We had a wander there, then in the ASDA home shop and finally Tesco where I picked up some more tins of sweets. That’s my postie and Temptations covered now. We went for lunch at a chain pub on the site but the service was atrocious today. The wrong things being brought though the orders had been quite clear. It’s never been this bad before.                                                                                                                                                                                                             We started what I thought was our journey home when Mike asked what there was between where we were at that moment and home. I casually said Buckley just as we passed the exit and I ended up having to direct Mike yet another way. We had a good wander there and I was able to get some nice clothes for Roobs and Nathan for when I see them tomorrow. We finally left and got home.

I was saddened to find a letter addressed to Ju on the mat as well as a card to say there was a parcel left next door. Thanks Darren. We put the shopping away then Mike went to retrieve the parcel from Dorothy and I took something to my room. I found a parcel on the mat behind the door curtain. That’s one more item I’ve been waiting for and the parcel Mike brought was Reuben’s Christmas books. Going to my room to work I was surprised to find as I left feedback that I’d been offered a second chance on a ring I missed. I missed it by quite a bit but am offered it at my offer. A five colour gold ring. It will serve as an extra gift sometime. I worked until Mike called me to join him for a quiz at 5.30 pm and stayed there until 9.00 pm when I came back to catch up on mail. At 10.35 pm I was able to start the blog. Five minutes after I publish I hope to be in bed.

I wish you all a Wonderful Week full of dreams come true and Hugs Galore.


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Hypnotised by Joey & Given The Bird, by The Bird.

Sunday 20th
Well I got the blog out on time last night and even caught up with my mail before bed at 12.15 am. Lights out at 12.35 am after just a chapter of my book. I even got a lie-in compared to the rest of the week as I didn’t get up until 3.52 am. I paid a visit to the Piddle Palace then came back to make a start on the overnight mail. I was surprised that it wasn’t as heavy a traffic as I’d expected. I was up to date by 5.40 am then promptly fell asleep over the desk, waking at 5.51 am with a crick in my back and my neck. If I’d had warning I could have sat in my chair. I took the new antibiotic then went through to take my morning meds and make a coffee.

I brought the coffee back and found a few more messages had come through. I cleared them then opened my talktalk box and started again. By 7.35 am I was temporarily clear yet again and decided to go sit with Joey and open his cage door. It should be light enough for him to come out now. I opened his door while he stuck his head behind his mirror so I couldn’t see him. I sat down but he didn’t make a move, despite me talking to him…..or maybe because I talked to him. However it did work like a charm on Mike who came through about 8.30 am. My eyes were on their way out, (I think the batteries meed changing) so he had to make his own coffee. When he sat down with it I was fully awake but only for ten seconds then the eyes went again. When he had to nip to the loo, my eyes closed and stayed there until Mike returned. At 9.30 am I forced myself to be alert and went to get dressed.Mike did the flowers and then went to his room to get dressed. At 10.00 am we were on out way to a filling breakfast. I daren’t say how much I had but let’s just guess that it involved half a pig and a loaf of fried bread and toast. Breakfast in The Bells is a treat. Bacon, sausage,fried bread,those horrible potato things in a triangle, fried bread, beans, tomatoes, fried eggs and scrambled eggs. For those who can’t do without there’s even chips. Then as much toast as you want with either jam or marmalade and butter or margerine. Excellent.

Once out of there at 11.10 pm Mike ran me to Holywell to look at Lidl. I got some strawberries and cream for my tea. He brought me home again and at 12.00 pm left to meet with his dad’s doctor. I attacked my mail until 2.00 pm then went through to sit with Joey. I watched garbage on the TV even though Joey wanted wildlife programmes. I had to assert myself before he’s brave enough to land on me and thinks I'[m a pushover. Then late in the afternoon I watched Lewis, an episode I hadn’t seen. While I was there I had some strawberries and cream for tea. I was disappointed there was so much wastage in the strawberries that hadn’t looked bad in the punnet. Joey didn’t accept an invitation to join me which was a shame as I could have eaten less. At 7.00 pm I came back to my mail for a couple of hours and then had a last two hours with Joey who spoke all the way through a film,  before starting on the blog which is mercifully short today.

Monday 21st.

It was a night of two halves. Lights off about 12.45 am after a read but awake again at 1.58 am and uncomfortable. I knew I wanted more sleep and had to try in my chair in the lounge. It turned out I tried Mike’s chair so I could put my feet on the table. I slept. It was 4.09 am before I got up. My feet weren’t on the table anymore and I’d sent nothing crashing to the floor so I was already on a plus, but I must have managed 3 hours sleep so that was a definite plus. So, a trip to the loo then powering the computer up. I started in gmail where I caught some more nice comments on the blog.Once that was cleared I took my meds, had breakfast, put the washing machine on then brought my coffee back so I could take an antibiotic and then start on my talktalk mail. By 7.20 am I was clear again and went to do an inner eyelid inspection until just about 8.00 am. I had to try and coax Joey out of his cage to do a mass clean up and do fresh food/water before Val the warden appears later.

Joey didn’t make any effort to help me until 9.05 am when he shot out of his cage and did a lap of honour squawking all the way. Once he’d settled on the mirror for his usual argument with the other ‘occupant’ I was able to start cleaning the cage and replacing his floor of sandpaper. He doesn’t help by flying off in panic the minute my arms approach the cage even though I talk softly to him. In case there are ladies present I shan’t reveal what I say though. Once that was done and his food and water seen to I could back off. He’s totally unconcerned about that of course and just continues leaving horrible marks on the mirror from where he tries to do a Glasgow Kiss on the other bird. I’m sure he has brain damage now. I should have covered that mirror the day he arrived. At 10.00 am I started watching Homes Under The Hammer but was soon distracted with the arrival of the postman. One I haven’t seen before. He brought a book I won in a competition by my friend (and author) Pamela S Wight, the book is called The Right Wrong Man.  I’m quite looking forward to reading it. I also had another book which I’d ordered from ebay for Yvonne and a Christmas gift for one of my great nieces. Things are going quite well in that direction. There was also a letter about claiming my pension which made me realise how close I am to that age.

At 11.00 am I returned to work and was doing well with my messages when the doorbell went. It was Val who went to the lounge to say good morning to Joey and to chat to me. She was there about twenty minutes and once happy all was well she went on her way with some thank-you chocolates. I had time to return to the messages before lunch. I watched Bargain Hunt and yes,I managed to stay awake for the end, though I did then allow myself a short nap for forty minutes before coming back here to make an effort to keep pace with mail. That wasn’t too difficult today. I stayed here until almost 4.30 pm when I went to start my evening viewing. I had to be prompt tonight as there was an important item coming up on ebay. At 6.30 pm I was back in my bedroom with half an hour to spare. I prepared my top bid, ready to pounce at the ten second mark. Then I got distracted and missed the damned thing but it went for almost double it’s real value and I wasn’t bidding that much. I’d put about 8 items in my basket to think about and suddenly decided to pay for them. Ouch, and then there was another item due at 8.30 pm and I sat for twenty minutes not taking my eyes off the screen just in case. I was not successful but I haven’t given up hope and I do have time.

At 9.00 pm I went through to watch DIY SOS. It was an old one and we weren’t very far in before my eyes blurred (Lousy TV). It was in Wales and way up in the hills in the worst snow in and temperature in years. Locals were struggling to get out of their villages to go and give a hand but one father and two sons drove from Leicester to give their time. As always it was amazing  and a true picture of what people are willing to do  to help those in need. There is still hope for humanity. At 10.00 pm I turned off and said goodnight to Joey, promising to see him in the morning. Here’s hoping I do. It’s my Chester day tomorrow and I’m really not looking forward to the travelling.  I’ve been shaky for a couple of days. I had a look to see if there was anything more on ebay tonight but there wasn’t. I think it might be an idea if I held back now until all the stuff I’ve ordered is here, allocate it and see who is missing before I carry on. That meant I could concentrate on the blog and if time permits on the rest of the mail too.

Tuesday 22nd.

I turned the light off early at midnight because I was so tired. Next thing I know I’m awake and it’s 1.05 am. I didn’t want to get up so paid a visit to the loo then had a cigarette before trying again at 1.16 am. It worked, off I went again until I woke again at 3.07 am and the same tricks weren’t going to work.  I still tried though. The visit to the Piddle Palace yielded little and so I just enjoyed a cigarette before turning the computer on. Once logged on I started on my mail which took until 4.22 am then the talktalk box which took me to 5.11 am. Since this was a little early for my antibiotic and I didn’t want breakfast yet,I was forced to search on ebay again. I had some luck there this morning with some smaller gifts, at this rate I’ll soon be left with just Yvonne and Ugo to puzzle over. After breakfast I returned to my room coffee in hand to check on incoming mail. By 7.20 am I was clear ready to go and catch my bus.

I reached the bus stop without breaking the picture frames I was carrying but it was more luck than judgement. When I got on the bus I tucked the bag in at the side of my leg, placed my chin on the arm grip of my crutches and let myself drift off. The journey was short and no-one tried to talk to me except Howard the driver. Yvonne and Reuben were waiting on the bench when the bus arrived. Once the hellos were out of the way and I was enjoying a post journey cigarette there was a short discussion about where to go. Since Yvonne needed a few things from a Supermarket we decided to have breakfast either in the Supermarket or a little cafe next door. We ended up at the one in store which is a Costa. After we finished I asked if it was possible to get to a shop I like going a different way. Yvonne was sure we could and so we tried. Sure enough we could. It’s a great gift shop full of Chinese/Japanese furniture , plates etc plus some very pretty and unusual gifts. I made a mistake in buying  2 giant candles as gifts and invited both a hernia and a heart attack. Lucky for me Reuben was walking at that time so his buggy bore the weight. We spent our time mooching until finally it was time for my bus.They walked me to the bus stop and since there had been intermittent rain I told them not to wait.

Getting off the bus at home was fun as it’s quite a way to my house. I hadn’t been to the loo in Chester and was getting close to desperate. Dragging half a ton of candle with me meant I couldn’t move at speed and there was no chance I was calling at Pauline’s. I made it home, dropped my bags, threw my crutches away like a Lazarus and shot into the loo. Only after I came out could I store my sticks, get my coat and gloves off, put the candles away and then say hello to Joey. I opened his cage but he didn’t seem to want to come out just then. I had to leave him to it and head for the computer. I worked almost continuously until 4.30 pm when I could put the TV on for my Antiques Road Trip. Joey came out then and made as much noise as he could and believe me that’s a lot. I’d won a few more things on ebay during the afternoon and apart from nipping back at 5.30 pm and 6.15 pm I stayed away until 7.00 pm. I came back and worked until 9.00 pm and then went to watch a film, one of the Superhero ones from the comics of my childhood. Only it wasn’t. I remember Green Lantern and Green Arrow but not Green Hornet. I’m glad too as it might have put me off reading. I gave the film a fair go at an hour and a half but by then I had no nerves left for it to grate on. Truly abominable. Ah well, it gave me chance to come through at 10.30 pm to do the blog. I’m grateful for that.

Reuben with his daytime TV friends.

Reuben with his daytime TV friends.

Who's chasing whom?

Who’s chasing whom?

Wednesday 23rd.

My light went off about 1.00 am last night and it didn’t take long to drop off. This morning I got up at…………5.02 am…… Ta da! A wonderful, beautiful unbroken sleep. I didn’t even get up to go to the loo. There are signs I should have (Joke honestly).  I did nip along there a bit sharply once I was up though. It’s been a while since I hovered around the four hour mark and I like it. I opened my talktalk and was in the clear at 5.51 am which was almost perfect timing to go get my meds and some breakfast. I note on the calendar that today is the first day of Autumn. The nights are really drawing in now and according to the shops the Christmas countdown seems to have begun.         After breakfast I took my coffee back to start on my gmail. There were more in both boxes so I worked till they were clear.At 8.00 am I went and opened Joey’s cage and sit with him for a while. I don’t know how it happened unless the little burger hypnotised me but my eyes went. When I woke and looked at the time it was almost 9.20 am. I got sorted and dressed and left to go to Pauline’s. I wasn’t out too long but it was close to 10.00 am when I was back.

After putting the shopping away I went to watch my Homes Under the Hammer. Of course this was the time Joey decided to do a vocal test going from squawk to screech over about the first 20 minutes of the programme. He didn’t even shut up when I spoke to him. Part way through I notice he had no millet so I tried offering that. I noticed there was still plenty on the spray on the cage floor after Mike put some in on Saturday. I carefully put my arm in the cage and picked the millet up, as Joey was flying round the cage like a demented pilot I put the millet back on it’s stand and removed my arm. Joey came out. I’d just settled in my chair hen the doorbell went. It was the postie with four parcels for me. Brilliant. The programme wasn’t getting the attention it deserved but I was having my Christmas early opening parcels. Everything was fine so the minute the programme was over at 11.00 am I came through to leave feedback. One parcel contained 3 items and all were delightful. I carried on there with incoming messages until midday then went for lunch. Corned beef hash today. Very tasty. Of course Bargain Hunt was on while I ate and I managed to stay awake today. After washing up I went back to work. I’d just sat down when the doorbell went again. To be honest I thought it was the window cleaner collecting his money but no, it was delivery of another two parcels. It’s getting to be a very exciting day.

After placing the parcel with the growing Christmas pile I returned to work, needing to have clear mailboxes before Dil comes for games tonight. Wen we finish it’s always hard to cope with the mail and the blog and expect to get to bed too. I was clear before 4.00 pm when I knocked off. I’d have been out sooner if the siren song of ebay hadn’t been heard. Not that I had much luck, I ended up crashing on the rocks today. Dilwyn arrived at 4.30 pm just in time for the Road Trip, he was glad it wasn’t the same dealer as last week so he didn’t have to hear the hissing every time he came on screen again. I bet each one of us must have known someone who makes our skin crawl at some time or other. Tonight both experts were really nice, as they always are, and a pleasure to watch. They both did very well.                                                                             Next up was our quiz where we did very well answering questions tonight though when sports come up all you get from me is a blank face. When 6.00 pm came it was time to get the table out and start playing. The Yahtzee went well and I ended up 4-2 ahead. Sometimes when it’s a draw we carry on for another game but Dil suggested it tonight as my luck should run out. We carried on and it didn’t. The second game was 3-3 giving me the win overall at 7-5. Out came the Trivial Pursuits and we started on that. We each managed to get the six segments which meant I had to answer a sports question, then we both tried to make our way to the middle.                                                       We both managed to get to the middle twice and had a category and question chosen by the other. Dil unfortunately missed out on his which I chose I managed to get the second one he chose for me. Again he left to go home in high dudgeon. I said he’d be better in a car.

After a quick tidy up and a wash of the pots I took my meds and came through to start on the accumulated mail. I’d done by 10.30 pm and was able to deal with the blog. I must have been quick tonight as it’s almost 11.30 pm and I’m almost ready to go to bed. No more mail tonight.

Start of the masterpiece.

Start of the masterpiece.



p.s. Reuben is aboard the rocking donkey I got for his birthday. If you squeeze the ear, it makes donkey noises, hence the smile.

Thursday 24th.

I was in bed before midnight and with light off at just a minute to the witching hour. I’m sure sleep came fairly quickly.. I woke this morning at 2.58 am so had another good night in comparison to some. After lolloping to the loo and back I powered up the computer and signed in. My first job was to check my bank account to see if the DWP have repaid me the £55.50 they acknowledge owing me and which they said they’d pay me as soon as possible. It’s been 7 weeks since they wrote to confirm that. It strikes me that ‘as soon as possible’ is a very flexible phrase. It’s not as though they have to save up to pay me is it? Next job was to check my pension had gone in OK (it had) then I could concentrate on mail. My talktalk account came first and I was clear by 4.10 am and able to head to my gmail which I cleared by 5.00 am. Obviously the mail was still coming in but I was trying to catch it as it did  and not let it accumulate. Also I was trying to use ebay to generate ideas for gifts but it’s very hard as you have to have an idea in the first place to stick in the search box. I recommend you look in Wholesale and Job lots and also everything else, you might have a laugh, especially with the latter.

At 6.00 am I took my morning meds and had breakfast, remind me I need more butter this weekend please. It was too early to open the cage for Joey annd since I’d left the power to the TV on last night I decided to watch Third Rock From The Sun. Eventually it was light enough to let Joey fly about so I opened the cage door and stood chatting to him for a few minutes. He kept his back to me and didn’t respond until with a shrug I shut up. He turned towards me, stood perched on one leg and I swear with the other he flipped me the bird. He’s so uncouth, in fact I bet he never even had any couth. As I backed off he flew out of the cage at speed, did a circuit of the room going very carefully round all obstacles and then did a stop in midair turned 90 degrees and went straight back into his cage. I took my empty coffee cup back to the kitchen and came back to my room to work. I stayed there until 10.00 am, mostly in shock at being flipped and then went back to see Homes Under the Hammer. This time he was glad to see me and wanted some attention. But, as there are no adverts I just gave him the occasional Best Boy, Joey, Joey Joey and concentrated on the programme. He took to nattering loudly with the occasional whistle, or flying circuits of the room and waiting to be told what a clever boy he is. He’s an aeronautical miracle but I wasn’t going to tell him so. Maybe I will the day he lands on me. The postman came and delivered parcels galore , even he was surprised when one more kept coming out of his bag. I had a great time opening them and listing them to leave feedback, I was missing my programme though. One parcel I’ve been expecting still hasn’t come though and I wonder if it’s at the bottom of a postman’s sack somewhere or maybe the custom’s office have stopped it for checking. I want no more bills off them.

At 11.00 am I returned to my battle with the mail and remained there until 12.00 pm. For lunch I had steak in red wine sauce with chips which I enjoyed very much. I stayed awake until after Bargain Hunt, I must have washed my pots at some stage then sat down again. From there it’s all a blank until 1.55 pm. I must have woken up but not even been aware I’d been to sleep.It was like I’d just lost almost an hour. I think Joey is related to Mesmer. Maybe a reincarnation. The post kept me busy until 15.50 pm then I went onto ebay until 4.30 pm when I went to watch the Road Trip. I just stayed there until 6.00 pm. Work called for a while but here wasn’t too much so I was able to disappear again to watch an underground exploration at 7.00 pm for an hour and then at 9.00 pm a fascinating Who Do You Think You Are. A BBC correspondent, injured by a shooting in Saudi Arabia wanted to try and verify some family tales about having come over with the Normans Invasion. He picked up some information on amazing individuals until he reached the point where he was given proof that his family didn’t come over with the Normans Invasion, they were the Norman Invasion.His direct ancestor was William I and the next 7 of his ancestors were Kings too.

At this point I was waiting for Michael to arrive and was starting to get worried. At 10.30 pm I’d remembered to take my meds and as I didn’t want more TV I had the equivalent which was another session on Ebay then at 10.45 pm I started the blog. I was doing quite well too. Mike arrived at 10.55 pm and I had to break away to do the coffee. We had to chat of course about how his week has been which seems to have been very frustrating with messages about his Dad in hospital. I came back to the bedroom at 11.40 pm and Mike followed me to put some cream on my legs, it was either that option or the one where he breaks my wrists so I can’t scratch. Hard decision but I opted for the cream.  I chose to point out some gurgle jugs on ebay then which lasted until 12.20 pm when he left to go to bed and I was able to continue with the blog. Just don’t blame me if I was too tired to make any sense.

Friday 25th.

So I was a little late getting to bed this morning. By the time I’d read one substantial chapter I was ready to go to sleep. I turned the light off at 1.20 am. This morning I didn’t get up until 5.39 am, another 4 hour night. Things are looking up. By the time I’d done the loo Olympics and come back it was getting on for 6.00 am. All I did was power up the computer and then go straight to the kitchen to take my meds and an antibiotic (last day) because of course I have to do my drugs for the week on a Friday morning. I didn’t have breakfast so returned to my room at 6.30 am ready to do battle. Battle was short lived and at 7.45 am I emerged the victor and headed to the lounge to release Joey. I sat and talked to him but he didn’t seem interested in coming out. I get the impression he’s not a morning person budgie. Eventually I gave up and went to get dressed and at 9.00 am I took a walk to Pauline’s for my lottery tickets. She made a mistake today and put an extra one on so I kept it in the hope it’s a lucky one. I’d been back in the hose a few minutes and just settled at the computer hoping to pick off the stragglers from my last battle when I heard Mike’s phone go off. Since I can’t be blamed for waking him at 9.15 am I went to make him a coffee. It sounds like his Dad is ready to go home.

At 10.00 am I went to watch Homes Under the Hammer and Mike got ready to disappear. As he was going the postman arrived with four more parcels. This is proving to be easier than I thought. More expensive but much easier. I still have the fun of choosing too. By the time I’d done all I needed to do it was time to knock off for lunch. I peeled some sweet potatoes then put the sausages under the grill. I remembered to take my pre-foodie tablet but had to dash back to my room for an antibiotic as well. Next the potatoes went in the micro for 7 minutes. When I mashed the potatoes the sausages were almost done. I bunged some baked beans in the micro, dished up the potatoes and sausages then added the beans and a piece of bread and butter. I was ready and so was my meal. Beautifully timed, Bargain Hunt was just starting. Just to prove I managed to stay awake till the bitter end, one team took home £170 and the other team £270. I washed my pots and to save me allowing my fluttering eyelids to come to a rest I returned to the computer. My treat, messages from Australia ! A constant battle in one upmanship on the sarcastic front (which I rarely win) is a real joy.

Things seemed a little slow today so at 3.00 pm I went to sit back in the lounge with Escape To The Country and a natter with Joey. I turned the TV on and that was the last thing I remember until 5.00 pm. So not a happy bunny. I had to dash back to my room and start on the mail, missing my usual quiz but I managed to catch the 6.30 pm Eggheads before going for a shower. Coming squeeky clean out of the bathroom I was in time for a sandwich and Question of Sport followed by Mastermind. I had a message to say Mike was on his way back so I went and caught up on the mail, growled when I realised I’d missed another ebay moment, then went to get Mike’s mug ready for his return. I started watching a comedy called Not Going Out  which makes me smile only because you tend to know what line is coming next all the time. Mike came back while it was still on. I made his drink and w talked about his Dad. He’s still in hospital and they’re arranging for him to go to a home for two weeks convalescence with a view to staying in a home permanently. Mike and I have often said this is what he needs but Mike is fighting with the promise he made to his Dad never to make him go in a home. He wants his independence. There’s a lot of guilt attached to the breaking of the promise even though it’s for the best possible outcome. Other times we’ve maintained he’s OK on his own because of the care workers 4 times a day and the new flat being sheltered accommodation. It’s a very hard decision.

At 10.00 pm I took my meds and came through to do the blog and to get to gripes with the mail that’s come in since I was last here. A body blow that I started winning something with a 10 second nip only to find I lost it by £1 to some terrible person who did a 5 second nip. You just can’t trust anyone can you? It’s going to be an early night.

Saturday 26th.

Well I got my early night and was in bed for 11.30 pm. I put my light out at 12.15 am and settled to sleep, it was soon coming. So was getting up time since at 2.01 am I was awake again. I paid a visit to the loo and came back to power up the computer. After signing in I checked and dealt with the talktalk mail then the gmail. That took me until 3.45 am when I decided to have a quick look at ebay. The quick look turned into a slow look as more ideas came. It was almost 5.00 am before I could tear myself away. I had to clear a few more emails before I could go and have some breakfast and take my meds. It reminded me if I’m going to keep having toast for breakfast I’d better get a huge family size butter. I prepared Mike’s mug then took my coffee back to the computer. When I heard his alarm go off at 6.30 am I made his drink and took it through. I got the usual grunt when I said it was there but no movement. It was only when the alarm went off the second time his twinkle toes beat a path to the lounge where he promptly fell asleep in his chair. I reminded him not to forget his coffee. Grunt. It stands at 2 A and 2 C by my reckoning despite the fact he left his actual bed before the second C. I went to get dressed.

We still managed to leave the house by 7.25 am only it was a very confusing journey. After a conversation yesterday I thought we were going to Morrison’s. Mike went past the exit road so I just said “Changed your mind”? At the next exit he sot off and started backtracking and I suggested he remembered the plans. All I’d been going to get differently from ASDA was my butter on a special. The car was turned again and off we shot towards ASDA. A bloody Mystical Magery Tour. I did the bulk of the shopping in ASDA then we diverted to get loo rolls from another Supermarket, mini jams/marmalade from a further shop and then on to Morrison’s for the one item I actually wanted from there but could have done without. Finally we made it to Flint and Temptations. We were partly served by Kyle who knows what we have and partly by a new face who turned out to be a new Manageress. Ceri wasn’t in. We handed over the chocolates to Kyle and had our drinks and Mike’s teasted toecake then left. Next we went to Prestatyn to the jewellers which was closed last week. Very handy as there was another shop I wanted too. Then to lunch at the CookHouse where we both struggled to finish today after being given pieces of meat as thick as door stops. Lovely, but soooo filling. I managed a trip round the £ Shop and then we came home.

After unpacking the shopping and putting it away I opened two parcels left with Bert while we were out. My missing item is here YAY!  I came through to start on the post while Mike stayed to watch his precious football team play. So far I’ve heard I think three shouts of ‘YES‘ which seemed to indicate they were winning. I later found my guess was correct. Most of the street found out my guess was correct when they finally worked out where the racket was coming from. I went through to join Mike at 5.25 pm when the football was over and stayed there for the evening, enjoying the cakes that are our Saturday treat and me trying to convince Mike that the rhubarb crumble is unfortunately not available for eating tonight as it’s for Monday, meaning  5 minutes after he’s gone on Sunday afternoon. I had to give up on all the fun at 9.00 pm and come to deal with the mail that’s piling up and also the blog. It needs to be ready for the midnight despatch.

I wish you all a Wonderful New Week with Hugs and Dreams come true.

Alien Reuben.

Alien Reuben.



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Full English in Chester & The Half Day Holiday.

Sunday 13th Sept 2015.

I know I woke at about 3.00 am but I screwed up my eyes convinced there was more to come. There was. The second awakening came at an amazing 5.54 am. That’s a night of almost 5 hours. Before even touching the computer I went to take my drugs and make myself a coffee to bring back. Only then did I power up and log on. I worked continuously until 8.10 am when I heard Mike’s phone go, and him answer it, I couldn’t hear his conversation of course but knew the news wouldn’t be good. I went through and made him a coffee. As I was stirring it he came through himself and carried it to his chair. The news was his Dad had fallen and hurt his back and an ambulance had been called.
When he’d woken a bit he rang the carers back and found the ambulance had just arrived and were taking his Dad away. From there it’s generally a waiting game for the hospital to get in touch and say what they’re doing. Sometimes he has to dash to pick his Dad up to take him home and sometimes it’s a slightly more leisurely route of going to visit him today then staying another night here so he can pick him up tomorrow. Generally there’s no major injuries as luck would have it. Both Mike and I fell asleep in our chairs before 9.00 am. I was back up and working before 10.00 am and Mike followed me into wakefulness at 10.40 am.
I struggled to finish the gmail post to get at the talktalk but was up to date by 11.00 am on both. I knew it wouldn’t last long but it felt nice for the moment. At 11.00 am we found out Mike’s Dad was being kept in at least overnight so Mike is staying here another night and was gleeful in pointing out he could now help me with my lemon meringue. I told you it was a bad day.

Chunnering at my bad luck I went back to work for a while and Mike went to get washed and dressed. My mail is coming in thick and fast this morning. Some extremely funny stuff has graced my screen. At noon we were on our way. I was going to need some shopping afterwards so we went to the CookHouse in Prestatyn again. We fed our faces and relished every morsel then headed for one of the local shops to pick up a bottle bag. Somehow or other the basket was filled while we were there so it was just as well the car was close by. I wanted a peep in one more shop at the other end of town before we left so we drove up there and looked around, more importantly picked up a brochure showing what else was due in. Then in an unusual turn of events we drove home. I left Mike watching the TV (dozing) while I came and started work. Such a lot again, it started as 54 then added 45 then added 62. It was gone 6.00 pm before I could get back to the lounge. I shared out the lemon meringue (grudgingly) then watched TV until 8.00 pm except for changing Joey’s millet and seed bell and earning a telling off. At 8.00 pm I came back to face the next batch which kept me occupied until almost 9.30 pm- tablet time.

I needed another little break before coming back to do the blog so started watching one of those pathology type mysteries that are prevalent now. It’s quite good but I keep forgetting it’s not an hour’s episode as with others but 2 hours. I was devastated when I had to leave half way through and then rely on Mike to let me know what happened. Still, it meant I had time for the blog and to catch up. It’s a Chester day tomorrow as Yvonne is seeing the midwife on Tuesday. I need to get the numbers down as much as possible before I go out so it may be an early morning. It’ll have to be an early night tonight.

Bright as a button.

Bright as a button.

And twice a s sweet.

And twice as sweet.

Monday 14th.

I was reminded today that a good friend had reviewed two of my books during July and Oct of 2013. Not my best year so maybe I can be forgiven for letting it slip my memory. I’d like to share  one of them with you now though as it’s the kind of review authors dream about. I hope it’s not too late to say Thank you again Ella. Hugs.

I couldn’t resist Memoirs of a Superior, the latest book by Lord David Prosser.

“I like cats. I like cat stories. After reading Memoirs of a Superior I now like books written by cats. Oh yes, I know it was written by a human, a very talented human… but indulge me, if you suspend boring real world limits about such things Memoirs of a Superior could have been written by Oscar tapping away the keyboard with furry paws… That’s what I choose to believe.”                                                                                                                                                                                               

I turned the light off last night before 1.00 am but sleep didn’t come easy despite me thinking I was tired. I ended up sleeping on my left side which I never do. I wonder if it’s related to my Sunday morning lie-in? This morning was 3.50 am so not too bad but it certainly doesn’t compare to 5.54 am. I made a trip to the loo and them powered up the computer on my return and signed in. I worked on my mail until 5.30 am then took a break to get my meds and a coffee. I needed the meds today as I’m nervous. Mike had decided to come to Chester with me before travelling on to Manchester to see his Dad. That meant I didn’t have to take the bus but it also meant I have to get him up and then motivated and ready to leave the house at 8.00 am.  I was guessing it was a repeat of Saturday mornings but starting half an hour later at 7.00 am. I wasn’t looking forward to it. I called him at 7.00 pm and said it was time to rise and shine. A few minutes later I woke him again to say I’d put his coffee on the table. He moved. All you need is the right motivation. We were actually out of the house at 7.50 am and despite the heavy traffic were in Chester at 8.30 am. I couldn’t tell Yvonne as she thought I was still taking the bus and coming alone. There was a parking space outside the pub I’d arranged to meet at so we parked up and took a walk until Yvonne and Reuben arrived.

They arrived smirking from the wrong direction so Mike was no longer a surprise. We entered the pub and ordered our breakfasts and drinks by which I mean teas and coffees, though at 9.00 am there were men drinking pints already. I had bacon, sausage, egg, beans, tomato, hashbrowns (I give them  away) and toast. This week the eggs were fried. It filled me nicely. Having left there we couldn’t just walk past out favourite shop so we trundled in and checked to see if they had any green jeans in the right size for Mike. I managed to evade Yvonne long enough to get her another big cardigan. Going upstairs Reuben wanted to go via the escalators rather than the lift so Mike had to push the empty pushchair. Coming back down Reuben insisted on coming to push the buttons so Yvonne got the chair back again. We had a wander to the precinct in the Centre of Chester looking for a coat for Reuben, then  a wander round another shop before I had to make my way to the bus stop. Mike made his goodbyes and disappeared to go to Manchester, I got on my bus. Yvonne waved to me but Reuben waved at the bus in general as he couldn’t spot me. I slept most of the way home but luckily woke up in time. I dropped my prescription request off at the chemist then waddled home as quick as I could needing a wee. No stopping at Pauline’s.

When I got through the door I ran for the loo throwing my crutches down in an ‘Isn’t it a miracle, I’m cured’ kind of way. Nothing focuses the mind more than needing the loo but wanting the zip open first.Once I’d come out sighing with mucho relief I came through to see how bad the morning mail was. It was 1.30 pm and I wasn’t able to move from here until 4.30 pm and even then I wasn’t up to date but my programme was on. I quickly put some ebay bids on then went through to the lounge to talk to poor Joey who was so cruelly deserted today. He told me so too. I stayed there until 6.30 pm and Joey was rollocking me the whole time, either that or he was trying to answer quiz questions. At 6.30 pm I found not one single bid had been successful. I need to either rethink my strategy or start offering money instead of sexual favours. I temained sulking but hard at work until 8.00 pm. I went to watch an old NCIS and then a DIY SOS which was excellent. I’m still crying. Back in here at 10.00 pm for the last blast at the mail and to do the blog. I shall get an early night.

Tuesday 15th.

I managed to get to bed a little earlier last night but still read until just gone 1.00 am. It was a bit of a surprise therefore to be awake at 2.38 am. Though I  made my usual pilgrimage and made my offering to St. Loo, it wasn’t my bladder that had woken me. Perhaps the almost an hour I’d managed on the bus coming home from Chester had made the difference to my needs. I’m not trying to offend my bladder and negate it’s influence in my life at this age but in this instance it was not a deciding factor. After  my visit to the porcelain collection bowl I returned to my room to bring the computer to life and make a start on my emails. Given how little time had actually passed since I’d turned the computer off and gone to bed, it was a surprise how many emails there actually were. Not that I was unhappy since my friends are welcome to drop in at any time.One particular friend, Olga Nunez Miret of has just been to Spain to perform a sad task and was reporting she was back. She’s an excellent writer, a prolific blogger who does many reviews and is one of the nicest people I know.

In case you think I’m a neglectful parent I did go and stick my head in on Joey to make sure he was alright. There was enough ambient light from outside to satisfy myself he hadn’t fallen off his perch so to speak. He didn’t actually move at all so despite the lack of snoring I had to assume he was asleep. After catching up on gmail I headed for talktalk to see what awaited me there. That didn’t take too long so by 4.30 am I was back on ebay. I’d won nothing overnight but I now placed bids on a few items coming up today. I’m really making an effort for Christmas now. At 5.00 am I suddenly decided I was hungry. I went through to put some bread in the toaster then proceeded to take my meds including a pre-foodie tablet. I smoked a cigarette for timing then buttered ( Ju would have said plastered) the toast and enjoyed it. I made a coffee, took my after food tablets and then brought the rest of the drink through. The mail had picked up again so I spent some time clearing that. I was clear by 6.15 am. I walked back to the kitchen with my mug and put the washing machine on. I did a quick wash cycle knowing it would only take 15 minutes. I remembered in 25 minutes and put it on a 3 hour drying cycle. It was the front door curtain that I wanted to get dry and put away since the new one is up and doing a good job.

At 9.50 my postman came bearing gifts, one a belated Grandparents day card from Reuben which carried a picture of us both on the front. The shops seem not to cater for nor advertise Grandparents day in the UK, or at least not in this area. I don’t know how well it’s taken off abroad. The other gift was some earrings I’d ordered last week which had arrived on Saturday while I was out. They were amazingly fast. I like them very much so that’s another Christmas present dealt with.   I made a quick run to Pauline’s to get some bread, put the washing on the airer then sat with Joey  to watch Homes Under the Hammer, I’m not sure how he really feels about it as he squawks during most of it. He could just be expressing an opinion at the state of some of them though. Once that was over I had to dash back here to see how much mail and of course it was back in the fifties again. Nothing was going to stop me having lunch though so I only worked until 11.55 am then promised to finish off after Bargain Hunt was over. I was of course careful not to say how much after Bargain Hunt was over. I had a shepherd’s pie for lunch then a rhubarb yoghurt afterwards. Just so I don’t overdo the fruit I’ll have a chocolate pud at teatime.

As Bargain Hunt finished the neighbours heard the buzz saw again that’s so puzzled them recently. Not too sure where it’s coming from myself but then I didn’t notice as I’d nodded off for my power nap. It lasted for three quarters of an hour and recharged me nicely. It did mean there were plenty of messages waiting for me when I came through though. It took until 4.10 pm to catch up. I wanted to do some in advance but I didn’t know what was coming next. I had a look at ebay and cursed myself for missing so much today, I vowed to do better this evening. Just then I departed the computer and went through ready for my programme and meaning to give Joey an invitation to join me for tea. He refused so I had to eat his too. Shame, it was chocolate again. I stayed in the lounge until 6.30 pm and came back to my desk to see what had transpired. That was easy enough to see, it’s a conspiracy.Someone is watching to see when I leave the room then sending a message out to half the world that now would be a good time to write. I had an hour and a half solidly catching up and managed about half of it. I gave Joey some more company, took my night meds and at 9.30 pm came through for the last time. I did manage to finish up by 10.20 pm and start the blog. Once that’s done I’m off to bed. I forgot ebay again.

Wednesday 16th.

My light was out by 12.15 am but I struggled to get to sleep again.The last time I glanced at the clock it was 12.50 am  Getting up seems to be a lot easier than settling down at the moment. It was 3.12 am and I felt fine. Once the loo visit was done I came back to start the mail. Not too bad overnight at 52 but more came in as I worked.  I finished the first batch at 4.40 am and went to the kitchen for my morning drugs and to have some breakfast. This cafe only seems to serve cold toast but at least they’re not mean with the butter unlike the pub on Monday. Half an hour later I returned to work on the new mail and then my second email account. By 6.20 am I was clear again and back on ebay looking to see if there was something I wanted that might come up before I was due to play games. I wish I could get a better idea in my head of what to buy for the males in the family. And before I reach Christmas I’ve a few birthdays too, including Mike, Muriel and Yvonne. My brain is at stretching point and I think my head might explode before Christmas comes. All that I wanted was due to end after 5.00 pm so I had to decide whether to put early  bids on and hope for the best. I prefer to wait until the last moments if possible and bid in real time. I had all day to make up my mind what to do.

At 7.00 am I went through to see to Joey’s cage and to let him free if he wanted. I kept my distance so he wouldn’t worry but he refused to come out. I turned the TV on to 3rd Rock From The Sun but he waited for Everybody Loves Ray before he came out flying like a lunatic trying to part my hair as he passed by. Once he settled on the mirror I moved in and lifted a water dish and food dish from the cage doors. I washed them out and disposed of the old seed in the bin ( I heard of marijuana growing from seeds thrown in the garden) and refilled them, adding a tonic to the water. No,he doesn’t get the gin to go with it. I  reattached the dishes to the top doors of the cage, job done and he didn’t go into panic mode when I got close. I was able to turn the TV off and return to the bedroom to work till 10.00 am when Homes Under the Hammer started. I half watched that and half watched the window for Darren my postman. I was disappointed when I saw him go past with nothing for me. I was then able to spare an eye for Joey who was sitting on the big mirror talking to himself and leaving a trail of ‘whatever’ across the bottom of the mirror as he moves along tapping his beak and talking to his reflection. The programme which my other eye was watching was really good with fantastic change wrought to the properties bought. Personally I had a headache from the crossed eyes as I’d transferred my left eye from the window to Joey who was on my right. My right eye continued to watch the TV which was on my left. At 11.00 am I was happy to leave my chair and make my way back to the computer.

At midday I broke for lunch a sort of minced beef with dumplings affair. It wasn’t bad and Joey kept looking over and telling me off. I invited him to join me but he still declined. I watched Bargain Hunt to the auction and then you’re not going to believe this, but I nodded off. I was out almost an hour and had to slink back to my desk full of guilt. I worked there until 4.20 pm when I’d typed my fingers down to the last knuckle. I’d just gone through to the lounge when Dil arrived so I made him a cuppa. We sat and watched the Antique Road Trip together and our usual quiz. When 6.00 pm arrived out came the games. As usual we started with Yahtzee which went my way at 5-1 tonight. I didn’t smirk, honestly. Next came trivia and in what seemed like a short game I won. When I reached the middle after winning all my segments, Dil chose to ask me a sports question. Even worse it was a football question. It was a big guess, but the right one. He screamed  “Noooooooo” and scared Joey as well as me. We moved on to cribbage and even there things started well at  2-0 so Dil suggested best of 5. He won the next one and I took the  next giving me a 3-1 victory. Finally we had a game of Crazy 8’s and the card gods were still smiling on me as I only lost one hand. He went home dejected. I washed the pots and tidied up. Joey was out trying to dismantle a picture frame so I turned a small lamp on and turned the main light off as I left the room. I worked on emails until 10.55 pm then checked on Joey, He was back in his cage so I was able to close him up for the night. I had my meds and went back to deal with the blog. It’s close to midnight and I’m ready for bed. Nearly there now.

Thursday 17th.

It was an odd start to the day. I got up at 2.16 am , I knew there was no chance of getting back to sleep just then but was pretty sure some more sleep was on the cards before too long. The best thing to do therefore was to get as much mail done as possible. I finished the gmail ones and turned to ebay which I’d forgotten about last night. Blimey, I’d won three items which meant I was right with that set of gifts now and had a spare too. I turned to my talktalk account and managed to get up to date on those. The next thing I knew was waking up on the keyboard at 5.17 am halfway through a message on gmail again with a small queue building up. So I’ve no idea when I fell asleep or for how long, only that as usual I’d have to hope that half alphabet impressed backwards across my forehead would fade before any visitor came. I hate giving Darren his morning laugh like that. I carried on working until almost 6.00 am then went to take my meds. I decided to have breakfast while I was there so it was 6.30 am before I left the kitchen coffee in hand.  I also  decided this morning to work until 8.00 am only and then take the rest of the morning off. I needed to go to Pauline’s for the lottery, was expecting a parcel and also a drug delivery at  some stage. Plus I needed to do a little housework. Sorry, I should have given you advance warning to sit down then, didn’t hurt yourself did you?

Things almost worked as they were supposed to in that I got to Pauline’s and I managed my housework. But, by 10.30 am I was so wound up about how much work would be coming through I had to come and check. While I was here I might as well catch up, and that took me until 11.35 am when I had to depart to peel my sweet potatoes. I enjoyed my lunch watching Bargain Hunt  and I didn’t nod off at the end. I came through and spent an hour catching up then twiddling my thumbs because there was no more to do. I bought some boxes on ebay  and a book then decided to lay on the bed for a couple of minutes. The moment I lay down the doorbell rang and my missing drugs delivery from this morning arrived so that was that until 4.30 pm when I sat watching the Antiques Road Trip struggling to keep my eyes open.I didn’t succeed. I also slept through the next quiz and the first five minutes of Eggheads. Instead of watching the rest of it, I slunk through here and looked at the waiting mail instead. I stayed put until 8.00 pm then went through to see if Joey was OK because I hadn’t put him in his cage before it got dark. He’d gone in himself so I obviously didn’t credit him with enough brains. Mind you, maybe that’s fair since I saw him fly into his open cage door today and I expected to see him come through the other side like sliced egg. As it happened his speed was so great he actually pushed the door more open and tried to carry on the journey like nothing had happened but I could see the ruffled feathers and faint blush.

When I went through I checked my phone which was on charge (again) and found a text from Mike to say he was on his way. It had come in at 7.00 pm so I knew I could expect him about 9.00 pm. I didn’t think there was much point in going back to work yet so I waited and watched TV. He arrived at 9.05 pm so my guess hadn’t been far out. We sat and chatted about his week and how his Dad is. We sat and chatted a bit more and eventually I  got up and made a sandwich so we could watch and relax. I stayed there until 11.00 pm and came through in a panic to do the blog. Forget the emails this time.

Friday 18th.

Almost 1.00 am light off, 2.09 am wake up. You’d almost think it was Friday 13th. I knew I’d need to sleep again later but for now I was awake. It was too soon to start needing trips to the loo so I signed onto the computer straight away. I dealt with the backlog in my gmail before moving to the talktalk side and starting there. I even put ebay up though I have no bids in at the moment.That took me to 4.40 am so I checked a few things on ebay I was watching ( for Christmas of course ) then at 5.30 am went to take my drugs and do the trays for another week. Time just flies by as it seems only a couple of days ago since I did this task last. It was 6.30 am before I returned to my room with a fresh coffee to find a load more post waiting, shock, horror but it was retweets that didn’t require much bar thanks. I thought I’d better write to Yvonne to remind her I don’t need the doctor before she carries out her threat. I also had to write to a close friend who’d just asked whether Yvonne had managed to see my legs and carried out her threat. Trouble is, I think she was willing Yvonne on and not me though she didn’t say so in so many words. Another close friend accused me of being stoic this week but made it sound like a dirty word as in, STOP being stoic. But I’m not being stoic. I can manage the level of pain and find it’s only the itching that drives me a little batty (short trip) and I can often control that with the substance I have to slather my legs in. I was up to date by 7.30 am again but it didn’t seem light enough to open Joey’s cage doors and it was far too early to wake Mike so I just ran a few searches on ebay till 8.00 am ish.

I opened Joey’s cage but he seemed disinclined to vacate and I wanted to replace the millet and clean his cage out. I’d probably have the same problem with Mike. At 8.30 am I found out when I took a coffee through. But, because I spoke loud ( and often) enough to wake him  he came through to the lounge in about ten minutes. What a result, I bet I won’t equal it tomorrow. I had an answer from Yvonne who sneakily replied that Oops she hadn’t seen my message until after she’d phoned the surgery. That meant I’d be visited by a total stranger which would make me want to hide. The dread hung over me most of the morning and then he went out. I watched my homes under the hammer then came through to catch up. I’d no idea what time this doctor would come and couldn’t risk making my lunch in case he turned up. I watched my Bargain Hunt as usual though. The news came on at 1.00 pm and the doctor arrived about 10 minutes later. What a big chap, like a rugby player. I think he may be Indian and he was charming and gave explanations which helped. Joey came out and swooped. He’d have regretted hitting the brick wall that was the doctor and went back to his cage once he realised. After he’d gone I made my lunch of chips with curry sauce. I thought afterwards, I could have gone to the chippy and bought that with a pie or something. When lunch was over I did a little work then decided to walk up to the chemist and see if they could fill my prescription. They could so I waited while it was done.

I came back and immediately started on my built up post. There were lots to be answered from both accounts. That took me till gone 4.00 pm so I  gave up and moved myself to my chair ready to watch my Road Trip. I must have got no further than the credits before I was fast asleep. I didn’t waken until 70 minutes later at 5.40 pm towards the end of my first quiz. I had to give up the second one once I checked my phone and saw a message from Mike that he was on his way back. I ploughed into work so I’d be free to make him a coffee around 6.30 pm when he arrived. I was just about to go for a shower at 7.00 pm when he turned up and I’d just locked the door. Out of the kindness in my heart I let him in. Well, that and the fact I knew he’d wash my hair. Once I’d had my shower we watched TV for a while and I got an update on his day. I stayed there until after the last episode of Ripper Street then came through to attack the mail again. Mike’s day had obviously been trying when he said he was going to bed at 10.30 pm but he kindly offered to apply the new steroid cream for me knowing there were some difficult places I couldn’t see on my lower back and those I couldn’t reach like my lower legs.. I left the post at 11.00 pm to start the blog and I doubt I’ll get back to it later. It will have to be the morning.

Saturday 19th.

Light off last night at 12.35 am as I didn’t much feel like reading. Yes I know that’s almost criminal but in fairness it had been a long day. I expect today to be just as long since I got up at 2.41 am which even had I fallen asleep very quickly last night gives me 2 hours at best. Still, looking on the bright side at least I had extra time with the post and also with being able to coat my skin in the steroid gunk. I started on the mail as soon as I returned from my first visit to the loo and powered up the computer. One of the first pieces of mail I had was about a distribution firm for Apple trying to encourage more users back to the label by offering the latest i6 phone in the UK for £1 which ends at midnight tonight. I was actually tempted for a few minutes but decided to stay with Virgin and my old phone. There was an ipod shuffle free with each phone and I wouldn’t have minded that.

I was up to date on both mail accounts by 4.50 am and I decided to sit in my chair in the lounge and try for an hours sleep. Well that was a waste of time. At 5.30 am I went through to the kitchen and took my meds, had some breakfast and returned to my desk with a coffee. Not much mail so I had chance to search ebay for the ring Mike is still chasing. At 6.30 am  after his first alarm I took his coffee through and called him. Just to try and penetrate the fog of sleep I asked him to put his glasses on and come see me when his eyes were open. His second alarm was what finally got him up ten minutes later though my message must have got through because he arrived to see what I’d found. When he’d looked he went through to the lounge to exercise his lungs with a cigarette and to have his drink. I carried on working.

We left the house at 7.30 am and headed for the Supermarket. Mike talked of a change and I was happy to fall in with that but when he asked what I’d been going to buy today I said toys and we ended up in the usual supermarket after all. I didn’t actually buy any toys in there but got good ideas.We took a minor detour on the way home and I ended up getting all my Christmas toys in one go. That’s a good chunk of the ladies and now the children taken care of.  It leaves a few ladies and the most difficult of all-The Men. Thinking cap time. Once the food shopping was finished we had a coffee before we set off on our detour. We were a little later than usual in Flint and somebody was unhappy that his usual parking space had gone. But he was soon brightened up with a cup of coffee and a sigh of his favourite girls in Temptations (Sorry Kyle). He had his teasted toecake and a couple of biskwits and he was a happy bunny for five minutes.   I’d remembered to bring an antibiotic out to take at midday and I had a drink in the car so took it while we decided what to do. In the end it was to have lunch in Prestatyn and visit the jeweler we’d gone to 3 weeks ago. We had a lovely lunch and walked up the road to find she was on holiday until later in the month. Ah well, the sun was shining, I picked up a couple of small gifts and then on the way home it was so nice Mike put the top of the car down.

Once we got home and put the shopping away. I ran from Joey’s bollocking and came to work . I asked Mike to change the millet if Joey finally came out of the cage. He said he would, and when I nipped in there a little later he’d managed it. What’s more Joey had shut up. Result! I worked from 3.10 pm to 7.00 pm without a break almost clearing the backlog. To save complaints I stayed with Mike then to watch some TV for company. Trouble was, I got caught up in an old episode of Jonathan Creek  and it reached 10.15 pm almost before I’d noticed it. I eschewed some roast beef sarnies in favour of getting through here to do the blog so I’d be ready for my midnight deadline. I’m going to make it. Where I might have a problem is catching up on the rest of the mail again. Still. Mike won’t be here for lunch tomorrow as he has to go back to Manchester. That means he won’t be nagging  gently reminding me that I shouldn’t work all the time.


Have a Wonderful Week everyone, health, wealth and Hugs Galore.


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#Newbooks. Infinite Waters: 9+1 Speculative Fiction Short Stories @Nicholas_Rossis. Pure imagination in bite-size installments. #FREE


Good writing from a Great Human Being FREE.

Originally posted on Just Olga:

Hi all:

Friday is the day for new books and guest authors. I always love to have authors who have already featured in my blog come back with new offerings. It warms my heart to see that, however hard the task, we’re all committed to writing and creating new worlds.

Today is one of these occasions, as Nicholas Rossis, a fantastic author and a generous blogger, is back with his new book. Just in case you missed my previous post about his books, here it is.

Author Nicholas Rossis Author Nicholas Rossis

And he brings us a treat for those of you who enjoy short and speculative fiction.

Infinite Waters by Nicholas Rossis Infinite Waters by Nicholas Rossis

Infinite Waters: 9+1 Speculative Fiction Short Stories by Nicholas C. Rossis

Ten speculative fiction short stories and flash fiction, written by the award-winning author of Pearseus and Runaway Smile.

Although they seem to be concerned with various…

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Microsoft Annoys Me Again.

Sunday 6th September 2015.

I read slightly later this morning with my light going out about 1.20 am. I wasn’t expecting to sleep very well as my legs had been itchy enough for me to draw blood scratching. But, I’d put on some of the moisturising cream I have hopefully to cool the legs down. I did sleep solidly however until 4.16 am when I knew it was time to rise and shine. No-one would ever need to worry about being near me in the mornings, I’m not a bear with a sore head type. I wake up quite even tempered. If asked whether I’m a morning or evening person I’d probably say morning but I’m pretty good at the other end of the day too. I wouldn’t have the stamina for all night dancing but could probably give the Scrabble board a run for it’s money. After I’d paid a visit to the loo I came back and powered up the computer.

It was a slow start on comments to the blog but that doesn’t worry me,people have lives to lead after all. There were plenty of likes anyway so there had been visitors.There was still plenty of mail to deal with so I just got on with it. I only worked until 6.00 am before taking a break to take my morning meds, the things that keep me placid for you. I didn’t want breakfast but was ready for my cup of coffee. I took it back to work with me. I was plodding away at things when I heard a sound. Glancing at my watch I found it was 9.15 am and Michael had risen under his own power.I quickly tidied up here and went through to make him a coffee. We sat chatting for quite a while before he started checking his tablet to see if he could find the right stone for the new ring. It was 11.30 am before a decision was made about going out for dinner. Up to that point I thought he might drive to Manchester and have lunch with his sister who flies back tomorrow. When we got in the car I had no idea where we were going, it was only when we passed a certain point I could see we were going to Prestatyn.

We parked up in front of the shops and walked to the pub, The Cookhouse. You’ll be getting the impression we’re impressed with the meals and you’d be right.I lost the argument about who was paying this week and had to give in gracefully. We chose a table and Mike marked it with his hat. He ordered the drinks and brought mine over, his coffee was delivered then we lined up for the carvery. That was good, just one person in front of me. An easy choice when asked, just beef please and yes to Yorkshire, Yes to stuffing and yes to little sausage which I give to Mike. By the time I’d added veg and potatoes to my plate it took 3 of us to carry it back to the table. Mike had 3 meats on his plate , pork, gammon and beef. The meat just melted in my mouth. It was fantastic. After lunch we visited a couple of shops before heading back for the car and home. I needed to get back to work. Mike is staying again tonight as he’s taking his Dad to the doctor’s tomorrow so  I left him in front of the TV doing my job of dozing while I hit the emails. It took from almost 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm to more or less catch up and go through for my own sleep. I had another period of work from 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm then I stayed watching a ‘spook’ programme with Mike till 11.30 pm. I came back to deal with a short blog on an uneventful day, before bed. The mail can wait until tomorrow.

I have a query though which someone will be able to solve for me. In one of the blog comments a friend noted that she blushed when she found out how Nanny Ogg was so named in the Terry Pratchett books. I understood most of his humour and loved his work but that one slipped by me and no amount of thought is bringing me light. What am I missing?

Monday 7th.

I read till 1.00 am last night before turning my light out. Having squeezed the last of the steroid cream out of the tube, at least my legs weren’t driving me mad and I managed to drop off. ( an improvement on being kicked out I suppose). I woke this morning at 4.03 am . I was sort of mid-conversation with my bladder and once we reached the point where it said “I’m leaving and you can’t stop me” I  thought I’d better make a move to the Piddle Palace to let it go. Fully relieved not to be carrying any contentious passengers I returned to my bedroom and powered up the computer. I logged onto gmail and set to working my way through it. Thanks to my laziness of last night there was a fair bit there but not all required a response. I was clear by 6.10 am and went to take my morning meds and make a coffee before continuing. When I returned with my drink  there were 4 more messages waiting. One of them mentioned an upcoming ‘readathon’ and how books to be read are chosen. Some people get their books in an order and read them in the order received while others (like me)decide what to read based on how I feel at that moment. For instance , I may not feel like a steamy romance when I have just finished a book but prefer something light and humorous so that’s what I’ll go for. It may mean that certain books may remain unread in my pile for a long time. It led me to wonder if my books are in someone’s pile waiting to be read also. It also made me wonder, since I know some author friends will also read and comment on books, whether I could request someone read one of mine and perhaps review it on their blog. People have obviously read and reviewed my books but I don’t think I’ve had a book featured on a blog.I realised I’m not good at putting myself forward and might not like to be put in that position myself so quickly dropped the notion. What if someone has read them and out of kindness not blogged them?

I opened my talktalk mailbox and started sifting those. By 7.50 am I was clear there also and decided to see if Joey was ready to come out of his cage. To avoid upsetting him with my hand in his cage yesterday I hung his millet somewhere different. Since I noticed him only eating one part of it now, the part within reach, I’m not sure whether to restore it to the original place or to persevere in the hopes he’ll have the nous to change perch and attack it in the new place. I can’t move it until he comes out. When he did come out it was to enjoy a mad half hour. Flying round the room at different levels, almost coming to a halt in mid-air to change direction and almost dive bombing my hair until I almost had a parting. I haven’t but only because Mike cut my hair last evening and there’s not much left.

I wasn’t sure what time Mike would be leaving today so I took a coffee through and woke him at 9.00 am. As I passed back that way from work at 9.15 am I called to him not to let it go cold. As always, that threat moved him and he trotted through to the lounge. We sat together watching Frasier and then Homes Under the Hammer. Normally I would have returned to work at that point but he showed no inclination to leave. He did get dressed though when I said the warden would be visiting. When Val did come about 11.30 am I said I had visitors, passed over her chocolates and said I’d see her next week. At least I had Mike dressed now. At midday I asked Mike if he wanted some lunch. As he’d had a late breakfast I didn’t know if he would. Anyway he said yes so I set to peeling my sweet potatoes. When done I chopped them up and made ready to put them in the microwave. I laid sausages on some tinfoil on the grill pan of the stove and opened a tin of petit pois. I took my pre-foodie tablet and set the sausages going. After 5 minutes I set the sweet potatoes going too. When time was almost up Mike came to see if I needed a hand so he mashed the spuds and then made some onion gravy. I set the peas going and started to dish up the sausages. Mike dished out the spuds then I did the peas added the gravy and we were ready. It was very nice.

After Bargain Hunt I fell asleep and Mike disappeared quietly. I was only out until 1.45 pm so it wasn’t long but I woke feeling someone should be there even though I knew Mike had gone. It’s strange, but more and more I get the feeling I’m not alone before it hits me that I am. I returned to work as the mail had built up during my skive. I was at it until 4.10 without a break so when I took one, I stayed away a couple of hours again.  I was so annoyed at myself for forgetting some things that were ending on ebay at just gone 5.00 pm. I would have got them and made a start on my Christmas shopping. I ended up staying in the lounge till 8.00 pm after MASH. Joey had gone back in his cage and the aerobatics were over for the day though I was excited with one breakthrough, that Joey had come out and sat on a picture frame on the drawers next to his cage. The first time he’s ever varied his perches.  I turned everything off and returned to work. Apart from a trip to the kitchen at 9.30 pm to get my meds I stayed with the work. At 10.00 pm I seemed to have a lull in proceedings so went straight onto the blog. As soon as I finish I’ll check the mail again, have a look at ebay and maybe get an early night ready for seeing Yvonne and Reuben tomorrow.

It's Frothy Man.

It’s Frothy Man.

Tuesday 8th.

I did get a slightly earlier night but read until 1.00 am before putting the light out and turning over, and over and over. I finally ended up in the position I normally sleep in but on top of the covers last night.The itching stopped, the heat cooled and I finally got to sleep.It was a bit of a surprise then to wake up at 3.14 am. A visit to the loo was on the cards before I came back and turned the computer on. ( I think it was the sexy voice that did it in the end).I clicked to go to the internet and got my first disappointment of the day ‘Google Chrome is not responding’ just what I needed. After a couple of minutes it behaved normally and I was able to sign in to my gmail. There was quite a bit there but one in particular stood out today. Someone has decided not to be ashamed of her mental illness anymore. How others perceive it is their problem not hers. A young lady called Rachel on was also making some excellent points about a recent poster campaign in the U.S.  I doubt there was any intent to annoy the mentally ill as I’m sure the poster was meant to convey something else but the message seems to have been causing some distress to some of those with a mental illness while trying to bring about gun control.

At 5.24 am I’d finished with gmail and opened my talktalk mail which is still coming through. I’d finished there by 6.00 am and was on my way to the kitchen. Time to take my meds and make myself a coffee. I decided on breakfast today then changed my mind and thought I’d have something out with Yvonne. I brought my coffee through and started to get dressed. I thought about tight trousers so Yvonne couldn’t see the legs but wasn’t sure I could stand the itching where the cloth rubbed. I’d have to take my chances ,my natural charm and degree in obfuscation seem to be letting me down recently.In the end I went with skinny leg but purely by accident as I happened to find some cream coloured jeans at the bottom of the pile. Once dressed I returned to work on the new messages that had come in. I was so glad to see the return of my friend Olga from her self imposed exile otherwise known as a holiday. Posts from friends Sue at Daily Echo and Sarah at  First Night Design were of particular interest today though that’s not unusual for them. Sue mentioned her son Nick who has just completed a London to Brighton by bike race on a bike specially adapted for his particular disability. He’s frankly amazing. Sarah on the other hand presented a tale which I was inclined to think of as true until near the end but which was very entertaining nonetheless.

As 7.30 am approached I prepared myself to walk to the bus stop for my ride to Chester. I could almost guarantee falling asleep today. At 7.45 I was safely ensconced on the bus, in my nice safe little seat, chin resting on my crutches and eyes closed ready to drop off. It didn’t take long to happen and I was in and out of a doze all the way there. There was no sign of them at the bus stop so I walked in the direction they arrive from. I was almost at the point where we were in the shop Reuben practised his projectile vomiting in before they arrived. I though Heck,what harm could it do and suggested we went in again. This time we were lucky and Reuben was feeling fine. I bought MuJo a fun colour changing, mood enhancing, remote control light bulb to play with. I just hope their lights have bayonet fittings now. We went from there to have our coffee but for a change went to a Wetherspoon’s ( Big Pub Chain) and had a cooked breakfast there. I must be losing my touch as I lost the argument on paying there too. It was quite nice but I do wish they’d lay off the smoked meats (my bacon) and if they advertise fried eggs,not produce scrambled eggs instead. Luckily I like those too.

We went to our normal shop to find a white shirt for Reuben and I was able to get Yvonne a long cardigan too. I don’t care how much she screamed. No wonder Reuben has tantrums. I wanted to get some green jeans for Mike but they didn’t have his size. It seems the population has 34″ legs this year. I paid for what I needed to and then we stepped outside and I lit a cigarette. Wonderful. We took a slow walk to another shop where we could get a book for Reuben and from  there over to a Supermarket so Yvonne could pick up some posh champagne and a few other goodies as well as a Wedding Congratulations card.Time spent queueing up meant my time was rapidly running out and Yvonne needed to get Reuben home for a sleep before she had to go to work. So we took a walk to my bus stop, waited a couple of minutes for it to arrive and then hugged and kissed goodbye. I got a continuous wave from Reuben. I was able to nod off for big chunks of the journey home which made it go quite quickly. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t feel the urge to dash to the loo and was able to drop in at Pauline’s.

I picked up bread, cigarettes and a frozen chips with curry sauce. When I got in I took my crutches off and hung my coat up then went straight to the lounge to talk to Joey as I unpacked the bag. I wanted him to hear my voice and see I was home with him. I took a pre-foodie then put the chips in the microwave, buttered two pieces of bread and prepared my tray making sure I had the after food tablets ready. I was watching the news as I ate and Joey started responding to  the sounds. I carried on talking to him though I did go quiet for a moment when the weather forecast came on. Nice till Friday it said. How typical to have good weather now the kids are back in school and then more rain when they’re off at the weekend. Very bad planning somewhere. After lunch I had to apologise to Joey as I left him so I could come to work. There was enough there to keep me from 1.50 pm to 4.10 pm. That meant I was able to see my Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. I stayed in the lounge till 6.30 pm and then came back  again till 8.00 pm when there was a DIY SOS to watch.Then came a film and I didn’t return until 10.50 pm to deal with the blog. I’ve a feeling I may be doing post late tonight.

Yoga. I thought she said yoghurt!

Yoga. I thought she said yoghurt!

Hmm, I wonder if I dare.

Hmm, I wonder if I dare.

Wednesday 9th.

I did the post until 12.20 am then got into bed and turned the light out. I recall waking and going to the loo but can’t remember the time. When I next woke it was 2.22 am. I lay there a while hoping to get off again but it wasn’t working so I sat on the edge of the bed and had a cigarette. By now I was fully alert ( be nice to lerts, you don’t know the day they’ve had) and got up to turn the computer on. I started on my gmails and they kept coming and coming. It’s not even my birthday. It was 4.49 am before I  managed to clear the box. By 5.18 am I’d cleared the duplicates and dealt with the mail from talktalk. I thought that maybe now if I sat in a darkened room I might nod off again so I wandered through to the lounge and my chair. From the light outside I could just make Joey out perched on his millet grip at the side of the cage. I hoped he was enjoying good dreams. I couldn’t nod off though and at 6.00 am gave up trying and went to take my morning meds. Since it’s games night tonight and I may not get chance of tea, I decided to have breakfast. Cold toast isn’t the best idea you can have when you have an abscess but who said age brought common sense. Just as well I’d taken pain killers just minutes before. I took my coffee back to my desk wishing the pain would go away. Oops,he left Monday didn’t he. It’s OK he knows I love him.

I worked until 10.00 am then went to watch my house auction programme and chatter to Joey. We’d just got started when the postman came and brought my second item from Hong Kong. It’s very minimal but pretty nonetheless. I hope it will make a great Christmas gift. I managed most of the programme before nodding off in my chair but it was the ending music that woke me again so I missed the final valuations. Drat, the sleeping is really mistimed. I’m surprised Joey didn’t wake me as he’d been happy chatting up till then. No aerial acrobatics so far today but it’s early days yet. I came through again at 11.00 am to catch up which I did quite easily. I left feedback for Hong Kong and then at 11.50 am went through to sort out my lunch. A nice easy cottage pie today. I watched Bargain Hunt while I ate though I did nod off before the auction again. I must have been out for almost an hour.

When I came to, I had to turn the TV off and was going to go straight back to work but first Joey  sounded rather chatty. I spent some time enticing him out and saying what a clever boy he was. Fair enough he doesn’t speak English and has no idea what I’m chunnering about but hopefully the tone of my voice will show some kind of approval. I mentioned the other day how excited I was at seeing Joey try another perch for a change. Today it was better still. He came out, flew around to the left of the cage and tried to land in Ju’s flowers. Obviously their movement put him off, but instead of flying away he just adjusted his sights and landed on a picture of Ju in front of them. I wasn’t so pleased when he tried to eat the flowers but I knew I couldn’t have everything. I’m really hopeful that he’s getting very close to trusting me enough to land on me. Playtime over I returned to work. There was lots of it and it kept me occupied until 4.15 pm. At that point I gave up as it was close to the time Dil has been arriving. I got through to the lounge, turned the box on ready for the Antique show and I saw Dil through the window, I moved to the kitchen to make his drink. We watched the antiques and then our usual quiz before the box when off and the business of the evening started.

I won the Yahtzee 4-2 so there was no need to play another 6 tonight. In trivia we both got all our segments but Dil reached the centre first. The card I drew had six questions I was sure he’s answer but I had to choose one. He answered it straight away. I ran through the other 5 questions on the card to see how he’d have done and he answered 4 of them. The one he didn’t get was the one I would never have asked because it’s his subject of choice and I was sure he’d know it. That game was his. Because we’d only had the one Yahtzee we’d saved some time and could turn to cards. We had four games of Cribbage and each won two. It was totally honours even for the night. Dil left and I washed the pots and tidied up then had a few minutes to say goodnight to Joey. He let me get quite close to the cage without moving away but the moment I moved my hand to close the door he flew to the back of the cage in panic. The other Joey’s will be spinning in their graves at the timidity of this bearer of their proud name. I put the lights out and came away, then went straight back to get my evening meds.

Work took me a long time to catch up so I wasn’t able t start the blog until 11.10 pm. I’m almost ready for bed now though so I’m going to write faster.I’m sorry if you can only read slowly.

parklife 3

parklife 4

Thursday 10th

In bed by 12.15 am and I read until 1.10 am. I don’t think it was too hard to get off to sleep as I only counted about 6 sheep. I woke this morning at 2.39 am with a stiff neck and the wish I didn’t need to go to the loo. I stood up and the stiff neck disappeared. ( You notice I didn’t say pain in the neck so you didn’t think I was referring to anyone). After the loo I powered up the computer and started work. All was fine until 4.00 am when suddenly mid-comment the bloody thing closed down. Yes,it’s my old pal Microsoft with more updates. Yet again no warning, yet again no chance to delay the event for a few hours. I waited ‘patiently’ for the screen to restart and made an effort to stop grinding my teeth as the neighbours were appearing at their windows  looking for an army on route march. The screen reopened, I stopped grinding and the neighbours went back to bed. Annoyingly when I tried to reopen the internet it wouldn’t do so and put up one of those silly Oops messages.It took a while before my efforts succeeded.  Then I had to find the post I was working on to complete my comment. By 4.15 am I was clear on gmail and opened my talktalk to start there. After deleting the duplicates there were just 22 left to do which took me to 4.55 am. With nothing else before me I started my Christmas list and opened ebay.

At 6.00 am I had breakfast and took my morning meds. All I need is a roll now since I already shake and now rattle. At 7.00 am I went through and sat with Joey to coax him out so I could do his food and water and also put a new millet in as the last one is as bare as it gets. I nodded off in front of the TV until 8.50 am when I decided to get dressed and pay a visit to Pauline’s. I left home taking the weight of my right leg with the crutches and came back trying to take the weight of my left leg. It’s quite difficult to change the flow. Those lottery tickets must have been heavy. It took me longer to get back than usual. When I did get in I checked for more messages and quite a few had arrived. I did as many as I could before going to watch Homes Under the Hammer at 10.00 am. An hour later I was back here catching up again until lunchtime approached. 11.45 am was my knock off point but I’ll have to work harder when I get back to keep up.  Lunch was great. I opened a tin of beef slices in gravy and had it with microchips and tinned veg. It was very tasty, especially with the bread and butter I had for the leftover gravy at the end. I watched and enjoyed Bargain Hunt and I saw it to the bitter end. Joey flew close above my head a couple of times so I sensed he wanted to help himself to my food but he still can’t pluck up the nerve. I suppose in the future I’ll relish this time and wonder why I ever encouraged him.

At 1.00 pm I washed the pots and then returned to work. It doesn’t take long for the poor mailman to start getting a bad back from all the mail sent. At 2.12 pm I had the overwhelming urge to sleep. With no-one due I took the risk and fell onto the bed. I was away with the fairies in no time at all. I didn’t come round until 3.16 pm at which time I finished the mail I’d been halfway through and carry on with the rest. I was done in both mail boxes at 4.05 pm so retired to the lounge and my leisure time. I did nothing but ake encouraging sounds to Joey until half past and then shut up when my PYMWYMI came on. He must have thought he’d gone deaf. I stayed with him until 7.00 pm. At least I occupied the same room but to be honest he might have done a tap dance on my head at one point and I wouldn’t have known. I did get one episode of DIY SOS though and he didn’t seem inclined to visit. I had a text from Mike to say he was on his way. Earlier than I thought. I expect him about the 9.00 pm mark. I got to work to clear as much as I could before he arrived. I’m not having a late night tonight whatever happens. At 8.30 I went through to get his mug ready and fill the kettle. He waltzed in about 9.15 am to find me in the kitchen making the coffee. His only thought, a worry that I’m cross with him. Something it would be hard to be since I haven’t seen him since Monday. Of course I could get quite cross with him if he didn’t take his hot coffee out of my shaky hands before I spill it over my feet. We sat and chatted until 10.00 pm when I came through to work though even then he followed me to ask questions about my purchases or to show me a ring on ebay. Eventually I was able to start the blog and still have time to catch up on the mail afterwards.

Friday 11th.

I was in bed early and didn’t read quite as much as usual. My light was off by 12.30 am. It was a struggle to find sleep though. I couldn’t toss and turn as this bed’s only big enough to do one of them, but my pillow was spinning. I know 1.00 am came and went since there’s no stopping time but I don’t know how late it was before I eventually dropped off. I was up at 3.59 am and raring to go. It’s not fair really as there’s no-one to see the razor like wit in action and if I wake Joey he doesn’t understand.                         I followed my usual  path, a trip to the loo then straight back to power up the computer.  Straight into gmail with no hesitation  and then to talktalk at 5.26 am before going to take my morning meds, do my trays for the next week and have breakfast. by 6.15 am I was back at my desk. I worked until I was clear at about 8.00 am then went to feed Joey and open the cage door. I sat with him for a while and was surprised when Mike walked in about 8.30 am. Mind you, I’m pretty sure he was surprised as well. it must have been nearly an hour before he could say Good Morning. At 9.30 am I headed to my room as I intended watching Homes Under the Hammer at 10.00 am and I needed to catch up what I could. At 9.55 am Mike came through fully dressed and coat on ready to go to his Dad’s early today. I watched my programme while Joey did his aerial aerobatics without ever once touching me. I got a couple of real tellings off from the cage as well but I guess that was for putting my hands in and sorting out his fallen millet again.

At 11.00 am I left the miserable one on his own and skulking in his cage while I came to check the damage. I set to work to do as many as possible and actually managed to bet clear by 11.53 am. Perfect time for lunch. I had a corned beef hash and invited Joey to join me. He didn’t even r.s.v.p. He missed out on a really nice Rolo chocolate pudding, his own fault. I saw the whole of Bargain Hunt with one team taking home over £400 and the other team nearly half that. All sales made a profit as did the experts choice. Quite a event. I washed the pots and came back through before I fell asleep. Naturally the first thing here is that I start nodding over my keyboard. Since my forehead is so heavily scarred from doing that at 2.15 am I gave up and went to kip in my chair. Because it often helps me, I turned the TV on low. Unfortunately there was a quiz on I’ve never seen before so the sleep lasted about 5 minutes before I got hooked. That meant when I came back here at 3.00 pm I was still tired and that the emails had amassed again. I had to sit and behave until 4.30 pm. I watched my antiques programme or at least that bit of it I wasn’t asleep for. I woke up halfway through the quiz. Rats!! Just before 6.00 pm I got a text from Mike to say he was on his way back so I watched Eggheads till 6.30 pm then spent half an hour on the emails. I did quite well but at 7.00 pm I needed to go for my shower. I was just getting ready when the door opened. Mike did my hair for me and asked If I wanted a shave. I refused graciously as it pays never to insult an armed man. Anyway as soon as the shower was done, A Question of Sport was on to be followed by Mastermind, Would I Lie To You and then an episode of Ripper Street.

Everything was going to plan until 9.00 pm when Mike said he was going to make a coffee , could he get me anything? I jokingly suggested bacon sandwiches. He agreed so we missed the first couple of minutes of Ripper Street doing that . But what a treat they were. Someone in the programme used a fountain pen and we both questioned that until afterwards when Mike googled it to find the first ones were used in the 1700’s though the better ones were in the late 1800’s. I left him reading up on them and went to take my meds then come back to work.I was nicely up to date by 10.45 pm and able to do the blog.

It fascinated me how anyone could reach these notes and still be healthy. Ah well, perhaps it was just an 80’s thing. Enjoy.

Saturday 12th.

My light went out at 1.05 am and I know it didn’t take long for sleep to arrive. No itchy legs after the shower and no discomfort in bed. I must have gone out like a light as I didn’t wake until 3.14 am. I paid a trip to Piddle Town and when I returned fired up the computer. I was working away at the messages and updates when at 3.50 am I hada massive sneezing fit, a very unusual 5 on the trot very loud ones. I usually do three max. I was pretty amazed not to have disturbed Mike but perhaps it didn’t sound like WW III. I stuffed a menthol tissue up my nose and pressed on. By 4.30 am I’d done my gmail and by 5.10 am my talktalk. It was time to head for ebay to see if I have any goodies coming in today.  Well, there’s a rather nice ring at 3.00 pm but do I need another ring even if it’s a good price? Shouldn’t I be starting my Christmas shopping now?Well worry not, I have done. I can’t say who or what though but I have made a start. I do need to kick start my imagination this year  or ask people for some idea of what they want.At 5.30 am I went through to get my meds and a cup of coffee . I’m not due to move Heaven and Earth to get Mike up till 6.30 am. I must make sure my crowbar’s handy. At 6.30 am Mike’s alarm went off, and a few minutes later as I took his coffee through I went off too. I disappeared back to work then to listen for the second alarm which duly came at 6.45 am. I thought I’d give it a moment or two before repeating my visit but I heard the patter of tiny feet as he beat me to it and took his coffee through to the lounge. Today’s score A-2, C-1.

I joined him in the lounge for a while but felt I was wasting time I could use to keep the mail down, especially as I had no idea how long I’d be out today. So Ilet Mike dozing and came through again. Bloody typical he’s let me get halfway through a message then come to my door to ask why I’m not ready. It was only 7.20 am. I had to get my bum into gear. Luckily my shoes were on from taking the bins out so it was just my jacket , gloves and my sticks. Then I had to go through the checklist like a schoolboy on a day out to make sure I had everything. Sprays, check, wallet, check, parking card, check, cashcards, check. OK, I can go out now. We were at the Supermarket for 7.45 am and I was at the cash machine looking for the jackpot. Mike got the trolley. First , sweet potatoes and then to the flowers. I said we didn’t need much but still ended up getting three bunches for variety. The basket seemed to be filling nicely yet there wasn’t much food I thought. The woman on the till tried to bankrupt me while Mike stood and asked her to charge more so he could watch my heart give out. He said it’s the only proof he’ll accept that I have one. We went for a coffee and spent some time trying to decide what to do today. In the end we decided we’d still go to Flint as usual but then on to Conway where we haven’t been for ages.

Mike nipped into Temptations to use the loo while I went over to get some chocolates for the girls. All the Christmas stocks are appearing on the shelves now. Mike joined me there to carry the shopping bag and to go to another shop then we went for out drink. Ceri was there so we both got hugged. We’re hoping we might have her back on Saturdays on a regular basis. Once we’d finished there we drove to Conwy and parked up close to the castle then started our circuit of the town without going on th castle walls for a change. This was for the shops. But first we stopped for lunch. We kept it pretty light since I wouldn’t be allowed to fall asleep on the cafe table. From there we continued down the small High Street with one of the oldest Elizabethan houses in Wales and it’s resident ghost.   We hit a few shops on the way down and turned right at the bottom. We could have continued 20  yards further onto the Quay from which I’ve posted pictures of the Smallest House in Wales previously but I wanted to go into the National Trust shop which is also an original Elizabethan building and has a superb fireplace with grotesque masks either side. You have to be very careful to duck when in there so don’t get carried away looking at all the stuff on sale. We had a look round a new antique shop which was very good and then made our way to th Knight’s Shop which sells swords, armour,Welsh mead and a whole host of other chivalrous things. To complete the circle we stopped and had a cuppa before getting in the car to head home.

We got home at about 4.00 pm. After unpacking and putting away the shopping I came through to start work while Mike waited for football (Manchester United) to begin. I worked until 7.20 pm which coincided with the end of the match then went to sit with Mike for a while. The while lasted until 10.15 pm at which time I had to leave a programme mid-way and come back to work. It was 11.00 pm before I could start the blog.

You hide, I'll count to One and come find you.

You hide, I’ll count to One and come find you.

Come out, come out wherever you are.

Come out, come out wherever you are.

I wish you all a Wonderful Week full of Hugs and Dreams come true.





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In Honor of Grandparents Day (September 13)

This should please all you ladies out there. Confirmation of who is in charge really.


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Bank Holiday Brush Off & Kicked Out Of Bed.

Sunday 30th Aug 2015.

I turned my light off early last night, foregoing any reading in favour of sleep. That’s despite the couple of house I got during the evening. So, light out at 12.15 am and I decided to pay a trip to the loo in the hopes of a peaceful night. But, as I came out of the loo Mike called me to sit on his bed while he showed me ring after ring on the net. The current idea is to buy a heavy Victorian/Edwardian ring with something like garnet in which can be removed and replaced by a topaz. The big drawback I can see to this idea is that an old fashioned heavy ring may cost about £150. Then the jeweller charges £10-£20 per claw to put the new stone in plus no doubt a fee for doing the work. You may end up spending more than the value of he ring if it has say 10 claws. Eventually I crawled away to bed and tried to sleep.

I woke this morning at 3.42 am and though I knew I was still tired, I was awake and needing some painkillers. By 4.00 am I’d had some and by 5.00 am had topped up with the chewable Disprin Direct I’d got. I was making progress with my mail too except I kept nodding off and having to remember what I was doing before I did. We’re only talking 5 minute power naps here but it doesn’t take much to throw me off my stride. However the mail was still going down and was still coming in too. I went through at 6.30 am to  take my daily meds and Joey was bouncing about his cage having short arguments with all his bells. I thought maybe he was becoming institutionalised and decided to grant him early parole. I opened the large door in the cage and out he came like a speeding bullet straight for my chest. Luckily for me he swerved at the last minute and flew to the mirror where he had a major disagreement with himself.

I woke Mike at 9.15 am with a coffee because he’s off to Manchester for lunch today (I was invited). I came through to the computer and lost myself in mail and then another power nap. Mike got up at 10.00 am to a cold coffee. By 11.00 am he was on his way saying he’d see me next Thursday. It’s a big family lunch with father, sister and his sister and brother in law from Canada. It’ll  probably be  hoot but I bet it’s also loud. I worked until 11.50 am and then made myself some new potatoes, some mixed veg and a lamb hock. Very tender meat it was very nice but took longer than usual as I tried to eat on one side of the mouth. I made sure to have my before and after tablets too. I took a short look at a programme where people buy left luggage and one based in the UK where they sell those self storage units when the holder is in arrears. I thought the U.S. one was bad but I hate the image the UK one sends out. Despite Joey’s best efforts I managed to sleep for nearly two hours after which conscience dictated I get off my fat bum and do some work. There was a lot of post waiting.

At 6.15 pm I decided to have tea. I took my pre-foodie without planning what to eat so that was responsible for the rushed decision to eat two strawberry trifles and two chocolate eclairs. If Mike had eaten them I wouldn’t have had to. I watched an episode of a Canadian Crime Thriller called Murdoch which Mike introduced me too then seeing that the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was on later I decided to watch that so came back to work for now. The film was excellent second time round. I look forward to seeing the next one sometime.

Reuben and his cousin Jude.

Reuben and his cousin Jude.



Monday 31 st .

Light’s out 12.30 am. No late night visits to the loo and a waking up time of 6.13 am. Could the day get any better? Fair enough, it was a pretty drug fueled night but then every night is that to some degree. Now if only I could do it and stay awake just think how I could  part-ay. I can just imagine the videos of that going viral on youtube. I concentrated on trying to get my gmail down to a workable degree, last night appears to have been a very busy one for many of you. By 6.30 am I’d had my morning meds and brought a coffee through to work, the next time I looked it was almost 7.00 am and I needed the pain killer top-up.I wandered through to the lounge where my disprin direct are and was reminded by Joey that he’s there and currently trapped in his cage. I had to promise I’d be back. I finishedthe gmail and went to talktalk and deleted all duplicate mail then  dealt with what was left. By 8.40 am I was able to go and see to Joey. I stayed with him a while before returning to work then came back when Homes Under The Hammer was on only to find I’d missed quarter of an hour due to time changes with the programmes. Still, we got three quarters of an hour of me repeating the same phrases and him chunnering at me. At least one of us is talking.

At 10.45 I came back to the bedroom and found a little flurry of mail waiting for me. It was fun dealing with it and sometimes making comments which I hoped were funny. I was greatly  cheered when one prolific author I count as friend tells me he’s coming to North Wales soon to test the beach and walk the dogs. With luck I’ll be able to find out when and waylay him somewhere near a cafe unless he elects to visit here for a drink.I seem to know  plenty of authors who live in mid to South Wales but the ones in the North are careful to keep themselves hidden away. Perhaps they heard I was looking for a collaboration to finish my half done book and get me back writing. Cowards! I worked until 12.00 pm then went to find lunch. During the morning I’d sent a text to Yvonne to see if they were free for lunch  But I suspect they thought they’d have to pay for a 4 course meal so claimed other commitments. Typical. Actually I was going to treat them.

After lunch I came back through to work, telling myself no break until the mail is at zero. It took longer than I thought and was almost 4.30 pm before I went back to the lounge. For some reason I didn’t watch my normal quiz but was glued to the screen to 6.00 pm watching DIY SOS Big Builds. Fascinating. It’s great to see people from an area rallying round to help one of their own in need and seeing the job that’s done to help them. Some of these are seriously big builds and managed in just 9 days. At 6.00 pm I watched Eggheads and then tempted though I was to stay, came back through to work. Judging by the waiting mail it’s just as well I did. It was 8.35 am before I got another break and went to turn a light on for Joey.I noticed they were showing Jason Bourne at 9.00 pm and as it’s some years since I saw that, I watched it. It ended at 11.15 pm so my flight back here was jet propelled to do the blog. The mail will have to wait.

Posing in the Park.

Posing in the Park.

Slip Slidin' Away.

Slip Slidin’ Away.

Tuesday 1st September.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I don’t know if my brain was overactive or I just couldn’t get comfy. I did eventually drop off only to be awakened at something stupid o’clock by a pair of knees in my back pushing me out of bed. Since it’s a single bed, the journey was very short. I’m not sure who was there with me but by the time I returned from the loo they were gone. I resumed sleep until 4.24 am. I woke up then to the feeling I wasn’t alone in the place ( discounting Joey III) and had to go check the double bed just to make sure. I hope the push wasn’t someone’s way of saying I kneed you! It’s funny the tricks our minds play on us sometimes.

I powered up the computer and signed into my gmail. Before starting though, I went to take my morning meds because I needed the painkillers and then made a coffee to bring back with me. An interesting batch of mail today which took me until 6.58 am to clear so I could start on the talktalk batch. That didn’t take long so by 7.15 am I was raring to go. No need to leave the house until 7.30 am for the bus though so I went and opened Joey’s cage so he had the same freedom I’m having. He fluttered in panic as I approached the cage so I assumed it still wasn’t quite light enough for him to make things out properly. It’s either that or I just make him panic in general. That might explain why he doesn’t use me as a perch, a resting place or a launch pad when he’s out and about. I always found budgies to be inquisitive rather than scaredy -cat. At 7.30 am I stepped outside into what was shaping up to be a nice morning. The rain had stopped, the sun was shining and all seemed peaceful. I caught thre bus with no bother and settled in my seat. I was the only one aboard at that point. Away we went and picked up a few passengers in Holywell. Time to close my eyes and doze. In Chester I had a text from Yvonne to say they were on their way but a little delayed as Reuben studied a pigeon taking a bath in a puddle. I forgave the delay as it was in pursuit of such a noble science project.

I walked towards them and received another text about changing our cafe this morning to one we’d promised to try many times. We met up at the door. I was allowed to kiss Reuben’s head and gently kissed Yvonne’s cheek as she almost screamed at the size of my face. I assured her it was under control and wouldn’t stop me eating. We both had breakfast and a drink while Reuben had his own drink and some toast. At least he would have had toast had he not been so busy eating his mother’s and my bacon. I eventually revenged myself on him with a slice of toast. He didn’t even notice. We left there and went to our usual store where I got Roobs some new clothes, some new bedding for Yvonne and even managed to get Karen some of those soft fleece settee covers she wanted. I know there will be arguments on the horizon over that. After a good look round there we left to go find some soft grip socks for me and get another drink as we were both thirsty. We were successful in both things. We tried a new cafe with a big collection of drinks including some very different milkshakes.  I had an iced coffee. The place was expensive but fun.

It was time to walk back towards the bus stop now and we all dragged our feet a bit. Partly because the bags on the pram were threatening to tip it over. Everyone says it’s always worse when they’re with me. I’m not sure what that means except maybe they take the opportunity to shop when someone else can look after Reuben? The bus was a little late in coming and was quite full. I wasn’t too impressed by the young teens who occupied the disabled seats  so they could face each other and talk but rudeness and lack of thought doesn’t surprise me anymore. I found another seat and sat back with my eyes closed. When we reached home I was able to visit Pauline’s because I’d been to the loo in the new cafe before we left. I came home, unpacked and said hello to Joey who didn’t budge an inch from his cage. Then I came through to suffer whatever punishment awaited me for going out. I came in the room at 1.15 pm and didn’t leave again until 4.40 pm. It was at that time I took a break and decided to have a late lunch/early tea. A quite tasty beef hot-pot hit the spot. I ate alone again as despite an invitation  Joey chickened out. I went through the usual quizzes and then returned to work at 6.30 am. I had a mad session catching up and decided to take my leisure at 8.00 pm but no late films like last night this time. I found instead the first episode of a police serial called The Last Detective starring Peter Davison as Dangerous Davies. I’d heard about it before but not seen it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was able to walk away and let Joey go to bed in peace at 10.00 pm. It also meant I was able to get to the blog a little earlier. I need some sleep and I have MuJo tomorrow.

Pops and Grandson

Pops and Grandson

Pops is funny Mummy.At least he smells it.

Pops is funny Mummy.At least he smells it.

Wednesday 2nd.

I did manage to get my light off by 12.30 am but it took a while to settle.I’d been in that state before sleep when things take on a dream quality. There was a quiz in my head and I just answered a question when there was a hand on the back of my neck. It was like an electric shock and galvanised me into wakefulness again. My hair was on end and I could still feel where the hand had been.  Eventually I managed to relax and sleep. Surprisingly it was 2.52 am when I woke and knew sleep was over, at least for then. Moaning to myself ( as no-one else would listen) I headed for the loo just for the pleasure of seeing it flush bloo. I came back and fired up the computer. Straight to my emails and I put my best foot forward and finished all the gmail account at 4.52 am. I heard Joey tweet so before doing anything else went through to see him. I couldn’t. It was just too dark so I guessed he was just having a bad dream. My chair looked inviting though so I hunkered down without turning the light on and lost myself to reverie and just possibly a few snores.I was back in the saddle again by 6.10 am but instead of going straight back to work I went to the kitchen and took my morning drugs. I also took a pre foodie ready to have some breakfast in case the opportunity for tea didn’t appear. If it’s anything like last week it’ll be  supper anyway. Once breakfast was done and dusted I returned to my mail straight away.At 8.30 am I interrupted myself for long enough to refill Joey’s food and water and to see to getting dressed myself. I was unsure at that point whether MuJo would still visit due to the weather. Since I got up the rain has been pouring down, bouncing off the ground. In truth I wasn’t sure how Muriel would cope with driving in such foul weather though I couldn’t imagine a way for her to have avoided it in the past. By 9.30 am there had been no message so I assumed they were still coming. Maybe things are due to improve, I know they watch the forecasts carefully.

I was forced into unusual household activity like dusting  the surfaces and hoovering up Joey’s husks from the floor. I don’t mind being a slob but don’t want people to witness it firsthand. Quiet Mike please. There was time for a few more messages before I went to prepare to do drinks as they arrived. They turned up just after 11.00 am by which time Joey had been forced to talk (or listen) to me for a while. Of course when they got here, he couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Actually John hushed Muriel to let her hear Joey speaking his name, declaring it hasn’t taken him long to learn while I’m thinking he should be holding conversations by now. We left at about 11.40 a to go for lunch. It was the chippy in Holywell again but the rain was coming sown so hard I was thinking you’d need an ark to get around up there. I didn’t realise they’d moved the end of the world up so much. After lunch we took a slowboat down the hill and along the coast road to Flint. A quick(ish) nip into Aldi saw me with a couple of things like a strawberry and rhubarb tart and a loaf of bread. From there we went to Temptations. I asked MuJo to go in while I went to get chocolates for the girls, when I got back my coffee was on the table waiting. We looked round a couple of shops after Tempies then came home again. They stayed long enough for John to take his afternoon tabs then said they’d head for home  themselves. I was carrying something out to the car, ready to wave them off at 4.40 pm when we met Dil just getting out of his car.

When they’d gone I came in to make Dil a cuppa. We sat and watched an antiques show then our usual quiz before the games started. It was a fierce competition on the Yahtzee. Dil won three games and when I complained he suggested I had a chance of winning the next three. He regretted that straight afterwards as that’s just what I did. As we were even, we set too playing another 6 games, Dil won 2 I won one, then I won 2 and Dil won 1. So even stevens again. We left it as a draw at that point and got the trivia out. Despite Dil getting more segments than me at first I did catch up then took over. Soon we had 6 apiece and both wanted to get back to the centre. Dil came off better at the end when I asked him a question he was able to answer. So, he won the laurels for the evening and I must seethe until I can revenge myself next week. Once Dil left at 9.30 pm I had a quick tidy then washed up. I had a piece of my tart which was delish thanks and then came through to face the music. Over 200 emails on gmail but wouldn’t you know it, talktalk is down for maintenance so I have no idea how many there are there and couldn’t touch them anyway. If I had hair I’d be tearing it out. I worked until 11.00 pm then did the blog and am going back to mail straight afterwards. Wish me luck.

A post earlier in the week I really enjoyed ( maybe because I love Balderdash) has some wonderful words. You might like them.


Thursday 3rd.

It was 3.41 am this morning. There had been an earlier call but that was for a loo trip and getting back to sleep afterwards no problem. I’d managed to finish my gmail post last night by 12.20 am and had only read till 1.00 am before turning out the light and trying to sleep, it seemed to come OK. So, this morning I opened and dealt with the gmail first before even checking to see if TalkTalk was back up. It was 5.43 am when gmailwas up to scratch and before doing anything further I took time to go take my morning meds and make myself a coffee.I couldn’t be bothered with breakfast so wasn’t away from my desk for too long. At 6.00 am I checked and found TalkTalk to be back up so nervously opened it up. There were loads of messages. At one time (BC-Before Cock-up) the mail list was one long continuous scrolling list. I much preferred that to the new existing list that shows of about 4 that can be increased to 10 . I used t be able to scroll through and clear the obvious chaff from what may be the wheat. Not any more. Now it’s clear some and then open a new page, increase it and start again. It took a long time. Then it was a case of checking which were duplicates of those I’d dealt with on gmail and deleting those before finally getting down to the nitty gritty of answering what was left. It was almost 8.30 am before I was done. I got dressed and went through to release Joey so I could clean his cage.

The cage didn’t get cleaned because Joey decided not to vacate. I didn’t want to stick my hand inside to scare him out and then find he’s  never going to come to a hand. Though it’s possible that ship already sailed. Instead I put my socks and shoes on and walked up to Pauline’s to renew my lottery tickets. Once I came home I decided to move some things off the coffee table and make it look a bit tidier. I really do need to do something drastic in that room though to be fair, I did start yesterday by giving John the two metal flamingos/storks for his garden. That freed up a little floor space. Once I’d done that and had a dust I fed my leather jacket which was showing signs of salt after being out in the rain yesterday. When 10.00 am arrived so did the postman. I was delighted to see something I’d ordered from Hong Kong last week  had arrived and I liked it. I started watching Homes Under the Hammer but nodded off after the first property and only woke up when the next programme started. I thought I’d better get back to the mail which was mounting up. Correction- had mounted up. I worked to just midday then left the rest until I’d eaten. I had a quick bing meal of chips with curry sauce while Bargain Hunt was on. Sorry, no curried face, I stayed awake.

After the programme I returned to work and started on the stuff I’d left earlier. That took me until 3.02 pm because of new mail being added all the time. I decided to take a break and see if Mike had texted me to say when he was coming. Nope, nothing. But while I was in the lounge Joey shot out of his cage like a scalded cat and did a circuit of the room with a dive bomb approach as he reached my head. There was no attempt at landing though he was maybe trying to clear a path for a landing  field across my scalp. He ended up perched on the mirror as his favourite place. I couldn’t miss the opportunity so grabbed my sponge and started cleaning the ladders, perches and the base of the cage down. Then I put new sandpaper down , changed the millet and gave him clean seed and water. Obviously unhappy, the minute I moved away from the cage he went back in and sat muttering on one of his perches. I don’t know whether he thinks I’ve taken something away or not but he doesn’t approve of me touching his cage at all. As it was almost 5.00 pm I decided to stay and watch my quiz but first I’d have some tea. I had my pre-foodie then made some toast. I added a slice of my strawberry and rhubarb tart to my plate ( before Mike got here) and sat down to see how many answers I  knew. It sometimes surprises me just how few people do know sometimes. I don’t mean sport and things like that, but the history of our country for instance.

After I’d finished eating I offered Joey a little of the crust from the tart. He didn’t flutter away in panic as I got close but I could see he wanted to. We’re really not building a relationship yet. I washed up and watched the end of the quiz before coming through to see how things were going. There was some mail to catch up on but I was on top of it., or so I thought. It was about 7.15 am I got a text from Mike to say he was on the way. At 8.00 pm I thought I’d take a break but just before I could a whole stack of messages suddenly appeared. I think they must be ones that transferred over from TalkTalk which I haven’t been to for a while because it signed me out again. Maybe it wasn’t working again but now is. I signed into Talk Talk to see what there was and gasped….but hopefully many of them will have been dealt with on transfer. Such proved to be the case and I finished there quickly. Catching up on gmail again took some time and it was only 9.15 pm I was able to go through. Mike arrived at 9.30 pm and I was able to hand him a coffee from a pre-boiled kettle. We watched Who Do You Think You Are of Jerry Hall while he told me about his week and asked if I was in trouble with Yvonne for avoiding the doctor’s. I told him it’s not avoidance, it’s an early cure I’ve had. After Law and Order, Special Victim’s Unit I called it a night and came through to do the blog. My jacket is looking much better but I think I’ll feed it again before going out in the rain.

Friday 4th.

I was so close to the end of my book that I found I couldn’t put it down at 1.00 am as I usually would. Instead I hung on to the bitter end at 1.25 am. It had gone half past by the time I’d finished my last cigarette and been to the loo. Maybe it did some good as it was 5.37 am before I woke this morning. I still had to visit the loo. Remarkable, I empty the bladder last thing and yet it refills itself overnight.It doesn’t happen with my Pepsi bottles worse luck. I came back and booted up the computer but it was close enough to 6.00 am not to bother. Instead I went to the kitchen and took my morning meds. Once done I readied my cup for coffee and went to get my drug drawer. I was able to do next weeks boxes with one exception and that I’d ordered on the prescription I put in on Tuesday after the Bank Holiday.I expected a delivery yesterday but it didn’t materialise. I’ll have to be more vigilant today since they’ll be closed until Monday otherwise and I need the missing one starting tonight. I have my chocolates at the ready. As it was quite dark the kitchen light was on but when I went to the lounge the light didn’t hit Joey. As I approached my drug drawer I talked to him all the time so he wouldn’t be scared when I pulled the drawer out. Not a flicker from him. I came and went without acknowledgement.

I brought my coffee through and opened Gmail. There were 49 messages, enough to fit on one page they took quite a while to do as for some people Friday is a day for main posts. I like to read and comment where possible. It was 8.12 am before I’d done and was able to open TalkTalk mail. I was sent my new gas and electric bills. I wish they were clearer. On the electric it showed a credit balance of £164.00 yet when I went in to it, it now showed a credit balance of £24.00 and a transaction  of a miscellaneous adjustment of £140.00. That tells me nothing ass it’snot showing a credit to me of that amount nor telling me where it’s from. I’ll leave it until next time as they’re supposed to refund any credits of £100 or over. It would be handy for Christmas. Anyway, by 8.40 am I was clear there too and so went through to Joey to set him free and also to get Mike’s coffee ready for 9.00 am. As 9.00 am came I set the coffee down on the bedside table, made sure he could hear me and then left him to it. It was time to dress and get my shoes on. Before I left I went back through to Mike and he was just coming round so I said I’d left the TV on for him. By the time I got back from Pauline’s, he was up and sitting in the lounge.

By some miracle Mike left the house at just gone 10.00 am to go to Manchester. Hurrah, I wouldn’t get the blame for him being late and I was able to watch my Homes Under the Hammer in peace. After that it was back to work to catch up on mail. I had to stop at 11.45 am to go peal a couple of sweet potatoes. I put thisck Irish Pork Sausages under the grill, turned the micro on my potatoes, remembered I should have taken a pre-foodie which I then did and went to natter to or at Joey for s few minutes. Onced the sausages started to spit I soaked up the fat with some kitchen roll and found out surprise, surprise that it becomes very hot to hold. Ouch! Once the potatoes were ready I mashed them and put some baked beans in the micro to do. It was a lovely meal which I enjoyed with Bargain Hunt on in the background. I say the background because in the foreground were my eyelids and I was checking the inside of them again. It only lasted for 30 mins or so though before I was back in motion. After doing the pots it was back to the emails again.  I worked till 3.00 pm then took a break when I heard the doorbell. It was the chemist with my latest supplies. I was able to add the missing tablets to my  boxes for tonight and for the next week. While up an about I had half an hour in front of the box, oddly enough not watching what I intended as I was gripped by what came on.

At just after 3.30 pm I returned to work  with the express intention of not returning to the lounge until my mail boxes were clear. Brcause of that I only caught the last ten minutes of my quiz. I watched Eggheads at 6.00 pm then at 6.30 pm went for a shower. I managed not to fall or have an angina attack and got out in one piece, then I promptly tripped over the floor mat and fell. I dressed and returned to the lounge to watch an episode of Mash ( and got a text from Mike to say he was on the way back) then I watched a special on the plight of the refugees and was delighted to see the Germans are showing some humanity by taking 800,000 this year. An example to all European countries. Then it was Mastermind and we were less than halfway in when Mike came home so I made him a coffee. His day had gone quite well which I was pleased about after last week. We watched Would I Lie To You together then an episode of Ripper Street. Joey who is normally dormant on a perch at this time kept coming out and flying around as though he was going to land somewhere different. He didn’t end up being brave enough. At 10.00 pm I closed his cage door, took my meds and headed for the bedroom to do the blog and the rest of my mail. I’m wondering if Mike and Yvonne are in cahoots as she won’t accept my legs are OK and is asking me to wear loose legged trousers on Tuesday so she can see for herself. I shall be in bed for midnight. YAY.

Saturday 5th.

I turned my light off early last night at 12.30 am. It was no use, I could not get to sleep. Then my legs started to itch and I’d already treated them ( granted it was only a pie and a pint but hey, beggars can’t be choosers).At 1.22 am I got up and went through to the lounge. At least when I went past Mike’s room he was asleep instead of gaming. I did fall asleep in my chair and woke up this morning at 4.27 am. With just a slight detour via the room of perpetual fountains I headed for my bedroom and fired up  the computer.( It’s lucky I keep the  furnace going). I logged into gmail and started my daily battle with words, other people’s. At 6.00 am I paused to go take my meds, have some breakfast and make a coffee. I also got Mike’s mug ready for 6.30 am and his first shout of the day. While waiting I went and got dressed. I pre-empted the alarm and called Mike as I took his drink through and woke him. I knew he’s go straight back to sleep but his alarm would wake him again, which it did a minute later. That round made no impression but I only had to wait ten minutes, during which time I dealt with the rubbish,before the alarm went off again. I confess I was as pleased as punch when he ignored it yet again as it gave me the chance to do my Sgt Major act from the doorway and remind him the coffee was there. This time he got up but today’s score was    C-2, A-2. ( Calls and alarms).

We were on our way out at 7.30 am which I think surprised both of us. He got very confused while driving and though the miles per hour showing were actually kilometres per hour. So when he saw 80 miles  per hour on the clock he thought they were kilometres which translated to 50 mph…..or that’s his excuse and he’s sticking to it. It didn’t take us long to go round the supermarket this morning despite me having food on the menu again. We just have the whole experience to a fine art. He was unhappy I got away with a smaller bill than usual and threatened to boycott the place if they don’t make more of an effort to upset me. I paid and we went for a drink. Mike had a coffee while I opted for a cold drink which was a strawberry lemonade.To Mike’s delight it made me scrunch my face up, Mike loved it thinking it was brain freeze and was not happy when I just said it was sour. We left and headed for Flint. I had to get a few things first before we could go to Temptations as I had no chocolates yet. I picked some up at Homies but Mike reckoned I should pay for them, so I did. We went for coffee and flippin’eck there was no-one we knew.

As we came out of Temptations we were both asking the other what we wanted to do with the rest of the day. I said I’d be happy to go home and was told that wasn’t happening. The point was to keep me away from my desk as long as possible. I made a few suggestions and it was decided that Ellesmere Port and then Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village were the ones. Because of Mike’s continued search for this particular ring he wants I had to recall every jeweller I knew in both places. When we arrived at and parked up in Ellesmere Port I told Mike we’d go to the market first as I remembered a jeweller there. Blow me if he didn’t find a ring he wanted. Wrong stone but the existing one could (we hope) be replaced by what he wants if we can find the right shape and size stone to buy. He’s making progress at last and the OCD can take a day off now. It was gone midday and I needed food. There’s a large ASDA store there with a good cafe inside so we headed there and had steak and ale pie with chips and peas. It was very good. I was able to take my tablets and then we left.

We headed for Cheshire Oaks next and I really wished I’d got a disability scooter when we arrived. I hated it, the place was heaving. We didn’t even go in any of the shops which were very expensive. We did walk round though and then totally knackered, Mike drove me home. I had problems staying awake in the car. We got back about 3.15 pm and once we’d unpacked the shopping I was free to start work as Mike had football on the TV. I hadn’t finished when I took a break at 6.00 pm but I thought our usual quiz was on. It turned out there was still half an hour yet. I promptly fell asleep in my chair. When I woke up we were in the dying minutes of the quiz so I’d been asleep an hour.I stayed with Mike till 10.00 pm when I knew he wouldn’t complain about me coming back  through. He caught me forgetting my evening meds though and enjoyed sending me back to take them. I managed to get the mail numbers right down before I had to stop and concentrate on the blog.

I wish you all a Wonderful new week full of Hugs and dreams come true.



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Reuben blows out candles & The TV lets me down.

Sunday 23rd August 2015.
Apart from one blip at 1.58 am when I fell over a candle stand and woke both Mike and I think myself, the night was reasonable. I had to sit with a cigarette to prepare myself for going back to bed at that time but in the end I didn’t get up until 5.52 am. That’s getting on for the four hour mark again.After a visit to the loo I fired up the computer and sat while it ….did nothing. For some reason I had to restart and then try three times before the net came up. I started catching up on emails and posts as well as comments on last night’s blog, I accepted I wouldn’t get too far. At 6.30 am I went to take my meds and to have some breakfast. I know what time we’re supposed to arrive at Yvonne’s but no idea what time we’re eating. At 7.00 am I gave my face quite a surprise by taking it for a shave. It’s been so long since I looked at it there were one or two nicks on unrecognised wrinkles. I returned to work after that as it provided the sit down I badly needed.

At 8.30 am I went to the kitchen and made Mike a coffee which I took through. I had a very one sided conversation reminding him he was next to have a shave. When I thought I’d done enough to ensure he was awake I left. A few minutes later I heard him get up and go through to the lounge. I finished a couple more messages and went to join him and to let Joey out of his cage. When Mike was ready to go for a shave I nipped back to work for a few minutes. At 9.30 am we had to get dressed and I got Mike to help me on with my shoes, I was wearing jeans I could barely bend in to keep my legs hidden. We left at about 10.00 am and the journey only took around half an hour. When we arrived there was no answer at the door and I was worried I had the wrong day. My  nieces arrived minutes later to say they were all at the bus station seeing off Ugo’s sister, the lovely Janet. The girls had they key but as Mike and I went to the car to get the gifts, Ugo, Yvonne and Reuben arrived. My legs got a lovely hug from Reuben when he saw me. I was able to give Yvonne her shoes which she said she loved and looked forward to wearing them. In the lounge we all gave Reuben his birthday presents and he was a little overwhelmed.He did seem to love looking through all his new books and he certainly knows some of the stories. we had lunch and Reuben went for a sleep. The girls went for a quick wander round Chester leaving us with the Belgian Grand Prix. When the girls came back Reuben was up so we had birthday cake. He made a great job of blowing out his 2 candles.

Soon it was time for us all to go. With hugs from the girls they left for home and then Mike and I did the same. We could hear Reuben’s displeasure as we walked down the street to the car. It was pouring with rain the whole journey but nothing holds Mike  up so we flew past other traffic. By flew I mean the tyres didn’t connect with the ground. Once home I let him settle in front of the TV ( and face the displeasure of the bird) while I started playing catch-up with my mail. After an hour and a half I was able to join him for two hours then back here for an hour. I joined him towatch part of a film then dedicated the rest of the time to work and the blog. It’s going to be an early night.

Monday 24th.

It was almost 1.00 am when my light went out this morning after a trip to the loo. I noticed Mike still gaming on his pad. It probably wasn’t to long before sleep came as I’d missed my naps yesterday. There were tips to the loo at 1.56 am and at 2.32 am and at 3.38 am which is when I got up after being unable to settle after yet another visit. At 5.30 am after dealing with my gmail I was thinking I was sorry I hadn’t tried harder. At 6.15 am when I brought my talktalk mail under control I did try again. I lay down on the bed and slept until 7.50 am. That brought me almost to the four hour mark.For once I didn’t need a trip to the loo so I was able to go straight through to the kitchen and take my sprays and morning tablets. I decided against breakfast and just made a coffee to bring back where I spent another hour catching up and a little time on ebay where I’d missed another buy last night by forgetting to go through and bid at 8.15 pm. I missed an item that ended up going for £22.00 that was worth more. Rashly I bid on another item that was more expensive for 5.27 pm tomorrow. I expect to lose that one so was searching for an alternative for today. No joy.

Mike got up at 9.30 am so I went through to make him a drink. At 10.00 m we watched Homes Under the Hammer and it was only when it finished he decided to ask what was planned for today. I had no plans but said I’d fall in with most anything he wanted. I know better than to offer carte blanche. As he came up with the suggestion of going to Wrexham I came up with the idea of going to an antique centre outside Wrexham that he’d enjoyed. I wish he’d stay out of my head. We settled on that and as I went off to get my socks and shoes on, Mike went to get dressed. It was 11.30 am before we rolled out of here.  As we were getting close he decided to check out jewellers in the town centre so we parked up. It was great to find that in some places we could park on double yellow lines for 3 hours using my card. We parked outside a cafe and as it was 12.30 pm went in so I could take my tablet and eat. It was quite basic but clean and pleasant. It turned out the food was good too. We tried 4 jewellers but had no luck after lunch. After so much walking around I was glad to get back in the car for the antique centre. There was a little cafe inside where we had a drink to fortify ourselves then we started going round all the sections. Some very interesting stuff but no jewellery of the type Mike wanted. It’s back to the internet I think unless he has more success in jewellers when he goes home on Wednesday. We drove home.

It was 4.30 before we got in and I had to go straight to work. Only until 6.00 pm though when the second lot of quizzes were on. I ended up staying until 8.00 pm when one of Mike’s programmes came on and I was able to come back to work.Even that only lasted until 9.00 pm when Hellboy came on. Mike hadn’t seen or heard of it before. I enjoyed seeing it again though I regretted doing so as it didn’t end until 11.15 am. I came through at the gallop to do the blog and if I have any stamina, the messages after.

Tuesday 25th.

It was 1.15 am when the light went off last night. It was a real fight as I’m getting close to the end of my book and wanted to carry on reading. I know if I so so that it means buying more books though. Maybe I’ll stop being such a neanderthal and try my tablet in bed. There’s just something special to holding a physical book in bed though. I paid one last visit to the loo and found Mike was going to sleep though he did ask if I was OK. This morning I was up at 4.07 am and after the first visit of the day came back to sign into the computer and my gmail. I was up to date just before 6.00 am and went to get some breakfast and take my tablets. After that I returned to work with a coffee until both my email accounts were clear, about 7.00 am, then I went to sit in the lounge to shut my eyes for a while. It worked. I woke at 8.10 am and felt much better though I was reminded I need a pouffe or something to raise my legs…..or I suppose I could just recline the chair? Mike came through at 8.30 am which gave me quite a shock though he also promptly fell asleep in his chair. I turned an episode of Frasier on and Mike slowly came round after I’d made him coffee.

We were expecting a visit from Mike’s daughter, my niece Lisa today so no plans had been made to go out. It was only at 10.30 he found out she wasn’t coming We continued to watch Homes Under the Hammer and Mike saw no need to get dressed. At 11.00 am I came through to see to mail and Mike decided at 11.30 am to have a shower. Then we decided what to do with the day. Mike had a fancy to eat at the CookHouse in Prestatyn and I certainly wasn’t going to turn down a carvery. I suggested walking up town and looking at the jewellers there. We set off at about midday and parked up near M & S then walked over from there. The meal was delicious and I ate till I was fit to burst. Then we walked up the High Street. We found a small jewellers neither of us knew about and we had a look at a few rings though none were what Mike was looking for. Unfortunately, one was just what I was looking for and Mike was not impressed that I’d been lucky AGAIN. He went into three places but had no luck. I think we’re going to try my suggestion of finding the ring he has which the stone went missing from, and buy a London Topaz of the right size to replace it. One of the jewellers actually said they’d do that for him.

We came home. I immediately started catching up so I’d be in time to watch the quizzes with Mike. I made it bar the first minute or so. It was pretty much a repeat of the early viewing of last night. 3 quizzes followed by two MASH episodes before I came back through at 8.00 pm to catch up again. When I did I rejoined Mike for an old episode of Jonathan Creek. After that at just 10.15 pm I called it a night to come and do the blog. I might check any emails later given time though I’m still not happy with TalkTalk who’ve done anything but improve the experience for me with their changes. I’m lucky when I log in if I don’t get a message that they can’t log me in to that server and to check my account settings. It’s also prone to signing you out very quickly and with no warning. Just awful.  I may take to just using gmail.

The drop off centre.

The drop off centre.

It wasn't me Lemme out !

It wasn’t me Lemme out !

Wednesday 26th.

I finished one book and started another last night, finally turning my light off around 1.15 am. I woke up for trips to the loo at 2.55 am and 3.40 am both times finding Mike was still wide awake gaming on his tablet. Sometimes being awake is self fulfilling if the mind is stimulated which is why it’s better to try relaxing instead. I was determined to go back to sleep on both my trips and managed to easily the first time. When I was finally ready to get up it was 5.14 am at which time I didn’t need the loo so don’t know if Mike was asleep by then. I know after a few minutes I was wishing I’d stayed asleep. I powered up the computer and logged into  my talktalk mail. It came up this morning and allowed me to deal with one message but then wouldn’t allow me to delete and move on. It said I’d timed out and so I had to log out again. So frustrating. It worked fine before they decided to improve things. More frustrating is that you can’t email the problem as they have phone lines for problems which of course I can’t use. I am going to change to my gmail account only. The major frustration of having to deal with Indian call centres for problems with the internet and phone lines means I’ll be looking to change my ISP soon too.

At about 6.00 am I went to take my meds and saw that Mike was still awake. I asked if he wanted a coffee in the hopes that the warmth might encourage some sleep. Since he was travelling home today I didn’t want him driving while tired. Once I’d taken my meds I took a coffee back to my room to carry on with mail. That carried me through until 8.10 am. When I went to take my mug back to the kitchen Mike was at last asleep. It was going to be a peaceful morning and my best excuse yet to tell the housework to take a hike! The peace only lasted until 10.15 am for two reasons. my set top box suddenly decided to stop working thus taking the TV off during Homes Under the Hammer meaning I was left cursing, and also Mike got up despite having had so little sleep. In some ways his arrival was fortuitous as he was able to disconnect the box and set the TV to work back on my old Sky box, unfortunately not until after my programme was over. I was still huffing and puffing a bit when lunchtime approached. I took a pre-foodie and set about making sausages with sweet potato mash, baked beans and onion gravy for lunch. Mike and I watched the Bargain Hunt while we ate and since he was with me I didn’t dare fall asleep before the end.

I did however nod off for a few minutes only not long afterwards. On waking I came through to do some catching up on the post as I don’t want a big backlog when Dil is here. I rejoined Mike in the lounge about 2.45 pm just before he chose to get dressed and pack his case. He left about 3.20 pm and I was quite worried about him driving that distance on just a couple of hours sleep. Last thing he said when he left was “Text you later when I’m home bro.” I came back to the computer and stayed here until 4.00 pm dealing with mail and having sneaky looks on ebay. Being of a very well behaved nature (ahem) I didn’t buy anything….but only because I was outbid. Dil arrived at 4.30 pm and it just happened I was in the kitchen so his cuppa was almost ready before he got to say hello. We nattered a bit about our week and also watched an antique programme before our quiz started. At 6.00 pm prompt I managed to find a way of turning the TV off using the correct remote and we got the games table out. The first 6 games of Yahtzee it was 3 all so we had to go again. I ran through to my room to print off some more sheets.The second six games went to me 4-2, one of them even upsetting him when I got 3 Yahtzees in the same game. Out came the Trivia. He was four pieces in before I got my first though we arrived at the sixth not far apart. He reached the middle and answered a question correctly to win the game though. It would have been honours even had it not been we had some time in hand. We chanced a game of Cribbage and I was lucky enough to win that. He didn’t even slam the door on the way out. It’s a great night for me when he comes.

At 9.45 pm I decided I needed something to eat and my second set of diabetic tabs so I had a curry sauce and chips. It went down well. I washed up, took my evening meds and came through to work.It was 10.10 pm . I did mail to half past then turned to the blog. I ca catch up  on the mail in the morning if needs be. Mike won’t be here until late evening probably.

Playing with water.

Playing with water.

Out for a drive.

Out for a drive.

Thursday 27th.

A surprisingly restful night with no unexpected trips to the loo. I was up at 4.09 am and quickly ready to make up for that lack. On return I signed into my bank to make sure the DWP had no more surprises for me, they didn’t but nor have they yet returned to me the money they owe me. Next I started on my gmail which proved to be quite easy going. As I had sent out an email telling some people of my new email address I also checked there were no important messages on talktalk before deleting them all. Naturally, doing that, everything worked OK today. The first set of mail  took until 6.10 am and I chose that point to go and have breakfast and to take my morning meds. When I returned I found the mail had been busy while I was away. There was also an excellent post about a true hero. A black American who fought in France in WWI and was wounded and yet carried on and trained as a pilot in the French air force as the U.S. Air Force wold not accept black people. In WWII he was a spy in Paris and yet he remains largely unknown. This was a definite reblog. The new batch of post kept me occupied until 8.05 am. I went through to feed and release Joey.

Once done I sat down for a while to talk to Joey. I’m determined he’ll land on me one day. But, it didn’t take long before I nodded off even though it was for less than 15 minutes. At 9.00 am I came through to get dressed. I couldn’t bear socks though and even put my shoes on without which did actually make it less of a struggle to get them on. I took a walk over to Pauline’s for my new lottery tickets and some fresh bread. Somehow some jelly beans also slipped into my bag and Pauline had charged me before I could put them back. Never mind, I’ll force myself. On return I did a few more emails then went to watch Homes Under the Hammer which of course I missed yesterday when the TV went Kaput. I talked to Joey continually and I got the occasional reply but said in a voice that made me quake. I wasn’t in favour. I saw the problem, his millet had fallen out of the clip and Joey was too idle to climb down his ladder to eat it.  I slowly put my hand in the cave and was nearly shaved as he shot past me. I clipped the millet back up and hoped I’d be in favour again. At 11.00 am I left to come back to my messages and hopefully to catch up by lunchtime. I finished at 11.55 am.

Lunch was an easy affair with just a corned beef hash being thrown in to the ‘Bing machine’. I watched Bargain Hunt while I ate and once the washing up  was done I settled in the chair and Bingo, the programme was over and I’d missed the last auction. I didn’t sleep for more than ten minutes and woke to Joey doing a war dance and giving his little mirror hell. The millet was down again. I think he’s doing it on purpose now. I came back to work at 1.00 pm and stayed until 4.30 pm when there was an antiques programme on. I stayed there straight through until 7.00 pm. Mike sent a text to say he was on his way back so I knew to expect him about 9.00 pm unless of course the flight paths were clear. I even left the room with Joey chunnering at me because the millet was down below again. It would have to stay there for now as he was back in the cage and showing no signs of budging. I’ll see if he’s out a little later on. At 8.45 I left to go and put the kettle on ready for Mike’s arrival, and to prepare his mug. It was 9.15 when he walked in. Having seen him coming I was ready for him. We talked about the latest threat from his doctor over his smoking and it made me so grateful I rarely see mine. We watched a fascinating programme on some mass burials found in the catacombs of Rome, discovered after a water main had burst and brought down the roof of one tunnel. They were from the period 1st to 3rd C  AD. Not victims of violence it was a puzzle why there were so many interred in an unusual way. It seems they were probably hit by plagues. There were also women there and tests showed they came from all over, not just Rome. In the end it showed that they were the special Cavalry who protected the Emperors who held high status because of their skills and were buried with their wives. Constantine wiped them out in the 3rd C so there were no burials after that date. After watching Law and Order  (Special Crimes Unit) I came through at 11.00 pm to do the blog and any mail I could manage.

Little boy lost.

Little boy lost.

Conwy quay looking towards Deganwy

Conwy quay looking towards Deganwy

Friday 28th.

Because I started late last night I didn’t get to open my book until 12.15 am. I still closed it at 1.00 am to get some sleep. It took a while to drop off with my legs itching. I woke again at 2.57 am and this time with a raging toothache which the clove gel fought a losing battle against. Still, being up at that time meant I had a heads up on my emails after a trip to the loo. At 5.20 am when the first batch had been dealt with I was able to go through and take my morning meds and prepare my meds for the next week. That took until 5.55 am. No way was I going to have breakfast today though. For a change I sat with my coffee in a darkened lounge watching the outline of Joey sleeping on his swing.Naturally enough I nodded off until 7.10 am at which time it was light enough to follow Joey’s hints and let him out. The moment he left the cage I was able to retrieve the millet again and hang it back up. It was funny watching Joey circle the room but not have the courage to land anywhere unfamiliar. Instead he returned to the mirror and his argumentative companion.

At 8.30 am I took a coffee through to Mike. I wanted to give him the chance to move earlier. He came through to the lounge about 8.50 am and we talked for a while about his meds and what the doctor had said. We watched a couple of episodes of Frasier and I was about to turn the TV off and miss Homes Through the Hammer when he said “I suppose I’d better make a move”. I agreed and carried on watching. When he was dressed and ready to go I told him to drive carefully. I didn’t want him rushing because he was late to pick up his sister. I did another hour on messages before making my lunch at midday. When I say make, I mean bung in the microwave . I watched Bargain Hunt while I ate and managed to see the auction part without falling asleep. However, that happened withing 5 minutes of turning off. Joey woke me at 2.05 pm and I came back through to work. I stayed until 4.30 pm when I was almost clear.I stayed away until 7.00 pm then after Mike had texted to say he was on his way back, I had a catch up on the computer. I was really cross with myself for not coming back through to bid on a ring that was due at 5.27 pm. It would have made a great Christmas present . My memory is awful, I’d swear I have one of the elderly diseases if I could remember any of them……..and if I were elderly.

At 8.00 pm I locked the front door and went for a shower. I’d only been in the bathroom for two minutes when I heard Mike come back. He came straight into the bathroom as he was desperate for the loo. Then he obligingly washed my hair and half drowned himself in the process. I finished my shower and went through to make him a coffee all the time asking how his day had been with his Dad and his sisters, the youngest being over from Canada today. Then we sat  and watched Would I Lie To You and the latest episode of Ripper Street before I came through to catch up and do the blog. I left Mike laughing his head off at some comedy/news show.

Saturday 29th.

Loaded with painkillers I put my light out at 12.30 am last night. I managed to sleep until 3.54 am when I woke up needing my early morning trek and also some more painkillers. As well as some co-codamol after an hour I’m topping up with Disprin Direct which having seen them on the shelves of the local £ Shops for a period I’m guessing have stopped being made. I’m devastated if that’s the case as I think they’re not just a great painkiller but are fantastic in that they’re chewable and need no water. So it doesn’t matter where you are, you can always clear a headache. Another bonus is the taste which is a little like lemon so no disgusting aftertaste. Anyway, the adverts are now over, I signed into my emails online and started clearing them. I’d finished the first lot by 5.30 am and moved to my other mail account which only took 40 minutes. So, at 6.10 am I went through to the kitchen to take my meds for the day and to make myself a coffee. I also prepared Mike’s mug ready for the 6.30 am wake up call.

When his alarm went off I took the coffee through and woke him. After that I forgot about him while I concentrated on the bons, the big one for household rubbish and the smaller for food waste. When I came back in the house I was drinking my coffee and by 6.50 am realised Mike had disabled his alarm. I went to give him another call. He was disorientated when he woke but recognised the words cold coffee easily. He got up. I suppose it’s 1 A 2 C today though really I feel cheated as there should have been another ignored alarm in there somewhere. He sat with his drink while I went to get dressed and to catch up with any post (8) that had come in since I’d gone to wake him. It was definitely a slow start this morning but we were actually on our way out at 7.30 am with all the rubbish bins and bags out ready for collection.

When we got to ASDA Mike went for the trolley while I raided the cash machine. When the sledgehammer didn’t work, I used my card. We made a start. Mike went to get my pop from a display nrar the door while I went to get sweet potatoes. We arranged to meet by the flowers. We found 3 bunches of flowers that should go together well and make a nice display for Ju. Next I splashed out £2 on a teeshirt in the sale. I’m now a Tonka man. For some reason at that point we both decided we were dry. That meant flying round the foodstuffs and then heading for the cafe . While Mike ordered the coffee I went to get my cigarettes. When we’d finished the drink, Mike went for his cigarettes. We loaded up the car and headed for Flint. After parking up outside Temptations we walked over to Homie’s so I could get a LooBloo and a couple of other things. Then we went to the pet shop so Mike could get some fish food and I got Joey a seed bell in reserve. He’s nearly done with his current one. We moved on to B&M where I can’t remember what I bought and then onto Temptations for a drink and Mike’s teasted toecake breakfast.

After bidding the girls and Kyle goodbye, we searched a couple of shops for some tablets I needed. Though I’m taking the painkillers I also wanted some Disprin Direct as a top up about an hour behind the main tablets. It seemed to work yesterday. Not so much today as the pain is constant. I’m pretty sure there’s an abscess there. As Mike is still in search of his ring, we decided to make a trip to Rhos on Sea today. The drive there was quite nice using back roads and having the windows open. I wasn’t ready to trust the weather and have the top down. We had lunch at a well established place on the sea front and from there wandered round 2 antique shops that deal in jewellery  and 2 jewelers. No joy still but he was advised to buy an old solid ring with something like a garnet in and then have a jeweler replace the garnet with his London Blue Garnet. I reminded him while we were looking that there are two other choices of stone he can have………just in case he really gets desperate.

It was about 4.00 pm we moseyed home again and unpacked the shopping to put away. I was able to excuse myself then to come and catch up on the mail. I found it very hard to concentrate and there were far fewer comments made than usual for which I hope to be forgiven. I went back through to keep him company at 7.00 pm. We watched the celebrity edition of a quiz towards the end of which despite the pain from my face I nodded off. When I woke, it  was towards the end of an episode of ‘Lewis’ and my face had swollen considerably. I even told Mike he could have my two  chocolate eclairs if he wanted. I left him at 10.00 pm so he could watch football and I could concentrate on catching up before doing the blog.

Llandudno beach.

Llandudno beach.

The Family. Reuben, Ugo and Yvonne.

The Family. Reuben, Ugo and Yvonne.


Have a Wonderful New Week filled with Hugs, luck, love and Happiness.




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Eugene Jacques Bullard


A forgotten Hero who was a victim of racism by his own country yet was honoured by another.

Originally posted on Welcome To Aussie Emus World:

Do you know who this is a photo of? Chances are you don’t, but don’t feel bad because probably not one American in one million do, and that is a National tragedy. His name is Eugene Jacques Bullard, and he is the first African-American fighter pilot in history. But he is also much more than that: He’s also a national hero, and his story is so incredible that I bet if you wrote a movie script based on it Hollywood would reject it as being too far-fetched.

Bullard was an expat living in France, and when World War 1 broke out he joined the French Infantry. He was seriously wounded, and France awarded him the Croix de Guerre and Medaille Militaire. In 1916 he joined the French air service and he first trained as a gunner but later he trained as a pilot. When American pilots volunteered to help France…

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Itty Bitty Spider & Somnambulism.

Sunday 16th August.

A late night deserves a late morning and that’s what I got today. It was 5.04 am before I opened my eyes. I swung my legs out of bed to head to the bathroom forgetting just how bad they are and almost fell over. Though I can stand on the right one, the left had decided it was on strike for better conditions. I managed to lollop my way down the passage to the bathroom, wincing all the way. On the plus side, it’s not itching. Coming back I turned the computer on and opened my first mail box.
I caught up ( temporarily) with that one at 9.08 am and went to open the second one.Today just had to be the day that TalkTalk had implemented changes to ‘improve’ their service to me. A new mail service totally with a pretty new display that so far does absolutely nothing. I tell a lie, it displays the messages piecemeal instead of in a continuous list, it takes an age to delete anything and an age to change pages. I gave up trying at 9.30 am and went to make a coffee for Mike. I was determined he was getting up before lunchtime. It took a while but eventually he trotted through to the lounge.

We left the house at 11.00 am and headed for The Tweed Mill to see if they’d had further deliveries of these fantastic Brakeburn shoes which are the most comfortable for me to wear. It’s like wearing nothing at all except your feet don’t get dirty or wet. Mike bought a pair two years ago when I did and has never regretted it. I was out of luck in my size but we did get to have a nice coffee ( actually I slurped a milk shake) before having a good look round. Then we decided to stay for lunch there and go on elsewhere afterwards. We both had a Sunday roast. The quantity was pretty generous I thought. Before we left I bought two pairs of Brakeburns for Yvonne thinking they might be comfortable for her during the pregnancy. That done, we headed for Butterflies at Kinmel Bay. Not for the cafe but for the fish place so Mike could get some special food ( for the fish) and some sponges for his air pumps. When Ju was alive we used to buy a lot of fish from there. Friendly knowledgeable staff and a great choice. She’d be very disappointed to see it now. So many tanks closed down. Still, they stock the food Mike wanted so it was worth the visit. Next stop Prestatyn which was on the way home. I needed some cotton balls from the £ shop to apply the calamine lotion. We found out last night that tissues aren’t very good. I spent £13 in there and I haven’t got the foggiest idea on what. Time to get home after that and we made it for 4.00 pm.

Mike went to work on Ju’s flowers so I made him a coffee then came through to make a start on the mail. At 4.30 pm I had to stop to say goodbye to Mike as he was heading home again though he says he’ll be back on Tuesday. I’d just had a message on skype that MuJo are visiting that day too since I’m not seeing Yvonne then. My day with her this week is Monday again. That’s good as I’ll be able to take the shoes through for her. Once Mike had gone I sat in front of the box for an hour skiving and eating some BFG. Then I came through and worked until 8.00 pm when I had an hour of MASH before calling it a night and apologising to Joey for the lack of company today. I’m pretty sure he misses us when we go out. I managed to get up to date on the mail and get the blog done before the witching hour so there’ll be time for a short read before sleep.

Monday 17th.

There was an early wake-up at 2.05 am but I declined that invitation and after a painful trip to the loo I managed to get back to sleep. At 4.24 am when I woke again, getting up seemed a much more reasonable proposition. I didn’t need the loo that time so only had to hop over to the computer and fire up. I was done with the first battle by 6.00 am and opened my other mail box to work. Miraculously it did work this morning and by 6.30 am I was clear there too. Maybe only temporarily but it gave me the opportunity to grab my sticks and go through to take the morning meds. I was going to get those out of the way then get dressed ready to visit Yvonne. It was only then I remembered I couldn’t see her today. They’ve both taken two weeks off to be with Reuben and have planned outings every day. It’s Reuben’s birthday on Friday but I won’t see him until Sunday when we have a little party for him. Lucky for me his main present, the rocking donkey, is already at their house. So, once I’d had the meds I made a coffee to bring back to my room.As I went to the sink to wash my spoon I found a tarantula waiting for me. It’s legs were stretched to either side of the sink. I had to find a container big enough to catch it in and a pack horse strong enough to carry it to the front door while I released it. I looked on the net to see what it was and was surprised to see it called House Spider. In all my years I’ve never seen one like that in my house and I wonder if they meant as big as one? For the first time ever, no more mail came while I was out of the room. If only every day was so kind. I shall still have to get dressed later to take my prescription request to the chemist.

I took my coffee back to the lounge and sat with Joey while I enjoyed it. After a while and it was bright enough I opened the cage door. Joey came out and circled the room a couple of times. His flight dipped as he passed me almost as if he was going to land but then common sense got the better of him and he headed for his mirror and the first of many self arguments of the day. I even managed to nod off a bit while he was chunnering. At 9.00 am I hobbled my way to the chemist and dropped my prescription off then came home and started work again. While there I checked ebay again and found a ‘Second Chance ‘offer. For those of you who haven’t had one, that’s where the winner of an item hasn’t paid and the vendor offers it to the second best bidder at the price they offered. I was amazed since I’d missed the winning bid by a country mile and I doubted my bid even reached the gold value. I accepted like a shot. Later in the morning, after watching Homes Under the Hammer I’d just restarted work when the new doorbell rang. It was the warden. She came in to chat and to wish Joey a good morning. She was pleased to see him come out of the cage even though he ignored her.At 11.30 she took her chocolates and left. I thought about preparing for lunch but received a text on my mobile which was charging up in the kitchen. It was Lis to see if I was in. As soon as I verified it she texted she’d be here soon. And just about midday, in she came.

It was lovely to see her again and it must have been quite a while as she knew nothing about Joey. We spent some time catching up until she left about 1.00 pm and I was able to make my lunch. Steak in Ale with mashed potatoes. Not bad at all really. Since I’d missed Bargain Hunt I didn’t watch TV. I just listened to Joey giving me a bollocking for something he imagined I’d done. Then I returned to work for a while, knocking off at 4.00 pm because I’m idle. Dammit, I fell asleep again in the sun coming through my window. I missed the programme I wanted to see and woke only during the first of the quizzes, Pointless, yeh that’s just how I felt. When the quizzes ended at 7.00 pm I came back through to catch up and then I went onto ebay to see how things were in my watchlist. There are still a couple of tempting items though I’ve held back from bidding so as not to encourage anyone else at this point. Nearer the time we’ll see how I feel. Of course there are things I look at on there that I don’t buy too, which perhaps seems like a waste of time but I get good ideas for future presents like that. Since I got my first Christmas catalogue last week Christmas must be on it’s way.

At 8.00 pm I broke off to watch a history programme that fascinated me about the prospect of King Arthur having really existed. It seems we know more about the period when he was supposed to be about than we ever did and that the Kings or Warlords did have huge fortifications ( they’re OK as long as you use the cream) and did trade abroad for things like wine and oil so will have traded in much more than that. I suspect they may have been quite sophisticated people rather than the savages they were once depicted after the Romans left. Of course I had to come back when it was over so Joey could get some sleep. I caught up on emails again then started on the blog. I’ll be in bed reading well before midnight.

On the Gruffalo Trail

On the Gruffalo Trail

Gruffalo found.

Gruffalo found.

Tuesday 18th.

There was a very unwelcome period at 1.28 am where I had to go to the loo. As I swung my left leg to the ground the pain became intense. It was like granules running down the inside of my leg and gathering at the ankle. So difficult to walk yet when I did , it soon settled to a throb. I wonder if I have gout in that leg rather than the cellulitis of the other? The swelling and condition of the skin are so alike though. I came back and couldn’t sleep so I had a cigarette and told myself I was not getting up yet. I did fall asleep again and didn’t wake until 5.26 am. That was a treat, over 4 and a half hours sleep. I got up and hobbled to the bathroom again. Coming back I turned the computer on and signed into  gmail. I started work. There are still nice comments on the weekend blog which is great. At 6.00 am I broke off to have some breakfast and to take the morning meds. It wasn’t too bright at that time so no response when I wished Joey good morning. He stayed huddled on his perch. While in the kitchen I put some washing in on a fast wash cycle. By the time I’d had a cigarette and then eaten my toast the wash cycle was over and I set it to dry as I took my coffee through to my room to start work again. By 8.00 am both gmail and my talktalk mailboxes were empty. I went back through to let Joey out and to clean his cage.

Absolutely typical Joey decided not to come out just then but sat there playing with his bells ( I’m not even going to imagine what some of you make of that). No enticement would get him out. It took ages before I could move him and that was just by getting too close to the cage. Still, I was able to give him some more millet which he loves. After Joey I went back to the drier and put the clothes on the airer. Time to go and get dressed. It took forever as I couldn’t get my socks on and then pulling my jeans on was no fun either and they weren’t even the skinny ones. I was ready and able for MuJo when they arrived about 10.45 am I made drinks or rather poured them as they don’t have the hot drinks. We chatted for a while and then left about 11.15 am. Mu wanted the Post Office in town so John and I amused ourselves in a charity shop. When Mu joined us we had a quick look in another one then went for lunch. After we’d been served I managed to grab the bill before Mu so no fighting today.

We drove to Flint where Mu shopped at ALDI then went to park up outside Temptations while e went to get chocolates for the girls. That done we went for a drink. I saw Ceri and told her how much we missed her on Saturday mornings. A couple more shops afterwards and I got a text from Mike to say he was on his way. That was 2.45 pm.  Not long after we headed home where I found I’d missed my drug mule. Muriel was going for her lottery tickets and said she’d go  into the chemist’s for me. When she came back I checked the items and the spray I’d asked for an extra one of had been missed out entirely. My current one ran out yesterday and I was quite cross. The surgery make too  many mistakes like that. Mike arrived at that point. We had a chat for a while then MuJo left. Mike ran me round to the chemist to request the spray again but I’ll have to wait until Thursday now. When we got in I left Mike with the quiz and came through to start catching up. I had to take a break at 7.00 pm and give Mike some company so I made tea as well and we ate watching the box. At 9.00 pm I came back through and buckled down. At 11.00 pm Mike gave up and came through to plaster my legs with calamine lotion. Here’s hoping for an itch free night.

Voyage of Discovery

Voyage of Discovery

Meeting the Little People

Meeting the Little People

Wednesday 19th.

Allow me a little Woo-Hoo here please. I’m wondering if I’ve entered a new phase sleeping pattern. Today is my fourth post 5 am start recently. It was 5.28 am today, that’s about four and a half hours again. I haven’t slept so much in ages….OK, discounting the afternoon naps that is. When I woke this morning I reached out for my glasses as usual. They weren’t there. My fingers scrabbling around like an agitated spider told me that. I was gently checking the floor with my toes so there was no chance I’d stand on them. I held my bedside lamp over the side of the bed to see if they’d slipped down between the bed and the chest the lamp occupies. I cast my hands over all my quilt cover to see if I’d taken them off there during the night. Still nothing. All I could think of was that I’d been to my desk, to the bathroom or the lounge during the night and taken them off there. Nothing for it but to go take a look. I leaned forward and placed my hand on the back of my office chair….and there they were. Perilously poised to drop at any time.How or why I came to rest them there is anyone’s guess as I know they went on the bedside chest as usual when I gave up reading at 1.00 am this morning. The older I get the stranger life becomes.

Glasses firmly on my nose I headed for the loo. It wasn’t a comfortable walk this morning. Having relieved myself of a river I returned to my room and turned on the computer. Naturally I went straight to gmail as the talktalk issues are still not resolved. I’ve never known an ‘improvement’ cause me so many problems. At just gone 6.00 am I broke off and went through to take my drugs. I decided on breakfast so took a pre-foodie tablet and put two slices of bread in the toaster. I took all my other drugs then lit a cigarette and sat in the lounge for a while. Joey was asleep on his swing just waiting for it to get brighter so his day would begin. Cigarette finished I went through and buttered my toast. While I was eating it I washed the grill pan to get rid of the traces of last night’s bacon sandwiches. All done I came back through and picked up where I’d left off.

At 9.00 am I made a coffee and woke Mike up. After about 15 minutes I went back to tell him not to let the coffee grow cold and he agreed he wouldn’t. I let him know I was going out to the shops, strained to get my shoes on then took a slow walk to Pauline’s for milk and bread as well as my TV magazine. It took me a little while but when I got back at 9.30 am guess where he was. Mind you, e must have heard me because within minutes he was up and in the lounge. I know this is my fault but I went to keep him company and turned he TV to Frasier. Mike didn’t make a move towards dressing. At 10.00 am I turned to Homes Under the Hammer expecting him to dress and go to his dads. Nope, he sat and watched that too. So, it was 11.00 am before he got dressed and fifteen minutes later before he left. It’ll be lunchtime before he gets to his Dad’s. I hoped he’d remember to eat as I couldn’t cook for him tonight with Dil here. As soon as he’d gone I returned to work .  I worked until midday then went to make lunch. I was in the mood for quick and easy today so had a curry and chips with bread and butter. Mmmmm. Both teams on Bargain Hunt went home with a profit, one of them getting a profit on all three items and one team making over £200 on just one item. I tell you this so you know I didn’t fall asleep. I know, you’re amazed aren’t you. I returned to work until 4.00 pm and then gave up for the day. Dil arrived at 4.30 pm and had a machine and tubes attached to him . I was quite worried until I remembered he was due to have a day where his BP was taken at intervals through the day. It’s been tremendously high for a few years, often over 200/120 and they needed to check to see if he has white coat syndrome where it rises when he has to attend the surgery.

Mike sent a text to say he was on his way at about 4.40 pm but he didn’t actually make it until almost 6.30 pm. The traffic and the weather were both bad. Dil seemed happy to give up the game of Yahtzee we were playing when Mike arrived as he said it was just a trial run anyway. Since he was losing 5-o at that point I didn’t blame him. The three of us started a new game which ended up with me winning 3, Dil winning 2 and Mike just 1. Next we got the Trivial Pursuit out and after a long game Dil had to leave. We declared him the winner as he had one more slice of pie than we did. He left happy. Mike filled me in with all his news of the day, he’d achieved quite a bit. I had to come through and start the big catch up then. It took me quite a while to get going but at 10.50 pm I was able to start the blog. I’m aiming to be in bed before midnight.

Musical Interlude

Musical Interlude

A wringing of hands for Little Boy Lost

A wringing of hands for Little Boy Lost

Thursday 20th.

I read till 12.30 am last night and then went through to the loo. I noticed Mike was still gaming so I went into his room. We chatted for a while about various things, not least of which was where to go today since he’s still looking for the ring, London Blue Topaz and nothing less will do. I suggested Chester, he suggested Llandudno. When I finally went back to bed I was awake again so decided to have a cigarette and another chapter of my book. I read three chapters and finished it. I got up at 5.12 am today and after visiting Piddle City I logged onto the computer. I attacked the mail and it attacked me back. At 6.00 am I went to the kitchen for my meds and stayed to have breakfast. Joey was awake and it wasn’t too dark so I opened his cage in case he wanted to come join me for breakfast. He didn’t, playing havoc with his bells was much more fun. I ate alone. When my mouth wasn’t full I spoke to him but apart from occasionally cocking his head to one side he paid me no attention. I came back to work. It kept me occupied and out of trouble for a while .  At 9.00 am I stopped and made Mike a drink which I took through to him and tried to wake him up. He wants to go to Chester this morning so I thought an early start would be good. It was nearly 9.30 am before he made the move to the lounge. Joey and I were watching Frasier.

So much for an early start. I dressed at 10.00 am but my subtlety didn’t work. It was actually gone 11.30 am before we even left the house. It was gone midday before we parked in Chester but at least because I have the disability card we were able to park on the main street. We headed for British Home Stores for lunch and were surprised to see a notice on the counter saying they’d changed suppliers and were very limited with stocks. Strange, you’d think a new supplier would keep them stocked up. Our choices were very limited and had to have sausage, bacon and chips to which they added an egg because they’d run out of peas and beans. Still, we were able to have our tablets. Then we started the round of all the jewellers I could think of. He came across plenty of women’s rings with the right stone but no men’s. His heart is set on London Blue Topaz but they haven’t really done many with that stone since the Victorian days. Once his ODC kicks in there’s no swerving his mind away from it.This could take years. We had a drink in a Costa before coming home but didn’t leave until almost 4.00 pm and arrive home until 4.20 pm. I’d hoped to get some work in before my evening viewing. I had to watch the antique programme then come through for the first of the quizzes. Then back again for the next two quizzes, an episode of MASH and one of Campion. Finally I was able to come through to stay at 9.00 pm while Mike watch Who Do You Think You Are on Actress Jane Seymour. I  nipped back to take my tabs but otherwise was very good at focusing on my mail. At 10.40 I was able to start on the blog so will be in bed before the Witching Hour tonight.

Friday 21st.

My light went out at about 1.00 am this morning having read three chapters of my new book. Sleep came fairly easily once I found a comfortable position but I was still up at 2.30 am for the loo. I couldn’t settle again so I had a cigarette on the side of the bed and tried again. I didn’t wake until 6.18 am. An amazing lie-in. Of course it’s the one day of the week I could have done without. I got up, paid a visit to the loo and then went immediately to the kitchen to take my meds and then to start filling the boxes with the drugs for the next week. That kept me going until 7.00 am. I replaced the drug drawer, said good morning to Joey then made my coffee to take back to my room. After powering up ( the computer not me) I signed into gmail. Wow, just 8 pieces of post awaited me. I hadn’t even finished congratulating myself before it suddenly shot up to 22. That kept me on the go until almost 8.30 am. When I tried to sign into talktalk I got a message that it was down for planned maintenance.  I got dressed and decided I’d try to get Mike up a bit earlier today in the hopes I’d get him to leave for his dad’s on time today. I took his coffee through and asked him to do me a favour and listen for my delivery man while I went to Pauline’s. On my return at 9.45 am he was up and in the lounge. He was asleep in the chair, but he was up. I checked my mail and found the delivery will be between 2.30 – 3.30 pm and will be brought by Alan.

Mike was dressed by 10.0 pm but was about to settle down with Homes Under the Hammer until I mentioned he needed to go. He left at 10.15 am after making sure he said goodbye to Joey or risk a bollocking. I watched the rest of the programme until 11.00 am then came back through to catch up again before lunch. T 11.50 am I went through to do lunch. It’s stupid but I’d chosen the time so I could take my pre-foodie tablet then make lunch in time for my antiques programme. On the walk between my room and the kitchen I forgot the tablet altogether and lunch was about ready to plate up before I remembered. I took it and carried on. I enjoyed my bangers and sweet potato mash and took my plate through and came back in time for the auction. I could feel my eyes going before we reached that point and didn’t see a thing. I woke at 1.30 pm and went to do the pots. Next was back through here to catch up again. At 4.00 pm I attempted to enter the TalkTalk email system still without luck. I kept getting the same message after signing in, that it couldn’t access the email server. I finally went through the help desk and followed the questions there but all I got was wait 15 mins and try again as the problem is solved. Let me tell you TalkTalk that the problem isn’t solved, and that having a phone help system in place isn’t good for some people, especially if that phone call goes out of the country and subjects us to accents we can’t understand. That statement is not racist. An email system would help for problems as at least I could access you via another server. At 4.30 pm I gave up trying and went through to watch my antique programme. Once finished I came back to see how many emails had landed. I was able to catch up on gmail but TalkTalk was still not live. I didn’t mind missing one quiz but I was back in the lounge at 6.00 pm for the next two. At 6.45 Mike sent a text to sat he was on his way back. That’s good as it meant I could go to my room until he returned and then give him some company when he’s back. The plan worked great.

At 7.40 pm I went back to the lounge and then to put the kettle on. Mike walked in about 7.45 pm so a coffee was quickly done and we watched the last of Question of Sport together. Glancing at the TV mag I found I’d missed the last twp Persons of Interest last night so Mike put the last one on for us. Once we’d seen that come to an unsatisfactory ending we watched an episode of Ripper Street until 10.00 pm when I felt able to desert him and come to work. Not too much post so I was able to start the blog at 10.35 pm and I’m almost done at 11.20 pm. Just add the song and I can go to bed ready for shopping tomorrow. I may have to race round the supermarket on an electric chair again but no way I’m letting Mike fiddle with the electrics as he threatens. Before Mike went to bed he came through and slathered my legs in calamine lotion. Maybe if it stops the itching it will mean he doesn’t have to rap my knuckles with a pen if I scratch. On the other hand, maybe he just enjoys it.

Saturday 22nd.

When I finished reading last night at 1.00 am I went through to the loo and since I could see Mike was still gaming I called in on him to see why he wasn’t asleep.He said his tablets hadn’t kicked in yet. Here’s to be hoped it wasn’t to long after that his tablets did. He was at least not gaming and was sleeping when I got up this morning at 3.43 am. I came back from the loo and signed into gmail and started work. Along with the normal mail there were a few causes today. One calling for the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith from his position in charge of the DWP after they admitted that the cases they identified as people benefiting from the benefit sanctions were ‘illustrative only’ or in other words a total fabrication. Since deaths have occurred fro people who have been sanctioned it’s surely time for a rethink and to look at real life cases of what the sanctions do. There was also an appeal to the Prime Minister to accept more genuine refugees into the country. So many are leaving war torn places like Libya and Eritrea, many losing their lives on the way that they deserve safe havens to be found by the countries of Europe. OK, off the soapbox now. It was 5.25 when I was caught up with mail and able to go take my morning drugs.

I was settled back at my computer at 5.40 am when I heard a scuttling sound. I went to check and Mike had gone to the bathroom. I said, ” A miracle, hardly seems worth going back to bed after this does it?” There was no response as he was asleep. He went back to bed. The moment 6.30 am arrived I stuck a coffee under his nose before his alarm had chance to ring. That was 1 C . Moments later the fist alarm came into play but was soon turned off. 1 A . There was no movement. After ten minutes the second aslarm went and it beat me so I didn’t call Mike. This time he moved to the lounge. 1 C & 2 A morning. But when I went through to the lounge, there he was asleep in his chair, until I scratched his head anyway. I’m not sure if that should count as another call, and when I returned from trying my new shoes on he was again asleep until I spoke to him. If I count that it could be a 3 C & 2 A day.

Mike got dressed and we were out of the house before 7.30 am and on our way to ASDA. I didn’t want much and we fairl whizzed round but it was still 9.30 am before we were out. We bumped into John and Vivienne who were kind enough to take me to a concert last year at Llangollen’s Eistedfodd. We got in the car and drove to Flint where I picked a few things up from one shop  even though we visited a few. We had a drink at Temptations and in Mike’s case he had a teasted toecake. Time was getting on a bit  when we came out and we decided to head home but bumped into our friend Tariq and chatted to him for a while. His news wasn’t good but there was nothing we could do to help but offer a shoulder. Since we’d be missing our Sunday roast tomorrow courtesy of Reuben’s party we decided to have a carvery at the Bells. It was pleasant enough but by the end we’d both decided to concentrate on the Cookhouse in Prestatyn in future. We came home and unpacked the shopping. With heads hung low in shame we accepted the telling off from Joey for leaving him in the cage this morning even though it was done only to make sure he’d be OK when we got back and doors may be left open. I came through to catch up on mail and left Mike with his football. Once the game was over and I was caught up I joined him and we both ended up asleep. It must have been for a good hour as I woke up part way into the celebrity edition of a quiz and Mike woke up not long after. Once that was done I came back here to assess the damage and do what I could. I rejoined Mike at 7.00 pm for a couple of programmes and retired here at 9.00 pm for the big push. Mike was watching Rebus at that point, a gritty detective series where you need a phrase book for the Scottish accents. I did so well I was able to have another half hour through there before doing the blog. I’ll be abed before the witching hour.

Have a Great New Week filled with Huge Hugs .




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