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Marie Crist, author of Citizen Out. The first book in The Citizen Chronicles series.
Marie has taken an interest in the welfare of children for many years.  Her own parents have served as guardians for the foster care system for more than a decade, giving Marie the opportunity to meet many children who have come from troubled backgrounds.  All too often, the children Marie encountered were victims of sexual abuse, either at the hands of their biological parents or while living in one of the temporary foster homes in which they had been placed.  Marie saw the lasting effects that a child who is the victim of abuse can carry well into adulthood and made the decision to be their advocate through her talents as a writer.
A brief synopsis.
The Citizen Chronicles is a series of novels that details the ongoing missions of ARC, an underground organization whose highly trained members, known as Citizens, work to exterminate the world of the predators that stalk, rape, and murder the most innocent members of our society.  Operating under the guise of a security company, the Citizens of ARC travel the globe to track down the monsters that prey upon children. They dish out lethal vigilante justice before the system can fail these victims.  The Citizens’ missions are swift, precise, and completed with as little disturbance as possible to the people they seek to protect.
In the first book of the series, Citizen Out, the readers immediately discover what it means to be a marked pedophile who is targeted to be cleaned from the streets by Citizen Justice.  The book opens with a chilling scene in which a predator waits in the shadows with plans to abduct a young girl walking home from the bus stop alone.  The quick, bloody climax to his perverse fantasy comes at the end of a Citizen’s blade, and the girl’s precious innocence is preserved.  She never even suspected that her young life was in danger. 
What made you decide to write this book?
I like many other people am so frustrated at how many children are being sexually abused and murdered. Then there is human trafficking that has millions of children and underage girls being sold to pedophiles all around the world as well as in our country. This is a huge problem that needs everyone to be involved in stopping it. This is my way of bringing attention to the problem as well as giving an outlet for people’s frustration. We can’t all go around dishing out vigilante justice but we can live vicariously through the characters in my books.
Where did the title come from?
 Citizen Out are the last words spoken by “the Citizens” in my book when they call in to report that the mark has been taken out. It just seemed liked a great way to tie it in.
Do you always write in this genre?
This is my first book so, yes. I have several other book series I have outlined and they would probably fall into the action genre. 
What was your inspiration to write and when did you start?
 My inspiration came from my mother who has taken care of foster children for a number of years. She is a writer and we jokingly passed around this plot idea for years and then one day I decided to write it all out and see if it was as good on paper as it was in my head. My mother gave me permission to run with it because she was consumed with another series of her own. I have been working on Citizen Out since last year.
What was your destination to publishing? ie are you self published.
 I decided to self publish because I looked at all the facts of how the traditional route was changing and the self publishing route was becoming acceptable and it pays better. No matter which route an author chooses they still are responsible for their own marketing and I knew I could hire my own publicist and make it work.
Do you have a website to share?
 I do. It is
Any links to your book:
“His hand flew to his neck as pure hell ripped through his flesh, crippling him. He felt a sharp jerk and could hear tissues tearing… sinews being cut.  He stumbled and fell to the ground a crumpled heap of meat.  This can’t be happening. He thought.   He tried to scream, boiling Hell filled his throat, burning his voice box. Only a gurgling sound escaped. He tried to fight, but fight against whom?  His vision blurred and darkened.  His eyes saw only a shadow. A demon sent from hell to claim her own. He tried to swallow, but even natural reflexes magnified his pain as the blade had severed his larynx. He gagged as the river of blood filled his lungs. His fight for breath was pointless. Not even a sigh escaped as blood and tissue were forced from the wound in his neck.  Death was here and she was in no mood for pleasantries.”
Many thanks Marie and good luck with the books.

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