MY BOOKS. The Barsetshire Diaries and More

I started writing The Barsetshire Diaries when I was 60. The first My Barsetshire Diary came about after I’d responded to an email from a friend asking how my day had been. For fun I responded as though it was a diary entry. She asked for more.

At the same time my wife took a chapter a night to bed to read. If I heard laughter I knew it was OK. She demanded more. I was being harassed into writing. Though I enjoyed writing the first book I wanted to try something a little different for the second, but leaving myself a chance to continue with the Barsetshire tales if possible. I therefore left a question at the end of book one as to whether one of the characters might change and then away I went to please myself.

Book 1 of the series

The introduction to Lord David

In the way of  the hit films over the years I decided to create a prequel. Star Wars did it and even Lord of the Rings did The Hobbit last. The Queen’s Envoy was born which tells he tale of my early retirement from my employment to take up the Title and inheriting an unexpected job from my cousin as well. That of an unofficial Queen’s Envoy for HMG tasked with sorting out a variety of problems all over the World. I also had to extricate myself from some very sticky situations with ladies as well. I was the poor man’s James Bond minus all the gadgetry and the gift of the gab.

The Queen's Envoy

Book three saw a return to the original story with the usual characters. The imaginatively titled More Barsetshire Diary gave me chance to add more flesh to the bones of the Dreaded Edna, introduce Triple D ( Diana the Dowager Duchess of Cheam) and not remove Oscar the alarm cat from his self proclaimed starring role.

More Barsetshire Diary

This leads me nicely on to the fourth book published in August 2013 which is called Memoirs of a Superior and as the title indicates is the story of Oscar ( the latter years) sharing his adventures and offering his homespun wisdom to the kittens of tomorrow. Readers are forewarned not to let their cats  Superiors get their hands on this as I accept no responsibility for Oscar’s advice.    

 Oscar's Book Cover                                                                  

All books are available from Amazon as either paperbacks or Kindle ebooks though at the moment I’m waiting for Memoirs of a Superior to arrive there as a book .

The Cover

The Cover

In February 2014 this book was added to my lists. It was intended to be  private book done for my grandson at my daughter’s request. However, I was asked if I’d open it up for sale by a few people. Not many have bought it but that maybe because they read most of the poems free previously as I was  working on the book.                                           Anyway, it’s a book of fairly short poems with animal subjects, maybe a little anarchic and based on some poems I wrote for my daughter when she was young. I had to write a few more to create a book so the brain was strained again..

51 responses to “MY BOOKS. The Barsetshire Diaries and More

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  3. By the way, I’ve read a little of your book. I already can see that it’s wonderful! I’m looking forward to continuing with it as time permits. Thanks again! There should be more books like it: too much is written about the dark side of life.

    • Thanks so much for that Margaret. I found that my writing doesn’t have a dark side since life has enough of that- except when I’m writing about Oscar, my writing goes beyond dark then. Evil on four legs my alarm clock was.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. Got to love the Book Depository, free shipping to Australia! I’m diving in with an order today for The Queens Envoy and Tall Tales for Kai 🙂 Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to reading one of your books David apols!

  5. Interesting to read about how your writing adventures began 🙂 sounds like a great journey.

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  8. So glad I can get on Amazon, I have not read one of your works but will remedy that straight away. Ordering today and can’t wait to get cozy with a good book.

  9. You have so many great books here, David! Bravo!!!

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  12. Did not realize that Oscar had his own book. Added to my Christmas list! Bises xo

  13. They all sound great, David. Multi Hugs. 🙂

  14. Best wishes for much success with your books. You do have good sense of humor! Blessings & hugs!

  15. Hi There David! I wanted to reblog this post but I see no “reblog” function. I wanted to feature your books as a reblog on my Writer 2 Writer feature I do on Wednesdays…:)

    • That’s really kind of you but I can’t find any way of getting a re-blog button on there.Maybe it’s because I run on the free one? At my age I’m a bit baffled by technology. I can send a picture of the first book or any other direct to your email address with details but I’m guessing that would mean a lot of work for you. I’ll try and find out bout the reblog feature and let you know if I find out how.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • 😄 I think that somewhere in the main settings you must enable the reblog function. Perhaps use the chat box in the Help to live chat with a WordPress rep. Btw i have a free blog too. 😊

  16. Hello David
    I enjoy your humour and characters. What great book covers too. So glad you quit that Government job to pursue you.

    • Hello Angela, how funny, I just finished leaving a comment on your blog too. Thank you for the kind comments, really there’s only the first cover that’s any good as I made the mistake of doing the others myself.I’m glad to be out of the Government job though since I left on health grounds you could say it quit me really. With my wife having been taken ill and died I’m lad I wasn’t answerable to work for the time I spent with her. I would have been retiring this week anyway.
      Lovely of you to drop in.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  17. Hi David, I have not read your books to date. But reading through this post I am getting curious, I do read quite a bit so I am going to check it out. Thanks for visiting my blog and glad you are enjoying it too. I wish you great success with your books.
    Kind regards

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  20. Loved this! So glad I found you via simplymarquessa! Looking forward to reading your blog…and books! 😉

  21. MG WELLS

    Best wishes with your books. Enjoy the day.

  22. I have a special rrekationship w/children’s. books💕. That Oscar how beautifully impressive, well-dressed a bit snooty! ! hahaha! Great post, I’ve learned so much more!!! Super Hugs!!

    • Oscar wasn’t really meant to be a children’s book, it was supposed to be a record of all the evil things he did to me, it’s just that most people found even those funny. My children’s book was the animal poems one I did for my grandson.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Oscar had agendas.😕 lol! Excuse my typos or one might think “who taught me how to spoke”? lol!! 😃

      • I’ve always thought it was Oscar that arranged for a visit from the small god Somnos to ensure I got as little sleep as I used to be allowed with Oscar himself.Somnos proved to be good at his job if a bit of a rascal himself.

  23. Hi David, Are your books on Amazon?

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