Interview with Joe Moore.



About the Author 

Joe Moore may be a new author to the public, but the man has written millions of words over his lifetime. A former publisher, editor, advertising, marketing and sales executive he has done hundreds of campaigns and articles with thousands of proposals and stories for everything from fishing equipment to business magazines. 

Moore has been a feature writer for several Southern California periodicals, and has written more than a dozen children’s stories about Santa’s elves that will soon be published in book form. He and his wife designed and built the North Pole with porcelain houses and hundreds of elves. This actually was the premise and inspiration for Faith, Hope & Reindeer. 

Moore is deeply rooted in his Christian beliefs. Without trying to drive the point home, he opens the reader’s eyes to the knowledge that miracles happen everyday, and one should always count their blessings against those less fortunate. He feels that God helped him write this story, and that it became a story about keeping your faith during times of struggle and adversity, and never giving up hope. Because God has a plan for all of us. 

The fact that he bears an uncanny resemblance to our popular conception of Santa Claus is just the icing on the cake. Moore’s hair and beard are naturally white and he has portrayed Santa to tens of thousands of children and adults for more than a decade. To most people that meet him, he IS Santa Claus and answers to that more than to his own name. 

There is true magic in this book. And Moore hopes that everyone who read Faith, Hope & Reindeer will experience it. There are some wonderful ideas about how to help one’s fellow man or woman, and he hopes this will spur more volunteerism amongst the reader.

Welcome to an Interview with…Joe Moore or Santa Claus  Author of  Faith, Hope & Reindeer 

A brief synopsis:

 It was thought to be a fantasy, a nonexistent place and a children’s story. But for the Grady’s and many other families reality takes a sudden turn. They find themselves not only in place that wasn’t supposed to truly exist, but face to face with the legend and persona of Santa and Mary Claus and all the elves in the North Pole. 

What made you decide to write this book?

 There are a lot of books about Christmas and Santa Claus, but almost nothing about the wonderful residents of the North Pole and truly how Santa accomplishes his many miracles. 

Where did the title come from?

 This book is about families who have battled through life and its adversities and are in need of a booster shot of Faith. It is about each of us who struggle, but never dare to give up Hope. And of course it is about the North Pole and the goings on in this magical land, right down to the elves and Reindeer. 

Do you always write in this genre?

 I have the honor and privilege of being Santa Claus for the entire year. It is something that brings me great joy. God has also granted me many other talents, one of which is being a wordsmith. I love writing stories that bring smiles to people and make them feel a little better, as I do when they see Santa Claus. 

What was your inspiration to write and when did you start?

  While this is my first effort on a full novel, I have been writing stories for children for years, and before that, I have written literally millions of words in magazines, articles, and promotions during my professional life. Even before I developed my Santa Claus persona my wife and I were building the North Pole using porcelain houses and elves, so I knew the North Pole as wellas I knew my own home when I began FH&R. 

What was your destination to publishing? ie are you self published.

  We are published by North Pole Press which is my wife’s company. Because we are working on numerous children’s books as well as eBooks about the North Pole, Santa’s Reindeer and Santa’s Elves we decided we could move much faster and have greater control if the publisher was keen to our needs instead of their own, hence the formation of North Pole Press.  Eventually we plan to help other authors that do Christmas-related stories. 

Do you have a website to share?

 I have two, the first is for young and old and that is and the second is designed for parents which is Both sites feature the book. 

Any links to the book/books:

Paperback now available at Santa Claus Unplugged above and soon in all bookstores serviced by Ingram and Baker & Taylor

eBooks are also immediately available from:


Barnes & Noble:



Thus far I have been blessed to receive 5 Stars on all the reviews of FH&R.  

Please feel free to share an excerpt.

How about a free sneak peek at several chapters?

I’m given to understand that there’s ls something special on  Youtube for those who want to view it…  I want to thank Joe for an excellent interview and wish him every luck.



4 responses to “Interview with Joe Moore.

  1. What a wonderful interview! I’m ready to trim the tree and leave a glass of milk and cookies on the coffee table! I can’t wait to check out Faith, Hope, and Reindeer. Who couldn’t use the boost plus, it sounds amazing! Great job by both of you! ~Janet~

  2. So wonderful to call you friend. I love the book, it truly is full of Faith, Hope and reindeer! It’s just what the world needs and it brought a smile to my heart. Thank you for keeping the spirit alive all through the year. All the best!

    warm regards,

    Author Antiserum

  3. This is a fascinating interview. Since I am not a Christian, many people find it funny that I adore Christmas stories, old and new, books or movies… My answer to the dilemma is that Christmas transcends any single religion and represents a universal truth of love, joy and light, sorely needed in this cruel world. That Santa Claus can be traced not only to Christianity but to a pagan origin (sorry Joe, you must forgive me since I love your writing) and as such he belongs to the entire world. That elves are a part of our collective need for a little miracle here and there. The title is a perfect attention getter, the cover is beautiful, and the premise is intriguing. So after I read a bit of the free sample all I have to say is, thank you Joe for making it available to the Kindle because I can have the instant gratification of ordering it right away, and I will be reading the book tonight. I need it in the middle of summer in New York…
    Ilil Arbel

  4. A wonderfully positive and interesting interview!

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