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An Open Letter to the Disunited UK.

I’m depressed. There, the cat’s out of the bag. But depression isn’t the feeling of self pity many people will claim it is, and not something you can pull yourself together from as some will tell you to do. The days of the father in a working class home telling you to get on with it are far in the past as these days those fathers have tasted it too.

Why am I depressed? Well I’m suddenly having to re-evaluate so much I thought I knew about my country and the people in it. Some are people I thought I knew, and others are those I thought I could trust.  When Brexit came about David Cameron left his post as Prime Minister because he had been a staunch Bremain supporter. The competition started for a replacement and I wasn’t too worried when a Bremain supporter won as she promised the people’s will would be done. I was glad of that. Friends have pointed out that the Brexit win was small and would not have been accepted abroad. I have said that since it’s within the law here it should stand. However, my condition has meant that I’ve cut myself off from much of what has happened since and it’s that which has made things so much worse.

I have not heard many of the speeches of our new Prime Minister but listening to friends it seems she has made remarks that are homophobic and some which are racist. Polish people that have lived in the UK for years are leaving in large numbers as they no longer feel welcome here yet they have greatly contributed to our society. Newspapers (gutter press) attack celebrities for their opinions, even if those opinions are mistaken attacks are not necessary. Errors of judgement can be pointed out nicely. In one instance Lily Allen was mocked because the boy she cried over was shown to be the son of an Afghanistan Warlord’s Officer. The fact that the father is resident in the UK and had been granted asylum then promptly went back home on holiday seemed to cause not the slightest worry. The child was just that, a child and not responsible for his father’s actions.

What’s sickening is the bile that people spew over twitter at people like Gary Linekar and Lily Allen for caring. That we as a country should be making life uncomfortable for those immigrants who have worked here for years is shameful, especially telling them if they don’t like it they can go home. They are home! That we should be fighting to avoid having genuine refugees  is also shameful even though I do believe that there is a limit as to the number we can take, or at least there was before we started making it difficult for hard working Poles, Germans and others to be here. Again, I feel we have to be able to set limits on immigration and free movement, as a Brexiteer that’s partly why I voted as I did. But, I know we need immigration as we have always done, and without it the hotel industry and others would collapse and our hospitals would be much worse off. Even though I feel a need to cap the numbers because we are after all a small island, I bear no hate  for anyone wanting to come here unless they wish my country harm. Another reason in my book to be vigilant as to who comes in.

I’m told that the Prime Minister is not showing support for minority groups and has in essence seemed to be xenophobic to incomers and unwelcoming to those already here. That has to stop. Now. Prime Minister she may be but she is still supposed to represent the people and I don’t for one minute feel she has the majority on her side. The people of the UK owe much to those that have settled here in the main and must start behaving in a civilised way and stop acting like a group of right wing Nazis. The hate must stop or we shall be back in Germany in the 1930’s. For the truly ignorant amongst us, and I know they are there let me say this, all those jobs the immigrants do that you don’t want to do will be yours if you force them to leave. Think about it. No more complaining at the job centre that there are no jobs, Johnny foreigner has taken them all. They’ll be waiting for you. PLAY NICE.

I want to be proud of my country again. Be kind to those without. Be nice to those in need. Welcome those that join us from places where we’ve destroyed their homes in wars we helped start. We’re going to leave the EU not leave Europe. We will still have the same neighbours and no doubt you’ll want to holiday on one of the Costas sooner or later. Don’t take a bad reputation with you, show we can still be friends. One day we might need each other again. Try not to make me ashamed as I have been in the past with football hooligans. Please learn to live and let live.



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Brexit Again

It seems that the forecasts of a National disaster following Brexit are still in play.
Theresa May is cast in the role of devil’s child because she’s to take the negotiations for our decision forward into Europe. Perhaps some don’t remember that she was not a Brexiteer but was in the Bremain Camp. Nor at the time of the referendum could she forsee the result and know she would be Prime Minister now. Despite that, she has agreed to do the honourable thing and carry the wishes of the majority forward.

Most of the doom and gloom that was forecast hasn’t happened and there must have been many shocked faces this week when a large car manufacturer declared they would be staying in the UK and taking forward two new models. The Government spokesman said there was no cheque book involved in the decision. No offer to pay any future tariff for them. I’m not naive enough not to think there wouldn’t have been some give and take on the day though but there have always been concessions made to bring the big manufacturers here and anywhere else.

It won’t be an easy ride for whoever is in Europe making the case for the UK and I’m quite sure there will be plenty of representatives of the other European countries who will want to extract blood for what they see as an insult. That’s fine as with all the predictions we have from over here will no doubt give them plenty of ideas what to do. I saw that billions of our £’s will be lost in penalties for leaving. It would be nice not to hear that one mooted too often. To my mind, when Britain leaves, as leave it must now, we still remain exactly where we are, a neighbour. We will no longer be a part of the Union but like we were before the Union was in place we can still be friends, still co-operate on many things like NATO and information on criminal enterprises. Whatever they do, we shall still be right in place as a possible customer for much of their produce. Be spiteful and we might buy elsewhere.

It must be remembered too that we weren’t the only country who have considered leaving the Union and many will be watching our fate. Yes, they may hope that being hard on us will serve as a warning to others but it could also make others wish to leave even more than remain as part of a spiteful group. This week there has been much hair pulling as Canada, ready to sign a trade deal with the Union was held up by five small places in Belgium, which prevented Belgium from signing. That can happen again and again. Brexit means we will no longer be held at the whim of such a small legislative body that wields so much power. One of the main reasons for the Brexiteers winning the referendum was to pull away from governance via Belgium and have the opportunity to set our own laws again. The losers cry that this will mean all the laws adopted from the EU will disappear like the Human Rights Act. This is a nonsense. All EU laws will be taken off our books when Brexit happens, but many will be adopted straight onto our own statutes at the same time. The Human Rights Act was always contentious with many because of Sherie Blair’s involvement in it. She seemed to be involved in some very expensive (i.e money earning) litigation from day one. Yes, I freely admit to not being a fan of the Blairs. Nothing has changed.

I’ve heard that the young blame the old for Brexit and yet I know that many young people voted to leave. Also, should the young not recognise that older people have more experience of life and don’t make decisions based on cheap travel abroad. There may come a time in the future when stepping back into the fold is possible and they can vote again  knowing they’ll be committed to adopting the Euro in the face of the elderly who don’t want it.

What I’m suggesting is that the Bremain people give it a while longer to see if we have concrete news of what the exit is going to cost us and stop worrying about what if’s and maybes until there’s something to worry about. At that time they can moan at what they don’t like but I hope also remember that regardless of what they want, it was a majority decision to leave and it’s that which forces Theresa May to act on our behalf. Even the Brexiteers will find something to moan about if costs soar as we’re told they will and at that time we’ll accept all the ‘Told You So’s’ that people want to throw.

I see charts that show how unfair it was that democracy wasn’t served during the referendum because so many people were not allowed to vote. It started with 16-17 year olds. Since it isn’t the law in the UK for that age group to vote and legislation wasn’t brought in before the event except in Scotland to change that, it’s just another excuse to moan. There’s no saying it would have changed anything anyway. And those Brits who have settled abroad, well maybe they should have been given the vote for this event but they weren’t so why include them now? Last but not least, those who did not vote were mentioned. Again I suggest you cannot say dragging them out would have changed things. Within the legal framework of the vote held in a Country recognised as a democracy the vote still went in favour of the Brexiteers even if just by a million. A democracy is one where the majority win, even by just one vote. Please just suck it up and get on with making sure the country weathers any storms. Save yourselves for the next battle. If Bremain had won we’d have had to grit our teeth and carried on. A lot is starting to sound like sour grapes now rather than considered opinion.

In conclusion ( to cheers no doubt). This week I saw part of a news programme that showed some Polish people who had returned home sure they were no longer welcome here and labelled as benefit scroungers. This is a sign that people are grabbing onto to show we have adopted a policy of containment and are now xenophobic. I want to say I have known many Polish People. They have all been hardworking and not in the least workshy. Britain has a long tradition of welcoming Poles to the UK and for me nothing has changed. The Brexiteers will have to accept that our Hotels and Hospitals are going to need the movement of people to cover jobs that it seems we are reluctant to fill ourselves and that we must adopt a policy of protection for their working hours and their pay which are in the Human Rights Act currently. Things may not be too different after all.


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