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Sunday 13th Nov.
Whilst it took me a little longer to clear up the mail last night than I’d hoped, I was still in bed and ready to read by 12.15 am. My overhead light had blown ( after about a month) so I left it to cool down and used my lamp to read.
I was up again at 2.47 am and after a visit to the loo logged on to my gmail postbox. Quite a few because of last night’s blog mixing with the normal mail. Because I wasn’t under real pressure I took my time and was clear about 5.30 am, a perfect time to get my meds and breakfast. That took a little longer than expected and when I came back with my coffee it was  06.12 am and the flood gates had opened. What’s more it was still raining.                                                                                                                                                            I worked until 9.10 am when Mike got up ( sorry, I should have warned you, let me help you up again) and was still left with 66 messages when I left to join him in the lounge.

There wasn’t too much time this morning as I reminded him while he drank his coffee. He’d mentioned yesterday that he wanted to look for a specific jumper for his son. Typically he’d mentioned it minutes after we’d left the place they sell that jumper and he’d seen it on sale there weeks ago and we go every week…….are you getting the picture of prevarication here? He agreed we should go on our way to meet Yvonne.                                                                                                                                                                                     We managed to leave the house about 10.00 am and got to the supermarket about 10.15 am. First we went over to the jumpers and for one horrible minute thought we were going to be unlucky. Then he found about four of them buried at the bag of  different design, and they had the right size. We picked that up then collected some bulbs as the main light in my bedroom blew last night. Since I’m using halogen in there now I was surprised it had gone so quickly. Just about a month. If it happens again I’ll change back to the standard.

We got back in the car and headed for Chester. Yvonne texted me and said she’d meet us in town instead of at home so we parked up at about 11.20 am in a spot near to where we were to meet. So lucky to get a town centre spot especially on a Sunday.  We walked to the £ shop where I said I needed and they were there to meet us. I mentioned going to a new shop yesterday morning, one of the things I bought was a really good sizes hessian shopping bag that looked top quality. I like it so much I decided to buy another couple today as I’d used mine to stick Yvonne’s crackers and something else in. We managed to find 3 so I took them all. Yvonne needed another shop so I took Mike in to the shop I got my jacket and chino’s in to show him what was on sale. We agreed to meet up at Noon outside the place we were eating. We were just entering there when my phone beeped with a text, we saw Yvonne and Reuben just as I read “Turn left we’re in the first room”. Lunch wasn’t too bad at all today and my sausages were safe as Yvonne was sharing her burger with Roobs.

After lunch Yvonne wanted to show me the dinner service she wanted which was currently at half price. It was only done in a set of four place settings. Just imagine the arguments that ensued if you can as we both said we were buying  them, and I got two boxes in the trolley and Yvonne chose matching place mats , coasters and a teapot. She was adamant she was using birthday money when I knew there wasn’t enough left after buying some boots. So as per bloody usual at the till I’m trying to pay cash and snatch Yvonne’s card to stop he using it. I think I’m doing OK until suddenly Mike enters the fray and tries to put his card in. There’s a whirl of arms and legs as we battle it out. Somehow Yvonne won because the woman wouldn’t take cash with a card in the slot. Personally I think it was just women supporting women and a need ti get us out of the shop since we weren’t the cabaret. I managed to give Yvonne enough money to pay for half so I counted it as a partial victory.

We took everything to Yvonne’s house so that we could also collect some gifts for Mujo who said they were visiting tomorrow though judging by the fact they haven’t been in touch tonight to confirm, must be off. That’s OK as I’ll see Lis now. Once the gifts were wrapped and ready we headed for home. We sat together for a while before it was time for Mike to go, about 4.00 pm. The moment I’d closed the door I had to come to work. I was horrified by what was waiting  and I remembered Mike saying “When there’s that much, just delete it all, tomorrow is a new day”. Fortunately I also remembered he says lots of daft things so I just got stuck in. At about 7.00 pm I wandered through to see Joey and have a sandwich ( not chicken with him in the room). I had an individual trifle and a piece of chocolate cake,all suitable for diabetics of course.  I’d stuck the TV on and there was a vampire type thing on which I’m sure there have been follow ons to. I wasn’t following the story but kept seeing this young mas zipping through the trees with someone on his back after introducing her to his family who I’m guessing were all vampires, though possibly goodies. I fell asleep. It lasted less than half an hour but I knew I’d have to move soon if I were to finish tonight. Somehow I was there till 9.00 pm talking to Joey. I wished him goodnight, tookmy tabs then came back through.

It’s now 12.07 am and I’m only just coming to an end. Still nothing from MuJo.

Ready for bed.

Ready for bed.

Monday 14th Dec.

I got to bed finally at 12.30 am last night, I only read for half an hour though. The evening was long and I was tired. I remember being awake for a while trying to find a comfortable on the pillow. I was aware of a waking dream starting which involved motorcycles. I’ve no idea why since I know nothing about them and don’t have an interest in them neither. But Ju did so maybe this was her dream.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I woke again at 2.21 am for a trip to the loo but knew I wasn’t up to stay. I slept again but woke at 2.53 am for the last time. Since there was no need of another loo trip I powered up the computer and logged on. By 4.20 am my post box was empty though mail was still coming in and needed constant attention. Mike had left the idea of decorating the hallway from the front door in fairy lights so I tried that with the small led’s I’d bought recently. It’s an area of darkness after you leave the bedroom, especially if you don’t  want to turn the lounge light on. I wasn’t too keen on the lights up and I had the runway lights Mike had put up the other day though I didn’t have the remote. So, no decoration, but functionality reigns. Anyway the runway lights keep my face in darkness and let the world see I still have a pert bum.

I went for breakfast and tablets at 5.30 am I had some toast using the new bread I got Saturday when mine wasn’t available. It was very crunchy. They call it farmhouse bread and I think they left the walls in. I made myself a coffee and took it back to my room. I was just in time to see the new post coming in. There was a van and some little postman with a smirk on his face was just throwing sacks on the ground and then he roared off. I thought that was it until I saw him drive up again and repeat the process. I’m putting virtual tacks on the ground tomorrow. I so wish I could go back to instant instead of daily notifications.                                                                                                                    I nipped back to the kitchen and put the washer on then made a start. At 9.45 am I went through to put the now dried (ha ha, not today it wasn’t) on the airer then I got dressed and went to the Post Office to send a card to Germany. The postmistress Rosetta was there and I thanked her for her kindness with the cakes. She said she’s baking again on Saturday and will include some for me. The spirit of Christmas is alive and well.

Back at home I did without my house progamme and carried on working. I could hear Joey chirping away so he must have expected the music. I took 5 minutes to go and talk to him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Bev, the warden came early today at 10.30 am so I was able to give her a card and her chocolates for a change. Had MuJo been coming I’d usually have missed her. There was a ring at the doorbell and it was Lis so as she came in Bev made her escape (Foiled again). How wonderful to see Lis who’s proved a great friend this last 10 years or so. I caught up on all the family news until midday she made to go. ( And foiled yet again). She left my card and gift for me which I placed under the tree. I gave her the birthday card and gifts to carry and said I’d carry the Christmas gifts for her and Charlie to the car. I waved as she left.                                                                                                                              Despite the interruption to work I didn’t return straight away choosing to see to my lunch instead. I fully intended to return to work at 1.00 pm. That was thwarted when I fell asleep just before the end of the auction on Bargain Hunt. I stayed asleep until 2.05 pm and knowing my Australian Doctor mystery was on next I stayed there. It was 3.10 pm before I went back to work.

It wasn’t a wise move to have been away so long as I swear that evil little man had returned again in my absence. It took me until 5.45 pm to get clear so I could watch what was left of my quiz. I was out of my room until 9.10 pm after deciding it was as late as I dared leave it tonight. But when I came through, things weren’t as bad as I expected for a change and I was able to make quite a dent in it until 10.30 pm when I started this post. I can clear up any odd ones after this and leave nothing. Of course there will be more in the morning but I’m out so won’t get much done until I’m back.

Time for Daddy.

Time for Daddy.

Tuesday 15th Dec.

I was in bed for midnight  with no mail outstanding. I managed to finish my current book and went to choose a new one which necessitated clearing an Everst sized mountain of gifts from in front of the bookcase and then rebuilding it after the book was chosen. When I got back to bed I decided not to start the new one but get some sleep before today’s outing. My light went off at 12.50 am.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I struggled to get to sleep but eventually did so. I woke up this morning at 2.12 am feeling quite chipper and sleep satisfied. I know when I’ll be able to nod off again and that wasn’t the time. I powered up the computer and logged  on to my gmail steadily reducing the amount of mail in my post box. Funnily enough, by 3.30 am I was yawning  but  didn’t dare lie down in case I slept past my bus departure time.Within half an hour I had my second wind anyway. ( Don’t worry, no-one had to put me over their shoulder and burp me).

At 4.30 am to fight off the next wave of tiredness I went to the kitchen to take my meds and have some breakfast. Kellog’s Cornflakes today ( Fees for product placement direct to my paypal a/c please Kellogs). I’m using the individual portion boxes to make sure I don’t overdo the eating, it’s lucky I find the milk quite filling. When I came back with my cuppa there weren’t too many emails so I was able to do a search for another watch since one of those I bought for my nieces has proved to be less brand new than was advertised and sold. My own fault that I left feedback on it before starting it going. The second hand doesn’t work and the jeweler Mike took it to yesterday said the innards are wrong. It’s very rare I have a problem with anyone on ebay but why choose a time when I needed a gift? I’m annoyed, but mainly with myself. I’m going to buy one new and this one when repaired will be a spare for me. I have to find the best Rotary or Seiko watches bargains now. I want both girls to have a good quality watch to fall back on as well as getting them a good prezzie.

Some big firms do special offers via the ebay pages do I managed to find a few to go for tonight at 7.55 pm. I turned my thoughts back to the post and had cleared last night’s nicely in time for the new ‘dump’ at 6.10 am It trickled through at first, just 20 or so but by the time I was half way through it was on 54 and then 87. When 7.20 am arrived and I was due to leave the house it was at a level where I didn’t want to leave the house.                                                                                                                                                              I was at the bus stop in plenty of time as I wasn’t sure if the new driver would hand around. I got my seat OK and after about 10 seconds he drove off before I was even sitting down. I’m not sure the lady in the seat behind would have welcomed me on her lap so I was grasping for the uprights to stay in place. I swung round and sat as soon as I’d got the crutches off my arms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       As usual the journey went quite quickly as I dozed and it was just good luck that I woke for the right stop as Yvonne wasn’t there to stop him running away with her Dad. I’m assuming she would have stopped him?  I walked up to meet her and was approaching the shop they sometimes go in if they’re early when I heard a voice. Yvonne, on her own was beckoning me from the other side of the road. OK ladies, get your tissues handy. It seems Roobs is ill, shivering and flu like. So is his dad who is staying off work so Yvonne had left the two of them together to come out with me. She didn’t want to stop me coming and spoil my day. I have to say, we shopped in an atmosphere of calm. We even managed after more than two years to visit The Rows which are an upper level of shops in the black and white old timbered buildings. It’s very difficult to get up there with a pushchair so it’s been largely ignored. We had a nice breakfast in a cafe called Ruben’s.

When  it was time to catch my bus I was carrying very little but I’d enjoyed the morning. I said goodbye to my baby and boarded…..safely this time. Like earlier I nodded on the way home. I was awake at Holywell and as we started the hill then I must have gone again. Had the bus not juddered at he right time I might have missed my stop here too and that would have meant an agonising walk up a very steep hill from their depot, or waiting until the next bus was due out.                                                                               Pauline’s was my destination, I thought I could do it and still make it home in  time for a wee. I almost bought my TV mag until I remembered I’d bought the Christmas double edition last week. I got a chips with curry sauce and some cigarettes and left.                                                                                                                                                                                    I made it home and poor Joey had to wait a bit longer to get out. As I’d predicted to Yvonne, he wouldn’t talk to me at first. But, as I jabbered at him from the kitchen he warmed up a bit. I had my lunch just listening to him then once I’d washed up came through to work. Only till 3.15 pm though so just about one and a half hours worth. Once Dr Blake’s mysteries were over I returned here and stayed until 6.30 pm when the mail was finally cleared. I went through and put the TV on again for Joey while I got myself a yoghurt and a bit of cake for tea. He dive bombed me a couple of times but didn’t land so my food was safe. I stayed and watched a couple of historical things then wished Joey goodnight at 9.00 pm and took my meds before coming through.

There was plenty of mail again but not a scary amount. I was done by 10.15 pm and ready to start the blog. It’s back to ebay after this. No Reuben pictures until  he’s well again I’m afraid.

Wednesday 16th Dec.

What a weird night. Bed at midnight, light off at 1.00 am. Up again at 2.00 pm.I  sat with a cigarette and was sure the sleeping wasn’t over yet. Another try and it was 5.45 am before I roused. That’s almost hibernation for me. After a trip to the loo I couldn’t go back to my room straight away because of the time. I needed some breakfast and my meds. Once the duties were done it was back to my room with a coffee. An eye opening, brain reacting, system shocking coffee.

I powered up and had logged on about 5 minutes before reaching the room. Coffee lets you time travel. What it can’t do however is the bloody post on your behalf. 126 there now and I just know there’s more to come. I made a start. Every time I did three, two more would arrive to replace them. By 9.55 am I was still at it and hadn’t had chance to get dressed yet. It was the next thing I did before going through to let Joey out and put Homes Under The Hammer on the TV. The moment I did that, the postie came and delivered some CD’s I’d ordered. I was checking the rest of my uninteresting mail and hanging up some lovely Christmas Cards while trying to keep up with the houses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Joey occupied much of my attention for  few minutes sitting atop his cage going up and down like a demented spring and giving someone a real tongue lashing. I don’t think it was aimed at me as I had the less attractive end of his body to face. Perhaps it was to that very aggressive bird he keeps meeting in the mirror. He settled down, did a circuit of the room neatly parting my hair in the middle and went to attack the millet in his cage.                                                                                                                                                      At 11.00 am I returned to work in the hope of clearing the decks before lunch. I did it with minutes to spare. At midday I turned the microwave to my latest culinary delight. Cottage pie. I watched Bargain Hunt and tried to pay attention but I faded towards the end. What a shame it didn’t last as I was awake again at 1.10 pm.

I worked on new stuff and also tried to get into my talktalk account. It said my password or sign in was wrong which was amazing as it’s the same as yesterday. I may pay talktalk for my phone but I get the impression they don’t like me at all. I’ve no ebays until tomorrow as I’ve been unsuccessful so far. I don’t care what it takes, I’ll do it. I just daren’t leave it too long to allow for delivery. At 2.15 pm I broke off to see Dr Blake in action and converse with the bird again. He was in a better mood. I reurned to work  at 3.10 pm and managed to clear the post for 4.00 pm. I spent a while on ebaystill looking for this watch then at 4.30 pm I went through to the lounge, turned the TV on and the landing lights in the hall ready for Dil’s arrival.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          He arrived about two minutes later and as I was in the process of preparing his mug, I just carried on to make the tea and letting him think I’m psychic. We watched Flog It while we chatted and he spoke about taking me to see Lee next Wednesday to deliver prezzies. He’s off during the day. He also mentioned perhaps going to get some Titterton’s pies that morning. That could be lunch taken care of.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        After we’d seen our Pointless , out came the games table and out came the Yahtzee. I don’t know how it happened , as he was getting Yahtzees, but I won four games of the six. In an effort to give him chance to even up we played again. It happened I won four of the six there two. It was a resounding victory but while I did the victory dance, he threw the papers in he bin to obliterate the evidence. So, I  realise it’s hard but you’l have to take my word for it. Anyway, isn’t it said that the victors write the history?

The Trivial Pursuit came out next. I made short work of getting all my segments which didn’t please Dil but as I was trying to get to the centre and answer a question of his choice he was catching up. In the end as 9.30 pm approached I asked him an easy question so the game would have a winner. All the time I knew that if we’d carried on I would probably have won from all the cards I’d memorised. Oops, did I say that out loud.                                                                                                                                                                      Once Dil had gone I tidied up and washed the pots. I took my meds and also locked Joey’s cage with a little promise of seeing him in the mornin Then it was time to come through and start on the mail for a time and then at 10.30 pm do the blog post. I still can’t get into TalkTalk and they’ve now suspended me for getting it ‘wrong’ ten times. Looks like a midnight tonight and I feel like a good sleep is due. Fingers crossed.

Thursday 17th Dec.

I got to bed at midnight. Having said last night I felt I needed a good sleep, I only bread until 12.30 am. My head was quite muzzy so I grabbed 2 headache tablets, turned the light off and settled down. I was quickly asleep lying on my right side as usual. I woke at 2.02 am with backache so after a trip to the loo and a cigarette I decided to try sleeping on my other side. No problem getting off there either. I woke at 3.59 am with the same backache and hoped being upright might help. Overnigfht I developed a cough. I know it’s not flu as I’ve had the jab so maybe it’s bronchitis. It’s been a while.

I logged on and went to the bank to see my Pension is there. It was but the balance is lower than expected. All my bills seem to have been coming out just recently. Once I’d checked it I could leave and go to my gmail account. Not too bad at 37 which was enough to occupy me until 6.00 am when I went to get my meds. I know what will await me on return but here’s nothing I can do about it.If any day needed to be kind to me om numbers, this is the day. I  felt lousy as I returned to my room, he damage was done but it was faint compared to  usual lying as it   was in the early sixties. I did a few and the numbers actually went down. As much as I could concentrate I concentrated on them. I finished about 8.45 am. Time to get dressed and go out to Pauline’s.                                                                                                                                                                                            That was really hard work and I was gasping for air when I got back.I had to sit down for a while. Joey didn’t mind.

I made Mike’s bed with some difficulty. It  took me over half an hour. Then grateful that it was time for Homes Under The Hammer so I could just fall into a chair. After that at 11.00 am I went back to the computer to play catch up until about midday. I didn’t feel like lunch just then so I sat in my chair and next thing I know it’s 1.15 pm and I’m just waking up. I did an hour on my mail then went back  to see Dr Blake. I still didn’t feel like  eating but I put something in the micro so I could have my second set of diabetic tablets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             When Dr Blake had solved his latest mystery I left the  TV on for Joey and returned to work. I was clear by 4.50 pm and decided to get my new bedding out. When I’d done so I hadn’t the energy just then to do anything about it. I have no idea what-if anything- I did between 5 p m – 7 pm I’m fairly sure no quizzes were involved. I decided to try and do my bed. A text from Mike to say he’s on his way and I just said “I may be in bed, you know where everything is.” He should be here about 9.00 pm ish. By 7.30 pm  I’d made the bed and was ready to collapse into it. So I did. Mike arrived at 8.45 pm and I roused slightly but he wouldn’t let me do his drink, insisting I stay in bed. That wasn’t too difficult.

See you all tomorrow.

Friday 18th Dec.

I know Mike was very good and fussed over me but to be honest I couldn’t focus very well last night. This morning there’s no inclination  to move at all so I’m not going too. I was awake at 1.30 am,2.25 am and 3.10 am though. No mail and I’m not going to let it panic me. No food because I just don’r feel like eating. Mike let Joey out before he left and will lock him up once he’s home. I tried to sit in front of the TV but just fell asleep so I’ve gone back to bed for the day. Sorry folks, normal service resumed ASAP. Mid-morning I had to get up to answer texts on my phone so while up I tried to do a little mail. That earned me  headache and future lessons in spelling. I did manage to get a couple of more important ones away which was good. I had a text from My great niece to say she ‘s coming up to see her father and will try and call on me on the way provided she feels confident with given directions. To be honest I wouldn’t trust me either.

Reuben gets Monster Hugs

Reuben gets Monster Hugs

Saturday 19th Dec.

I’m so sorry. Today is day 3 in my death bed scene and right now I’d hasten the end if only the insurance company wouldn’t look so askance at it . The world is drained of joy except for a few high spots, You know who you are, thank you. Food isn’t welcome and shops are going bust ( especially those that sell chips in curry sauce for some reason). On the other hand I haven’t been able to do much wrapping to help my poor brudder out so there is  plus side.

Tomorrow  I have visitors come to make sure the will is up to date so I must look   pale and wan and cough daintily. If I have anything left after that I’ll beg for permission to come online. I’m sure the antibiotics and steroids will have kicked in by then.

Reuben's Monster giggles

Reuben’s Monster giggles

Have a Wonderful New Week full of Hugs and Dreams come true.





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Sunday 14th June

Sunday 14th June 2015

Some of you may think it strange that I claim to be ill and yet still went out on Sunday.We went because it was a commitment and because I was pretty sure that where we’d chosen to go did not mean a lot of walking. That was a good thing from the point of view of the bellows.

Let me first say , just to shock you, that Mike was up before me this morning.The night for me had been disturbed with coughing and it appears no less so for him. He was worried enough to want to cancel the day but I wanted to go. When I finally managed to get dressed we set off as there was a detour for Mike to get some fish food he needed. From there we went over the tops and arrived at Betws y Coed about 11.45 am. We were meeting Muriel and John at about 1.00 pm so we had time to find somewhere suitable to eat that wouldn’t overface me and my lack of appetite. We found that in the Spinnaker they did a variety of meals, none too big. We started with drinks though so I could take my pre-foodie tablet.

The meal was small enough to be enjoyable but enough to warrant the after food tabs, which I took with a second cup of tea. After lunch Mike texted MuJo to let them know we were there and ready to meet whenever they were. They were still eating their carvery in the Waterloo. But we met at 1.00 pm when they found somewhere to park. There’s a small but delightful row of shops down by the station where we met. We had a small walk and look round a few of them before going for a drink and a cake at another little cafe. I don’t know the name but they do a huge amount of coffee which is free trade, and they send money to protect the gorilla, and other endangered animals.You can actually find yourself having a drink (or eat) next to a full size model of a gorilla.Even the short amount of walking had taken it’s toll on me and I was struggling to breath so  we just spent time outside afterwards sitting down. Very soon though it was necessary to say goodbye and for Mike to take me home. In the car I nodded for most of the journey and at home that didn’t change either. When I eventually came to for a few minutes at just gone 6.00 pm Mike had left to go home. I was sorry not to have said goodbye and offered my thanks for the day. I tried going to bed but came back and found my chair in the lounge where I was more upright was much better.As expected it was a very disturbed night in between the constant coughing and struggles for breath.


Sleep wasn’t constant but it was 7.00 am before I got up to take my morning meds. For the second day on the run I couldn’t concentrate more than on breathing. It’s trying to get air out of a chest that has an iron ring round it so it can’t expand. The coughing is so difficult as the phlegm seems reluctant to come out and the force of the coughing hurts the stomach muscles. With that, there was no way I could try writing cheery messages to people. Yvonne was worried and rang the doctors to leave a message about getting some new antibiotics or getting a visit. She tried a couple of times during the day but the doctor hadn’t managed to reach the message. Silly but true. I slept on and off all day which was a bit of a blessing.I was up from 2.00 am to 4.00 am watching a film though before sleep came again.


It was 7.00 am again before I got to my meds. The coughing was worse if anything at first though it settled a bit later. I can still feel and hear the rumbling in my chest and throat though. Yvonne tried the doctor’s early but still there has been no response though apparently my own doctor is in today so maybe there will be something done by lunchtime. Yvonne will have to phone again. It’s silly really that they’re taking a chance on this turning into pneumonia before they actually do anything and if that’s the case they’ll want hospital- though I won’t. It’s father’s day on Sunday and a family gathering I don’t want to miss.

I still struggle to concentrate so there won’t be any mail addressed again today. Yvonne had to phone again after lunchtime. Doc had read note but didn’t want to issue antibiotics without having seen me, which she says has been a while. Fair enough, but she’s not prepared to see me  today despite my condition. She made me an appointment for 10.00 am tomorrow….at the surgery. I have bronchitis and am struggling to breathe but she expects me to do some walking and then given my other problems walk into a crowd of strangers;. Yvonne said no, it’s a home visit needed so she now has to phone again in the morning to see if the doctor can do a home visit? And if not does that mean another day without drugs? Do I just wait until I’m admitted with pneumomia perhaps.

Just so you’re not going to be too deprived.



Trust me I'm a driver.

Trust me I’m a driver.


The story gets stranger from now. Yvonne duly phoned yet again this morning and was told the doctor would do a  HOME VISIT. By now I was becoming increasingly desperate. Knowing the doctor’s times I was ready for her at 1.35 pm. I even went to open the door for her and indicted to go through to the lounge. Before we’d even reached there she said “So your leg is no better then?” It sort of flummoxed me so before I’d reached the lounge I’d responded ” It’s not my leg that’s the problem, it’s my chest.” “Oh my message was about your leg.” And I couldn’t help but think I supposed that’s why she’d thought I could get to the surgery and why she’d left the visit till today. In a way I could have laughed because as my doctor she’s supposed to remember the problem I’d have getting to the surgery alone and that had it been my leg, she should  know what at a mess it was when she saw me about 6 weeks ago and there are always complication possible with blood clots which can be life threatening. So to my mind she couldn’t know what to expect and shouldn’t have been annoyed at Yvonne saying I couldn’t get to the surgery even though she was saying it for totally different reasons.

Anyway, we reached the lounge which had been aired and sprayed and there had been no smoking done there for a few days so it shouldn’t have been offensive to her, and I believe she would say so as she has before. She took my BP , oxygen levels and listened to my chest. I have no idea what the BP was, but I believe I saw 59% for the oxygen levels which she said were OK. She didn’t like the sound of the chest though and immediately prescribed steroids and some decent antibiotics.  said I’d arrange for the drugs to be collected as it would waste time taking the prescription back to the surgery and issuing it to the chemist who may already have collected today. Before she left I did actually show her my ankle as she didn’t seem interested in how it was. It is actually  getting better all; the time but it’s rough to look at. She was happy with the progress and said the usual “Keep applying the cream.” She left.

I have to confess I’m a bit unhappy about the way the week has gone. Any confusion could have been cleared up Monday if anyone had taken the time to read the note. No chest in this condition should  be left for long. If my doc was away on Monday, surely the notes left could be read before surgery to see if they’re important and not left till lunchtime. I think a Tuesday visit should have been on the cards. Still she’s been now and having no alternative I had to go out to the chemist myself. The journey took me a very long time and I was so out of breath I couldn’t speak when I got there. I was close to collapse when I got back in. I took the first antibiotic and made a quick meal to take the steroids with. I slept. That’s how Dil found me when he came in. I enjoy my Wednesday too much to cancel and my brother is fantastic company. The Yahtzee was a draw at three games each. It was my turn to win Trivia and I also won the two cribbage games. I just didn’t have the energy for any victory dances. Before he left Dil showed me a trick with my computer which would not load up after having gone to sleep during the day. I spent till 1.00 am trying to clear any post which didn’t warrant a reply but there were over 400 to check between the two addresses. From 1.00 – 2.00 am I watched some Forensic detectives catch the guilty parties after some really hard work and from 2.00 – 2.30 am I watched two men going out to buy the contents of sealed containers being sold off to pay delinquent storage fees. The best one I’ve seen so far.


6.45 am this morning found me propped up in bed and really suffering.I struggled to get to the kitchen and a coughing session almost had me fainting. I took a pre-foodie with some milk then took my sprays and my normal tabs before eventually downing a bowl of cornflakes which I had 6 steroids with. I then made a coffee and had my two post food tabs and my antibiotic. I needed to sit down. Once I had enough breath I made my way to the bedroom and turned the computer on. It came up no problem. First job of the day was to head for the bank to see whether the DWP have corrected my pension money and repaid what they owe. No prizes for guessing the answer to that one. The only thing I was glad of is that they hadn’t started recovery on the supposed debt. So despite the fact I’m £30 a week down still, it’s not as bad as it could have been. It is of course a disappointment to know that they haven’t tried to correct their mistake despite having all the proof they need weeks ago and it’s 2 weeks now since a request for a redetermination.  It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for the pressure they’re under as they often have a huge workload, but as people they must realise the problems they cause others when their mistake can reduce an already low income by such an amount weekly.

At 9.45 am I was a little more composed and had got dressed to go to Pauline’s.  It was another slow journey and the two steps into the shop all but did for me. I got what I  needed, bought my lottery tickets and came home again. I sat in front of the TV until 1.00 pm. Just so you don’t think my life has changed too much,I nodded off. A little later I got a text from my great pal Lis asking if I was in. I checked and I was so she said she’d be there in 5 minutes. She was almost right, it was 5 minutes and 18 secs but I forgave her. She was surprised to find me such a mess which I mention just to prove that I don’t actually moan, moan, moan all the time. We chatted about this and that       ( but certainly not the other) until it was time for her to  go when she impressed on me the importance of letting her know when I’m bad so she can either take me places or do shopping for me. Just before she left there was a text to say  Mike was on his way. 7.15 pm I reckon. I was out by a bigger margin than Lis but still not bad. It was great to see him again. I stayed up with him till midnight and then was allowed my half hour on the computer. Some times there are messages that have to be replied to.


Up at 4.00 am coughing badly. How the heck I didn’t wake Mike I’ll never know. It lasted over an hour and I was exhausted by the end of it. I nipped to the loo, came back and booted up, had a sneaky half hour on the computer then went through to take my meds. Once all the normal were done, I had a pre-foodie then instead of my ciggie for timing, went straight into doing my drugs for the next week in the trays. As soon as that was done I was able to eat some cornflakes , take my two post foodies, the 6 steroids and my antibiotic. What a pudding that was.

I sat in the lounge trying to stifle the coughs but still trying to breathe. Mike says I have it the wrong way round. Regardless of his unkindness I still waited until 9.00 am before waking him with a coffee. He got up fairly quickly, I was amazed, but he says he was on the point of getting up anyway. I managed to prompt him into getting dressed during the adverts in Frazier so it wasn’t as difficult to get him off to his fathers when it was over. I tried to relax all day but that’s not the easiest of things as I’m sure many asthmatics can attest to.You can’t relax when you’re straining to breathe. There were a couple of times when I fell asleep but I think I needed it. Mike let me know about 5.00 pm that he was on his way back but traffic isn’t predictable. After my quiz and the cancellation of my second one due to an over-run in tennis I took a slow and much needed shower. I was drained when I’d finished but my finish coincided with the arrival back of Mike so once he’d got a coffee we settled into watching a comedy on TV. He made himself something to eat and we kept company until around midnight.


A very poor night. I was in the lounge from 2.30 am struggling. Mike said he went through to the loo about 3.00 am and was really worried but he thought I was asleep and didn’t want to disturb me. I’d so hoped for something of an improvement by now. Mike was 1 A and 1 C at 6.30 am. A shame as I was hoping to have to make a second call because he got away yesterday. I saw to the bins while he had his drink and then we had words about me going out. I was going but promised to use an electric wheelchair or as Mike favoured, a push wheelchair that I could attach a front basket too. I confess I was worried about the state of his health if he had to push me round the shop, but that was the choice he made. We chose Ju’s flowers and I was beginning to think I might be able to present them in person. We got through quite quickly and went for a coffee. It must have looked comical in the cafe with us both sounding like we’d run a marathon and me coughing like I’d got the bubonic plague. Sorry about your trade McD’s. Going to Flint was unavoidable as I still needed a couple of things. But it didn’t take long before I was settled in Temptations with a coffee. As Flint is on the way home it wasn’t a detour.

We were home early and even carrying a couple of bags from the car to the door floored me so I had to sit down. I didn’t move from the house again. I didn’t move from the lounge again never mind the house. Mike went for a takeaway at about 9.00 pm as we needed to eat but I couldn’t even finish an omelette. 11.00 pm say me coming through a bit early to deal with this. I wasn’t sure whether I should send it such a catalogue of Pity Me as it sounds but I can see it’s likely to still be a difficult week next week and so very few emails will be dealt with again. I don’t want you to think I don’t care. I do.

My daughter had a camera phone welded to her hand so here’s a couple of the latest for you.

Road Rage

Road Rage

bikeist close--up

Have a wonderful new week all.



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The Diagnosis.

In order not to disappoint my antipodean friends and those of the ‘I told you so persuasion” I admit to seeing the doctor today. Unfortunately as the pins in the voodoo doll must have worked I woke with a gyppy tummy today. I suppose it’s just conceivable that it had something to do with the liquorice allsorts of yesterday but after all, why take the chance of spreading any new illness in the surgery. Even more unfortunately that excuse didn’t hold water with my doctor who decided to do a home visit instead.

With waiting for the back and forth telephone calls to make arrangements either to visit or leave a prescription my chances of going out to enjoy a morning coffee dwindled before my eyes, even afternoon tea was out the window when the last call came to confirm “I’m just around the corner and will be there in minutes” at half past three. By twenty five to four there he was gone. The look, the questions and the bloody cold stethoscope all led to the same conclusion. I have a cough. Mind you, the deafening proportions of the cough might have given it away. Well, he should have warmed the stethoscope up first.

I have a deep seated infection. Of the dire rear there was no mention and I’d already hidden the box of allsorts when I hid the ashtrays and cigarettes. I reminded the doc via my interpreter Lady J ( I don’t talk to doctors well) that amoxycillin are like Smarties and just about as effective. He chose to leave me a prescription for Doxycycline 100mg which I’m sure I had last year as the last of the four I took. The rules with these are to take two straight away with a meal and then one daily with a meal. No way am I having a meal mid afternoon like that so after Julia had been to the chemist ( drugstore) I had two (OK 4 ) dark chocolate digestives and the tablets. He also left me a bottle of some kind of suspension to take 10mls three times daily so I took a swig there and then. Not bad, but nt as tasty as my own choice.

What amazed me when I come to check out the medicines is that I note the Doxycycline are given for acne, syphilis, tick bites and malaria. I hadn’t realised just how sophisticated the stethoscope has become to pick up on all those as well as the bronchitic infection. Medicine moves on apace doesn’t it.

By the way, no chance at all I’m not going out for morning coffee tomorrow or I’ll be stir crazy but I promise to wrap up warm mum.


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