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Real Heroism.

The news this week has been full of the latest school shooting in Florida, the U.S. 17 more lives lost and a large number of injured, some critically. While I could dwell on how I don’t understand the reason why they won’t adopt sensible gun control laws and lessen the chances of this happening, I won’t. While reading about these sad and unnecessary deaths I read of two teachers who had placed themselves between the gunman and their pupils. I think both of these teachers died as a result of their bravery. People who have families of their own to return home to, voluntarily put their life on the line for other people’s children. I’m sure the school will erect something to the memory of all those that were killed on this Valentine’s day but I hope they will record something that mentions the teachers who laid down their lives so pupils could live.

OK, I can’t resist having a pop. Also in the news was a list of donations made by the NRA to some candidates for election help that ran into the millions.  Notably most of the recipients were Republicans, surprisingly there were Democrats there too, but way down the lists. That must mean a large part of the legislative body owes something to the NRA. Why is it still allowed that your lawmakers are open to this kind of manipulation? No one pays out this kind of money every year with expecting and getting something in return. The figures they’re talking would seem very high from just the subscriptions from a few gun nuts so where could they possible be getting that money from? Go on, I’m sure you can work it out if you try.

I had a quiet week last week from when my broadband was finally back up. I don’t know if someone is still getting my phone calls but if so I’m in no hurry for that to be repaired. It obviously too quite a while catching up with the backlog with further stuff coming in all the time. I almost didn’t do a blog last week for that reason but I thought as I’d had such a bad few days why not make you lot suffer too. ❤    . By Thursday when Sharon came, I could speak to another human without spitting fire and anyway, I’d just had bangers and mash for lunch (with sweet potato mash).  When Mike arrived Thursday evening I would almost pass for normal until he asked how many times I’d had chips  during the week, then I backed into the doorjamb trying to prevaricate and just spluttering instead. “Sorry, almost swallowed my tongue” I told him as I ran to the loo and locked the door. I had a horrible feeling Mike may not be sitting on the carpet outside until I came out but the question would. I managed to avoid a straight answer during the evening by diverting his attention. Friday I went to the chippy anyway.

Saturday we had a good shop in the morning but we were both tired. I was OK and could go to sleep in the car but I wasn’t too keen on him trying it so after a quick lunch we went home. I did some work and tried to stay awake until I’d caught up. Mike tried to get some football on his phone. Fortunately they won and so it was possible to speak to him after the game.                                                                                                                                                Sunday  it was about 1.00 am before I got to sleep this morning but it was only 3.40 am when I was up and about. I had my breakfast and my meds then came through to start work. By the time 8.00 am came round I was clear and snoring away on the keyboard gripping the mouse. Something  must have warned me to wake up about 8.50 am and I thought I’d put the kettle on. While I was waiting for it I got dressed. As the kettle finished I heard the rustle from Mike’s room and as I finished making his coffee, he appeared. I went outside to read the electric meter while he settled down in his chair. Later on as the morning grew late I reminded him he was going to help read the gas meter which is in the worst place possible. Poor man had to contort into all kinds of positions before it was finally done. As he dusted the webs and baby tarantulas off I went to enter the readings on the website of my supplier. We went for lunch, tried to do a little shopping without success and came home where I fell asleep in my chair. When I woke it was time for him to leave so I waved goodbye and went to work for a couple of hours. I watched The Hobbit- The 5 Armies then at 9.00 pm came through for the night and to clear my work.

50s US

Back to the 50’s in the USA.

lobster in a basket


I wish you all a wonderful new week full of hugs and laughter. I’m truly sorry for all the bad things that happen in America but I think the people need to want change to make it better. I hope it happens soon.



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Oops, I did it again.Delayed

Recently Mike updated his phone and I was given his cast off previous one because it has bigger buttons and a 6 inch screen the better to see things. I’m not exactly without technical skills but it’s as close as it gets so I set myself the task of working out how to get it to make my morning cuppa. Mike says I’m asking a bit much but is there anything he can show me what to do while he’s here. “Yes” says I, “show me how to get tunes on to differentiate between text messages and phone calls please.”                                                    He put Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve as my phone call ringtone and chose one himself for text messages and since he didn’t show me what to do I was left with them. I do know that he put Zedge on the phone for the music downloads. Anyway on Tuesday morning early the phone played One Day like this by Elbow, which had been his choice and I love it, but there was no sign of a text. My big, fat fiddling fingers made it appear there had been (or I made) a phone call. So when we were sitting with a coffee I asked Yvonne to ring my phone to see if it played the right thing, which it did and then to text me just to check that. My phone correctly played Elbow and her eyes lit up “I love this” she said. “Me too” I told her,”as soon as I heard it for the first time this weekend”                 “Oh Daddy, don’t you remember this played as Ugo and I walked into the ballroom after the wedding, we danced to this.” “I know I knew it from somewhere” I said, digging my own grave.

ball pit bull 2


hen party

speedier freak

Wednesday started well. I was up early as usual and up to date with my mail before I got dressed at 9.00 am. I found a parcel under my coat rack that proved to be the last parcel I’ve been waiting for recently. It must have rolled when it was dropped in. I settled in to watch HUtH at 10.00 pm and was just about to nod off, examine my eyelids from the inside, when there was a knock on the doorbell. It proved to be another sparkie. This one had not come to the shower but to change the wiring box for the house and the fuse box at the same time. Quite a job. Promising I was in for the next few hours, he started. Currently the boxes are inside a little cupboard about six feet off the floor outside near the front door. When I went back later to see if he wanted a drink it was funny to see a pair of legs sticking out of the wall as he sat in the cupboard somehow and worked. The bugbear of course is that while this was going on I had no HUtH and no computer to take my frustrations out on ( now now missus, behave, everyone else knew what I meant). Finally about 2.30 pm he’d finished. He came in to check lights and other points were working and everything seemed fine. Once he’d gone I was able to get Joey back in his cage (the electrician had scared him counting plugs, the electrician was counting, not Joey). I was able to get back to work on emails. I had to break off at 4.30 when Dil arrived.                                                                                                                                                     My night did not start well when I lost the first game of Yahtzee 6-0, I’m sure the dice are weighted. The second game was 3-3 but it didn’t help when he kept saying I was catching up. Nomination Whist started much better though Dil seemed to be holding his own most of the time, I stopped him doing that and let him use the loo free of charge (This time ). I’m just so generous. Anyway a sudden surge towards the end sent me into an uncatchable position. With it being one game all we both approached the cribbage carefully but heck, I was able to put an ace and a four in his box give him a head start and still beat him tonight. 2-1 to me is not as good as his 3-0 over me last week but at least I know the small god of gambling is not on my case now.

music class bubbles

Bubbles at the music class.

For all you ladies out there.

I ordered some pillows for Mike’s bed and mine last week. They came this morning so while Sharon was cleaning the lounge for me this afternoon I thought I’d put mine on. I’d ordered four for each bed even though mine is a single as I like to sit up. I took the old ones out of their pillowcases and took them away ready to be taken to the skips this weekend. I replaced them with the new ones without paying any particular attention to what I was doing until all four were done. I came to stack them up and found I’d almost be sleeping on the ceiling to get to the top pillow. Two would have been quite adequate compared to the four old ones. Oops. At least Mike can have two each side of the double bed.

Saturday we attended a birthday party for Dil who will be 60 on Monday. Sunday when we returned from lunch I was without the internet.


Tuesday evening and the internet is back. No charge as it was an outside fault. It seems whoever reconnected lines to a new telegraph pole thought it must have been a fun idea to give people someone else’s number as there were quite  few affected. People can have my phone calls with pleasure but I’ll keep the net myself if that’s OK.

Have a great week everyone, make it full of happiness and hugs.



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Massive Apologies

Hello friends, I’m really sorry for my unintended absence recently, go on admit it, you hadn’t noticed had you. Last Wednesday it appears I had a temperature so high that it left me very ill but not knowing it. I forgot how mu computer worked but was sure the problem lay with the computer and not me. My brother Dil had come round for the usual games night and could see some thing was wrong but naturally made sure he won a couple of games before telling me I was odd. I thought that’s what he always thought.

My doctor appeared half way through a game of Yahtzee and I saw nothing odd in it and when she suggested I should be in hospital agreed to go, practically unheard of. She had to go for a lie down. An ambulance came for me and blue lighted me to the centre of torture where they heard all kinds of sounds from my chest they were unhappy with. I had a heart murmur, a crackling lung and a nasty virus. Constant drips to rehydrate me, antibiotics on tap, oxygen ( but not too much), machines to help me breathe in medicine and the glorious rat poison injections to the stomach, and they were only the cures. Anyway, they allowed me home today under certain conditions. First off, that I rest. Now the apology, I’m sorry but there were just short of 2000 messages waiting in my inbox and I know I’d not catch up so they’ve been deleted and I can start afresh. I’m not ignoring you, I just can’t get to you immediately.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll do my best to reconnect as soon as possible.                  Huge Hugs


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Ever Onwards and Upwards..

Monday 18.12.17.

Last night has been a 12.35 am finish but I wasn’t going to deprive myself of a short read. I closed the book and turned the light off at 12.55 am. I wanted a nice dream and because I was thinking of one I couldn’t stop my mind ticking over for a while. I slept, I woke, I slept again but got up at 2.57 am. I saw to my meds and some toast and started my washing machine going. When it came to making my coffee though the Tassimo sprung a red light on me showing it needed to be descaled. That’s an annoying 20 minutes of emptying cups and then rinsing the machine that it’s usually at this stage I wonder why I don’t just put the kettle on. It’s only when I get my drink I remember why. Anyhoo, job done and I took my coffee through to my desk.                                                                              I worked till 8.30 am and then got dressed. As 9.00 am approached I had my shoes and my coat on and made my way to the chemist”s to hand in my repeat prescription. I scuttled back quite quickly when I felt how cold it was. I worked till 10.00am hoping the post van would come. It didn’t but at 11.30 am Mujo arrived and it was time to put my coat on again. Such a disappointment for John when he found the chippy was closed though I have mentioned in the past that few work on Mondays. We went elsewhere. After lunch we headed for Temptations in Flint. After a coffee we did a few shops picking up little bits for Christmas before finally heading home. I saw them off then had to get my head down and work. When I was clear I nodded off for half an hour or so then watches a sci-fi on the TV until 9.00 pm. I’d just gone through to start when Mike arrived back….he’s staying overnight so he can get to see his father tomorrow. It’s about an hour away from here and he has to be there for 9.00 am to go to a hospital appointment. Traffic being bad at that time means leaving no later than 7.30 am but now he’s dropping me in Chester so will have to leave at 7.00 am. It’s 11.45 pm so I’m heading for bed.

chicklets Tuesday. 19th

5 piggin’ 42 am I woke this morning. And yet my light had gone off before 12.30 am last night. About the only day I could have done with my normal wake up and this happens. Ah well, ever onward and upward as my father in law was wont to say. I took my meds as I boiled a kettle for Mike’s coffee. I readied my breakfast then as I heard his alarm go off I made the drink and went to call him. He still wasn’t up when I finished breakfast but I waited for the fourth (very annoying) alarm and fair play I heard him move. I took my coffee back to my room to at least make a start on my mail                                                  We left the house at 7.00am and because I was carrying a few bags Mike dropped me at Yvonne’s so I  wasn’t lengthening my arms waiting in town for her. Ami went off to nursery for a breakfast party with her daddy, so Yvonne and I walked Roobs to school and then went for coffee and the bacon sarnie I was forced to eat. We had a semi successful shop before Yvonne walked me to the bus stop( to make sure the English bowmen didn’t shoot me for being inside the city walls). After an hour and a half on the bus I stopped at the chippy to get an easy lunch as my friend was due at 2.00 pm to collect her birthday and Christmas gifts.                                                                                       Once she’d gone I came through to work on everything that had come through. I had to work until 6.00 pm before I was able to leave a few and relax in front of the TV. I came back at 9.00 pm and stayed until 11.30 pm.

Wednesday. 20th

There were tears this morning. I woke and saw the time 5.10 am and thought it must be the start of a new era. The light was enough to don my dressing gown and take a walk to  the loo. When I came back I turned the light on and found it had been 1.52 am when I’d woken and not double checked. I kicked out at one of the slippers beside my desk which was really stupid as it was lying next to a steel pillar that didn’t give way though the slipper did. Ouch, Ouch, bloody Ouch, that was my toe. Far too early for meds and my breakfast I turned to my mail instead. After an hour I broke off to take my meds and eat.I worked till 8.45 am, got dressed and headed out to Pauline’s, she gave me a card which I brought home ready to put up. Instead of HUtH I thought I’d better be good and wrap some prezzies as I haven’t managed to coerce anyone else this year. My powers of seeming pathetic have obviously gone by the wayside. About 11.00 am I took them through ready to be collected tonight after cards. I sat down for a moment and the next thing I knew it was 12.20 pm  I shot off to make my dinner.                                                      After lunch I returned to work and kept hard at it until about 4.00 pm. I returned to the lounge ready for Dil arriving but the next thing I knew was waking up at 5.30 pm and a voice dripping with friendly sarcasm saying ‘Oh you’re in the land of the living then’.I made him a cuppa and caught up on news. At 6.00 pm it was ‘Let the games begin’. We started as usual with Yahtzee but as happens more and more often it was a draw.              As that game was ending there was a knock at the door and somehow I knew who was there. My cousin Glyn from Germany was doing the round of his friends and kindly included me. He joined us in a game of Nomination Whist which was fun and then Dil had to leave (a loser this week), I gave him the gifts to take home and he threw mine on the floor a couple of times till I heard it shatter. Glyn stayed on to chat and have another game until 10.20 pm when he had to return to his hotel in Llandudno. I made myself a sandwich to taunt Joey with, took my eds then came through to work. It’s currently 12.52 am and I’m nearly getting close to finishing. Hurray!!!

the sweetest smile

Thursday. 21st

Well it was 1.05 am before I finished and by the time I’d changed (No, not into a human being) and had a last ciggie my light didn’t go out until 1.25 am. This morning it was 4.10 am when I got up. No problem I knew who I was but on the way to the lo I was surprised not to find a door or two I expected.  I swear the house morphs overnight just to confuse me. Eventually I found the loo just where I’d left it, but damn me if the same doors weren’t missing on the way back. It just took a moment to turn on my light and to open my eyes to realise where I was.  I went for my meds and some breakfast then stopped for a wash before getting dressed. Then into battle with the computer. Bank first to check my pension was there then to my mail. I worked until 8.00 am then like a fool stretched with a big yawn. I put my hands above my head and almost immediately remembered to pull them down but too late. An angina attack, really nasty and I struggled to get to the bed. I took my spray and got a massive headache so I pulled the covers over my head and lay there till I slept. I got up again a bit warily at half nine because I needed to go to the shop. I had to take a chance which paid off. The headache disappeared as did the pain eventually. I was back in business .                                                                                                Needless to say I took a break from the computer when I’d cleared my messages. I was forced into gift wrapping as I didn’t want a visit from someone with an unwrapped gift waiting for them. Once I’d wrapped those I knew there were just Mike’s left and that’s for tomorrow. At 11.20 am I went to sit down for a few minutes as the effects hadn’t fully cleared and I didn’t want a second one. I somehow managed to fall asleep and when I woke at 12.10 pm I had to move a bit to get my lunch. At 1.00 pm I battled to catch up on incoming mail, I want to take a break this afternoon to watch a film and see if I can gain some Christmas spirit. Forget that, the film had changed and replacing it was an overacted, poorly scripted story of redemption for a greedy young lawyer. Luckily sleep was available at  a cinema near me and I took advantage. I had about three quarters of an hour then turning the TV off but putting the big light on for Joey, I returned to work, By 5.30 pm I was up to date and Mike was about due so I put coffee in  his cup ready. It may come as a huge surprise to hear I nodded off yet again and missed his arrival. It was only a few minutes but it meant he had to make his own drink. I stayed with him until 9.00 pm then came through and started catching up. 11.40 pm and I’m done.

I’ve had this song in my head for days now and I don’t know why but I’m going to share it.                                                                                                         

Friday. 22nd

I was in bed for 12.00 am and light off by half past. Minutes later I was unconscious.  I woke at 1.37 am and just responded with bugger off and returned to sleep. I knew it was just a half hearted attempt by habit and I wanted a dream. That wasn’t to be but at least I got more sleep and woke properly at 2.11 am. A bit early for breakfast so I worked till the proper time. After breakfast I caught up with my mail and moved over to Ebay to see if there’s any more news on my missing items. The ones I’d ordered from China which haven’t arrived they’ve refunded me like they were never sent. The other one I got an email from Ebay to say it was only posted yesterday. I’m ready to scream though as the replacements I ordered from a British firm for the Chinese gifts seem to have been done by a Chinese firm possibly in Glasgow. Despite me asking about the next day delivery they offered (which has now gone missing off the site) they’ve sent them with a delivery date of Jan 2nd. How lucky I found alternative gifts on Tuesday. until these finally come. I hope they’re worth the wait. Mike got up at 9.20 am and I found I’d nodded off over the keyboard for a few minutes, I went through to sit with him. At some stage the postman arrives and typically the missing Ebay gift sent only yesterday had arrived. This is my worst year for missing gifts, my only year in fact. Not that things haven’t gone awry during the year but so far I’ve not had these kind of problems. Mike went off at 11.00 am and I was let trying to relax in one room and keep up with mail in the other. I did manage to wrap Mike’s prezzies while he was out of the way. I had a cottage pie at lunch which was quite nice then at 1.00pm shut my eyes for a few minutes. At 1.10 am Sharon arrived so even though the pull of an eyelid investigation was there, the chance wasn’t. I resumed work. Sharon left at 3.00 pm I gave her a tip ( don’t take any bent pennies) and her Christmas gift. Mike returned about 5.30 pm and we watched a bit of TV until 7.00 pm when he washed my hair before we settled to Question of Sport and Mastermind. I returned to work for half an hour and then rejoined him at 9.00 pm for half an hour before turning completely to catch up. 11.20 pm tonight much better than usual.

east german elf

Is this an East German Elf?                                                                                                                   Saturday. 23rd

Lights out 12.15 am after a mini read. I’m not sure I wasted time getting comfortable, I just zonked. Awake this morning at 3.32 am which is pretty good going really. Mike could have been entertaining the whole of the Red Army’s Lady’s Choir last night (and I know he wishes he was) and I wouldn’t have known a thing about it though oddly enough I’m sure I heard the dying strains of the Vulgar Boat Song as I woke. Hmmm. Did all the usual, meds, breakfast, dressed then the rubbish and the recycling. At 6.00 am I called to Mike that his coffee was on his table. He was there by twenty past. We were still out of the hose by 7.00 am and in the supermarket at 7.20 am looking at carmageddon. The car Park was almost full and being the lover of crowds that I am you can imagine how pleased I was.                                                                                                                                         I attempted not to dawdle but it’s hard when they’re preparing a sale. We eventually made it to the tills and then out of the building. Next stop Mike’s breakfast Supermarket where I admit I had a teasted toecake. I got a few more items then it was time to head for Flint. It seemed almost peaceful by comparison. We had a coffee and delivered a tin of sweets to the girls while wishing them all a Happy Christmas. We shopped for a big gift bag then went for lunch at the Bells in Holywell. Afterwards Mike remembered he needed some giftwrap which we got before going home. Once the shopping was put away I left Mike watching TV and came to start on the mail. I got the numbers well down by 5.30 pm so was able to join Mike. I stayed until 9.15 pm then came to make my final effort for the night. I’ts 11.00 pm now,I reckon to be in bed by half past.

Sunday. 24th Christmas Eve.

Lights out at 11.55 pm. Sleep almost instant or so it seems. Awake time 3.53 am which seems pretty good with sleep approaching the four hour mark again. The pattern must be changing. I bought extra milk yesterday to be sure I could have cereal in the morning if I want it so after my meds I had Weetabix today. I brought my coffee back to start work. I was able to take a little more time than usual as no time pressure first thing today. I went through to take my mug to the kitchen about 8.50 am and decided to prepare Mike’s mug and out the kettle on (it didn’t fit). I was just leaving the kitchen at 9.00 am when his alarm went off. I turned back to make the coffee when an unfortunate image passed my eyes, Mike in his underwear heading for his chair. He’s up with next to no prompting. I took the coffee in and he was sitting forward on the edge of his chair, arms crossed on his knees, and fast asleep. Until I trod on his foot that is. Luckily I was able to distract him with ‘Gone With The Wind’ which he’s never seen to completion. I cleared a little more work and joined him. I’ve never seen it at all.                                     The only problem was we had to leave the house at 11.30 am to get to lunch and to pick up our Christmas dinners. Mike fiddled with something on the remote and saved the film where he’d left it till he got back. I dropped Bert’s present in as I know he’s out tomorrow. We had lunch and collected the dinners with the instructions. Maybe a problem for us as it says to put the potatoes in the oven and we only use the microwave. We’ll think on it. We were home again about 1.30 pm and just as the strains of the theme tune faded so Mike had the film back on. There was plenty of work waiting for me so I had an excuse but I did have an ear open so I didn’t miss the famous line ‘Frankly my dear……’ It didn’t occur to me until then that I had no context.       I was able to relax from about 3.30 pm onwards and stayed with Mike for most of the evening. Coming through for the last of the mail and to see you all at 9.15 pm. It’s now 11.35 pm and Christmas day is getting nearer.

all elves together

Who’s who?                                                                                                                                             I want to wish you all the Happiest of Christmases  and a Very Happy New Year. I know you’ll do what you can to spread the joy far and wide and make this a Christmas of peace. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I’ll be taking a week off I think as I need to rest. Seer you all soon I hope.                                                                                                            David



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I Wasn’t Expecting That.

Well I lied. I expected to be finished by midnight but worked until 12.30 am before getting to bed in need of a read. Lights out 1.00 am. Lights on again 2.28 am. I wasn’t expecting that. Still, plenty of things to do judging by my mail box.                                          I had breakfast and my meds at 3.00 am then stayed for a while decanting my large bottles of Pepsi Max into small bottles which are easier to handle at night, in the lounge or by my tablets.I set the washer going and when it was finished I set it to the dry cycle. Once done I returned to the mail. There really was plenty of it. One that made me smile was a request to link on Linkedin. I don’t often refuse these requests but when I saw that this was from a Nigerian property developer I decided to ignore it.                                           At 8.30 am I got dressed and at 9.00 am I wandered to Pauline’s to get a TV mag which I somehow appear to have forgotten last week. Mike is forever telling me I can use the remote to find out what’s on but I like the mag. Shock horror she didn’t have one though I bought one for next week and then the Christmas one for the following two weeks. As I left the shop I sneaked over the road to the opposition and managed to find the last one in the shop. Not the one I normally have but it’s fine.                                                                  After I returned home I caught the postman with a parcel for me. There should be a lot from now on. I watched HuTH and then worked on mail till lunchtime. In the afternoon I caught 40 winks then worked again until 4.30 pm. The number of messages still outstanding made me feel my evening should be short so I came back early at 8.00 pm It was fierce and I was only done by 12.15 am. I finished the last and started to write this knowing I won’t be reading tonight.12.35 am and I’m done.


OK, I lied again. I couldn’t sleep as my mind was on gifts still to buy so out came the book and I read until 1.20 am. It was still a few twists and turns before I slept but sleep I did ……until 3.14 am. satisfied for now I went for breakfast which for some reason was very Continental today, boiled ham on toast. It was an effort to eat the ham still within date rather than throw it away. I’d forgotten to do Mike’s Red Cross parcel on Sunday so some doughnuts had already gone that way.                                                                                            A bitterly cold day, I wrapped up warm at 9.00 am, delivered some biscuits to Bert’s as he’s always taking my bins and bags in for me or taking parcels on  my behalf, then went to Pauline’s for cigarettes and to deliver a card. It struck me just how small a community this is and how nice the people are. Even the people I don’t know generally nod and smile, though I suppose that could be just the way I look. A big white beard at Christmas does present an image but Shhhh, I’m not on duty yet.                                                                The rest of the day passed without human contact and with Joey telling me off when he saw me. He won’t say why. Bed 11.45 pm lights off 12.15 am apart from the computer which was on a marathon update to Windows 10 and took 2 hours. I gave up.

party time 2

The Sunday celebration.


I suppose sleep came along about 12.30 am-ish I just left the computer to get on with it. I woke at 2.07 am and it had finished then. After breakfast I was working when the news came that Doug Jones had won the race for being Senator for Alabama. I’m sure no-one expected the win of a Democrat in a Republican stronghold. The paedophile Moore can go crawl under a rock somewhere. Congratulations are in order that even some staunch Republicans don’t want someone like him in power. I hope Trump is getting worried that his party’s majority is coming down. It’s his fault since he’s not even attempting to lead his country properly. His Master in Moscow won’t be pleased.                                              Back to the saga. I managed to bring the mail down and at about 7.30 am I suddenly came over all of a doo dah (felt ill) and I decided to lie on the bed. I woke at 9.55 am. I slept more then than I do at night. Still, I felt better, especially when the postman came minutes later with something for Ami. I worked again till lunchtime then even though the heavens had opened I paid a visit to the chippy. Don’t want them  to think I’m in a rut by turning up the same day every week. Once lunch was over I washed my things then sat back down I saw the end of Bargain Hunt at 1.00 pm then must have been asleep again in seconds until 2.20 pm. There must be a tsetse fly loose in the house.                        I was awake when Dil arrived at 4,30 and almost up to date with work. I was nice to him despite last week’s results and even gave him so Titterton’s pies, or to be more truthful at 6′ 2″ he had no problem wresting them from my grasp and eating them. On reflection taunting him didn’t bring me the pleasure I’d hoped. At least I was the winner by 2-1 tonight so he could only gloat about the pies. After he’d gone and I’d locked the door I took my meds and came through to carry on working. So far it’d taken me to 11.55 am so I’ve got 5 mins to finish here and get to bed. Nite Nite.


Lights out 12.30 am If my life were song titles it would be ‘Last night I couldn’t get to sleep at all’.   I couldn’t find a comfortable position and my feet itched. No, I didn’t scratch them but I never heard anyone say don’t rub them, so I rubbed. Mainly using the sole of the other foot which are still both rock hard and very uneven so the rub was quite satisfying. I saw 2.00 am come and go and while I was thinking I might as well get up I fell asleep……..until 4.58 am. Heck, that’s almost full daylight compared to usual though I don’t recommend walking about with no light on. The top of my feet sting and are a bit of a mess, don’t hit me I can get them back again. I had my meds and some toast then came through to work. First the bank, and then the mail. Plenty of mail of course to keep me busy.                                                                                                                                                          At 9.00 am I took a walk to Pauline’s for my new lottery tickets and some bread. On the way back I met one of my neighbours Gwyneth and we thanked each other for cards received. At home I unpacked, sorted the lottery in to the days it’s for and then restarted work. The postman interrupted me with a package. Not what I hoped it was but I’m delighted with it anyway. HUtH was shortened today as the TV was showing a memorial to the poor souls who lost their lives in the block of flats that went on fire. Sad.                     I made my lunch of ham and baby potatoes with petit pois (just to show I can speak foreign) then took to filling next years calendar with this years information, obviously not appointments I’ve already been to but birthdays I hope not to miss next time. Sharon my cleaner came just gone 1.00 pm so I departed the lounge and left her to it apart from the few friendly words we exchange on a weekly basis namely.”That bus took forever I need a wee” and “Nice to see you Sweetie grab yourself a cuppa” though not for weeing in obviously. I worked until 3.00 pm when Sharon left, honestly, no kipping then took a break for almost an hour. No, I’m not telling you what for, it’s my business. Back to work until 5.15 pm then a proper break.                                                                                                    Making a sandwich for supper I found a message on my phone to say Mike was on his way. I hadn’t expected him because he told me yesterday it would be Friday evening before I saw him. He’s going to take me for blood tests in the morning which will save having to try and take a bus full of schoolkids. He arrived at about 9.30 pm so I made him a coffee and sat with him a while to hear his car woes. At 10.30 I came through for one last clear-up.

our elves


Bed was 11.50 pm and I read till 12.30 am and lights out. Up at 2.48 am just as all the parcels at the end of my bed decided to collapse.  Fortunately I haven’t bought any bricks. Just think, had it been a few years ago when they were doing repairs to the Palace of Westminster and selling bricks as souvenirs, I might have been entombed in a future coal bunker. I went through to the kitchen to take my meds then refill all the trays for the next week. That done I had my breakfast and then brought a coffee back to my desk. At 7.30 am I woke Mike with a shout that his coffee was ready. I did get a response so I returned to work. At 7.45 am I got dressed as went to see if Mike was in the lounge. No, he was in the loo, progress of a sort.  At 8.00 am I found he’d gone back to bed and had to call again though a little louder. He didn’t remember the first call. He did get up though.     At 8.45 am we were freezing in the car on the way for my blood test.                                 After that was done we went shopping for milk and I managed to get another tin of sweets and some bottles of wine for a friends birthday and for Christmas.  When we got home I started watching HUtH with Mike but fell asleep and so at 11.00 am he departed for Manchester. I managed to wake up at 11.45 am in time to do lunch.                                  I worked all afternoon until 5.00 pm and Mike returned not long after and brought a chippy meal home for himself. Disgusting isn’t it the people who live off chips.Ahem.         I has an early shower in order to see an antique show followed by Mastermind. A little stint back at work then HIGNFY at 9.00 pm. Then it was a serious effort to play catch up. It’s now 12.01 am and I’m just about done.                                                                                     Apologies for the song that follows. Many of you will have seen it here on previous Christmases and also many will have seen it as part of my latest Buthidar post. I just want people to see that even in the midst of war, people on opposing sides can come together. It isn’t the normal people who decide to go to war so maybe the normal people can ensure we don’t except when the circumstances are unavoidable.


I made it to bed at 12.23 am, read for just quarter of an hour or so and was awake at 2.18 am. Ah well, it’s a new day so why worry? Went for my meds at 3.00 am and had some Weetabix again after being very undecided then added a piece of toast for fun. I worked until just before 6.00 am when Mike’s alarm was due to go off. I had everything ready and the moment I heard the first beep I made his coffee and went through to shout him. While I waited for him to rouse I saw to the rubbish and all the recycling and got it out to the kerb. When I went back in to wash my hands I could hear him start to stir.                    We were out by 7.00 am and in the supermarket by twenty past. By 8.30 am we were out again and heading out for breakfast. Mike wanted a different direction today and a shop called Home Sense on Broughton Park. That meant breakfast at a Costa which was OK because Mike said he’d pay and had enough points on his card. Home sense was successful for me and I managed a few extras.                                                                            Before lunch we had a coffee in Temptations in Flint with a little more shopping then shot straight off to lunch and to order our Christmas dinner for next week. Back home the slavedriver only allowed me half an hour with my mail then forced me to start gift wrapping. That’s like capital punishment in my book. At 4.00 pm complete with backache I went on strike, downed tools and went back to my mail. I saw the start of a film about 6.00 pm but according to Mike I was asleep within minutes and that was it until 9.55 pm which sounds better to me that almost 10.00 pm. Now 12.51 am and just finishing up.



It was close to 1.15 am before I got into bed. I had a cigarette then turned the light off, closed my eyes and hoped to sleep Amazingly I did sleep again, right up to 3.21 am I liked that time. For my UK readers who can remember Dusty Bin you’ll see why 3.21 am has significance. I got my meds and breakfast out of the way and I accompanied my coffee all the way to work. For some reason I was feeling tired as I worked  and sometime after 6.15 am I nodded off. I woke again about 7.15 am to carry on.  I was shocked by Mike’s alarm which was strange as he doesn’t usually set it on a Sunday. It was 9.00 am. I made him a coffee and called him. When he got up at almost 9.45 am I’d finished work and gone through to the lounge and was just starting to nod again in my chair. Unfortunately he was in a talkative mood. By 10.30 am we’d got dressed and were heading out the door. I was still trying to nod off, he was still in full flow. We were in Prestatyn in plenty of time to do some shopping before lunch. Most important, a bottle of Port from Marks and Spencer’s for a dear friend who I hope to see over Christmas if she’s in the area. Mike reminded me I need some more sacks too so it was off to the Pound Shop. Lunch was great, I’d taken a big tin of sweets for the staff as Mike said we wouldn’t get there next week. The minute we were in there he told them we’d come in on the Saturday instead. I wanted to brain him. The beef on my dinner was just melting in my mouth and though he had sprouts and swede I had carrots and broccoli.                                                                  After lunch we went home and I wrapped the port. I thought he was going to nag for me to wrap more but I was saved by the bell……….on his phone. He was invited to go home and join in the birthday party for his granddaughter which meant leaving right away. As it was being held in a restaurant I called him lots of names for being ready to eat again later. “Bye Gannet”I waved him off and came inside to start work again. A little break later for some Big Bang Theory and conversation with Joey then a serious effort at 9.00 pm.

This last week in the run up to Christmas I wish for peace and a stress free time for you.Remember the poor souls working in the shops are probably stressed about their last minute presents too, play nice, make meeting you a pleasure and it will be nice for you too. There will be homeless on the streets and maybe some very bewildered refugees, perhaps even mentally ill with no hospital bed. Spare them all a thought in passing. Remember the kindness the time of year calls for. Every smile and hug  will bring it’s own reward.                                                                                                                   Thank you, David






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Monday’s Boy, the gloat too far.


This Monday’s boy is sitting here gloating. When was the last time one of you night owls could say you slept till 4.25 am.!!!! It’s not as though I didn’t get to close the computer at 11.20 pm last night or that I only read until 11.50 pm, and I was certainly asleep in no time at all. I wonder if this is a bonus from Somnos. If so, I hope for many more to come. I had a late breakfast and took my meds then brought a coffee through to catch up on all I’d missed since posting the blog last night. It’s been it’s usual good response. At 8.30 am I dressed and at 9.00 am went to the chemist and the post office. Time to start sending Christmas cards out and today was the turn of the foreign ones. The morning was eaten up writing cards and playing catch-up. I had lunch and watched most of Bargain Hunt, the rest I just heard till I burnt my fingers and howled. As soon as it was over I turned off and caught 40 winks.                                                                                                                             2.00 pm to 4.30 pm I was either dealing with emails or doing my legs and feet. Loads of skin came off that I wasn’t expecting. From 4.30 till 9.00 pm was my break, sacrosanct in it’s inflexibility. Time for Joey and I to bond.Ha!! I’ve never met a less social bird.               At 9.00 pm I came through to catch up on my mail. I was ready for bed at 11.40 pm. Time for a little read.


I really struggled to get to sleep last night. I’d turned my light off in preparation but maybe I’d had 40 winks too many yesterday. I know 12.30 am came and went and I was still running the same conversation over and over in my head. Eventually I know I dropped off and I remember nothing then until my eyes opened and I was awake. 2.28 am. I sat on the edge of the bed hoping I could fall asleep again, but not with the cigarette still in my hand preferably. At just before 3.00 am I went and took my meds and had some breakfast. I worked steadily up to 6.45 am and then prepared myself to go out. The forecast isn’t good but I don’t mind the weather too much. The journey was good and it didn’t rain at all. I saw Reuben and walked him part way to school then afterwards Yvonne, Amelie and I went for a drink and a wee. Well OK, it was just me for the wee. We had a look round new shops and I was successful at finding all but one of the gifts I’m finding difficult for Christmas. I have lots of small ones to go now.                                          I caught my bus home and to save time called in at the chippie to pick up lunch. They were delighted to see me back out and about and wouldn’t accept money for my meal. They’re beautiful people. There was a note through the door from the nurses to say they’d called, knocked and waited, would I please call them. I asked Yvonne to get in touch for me. I wasn’t expecting them today as last week we made arrangements to come back on Wednesday to see how I’m getting on.                                                                              Catching up on mail was my priority this afternoon so no chance of 40 winks but typically I fell asleep watching TV later and woke at 9.30 pm leaving me in a catch -up panic. Just gone midnight and I’ve made it.

the youngest swinger in town


How things change.I opened my eyes to 3.48 am this morning. From an ‘about’ 12.30 am start I’d say that’s not bad given my current record. I swung my legs out of bed (the right side) and stood up in the dark. I wasn’t too sure who I was but I obviously either knew there was a lamp handy or saw it in the glow of the runway lights in the hall. With the light on I was better able to start looking for the lower half of my loungewear. You’d think that wearing it would have made the job easy but hey, when have I ever done things the easy way. Things started coming back to me and the cloud of confusion dispersed. Good, I was getting very cold and embarrassed standing there not half naked. I went through to the kitchen and took my sprays then popped some bread in the toaster. I remembered I needed some milk at this point to take my diabetic meds and as I got the milk, remembered I hadn’t taken my morning meds……which would now have to wait until I’d eaten. Everything done, I took my coffee back to work.                                              Once I was clear I went to sit in the lounge ready or Homes Under the Hammer which was minutes away. The postie came but no sign of the parcel I was expecting today. But as soon as my programme started one of my nurses came. I was confused as she asked whether she was starting with washing my feet and legs. I had to explain I did that now. She was happy with my feet and we agreed that I officially don’t need the District Nurses now unless I call them (by which she meant Yvonne). So I’m fully responsible for my own care now. But she was kind enough to leave me a load of dressings.                                         My brother (ex) arrived to play cards etc at about 4.20 pm. We watched a quiz on the TV first and started playing at 6.00 pm. I don’t want to hear mention of that person ever again withing the next week at least. He’s evil and left with a smile. I took my meds then had a sandwich before I started catch up. It’s taken me to 12.05 am to get almost clear. A couple have to wait until the morning.


2.25 am this morning didn’t seem too bed until I think back to 12.45 am last night. Even if I fell asleep immediately that’s still only 1 hour 40 minutes. I wonder if Somnos has forgotten our agreement or if my experiment hasn’t worked. If I could just get each of my followers to mention him once I’m sure it would convince him to leave me alone. I worked on. At 8.30 am I got dressed and forced a shoe on my right foot. At 9.00 am I took a slow walk over to Pauline’s picking up some bread as well as my lottery. Flippin’ ‘eck it was cold. When I got back I did a little more work then went to catch HuTH to see what was out there. The postman arrived. Still no parcel, at least not the one I’m waiting for.   After lunch I nodded off in my chair and I was so away with the fairies I didn’t even hear Sharon arrive yet she says she spoke to me. She’d been here 15 minutes before I came round. I left her to it and came back to my room to work, intending to catch up on the rest of the 40 winks in here. Instead I got kind of caught up in Christmas and ordering from Ebay.                                                                                                                              I worked until 4.30 pm then went to watch a little TV. Mike turned up about 6.30 pm and like an old married couple started talking about our respective weeks. I’m getting worried. At 9.00 pm I came through for the major catch up finishing about 11.30 pm with luck.



3.22 am this morning and from a midnight light-off I’m counting this a win.I got up to take my meds  and remembered it’s Friday and the day to replenish my drug trays for another week. I’m very organised, every two week I order a different half of the meds so there’s always enough. Once I’d done that I had some toast and took the diabetic stuff. One round(small) of toast with jam on and one without. I would have had Weetabix but was worried about the milk holding out. Maybe I can get some more milk today so I’m covered for tomorrow.                                                                                                                          At 9.00 am I took a card to the Post Office for ‘par avion’ and picked up milk from Pauline’s on the way back. Somehow a teabreak Twix slipped into my hand while there. I returned home in time to collect 4 parcels from Darren which I was able to leave feedback on before watching HuTH with Mike. As soon as it was done he left for Manchester. I was happy to be at home working in the warm.                                                After lunch at 12.15 pm I watched Bargain Hunt, washed my plate and settled for a kip.  It lasted nicely until  2..20 pm and I was ready to work again. I worked until my usual 4.30 pm the found a message on my phone to say Mike was on his way at twenty past. He got home complete with fish and chips at 6.45 pm. After Mastermind I showered and then saw to my legs  which are so much better already. I watched HIGNFY and then came through at 9.30 pm, later than usual, to catch up. Three minutes to midnight now, will I make it?

Tremendous record from this Ohio based group in late 1967.


A terrible 1.55 am this morning and I’d already tried closing my eyes and pretending I wasn’t awake.In fairness it may be I’d heard something as a hail storm started soon after I got up and it wasn’t the first judging by the ground. As I was awake I went straight to work until 3.00 am when I went for breakfast. Having fed my face I came back with a coffee to see how many con-merchants from Nigeria are after my money today in order to get my hands on millions. Needless to say there was one only now he’s(?) claiming to be a bank manager in the UK.                                                                                                        Mike got up about 6.20 am and we were out of the house at 7.00 am The weather was atrocious with snow. It slowed us down and we were running late so we went straight to lunch from shopping then dashed home to drop the shopping off, change clothes for something smart and then go back out to Chester for my daughter’s 40th birthday. Ugo had set up a TV with a continuous reel of photographs charting her life, there were tears in my eyes especially when there were pictures of Ju with her. It was a surprise party and she genuinely seemed surprised. She was still unwrapping presents and greeting people when we left at 6.30 pm. I needed to do a lot of catching up today  and rest up before a different party starts tomorrow with my lovely cousins in attendance. 11.30 pm and I’ve done as much as I can for tonight, I need some rest.

all girls together


3.59 am of the clock And All’s Well. At least I knew who I was and I knew where I was. I also knew I was to take meds but for the life of me I couldn’t remember where they were. By the time I did, I needed more milk to take them with. As I opened the fridge to get some out I noticed that somehow we’d ended up with Red-Top yesterday. Mike senile for picking it up, my bad for putting it away without noticing it yesterday. At least it wasn’t full fat like last time. I brought a coffee back to my desk and started work. It seemed non-stop this morning but somehow some time after 8.00 am I nodded off at the keyboard. The letters are still in reverse on my forehead. Luckily Mike had set his alarm for 9.00 am. I went and made him a coffee. As I went through to tell him it was there, his alarm went off for the second time. He got up on the third one which is better than a Saturday. Snow covered the ground and was still coming down. We went out about 10.15 am and fuelled up then headed to a nearby shop ‘The Range’. We had a coffee and a good walk round.                                                                                                                                                    At midday we started heading for Chester. it was still snowing but the main roads had been treated and ploughed. By 12.45 am we were there and parking up at a multi storey by the restaurant. All the family were there apart from Yvonne and Co. The young waitress must have been so upset at serving a lime and lemonade that she tossed in over my leg. The patting down attention was nice though. For the second time in two days Yvonne walked in and was surprised by us all. I don’t know how Amelie stayed asleep. The meal was an ‘eat all you want’ buffet of World foods so I had some pizza and lots of different potatoes. My niece went up to get puddings and brought me a selection including BFG so I was happy. A Birthday cake with enough candles to be a fire hazard was brought through and even the waiters sang Happy Birthday.                                           It was soon time to depart. Mike was going home and gave my nieces instruction to drop me off on their way. I don’t know whether he suggested stopping to do so. I hugged my lovely cousins as hard as I could (especially the one who brought me Titterton’s pies) and we left. Karen and Jo dropped me at home. hugged me and left. I went in to give Joey a bit of light. It was about 4.30 pm. I couldn’t afford much wasted time today so I took an hour to have a couple of pies and some strawberries and then came through to work. Over 200 waiting to be dealt with.

I wish you all a wonderful week.  I always ask favours of you, usually to spare smiles and hugs for those in need, remember there can be a wonderful return. I still want that but this week I have another favour. Republicans and Democrats of America. For a  minute just forget your political affiliation and think of yourselves as just Americans. The Tax measures currently going through the houses is not intended to  benefit you, the ordinary people. This is a gift to Oligarchs and no-one else. Even the country will suffer as the National Debt rises. Please plague your Senators and Reps not to agree to this and promise any that do will not be returned after the next election. Not that I suppose they care on their pensions. Don’t let America be the first country reduced to serfdom where no-one can afford education. Also Net Neutrality is a subject we need to care about. Stop that bill being passed or the ISP’s will be charging for services they bring you and they’ll be able to slow the service for all those who don’t pay. Keep Net Freedom.                            Love you all.


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The Party Starts…………When?


I was up and about at 2.45 am and went through to the kitchen to put the washing on while I had my meds and my breakfast. I chose to go down the route of toast this morning  completely forgetting it was only doing one side at a time. I wandered back to my bedroom with a cup of coffee about 3.20 am and started work. So many nice comments on the blog. If I didn’t put the photos of the kids up I think I might  as well close down. Once the wash cycle was over I turned it to the appropriate drying one and just left it. Got back to the bedroom and found I’d forgotten to put my white cotton gloves in. Doh!                                                                                                                                                      Darren came with a parcel for me and Once I’d cleared my box I was able to check it and leave feedback. I got to see the last half of HUtH where I was able to glance out of the front window to see the nurse as she came. Trouble is she didn’t come then or after when  I wrote my Christmas cards or when I either cooked or ate lunch and I specifically had the same lunch she interrupted last week. After lunch I had 40 winks in the chair which lasted about three quarters of an hour, no doorbell woke me, no phone messages either. I returned to work for a catch up. No-one here by 3.00 pm. So I started watching Escape to the Country. I was just getting to the point where I’d have been watching through my eyelids when a voice penetrated the fog. The nurse, not THE Nurse but the nearest one to her. I didn’t get the new treatment as she didn’t  understand exactly what to do so she’d take the leaflet back to the office to clarify things with Sarah who arranged for this treatment. In the meantime she had  tug and a tear at my feet until I could squirm no longer and was forced to shout “And that foot’s bloody sore” as I removed it from her grip. I didn’t mind leaving the other one until she found a large portion of skin almost ready to go. Half went. When she spoke to me it was like the words were being fired and there was no time to waste with full sentences It was nice to close the door as she left.                                                                                                                                                    I gave Joey the job of comforting me then. After a spate of catching up until 4.30 am I came to watch Flog It ( not a programme on Sadism) then PYMWYMI but unfortunately I missed all of this because the gears on my eyelids gave way and then jammed. I couldn’t get them open and I also slep ( examined my eyelids) through the next programme too. At 9.00 am I returned to find my mailbox jammed and had to work until 12.25 am before getting to bed.

elf love


I was shocked when I woke up and found it was 4.00  am until I realised I hadn’t put my book down until 1.00 am. First job my meds and some breakfast. That done I came back to work, to chaos.None of my sites still had registered log ins against them so I had to go searching for the sign-ins to each site again. First was the bank which was the one I’d been trying to sign into anyway. When I finally sorted that one I had to start again with this one. I was at it until 5.30 am before I could hit the mail. That took a further 3 hours to clear. At about 9.30 am the podiatrist arrived. She’s a lovely young lady, ( she was carrying a scalpel when I said that). She debrided my left foot really thoroughly and it wasn’t really sore except one place. The left foot she did as much as she could but there were 3 very painful areas for me which she left for now. They’re painful because there are deep cracks in the skin at those points which can’t heal yet. Maybe they will with the new treatment. Yvonne and Amelie arrived during this session. Amelie seemingly had no problem with some random woman attacking her pops with a scalpel. Once the podiatrist had gone, Amelie became more interested in me as someone who could put a step up to the sink so she could wash her hands. I don’t think she’d Lady Macbeth but you never know.                                                                                                                                  Yvonne went to the chippie for us all but by that time Ami had found my Maltesers so chips didn’t stand a chance. For some reason an Aero mousse didn’t either. They left at 12.30 pm so Yvonne had time to change for work and to pick Reuben up from school. Meanwhile at 3.00 pm the nurse arrived and caught me checking my eyelids in front of the TV. The new treatment started …..without the cling film. My legs and feet were washed and carefully dried. A thick layer of the cream was applied and it was left for three minutes (heating up I think) before being rubbed into the skin. Excess was removed with a tissue. Today the legs were dressed again. Tomorrow someone will come and the legs may not be dressed. If I think I can follow the destructions on my own then that may be the case on Thursday and I shall cope thereafter. Back to socks and shoes and going out, Hurrah. Worked to 4.30 am then stayed away until 9.00 pm and the final burst which has taken until 12.11 am tonight.


The clock and I aren’t on speaking terms at the moment. It was almost 1.00 am when I turned out the light last night. I settled quickly and fell asleep. This morning I saw 2.43 am on the clock and took it to be acceptable only to find with the light on that it was in fact 2.13 am. And yet now I was up and couldn’t even go for my meds and some breakfast. Not really acceptable at all. I had to start my mail early. I worked until 3.00 am then went to get my meds and some breakfast. Having filled my face I took my coffee back to my desk and continued working.                                                                                       The postman brought a parcel I wanted which I checked over before leaving feedback. I had just settled in my chair to watch Homes Under the Hammer when I felt the urge to count some sheep. I could hear the baa baa of their bleating and suddenly David, David, such miraculous sheep they were when one of my nurses was shaking me by the shoulder. They asked me to do my legs from the soaking stage which I did and having shown I can master a towel and some cream I was told the job was mine. They left and I had my lunch and watched Bargain Hunt, I managed just over half an hour’s nap time before returning to work. I cleared my inbox in time for the arrival of Dil come to play games. I’m sure no-one is interested in what happened but I’ll be grateful if in future I hear no mention of that name from you lot.                                                                                  At 9.00 pm when we finished he left and after taking my meds I came through to work. It’s now 11.55 pm and I’m going to bed,

huge elf hug


After a read which took me until almost 1.00 am because I spent so much time going back to see if I.d read something. Sleep came relatively easy and there were dreams waiting in the wings. I got up at 2.57 am and was convinced there was someone behind me in bed doing some nice things to my neck.I was very careful not to disturb her by putting my light on. After my meds and breakfast  I brought my coffee back with me but she’d gone. I started work on the mail which took me until nearly 7.00 am to complete.I actually went through to my chair about 6.45 am. I admit I nodded off quite happily but this was for more than 40 winks. I was there till 9.30 am and very strange too. I was completely out of it and was rolling around like a drunken sailor. I had strange thoughts and pains in my legs but not from the sores. I thought I was about to suffer like you can get on an aeroplane.  The nearest I get to that is driving with Mike.                                           I decided to brave this new world and took a slow walk up to Pauline’s for my lottery tickets. It would be nice to win about now. Mike arrived about 2.30 pm his private jet had taken the journey well. About 140 miles in about ten minutes I think.At 3.20 pm we toddled of for the scan. I didn’t have long to wait but the exercise took a while and the gel was very cold. At least I know I’m not pregnant now. We called in for bread and milk before going home and when we got home it was lovely to be in away from the bitter cold. We were in time for all my antique shows though Mike fell asleep and missed the early ones. At 9,00 pm I came through to start the evening catch up. It’s 11.35 pm and I’ve finished, almost an early night.


I got a nice extra lie-in this morning until 3.55 am, it was lovely. I practically bounded out of bed and went to the kitchen. It was then I remembered it’s Friday so I have the weeks meds to sort before I can get breakfast. I better not say too much on the subject as a close friend has told me I”m whingey and whiney this week. I finished that job with great joy at about 4.45 am and had my weetabix. I came back to my desk with my coffee.                  It took a little longer than usual to catch up but by 8.00 am I was there. Then I found myself drifting off to sleep again but was stil carrfying on writing to whatever came in,    ( see I was doing it again there), then jerking awake and correcting what I’d written before it was sent out (I hoped). One of my nurses came to make sure I was still happy and to bring supplies, lint pads, tubular leg dressing etc. I asked how their shared supplied were going and was told they were down so I gave her another box to take up. I reminded her I might supply the temptation but I never make them eat. I don’t want a load of chubby but angry nurses on my doorstep in the new year.                                            It was a messy morning with work ebbing and flowing. At midday I had lunch and then settled in my chair for what I hope would be a full 40 winks. I think I’ve got a faulty box recently though as I couldn’t get off at all. I returned to work . At 4.30 pm I was knocking off to see ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ which if it’s on next week will be abbreviated. Mike returned about 6.15 am and brought me some chips so I wouldn’t touch his tea he said.  Cruel….but true.                                                                                          At 7.30 after Mastermind, I had a shower and what a delight after so long.  I dealt with my feet and legs after that then worked for a while since he was watching football on the TV. I came back to watch ‘Have I Got News For You’.After that it was head down and clear the in-box. Bed about midnight.


I woke at 2.52 am but in the interest of keeping my story straight and my kneecaps in place I did not leave my bed until the clock struck three. Then it was off for my meds and breakfast. Despite knocking something over as I left the kitchen, technically it was just in then lounge so the kitchen remained intact. I was back at my desk with a coffee by 3.40 am.                                                                                                                                                             At 6.00 am I made Mike a coffee and called him then I got dressed and started taking the buns and the recycling bags out. When I got back in I gave him another call. went to wash my hands and just returned to work for a while.Mike got up at 20 past. At 7.00 am we were on the road, we went back for the car. It was our usual first supermarket but today we had his breakfast elsewhere as he wanted to be in Chester for 10.00 am to collect something he’d had saved by a shop. It didn’t take us too long and we were making our way back to Flint by some convenient long cuts we didn’t know. We had a little toddle there, bought a couple of things, had coffee to say hello to Temptations, got some frozen food and headed home to put it away. As soon as we;d done that it was back out or lunch. So wandering in the cold. playing in the freezer then out in the freezing rain again you can see why I’ve got a blinkin’ cold. I was glad to get home.                         Mike watched his sport while I played catch up this afternoon. At 5,00 pm I broke off to watch TV with Mike and to see to my feet and legs. At 9.00 pm I said goodnight to Joey and came through for the big finish. 11.15 tonight and I’m getting an early night.

photo shoot 3


Oh Dear, I don’t think 1.50 am was exactly what I had in mind for this new enterprise to start on. I’d hoped that by giving Somnos something new to build his hopes on, he’d be concentrating on me less. I suppose it’s only obvious that he’s be keeping an eye to see if the poster had started achieving results. Personally I think he’s be far better keeping an eye on himself to see if his stature increases than on me. However, he’d woken me this morning to let me know he thought he was looking bigger and did I agree. What else was I going to say but yes, in the hopes of future sleep. He left me alone but of course I was wide awake.                                                                                                                                          Far too early to have breakfast I just signed on and started work on my mail. At 3.00 am I fed and watered after taking my meds. I brought a coffee back to the desk. By about 7.00 am the workload was clear and I was beginning to fade a bit. I was gently nodding at the desk trying to answer mail as it came in but also avoid writing anything ridiculous and sending it out. Quite a balance problem. At 10.00 am Mike got up and I went through and joined him in the lounge. I still felt so full of cold and didn’t bother getting dressed.  I didn’t want to go out for lunch either and knew Mike had his grandson’s birthday to attend I just had to shuffle him out of the house. He was kind enough to help me wrap some presents then he set off home. I was very good and came through to play catch-up before having something to eat and then I settled myself in front of the TV to ignore some Christmas films by examining my inner eyelids. I stayed there until 9.00 pm and then came to accept the censure of having left my mail for so long. It took a long time.

the slide

I wish you all peace and much Joy in this lead up to Christmas. I hope you’ll be able to share the joy via either a smile or a hug with all those who seem to be missing either of those things. Perhaps we can spare time to remember out homeless  and the needy. Remember those who don’t share this celebration with us but nonetheless wish us well and especially remember those for whom this celebration is utter misery. Any way we can spread joy can only make the world a better place. And if it costs us a few shillings in the process, so what. To all my friends of other religions who don’t share this celebration, just enjoy the holiday and the good feelings it usually generates. They never last.                Hugs to you all.


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Tears on my Pillow


Last night I was tired and prepared to sleep as long as sleep held me though in reality I knew I wouldn’t want to sleep beyond 4.00 am. So when I woke and got out of bed 3.59 am was flashing on my clock as it was on the kitchen clock when I got in there. I think there’s making a point and then there’s making a point. It hadn’t been the best sleep in the wold but I was satisfied and here was plenty of time to work which is what I did as soon as breakfast and the meds were done and I had coffee in hand raring to go.               I carried on until 8.35  am when I decided to get dressed but not until Joey’s yelling reminded me that he hadn’t got fresh seed and water and nor was his cage door open.       Darren the postman delivered two parcels this morning and then another one he found in his van ten minutes later. More Christmas prezzies dealt with but I mustn’t get complacent as there’s along way to go.                                                                                             I made lunch at 12.00 noon as the nurse hadn’t been in the morning. It was 12.15 am and I was halfway through eating it when she arrived. Bummer. We got sorted and she was really happy with progress. We’re going to carry on with daily changes. After she left I finished the meal off and took my tablets, watched the end of Bargain Hunt, washed up and then checked my eyelids were still working. I slept till 2.15 pm then came to catch up until 4.40 pm I stayed away until 9.00 pm then came for the last catch up of the day till 11.45 pm.


I read until almost 12.30 a last night.  One last nip to the loo and as I came back I kicked the box adjoining the cables to laptop from electric charge. It was full on my big toe on the left foot which as you know looks like a war zone. I flopped down on the bed and buried my face in the pillow I’m not sure whether they were tears of pain or frustration that were drawn for a minute. Once the throbbing stopped I fell asleep. I woke at a much kinder 4.15 am than usual. Somnos is giving me a period of grace it seems but the time is still not good enough to say ‘don’t hurry’.                                                                                  After my meds and my breakfast I worked with my coffee until 7.31 am when there was a slight lull in proceedings. It felt cheeky given how late I’d woken but I still went through to my chair in the lounge. I recycled 40 Z’s but it only took me to 7.50 a.m. I decided I might as well do something useful and sorted my Christmas cards ready to write. About an hour later I returned to work proper. The postie brought me just one parcel today. Tomorrow will be good as I’m expecting some for Mike as well I think. I waited for the nurse but it looked as though they were going to be late again. Maybe I’d have chance to eat my dinner but no, a ring of the bell and two arrived. One I’ve seen before and she’s nice but the other one was quite vicious. Guess which one was doing my feet. A constant sound of sharp intakes of breath and feet jerked followed by an apology followed by repeat above. Some skin may well have been ready to come off but it wasn’t being asked  politely it was being ripped off. The number of times I said ouch she must have thought it a foreign language for carry on I’m enjoying this. I was not.She decided to dress the legs in just loose stockinette for some reason which left my toes open.                  They left at 12.14 pm just as Bargain Hunt started and I had to rush and make my lunch before they got too far. I had a message to say ‘Thank You’ from a friend whose blog often provided me with my hilarity for the day. He’s a funny man and certainly has no need to thank me. I worked till 3.00 pm then had a little skive till 3.45 pm then at 4.0 pm I gave up work till 9.00 pm and came back and paid the price. At the end of the night a read until 12.30 am. Sleep came easily.

elf on a shelf


I think Dawn was 3.43 am this morning but I was still tired and sent her home. No way I was getting back to sleep now. Had my meds, ate some of my breakfast and brought my one-a-day coffee back to work. At 8.15 am I knocked off for a bit, hoping for 40 winks in my chair I managed about 20 before the first of a constant stream were at the door. The gas man wanted to read the meter, poor souls had no idea where it was when I invited him in. He was very good and cleared a space for himself and his mirror on a stick. Bert from next door came as did the postman and then a parcel delivery (for Mike) all leading up to the nurse who appeared at 11.30 am. Unlike yesterday this one actually dressed my legs fully and not just with stockinette. I can see just how much they’v improved and the feet are pretty dry now but even with the ‘Peelers’there are still a lot of growths of skin to clear.                                                                                                                                                      After I’d had my lunch and Bargain Hung had finished I undertook a survey of my inner eyelids that took just over an hour to satisfy me they worked. It was time to play catch up with the work. Another parcel delivered (proof there’s no rest for the wicked I suppose) and at 4.25 pm when Dil arrived I was up to date. He’s really learned how to cheat well. I couldn’t best him at the Yahtzee and it ended up a draw 6 games each. I beat him at Nomination Whist but he bested me at Cribbage so he headed home with honours even again. It happens too often, I piled back into work mode which kept me until 20 minutes past midnight before I was able to get a short read ready for sleep.


Despite reading till 1.00 am an waking at 3.08 am I think I had a touch of genius last night.


If he likes that and it raises his profile I could be free at last and ready to get my own good night’s sleep.                                                                                                                                 Well he should have had the idea by now, with luck I should get an answer by tomorrow. Once I’d dealt with my drugs and breakfast, I took my fresh coffee through to the bedroom to start. Among other things was a reminder from Yvonne that she and Amelie will be coming this morning. If we skip through all the mail and getting dressed we can get to the bit where they arrived. It was about 10.20 am and no matter how many times Yvonne said “Give pops a kiss” I was ignored by a little girl who’s grin just got wider and who kissed or hugged her Mum instead.                                                                                          The nurse arrived so I must still be on a daily call, liked what she saw, answered Yvonne’s queries, dressed both legs (properly) but only applied the iodine to one and left. Yvonne went out just before noon to get me some lunch. Amelie cried but I’m not sure whether she missed her Mum or her chocolate biscuits. Yvonne came back and Amelie was asking for ‘just one more’ of her mum’s lebkuchen biscuits. Her eyes lit up when I offered her a chocolate mousse, It was gone, demolished. I closed my ears in case I heard those fateful words. I finished my lunch and they left to go home. Apart from Joey the place was quiet.                                                                                                                                      I nodded off but was woken by my cleaner arriving. It reminded me to do a bit of work. I worked until 4.30 pm when I gave up until 9.00 pm. Time to catch up. 11.35 pm off to bed to read.

seesaw squeals


I tuned my light off at midnight and threw myself around a couple of times to find the best position for comfort. I was soon away in the land of Nod. It was 3.35 am before I woke which was great. I went through to the kitchen, took my meds then started filling the trays for the next week. I had pills rolling everywhere as my hands shook and I dropped them, the job seemed to take forever. That done (finally) I had some Weetabix for breakfast (one job even I couldn’t mess up)(OMG if you could only see my two fingered typing this morning, the spelling is atrocious ). I took the last two diabetic tablets and went to make my coffee……or so I hoped. It was a red light job meaning twenty minutes spent on cleaning the machine with a descaling tablet. Only it wouldn’t start. AAaaaargghh, I ended up turning it off then on again only to find it wasn’t requesting a clean now so I re-inserted my coffee pod and started again. I was half an hour sitting at my desk before I realised I hadn’t even drunk it. Duh!                                  The Nurse visited at 11.30 am today. I was just in the process of stripping my leg (tastefully of course) when the front door went. It was the chemist with a new course of treatment. I have to slap it on, cover my leg with clingfilm, bake for half an hour then remove the clingfilm and throw it away. No-one has yet told me what I’m to do with the legs. I carried on back to the nurse who knew nada. She dressed both legs but without the iodine today as she said it’s all dry, Perhaps on Monday I won’t need dressings and can even fit a shoe on again.                                                                                                                Mike arrived early afternoon sarcasm dripping from his chin, no change there then except I had to get him a tissue. I tried to keep abreast of the work during the afternoon until I quit at my usual 4.30 pm. We had a good evening which included a hair wash and a flannel bath for the rest of me at the sink. Even the mirror blushed.


I was up at 1.28 am after hearing a noise. After stumbling about for a few minutes trying to decide which towel to wear for secrecy I found my way back to bed where I decided I needed more sleep. I got some until 3.20 am when I was less confused. I did a walk round to gather paper for the recycling then had my normal meds. I got the diabetic meds together  with some milk and had my breakfast. I made a coffee and brought it back here to work at 3.55 am. At 6.00 am I made Mike’s coffee but thought I’d gone deaf until I realised the beggar hadn’t set his alarm. That meant it was my job. We had a good morning’s shopping when we went out at 7.00 am but I’m still no nearer getting more Christmas prezzies. The weather was so foul today with rain throughout the night then snow about 5.30 am followed by rain all day, so we decided to come home after lunch. There was a message to go to the hospital at 2.00 pm tomorrow, so much for a free weekend. I caught up on my mail during the afternoon and my sleep during the evening. no wonder he’s complaining about my company. Restart work at 9.00 pm to 11.30 pm.

wrapped up warm


Light out at midnight. Not a very long read but enough.I was drained from the pain in my right foot. I’m sure I got up once in the night and maybe had a conversation with a female. I definitely got up at 3.41 am and somebody had moved some of the rooms about. Then no they hadn’t, I was just confused. I put the light on in Mike’s room to see if anyone was there and there was, but luckily for me he didn’t wake. I went to the kitchen for my meds and some breakfast but found I had put the toast on first so had to hurry with my meds. Then my toast came out like French toast, with just one side browned and I had to work out which way to put them back in to brown the other side. A freakin’ disaster of a morning. Things can only get better………..                                                                 I caught up with my mail and remembered to drink my coffee. I did a couple of searches and I also had a rummage in Ebay for my still difficult Christmas prezzies. At 10.00 am I put the kettle on in the hopes Mike would soon be up. He made it by twenty past which wasn’t too bad. We couldn’t think of anything specific we wanted to do in the morning so we left at 11.30 am for Prestatyn and lunch. The beef was to die for. We came straight back to Holywell afterwards rather than go round shops in Prestatyn, it meant we could better gauge the time before leaving for the hospital. I managed to get a toy for my last great nephew, if only his Mum and Dad were as easy to buy for. We were at the hospital just before 2.00 pm and I didn’t have long to wait. I’m wondering if this is the last time I’ll have my legs dressed with the new treatment starting this week. We came home and watched a Christmas film that had us both throwing sarcastic remarks out. Mike left at 5.00 pm to go home while I spent time catching up on my mail.

May you all have the nicest of weeks in the change from November to December. Give smiles where you can and hugs where you will. Share a thought for all those people in refugee camps throughout the world and if you have a little cash to spare…….. there are also many people in prison in countries with few human rights, people who want to see some form of democratic change and a lot of journalists. Places like Saudi Arabia and Turkey which has undergone a radical change under Erdogan. Possibly the kind of changes the U.S. may follow as journalists are ridiculed.                                                            Look after yourselves.                                                                                                                             Huge Hugs


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The Wrapper Returns.


Up at 2.07 am this morning. Not too bad maybe as I managed to turn my light out at 11.30 pm last night. I know my legs haven’t been treated since Thursday last, but I swear I caught a whiff of damp goat as I was waking. So it’s either my toesies have halitoesis or Somnos has been sending his brother round again.                                                                      At 3.00 am I went through to the kitchen to have my meds then some breakfast. Just some toast again but it was enough. I set the washing machine going, then made a coffee to take back to work. I was keeping an eye on the time to put the clothes on a drying cycle. I remembered in time and set it for an hour and a half. I carried on working until 6.45 am then decided to try 40 winks in my chair. I woke just before 8.00 am and went straight back to work completely forgetting the dry laundry. It was 10.00 am before I remembered and went to get the stuff out, no longer hot and pliable, but cold and wrinkled. I hung it on the airers.                                                                                                     At 10.45 am the nurse arrived. I took the remains of the dressings off and my feet were soaked and washed. I hate that bit because of the pressure applied, ouch, ouch and ouch. No, not three legs just lots of discomfort. I had her take a look at the soles of my feet too and she said there were quite a few ‘cracks’ there. She treated them. I wonder if they normally just do the tops because that problem is obvious. Anyway, she decided my feet were a little wetter than before and it was probably due to not having been done since Thursday, so for now we’re going back to every day changes.                                                    I cheated and had an easy lunch then worked till 3.00 pm. Watched Escape to the Country then worked till my 4.30 pm antiques show. After that I had tea with Joey and nodded off for an hour. I watch a programme called Babylon 5 that I’ve heard about for years but never seen. At 9.00 pm I called it a night and came through to work. At 11.20 pm I decided bed was a good idea.


I probably got to bed about 11.30 pm and managed to read until midnight last night. It took a little time to get the feet comfortable enough to sleep, but once I did…………………..    It was 3.45 am before I woke up this morning, my longest lie-in for ages. I’ve no doubt someone interceded for me with Somnos.  Meds and breakfast were done straight away before bringing my coffee back to work. And work there was this morning but by 7.35 am I was nicely on top of it. I decided to celebrate with a sit down in my chair but the 40 evaded me so at 8.00 am I returned to work slaving over a hot keyboard.                              At 10.50 am yesterday’s nurse returned with another. They are both nursing sisters by my guess at the uniform and it was to clarify a new care plan based on the change back to daily. Daily for two weeks they agreed before one took out her tweezers, gripped a piece of black flesh across the top of my foot and pulled. She celebrated one continuous piece that had defeated others by removing even more flesh from between my toes. My crossed fingers worked and she didn’t try the big toe which is more wood than flesh now. They left at 11.30 am and my stinging feet were grateful.                                                            My nephew came this afternoon to see if I wanted shopping. He answered the doorbell for me and in came a podiatrist. As Lee went out shopping she started in on my feet. She checked the pulse rate to ensure a good flow of blood. she even cut a couple of nails on one foot but she used a scalpel to clear even more debris from the feet. Talk about sore afterwards. My shopping arrived and Lee put it away for me. Once he podiatrist had finished I cleared her debris and Lee and I enjoyed a game of scrabble.He went home to his wife and sons leaving me at the mercy of the budgie.

takin the strain


I was in bed for 11.45 pm (post mail) and only read for half an hour before extinguishing the light. Perhaps I should have put the book down first? The stinging had stopped to a large degree and I suspect sleep came readily because I was still holding the book as I woke, and my glasses were twisted at an awkward angle on my schnozzle. I slept until 3.37 am which was again unexpected. I wondered why my female companion was hushing me until I realise she’d sprung a leak.                                                                                After using the puncture repair kit I took my meds and had some breakfast. I brought a coffee back to work and kept going until 7.41 am when things slowed down. I went looking for 40 in my chair. Phew, I found them and they kept me going until 8.30 am(ish) when I returned to work. I was in the lounge about 10.30 am when I noticed a nurse going pas the window carrying a large box. I went to the door but saw that she was at a neighbour’s house.I closed the door and walked back to the lounge. i’d just reached there when the bell rang. I asked if the box was because she was selling my supplies door to door. Luckily she had a sense of humour. I unwrapped my legs being careful not to ladder my stockings while the nurse prepared herself. She was very gentle with me so she obviously knows I’m a virgin on the ridiculous.                                                                       After she’d gone it was getting on for lunchtime so I had a beef dinner from the bing machine. It was surprisingly nice. I saw Bargain Hunt and at 1.00 pm I went back to work . I’d missed a fair bit. At 3.00 pm I was clear so went through to see Escape to the Country which involved inspecting my eyelids from within. At 4.10 pm I just had time to clear the mail box before Dil arrived. I made him a cup of tea and we watched Pointless before the gaming began. Tonight was another honours even so he said we could part friends. I wasn’t sure why we’d change the habits of a lifetime. I tidied up and came through to work finishing at 11.40 pm.

under the tunnel


3.25 am this morning. Reverting more towards what was the main time before.There was a message waiting for me that another blogger has made Somnos an offer so he’s having to leave my side for a while. Our ‘Friendship’ will not be forgotten though. ( shame). I dealt with breakfast and meds straight away before bringing a coffee back to start work. I had a difficult letter to write to someone who considers me ‘stubborn’- me of all people? And who is full of suspicions when I try to be the most reasonable of men. I get the feeling I’ll never win. At 7.41 am I was temporarily clear so decided to occupy my chair in the lounge for forty. I was a little up set to get just twenty as someone knocked on the door at 8.10 am and by the time I gingerly got there, they were long gone. I tried calling out ‘Hello’ in case they heard and came back but all I got was a kind passerby asking if I needed help. I returned to work. At 9.30 am my neighbour Margaret came to the door. She came in for a chat then kindly went to do my shopping. On my return to work I found an email telling me I had  direct message on Twitter. Here’s how it starts……… ….   My name is Mr. Suvo Sarkar, I am Bank Officer here in Emirates Bank of Dubai NBD. I have a business proposal for you which is in connection with your name and you are going to benefit from this transaction which will be of our interest and benefit to our both families. Yet another con that’s finally moved away from Nigeria so naturally I’m going to fall for it now.                                                                                                                                          Nursey arrived at 11.30 am and was very gentle today except when she was apologising for prodding the wrong places to ask if they hurt. She left at 12.15 pm so I found myself trying to watch Bargain Hunt as I was cooking my dinner. Te afternoon alternated between periods of work and periods of sitting down with my legs up. Mike arrived before 6.00 pm so we nattered until 9.00 pm when it was clearance time for the mail.


I didn’t do too well this morning though I was desperate to stay where I was, wrapped in the warm with a beautiful dream lingering on the outskirts of memory. But here it was 1.46 am and I was wide awake. Nothing had woken me and I felt no threat so maybe even Somnos wasn’t on the prowl. The only thing to do was get up and start work. That carried me through until 3.00 am when I went through to the kitchen to have a fix and prepare my drugs for the next week. Then I was able to have breakfast and make a coffee to bring through with me.                                                                                                         I worked until nearly 10.00 am then fell asleep when I would normally watch Homes Under the Hammer, luckily Mike likes that too and remembered to turn on albeit late. I was expecting the nurse around the time it ended but she didn’t show, I wondered if it was due to the doppler I was supposed to have. At noon I gave up waiting and made lunch to ear while I watched Bargain Hunt. I’d just started the washing up afterwards, when I didn’t expect the nurse to appear, when she did. Sana doppler which they will now do on Saturday at the hospital for ease. Once the legs were done I finished the washing up and started on the mail again.                                                                                Mike arrived back about  6.00 pm and the lazyitis was so bad he had to make his own drink. We watched Antiques Trip from 7 to 8 and then Mastermind before he washed my hair and left me taking a bath in the sink.. At 8.30 pm I went back to the evening mail and got caught up. It was just gone 11.30 pm before I got near bed and 12.15 am before the light went off. Sleep was along time coming.

ami ride


Despite it being past 1.00 am before I got to sleep I was not to be allowed concessions. I woke at 2.27 am and was able to take a full minute getting up. As I turned my screen on a message appeared. Somnos, (your) God of Sleep invites you to join him for an evening of fun and gaiety from Midnight 18th November. Bring fruit. Finally I may be about to get to the bottom of his renewed interest in me.I worked till it was time for breakfast, I had just enough butter for two rounds of toast which I had, somehow managing to cremate one of them I held a very quick service with a knife over the waste bin until it looked edible. After taking all my meds I returned to work until 5.30 am. Then I got dressed. Have I mentioned I’m having to make sure whatever I wear on my lower half (excluding my kilt) has legs wide enough to take both legs and dressings. At 5.50 am I was ready and had managed to wedge my feet inside my old velcro slippers. I put the kettle on for Mike and as soon as I heard his alarm I took a coffee through to the lounge for him and went and shouted him. I then started to get all the rubbish and recycling outside. The weather was cold enough to give me my own Newton’s Cradle so I was glad to get back in the warm and shout him a second time. His alarm must have gone off four times as he got up pretty quickly. I retreated to my room and the computer as someone wandering around in just their shreddies at that time of the day requires a stronger stomach than mine.        Shopping went well and was pretty successful in more than food as I picked up a Christmas present for one of my nieces. We went for breakfast (Yes, I don’t need reminding I’d had one, I just can’t see him eat alone). A couple of things in the Morrison’s where the cafe was and we were ready for the off again. I was paying the price for the outing by having to occupy the wheelchair and he was enjoying every moment of the power. In Flint I got another present but not for Christmas this time. I escaped his clutches on my sticks and forced him to follow me into Temptations before doing the last of my shopping, for the freezer and then going home to put it away. Mike refuses to do that because I won’t let him spend on a new freezer for me.                                                       We headed into town to get some special cards then eat at the chippie. Then off to the hospital for the Doppler and new dressings.I was on my way home again about 3.00 pm after a good laugh with the nurses both of whom I know. Work till 5.00 pm then investigate my eyelids for 2 hours in my chair. I finally came back here for catch up at 9.00 pm.


My light went out at midnight and despite a terrible itch across the top of my right foot I was asleep in no time at all. And there I was on the top of a mountain with a bag of tomatoes in my hand and a very cool breeze around my kneecaps. I think the tomatoes were a little rebellion on my part but not recognised as such by Porcinus as he came round collecting tribute to his brother. Was it my imagination or did Porcinus himself look a little bigger (and smell even more of damp goat?). I saw Somnos heading towards me and was tempted to run but I was far too inquisitive as to the reason for this bash with it’s accompaniment of shepherdesses on what looked like pan pipes.                        ‘Ah David’ he said, ‘welcome. This is as much for your benefit as mine. My name is slowly growing towards that of Hypnos, Somnus and Morpheus his son. I am on the verge of becoming a big god and in part it’s down to you. You have my thanks. I would ask for one last effort on your part. Make my name a household word and I shall reward you.’             ‘With sleep’ I asked. ‘Whatever your heart desires’ was his answer. I knew I was returning home then and my knees began to warm. The last thing I heard as I left was ‘And by the way, I noted the tomatoes, most humorous.’                                                              I woke up and it was 4.00 am. I sat on the edge of my bed and couldn’t move for an hour as the thought of Somnos directing the World’s sleep hit home. At 5.00 am I went for my meds and some breakfast carrying an immense sadness inside me. As I ate my Weetabix I was trying to see ways to succeed and get him off my back forever or ways to fail that didn’t look like I’d done it on purpose. Somnos the Musical? But I’d never get one of the hugely talented musicians to write the songs. How about if I disappeared and got him blamed for my murder, ridiculous, not enough people believe in him to get him charged and as a god he wouldn’t have to appear.                                                                                       About 9.30 am Mike got up I left my plotting and went to say good morning. We decided how to proceed with the day. Accordingly we set off at 10.30 am for Prestatyn and went looking for some Christmas presents he wanted help with. We got what he wanted and were nicely in time for lunch at the Cookhouse with the carvery. Afterwards we took a run back to Holywell and checked a shop for a few toys for Christmas presents we both wanted. At 1.45 pm though we headed for the hospital. Anne Marie was on duty again and changed the dressings including the top-socks I now have to keep things from unraveling. She was really pleased at how dry both feet were and no seepage through the bandages. Things are looking rosy though there’s still a way to go. We headed straight for home so Mike could get away for the birthday party for one of his grandsons. It must be the jelly and ice cream that made him rush. I did some catching up then somehow at 7.00 pm found myself in front of the TV watching a Miss Marple programme. That took me to 9.00 pm when I packed up for the night and came to work.

May you all have a great new week. There will be those who need you to share a smile and maybe those in whom you see a greater need. If we bring sharing to the forefront I think Love will follow and then without the politicians and weapons manufacturers maybe the world will be secure for those to follow us.                                                              Hugs to all,


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Somewhere over the Rainbow


Many of us are aware today of yet another mass shooting in America. This time in a small Texas town and in a church. The dead include children and among them the pastor’s 14 year old daughter. The incident is sick. But what makes it worse for me were the remarks by Trump that it wasn’t gun related, and as usual that it’s too early, too hurtful to start talking about it now. Believe me it isn’t. No is the perfect time while the wounds are still raw and people will focus on them so maybe there won’t be another. This man should not have been allowed to own weapons especially of the type he used. It is time for an overhaul of the regulations- but out NRA, you don’t make the regs just purchase them. It has to be made more difficult to buy weapons. It has to be made impossible to buy assault weapons which aren’t needed for hunting. There needs to be a limit set on how many guns someone can hold. Please be sensible now, no-one is taking away your rights, just taking guns out of the hands that shouldn’t have them.                     Up at 2.30 am today. Breakfasted myself and drugged up before starting work. I put the laundry on and brought my coffee back. The nice young nurse ( going to Vegas) this weekend came at about 11.30 am to do my dressings and left at 12.15 pm just when Bargain Hunt started. I lunched late thanks to that so missed my kip.                                      I worked till 3.30 pm then watches a bit of Escape to the Country. Just wait till I have the money to do that. At 4.30 I stayed for Flog It so didn’t return to work again until 9.00 pm hence the fact I’m here now doing this at 11.45 pm. I’m off to bed for a read.

artist at work 3


01.38 am this morning. Not even an hour and a half. What have I done to upset Somnos this time? Or, more to the point, what does he want.I had my breakfast at 3.00 am after taking my meds and didn’t hear from him by that time. Whatever it is can’t quash my mood.                                                                                                                                                       At 10.30 am Yvonne arrived with Amelie, her poor little chest sounded terrible and she was far too quiet. She stayed in to look after me while Yvonne went out to do some shopping for me. We had a look at some toys in a catalogue and then spent some time taking the money out of the frog’s mouth from my Chinese Good Luck symbol. When Yvonne returned she had sandwiches for lunch and egg custards as a pudding. I wasn’t ready for my lunch just then but it seemed Amelie was and she tore into her ham ‘samwiches’ with gusto. She wasn’t as taken with the egg custard however and poor Yvonne ended up with a half chomped pastry mess in her hand. I thought I’d try something different and got her a little chocolate Rolo pudding.Much to Yvonne’s surprise that was gone in no time at all. Judging by the smiles the old Amelie had returned too, she had energy. When it was time for them to go, Yvonne lifted Ami up to give me a kiss and keep my feet safe, she had a look of sheer delight and mischief on her face, I thought she was going to test Santa’s beard. I got a kiss and a big smile instead. I missed them once they’d gone.                                                                                                           I worked catch-up during the afternoon then spent the evening with my feet up so my feet would be relaxed tomorrow. 9.00 pm back to work.


There are only three possible positions to sleep in this bed and I favour one of them. I’d stopped reading at 12.15 am and turned my light out yet it took forever trying to find a position in which my feet didn’t hurt so I could sleep. I had been promised if I should sleep for four hours I would have great dreams, especially for the latter two hours. You don”t turn down offers like that at my age since dreams are often all you have. So, I woke up at 2..59 am with no memory of the two hours prior and with the certain knowledge that I wouldn’t experience the latter two hours. I remember that Somnos never liked me having dreams ‘like that’, but surely he wouldn’t begrudge me a bit of fun?                          After breakfast and meds I brought a coffee back to work and carried on working until 7.20 am when I went for a sit in my chair. I managed to sit undisturbed until 8.30 am, no dreams to accompany my Zzz’s. At lunchtime I did some baby boiled potatoes, some corned beef and some beans. After Bargain Hunt I worked again. About 3.20 pm I was just sending Yvonne a text to ring the nurses for me  as I expected to be on today’s list. Just before I could press send the nurse arrived. Let’s just say it was a painful day. When she’d gone I went through to my bedroom to scream and caught Dil sneaking in quietly. I think glossing over tonight’s results is the best policy or I shall have to retire to scream again. After Dil left in gloat mode I worked for a couple of hours and went to bed at 11.30 pm.

Ami and ted 1


I got a good couple of solid hours sleep last night. I woke at 3.00 am and immediately went through for my meds and my breakfast. The minute I started taking my meds though I had the problem of needing to take them again as they re-appeared. I may not have been pebble dashing the walls but I certainly had to mop the floor around me. The milk I was using is many times filtered and is fresh for at least another 2 weeks. Anyway you can always tell when milk is on the turn. I took the rest of the tablets one at a time and managed to keep them down. I’d made some toast for breakfast and thought it might help but couldn’t finish it. So let’s see, I’m having morning sickness and I’m off my food. Any suggestions? I may be having harsh words with Somnos before long if this is his idea of a joke. Incidentally, a message on my screen this morning advises me to invest my time in ‘small gods inc.’ A guaranteed reward for those with something to offer. So it looks like he’s making a play for the big leagues again.                                                                A nurse arrived this morning a day early and she thought my dressings were still daily Seeing the state of one of them tonight, I wish they were, It looks like I’m wearing one winklepicker. I had a nice outing with MuJo for lunch though it was a close call whether they’d let me out or not. I think the pleading on my knees did the trick. Mind you they had to help me up afterwards. After they dropped me off ( I do wish they’d stop the car first) I worked until 5.15 pm, then Mike arrived at 6.00 pm. I came through at 9.00 pm to play catch up.


At 12.30 am I was trying to do a masterclass in sorting bandages. I’d gone to Mike’s room to ask him something and noticed a very long trail behind me as I returned unraveling. Once in bed with a pretty little bow decorating my big toe it took me a long time to drop off. That of course didn’t prevent me getting up again at 2.50 am. I took my morning meds and then filled the dishes for the next week. Weetabix for breakfast although it was a close call as I had major problems opening a new 4 pint of milk. I was red in the face and looked like a heart attack in the making. I was almost ready to wake Mike and ask him to do it before it finally moved.                                                                                                  I worked until about 8.00 am then went to my chair in the lounge with my feet on the stool. Mike got up at 8.40 am and came through carrying a heavy glass vase and asked why he’d woken up  with it on his bed this morning. I couldn’t answer the question though I clearly remembered placing it there. I nodded off and while I did Mike departed on his usual Friday jaunt. It was 10.40 am when I woke and I had to go and start work again. My feet were bad and both sets of dressings made me look like an ancient mummy (you do know I’ve been insulted in better places than this don’t you? There’s no need for that).  I broke off for a little light lunch at noon then returned to work at 1.00 p,m just before Sharon appeared to start cleaning. Sharon left at 3.00 pm as the chemist delivered a new cream for my hands and then Mike came home about 4.15 pm, very early for him.  I had a strip wash in the bathroom after Mike washed my hair for me. So difficult keeping the dressings dry. Mastermind and then Have I Got News For You before I came through for the final catch up and left Mike watching England play Football on TV.

roobs gift 1


Don’t you just hate it when your expectations are foiled?Last night I had visions of a decent night’s sleep, which was to include an appropriate lie-in this morning. I’d got to bed at 11.30 pm last night and felt I deserved a read. Light off at 12.05 am didn’t seem bad but in actual fact though finding a comfortable position to sleep in while keeping my feet out of the bed was very difficult. I was very surprised to find myself wide awake at 1.48 am not even 2 hours of sleep. Still nothing from Somnos to say what he wants. I hope I’m not blaming him unfairly. Took my tabs and had breakfast then carried my coffee through to work. By some miracle there was still some in the cup when I got there. The shakes were there with a vengeance. At 5.00 am I had a lull in proceedings so went to my chair in the lounge where I settled for 40 winks. I knew I could rely on Mike’s alarm to wake me at 6.00 am. The big question was could I rely on it to wake him? I made a coffee and called him, he allowed the alarm to go off four times and then he just turned it off. At 6.30 am I had to go through with a crow bar. I got dressed and strapped my slippers on and took the food waste bin out.                                                                                     We went out at 7.00 am and with Mike making me sit in the wheelchair stayed out until 12.50 pm. Annoyingly the nurse had been at 12.30 pm despite having been told we were out till 2.00 pm to be on the safe side. When Mike go her on the phone she refused to come out again. No idea now if she’ll want to come tomorrow or Monday which would be the next due day. Mike went out to visit an old friend until very late tonight. Just as well he doesn’t need the alarm tomorrow.


Mike had returned from his outing about 11.30 pm last night. I was reading in bed. He came through to talk about how the afternoon had gone and he was still rabbiting at 12.30am when I called time. Out went my light and after a few spins I found sleep. I woke at 2.24 am and very gingerly made my way to the loo not quite fully awake.. I coughed, which I tried to keep quiet and I almost had a cleaning crew accident when a voice not very far away asked if I was OK. I was now fully awake and the little voice announced it was going to try to sleep now.                                                                                                              Once I was up to date about 7.00 am I went to have a nod off in my chair in the lounge. I decided not to get dressed early so if the nurse came the trouser legs would be nice and loose. When Mike got up later he rang the Nurses office to see if they would be calling today. No answer, so instead we left a message asking if they’d call after 2.00 pm. I asked Mike if he’s mind having lunch very locally just in case. We went out about 11.40 am and returned about 12.30 pm. Bloody typically there was a not to say they’d been at noon. Still no answer on their office phone. I shall have to cross my fingers they come tomorrow before these bandages disintegrate totally. We watched War Horse before Mike had to start the journey home and in good conscience I could go to work. Once I was back up to date I went back in to Joey and fell asleep. I woke to find I’d burned a hole in my chair.I shouldn’t smoke when I’m tired.

just fishin 2

Sleep soundly, dream happy, wake healthy. A smile on the lips for all who want one and a hug from the heart for all who need one. Let’s turn the world round.


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